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Gun Control Likely To Flop

March 8, 2013 by  

Gun Control Likely To Flop

The Senate Judiciary Committee spent Thursday considering four new gun control proposals initiated in response to mass shootings during the past year.

Among the legislation under Senate consideration are separate bills that would ban certain classes of firearms and ammunition magazines, require universal background checks for firearm purchases and provide more money to schools for the purchase of safety equipment. The Judiciary Committee approved a bill to specifically prohibit firearms trafficking and straw purchases — punishing offenders with up to 25-year prison sentences. That bill will now move on to the full Senate and is expected to pass.

One legislative proposal that was noticeably off the table in the negotiations Thursday was the National Rifle Association-backed bill mandating that every school in the Nation have an armed guard.

According to interviews with Senators, the universal background check bill will likely move out of committee; but it isn’t clear whether it has much chance of passing in the full Senate. To the pleasure of 2nd Amendment supporters, it has also been reported that Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) pet assault weapons ban bill has virtually no chance of approval even in the Democrat-controlled legislative body.

Some pundits speculate that the modest bipartisan gun-trafficking bill that moved in the Senate could serve a conciliatory purpose for the Administration of President Barack Obama and for anti-gun lobby groups, as the President’s ambitious gun-control initiative has been largely considered dead on arrival.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • FreedomFighter

    To the pleasure of 2nd Amendment supporters, it has also been reported that Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) pet assault weapons ban bill has virtually no chance of approval even in the Democrat-controlled legislative body.

    Never forget these progressives NEVER GIVE UP – EVER.

    These commi/socialist/fascist will seek alternative methods thru state and local cabal members, thru the lame-stream media and any other way to move the agenda forward. The tactic has been to try to push full scale progressive solutions and then only get a piece or “compromise”, this is called incrementalism, the next step is to get a little more, until they have what they first went for.

    Registration = Confiscation

    Gun bans = more gun bans

    Bullet restrictions/registration = Gun Bans (without bullets guns are expensive clubs)

    Remember the most brutal vicious murders and crimes were liberals with guns.

    “Liberals With Guns!”

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • ? Chocopot

      Agree with all that you say. History has shown time and time again what the Left will do in their pursuit of total control – they never give up and they never stop trying. It will be very hard to create a totalitarian dictatorship (their ultimate goal) with 80+ million armed citizens out there. We must fight them every step of the way.

    • Robert Smith

      Never forget these progressives NEVER GIVE UP – EVER. ”

      Really? And how’s ’bout that anti-abortion legislation chipping away at women’s freedom?

      How’s ’bout that war on drugs?

      How’s ‘but that forever war in Afganastan?


      • Jeff

        Robert, you are too funny, a trigger lock? Have you ever seen one? Do you know how easily defeated that is? Come to think about it, give a criminal enough time in your house and they will find a way to break into any safe which provides another level of security well above your “trigger lock.”

        Let me ask you this question. Do criminals, you know like the guys that break into someone’s house and steal firearms (after they defeat those trigger locks of course) willingly submit to background checks? Do they call the appropriate state DPS (that’s Department of Public Safety as we have in CT) and get an authorization number as they are stealing goods? I’m sure they fill out the paperwork and submit that to the state as well. They must make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed like us good law abiding citizens. If not that’s a Felony! Oh wait, they are criminals.

        Let me blow another hole in your background check idea. The government maintains the database (NICS) for our current background checks. How flawed is it? How many prosecutions came out of it last year? 68? Right, that is going to do a whole lot of good. Like every aspect of government, GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT!

        Man, those background checks make me feel safer already. Keep in mind that the Supreme Court ruled that Police officers are not obligated to respond to your 911 call. Here’s something that everyone needs to realize: there is only one person responsible for your safety, and that person is YOU!

        Regarding societal decay due to progressive policies, look at the Utopia known as Detroit. It’s a wonderful place that doesn’t even have the money to keep streetlights on!

