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Gun group files lawsuit against attorney general

April 7, 2009 by  

Gun group files lawsuit against attorney general The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against Attorney General Eric Holder in connection with his move to enforce the federal law against firearm purchases by non-resident American citizens.

The suit was filed jointly by SAF and two U.S. citizens Maxwell Hodgkins and Stephen Dearth who live in the UK and Canada, respectively, and have been denied the opportunity to buy firearms.

The complaint alleges the law Holder is enforcing is unconstitutional as it prevents citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights. It also asserts that the law violates their right of equal protection under the Fifth Amendment.

"This is what happens when anti-gunners rush to pass a restrictive gun law that ignores the constitutional rights of law-abiding American citizens who happen to be living abroad," says SAF founder Alan Gottlieb.

"Honest Americans who live in other countries for a variety of reasons should not be denied their Second or Fifth Amendment rights when they return to American soil," he added, calling Hodgkins and Dearth "victims of anti-gun rights zeal."

In recent weeks, SAF has also threatened to sue the Mayor of Seattle Greg Nickels if he goes ahead with his plan to ban legally-carried firearms from city property, which, according to local media reports, may be enacted as early as May.

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  • Used to be a liberal

    Well I guess this is about the only way to fight this administration, is through the courts and tie them right up with lawsuit after lawsuit.

    On that ship hijacking by pirates, I did not find anywhere to leave a comment, but this story here fits in as it has to do with Obama and his administration, and their attack on our freedoms. So below is how I feel.

    Here we go again, first North Korea launches despite Obama, and what is president fluff bunny’s response? Whaaaaa they broke the rules. Then today another news story pointed out that both China and Russia have hacked into the U S electric grid, any surprise there, lets see what president fluff bunny does or says about that, today we hear that even the lowly Somali Pirates are challenging this disgrace of a president. So what will we hear now, more PC from him, how about some give aways to the pirates, more understanding, along with appeasement.

    Does this president not understand peace through strength. Why are he and his cohorts deliberately undermining the USA, why is he and his cohorts so intent on ruining this country. The nuclear deterrent has been just that a deterrent from a major world war, and a deterrent from an invasion of this country. Remove that and if we think we have problems now, “then you ain’t seen nutten yet”

    There is something seriously wrong at the White House and something very wrong with the leadership of the Democrat Party. It seems to have been hijacked by a bunch of lunatics, and if they are not lunatics, and they simply know not what they do, then they do not belong in their positions, but if this is a deliberate attempt, agenda, program to make the USA equal with the rest of the world then these people need to be tarred and feathered sent out of town on a rail. The weakening of the United States of America is tantamount to treason.

    • http://NONE ELLIS

      RIGHT ON

    • jorgaone

      The current usurper residents of the White House don’t have to know what they are doing. Their handlers (Soros, Rockerfeller, Rothchild, etc) have put everything they need to know to destroy this country on BO’s teleprompter!!
      It is sad but true–BO is doing everything his handlers say to do–and doing it in such a charming, doofus type of way–that some people are STILL not aware of the final outcome lookming–the total breakdown of the US as a Constitutional Law-run country!!
      Remember the old bumper sticker? “I’ll give up my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers” You might also check into the so-called Federal lands and Revolutionary War Reinactors clauses of the current budget. IT has had the contents stripped out by Holder–and instead, has had VERY restrictive clauses put in! In other words–it has been voted on with one set of contents–now it suddenly has another! AND this can’t be filibustered, I’m told! It no longer asserts the rights of people to carry guns on Federal property–nor the rights of Re-inactors to carry their old weapons; NOW it makes it illegal at all times! Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it??
      PLEASE demand that SCOTUS actually HEAR some of the many lawsuits about his “natural-born citizen” status–he is HIDING that he is a usurper; and we CAN get him out and stop this down-ward slide!!

      • Diane

        You hit the nail on the head. I applaud you for stating fact.

        • Yankee Lady

          If they haven’t erased the information you might also check:
          Clinton, Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, both Bushes and lots of other top officials are high in the Mason society. I can find that to tie them all together.

        • Ravenskeep

          Yankee Lady
          Castro, Lenin, Stalin and Mussolini could not nor were Masons. To be a Mason, you must believe in a Supreme Being (e.g., God by any other name). The above named do/did not.
          Get your facts straight — Now, here are some names that were Masons: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk, James Buchanan, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Gerald Ford. There were other Presidents who were Masons as well, I figured this might be enough to start this discussion rolling. Here are some other notables who were/are Masons in the US: “Buzz” Aldrin (astronaut); Stephen F. Austin (father of TX); Omar Bradley (US Gen. WWII); Joshua Chamberlain (US Army – Gen. American Civil War & Gov. of Maine); Winston Churchill (OK – not US, but influential during WWII, eh?); Henry Clay (congressman); Nat King Cole; Samuel Colt; David Crockett; Cecil B. DeMille; Thomas Dewey (he was supposed to have beat Truman for the Presidency); Everitt Dirkson; Duke Ellington; Henry Ford; Nathan Bedford Forrest (who later resigned from the lodge due to the bad name the KKK had started to receive – he also resigned from and demanded the total disbanding of the KKK – guess that didn’t happen); John Glenn; J. Edgar Hoover — want me? Just ask!
          There is no mention of either of the Bushes in the Mason register. And I can totally assure you, Barack Hussein Obama is not, nor ever will be a Mason, but he is a Muslim, a minor fact he lied about during the presidential campaign.

