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Gun Control Liars And The Criminals They Serve

July 11, 2012 by  

There is a battle raging in many States between gun control advocates and 2nd Amendment supporters over whether legislation will be moved forward that requires every semiautomatic weapon’s firing pin to mark shell casings with a numeric code to link shooters to shells.

We have seen initiatives like this from people wishing to hamper the 2nd Amendment before. A few years ago, the “Ammunition Accountability Act,” which was largely pushed by Democratic legislators and a single company holding a patent on bullet-coding technology, would have required every bullet and respective casing to have matching serial numbers. It also would have required munitions vendors to track customer purchases. No bill related to the proposed law ever made it out of committee or came up for a vote, largely because of the efforts of gun rights advocates to quash the unConstitutional proposal.

The new effort to laser-etch firing pins with serial numbers has gained a little more traction, but protectors of the 2nd Amendment are pushing back in many States. In New York, lawmakers are expected to begin debating a shell casing stamp bill today. Remington Arms Company said that if the bill gains traction in that State, however, it will pull its business out. The company operates a large manufacturing facility in Ilion, N.Y., where it employs nearly 1,000 workers.

In California, then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation in 2007 that would require marked firing pins. But members of a gun rights group called the Calguns Foundation have so far been able to stall the law — keeping it tied up in the State attorney general’s office — by paying $555 to renew a patent on the technology used to mark the firing pins. The engineer who developed the method had allowed the patent to lapse in order to make the technology public domain.

Such a law was also passed in Washington, D.C., in 2009, but it has not yet taken effect.

Advocates of the laws say that linking criminals to their crimes will become exponentially easier if every gun marks the shell casings of bullets that are fired. But laser-etching firing pins would be extremely costly, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and could increase the price of firearms regularly used by sportsmen or purchased for self-defense by more than $200 for purchasers. Proponents say this is not so and cite a manufacturing cost increase of just $12. In fact, the New York legislation would mandate the $12 price cap for manufacturers in the State.

But a research paper published by the California Policy Research Center at the University of California after the law was passed in that State shows that the people pushing the legislation are not being truthful.

It states:

The vendor was supplied with 14 firing pins which were subsequently engraved at a cost of $3,500 or ~$250.00 per firing pin. These firing pins were obtained after their initial laser machining without any additional processing steps such as deburring, etching and diamond coating or initial test firing.

So, is it worth paying $200 more for firearms to ensure that criminals will mark the shell casings fired in the commission of a crime? Proponents of the laws would likely say “yes.” They likely also are not gun owners themselves and probably don’t know that a firing pin is easily removed from most firearms quickly with few or no common tools. They also probably would disregard the portion of the previously mentioned study which explains what happens to the firing pin stamp after being put to a grinding stone for 30 seconds or lightly tapped with a ball-peen hammer for the same amount of time.

From the study:

The rubbing of the firing pin for 30 seconds on the sharpening stone completely removed the alphanumeric and gear code structures while leaving the radial bar code structures intact. Of the ten rounds of ammunition test fired none of the impressions contained any of the encoding structures, except for one. Cartridge case number seven had two out of the nine radial bar code structures transfer, however they were very faint.

The defacement method was successful…

The light peening of the encoding structures, for an overall time of 30 seconds, was a successful method of defacement. Through ten rounds of ammunition test fired, no alphanumeric characters were legible in the firing pin impressions.

The control freaks who wish to do away with the 2nd Amendment are once again using the promise of combating crime to push laws that do nothing but make firearms more expensive and harder to purchase for law-abiding citizens. The assault on legal gun ownership also appears to be twofold, as evidenced by the New York proposal which seems to defy the laws of simple economics. By mandating that firearms manufacturers implement a $250 per firearm process and requiring them to do this at only $12 per firearm additional cost to customers, the proposed legislation simply forces the manufacturers to ruin business by taking massive losses or no longer conduct business in States with such laws.