        Regarding abortion, why are my tax dollars used to fund the consequences of some woman’s actions? I’m sorry if you cannot afford the $15 birth control costs, maybe you should consider “abstaining.”

        There’s this thing called personal responsibility. I don’t see much of that anymore. Instead I see government safety nets that are set up as hammocks to shield people from their own responsibilities. From individuals all the way to the banking industry.

      • John

        abortion kills 1.4 million babies every yr in the US alone, yet we get mass hysteria cause 26 people were killed by a nutjob with a semi automatic rifle. Rob can you explain to me why it is okay to kill 1.4 million babies every yr but a lone nut job is justification to strip Americans of their civil rights?

        The drug war is a farce but let’s not forget who started that war; Franklin D. Roosevelt a progressive.

        As for Afghanastan I agree we should not be there, and we sure as heck should not be rebuilding the nation only to turn it back over to the Taliban… progressives in this country appear on both sides of the political aisle. Obama seems to be alright with the war in Afghanastan now that he’s in charge go figure…. in fact he seems to be expanding the war into neighboring countries odd how the anti war crowd has grown so quiet over the last 4 yrs.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “As for Afghanastan I agree we should not be there…”

        You are right but RS needs to remember who is in charge now and keeping us there.

      • eddie47d

        John: The government involvement in drug regulations started in 1914 and has expanded over the years. Although Roosevelt had his share of enforcement policies the term War on Drugs came about in 1971 under Nixon.

      • John

        eddie if you want to get really techincal about when the war on drugs started in the US one would need to go back to 1860′s, but I was referring to what we think of as the drug war today, which technically started in 1934 with the Marijuana tax act enacted by Roosevelt as a way to try and stop the flow of illegal aliens from Mexico coming into the US during the depression (interesting how we still can’t stop that flow of people).

        Yes Nixon did take it to a whole new level which has lead us to where we are today with this war on plants and their by products and the term “War on Drugs.

        Either way I find it ironic that a man who openly confessed to using and dealing pot and coke in his 20′s is now the one openly enforcing laws he himself thought were wrong in his 20′s.

      • eddie47d

        I assume you are referring to Obama who I don’t believe was selling marijuana. Did he use yes but under your scenario anyone with a small packet in their pocket would then be labeled a “dealer”. Right now he has to enforce the laws like any President and the American people need to keep on him (or any President) to loosen those laws.

      • mjr47

        “how’s ’bout that anti-abortion legislation chipping away at women’s freedom?” Read the book written by Margaret Sanger…(the FOUNDER of Planned Parenthood. The whole intention of Planned Parenthood was to aleviate the ‘lesser races’. ‘Free’ abortion clinics are set up predominately in poorer neighbourhoods. Margaret Sanger felt that those with ‘darker skin’ were ‘lesser, more inferior races’.

        It’s taken a long time and a LOT of indoctrination but, the population growth of the Black Community in America has lessened to the point that if it continues…they are facing extinction. Abortion Clinics were ‘designed’ by those who believe in White Supremacy!!

        Using abortion as a means to support your ‘right’ to sexual proclivity was an ‘easy sell’ for those who’s STATED GOAL was to reduce a certain ethnic population through eugenics.

        I hope that this answers your question… “”how’s ’bout that anti-abortion legislation chipping away at women’s freedom?”

      • eddie47d

        The “black community faces extinction”? I hardly think so at least by what you say!

    • 2forEnglish

      Thank you FreedomFighter – Excellent message. People who rise up against the Constitutional rights of others are essentially rising up against ME and MY RIGHTS – and I take great offense to this. As such, I must be forever vigilant and never complacent by taking satisfaction in their fight being over…………….because as FreedomFighter says, IT ISN’T! These disgusting missions are indeed accomplished after the individuals leading the march have taken small bite after small bite – these are the increments FF mentions and they are not to be discounted because as we can see from history…………..that is exactly “how it’s done”! Those who seek to take away the Constitutional rights of others, are megalomaniacs who feel that laws should be made against the Constitution – in response to their own emotions and perceptions. These individuals are also so arrogant as to think that the simpleminded solution of attempting to “disarm” all American citizens will somehow prevent random ILLEGAL acts of VIOLENCE committed by CRIMINALS and MADMEN from ever happening again – they believe they can CONTROL THE FUTURE. They can not and they will not – however, they will never believe this and will never stop trying.