    • Bob Fletcher

      Here we go again, first North Korea launches despite Obama, and what is president fluff bunny’s response?

      Dear Liberal:

      I can not believe you called the Bomber a fluff bunny. I hope you realize; you just insulted every patrotic fluff bunny, in the United States. Way to go.

      Bob Fletcher

    • http://none John A

      Right on. I couldn’t have said it any better, except perhaps with some punctuation.

    • Bob

      I agree, but I am still confused about the piracy issue; how can four to six people in a fishing boat hold an ocean going frieghter with twenty five to thirty crew members hostage???

      Seems to me the ocean going vehicle could have made a left or right turn and made the problem disappear???

      I agree with the “something seriously wrong in the White House….” Bob

    • Benjamin Franklin McMillan

      Has anyone dared to mention the “T” Word? “T” is for treason!

    • Colleen

      Pirates? For those who have not come across this bit of history: T. Jefferson had the same problem. It was on the Barbary Coast. So, what did he do? He purchased a KORAN in order to better understand the pirates, their religion and any other insight he may gain by reading it to KNOW HIS ENEMY. Now here we are in present time with the functionally comatose praising Jefferson for his diverse choices of religious literature to provide him with spiritual fulfillment or some such pelosi (new word for BS). It came up when Keith Ellison, a Muslim, was elected as a representative (?) in Minnisota and took the oath to our blessed constitution on that same Koran, oh how touchy feely can we get? It was all distorted by media and most continue to believe T. Jefferson chose the Koran as a spiritual guide along with other “holy” literature. NOT. The pirates are Muslims and I believe, like O’s family, they are Sunni. hmmmmmm. Where is it this fraud wants to fight? Afgh? Shiah resistance. Al Queda? Sunni. Leave them alone! Taliban? Are they Sunni or Shiah? Shiah I am guessing. The O is well, never mind, my hypothesis could get me a really bad headache. Sunnis are the majority. Iran is majority, by a lot – Shiah. This is where the Shiah have the power that the Sunni can not take over. Note: He kisses Ach! My dinners bad ass. Iran responds knowingly. Unthreatened by him. He bowed to the SUNNI king. Hmm, now I am stepping out on a limb. Leathernecks? Pirates (Muslims) were beheading them even then. The Koran is diametrically opposed to the principles of our constitution. You might look up taquiya(spelling unsure). Many try to use verses in the Koran and Hadith (?) out of context to dispute this but it is so.

    • mike

      He’s to busy on his I’am Sorry Tour, to deal with anything else.

    • paul

      the only chance we have is to vote all dems from house and senate

  • clogger53

    Read the Rise of the Fourth Reich, The Case Against the Fed or The Truth About the Builderberg Group. There are numerous books out there that will educate us all about history and the real things going on behind the scenes. Gerald Celente has been correct about all of this for years. It should come as no shock to anyone who has been paying attention. Thomas Jefferson warned about a government being too big. We need to go back to our roots and the teaching of our founding fathers. We need to re-educate ourselves about what our forefathers hoped and intended for us.

    • http://NONE ELLIS


    • LindyMaeUSA

      I’m very curious: If Thomas Jefferson was a Mason and deist, what would have been his purpose in coming up with so many glorious “one-liners” toward the preservation and continuity of our beloved Country??

      For example:

      “Timid (aka: politically correct)men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.” ~Thomas Jefferson

  • DeportH1BNow

    The SAF is a terrorist organization that tries to undermine U.S. soverignity.


    This law is needed to prevent uncontrollable violent crime against Americans if it did not exist. Hodgkins & Dearth, whom should be considered terrorists, should immediately have their U.S. citizenship revoked. Dual citizenship is against the law in the U.S. Further, these two should not be allowed to come onto any U.S. soil for at least 10 years.

    • papaed

      You are dating yourself. Better re-check your facts regarding dual natonality. The USA has acknowledged dual citizenship for many decades.

      • John

        Doesn’t Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel hold dual citizenship, US and Israeli? I thought it wasn’t permitted for a holder of dual citizenship to hold top level security clearance?

        • Ravenskeep

          Well, B. Hussein Obama was born in Africa – of an American mother and a goat-herder father, although he lied and said he was born in Hawaii – which his grandmother – when she was alive, disputed, stating she was at his birth in Kenya (I think I have the country right), and our Consitution states to be POTUS you must be a “natural born citizen”. But then, B. Hussein Obama wipes his “feet” on the Consitution, along with Pelosi, Kennedy, Feinstein, etc etc ad nauseum — get rid of them all.

          TEA! Taxed Enough Already!!

      • Ron Leonard

        IOt not agains ty th e law to hold dual cittizenship. Just explicitly it IS against the constiutitution to hold the office of president .

    • Pete

      What are you smoking, Boy? The article neither stated these two men claimed dual citizenship, rather stated they were U.S. citizens, nor suggest they are terrorists or have any such connection. The lawsuit simply claims they were denied the right to purchase a firearm because they resided overseas. If you feel the need to support Holder and the statute, please do so. But at least get your facts straight.

      • charlie

        If they are residents living overseas or in another country why don’t they buy their guns there?????????????????? I also thought it was illegal to take a gun out of the country or am I wrong???

        • Ravenskeep

          1 – England and Canada both have restrictive gun laws – possession of guns by citizens of England and Canada are severely restricted.
          2 – No, there are no laws in the US about taking a gun out of the country. There may be a law in the country where you are trying to take the gun, like Russia, China, etc.

