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Gun Control Group Endorses Pat Quinn For Illinois Governor

August 9, 2010 by  

Gun control group endorses Pat Quinn for Illinois governor Still lagging in the polls, Democratic Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has picked up an endorsement from a radical gun control organization.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (BCPGV) is lending its support in recognition of Quinn’s tougher stance on the issue than that of his Republican opponent, State Senator Bill Brady, according to The Associated Press (AP).

“[The Republican candidate] is someone who is taking the attitude that more guns in more places is somehow going to make us safer. That makes no sense at all," said Paul Helmke, president of the Washington, D.C.-based organization, quoted by the news provider.

In response to the announcement, the Illinois State Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (ISRA-PVF) released a statement listing six ways in which Quinn wants to restrict access to guns, including his support for complex regulations that would make it difficult for legitimate firearm retailers to stay in business.

“Pat Quinn’s acceptance of the BCPGV’s endorsement demonstrates that he cannot resist latching on to the radical fringe whenever it comes his way,” said ISRA-PVF spokesman Richard Pearson.

He added that in view of the recent Supreme Court decisions in the Heller and McDonald cases, it is clear that the incumbent’s opinions are “out of touch with the intent of our constitution.”ADNFCR-1961-ID-19919569-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    Illinois, here’s your chance to compensate a little bit for sticking us with Herr Obummer. Elect someone who’s on speaking terms with the Constitution (that little piece of paper that most folks in Washington hate).
    Elect someone with some common sense (what a wonderful change of pace that would be). Elect somone who knows the difference between changing America and destroying America.
    Keep it simple, and elect someone who can call himself or herself human, and doesn’t come with a pre-sold rump and a list of social engineering goals. Elect a real American – for a “change.”

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If only Nobama gave us THAT kind of change!!!! May all of these rights “grabbers” someday rot in hell!!!

    • CJ

      When we only have bad candidates to choose from, the problem won’t be fixed. There needs to be an option for “none of the above” on ballots, and force the parties to provide a proper candidate.

      • Claire

        CJ–Good comment and I agree.

      • GregS

        CJ, I strongly disagree with your comment. Providing such an option for “None of the above” on the ballots is exactly equivalent to NOT VOTING AT ALL in that particular race (in this case for Governor), which any Illinois voter can currently do already. In the harsh reality of politics, this accomplishes NOTHING, and it will NEVER “force the parties to provide a proper candidate!” In fact, in this particular CLOSE race, if you don’t vote, it will be like handing your vote over to Pat Quinn (the liberal Democrat) on a silver platter! The problem may not be “fixed” if Brady wins, but I can assure you that the problem will get ALOT WORSE if Quinn wins!

        The responsibility of “provid[ing] a proper candidate” lies with the voters in the PRIMARY ELECTIONS. It’s up to ALL of us as voters to take more of an active role in making sure that good people are running. If you don’t come up with the “proper candidate” in the PRIMARIES, then it’s too late. You then have to work with what you’ve got in the GENERAL ELECTIONS, unless, by chance, a VIABLE third-party candidate comes along, who has half a chance of winning.

        As conservatives, we all need to work together to make sure that we get as many Democrats out of office as possible. We cannot afford to throw our hands up in the air, simply because no candidate meets ALL of our requirements, especially in this November election. There are too many issues at stake! Finding the PERFECT candidate will NEVER happen. Perfect candidates simply don’t exist! They are ALL politicians, and that will NEVER change!

      • john

        And just how do we do that?

        • Joe R.

          How we do that is simple, throw the bum out.

  • dan az

    If it where up to me I’d send this guy to detroit with no guns and no cell phone and say good luck.

    • slickporsche

      Dan you are sure a mean sucker,and that would surely work quickly. Hahahahaha

    • Grey Ryder

      Why Detroit and not any major city, from Chicago to Cairo in Illinois ? Allow this individual to experience the gang bangers of Illinois, that carry firearms and running wild throughout the state. The said gang-bangers have the law enforcement departments, of major cities, running circles practicing for parts in a new and up-coming filming of the Keystone Cops. Even the strong arm tactics the great and 24/7 law enforcement potected, at the Chicago tax payer’s expense, Mayor Daley is unable to control the criminial element in his great and crime capital city of Chicago.