      • eddie47d

        Then under your assumption we should open our southern border because we have no right to control anything? Controls are no more than laws to make a society better and an attempt to avoid chaos. Some work and some don’t but yes everyone wants CONTROLS on their favorite issues or no laws at all.



  • Warrior

    I watched some of this hearing on c-span. The “highlight” was when they broke for the lunch buffet much like the now defunct “jobs council”. Guns are not the cause of the decay of this society, it’s your “progressive policies”. Dolts!

    • Robert Smith

      “Guns are not the cause of the decay of this society, it’s your “progressive policies”.”

      And then we’ve seen how the other extreme works with inqisitions, pogroms, fetwas, and all the other garbage from the right.


      • Warrior

        P.I.G.S. = “Progessive Ingnorant Gubmint Sloth” Which by the way is YOU! And as the saying goes – What else would one expect from a PIG but a grunt!

  • northbrook

    Enforce the existing gun laws before adding more/ Spend time working on solving the deficit issues and cutting government spending rather than adding more restrictions to our rights under the Constitution

    • eddie47d

      Existing laws can’t be enforced because the NRA is in each state gutting those laws. They tie them up in legislation and then enact their own bills. They tell the state Representatives to get on board or we will crush you in the next election. The NRA has become our unelected thugs in keeping gun laws OFF the books. Maybe they aren’t Bugsy Malone in breaking legs but they do have the power of persuasion.

      • CZ52

        eddie I see you are still telling that tired old lie. ANY law still on the books that has not been overturned or replaced by another law can be enforced. The laws the NRA work to overturn are those such as the Illinois total ban on Concealed carry or the Heller case not just any old gun law. In fact if it were not for the NRA we would not have the instant check law we have now and they have also backed revisions to it to make the instant check more effective.

      • eddie47d

        Laws that are being overturned in court don’t carry the same weight as those which aren’t. No one wants to enforce laws that may be overturned because of the cost so they get low priority. The NRA has totally flip flopped on several gun issues that they supported and endorsed years ago.

      • mjr47

        The NRA has become our unelected thugs”. I’m MORE concerned about the ‘ELECTED thugs’ who are destroying our Constitutional Freedoms!!

      • eddie47d

        We don’t need elected hypocrites any more than we need unelected ones.

      • JeffH

        ????? says “We don’t need elected hypocrites any more than we need unelected ones.”

        This from a guy who sees a hypocrit every time he looks in the mirror or catches a glimpse of his own reflection.

        Just another glaring example of why eddie has no credibility on this website.

      • eddie47d

        Speaking of sheeple for the NRA the fake machine gunner and head lobbyist Jeff H shows up! Bla Bla Bla!

      • JeffH

        eddie completely disregards the fact that it is the criminals with guns that are the problem, not the law-abiding gun owners.

        How many law-abiding gun owners are in the habit of committing murder with their guns, compared to law-breaking criminals who also have guns, undoubtedly stolen, and unaccounted for? eddie, like most nti-gun liberals and progressives, completely disregards the fact that it is the criminals with guns that are the problem, not the law-abiding gun owners.

        Now eddie, like so many other anti-gun progressives, will make statements about their belief that you have a right to defend yourself and own a gun, that no one wants to take your guns…but these kinds of statements are just generalities, ie, propaganda meant to sugar coat his belief that all guns should be banned and confiscated.

        The reason? eddie is willing to deny you of your Constitutional rights just because it suit his own needs…eddie does not want anyone to own a gun. Gun ownership is the equivalent of independence, and that does not fit with eddies’ own programmed simplistic progressive anti-freedom ideolgies, which is to see everyone dependent on big government.

