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Gun rights activists criticize Supreme Court nominee

July 16, 2009 by  

Gun rights activists criticize Supreme Court nominee As Sonia Sotomayor continues through her confirmation hearings before Congress, gun rights groups have made it clear they oppose her candidacy for the nation’s highest court.

Those groups include Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Second Amendment Foundation who wrote a letter that was hand-delivered to every member of the U.S. Senate earlier this month.

"The Supreme Court is almost certain to decide next year whether the Second Amendment applies to states and local governments, as it does to the federal government,” they wrote.

However, they sought to remind lawmakers that "while on the Second Circuit, Judge Sotomayor revealed her views on the right to keep and bear arms in Maloney v. Cuomo."

In that case, which was decided in January the Second Circut Court panel said that the Second Amendment does not apply to the states.

Speaking on Tuesday, Sotomayor said she accepted the highest court’s ruling from last year guaranteeing an individual’s right to own guns and added she would keep "an open mind" on the issue.

The Senate vote on the nomination is expected before the end of July, and commentators widely expect Sotomayor to be confirmed as the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice.


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  • Brian Rawls

    If all the guns were gone how many people would be pushed out of windows? Killed by ball bats, steak knifes, run over, strangled or just beat to death with someones fists? Are we going to outlaw bats and knifes too? I dont think that you can stop the will of man to kill.——–Suckers

    • FarRightWinger

      Brian, they do NOT want to stop killings. You misunderstood the whole NWO’s meaning. Disarming the people, defusing resistance, so the marxist-socialist NWO can do whatever they want to push down thru our throats… If only man-kills-man would motivate them, we wouldn’t have cars, airplanes, sticks, knives, pencils and perhaps everyone must wear boxing-type gloves to prevent “accidentally” hurt ort kill another human being by fist.. No, they want their agenda pushed thru, so they don’t fear the armed citizen!

    • JustinCase

      If you haven’t noticed… they’re already working on outlawing knives.

  • s c

    How can anyone believe that all legislated ‘rights’ since 1950 are vitally important, yet our original constitutional rights are outdated? The Founders knew what domestic enemies were worth. The last few generations of ‘leaders’ seem eager to receive 30 pieces of silver for their ‘new’ ideas about the 2nd Amendment. WWII Germany remains the best example of what happens when non-functioning minds confuse slavery with peace. No American ‘leader’ should expect this nation to trade peace for ‘safety.’ The Founders were right, and we didn’t tell King George he needed to see ‘the light.’ That education was paid in blood.

  • DaveH

    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953,
    about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded
    up and exterminated.
    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million
    Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated
    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of
    13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were
    rounded up and exterminated.
    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million
    political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and
    Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000
    Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000
    Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million
    educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century
    because of gun control: 56 million.
    It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by new
    law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by their own
    Government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million
    dollars. The first year results are now in:
    Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2 percent.
    Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent.
    Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!
    In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300
    percent. Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the
    criminals did not, and criminals still possess their guns!
    While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady decrease in armed
    robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past
    12 months, since criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.
    There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the
    elderly. Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public
    safety has decreased, after such monumental effort, and expense was
    expended in successfully ridding Australian society of guns. The
    Australian experience and the other historical facts above prove it..
    You won’t see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians
    disseminating this information.
    Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes,
    gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.
    Take note my fellow Americans, before it’s too late!
    The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind
    them of this history lesson.
    With guns, we are citizens. Without them, we are subjects.

    • DaveH

      Note that the above article is a little over 10 years old, so the Australia events are not as recent as they may sound in the article.
      Here is a good site that gives a relatively unbiased treatment of the statistics. Note that while many of the crime trends were already established before 1996, the rates of crime have certainly not abated after the control:

      Another notable site:
      Then do a search on “gun control”
      I couldn’t post the direct link because this site can’t handle underscores in the link.

      • Brian Rawls

        We will eventually loose our right to bear arms. I just hope that many people put up a good fight. As in the streets going down fighting not some pipe dream of voting people out.

        • DixieConnie

          To the tyrant never yeild.