      Allow this individual to exprerience the denial of Constitutional Rights and the 24/7 hostage environment standards, that the political machine of Illinois, which Quinn is a major part of, is currently subjecting the residents of the state thereto.

      Also, not to mention his choice of Sheila Simmon as running mate. She is right there on the top shelf with all of the other anti-gun political clan of Illinois. Quinn considered Ms. Simmon in hopes of capturing Southern Illinois vote, which, again, was poor judgement on his part. Ms. Simmon may be popular in Jackson County, while riding on her father’s coattail,but both she and Quinn failed to consider that there are 100+ more counties in Illinois.

      • independant thinker

        If I were to send him somewhere it would be to the Arizona mexico border. More specificaly to an area that has been essentialy declaired off limits to US citizens. I would give them a quart of water (if I was in a good mood that day) and make them wear their office dress shoes.

      • 45caliber

        Daley is against guns – but he insists that he have his hired “guns” with him all the time. He’s so much better and more important than anyone else in the state.

        • eddy james

          Daley is only against law abiding citizens owning guns. When only criminals have guns the is the need for more government to “protect” the rest.Every body knows that a criminal is far less apt to try to rob or assault someone who might have a gun for self defense. Nobody but nobody even a criminal will risk a confrontation with some one who is armed. That’s why even the police prefer to harass traffic offenders and jay walkers than armed gang members.

          • 45caliber

            Actually, considering Chicago’s history, I’ve wondered if he is against guns simply because he doesn’t want his friends and contributors to get killed.

          • Claire

            45caliber–You got that correct!

      • http://comcast evelyn

        the gun law will only become like what we have now of the drug wars. We all have the right to protect ourselves..from anything that is threating…It doesnt mean that people will be running around with guns strapped on their hip..It is a guarentee that riff-raff that run the streets will have their choice of weapons handy…And I would like to know just who these a$$holes are anyway to dictate what we can and what we cant do. And that encludes whether..we can pray or not pray…..WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF???? We will pray that the one and only GOD strike ‘em dead or something.??? ….Its like the old vampire movies..hold up the cross in front of one and they schrrriiicke ‘no,,,no. take it away’ with their arms in front of their faces. And it is coming to that. Little do they know that Satan is a dead sucker. he has no power and that is what they…what ever one wants to call them…is afraid of . If they dont want to be in a room where we can ask GOD the Father for His blessings and protect our country and thank Him for His love….then go hide in the dark or something until we are finshed….We should never give in to those kind of demons and that is what they are..regardless of who they are..or what they think they are.. Just my thoughts….Hang in there…and pray all you body’s business..what you are praying for!!!and if you want a gun for protection from criminals so be it.! ..ho ho ho. Can you imagine you are being held in your home or something by a piece of scum with a weapon and you cant even pray for protection because of some punk that is an insecure bully that wants to write such a law???. duh

  • JeffH

    Having the Brady Campaign endorsement is akin to having an endorsement by the O’man. An almost sure defeat at the polls. Fortunately, they’re on shakey ground financially and politically, loosing their legs rapidly. But, as long as they have a breath, they will continue to be a threat to lawfull gun ownership. Lets put another nail in their coffin!

    • Centaur

      One (i.e., I) can only hope that this endorsement by the “Brady Bunch” is the proverbial ‘more rope’. I’m thinking/believing that our ISRA and NRA will be able to rally the troops and show the idiocy of a no-guns policy.

  • WarriorH

    Ah yes, Pat Quinn, another democratic yahoo that takes his orders from the Chicago machine.

    • Claire

      Brady and Quinn—Get out of town. Heck, I’ll help you pack.

  • http://yahoo Upsidedownjack

    No Gun’s, NO RIGHT’S! Something to think about? Most of the School croup may need to READ Something, and Just TRY to Understand what the Right’s are and the limit’s of Government are! Something new for many of you Progressive’s?