      • JeffH


        ~300 MILLION Americans DIDN’T SHOOT anyone AT ALL. Not even by accident.

        Join us, the NRA, GOA, SAF, CCBRK and others in telling them to STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT

        STOP IT

        STOP IT NOW

      • eddie47d

        That eddie sure says alot of things at least according to Jeff H. Where have I ever said I support the criminals or their ability to get guns? Oh that’s right I must sell them from my kool aid stand along with my drugs and porno magazines! LOL!!!!

      • Rod

        Right Sephen! The NRA is the BAD GUY…BULLS..T. If the NRA is a bad guy, then the Constitution must be a commie doctrine. All the NRA is trying to do is give every citizen the right to keep and bear arms. Without that right you will become a subject not a citizen. Only the government and criminals will have guns and you will do what they say or else. You’re already being threatened with drone strikes against American citizens even on US soil. How do you shoot one person from a drone strike? With a bomb or rocket. How many people do you think that will kill at one time?

  • Robert Smith

    “One legislative proposal that was noticeably off the table in the negotiations Thursday was the National Rifle Association-backed bill mandating that every school in the Nation have an armed guard.”

    Good. There was an armed guard at Columbine and that didn’t do any good there.

    The fact is that Ronald Reagan had at least six of armed guards around him, some with fully automatic weapons, We all know how that one turned out.

    What are you gonna do? Put seven armed guards around every kid?

    We need common sense legislation that will do background checks, address issues like manditory trigger locks and secure storage, and for the very long term design schools so classrooms have alternative exits.


    • Ken

      I agree with expanding background checks. To have some purchasers checked but not others is useless. On the other hand, secure storage and trigger locks make guns absolutely useless for protection. That’s obviously an infringement to bearing arms.

    • mjr47

      “An armed guard” is NOT enough. EVERY teacher and school official should have the right…and training,,,to carry. One guard or even two is not enough to ensure the safety of ALL classrooms.

      Many deaths could have been averted IF there were NO ‘gun free zones’. Your ‘rational’ of ‘alternative exits’ does not address the situation of children and teachers who are hiding (unprotected) under a school desk…or a shopping mall…or a restaurant, movie theatre…or WHATEVER. Shoot the SOB and put a stop to this insanity!!! What you are proposing will NEVER stop someone who is intent on committing a crime and knows there is no one who can stop him/her. These crimes do not happen at your local gun shows…wonder WHY??

      Educating the General Public is wasted energy…they are not the problem. You cannot ‘educate’ those who are doing the shooting. They are mentally deranged and often wouldn’t show up on a background check. If you try to prevent them from carring out their crimes through ‘background checks’…they can simply buy their guns from criminals or steal them from those who have passed ‘ background checks’. More guns…not less…prevent crime. Check you facts.

  • eddie47d

    Its about time Congress got a backbone and instituted tougher punishment for those straw purchases and gun trafficking. That includes the Federal Government and private citizens. Where those gun sales end up in a shooting incident. This will also be a tough one to win because the state of Georgia says that mentally ill persons who pass a test can own weapons. This means if you sell to them and they commit a crime you are immune from prosecution. When laws are passed there will always be loopholes to get around those laws. The Second Amendment means nothing if the pro gun bullies keep allowing the free flow of weapons to anyone without any restraints. They can’t use mental illness as an excuse (as the NRA has done) if they open the door wide open for them.

    • mjr47

      “pro gun bullies”? THAT statement appears to support the stance of the Left. There is a huge campaign of ‘smear tactics’ perpetrated against those who support the 2nd Amendment. Because we are ‘pro gun’ does not mean that we are in support of those who abuse the 2nd Amendment. Little is being said about the crimes and deathes which were averted by those so called “pro gun bullies”.

      Unfortunately, outlawing certain ‘types’ of guns does NOT keep those guns out of the hands of criminals!! THAT is a proven fact!! Countries who have taken guns out of the hands of Citizens witnessed an INCREASE in the crime rates against those Citizens who were no longer able to defend themselves.