          Do you worry, when the time comes to get up and fight, we will get up and fight. In the meantime, we continue to write to the people we voted for, voice our opinions and send emails.
          They can say “give up your guns” and guess what, it ain’t gonna happen. Those that give them up, are stupid.

        • DixieConnie

          Above I meant to write ” Do not worry,

        • Brian Rawls

          I hope you are right on that. I will bleed the ground red with you dixie

        • DixieConnie

          Brian: I hope we are all wrong about our total rights being stolen from us.I truly hope that none of this comes to past. But, if some Government person thinks they are gonna tell me I can’t own a gun, uuuuummmm. My husband and I are not radical, we do not live amoung the trees behind 10 foot fences with cannons facing out, however, I will not be told I can not own a gun. And yes, we will fight and yes, the ground will run red and yes, I will be right beside my husband defending our right to bear arms. Let Freedom Ring. And again
          To the Tyrant Never Yield.

        • Brian Rawls

          Well with that being said. I will like to have the cannons and the fences. I also am very happy to know that if it plays out that way I will have some company. But I guess the real question is, are there enough of us to defend those freedoms. Maybe we will be just fighting to stay out of the so-called fema camps. I believe the gov is getting ready for something big to happen. I do not trust the gov or the things they are doing behind closed doors. I think they have been planning this for a long time now. Just like I believe that the problem with the economy has all been planned. This will make it easier for the gov to get the public to give up liberty for a false sence of sucurity.

        • Brian Rawls

          Texans I believe dont like their gun rights being infringed apon. Or at least I can say that. Ammo has been limited to a couple of boxes a store per person. I can say target shooting is almost a thing of the past. It has just been time for stock piling.

  • Norman

    Somebody needs to kill the ole racist bag and get her out of the way for she is no good for the white people of America or for the white man for that matter.I would love to hear on the news somebody shot and kill her.
    In fact America hasn’t had a president to get shot or killed since Kennedy got shot back in 1963.We don’t count Martain Luther King in that group.

    • Brian Rawls

      Wow Norman! Tell us how you really feel. Lol Are you not tired of hearing how crazy and un-patriotic you are for thinking that way. How if you listen to the founding fathers that say-overthrow a tyrannical government, you are frowned apon. I think we just have a bunch of cowards in our country these days. This is the only reason they say those kinds of things.

  • Norman

    No, it’s simly because I did my military time and I’m sick and tired of the rest of the lazy Americans and so called church goers who just sit by and don’t try to voice their view points to their sorry elected officials in Washington who only works part time for a full time pay check and then dictates to all of the people of American on what we are going to do and how much money we are going to have to pay for their capitalism ways just like over in Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia while people sit on their butts and wait on somebody else to do something first in stead of standing up for what is right instead of letting the government in Washington dictate to us like they are doing.Yes, if you think I’m not patriotic, then you have another thing coming.
    Brain, have you did your duty to and for your country by joing the military and serving overseas if not then why don’t you do it and you’ll see where other people come from and why other people feel and think the way they do.I believe in God and I don’t have to go to church and put on a front like a lots of showoff’s out three are doing and let all of the other religions tell the American people that we can’t have prayer in school and we can’t say “In God we Trush”, like a lots of them are doing and you’re tell me that I’m a coward and un-patriotic.I hate to say it but you are so wrong.Like I said, if you haven’t served in the military then don’t go telling someone they are not patriotic ok? Thank you but I’m not cutting you down for the way you want to be dictated to so please have the common respect for the way I feel ok>
    You might be able to help if you would help vote against some of them that are robbing you of money like Nancy Pelosi who steal $64,000.00 from us every time she goes from Californas and back to Washington everyday Tim Geitherner who is a tax evader that Obama put in office not saying that Nancy Pelosi is a illegal wetback lover and protector and that our government wants to give amenity to 12 million of them and put them on our social security so tell me how I am ok Brian?

    • DixieConnie

      Norman: come to Texas, we got a lots of folks that are right there with you. I have a son in the Air Force and I am so proud of him. I hate that he has to serve under these conditions but he feels dedicated to his country, enough so that he re-enlisted after serving his four years.
      But fear not, we will not put down our arms. I, like you, am so tired of the folks in Washington DC being above the law and its their laws. I guess for Nancy, its good to be the queen. But I believe they will fall and they will fall hard. Everything that goes around will come around. And not everyone that goes to church is passive. Look around, see all of the Bikers in America? Trust me, they are waiting, but the time will come and we will be there. We will not go quietly.