    • 45caliber

      That’s why the old civics course in school went away. Now you get only a brief mention of the Constitution in American History class and it basically says that it was written to get the country started. Nothing about rights or what they mean.

  • http://None Lloyd Hedden

    Truth in the old statement,” When the honest people have their guns taken away” Only the criminals will have guns!! Where does that leave us “Honest People” when a criminal approaches our doors? Or the Government comes to take away our home, our security, and all else that the “Government” wants us to NOT HAVE!! Next our “Government” will take away our businesses, our homes, our Family, et all!! Sure sounds like Hitler has risen from the grave! How many people had to die in Germany, before we stopped the slaughter!! With America gone, that small amount of security is gone from all over the World!!
    Think about it!! When I grew up, we had our guns to put food on the table. Sling Shots, just don’t get it. No more protection from “Mad dogs, rattle snakes, and Criminals!

    • eddy james

      Hitler bragged about how much better (easier) it would be once Germany had complete gun control. I guess they forgot to take the guns from the Nazis’ hands too, See what you get when only the Government has the guns. Germany the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia are all good examples of what you can come to expect from gun control. Over 50 million dead since 1930 and gun control, the British had gun control then and they came a begging for guns in WW2. I wonder what is in store for The UK and Australia now that they have got complete gun control again, I hope that we don’t watch them collapse into even more socialist states.

    • http://comcast evelyn

      I often wondered why people allowed Hitler and those dictators in ww1 and ww2 get away with what they were doing….People cowarded and hid and took whatever was thrown at them and let those insecured bullies get away with what they did. Just about all dictators are insecure bullies,,, probably with sex insecurities…and want to bully people that are haveing a good life as well as they could….loving families, a good job…looking forward to a nice home and vacation. The bullies cant phanthom that and they want what you have…..oh just like the ones that are coming up now…they want our country…move into our neighborhoods and do things their way…which is corrupt..they want us to give up our wonderful loving GOD OR ELSE..they will want us to worship their so called god..or else..And that is just what will be in time if this mosque is allowed on our land in one of the biggest cities in our country…by pretending it is only for the good of mankind and fellowship….in time..they can wait a little while..but they are in a biiiggg hurry now to get this all started…And we the citizens here are confused…should we…or should’nt we??? dear dear dear….Why are we sooo confused..? As one administration said of drugs..’just say no’ No No NO not on our our country ..We dont want your noise every day and every two hours screaming in our faces. to come worship.!!! It will be a haven for terrorist…guranteed..We cant go to our so called government because of friverlous voteing. The stupidity of it all to get a person who had no right to be in our government much less our president…our leader and see where it has gotten us so far. So where are our prayers now.? If we dont want this…can we go to our GOD in prayer? Oh I hope so….Dear GOD please dont forsake us.even tho .we deserve it…but please dont let us perish..pleae make us strong to fight the enemy..and keep our wonderful country a GOD loving country under your eye… AMEN .

  • Jim H.

    As an Illinois resident I can say, ” Another reason to vote for Brady”. The 2 candidates are exact opposites when it comes to guns. It’s ironic that the Brady Campaign and the candidate for governor they oppose share the same name. That may be why Paul Helmke said [ the Republican candidate] instead of Bill Brady. Bill Brady would sign a bill for concealed carry in Illinois if our wimp congress would send the bill to his desk.

    • Claire

      I am all for gun ownership and we should have the right to have our guns. But I will NOT vote for Brady or Quinn.

      • Jim H.

        Hi Claire, Who are your choices, I sure don’t want Quinn,Brady is preferable over Quinn. I haven’t heard who else is running accept for Cohen. He would be just another Quinn. Who else is worth looking at?

        • Claire

          JimH–I have no choices. I don’t like any of them. I don’t trust any of them. My husband feels the same way as I do. Illinois is up a creek without a paddle–again. I should say “as usual.”

      • GregS

        Claire, I agree with JimH. Not voting for anyone in that race would be like handing your vote over to Quinn on a silver platter. As I mentioned earlier, the problems that currently exist in Illinois may not be fixed if Brady wins, but they will certainly get ALOT WORSE if Quinn wins!