      • eddie47d

        Outlawing abortions won’t stop them from being performed either and actually makes an abortion more dangerous yet the right keeps trying. You are correct that criminals will find a way to get a gun no matter what laws are established. The problem now is that it’s TOO EASY for them to possess those weapons. How do they find so many easy to obtain guns? Straw buyers and mostly from gun show loopholes. Those that don’t require background checks and little prosecution and accountability towards those who sell or buy for them. Another problem is so many homeowners have guns lying around the house that thieves know that. When they break in guns are what they are looking for (besides cash) and they are a hot item. Easy to steal and easy to hide leaving the house. Why steal a cheap and bulky TV or an even cheaper VCR. Guns aren’t always traceable and good for their next crime. I used the term “pro gun bullies” because so many don’t care where these guns end up at or in who’s hands. Few guns will be banned if any but we do expect better accountability.

      • GRusling

        eddie47d says: “Outlawing abortions won’t stop them from being performed either and actually makes an abortion more dangerous yet the right keeps trying.”

        The “RIGHT”, for the most part, doesn’t care whether or not you choose to abort your own children. What the vast majority objects to is having to “PAY” for your abortion, through Medicaid or some other Wealth Transfer scheme of the left, like federal funding for abortion provider “Planned Parenthood!” Eliminate all that and the majority on the “RIGHT” will not object when liberals slowly eliminate those inclined toward their ideology by murdering their own children…

    • John

      Congress got a back bone???

      that’s an interesting take on what the 2nd amendment means, and what authority the Congress has. Just out of curiousity can you please point to the exact spot in the Constitution of the United States which gives either the President or Congress the authority to enact any law which limits the rights of any US citizen to own a firearm? Where does the Federal Gov’t get the authority to enforce any gun laws even those enacted in 1936?

      Please be specific; I will wait patiently, the Constitution is not that long of a read so I am sure you will be able to find that authority pretty quickly.

      • eddie47d

        First of all every person has a right to defend themselves against an aggressor. Whether they do it with fists,lawsuits or a gun it shouldn’t matter. I don’t agree with some of the interpretations of the Second Amendment that I hear and don’t believe it means a free for all for anyone. Too many folks with guns infringe on other peoples rights who choose to be free of gun violence. Even most gun owners are sick of this gun violence and are tired of the radicals interpreting the Second. The Constitution was written by man and man is fallible and what was said then doesn’t necessarily mean the same today. England also had laws that they believed were absolutely correct in governing the colonies. Yet those laws interferred in the well being of the colonists and were fought over and changed. The Second Amendment has allowed or is being interpreted to mean anyone can have access to any weapon and for any reason. The Second is a good law but is being bastardized to mean just about anything no matter what harm comes from those loose interpretations. In reference to that 1936 law do you think that mobs (mafia,etc) should have free reign in how they kill people? Even today we have those who use semi-automatics to raise hell on our streets where innocents are killed. What about the rights of the victims who want life liberty and the pursuit of happiness? We hardly need higher capacity weapons to shoot back but fewer in the wrong hands.

      • GRusling

        eddie47d says: “Even most gun owners are sick of this gun violence and are tired of the radicals interpreting the Second.”

        Of course, you can support this statement, right? You simply “DECLARE” as though it were some sort of “Natural Law” but I see nothing given to back up your statement. The truth is, your reference to “GUN VIOLENCE” is a dead give-away that you are NOT a gun owner, nor a supporter of the 2nd Amendment because “BOTH” are well aware that GUNS are not violent, and never harm anyone! It is ALWAYS, without exception, some PERSON who does the harm through their “VIOLENT ACTION” while the GUN itself is totally blameless. Would it make you happier if there were no guns, and they killed their victims with “PROPANE BOMBS” or perhaps MOLOTOV COCKTAILS?