      • Brenda

        I emailed Congress and told them that they could take my gun from me…….
        one bullet at a time!
        Signed: a 67 year old grandma from California

        • DixieConnie

          Brenda: Atagirl !!!!!



  • Donnie

    If you think writing letters and calling all the Aholds in office is going to do any good than go ahead and if you think they care how you feel your a fool. They don’t care about you or how you feel from what I have seen so far the are doing everything they can do to take our freedom away. When is the last time you have seen the Aholes do anything good for this country?
    They are only looking out for themselfs they are bleeding this country dry. There is only one way we are going to get them out of office and that not by a vote and as long as you have acorn machine taking the vote they will always be in office

    • DixieConnie

      Donnie: Vote anyway, call anyway, write anyway. Do it. Its just like being a Christian. We go on faith. So, one has just gotta go on faith that it does do something to call, write, email and vote when it comes to the Big Government. Don’t give up. Keep up all you are doing. Don’t give up.

    • Vinny

      Donnie, that’s what they want you to think!
      Why do you think that they want to “secularize” us?
      If they remove God then who gives us our rights? The Government
      If they remove God then who is the supreme power? The Government
      If they remove God then who do we owe ultimate allegiance to? The Government
      If they remove God who will you turn to in your time of need?
      They want you to think that you are alone and against insurmountable odds. They want us to be scared, to feel, not think. They set up propaganda against their own constituency and sit in high court as if they alone are to judge and command. Effing grow a pair! Get the word out! If you want to give up your rights fine. But, that’s just cowardice and self-defeatism. It’s sad that you would want to let yourself down. It’s even sadder that you want to let your family down…

  • Duane Kowalski

    This appointment is not only about gun control. It is about the loss of all of our Constitutional rights because this administration has never read or understood the Constitution. It is not required reading in Kenya.

    It will be unfortunate if Sotomayor is confirmed solely because she is the first Hispanic female. She kept telling everyone to look at her record during the confirmation hearings. So why aren’t they looking at her record? 60% of her rulings that went on appeal to the Supreme Court we OVERTURNED. That means the Supreme Court said she was WRONG 60 % of the time. If she was an applicant for a supervisory job and I knew 60% of her employment actions were considered wrong by a review authority, I would throw her application in the file and wouldn’t even waste my time interviewing her. Just goes to show how this country will pander itself to gain the votes of a select ethnic group.

    As for gun control itself- from my cold dead hands – COME GET SOME!

    • Brian Rawls

      Im with you Duane ( MOLON LABE )

  • Norman

    Thank everyone of y’all for your statements.Like I told Brian, I served my time in the US Air Force back in the 60′s , served in the Air Force Reserves as well as 3 didn’t times in the Army reserves.I’m as much as a proud American as anybody and served my country the best I could do.I for one don’t like Dictatorship or Capitalist that our government is putting us in nor do I like my freedom taken away from me.i have a gun and if necessary, I know how to use it and will use it in case of an emergency
    I don’t go out her robbing people, breaking in stores or killing kids.I try to protect the best I can as one individual can do and get along the best I can with my neighbors regardless of color.
    I respect all of the good bilkers for our oldest son owns one.I just don’t like being told I have to do this and what I have to pay for my freedom when our own government brought 7,000 Iraqi ans here to America to live free and the American people has to pay for all of the foreigners as well as our government giving away our jobs to all of the illegal wetbacks they brought here to work our jobs and dirty up our communities and get free health/ medical at the tax payers expense.The American people need to vote out all of the cushion jobs that the elected officials are setting and start as a group trying to protect ourselves from the enemy the government is bring here to take us over and not let us own any guns to defend ourselves like we should.The government has already voted to stop the making of F22′s here in Ga. so they can spend more on the Iraq people and Afghanistan so they can get all of protection that the government is using all of our men and women as cross guards to protect the foreign countries at the tax payers expense since those countries have been killing each other off for centuries and the American government isn’t going to stop them but they will use all kind of scared tactics on the American people just like one of the other articles stated that our own government doesn’t give a hoot about the American people nor the senior citizens just only for the greedy selves in Washington.
    Like the statement Jon Kennedy made when he was in office,” Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”!
    I say all of the American people should tell the American Government,What they can do for the American people and not what the American people can do for the rich greedy government in Washington who has tax evaders in their cabinet and now they want Latinos so the American people can suffer even more.
    Please stand up Americans and stick together for it the chain link fence get broken then kiss your freedom goodbye!
    Let Freedom ring for the American people. If you can’t have a gun then only the crooks will have a gun and we will be without any defense.
    Have a good day from Ga.