        • Claire

          GregS–Sorry but I will not vote for Brady, nor will I vote for Quinn. If Brady gets in, you can bet your bippy he will not be able follow through with his gun policy. Chicago is too powerful and it seems all politicians go the way of Chicago. I don’t think Brady has what it takes to stand up to them. He doesn’t have the “powerful” backing and that is what it will take to “beat” the Chicago mob.

          • Claire

            Geez, I will re-think on Brady but I can’t stand the man.

  • http://charter howe

    I lose confidence in my fellow man more each day when I hear another lame brain story about how guns kill people. People kill people and you cannot ever in hell stop the flow of and illegal use of guns from within and outside the country unless the consequence for doing the crime is much tougher and law abiding citizens are allowed to carry concealed handguns using a system like the state of Texas uses for issuing a license which anyone can get provided they qualify mentaly and physically. Qualification requires that you have no medical history that makes you a nutjob risk and you must be able to hit a fixed target while your learning how to use the firearm in the proper way, including laws and safeguards to protect other people. It’s eight hours of intense training so its not a free ticket. The idea is to stop criminals not law abiding citizens. This preposterous expenditure of taxpayer money to ban guns from everyone in violation of the 2nd Amendement is a pipe dream and not achievable without martial law and a police state that exists only in a country with a dictatorship and no freedoms. As long as people own guns there will be accidents and to exploit these gun massacres does nothing to solve the problem by creating nutjobs who immediately want to ban all guns. The one thing that seems to be forgotten by politicians who want to jump on the quick fix bandwagon are the social ills and injustices that are never addressed and the enormous problems with inadequate care with people who have mental health issues. Funding this area of humanity would create a far more dramatic reduction in gun related deaths than all the finger pointing and demonization that exists in our country. Check it out. The MHMR organizations who get money from state and local funding sources can’t ever get any where near enough money to operate a decent mental health facility. Many times the doctors are glorified nurses and never have the extensive training because higher salaries are demanded by specialist doctors, not in the budget. I spent 29 years in the military and the V.A. has had the same problem for decades. All of a sudden they find they have a huge population of traumatized soldiers which are now in a long long line of military people trying to get mental health problem help. It is maddening to try to get a bed in a facility for drug addicts, alcoholics or homeless people, many who are mentally ill. The police are ill equipped to handle the number of mentally ill and so many people cannot afford the costly care for mental health issues, so guess what, when the families either don’t know what to do or can’t afford to get them treated and there is nowhere to turn to, then we just turn a blind eye and take a chance they won’t get caught up in some terrible incident and either allow them to be killed, incarcerated or maybe they just die an early death due to lack of good health. The asses who spend taxpayer money to denigrate lawful gun ownership do not want to hear about the social ills which create illegal gun use, because they want power and control without having to use excessive budget. Gun laws do no stop criminals, In 1935 Prohibition did not stop alcohol, the criminals and people who really want a gun can choose from 97 countries in the world that will be most happy to sell them one. Criminals will get a gun in this country or from out of country and many innocent homeowners will risk prison to keep a gun in the home for protection if they face gun bans (I know I will). Get some backbone and demand these damned politicians and anti-gun blowhards use their money and energy to provide more and better mental health facilities and more help for the socially challenged people in our society. The problem has never been the guns, it is the people who use them unlawfully, that happens to represent 98% of the gun tragedies that occur.

    • Frederic Hilnbrand

      I want to say it was GREAT to hear someone speak up for gun ownership. I live in Maryland and I also am a proud member of the NRA and am proud to be a citizen of the USA. What is happening in this country is so sad when we might not even protect ourselves in our own home at the rate people are complaining. I do not see the masses complaining about criminals using guns to kill people. I think EVERYONE over the age of 21 and that is in good mental health and that has gone through some kind of handgun training should be allowed to get a conceal carry permit in EVERY STATE of the USA. I am disabled and worry every time I go to the store or gas station etc. because I can not run!!! And here in Maryland it is next to impossible to get a carry permit. SO I am thinking about moving to Tennessee.
      Again, THANK YOU and EVERYONE who speaks out and hopefully come election day will let their voices be heard and maybe, just maybe our country will start to listen to the people who put them in office.

