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Gun-rights Activists Score Victory In Colorado In The Shadow Of Virginia Tech Massacre Anniversary

April 20, 2010 by  

Gun-rights activists score victory in Colorado in the shadow of Virginia Tech massacre anniversaryThe third anniversary of the Virginia Tech (VT) massacre has once again brought calls from anti-gun advocates for more stringent control to be imposed on the sale of weapons in the United States.

On April 16, 2007, VT student Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people in the worst school shooting spree in U.S. history, and today the university planned to cancel classes to commemorate those who died.

Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus has also marked the anniversary by blasting the gun lobby’s push to permit the carrying of loaded handguns on college campuses.

"The gun lobby is not interested in the safety of students, faculty and staff," said Andy Pelosi, director of the campaign.

"They are using the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech as cover for their real agenda to push guns into every nook and cranny of society," he added.

He also urged colleges and universities to join in the effort to oppose guns on college campuses, saying that to date, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities and more than 130 individual colleges and universities in 31 states have joined the campaign.

However, proponents of guns on campuses scored a significant victory just one day before the anniversary, when the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled in favor of students seeking the right to carry concealed weapons on campus.

The appeals court reversed an earlier ruling by El Paso County District Judge David Miller who dismissed a lawsuit filed in 2008 by Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, seeking to overturn the University of Colorado’s gun ban, according to Denver Daily News.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19726946-ADNFCR

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  • Jim H.

    Andy Pelosi says that the gun lobby is not interested in the safety of the students, faculty or staff. How is allowing these people to protect themselves NOT being interested in their safety? Then he says they are using the tragic shooting to promote the pushing guns into every nook and cranny of society. It seems to me that he is the one using that tragic shooting, not the gun lobby. The students just want the ability to protect themselves and the gun lobby wants to help them obtain the right to do that. Pelosi says to push guns into every nook and cranny of society, like it were a bad thing.8)

    • Harold Olsen

      Pelosi has the same mentality that everyone on the left has, like our country will be safer if we get rid of most of our weapons and other means of defending ourselves because, according to them, our enemies will then get rid of their weapons and like us better.

      ANY law abiding citizen should be allowed to own and carry a weapon and be able to defend themselves. Massacres like the one at VT would not have happened if the students had been armed and taken that SOB out before he was able to do so much damage. A ban on guns on campus didn’t prevent HIM from showing up with one, now did it??

      • TIME

        Folks, In New York City we are not allowed to carry or own guns, but strangly enough how many crimes are committed by criminals with guns.

        Thus the theory that taking guns away or making it just super hard to get one for the honest hard working citizens, is 100% total Hog waste.

        We have to really fix our problems, and the place to start is each political seat, be it your local school board, or Mayor. All person who wish to run for office need to be really Vetted so they match your core values.

        Each person that runs for such jobs needs to be First and for most an American, I don’t care where they came from what color or to whom they pray. But to be an American first.

        That means they “work to uphold the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.” That means Freedom to wear a gun, or to have a Christmas display with Christ in it, or a poster for a Carlos Santana concert at a local venue, or the 10 commandments in public buildings.
        Or to have green hair and wear a purple suit if that rings your bells.

        From a “point of logic”
        I do think that every person in the United States be tought to use a hand gun when they are young, that should be mandaited into law.

        Lets look at a simple example;
        Your walking down the city street and you have a 9mm, then a gang of thugs pops out of nowhere and want your Rolex and your wallet and your ring and your overcoat, you know they are going to beat the living hell out of you no matter what you do.

        Well guess what if you have a 9mm that you bring out rather than a wallet full of cash and CC’s, the odds change rather fast to an equal standing when one knows how to use that 9mm.

        “Guns detour crime when in the hands of the HONEST person.”

        They make it so crime will stop, really there are very few of us that can out run a bullet, I can’t – can you?
        I feel that when the honest citizens have guns the criminals with guns will live in fear.
        And thats the way it should be, not the honest citizens living in fear of the criminals with guns.