    • Dave Brennan

      What have you been smoking?

    • Raa

      Did you read the article ? What are you smoking ? Please check the facts before witting something … so you don’t look so disconnected from reality.
      I hope you take this positive feedback.

    • TripleTap

      Ahhh BO worshiper you lie! Dual citizenship is not against the law. Federal Law specifically addresses this issue and no requirement exists for expatriots (those desiring to live abroad or in another country) to maintain multiple citizenships so long as they comply with the laws of the land. You like many socialists speak with a forked tongue. If dual citizenship was illegal then all native americans aligned with a tribal affiliation would also be illegal aliens and maybe you, pendejo, are desiring that outcome as well. I can see it on the horizon, that the BO has written that the US is no longer a christian country and furthermore that it shall happen that the USA be changed to the United Socialist States of America. Heil Obama! As for you, GFY!

      • LindyMaeUSA

        Hey Triple Tap! You’re MY KIND of patriotic American! Thank God, America still has “a few good men” with grit and daring effrontery (i.e. shameless or impudent boldness!) ;-) WOW! AWESOME!

        BTW: I’d like to share my “Tea Party” t-shirt bought in September but still worn today but need to know the FORMAT for “adding a picture to my name” here on the site.

        If it doesn’t take too much time, would you help me by putting the step-by-step format for that procedure in a message to my email? I’d be grateful for your assistance.

        Thanks a lot Bro and hugs to you. :-)



    Eric Holder is well evidenced as a man who believes in ulterior motive and practices his devious ways by undermining Constitutional law at every given opportunity, he fits in well with the thuggery that is being practiced from top to bottom by the majority party. The prediction made in 1944 by America’s top Commie has been spot on and if you believe in American values, the fight to keep them is going to be a major struggle, freedoms we take for granted are going to be hard fought for.

    • http://NONE ELLIS


    • Jimmy

      The freedoms we take for granted were hard fought for in the first place. The reason they are disappearing is because we aren’t fighting for them anymore. I think it’s time to start fighting again. I know that no one wants to fight, but when we can’t trust the assholes we elect to government to look after the American interest rather than their own, maybe it’s time to un-seat them all and start over. If you are illegally in this country or don’t believe in AMERICAN values get out.

      • ONTIME

        Keen insight Jimmy and succintly put…..

  • Dave Jared

    SAF is a “terrorist organization????” What moron really believes such nonsense? Answer? The same sort of morons who think the 2nd Amendment GIVES us the right to keep and bear arms. It does NOT. It merely affirms that such a right ALREADY exists by virtue of our being free citizens. Or, the same sort of morons who think that a woman, lying raped and murdered in an alley is “more moral” than another woman, standing in the entrance to that alley explaining to the police how that rapist got a hole in his chest!

    • Stumper

      Ditto Dave Jared.

      An Armed Man is a Citizen, An Unarmed Man is a subject. (or woman as you so vividly explained).

      The Administration will probably wait until after the 2010 elections to assail our god Given Right to self defense as they saw what happened last time. Let’s not give them the chance.

      • Jimmy

        Amen brother. If they come after your guns, give them the bullets.

        • Jim

          God Bless you, as the saying goes ” In order for evil to prosper, all that is required is for a few good men… to do nothing.
          Freedom is not free!

    • Ravenskeep

      …”the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. In the context of the Constitution, phrases like “shall not be infringed,” “shall make no law,” and “shall not be violated” sound pretty unbendable, but the Supreme Court has ruled that some laws can, in fact, encroach on these phrases. For example, though there is freedom of speech, you cannot slander someone or yell Fire in a crowded building/theater, etc.; though you can own a pistol, you cannot own a nuclear weapon.
      one other small point –> …”nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation”….so when B. Hussein Obama and his socialist brownshirts begin to try to confiscate my guns, I have a constitutional right to protect my property. And do you know where that comes from? Right here — “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Remember, the beginning words of the Consitution of the United States are, “We, the people…”

      TEA – Taxed Enough Already!!

  • http://NONE ELLIS


    • http://YAHOO Linda

      When are we going to stop talking and take action when it is too late start with the main monster and we all know who that is evil personified after it is gone to hell where it came from the others will follow, please people lets do something talking does nothing why is it so hard to prove that puppet is a lying piece of crap, why are we allowing evil in the greatest house in our country, or it was until now

  • Norman Andrews

    The last half of the following has some bearing on the need to protect our
    right to keep and bear arms. The first half is only tangentially related.

    The first 2 or 3 score lines below, about the DOE, are ripped
    from a viral email I received:

    Does anybody out there have any memory of the reason given
    for the establishment of the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
    during the Carter Administration?

    Did’t think so!

    Bottom line…..we ‘ ve spent several hundred billion
    dollars in support of an agency……the reason for which
    not one person who reads this can remember.


    It was very simple

    ……and, at the time everybody
    thought it very appropriate……

    The Department of Energy was instituted on 8-04-1977


    Hey, pretty efficient, huh?????





    Ah yes, good ole bureaucracy.

    And NOW we are going to turn the Banking System & the
    Auto Industry & the Healthcare System over to them?