    • DixieConnie

      You hang in there Norman. Only the GOOD will survive.

      • rodin

        Yeah Judgement Day is coming… Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse…. raining fire from the heavens and destruction of the earth… You loco lady…..

  • rodin

    You guys are all freakin nuts.

    • Vinny

      It doesn’t mean we aren’t right!

      • rodin

        I will feel a lot safer when none of you have any guns.

        • DixieConnie

          Rodin: Guns don’t kill, people kill. And its probably better that people with your point of view, not have guns. I feel safer knowing you don’t have a gun.
          Just like cars don’t kill, people behind the wheel do the killing. get it? Just because I own a gun does not mean I’m gonna kill, but it gives me the protection I MIGHT need. And I want the right to have that protection.

        • Vinny

          Rodin, I just recently purchased my first firearm. I served in the military and wanted nothing to do with them afterward. Now, seeing what’s been happening to the Country that I fought for and might have died for I will be damned if I give up any more of my Freedoms so you can have some “peace of mind”. You may not realized this but, it was people like us that fought for the Independence of this great Nation who’s teat you seem to want to suck dry.

        • rodin

          Vinny – What makes you think that I or any of the other middle of the road people that can THINK through a problem did not serve in the military. Sorry, but you’re not exactly in an exclusive class there. However, you do obtain certain exclusivity with your inability to think past the end of your nose. Your ignorance of society and inability to be cognitive of other countries and systems places you in the lower brackets of intelligence. I do not want to have to give you any special rights because you assert them with your previous use of a gun. Your stupidity alone means your vote should be stripped.

        • rodin

          You having your protection means there is a greater probability that your children will find and play with your gun than there is of you having to be able to use it to protect yourself. But there’s no arguing logic with stupid people. You’d rather say the statistics are all wrong until your first kid dies. Be stubborn… maybe it will be darwinian for your genepool.

  • bigal

    Basically, it is very simple:
    1. Legislating against things instead of actions leads to tyranny. Guns are things; misuse of guns are actions. There should be no laws about guns, only about misdeeds using them. The racist judge doesn’t seem to understand this. Many Americans haven’t thought it through either.
    2. Same for “drugs” or any other chemicals.
    3. Taxes are theft. Anyone who votes for higher taxes of any kind is evil or foolish.
    4. Rights naturally exist; once entities start “manufacturing” them, tyranny arises. If I had a real “right” to health care, for instance, then someone else would have an obligation to provide it. That is theft and slavery. Again, most Americans haven’t thought this through.
    5. Support people (candidates, judges, scholars, etc.) who favor lower taxes, less government, and more individual freedom, and oppose those who are the opposite. Otherwise all is lost, and we will have total loss of freedom for the next 400 years.

    • James

      Bigal, Right on! The right to bear arms is a fundamental right that Americans have had since the Revolutionary War. I would point out, though, that such rights are secured and protected by state law. Do a computer search for your state constitution, click on a site that will display it, than scan down to the section that secures the right to bear arms. For example the Oklahoma Constitution, Section II-26 reads:

      “The right of a citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person, or property, or in aid of the civil power, when thereunto legally summoned, shall never be prohibited; but nothing herein contained shall prevent the legislature from regulating the carrying of weapons.”

      Fourty four state constitutions have similar clauses, but even in the six that don’t (like Calif.) citizens, there, stilll have the right, and exercise it.