        Afterall we have seen the pretzel logic our court system uses, sure that guy that has raped and killed really cares if he is cought with a gun and getting 5 or 10 years more added to his jail time.
        Our court system will let them out of jail in 3-5 years anyway.
        So that law is again is 100% Hog Waste. It sounds good to honest people. But to the Criminal they say yea so what.

        And I know this part of my post will really anger some,
        (but the facts are what they are,)
        If the Criminals are shot Dead on the spot, the cost of a trial is not in the equation, thus lower cost for the community, plus – fewer jail cells needed thus saving Billions of dollars per year.

        And in a short period of time the crime commited by gangs and thugs with guns will drop by 100%. Thus making the streets safe for all to walk when ever they would like.

        As it is now its not much differant in citys than swimming in a fish tank at Sae World with ten 20 foot long White Sharks that have not eaten in weeks.

        • Airangel

          Time, I’m with your line of thinking….CRIMINALS will find a means of obtaining guns and ammunition, same as drugs…which leaves the innocent defenseless…the way to stop criminals is severe punishment…yeah oops, he was shot in a crossfire…hmmm he wouldn’t have been shot had he been in school or at work or in sports or something constructive to make him a worthwhile citizen…I just don’t get why we are so soft on murderers, rapist, child molesters, etc…give them the death penalty…they broke the law and therefore their rights should be forfeit…they certainly violated someone else’s rights….we need to make people accountable for their actions…back in the day..public hangings worked…people thought twice about committing a crime or getting caught…it just wasn’t worth it…that same fear needs to take place in all “would be” criminals and those that don’t warrant the death penalty should be the old “rock quarry ball and chain”. Punishment is to learn a lesson and atone for your sins or pay the ultimate price – death! You know the consequences going in…if we enforced those consequences, the crime would absolve itself but because our justice system has no backbone, criminals aren’t afraid of going to jail or’s just being in “time-out” for awhile.

      • Wanda Murline

        I believe that Thomas Jefferson said it best…”Those who pound their guns to plows, will plow for those who do not”. I think that is pretty clear…get rid of the guns…you are the slave of anyone who has one. There are virtually millions of people in the U.S. who have guns on hand and carry them on their person…and shootings, however awful they are in schools and colleges…are very minute in the percentage of honest gun carriers. The students should not be denied the right to defend themselves by anti-gun whackos…however, because of the age of the students, I do feel that an indepth background check should be done on each one prior to their getting a permit to carry. And for all of you who think that you just fill out a form to get a gun carry permit…wrong…you spend about 10-12 hours on class material and testing and then you have to be proficient at shooting, or you have to repeat the course until you are. You are taught the correct way to handle a gun and shoot it. This is good for everyone.

  • John Hardin

    How does Mr. Pelosi propose to keep guns off campus? Bans demonstrably do not work.

    Allowing responsible people the means to effectively defend themselves will _save_ lives. I think it’s profoundly more offensive that the blood dancers from the Brady campaign and related organizations like CKGOC are using these tragic shootings to demand that even more people be rendered helpless.

  • Jana

    I am not a member of any gun lobby group but I would feel safer knowing someone was around that had gone to the trouble to be licensed and had their weapon on them. Guns to not kill people, people kill people with guns and its time we were allowed to defend ourselves. Finally some common sense.

    • AirFrank

      Jana, why would you feel safer if someone around you had a gun rather than you being that someone? Don’t look to others for your safety. Others have no moral obligation to provide for your safety (although as a gun carrying individual I would help anyone in need). You need to get a gun, learn how to properly use it and then carry it. The more honest people armed the better.

  • s c

    One Pelosi is too many in America. Two Pelosis is absurd. I’d like to know how the Virginia Tech Pelosi defines safety on a campus. Mr. Pelosi, if you haven’t figured it out yet, vocal and printed criticism are a lot better than having to live with the ‘criticism’ that comes from the barrel of a gun-toting wacko who’s out to take innocent lives.
    Probably, the two Pelosis are not related – but it sounds like they might as well be. A Washington nut case and a Virginia Tech nut case (what a twisted combination). Put them together, and what you have is a head start on a mental asylum roster, and NOT responsible people who serve a purpose.

    • Ron O.