    Done with what I ripped from the viral email. Here’s mine:

    May I recommend:

    Hamilton’s Curse: How Jefferson’s Arch Enemy Betrayed the
    American Revolution–and What It Means for Americans Today
    by Thomas Dilorenzo, available at

    and, on how fractional reserve banking + government is
    destroying your life’s savings:

    and, some high-school-level details on how it works:


    The Curse of Paper Money and Banking, available at

    The tyranny isn’t new, folks, it is very, very old. Don’t look
    for the Constitution of the United States to protect you–we
    haven’t done a good job of protecting IT. I think it may be
    too late. Successive generations of the the Supreme Court have
    made it clear that the Constitution protects us ONLY WHEN THE 9
    FEEL LIKE IT. The Supreme Court, along with the Congress and
    the executive branch, have truly become an illegitimate
    government, and they have proven the Constitution, a body of
    ideas, to be of but weak authority, if any. If you don’t study
    history and philosophy, as the founders had done, you will
    never know the value of what you are losing, nor have any hope
    of securing liberty for your children and grandchildren.

    It is a shame.

  • Diane

    There is an illegal immigrant in the oval office. He has appointed anti America underlings. We The People will need to enforce the laws ourselves, unless SCOTUS does what we pay them to do,,,which is to enforce our Constitution. I am planning on getting layed off and sitting pretty until this albatross and his posse are hoisted to the curb. Geez,,,,,where are the Clinton’s, and their ability to commit, crime when we need them? Hey, Bill,,,,,,are you an American, or not?

  • Eric g

    The contries with gun contole have had a much higher murder rate than countries without . Switzerland that has evrey citizen armed has actually suffered the least . No one has invaded switzerland becuase of the armed citizens and mountians , It just would not be worth it . I still dont like guns , I have always been afraid of them . Many innocent people have been hurt and killed by fooling with guns . So now we have laws to keep guns away from some people . The truley high murder rate suffered under gun controle laws ,allowed the goverenments to murder . Some people dont think thats anything to worry about , but history says it is something to be prepared for . So I will always stand for keeping our guns .

    • Jimmy

      You know, this world needs more people like you. You don’t like or want guns. I love guns and own several. I belive that every person over the age of 21, that has not been convicted of a violent crime should carry a gun. I don’t try to force you to own a gun and those who do not want guns should not try to take away the rights of others to have them. So many people fight over these issues because they want to control. I wanted to be one of the few who will say that I acknowledge your right not to own a gun and thank you for acknowledging my right to own them.

  • Laurie

    I am a US citizen living abroad but I am not a terrorist. I’m a patriotic, citizen clinging to my guns and religion and would protect the USA to the death. I have 3 children who were born abroad, with dual nationality who are Ronald Reagan conservatives and would defend the USA to the death. Stereotyping people because they don’t live in the USA or because they have dual nationality is kind of narrow minded. For my children dual nationality helps with paperwork coming and going from here but if forced to choose they only hold one loyalty in their hearts and that is the USA.

  • gene

    If and when the people wake up we can turn this around. Our government is 3 times bigger then it needs to be. There are more then 60 unconstitutional laws already. We need an ammendment that any government official who voted for an unconstitutional law has committed TREASON. And will immediatly be removed from office and tried in our courts. But before that can happen we need to pass J.A.I.L for judges in every state. Then when our crooked Judges make illegal rulings and unconstitutional rulings they can be removed also. Our courts are as far out of control as our government. It is time for the people to say NO MORE!!!!!!!!! This Thing they call President is as evil as Hitler was. Martin luther King was a republican!!!! Every discrimination law and anti slavery law was passed by the Republicans and the Damocrats voted against them. Obama is a patsy for the far left. Every time he opens his mouth with out a telepromter he sticks his foot in it. He will go down in history as the absolute worst President we have ever had. People wake up, I dont agree with everything the republicans do but they are 10 times better then the far left. God Bless our troops and our Patriots, they are the only chance we have of saving this country. Gene

  • Roger Cotterman

    This is all part of Obama and Holder’s bullsh* to stop people from exercising their constitutional rights. This is still America and people have the right to buy firearms, even if they left the country and returned.
    Obama needs to go and the sooner the better, he made us look like an a
    * with North Korea and Iran, and now with the pirates in the Indian Ocean it is getting out of hand, and Dumbama sends one ship to help an American flagged ship, which means that it is part of the United States and has soverignty rights to navigate unchallenged anywhere in the world.

  • Eric g

    Just recently darrel Scott the father of Raechiel Scott, testified before the federal judiciary committee .
    They were not prepared or happy with what he had tosay .It apparently did not jive with what they want to do . He spoke for a long time , about many issues , such as NRA being at fualt of his duaghters death . But he thought the most guilty were the accusers and ourselves especialy the people right here in this room .
    There has always been forces of good and evil . When Cain murdered Able , it was not the fualt of the club he used , or the NCA . Iam not here to represent or defend the NRA . If I believed they had anything to do with her death I would be there strongest opponent . Than Mr Scott read a little poem he himself made up .
    Your laws ignore our deepest needs
    your words are empty air ,
    you’ve stripped away our heritage ,
    You’ve outlawed simple prayer ,
    Now gunshots fill our classrooms ,
    and precious children die ,
    You seek for answers evreywhere
    and ask the question ‘why’?
    You regulate restrictive laws ,
    through legislative creed
    And yet you fail to understand ,
    That God is what we need .
    Politicians evreywhere looked for a scapegoat ,such as the NRA for the Columbine massacre
    Mr Scott told of his son Craig lay under a library table and praying as he saw two of his classmates murdered before his eyes . Mr Scotts seems to be blaming our selves and our Nation for turning away from God . Of course NO mainstream media will report on this . It would not be politically correct .
    I myself think we in americia are up against a powerfull force of evil . I just read of a couple of students were expelled from some school in California for praying for a sick teacher . I believe this force must be called ANTI CHRIST becuase in school that certianly is what it is antichrist . This all has happend against the wishes of nearly all the people , accept for a few atheists . ANTICHRIST now seems to be the law of the land .