When will gun control advocates realize that the appeal to fear fallacy they continuously use to push their agenda is not only fundamentally flawed, but also recognized as bunk by Americans who responsibly exercise their 2nd Amendment rights? If guns are illegal, criminals seeking to do illegal things will have them anyway. If guns have laser-etched firing pins, criminals will illegally remove them. The victims will be any who are not criminals and are, thereby, unable to defend themselves either due to cost-prohibitive legislation or the complete prohibition of firearms.

The gun-control lobby hasn’t completely achieved its goal yet. And currently the people pushing and passing these laws are the criminals Americans should be the most fearful of; they are stealing Constitutional rights for the “safety” (read control) of the collective.

They know, however, that they are not going to be able to do away with the entire Constitution until the 2nd Amendment falls and the liberty-loving masses are left defenseless. If you were being robbed at gunpoint and pulled your own concealed firearm on your assailant, would you then ask him to hold it for you while you emptied your pockets? Probably not. So call your legislators and make sure these sorts of laws don’t advance in your State. Don’t hand your guns to the people who will eventually steal all your liberty if they are allowed.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • dan

    …and don’t forget to take a rat-tail file to the muzzle / rifling …or file down the ejector
    Do these guys think hit-men are new to this sort of stuff?

    • Thor

      …and anyone who knows anything about firearms forensics knows that every firing pin and extractor make distinct, unique marks. It is not necessary to mark them for the reasons proposed. Technicians have been linking fired cases to guns for decades. Since anyone who proposes such measures as ‘laser-etched’ firing pins already knows this then we are left with the obvious conclusion that it is all for another purpose. First you pass the law and then you find out its purpose…just another attempt to earmark firearms that slipped under the registration radar via ‘grandpa’s will and make cost of new guns so prohibitive that new buyers are priced out of the market.

      • jeepman1

        Thor, you should never let facts get in the way of dictatorial powers and mandates…sheesh.

      • jeepman1

        BTW, how many rounds will it take before the etching starts to distort and mushroom out anyway?

      • CZ52

        “BTW, how many rounds will it take before the etching starts to distort and mushroom out anyway?”

        Quite a few because the firing pin is hardened steel while the primer is copper or brass.

      • jeepman1

        Thanks for the update CZ…it was more of a rhetorical question. I was an 18B in the Army (Light Weapons Specialist) for 27 years. But, I appreciate the answer. :)

      • Vicki

        CZ52 says:

        “Quite a few because the firing pin is hardened steel while the primer is copper or brass.”

        All the more reason to go to the range and practice. Often. :)

  • NymRod

    What part of “shall not be infringed” do they not understand?

    • Doc

      When 99% of American gun owners have absolutely no problem with the concept of only “law abiding” citizens (men and women taxpayers who have committed a crime and since paid their debt to society) having the God given right to keep and bear arms stolen from them, it really no longer matters what the Constitution says.

  • TPM

    Remington threatening to mover from the State of New York if this legislation is passed? … Good for them. Lefties are always threatening boycotts, when they don’t get their way. It’s time that conservative people and companies do the same.

    If you’re a left leaning municipality or state, you need commerce and taxpayers. You can’t rob Peter to buy Paul’s vote, if Peter moves to Florida or Texas. When enough tax paying individuals and companies bolt for greener pastures, these “vote for a living” sanctuaries will be without the means to fund their overcompensated state & city employees and their welfare programs. In effect … Atlas will have shrugged. I’m all for it.

  • chester

    Sounds as if they would LOVE to put all handloaders out of business, even if loading only their OWN ammunition. Also, how is any bullet, once fired, supposed to retain any legible factory markings? Then again, how many crooks who know anything at all about guns are going to leave brass laying around for detectives, or anyone else, to collect for identification purposes?

  • gunner689AI

    Most shooting victims have criminal backgrounds as well as the shooter; so what’s the problem. Let them thin out their own herd and then arrest the survivors.

    • http://LibertyAlerts Common Sense

      Next the Attorney General will tell us that this is the REAL reason that “Fast And Furious” was put in place… “To assist Criminals in fighting criminals”?