      S C You took the words right out of my mouth. Surely “ANDY” has to know that he starts his time at bat with 2.9 strikes against him. LOL Anyhow, I’m seeing a lot of good common sense replies to all this and it revives my faith in Americans. WE do still exist. The time has come to make the point that guns are nothing more than tools. This has been proven in every country where guns have been taken away from the honest citizen. When that happens, gun related crimes soar because that government has created a “safe work environment” for the criminal element. What I have discovered is that most of the anti-gun followers know nothing about the real statistics concerning the removal of firearms from a society. That’s why they are not leaders, merely followers. The right to defend one’s self, loved ones and family is not a right given by another person, but a right given by God. To try and tell someone that you are going to strip them of their “God given rights” is the most haneous of crimes to be delt with only by the creator. I can not and will not try to speak for God, but I will speak for myself when I say to try and make honest, law abiding citizens defenseless is to ally with the criminals. At that point, I will treat you as a criminal. Andy Pelosi has chosen sides and is, in my eyes, another criminal just as Hillary Clinton and every other gun grabber is.

  • Ken Roberts

    It is apparent that the anti gun lobby does not read the stats on gun ownership as all states and all places that allow citizens to carry or keep fire arms are not gun free zones but murder free zones. it is a well known fact that when honest people carry guns the criminals leave them alone . it is such a pity that we have so many that walk blinded by a single purpose they can not see the Forrest for the trees. The true idea is to disarm us so they can rule as kings .

  • http://NONE REASON-1

    This was my response to my representative concerning proposed gun ban laws in New York State.

    The fact that due to the increased sales in guns and ammunition the crime rate has decreased significantly, shows that placing these restrictions on gun owners would have just the opposite effect. The citizens would be at the mercy of the criminal element and the police as they would be the only persons having these weapons that these bills are claiming to be necessary to control.
    If you can’t persuade your fellow assemblymen not to submit these bills for an in house vote or to instead place them on the public ballot as required by the state constitution you can expect to see a repeat of the recent Massachusetts election and possibly a resurrection of the ” Minuteman movement”. I’ll be watching how you vote.

    • Jimmie King

      I was just watching a Video where a Known and Sex Animal had served time for Rape. He ended-up Raping a 54 year old lady, who went and borrowed a Shotgun from a friend. 5-days after her being Raped, the same man came back, she called the Law and they couldn’t find him. A little time after the Law had left, that same man came back and broke into that Ladies House again through her basement window she paid to have fixed after his breaking in that first time. This last time he broke in the same way, but after his breaking the basement door getting into this Lady’s Home, she blasted him with that Shotguns and ran for help. Ploice came and found that man wondering around bleeding it that Lady’s yard. He was taken to the Hospital where he died later.

      But I also read to-day where the FBI’s Report on Crime said “Murders DROPPED 10% in 2009 over 2008. The biggest drop since 1960 or 66.” Credit has to be given to more People being Armed and having Guns in their Homes. ,, God Bless all, you are making great sense with your Truth and Standing-up for our Rights to Own and Carry a Gun.

      • JeffH

        No matter what the antis try to say, the facts are in favor of the armed citizens contributing to the decline of violent crimes.

  • Boo T

    As the saying goes, they’ll have to pry the gun out of my cold dead hands, go for it! I will die defending myself if I have to. Not that they would care…as long as they get their way, that’s ALL THEY CARE ABOUT.

  • Raggs

    Andy Pelosi?… any relation to Queen nancy pelosi?…
    That rotten fruit didn’t fall far from the tree did it…

  • American liberal

    You would have thought Colorado would have learned a lesson about rightwing nutcases with guns… Isn’t El paso county where the rightwing hate group Focus on the family and the New life religious cult chuch reside?.. Plenty of wackos in that county …

    • Raggs

      Your a total fruit-cake…. how can you disgrace us by calling yourself an american….

    • Raggs

      That was a dumb question…. You learned to call yourself an american through obama…

    • obiwan

      A fitting home for you Oxymoron libtard. Target practice is Thursday night. You could be the guest of honor.

    • Ron O.