        I suggest you get your terminology straight before attempting to appear as something other than who and what you really are — a flaming progressive spouting nonsense…

      • Dennis48e

        “Of course, you can support this statement, right? You simply “DECLARE” as though it were some sort of “Natural Law” but I see nothing given to back up your statement. ”

        GRusling don’t hold your breath waiting for eddie to provide links, sources, or other actual proof of his claims.





  • Mike V.

    Best news I have read this week. Now, if we could get some help here in occupied New York to oust Comrade Cuomo and get his anti-second amendment law repealed, that would be something.

    • FreedomFighter

      Try to get jury duty or spread the word — nullify the law in court as unconstitutional.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

  • Tom T

    The oath of office of ALL elected officials is pretty specific ” to protect and defend the Constitution” it does not say anything about being selective as to which parts you choose to defend or which parts to circumvent in the name of ” the public good”. In my opinion any politician who has voted for any gun control measure at all should be removed from office for violating their oath and also charged with sedition for trying to change the constitution outside of the specific means listed in the constitution. Since any attempt to remove or abolish the second amendment from the bill of rights will never make it out of congress or 2/3 of State legislatures, the progressives/liberals try to steal rights though the legislative process.

  • JeffH

    Refreshing news but…take heed from the immortal wisdom of Yogi Berra. “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

    Already some of the progressive anti-American gun haters that seek to control you, rather than respect your rights, are parroting one of the Soros backed & funded organizations, the “Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation”.

    The Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, or PIRE, is a Maryland based advocacy group that is anti-alcohol, anti-tobacco, and in its latest study, anti-gun. The $28 million non-profit organization is also financially connected to left-wing donor George Soros. PIRE has received funding through the Tides Foundation, which itself is a Soros-funded organization.

    According to Ted Miller, the author of PIRE’s anti-gun study, “gunfire deaths and injuries incur a direct societal cost of $32 per gun.” This is not Miller’s first study on firearms. Miller told USA today he decided to re-run his twenty year old study after the Newtown, Conn., tragedy.

    Naturally there wasn’t any opposing viewpoint … like how many lives have been saved because of guns.

    The number of guns owned in America has risen to “upwards of 300 million,” the number of deaths caused by gun accidents has fallen “to an all-time low” of 0.2 per 100,000 people. This was ”down 94 percent since the all-time high in 1904.”

    The most important statistic is that…


    ~300 MILLION Americans DIDN’T SHOOT anyone AT ALL. Not even by accident.

    Join us, the NRA, GOA, SAF, CCBRK and others in telling them to STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT



  • ibcamn

    So if the criminals who sell a gun to another criminal,but don’t get caught,nothing changes..if a criminal sells a gun to a law abiding citizen(not knowing seller is a criminal)and he gets caught,he goes to jail for up to,25yrs!and “if” they catch the criminal that sold it,does he/she get 25yrs?!?

    The criminals may still get away with breaking the law.what if the feds do a sting on gun shops,if they provide false information to buy gun lets say,is that intrapment?(if they use false info!)cause a law abiding gunshop owner is not going to sell a gun illegally(unless owner is crooked,then they deserve what they get!)so the ATF&B is going to have to be careful on how they try to test these dealers to make sure they are holding up the law and not crossing the line!

    I’m just hoping that the new laws that do pass on this gun issue do not get misinterpreted and get all off track and start putting innocent citizens in jail,just because the LEO want something to be wrong!(kinda like they do now)in Wis. i can legally carry a gun on the outside and also concealed..i do both..but there was an attack on a local woman and now the cops are trying to do something(innept comes to mind)and i think in frustration,they are being pricks about any gun issue!they have known me since i moved into town and know me personally!yet recently they have been on a constant barrage to stop me and harrase me for ID,asking dumb repetative questions!saying they have complaints of a man with a gun,but yet they give no info on that!.so my connection with this is,are the police now going to try to get these new laws(if passed)straight when we know they can’t even get the old ones right??!is this going to frustrate them even more?and we know what that’s like!!