  • Sammy

    Amen Gene. I believe we need strict term limits and cut the pay by 75%. That way the ones that really love this Nation would be serving for the right reasons. Not the money grubbers and special interest pawns we have there now. It’s time to do something about the mess we have now. Although I side more with the Repulicans than the Democrats, I’m sick of the mud slinging by both sides and the pathetic constant blaming of George Bush for everything. Do they actually think we are this dumb?? Apparently so. To key a relatively new Democray phrase, they are so “transparrent”!!

  • Mike1968

    Holder is a maggot,just like so many appointees of the Mountebank in the White House. Holder, Pelousy, Frank, Specter, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the dims are, to one extent or another, quietly or otherwise, working diligently to dismantle the Republic, while the adoring hordes of morons who put them in power fawn over oBUMa’s every bow to some two bit Muslim king, and the nitwit “For the first time in my life I’m proud” fatazz Michelle wows the Oprahdopes with her Jackie Kennedy-like fashion sense. It is enough to gag a maggot — even one of Holder’s ilk! (well, maybe not…..)

    People, 2010 won’t be soon enough. The socialists will have ruined the country beyond repair or rescue by then. We can continue blogging and sharing our views, however, we have to get active, active, active now. We can start by attending local tea parties and writing or calling every Congressman and Senator, repeatedly, often and with passion and fervor for our positions. Also contact with Pelousy and Napolitano lets them know there are still many Americans who have not yet been mesmerized by The Man Behind the Curtain. I make it a point to regularly e-mail the Charlatan-In-Chief at the White House to remind him that not everyone in this country is drinking his brand of kool-aid. Let us each vow to make our voices heard where they will have the most effect. Give up some TV time and start sharing you views with your elected officials of every stripe….

  • JAMA

    PEOPLE…wake up…we are being sold out ASAP….OBAMA has planned to ruin this country within a year…and make sure that the illegals are safe so he can be voted in again and again….HE is nothing but a THUG communist….JOIN the Patriotic Resistance or Glenn Beck’s 9-12 group…….IMPEACH OBAMA…..HOW dare he bow down to our enemies and make a remark to insult this nation and imbrace ISLAMS.
    BIG SURPRISE……he is a liar and a crook and he really does believe he can DO anything he wants….WE HAVE TO STOP HIM NOW…..SO stop gripping and get busy…SIGN petitions ,call your senators, IMPEACH Him now!

  • Jacques Moore

    People all we have to do is give our true ALLEGIANCE TO THE KINK OF KINGS THE (LOARD JESUS CHRIST ) This bunch of unbelievers will only take you strate to hell , JESUS is the only true way & he alone can help this world , but if you fail to follow him then GOD HELP YOU ???

  • Jacques Moore

    You have two chooses, you can follow JESUS CHRIST or MOHAMED , as for me & my house we will follow the LORD JESUS CHRIST . ISLAM is not the true way only CHRIST can save you ????? SO follow the truth JESUS CHRIST .!!!!!!!!

  • Lori DeVries

    There is 92% of the population that are not rich. The other 8% are wealthy. So why is everyone robbing from each other hard working American?? Maybe we need a “Robin Hood plan”, but honestly i’m so ethical i think i’d starve before i’d rob from anyone and don’t advocate robbery by anyone. My belief is that God sees what goes on and he will help us through this.
    The Rothchild’s estate alone is large enough to give every low income family a good middle class life.
    What is wrong with this scenario?? The rich hate the middle class and it’s like the old Nazi society where only blue-eyed blonds were wanted. Now they feel it’s only for the rich to live a good life so there is plenty of food for them and it’s not wasted on all the middle class….sad, but true…….In the early 1900′s we had 98% of the people into farming to feed 100% of the population…… we have 2% of the population in the US involved in farming to feed millions of more people?? So we import all this food, some safe, some not so safe or we have huge factory farms that hormone the cattle, put arsenic in the chickens for plump breasts, so the meat, the milk and all the by products make us sick, make the large corporations wealthy and who owns many of the large food companies……..our old friends, the tobacco companies……Phillip Morris owns Kraft and is invested in other large food companies……….what did you think they’d go broke from the lawsuits?? Then Monsanto(the most evil company on Earth, can you say “Agent Orange”) makes all the pesticides that have taken all the nutrition out of the crops and most the fruits and vegetables you get are sprayed with a special “gas” (toxic) and preserved. There are silos full of apples out in Washington state that they keep fresh(if you can still call that an apple) for up to 3 years. You can buy organic, but the label is only as good as the honesty behind it.
    Then they wonder why people are leaving for South America?? The list of crimes goes on and on………this world is being run by about 250 wealthy banking families and yet 92% of the population can not stop it??
    As much as i worry about China, N Korea or those countries, are they really so bad or are they sick of trying to be ruled by the bully of the world, the US and UK?? They may be saving us temporarily from the forces that be completeing this ultimate power of owning the whole world by their globalization plan???? I guess you just live your best now and take it day by day,,,,,best i know!!