      Glad to see one liberal stick their neck out. Also glad to know you’ll be one of those who has no guns if and when the s__t hits the fan. You, obviously, have not taken the time to check those two groups you describe as cults yet you belong to one yourself. Forget about liberals and conservatives. Just think about America and freedoms and try to conceive in you mind, a world where there is no one trying to take your choices for your lifestyle away from you and you will be imagining a world without you.

      • JeffH

        Ron O., well said, by another American patriot.

      • Jeep

        “imagine” Wasn’t that a song by John Lennon? ;)

    • Robert

      A.L. Who did they kill? no one that I’ve heard of. I guess you think of everyone who owns a gun are bad people. 85,000,000 people own guns
      in this country 99.9% don’t use them in crimes they may have a few accidents, but that’s in anything you do, Ted Kennedy, case in point
      His car has killed more people than my 43 guns have.

      • Robert

        A.L. one of the Kennedy’s golf clubs also killed a Girl.

        • coal miner


          It was one of Kennedy’s relatives,not Ted Kennedy.

    • JC

      Oh, it’s AL again. No substance, no validity…not one intelligent thought. As usual.

    • del

      You are a complete stuttering idiot. Every comment that you have ever made comes directly from your —–;.

  • jdlo

    Guns are for your protection, the protection of others and for putting food on the table.The anti-gun crowd would love to disarm every American so the criminals could have a field day.If someone is breaking into your house it is a lot closer than a police officer that is 10 or 15 minutes away.

    • Alan Clark

      The main reason I carry a gun is because a cop is way to heavy !!!!

  • Ron O.

    You said it jdlo. Plus, a cop is too heavy to carry. Like I said earlier, a gun is a tool and like a hammer or a screw driver, it does get misused occasionally but that does not make it a bad tool. If you take tools away because a few individuals misuse them, you will find that construction time slows down dramatically. The same with guns and maintaining peace. Take away guns and the criminal element will be elated. This is so simple. If you don’t like guns, don’t buy one, but don’t try to tell me I can’t have one too. Now you’re getting into MY space and I will fight you over that.

    • Jeep

      I don’t know Ron…I’ve seen a few small cops lately. Maybe if they just didn’t carry so much stuff?

    • Leroy

      911–Dial-a-Prayer for those too wussy to own a gun.

  • Victor L Barney

    You’re wasting tour time! This is the Chicago weathermen movement of the 60′s that Charles Manson took off on(does anybody at least remember him?)! This movement got started BIG time in the 60′s by Chicago “weathermen” movement, which was a Marxist, Black movement to have blacks rule the UN with veto power from the USA! Back then they were killers and radicals and now they are in the White House! They actually were voted in by the HUGE percentage white women vote! No? Walk down any street in America and tell me that you don’t see them walking down the street arm and arm! I am not a racist, but the Bible actually condemns America if they put in such a “foreigner” to rule over us(Deuteronomy 17:15)! This undoubtedly will bring on the Two-Witnesses prophesied against Israel in the last days! We again are not going to like it! Not much has changed in 6,000 years, right?

  • http://Personallibertydigest Jim in NY

    To me the argument should be, are these students over 18 years old? Are they old enough to fight and die in the miltary? Are they old enough to vote? Then why should they have their rights denied because of where they are attending school. They should be allowed arm and defend themselves just any other American. In fact if the schools are so worried they should offer firearm instruction either as a class or as an activity. This is certainly better than some of the basketweaving or ballroom dancing classes that some schools offer at this time. This would teach responsibility as well self defense.

    • Dr. Mabuse

      Good point Jim, I would go a step further and suggest that all citizens should be trained on the use of firearms and self defense.

      • JeffH

        Yours are good points also…

  • Radical RW’er

    American Liberal. Once again you cannot win upon the facts so you resort to calling out organizations as “nutcases”, when you are in fact the only “wacko” I see here. Go back and study Saul Alinski a little more – its obvious you use his book as your bible instead of the real Bible. And if you attack & disagree with religion so much, tell me, which of the Ten Commandments do you object to as being against your moral standards? They seem pretty straight forward to me in order to live your life in a moral and civil society. But I guess God just never knew what he was talking about.

  • JeffH

    I really see no need to add any other comments. Good job people!