    • rodin

      bigal – you make some interesting claims and I might actually agree with you on one or two points but for through a completely different logical process. Firstly, we do legislate against “things” in order to protect society in general. And we do it on the basis of the act of holding them is illegal, not the objects themselves. However aside from the slight semantic issue, would you want the ability of each citizen to own a nuclear bomb… or is that a little too far even for you. And before you chastise me on in it’s inapplicability, there are several members of society that have the financial wherewithal to actually purchase or develop one if it was legal. That doesn’t make it desirable.

      Second – I actually agree with you about drugs. We have wasted so much money in America trying to stamp out their use and have not made one inch of progress. Better to look to other cultures like Amsterdam where the use is legal but under control and there is very little other crime associated with it.

      As far as “rights” go. you throw around the term pretty loosely. WTF are “rights” other than what we as a society can protect. Most of the “rights” we have are relatively new historically speaking and by no means “natural” whatever that means. So please understand the context of what you speak before you blather any further. The “right” to gun ownership is a silly little concept that was granted for a specific time and place in a specific political situation….. NONE of which are applicable any more. Silly argument.

  • Clinton

    Rodin, will you feel safe when heavily armed govt., jack booted thugs come kicking down your door at 2 a.m.? And they’ve got you on the ground with M-16′s pointed at your head??? Just wondering.

    • rodin

      I feel a lot safer now that GWB is out of office. I’m also more worried about your Waco and OC friends than I am the gov’t. Your paranoia alone scares me.

  • Kololia

    We need to do what is best for ALL.
    This is the real reason behind 911!
    The National Economic Security and Reformation Act, was to be announced on Sept 11, 2001, this Act was the very reason for the attack on the Pentagon and the WTC, . Read the details at: MUST READ, most have never even heard about this, pass it to everyone you know, “Limit only exist in the mind”

  • kimberly13

    You gun people just go on and on about guns. move to another country. stay the hell out of my state with your down home dixie, backwater, inbred cousins and shoot each other all you want. my country would be better off without you.

    • DixieConnie

      Well, I’m not sure what state you are in except one of name calling but not all of us that own guns are what you above have described us as, you’d be surprised how many of us are not down home dixie, backwater, inbred cousins and shoot each other all we want?? Is the 13 on your name your age? Maybe you need to leave the country.

      • rodin

        Maybe she was a little harsh… but the fact remains that there is no intelligent rationale for having general gun ownership in a modern society.

        • DixieConnie

          Rodin: Where do you live in a cave? Or on an island? I just do not agree with you and that’s OK, I don’t have to. And thank God, not too many do agree with you. And that really is not a FACT, it is only your opinion.

        • rodin

          Dixie – my opinion is based upon the FACT that the US is the single most dangerous western country to live in BECAUSE of the gun laws. Every other Western democracy has gun homicide rates at a small fraction of the US. YOu want to hold onto a misguided notion that you’re somehow safer? I understand that you can’t see beyond your nose, but look a little bit beyond the base statistics about crime in US. We delusionally do everything we can to keep the crime numbers high in our desire for protection.

  • Norman

    Rodin, it sounds as if your are for the crooks that is taking over America that are sitting in Washington dictating to you to say what you’re saying.I can’t believe that you are for the government not wanting the people of America to have and own a gun? You must not have ever been in the military and never been over seas to Iraq or and of the other countries and see how they are and how they are having to live?
    If the government takes our rights as Americans not to own and have guns ,then only the crooks and robbers as well as the government in Washington will have one and then they will only be able to kill you and nobody will be able to defend you,is that what you are telling everyone?
    I’ll help defend my country from our own government as well as my friends and neighors but I do hope that you will be out front all by yourself so they can be sure to get you before they get the rest of us but everybody will do their best to try and protect you as well as any one who thinks like you do about the Americans not being able to own or have a gun for self defense.Maybe you need to up there in Washington with the Latino Sotomayor and be shot at first.

    • rodin

      It sounds more like you won’t accept the very democracy you pretend to ascribe to. Why don’t you move to IRAN if you like tyranny’s so much. Our government is at least subject to law and has checks and balances to protect it from idiots like you. Course you probably voted for GWB and liked the fact that all your civil liberties were stripped away by him and Cheney. You probably cheered while Americans were sent offshore so they could be tortured by ours and foreign governments. You would destroy the very democracy you pretend to fight for.