    • Dave Jared

      Oh, Horse manure, Lori. You’re playing straight into the hands of the far left Democrats who want you to fear and hate the so-called “rich.” They WANT us to be distracted by their class warfare tactics so we won’t pay attention to what they’re doing to us behind the scenes. The top 1% of wealthy people “own” 19% of the nation’s wealth, but pay 28% of all taxes paid. I don’t know about you, but I’d say they are already paying “their fair share,” wouldn’t you? Quit listening to the conspiracy theorists and the black helicopter crowd. We’re in trouble, all right, but it’s at the hands of the GOVERNMENT–not the so-called “rich.” The income tax could be described as, “The taking, by force or threat of force, property of another and converting it to one’s own use or to the use of another…not the owner.” That’s the legal definition of ROBBERY and it’s the government that’s doing it to us. How do you like having your hard-earned pay stolen by the government to pay for patching holes along I-40 in Oklahoma or to pay subsidies to Amtrak, which you’ll probably NEVER ride? Not much, I’ll bet. Well, it’s Congress who does that to you–not the so-called “rich.” BTW, Robin Hood did NOT “steal from the rich and give to the poor.” He stole from, essentially, the GOVERNMENT (the nobles) and gave the poor people’s tax money BACK to them.

      • Used to be a liberal

        Nicely said Dave, strange how facts can get in the way of an agenda.

    • USN VET

      Wake up and think what the democraps lies are

      “Spread the wealth” “Citizens of the world” Means taking the bread and butter out of American family homes and send it to third world countries so we can live in the same poverty they live in

      Look at Pelosi proposals and Obama’s voting record

      The only way to destroy this country is from within and Pelosi is leading the attack

  • Warren

    I’ll make a deal with you.

    You can come for my gun, if I can come to your funeral.

  • Freedom

    For all of you that would like to know about the Secret Societies read “Rule by Secrecy” by Jim Marrs. The big O is a member of one of them as both many of your DEMs and GOPs are. WE need to take our government back.

  • Jacks Are Better

    Just another step to taking guns from all US citizens.
    In 1947 Al Capone was sent to prison for tax evasion. Today he could be a member of the president’s cabinet or even head of the IRS.


    “America is the bgest country on earth and We will change that”

    To the democraps who voted for Pelosi the puppeteer with Soro who voted in the incompendent one I hope your thrilled with the change of selling out America.

    It is going to get a lot worse for America as the changes continue to destroy us from inside the capitol as we lose more rights to the left coast degenerates Pelosi, Feinstein ,Boxer

  • ray

    where is all of our politicians republicats libertarians and evan a card carrying commie. they aint lookin out 4 us .

  • Agnes

    The Fluff Bunny aka Pollyanna wants to rewrite the Constitution to make it warm and fuzzy. Not one TV anchor or talk radio host, to my knowledge, has mentioned HR 40.
    This is only the beginning. I think he wants five groups to have reparations. Soon the rock star will be recording a Coke song with Michael Jackson.
    As John Stossel says Gimme a break !
    In the meantime, call the Capitol Switchboard and speak to your Senator. You can even ask for Pelosi and Reid.

  • American Socialist

    This really has become one of favorite websites. It’s nice to get a daily reminder of why America voted solidly for Obama: because our nation’s true morality — which has nothing to do with gun laws or marginal tax rates, but with decency, fairness, and humanity — was being hijacked by blindness, willful narrow-mindedness, ignorance, and hatred of the type expressed so universally on this board. Keep up the good work, so we continue to know what we’re fighting against.

    I think I’ll start posting my favorite typo-of-the-day from among the semi-literate chestnuts here. Today’s: KINK OF KINGS!

    • bob

      Ohh yes….those pesky little gun rights getting in your way again, aren’t they? Don’t forget to add “shredding the Constitution” to your little socialist list of honeydo’s .”
      You might not know what your fighting against but, the American Patriots of this great country, damn sure do!
      Charleton Heston would have few short words for the likes of you.
      All the dedication and sacrifice of our founding fathers and our Constitutional Liberties may not be as easily or readily sacrificed as you might hope for!

    • Jimmy

      The American people have finally gotten to the point that they have had enough of their rights being taken away and are speaking out. That is what you are reading on this page. We are tired of people trying to take our guns. Tired of criminals and illegal aliens having more rights than we do. Tired of criminals not being prosecuted and being let go on a “technicality”. Tired of illegals accessing programs paid for by tax payer dollars. Tired of losing our jobs to illegals and then being told that they will be given amnesty instead of doing the right thing by the American people and deporting them. We are tired of our government looking out for everybody else more than they do the American taxpayer that voted for them. We have almost had enough. The last time Americans had enough, they went to war and took their freedoms and liberties from those who would deny them. If you don’t like the USA the way the constitution intended it then leave. Quit the fight, you will only lose.

      • American Socialist

        True, I’m not a fan of guns. My sister had two fingers blown off by one, that a card carrying member of the NRA let his 10 year old boy play with unsupervised. I appreciate Jimmy’s list of things he’s tired of; there’s a lot that needs fixing in this country at the moment. I believe our immigration laws should be enforced, and that puts me on the outs with some of my progressive friends. But I’m a humanist, and would rather see a thousand criminals let loose than one innocent one put to death.

        As for the Constitution and me leaving the country, however. The Constitution was intended to be mutable, hence provisions for its amendment. I personally would favor an amendment banning private handgun ownership, period. To pursue such an amendment is my right as an American, as inalienable as your right to own one. The Constitution’s primary intent is that the People govern. The People have voted in free elections for individuals you perceive to be denying you something. If you don’t like it, it is you who should consider leaving. Of course, you have the right to stay, and speak out. But to raise arms against our government? That, sir, is treason.