  • OJackson

    The most dangerous place in the world is a GUN FREE ZONE.

    • coal miner


      I agree with you,one hundred persent.I am glad they are passing pro gun laws.Citizens comes first,criminals too bad.Shoot first,ask questions later.

  • Jim Wright

    American Liberal, I wonder if you watched the video of the shootings at VT or any of the others. They all have one thing in common, when the police got there they were real good at hiding behind their cars and trees OUTSIDE while people were dying INSIDE. There is another name for these LIBERAL created gun free zones, FREE FIRE ZONES. The only ones armed were the criminals killing everyone else.

    • s c

      JimW, I will never understand how or why the Obummer crowd ALWAYS acts concerned about the quality of education and the “need” for gun control, BUT one of the most dangerous places for a kid to be is in a PUBLIC SCHOOL. No doubt, this is another twisted wrinkle in the mental make-up of a space cadet, ultraliberal progressive. They’ve had DECADES to do it right, and yet they want MORE money, MORE control, MORE support – and an exremely dumbed-down public that can be fooled into wasting MORE money, lives and resources so these UTTERLY INCOMPETENT airheads can have their way.
      They’ve had over 52 years to ‘perfect’ public education, and they still can’t get it right (assuming that it was ever a priority).

  • kate8

    Just to mention the obvious.

    Government does not care about our safety (or our health). Government is about control. In order to have total control, they have to take away people’s ability to defend themselves.

    It is said that the final act before seizing control of a nation is to take away the guns. They’ve been setting this up for years, using shooting sprees and demonizing militia. This is really being ratcheted up now.

    Thank God Americans are pushing back.

    May 1. Our own National Day of Prayer. Check out WND.

    • DaveH

      Armed people are citizens. Unarmed people are subjects.

  • Jana

    I took some self defense classes. After the final class some of us got together and talked about how we were now ready to face the world. I figured I could take care of myself pretty good. (My husband didn’t count as he is very strong.)
    A couple of days later I pulled into a parking lot and one of the things I have learned to do is to know my surroundings, so I sat in the car for a few minutes observing my surroundings. There were two skinny maybe 20 yr old males standing at a car talking. Then one of them took off his shirt and he had muscles. That is when I realized that we don’t know what is under those shirts. He looked skinny with his shirt on, but muscular with it off. That is when it hit me that I really probably am not as ready to defend myself as I thought.
    The only reason I am telling this story on myself is to let people know that these self defense classes are a good idea, but it only goes so far and you have to keep practicing to keep your edge up.
    I know with guns you have to practice too, but not daily like with the self defense motions.
    A properly trained person with a gun can better defend themselves than trying to do the physical hand to hand combat that is so glamorized in the movies. Most women cannot hit a man even with her foot and have him go sailing in the air and land 5 ft. away. That is fantasy.

  • http://gmail i41

    Women are better in a deteriorating sistution because their gun is just an extension of their arms. Only their arms end shoot slugs, I know my wife and 5 daughters are way better shots than I am,and I’ve hunted for years both birds and big game. If you go to any DRUG FREE ZONES around schools, thre is more drugs going in and out of school with students and teachers alike. Dems always have a fit on surprise drug sweeps are done, just students get it to them, because unions protect the teachers, even they are local government hirered employees. The same thing for gun free zones, only thugs and crimminals will and the IRS, and union members will own guns or aquire guns, like Congressmen and their staffes, carring guns in a restricted areas.

  • JC

    Know Guns – Know Freedom
    No Guns – No Freedom

  • Airangel

    If you take away the guns, you will not solve this problem. Violence can be carried out with knives, or arson, or explosives or any number of other tools of destruction that can be easily accessed.

    The problem is not, simplistically, that there is access to too many guns, but that our minds are being poisoned by psychiatrists who conspire with the drug companies to profit from the pain and suffering of others.

    Before the age of ADHD disease mongering, Ritalin drugging and SSRI “treatment” of children and teens, high school students in places like Texas routinely brought their guns to school. They actually kept rifles and handguns in their school lockers (this is not an exaggeration, it’s an historical fact).

    Despite the easy access to so many guns, nobody got shot. Ever wonder why? Because they weren’t all drugged up on psych meds, of course!