      • 45caliber

        If the politicians were truly worried about criminals, they would make it manditory that ALL adults carried all the time. That would instantly stop most crime because the criminals would know that everyone they saw had a gun too. But the politicians aren’t worried about crime; they want power over everyone. And they can’t get it if everyone is armed.

        • Centaur

          45Caliber, you are SOOO RIGHT! ! I lived in Texas when then-governor Bush signed our concealed-carry law. Dallas was seeing a dearth of car-jackings… ’til the bill was signed. They ended nearly overnight (as soon as permits could be in cars, alongside a handgun!). Additionally: the roundly-touted road-rage killings turned out to be nothing but hyperbole-sized fantasy among those who fear guns. (FEAR… False Evidence Appearing Real!)

      • Ryan

        I agree. The MD laws are tough to work around. Hopefully the higher courts will uphold the lower court decision that will allow MD to become a right to carry state.

        Now we just need to let our representatives know how appalling a large ammo tax would be. Just like politicians to make ammo so expensive because it’s easier than banning guns. CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY.

    • Roger Patterson

      It is good to see this kind of firearm defense, we truly need more clear-headed and articulate writers, and speakers, to stand up and be heard. It is true that firearms do not kill people. Just like it is true that cars do not kill people or knives do not kill people. These things are inanimat objects! They have no ability to DO anything.
      As an Endowment member with over 40 years invested in the NRA I have watched and listened to a lot of explanations and rationalizations for and against firearm ownership. We need more defenders of the right to carry a concealed weapon. I live in Texas and have just completed the CCW course and sent in my fees.
      In the 1940′s, in California, firearm training courses were offered through the schools. My father was instrumental in arranging for the purchase of .22 rifles for the students, to develop marksmanship and safe handling programs.
      I was guided through learning proper handling and respect for the firearms at an early age and I am firmly convinced that if the youth of today were taught the proper handling of firearms, how to shoot, and how to clean and maintain arms, they too would develop respect for them.
      When all is said and done if the people have no self respect, they will have no respect for you or your stuff. Without an early understanding of firearms and their consequential damage these young folks don’t recognize anything beyond what they see on TV. There is no respect to be learned or earned there!
      No. Guns do not kill people, people kill people and they seldom have any self respect; no pride.

    • eddy james

      The government could care less about how many people are killed or even how they are killed they just exploit it to grab more power and control. More people are killed by falling than guns, and yet you don’t see hand rails every where. Except in places where they can make money inspecting them, or fine you for not having them. Money and Power are the main reason for almost all laws. Not saving lives. Seat belt laws were to reduce profit loss to insurance companies not to save lives.

    • Claire

      Guns do not kill people–people kill people. I get sick of hearing that too. Personally I want to be in a position to protect myself. With the crime rate the way it is now, and it will only get worse. Look at those creeps that escaped from prison and killed that couple from Oklahoma that were camping on vacation. Burned the camper and the couple to death!! Nope. I want to keep my gun and I want my husband to keep his. Like JC said (on another post), we need to clean up here in America first before we think of going to war in another country.
      Another item I wish to tell everyone-off the subject but I am going to tell it anyway. My friend from Nebraska called yesterday and she told me two little boys went into an old lady’s yard, and kicked her little dog to death! It was on the TV in Nebraska. Now I ask this–what in the hell are parents doing? What are they treaching their kids? More hate. What in the hell is going on in this world?
      I have another friend that retired at 52–she was a teacher–and she said the kids that were in first, second, third grade were mean as hell. No manners, no respect, nothing. And a teacher can’t do anything about it or they would get into trouble, the parents would have a fit. Granted, not all parents are bad parents but some of them sure need to get a grip on their kids.

      • Claire

        “teaching” arrrggghhh

  • winperk

    Gun control is a racsist idea, to keep black people disarmed and vulnerable to attack! In my opinion Barack Hussein Obama is a racsist who wants to take away every honest citizens guns, so his criminal friends can do what they want to honest people. Barack Hussein Obama
    espouses 138 year old progresive/communist ideas that have never worked! Spend yourself out of debt, theres a good ignorant idea!
    Can we citizens do that? No darned way! Only a fool would think so!