  • http://NA Howard B.

    Folks since 1871 the NRA has tried to help this country with firearms training because a lot of northern men couldn’t shoot and hit anything where the men from the south could dureing our American civil war.
    The purpose of the NRA (back then refered as the man at arms) was to properly teach folks the proper use and maintenance of fire arms for when in time of war conscripts could be proficient with arms and be combat ready in less time and i believe that still holds true today.
    Over the years the NRA has gotten involved in fighting for citizen rights concerning the 2nd amendment. I see a lot of NRA bashing anymore perhaps their not perfect but at least they try for citizens rights.
    All this bashing that i see i never see any one mention the Eddie Eagle Program that the NRA instituted for children. The program was ment to teach children ( if you see a gun don’t touch) go get or tell an adult.

    • eddie47d

      The NRA was in the past a very respected organization but that was then and this is now. They are no more than political hacks in their $220 million dollar business. They are lobbying kings who put the proverbial gun to the heads of those who don’t march in lock step to their agenda.

      • JeffH

        eddie’s glittering generalities are a perfect example of how “propaganda” is designed to affect the weak minded.

        Assertion is commonly used in modern propaganda. An assertion is an enthusiastic or energetic statement presented as a fact, although it is not necessarily true. They often imply that the statement requires no explanation or back up, but that it should merely be accepted without question. Examples of assertion, as in eddie’s case, can be easily seen, heard and found in the current anti-NRA propaganda attacks by both the media and the political progessive anti-2nd Amendment left.

      • JimH

        Hi eddie, The NRA is an organization of over 450 million members. Some Senators, Congressmen and even some Presidents have been members. For the most part it’s regular type people.
        Not all members of the Sierra Club are lobbyists, even though there organization does some lobbying too.
        Anyone with a cause they believe in has a right to try to get congress to see their way.
        Some I agree with, others I don’t.
        If you agree or not they still have that right.
        Just a side note, How many people convicted of a “gun” crime were card carrying members of the NRA?
        How many concealed carry permit holders have be convicted of a gun crime?
        How many crimes are committed by conceal carry permit holders?( 2 separate questions, really)
        People try to vilify these groups of people, but have no reason to.

      • JeffH

        JimH, just a monor correction…NRA membership is estimated at 4.5 million + or -.

      • JimH

        JeffH, I guess in a country of just over 300 million that 450 would be hard to do.
        Thanks for the decimal point.

      • JeffH

        JimH, :) You know how the libs like to distort little unintentional errors.


    we should all have the right to defend ourselves where ever we are,not just in our homes. we all know there can be a threat anywhere, carrying a firearm should be the choice of the individual, not the state we are in. carry, yes, carry, no, carry, maybe.

  • mjr47

    re “eddie47d says:
    March 8, 2013 at 1:41 pm (In reply to my post….)

    “The ‘“black community faces extinction’? I hardly think so at least by what you say!”

    I say: Do the research eddie. I have. The lives of more Blac babies are extenguished through abortion than any other ethnic group. Couple this with the amount of murders committed by that same community against each other and there is almost a ‘negative’ growth in THAT ethnic segment of the American population.

    ‘Women’s Freedom’ is a sham argument when you look at it through it’s original ‘intent’ by those who created it. Killing your baby is a bitter ‘pill’ to swallow (pun intended) unless you ‘sugar coat’ it and dress it up in the ‘respectable’ guise of ‘a Women’s Freedom to choose what she does with her own body’. Except in rare instances…she gave up that ‘right to choose’ when she CHOSE to have unprotected sex!!

    It’s NOT the Govt’s or your or MY duty to fund the results of irresponsble ‘choices’.

  • Liberterian

    We can only hope that reality holds out and the idiocricy of more gun control takes a flying dive. More regulation is not the answer in this case. Violence is human nature.



  • r.p.

    This article seems to want to put proTwo-ers off their guard. Keep the pressure on, stand your ground, defend your rights.


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