      • DixieConnie

        Rodin: Have you not been listening or reading correctly? Your man, OB is the one trying to destroy the very democracy that we fought hard to have and still are fighting. He alone does not ascribe to the checks and balancing you are writing about. Maybe you need to go to some of these Department of Defense hospitals and tell the folks there how you feel about your democracy. I did not cheer as our Americans went off to fight for our freedom. My 24 year old son was one of these brave people that went to Iraq twice now and is going again. You sir, are barking up the wrong tree with this one. Blast anything else, but leave the military out of your stupidity. They have a job to do and they work for your commander and chief, whether they like him or not.

        • rodin

          Your 24 year old son was incredibly stupid to blindly follow a lying president into a war we had no business with. He should have gone to Canada instead of putting his life and limbs in danger for NOTHING. He certainly did not fight for OUR freeedom. If anything GWB did everything he could to take away your freedoms. Obama, whether you like him or not is giving you back your freedom.

  • Norman

    No! You are not correct.If I had my way regardless of who voted for who, I would withdraw every troop we had overseas protecting all of the lazy foreigners that our own government has sent over there to die for and now us, I would have every last one of them here in America around every one of our borders with permission to kill and foreigner or illegal wetback regardless of women and kids send back across the border or be killed on site.It would be like the Hitler ‘s we have in office before and present.
    We as Americans don’t want and need these kind of elected officials in Washington so if you love Obama that much then go to Washington and live with him for I bet anything you have never served in the military right? If you haven’t that is if your are old enough go join up and do your duty to help protect the American people and then maybe we as Americans wouldn’t have to worry about having guns to protect ourselves against our own people as well as our government in Washington.
    Hope you have a nice day and maybe one of your friends might not want to take a pop shot at you where you live at.
    It’s a shame on how you feel about the Americans who own and want a gun for protection.Do you go out a rob and steal so you can have money and nice cloths to ware and show off what either you got or your parents paid for?

    • rodin

      Its a shame you like Americans to die so much. I personally prefer that they live longer. Gun homicide rates in US are higher than in ANY OTHER WESTERN DEMOCRACY. You are blinded by your ideology and too scared to move forward.

      And my service does not preclude my ability to think. How dare you assume that anyone with past military service is automatically too stupid to look at the bigger picture or gun homicides and societal safety in general. Some of us move on to become bigger people than whiskey snorting buck-toothed hillbillies.

  • kimberly13

    To those who were offended by my comments, sorry about one or two wise cracks. However, if I angered those that angered me, I did so without firing a shot, pride may have been wounded, but no blood. When everyone is armed people lose sight of whose the good guys and which ones are the bad. If one believes in something so strongly, March. The government will always out man you, out gun you and then you’ll, if remembered at all, go down like mass murderers do, not hero’s. The bad guys coming to do you harm? What do you think they’ll be carrying? One doesn’t go to a gun fight with a knife. No they’ll be holding also and then when some innocent person gets hurt, how does one live with that in a Democratic society? I suppose some of you have never heard certain little sayings like “the pen is mightier then the sword” or have learned nothing from history. “Those whom forget it, are doomed to relive it.” I’ve been around for a long time and have been in the company of guns. Didn’t like them then, hate them now. Yes, to protect you and yours and then shots on both ends are fired and it becomes a waste of lives. So, again if I did hurt feelings, I am sorry. I talk, I don’t shoot people to get my point across. And going about something peacefully is usually looked upon favorable and remembered, going about it with guns drawn doesn’t. I know nothing is perfect, never will be in my life time, but maybe if people can stop killing each other and leave all living, breathing, things alone, the future generations will have it better. If some Foreign country tries invading they wouldn’t like meeting me with a piece in my hand, but not against my own country.
    So, there’s my 13year old philosophy. I’m not and the person knows of whom I speak.