    School shootings are, without question, a direct effect of drugging teens with psychiatric medications. (Columbine and VT shooters were both on Psych drugs). Unless we stop chemically abusing our children with these dangerous prescription medications, you can bet that the school shootings will continue. The evidence is coming out about the effects of mind altering drugs.

    There is a war being waged against the people, and the weapons are chemical weapons sold by pharmaceutical companies and distributed by psychiatrists. The innocent casualties of this war include schoolchildren, teachers, parents and even the trigger pullers. We are witnessing a massacre, and it is being pushed forward every day, in virtually every country, by psychiatrists whose own arrogance and greed erases whatever human compassion they may have once held.

    There is a War for Profit underway in psychiatric medicine today, and the battleground is now littered with the bloodied bodies of the girls and boys and teachers whose lives were stolen from them by an insidious medical-sounding front group known as “psychiatry.”

    Watch this movie to learn the truth:

    Drugs and profit are at the root of almost every ill deed…who do you think is profiting for this HealthCare Bill (or should I say disease care bill)? Big Pharma and Insurance Companies of course…You HAVE TO BUY what they’re peddling or pay fines or go to jail if you don’t…You don’t get a choice in alternative care that does not require drugs….it’s disgusting really!

  • Jim H.

    If Mr Pelosi has his way, only the aggressor will be armed. At Virginia Tech. we all saw how that ended. Does he think it will end better the next time? I hope and pray there is no next time,but I think if the victims can shoot back it won’t be as tragic.

  • Alan Clark

    If the maniac phsycotics with the guns know that their targets are armed, there will be no shootings. Possibly a suicide, but no shootings.

  • Lee Abel

    So does any one of the liberal idiots remember that EVEN THE GUARDS COULDNT CARRY GUNS AT VIRGINIA TECH!?!

  • jimmy p

    Legitimate personal carry in most States means that:
    I am FBI Certified.
    My Concealed Carry Permit assures that I have had:
    * A Full Background Check
    * No Felony Convictions
    * No Drug Convictions
    * No Mental Impairments
    * Expert Training in Safety and Accuracy

    Why do I carry a .45? Because they don’t make a .46

    When seconds count, 911 is minutes away.

  • Carol H

    No ifs and or buts, I believe in gun control and I don’t care WHAT the NRA says about the right to bear arms. I very much doubt the Founders of the United States meant for guns to be used in the future the way they are now. Guns get into the wrong hands.
    The “mentality” on the “left” is more rational than those of the “RIGHT-WING. I’ve seen and heard what guns of all calibre and makes can do to innocent people.

    • jimmy p

      You must mean you don’t care what the CONSTITUTION says?
      Doubt what the founders Meant?

      Here’s just a few quotes to get you started on the history lesson:

      “No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms”.
      —Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution, 1776

      “[The Constitution preserves] the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation…(where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms”.
      —James Madison,The Federalist Papers, No. 46.

      “…Arms like laws discourage and keep the invader and the plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. The balance of power is the scale of peace.” -Thomas Paine

      “Arms in the hands of individual citizens may be used at individual discretion…in private self defense.” – John Adams

      “The great principle is that every man be armed….everyone who is able may have a gun.” – Patrick Henry

      “The Constitution shall never be construed … to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” – Samuel Adams


      Did you know that Innocent lives are defended upwards of 2 million times a year by an armed citizen?

      Cars and booze get into the wrong hands, and harm the innocent, do we take them away from the law abiding?

      Your misguided wrath is directed at the law abiding, they could possibly be the only ones to help you sometime when you’re need.

      Focus on the criminals Ma’m, just the criminals.

  • mac

    Usually do not comment on issues but feel compelled. If guns were allowed, robbers would most likely thing twice before robbing or attacking someone, or breaking into a home. In Texas, numerous criminals have been foiled in their attempts to commit a crime when ordinary citizens with guns intervene. I believe crimes would be reduced if everyone was allowed to carry or own guns. The criminals have no trouble getting and using firearms for wrongdoing and don’t worry about the fact that they are breaking the law by having a gun.


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