  • PJSmith

    If I’m using a revolver, I don’t have to pick up the casings. What idiot thought this would be useful to fight crime? (crickets chirping).That’s what I thought. Nobody is that dumb. It’s the increase cost and more government control over manufacture – that’s the goal. Whittle away a little at a time. It’s worked with every other freedom we had.

  • jeepman1

    Well, heck, why stop at laser etched firing pins…I say we laser etch tires and shoes so it will be “easier to identify” criminals by the impressions they leave behind at the crime scene. And, while we’re etching, let’s go ahead and laser etch fingers so fingerprints are easier to identify. And, why stop with etching? Let’s put speed regulators on all vehicles so criminals can’t outrun police. In fact, we can even make all gas tanks hold a max of two gallons so they can’t go far either. And, let’s complete the picture by assuming ALL Americans are potential criminals and have criminal intent and make laws requiring all of us to be photographed, finger printed and report to their case workers any movement so it’s easier to track us. That way, if we commit a crime there is really no need for a trial, all the evidence will be overwhelming.

    Ahhh…the death of a free society. Isn’t it fun to watch?

  • http://LibertyAlerts Common Sense

    When are Liberal/Socialists going to realize that if, in their warped sense of logic, a law alone will stop the crime it was written to prevent then we do not need any MORE laws. Don’t laws already exist that address most crimes? Duh Hello Anybody home? The reason Criminals are criminals is because they DO NOT obey the laws. So tell me what MAGICAL wording will the next law have that will cause a person, that is willing to Rob, Rape and Murder,to lay down his illegal weapons and vow to never commit another crime? We need to Vote out all the liberals that refuse to enforce our countries laws. Starting with The President who unconstitutionally feels he can pick and choose which laws are worthy of enforcement. Is it any wonder why in spite of every “new” law crime still continues?

    • jeepman1

      CS, your point is well taken. When the POTUS picks and chooses laws to follow, creates his own “law” through executive fiat and the SCOTUS can’t remember it’s own duty to uphold the Constitution, what chance does any citizen have that there is stability in the language of “law”? And, what incentive is there for the average criminal to try to abide by a fluxuating circumstance? The fact is that the Constitution is clear that congress shall make ALL laws. But, they have abdicated that duty by allowing “executive powers” and regulatory bodies that have no Constitutional right or authority to make de facto laws.

  • http://FaceBook Frank Romo

    I’m sure all the criminals and street gang thugs will be the first in line and be compliant with this cockamamie piece of dribble…the idiots who come up with these lunatic ideas don’t have a clue what it takes to make a fire-arm, let alone regulate them. So, their knee-jerk response is take all guns off the streets.

  • Joe

    I just wonder how many of the gun haters and band wagon riders ,politicians,big money people have body gaurds WHO CARRY GUNS??????

  • Dan Mancuso

    Bravo Remmington! I They do make the best hunting/sniper rifle in the world – the model 700, and they are showing their true colours, RED, WHITE AND BLUE, in protecting the constitution. Any recomendations for a deer round for a .270 in Remmington?

    • CZ52

      Try to find some Wolf in a 140-145 grain soft point or a similar RMC round. That is what I use in my 6.5 Sweedish and they work wonderfuly.

  • David169

    The article points out only a few ways to defeat this system. Why wouldn’t a criminal just attach a brass catcher to his rifle and before leaving the scene throw out a handful of brass that was picked up at some range. As far as coding the ammo what would they do about the billions of cartridges presently stored by firearms owners. When stored properly ammunition will last 70 years or more, I know this because I recently fired about 200 1942 30-06 cartridges. I have a friend who has been shooting some 1920 headstamped 8mm Mauser ammo in his 98K and has yet to have a dud. Stolen marked ammo would become valuable to every armed criminal. The vastness of this program boggles the mind. If each gun owner in this country only bought a box of 50 cartridges that would be 5 billion cartridges. A box of 50 for each gun in this country annually would be 12.5 billion cartridges each year. I’d really like to see how they will number all the pellets in every shotgun shell.