    • 45caliber

      If you have lots of money you don’t mind paying what is necessary to have a good gun or (like Daley) have plenty of round-the-clock guards. But the poor can’t afford them. That is one reason they want huge taxes on guns and ammo. They want to prevent the poor from having any so the poor can’t object to what the rich politicians want to do.

      • James

        45caliber, Are you saying, to object, poor people must shoot someone?

  • patrick

    After 2 black guys murdered my brother, one of the murders father is a judge in Michigan by the way, I started to plan my own defense if I were to ever murder anyone? Well after many hours of thinking, I came up with my defense. Guess what I came up with? It was an easy plan so I will share it with you now. My defense will be: I just performed an abortion! You see killing babies is legal so what does age have to do with anything dealing with murder? Nothing. All I did was to perform an abortion and that is legal. Do any of you agree that this defense will work? Oh and guess what these black murders tried to bring up? After they were arrested in Chicago, they tried to say it was racism, they were chained to a wall in Cook County Jail and forced to admit they killed 2 men and then they stoled over 100 handguns. The father, the Judge, then brought in O.J.’s attorney, Johnny Cockran to help. What a joke that scene was. Also, why ban guns? How about the women down in a southern state who drowned 4 kids in a bathtub, you remember? Well I think they should BAN BATH TUBS… they drowned 4 kids! It’s the bath tubs fault huh? Those are the kind of people trying to run our country folks!

    • 45caliber

      You can’t blame the criminal, after all. If you did, you’d have to punish them. And punishment is WRONG! It is far easier to blame the gun.

      Guns are simply pieces of equipment – machinery. Without direction and use by a human, they are totally harmless even if they have been designed to fire a bullet. Actually, I think if they ban anything for being dangerous, it should be the car. More people are killed every year with cars than with guns so they are far less safe, right?

      • JC

        You’re actually 9000 times more likely to be killed by a Doctor than a gun owner…and that’s “before” Obamacare kicks in.

      • http://comcast evelyn

        Hmmmm Geezz I wonder if (they) will ban knives??? They can do quite a bit of damage…and of course Kill…How many times have you heard of a crime scene and the victim was ” stabbed xyz times.etc, etc, etc..????” It is quiet and easy to carry and does not need a permit…or bullets and easy to choose for use….doesnt have to be fancy….just a good ole butcher knife…..or what ever…….SICK ? yeah but people are nuts….this may sound strange but when my children were small..we had stairs in our house….and I allowed them to go up and down the stairs…and not one time did they ever fall…vistors would say ‘oh my, are you going to let them go up (or down) the stairs by themselves????are’nt you afraid they will fall and hurt themselves?” Of course. They knew the danger and by knowing that, they, as young as one year or so….were very carefull. Now I am not suggesting you let children play with knives…just tell them they are dangerous,they cut!!! They will get the idea. So what I am saying is….knives don’t kill by themselves people using them like that do. So how about that ban? duh I am tired I am going to bed….good night all

  • Big Ugly

    Hmmm! Everyone having more guns in more places making us all safer, makes no sense? How about, taking the means of protection away from law-abiding people …… this makes them ‘safer’? So? The police are there to protect us? How about that block party where two cops were shot by other cops during the melee? Ya, I want these guys providing for my protection.

    Here’s an idea! You and I don’t like each other. You and I both have baseball bats and are about to go at each other. You and I reconsider. In an act of ‘good faith’ I allow you to put your baseball bat down first ……. then, I beat the ever-living sh*t out of you with my baseball bat. Good Idea, huh?

    Here’s another idea! Maybe a better one from your standpoint. I offer a cash reward of $1000 to be paid to the first person who can show me where, in the history of mankind, any firearm has ever done any harm to any human being …… willfully and with malice. Can’t be done can it? Probably the reason no has ever tried to collect in the decades that I have offered this reward.