    • http://guncontrol Eileen Barayasarra

      Kimberly13, the pen is NOT mightier than my pistol! In 2005 when I was 66 years old and home alone, a big 24 year old man came in my back door. My dog alerted me and I got my pistol. Suffice it to say- – HE left in the ambulance and I DID NOT! At no time did I wave a PEN at him! By the time it was over, I had 17 police officers in my yard. Not one of them tried to take my pistol from me. They knew I had the right to defend myself in my own home. He was high on methamphetamine and it took 3 big police officers to subdue him in my garage. I would never have been able to fight him off without my pistol. His own daddy told me over at the courthouse that his son would surely have killed me if I had not been armed. That little pistol and the yellow Lab saved my life that day. I appreciated the police officers who got him out of here, but they were 2 blocks away and running the wrong direction when I got my pistol. When SECONDS count, the police are only MINUTES away! When he comes in your house, you be sure to look REALLY TOUGH as you wave your pen at him and nicely ask him to leave! I am not a hillbilly, I am just an angry old lady from Idaho and I will STAY angry until every American stops thinking the way you do. MY WAY WORKED! What will your way do except rid the gene pool of the weak sisters who think my way is wrong. I AM STILL ALIVE! And I still have my pistol. Take good care of your pen!

  • Norman

    I don’t like being called a darn hillbilly because I don’t live in Tennessee or Kentucky.It seems like some people doesn’t know their states too well.
    I was born and raised in the South and proud of it and I’m not a Yankee like most people are hint! If the government takes away the rights of people to own and have a gun then only the government and crooks will be the only ones to have them and then who will protect you and your family members? Surely not the government and the crooks will kill anybody just to take what you have worked hard for and it doesn’t make any difference where you live at.Yes i know how bad the killing is here in America, but if you watch the news what color are the biggest who are robbing and killing and using and pushing the most drugs to our younger generation?
    It looks like you don’t care on what happens to you or your family if you don’t want to own or have a gun to protect them or yourself! I know I want to protect my wife and I as well as my family and I want go without a fight you might do that but please don’t say what I want do to protect my family.

  • Rick Groves

    I was a Marine Officer from 1980-1984, have been a regular, tax-paying citizen ever since. I am shocked and dismayed at comments by Rodin like “Most of the “rights” we have are relatively new historically speaking and by no means “natural” whatever that means”. This is the height of lack of undrestanding of the very foundation of our Nation, The Constitution and Bill of rights. These “rights” are merely “codified” in those documents, meaning they are stated there; the reality of those rights, as codified, IS that they are God-given, and our founding fathers recognized, and acknowledged those rights. They neither created them, nor have/had any ability to rescind them. True Rights exist outside any government’s authority to change, alter or rescind. The premise of this great Nation was, adn remains, “freedoms”, and that NO MAN has the right to give, or take away, such primary rights. So, Rodin, NONE of these Rights are “relatively new”… they are as ancient as Man’s existence. But ONLY in America have they been fully acknowledged and codified as the PREMISE of a Nation. “Don’t Tread On Me” speaks to the PEOPLE’S freedoms and Rights.
    The liberal approach is an ongoing belief that they can legislate morality, and that more “laws” will lead to the eradication of Evil. Example: “If we outlaw guns, no one will use guns for Evil”. It is a naiive fantasy because Evil exists, and follows NO law or logic. The ONLY thing that can stop an evil person with a gun is a GOOD person with a gun. That’s a fact, and I would love to hear anyone refute that with some twiated “logic”.
    Rodin, DON’T have/own any guns, that’s fine. We’ll all keep ours, and if we have to, we’ll even defend your Freedoms against “all enemies, Foreign and Domestic”. In fact, you should put a big SIGN on your home SAYING, This home is gun-free” and see if that works out for you! I’m CERTAIN criminals will respect that!
    God Bless America and our Freedom!

  • Wayne

    We the SHEEPle will indeedlose our guns! Reason is simple – All we do is ‘say’ “They’ll never get mine!” and other ‘statements’ which actually have NO serious Effect against the enemies within what’s left of OUR America! Spoken words without effective actions are meaningless!

    Insane Hussein and his fellow anti-American, Zionist, Socilaist, One-World agenda Cronies have only just begun with us! We are aware of his Evil, yet we remain sound asleep, un-involved, and of no-effect! Why? We don’t care! We aren’t touched personally enough yet! We will be soon! Deut. 17:15 & 28:43


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