  • Filbert From Hilbert

    I wish Boxer and company would just come after our guns. I think that would resolve the entire question. Of course we would need the three percenters and I hope and pray they still exist.

  • Tom

    Not to worry. Fortunately, there are plenty U.S. Patriots living in the USA who refuse to give in to the mad ravings and unconstitutional laws and edicts ot the Gud Grabbers and the tyrant residing in the White House. Simply put, even the most illiterate person understands that with the current filthy ungodly thugs and batch of criminals behind such measures in this current regime will do pretty much anything they want, legal, legitimate and ethical or especially not. They do not care one bit what the law or the U.S. Constitution says or what the majority of the citizens in our nation wish. They will shove their biases and desired upon us to our ultimate ruin. But no big deal. Start numbering our firing pins or our ammunition and registering them and we will just simply obtain older firing pins to replace them, remove the numbers or make our own. And as for the ammunition and registering it, not that thd law abiding citizens would do anything criminal, but to protect our Constitutional rights we could just simply increase our efforts to make our own ammo without the markings or registration and out of other materials. Nobody says that we cannot substitute other things for the brass and lead is easy to obtain. As for gunpowder, making our own is also simple. Those pushing to force their will on others such as in gun rights and with the second amendment should really look at what they are forccing others to do to prevent these people’s will being forced upon us illegally and unconstitutionally. The muslims and others trying to subvert our laws and constitution while oppressing the citizenry should also really take a strong lesson from all of this.

  • Steven(garrick)Archibald-McGreggor

    Like criminals actually go into a store(not somebody’s in house “store”)and legally purchase guns,..

  • Alex

    While the laser encoding of shell casings was not available to our Floundering Fathers, this would certainly fall under the Constitutional mandate of a “Well-Regulated Militia”.

    Any technological advance that furthers the Constitutional demand for the regulation of guns is an important step. Why would the Teabaggers NOT want to know WHICH gun fired a gun used in a murder? You gun-toting nuts are infantile.

  • MontieR

    Is it just that democrats have no ability to think reasonably or are they just that stupid.
    In well over half of the violent crimes committed with firearms, stolen weapons are used.
    Go ahead continue the folly of bills like this and see no reduction in these types of crime.
    The criminals will just steal more ammo. Gun control is NOT about guns it’s about control.
    IF you really want to reduce violent crime, INCREASE harsh punishment. Cause and effect. Less punishment MORE crime, FACT.

  • TIME

    Saddly folks guns will become one more casualty as well the 2nd Amendment of what is just about worn down to nothing with all the worthless rhetoric thats spun from the mass media daily to the mindless sheep in thier homes at 6 and 11 PM.

    This will happen by way of the “UN small arms treaty,”
    So you all understand what the ramifications are from this absurd treaty.

    The 50 states will be open for review of who owns what guns, thus any Government around the world can then claim that any person be they guilty or not have commited a crime with a gun.

    Now so you better understand why the “NDAA and the PA” were passed. This will allow the US Armed Forces to come with troops from where ever to detain anyone who has been deemed a CRIMINAL by this UN law.

    This will be signed by the present “OMEN” whom many of you know by one of his many differant names such as follows;
    Barry Obama,
    Barry Sotoro,
    Harrisson J. Bounel,
    Barry Marshall or what ever his name may in fact really be.
    It will also be upheld by whom ever is the “NEW OMEN.”

    Folks, yellow, orange, red, thats what you see when you go to any airport – {now figure out what that means to YOU.}

    And for any of you that just can’t grasp what I posted, I don’t like guns nor do I like to play with them. {{BUT }}- I will die before I would allow even someone I don’t like to not be able to own a gun they so wish to own for any reason.

    Can any of you say that?
    More so would any of you stand up at the moment an event like such takes place and do as I said I would?