        But know that if you are ever arrested and charged with it, I for one will die for your right to an attorney, to a trial by your peers, to be confronted by the witnesses against you, to appeal, even ultimately to be allowed to go free on a “technicality.” If you were convicted of treason, I would even argue that you should under no circumstances be given the death penalty for it.

        And Bob: My words for Charlton Heston would be fewer and shorter. But I probably couldn’t help adding, “And you were a crap actor, too.” (I saw him in “Long Day’s Journey Into Night.” Possibly the worst stage performance I’ve ever seen.)

  • http://aol Liz

    How great to know that there are many like minded people as equally concerned about our wonderful United States of America. Continue reading and listening only to
    conservative sites. The government at this point in time considers us all illiterates and unable to think for ourselves. Isn’t this the typical demorat philosophy? Only they
    can provide for us and control our way of life. Rubbish!! IT’S TIME TO TAKE A STAND!!!! EVERY SECOND COUNTS!!! Get involved by writing letters, go to a tea party in your area! We can make a difference and PLEASE, PLEASE vote in any upcoming elections to begin the transition back to NORMALCY!!!!! GOD BLESS THE USA AND THE PATRIOTS WHO PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY!!! Contrary to what the obamanation says, AMERICA IS A CHRISTIAN NATION!!!! Keep this great country of ours in your daily prayers
    because a lot of issues facing us today began when we started removing GOD!
    May the Lord bless each and every one concerned about our great country.

    • Astreal One

      That is correct THIS IS A CHRISTIAN NATION just pick up your nearest piece of U.S. currency and read it (GOD WE TRUST) is placed on our money for a reason. This country was founded by god fearing people.

  • American Socialist

    today we hear that even the lowly
    Somali Pirates are challenging this
    disgrace of a president. So what will
    we hear now, more PC from him, how
    about some give aways to the pirates,
    more understanding, along with

    Oops, pirates dead, captain saved. If your bizarro “Obama is a Muslim terrorist” conspiracy theories were true, they’d surely be partying with our President in the White House, or at least have gained free passage back to their Muslim homeland. But no. Dead, because “President Barack Obama granted the Pentagon’s request for standing authority to use appropriate force to save the life of the captain,” to quote Reuters. Or is Reuters one of those left wing liberal media outlets who are in in the conspiracy to rob all of you decent, God-fearing Americans of your precious bodily fluids?

    • Dave Jared

      Knowing a bit about the military and how it operates, I strongly suspect that the real scenario went something like: While Obama dithered over the situation and spent his valuable time ordering pizza flown in from St. Louis or made plans for his next campaign speech to America, the Navy captain decided he already HAD the authority to act based on the Navy’s standing contingency plans and ordered the killing of the pirates at first opportunity. That opportunity apparently came when the merchant marine captain again jumped overboard, giving the seals a clear shot at the pirates. The survivor pirate SHOULD be tried aboard ship and immediately hanged…period, but look for Obama to grant him all the rights of a U.S. Citizen and maybe even citizenship itself. BTW, Yes, Reuters is one of those “left-wing liberal media outlets.” No one except some goofball leftie himself would believe in any “conspiracy to rob…….precious bodily fluids,” ala Dr. Strangelove. Wake up and smell the coffee, A.S. YOUR way has been an abject failure everywhere it’s been tried and, given who you’ve chosen as your current standard bearer, the American variety isn’t a bit smarter than any of their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

      • American Socialist


        If Reuters is too liberal to be believed, here is the Fox News report: “Acting on a standing order from President Obama to move in when Phillips was in ‘imminent danger’, snipers were ordered to fire.” You invent scenarios based on your fixed hypothesis, despite objective facts to contradict it: the logic of the conspiracy theorist. If you seriously believe Obama will grant the surviving pirate full US citizenship you’re out of your mind.

        As for “my way…” my board name is ironic. I know, irony not conservatives’ long suit. If you look at my previous posts, you’ll see that I believe the federal gov’t has five responsibilities: defense (including enforcing sensible immigration policy), health care to ensure productivity, education to ensure literacy, transportation to ensure mobility, and prudent oversight of a healthy free market to keep us from turning into our own lawless Somalia of robber barons, pirates and warlords. I don’t think that makes me a socialist, but some here clearly do. I am, accurately, a Third Way advocate of a synthesis of social democratic and capitalist elements.

        I’m not here to defend the USSR, China, and Nazi Germany. Bad, bad, governments, although in the case of China, which is moving from totalitarian socialism toward a mixed economy and to whom, as a result, we owe a hell of a lot money, it’s at best too early to argue that they’re not “successful.” And there are very successful, perfectly pleasant countries that you would probably consider “socialist:” just among the ones I’ve visited, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Australia are all pretty swell places. But as the US, under Obama’s budgets, will spend much less of its GDP on government than any of those places — (estimated 26% versus a range of 41%-54% for those countries) I don’t think one can realistically ascribe the “socialist” label to him, his policies… or to me.

  • Used to be a liberal

    For American Socialist, your sarcasm doesn’t cut it, and by the way there was no oops. This president fluff bunny does not deserve any credit for this sailor’s return.

    – Giving Obama credit for a job well done???
    The only credit he deserves is for giving the navy the go ahead to do what needed to be done,{ even that was limited }, and for staying out of it. I will bet he was put under a lot of pressure to “sit back and relax” His action to stay out of it, and keep his mouth shut was of course motivated by political repercussion, had he decided to negotiate over a cup of tea.