    Only when “the Christ” himself asks me to lay down my gun will I do so.

    {I will not do so for any man} – nor beast – nor banking vampire or Criminal be they a R or D – or what ever – “I will not conform.”
    I hope thats clear enough for even the brain dead.

    Peace and Love

  • JimH

    Hindering the law abiding people won’t fight crime.
    What is so obvious to all of us is lost on a politician.
    Of course “gun control” is about control, not fighting crime.
    Fighting crime is just the disguise.
    The real definition of “gun control” is the ability to hit what you aim at.

  • AZ-Ike

    I have read/heard from a number of sources that Obama intends to sign the UN Small Arms Treaty–with OR WITHOUT Senate approval–later this month (July 27th?).

    If the Senate acts to approve this Treaty (and, of course, Obama will sign it), significant steps will be in force to limit and eventually destroy our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms. It is vitally important to make sure our Senators do not agree to this Treaty.

    If Obama acts unilateraly, without Senate approval, will we still be obligated by UN laws, rather than our own Constitution? The articles indicate it will still be difficult to extricate ourselves from the UN imposed laws.

    It is more important than ever that we find Obama an unconstitutional president and nullify ALL action he has taken.

    If we, the People, are the Sovereign Authority in the United States, then it is up to us to put an end to government’s collusion to ignore the Constitution by refusing to re-elect ANY incumbent elected representative to our federal government. Because if we can’t do it through the election process, our only other choice will be another bloody domestic war. Now, thanks to the 2012 NDAA, all the laws are in place to declare U.S. citizens enemies of the federal government.

    • Vicki

      Just a reminder that the UN Small Arms Treaty can’t touch the 2nd Amendment. Article
      VI clause 2:
      “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; …….”

      Note that all Treaties must be made under the Authority of the United States. So just like laws, treaties that violate the constitutional limitations on government are UNCONSTITUTIONAL thus null and void.

      Our forefathers where just not that stupid as to allow treaties to override the Constitution.
      Liberals might be but they (and we) are not.

      • gunner689AI

        Besides, blue helmets make nice targets.

      • Dan Mancuso

        That is all very well and nice but do you really thing those bought and corrupt swine who mostly populate congress and that other one in the White House give two figs for the constitution or rule of law? Your beautiful constitution has been under attack for over a hundred years. You have sat by complacently like a bump on a log playing into their hands and revelling in narcissistic moral relativism while your constitutional protections have been steadily and regularly whittled away. It’s kind of too late now don’t you think. That 2nd Ammendment is the only thing standing between you and Totalitarian Global Fascism.

  • RightGunner

    Bob could have saved a lot of ink by just using one world, Chicago.

  • Pilot

    David169 had a good post and touched on this (above). Imagine this scenario: You are a law abiding gun owner and get a new firearm that micro-stamps the fired ammo. You go to the local firing range for a little practice. You fire say, 100 to 200 rounds. You try to pick up your spend brass, but let’s face it, they go all over, and you miss a few. After you leave, the bad guy comes along and picks up the stamped brass you missed. He then commits a crime, maybe even a murder, and leaves your spent shells at the scene. Presto! The cops come to take you away, no questions asked, because they have a physical link between you and the crime. It’s perfect for the bad guys! Now let’s see who is supporting this proposal….could it be the bad guys themselves? Think about it.

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  • Don B

    So what happens if you break a firing pin, will you have to order another etched one for $250.00 and maybe wait a month or two to get it? Also what would you have to go through to prove you were getting one with the same etching? These anti gun nuts are retards.

  • palman

    I do not beleive any of these action would have stopped AG Holder from allowing thousands of automatic and semi automatic guns from going to Mexican cartels to kill hundreds or more in mexico and then come back into the US to kill our border agents, like agent Terry as well.
    no gun control laws could have stopped him from breaking the law this way and then covering it up. But I hear is is all for gun control.
    i guess because he wants to be the only one who decides which crimminals get the guns and keeping law abiding citizens from getting them at the same time.


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