    Have you not noticed that there has been no comment from the “boom box” as yet. He is waiting to see which way the political winds are blowing before he reads from his telepromters.
    and now that the winds have blown in the direction that the majority of the American people approve of, this phony fluff bunny comes out sounding all tough and righteous. This president doesn’t cut it, the man can not make a decision on his own.
    Any politician that finds it safer to sit back, then vote present, instead of yes or no because he is afraid of what people might think, { and Obama 137 times } does not deserve or qualify to be President of the United States.

    I doubt very much that Obama made this decision. It is far more likely that he took his orders, and obeyed them. Any thing else would have been political suicide for him and the democrat leadership.

    • American Socialist

      The only credit he deserves is for
      giving the navy the go ahead to do
      what needed to be done,{ even that was
      limited }, and for staying out of it.

      You say he deserves no credit, then offer a quote saying he in fact deserves limited credit. Aristotle and Cicero are not impressed.

      I’m genuinely curious: what does “your sarcasm doesn’t cut it” mean? In what way? In any case, if you’re referring to my board name, it’s not sarcasm, it’s irony.

      Re: “boom box,” “fluff bunny,” and “goofball leftie” You folks here really enjoy your name-calling, dontcha? This despite the board’s request to “not stoop to namecalling” and its proud claim to “not tolerate racism.” Not so much with the ol’ social contract, here, eh? Well, I can play that game. All you name-callers are a bunch of name-calling poopy-heads! (that, btw, combines elements of sarcasm, satire, and irony.)

      But now that the second grade insult-trading is (I hope) out of the way, I’d be very interested to see anyone’s thoughtful, adult comments on the proper scope of government is; whether you’d argue with my proposed five elements a successful government must master in the 21st century; and whether you think such a governmental scope constitutes “socialism.”

      • Astreal One

        I for one am sick to DEATH of the race card being pulled by you people, every time someone says something about Obama. The fact is that the man is making terrible decisions that will bankrupt this country in very short order. It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

        • American Socialist

          Sorry, but it was whoever used the “boom box” epithet who played the race card.

  • TrueAmerican101

    Q. What’s the difference between Sarah Palin’s MOUTH and her VAGINA?
    A. Only TWENTY percent of what’s come out of her VAGINA’s been retarded!

    • Astreal One

      Very shallow and crude get a life.

  • TrueAmerican101


    Q. What’s the difference between Sarah Palin’s MOUTH and her VAGINA?
    A. Only TWENTY percent of what’s come out of her VAGINA’s been retarded!

    • Jimmy

      My 8 year old has better manners than that. If you don’t like Sarah that’s one thing, but leave the kids out of it. They have nothing to do with what she may or may not have done that draws your disapproval. Shame on you.

  • Eric g

    I really have not been able to fault Oboma yet , I have been opposed to the bailouts for big banks and highly pensioned auto companies , but I'am not the man in charge . I cant help but think the republicain would have done the same thing . As for the last eight yrs I never saw much republician conservatism .
    It looks like more of the same only with a more gentel humane touch . As far as socialized medicine , I'am all for it . I cant imagine any government being less fair or more irresponsible than the US drug industry . This medicial establishment is the highest cost Service of anyplace in the world by a lot . Most of us are not asking for free medical care , but I think we are being robbed , and I'am not the only one believing this . We are being robbed more by our highly respected medical establishment , than what we are told are common criminals . This has to stop , If their charges keep esculating at the present rate of their increases ,they will take all the money , nothing left for food, housing ,education or anything else . The medical community has brought this on themselves , but the government has to do something . The medical establishment can complain and advertise all they want too ,about saving lives and providing high priced services , but their take out of the United States pie has reached the breaking point , They cant keep taking more .

  • Eric g

    I really have not been able to fault Oboma yet , I have been opposed to the bailouts for big banks and highly pensioned auto companies , but I'am not the man in charge . I cant help but think the republicain would have done the same thing . As for the last eight yrs I never saw much republician conservatism .
    It looks like more of the same only with a more gentel humane touch . As far as socialized medicine , I'am all for it . I cant imagine any government being less fair or more irresponsible than the US drug industry . This medicial establishment is the highest cost Service of anyplace in the world by a lot . Most of us are not asking for free medical care , but I think we are being robbed , and I'am not the only one believing this . We are being robbed more by our highly respected medical establishment , than what we are told are common criminals . This has to stop , If their charges keep esculating at the present rate of their increases ,they will take all the money , nothing left for food, housing ,education or anything else . The medical community has brought this on themselves , but the government has to do something . The medical establishment can complain and advertise all they want too ,about saving lives and providing high priced services , but their take out of the United States pie has reached the breaking point , They cant keep taking more .

    • john

      Mr President want to have the FDA help him pass the health care bill

  • Astreal One

    The corruption of this nation is a stench that rises to the highest reaches of the heavens.And now is the time that true patriots of our country should rise and shout to those in the places of power to make the changes that, WE THE PEOPLE call for the WAY we call for. And if they don’t heed the shouts , MAY WHAT EVER GOD THEY WORSHIP HELP THEM. Because the people of this GREAT NATION will NOT.

  • john

    Mr Holder is up to it again. This is the same things he tried to pull when he was in the Clinton adminstration. This is one of the things Mr President said he would change. but how can you make change when you put the very same people in office that cause the problems.
    Same goes for the lobbiest change statement. Mr President put thirteen of these people in offce just days after becoming President.

    Can we really trust him or any of these politions

  • http://YAHOO Linda



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