    A pistol is just about 2-1/2 pounds of metal and plastic – it has no will of it’s own. Even an ‘accidental’ discharge is without will and/or malice. How about the Chinese Kindergarten incident with the knife, huh? It’s too bad Jim Brady didn’t die … at least his wife wouldn’t be parading him around, putting him on display like a head of broccoli, making a fortune off of his mis-fortune.

    The ONLY reason guns are an issue …… you can’t control someone who can fight back.

    • http://comcast evelyn

      Oh I am all for banning killing!! That is a bad thing altogether…yes, thats right just put a ban on killing…people of course. They have more of a reason for the ban. It is just like the idea of banning racial name calling….the more it is a so called ban on certain names etc. the more it is used and used as a reason, a lot of times, for killing!! with a gun, a knife or what handy. Everything is racial,,,dont like they way they were looked at…or talked to…or just about anything..”oh, you just said that because of my race!!!!’ and it is always the other race that is doing the accusing…always……the one doing the name calling etc., is never the bad one..only the other one is the racial one….finger pointing…so fingers should be banned.!!!…

  • alpha-lemming

    Nothing to do with my handle but…..

    For all you gun control advocates out there……. HAVE I GOT AN ORGANIZATION FOR YOU!!

    Join the LEMMINGS!! The LEMMINGS are The:
    I-magining a

    Besides being a cute, little, fuzzy, critter that would be an absolutely adorable mascot… when it jumps off the cliff, he can double as your state bird!!

    • DalMil54

      I Thought Gun Control Meant Using Two Hands !!!

      • independant thinker

        Actualy gun control means hitting your intended target one handed, two handed, or both hands and feet it don’t matter as long as you hit your target.

  • David in Ma.

    This election cycle gives the people of Illinois the chance for them to redeem themselves.

    • Claire

      David in Ma–Redeem ourselves? How?? When nothing but corrupt politicians run for office here? We have nothing to choose from, we never have. It is a situation of closing your eyes and just vote. It is pathetic. I will not be voting this time around. Unless I write in a candidate.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Illinois is proving to be one screwed up state. They have had nothing but thugs rule in Chicago for quite some time; we now have a Muslim president from that state, and they want gun control so that the good guys can’t have guns, just the outlaws, because they could care less about any stinking gun control laws!

    • alpha-lemming

      You hinted around at the fact. I used to live there and PLEASE do not confuse Illinois with Cook County!! The bulk of the state would LOVE for Chicago to become the 51st state At least then they’d be forced to steal from themselves (or ONLY as much as any 1 state…. CA, NY, etc. can steal from the remaining 49).

      • Claire

        Just because Chicago is full of corrupt people does not mean the rest of the citizens in other towns/cities are corrupt. However, it is beyond me that citizens do vote for these the politicians that run. I guess people vote because there is no one else to vote for. Sad situaiton. The politicians here are all alike. The Republicans are as bad as the Democrats as far as I am concerned. It is beyond me that we never get any politician that is honest and truthful. Illinois never has had any honest people in government, we never will. It just isn’t going to happen. I will not be voting for either one of these shysters.

        • Claire

          “situation” I am going to have to slow down.

        • alpha-lemming

          Cool… Actually sounds VERY close to my old “stompin’ grounds”. Went to school at Millikin U in Decatur. Absolutely BROKE MY HEART to see the ghetto that once beautiful city has become!!

          • Claire

            alpha-lemming–I am close to Decatur–the town is a ghetto. I would not want to live there. Sad.

      • Jim H.

        Hi alpha-lemming, (cool name) As someone 40 miles west of Chicago (Also not happy with our choices of who to vote for), I wonder if we could get the rest of Illinois to secede from the great state of Chicago.

        • Claire

          JimH– I am about 300 miles south of Chicago–I would be tickled to death if Chicago would secede! In fact, Chicago should be on an island all by itself. Wish we could move Daley and the city out.

  • JC

    My favorite observation on the subject -


    “The absurd theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her own panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to the police how her attacker recieved a fatal gun shot wound.”

    While she may be “morally superior” she is nonetheless…dead.

    • 45caliber

      Reminds me of a story several years ago now:

      A 14 year old boy decided it would be “fun” to rob someone. A couple of his friends agreed. He stole a .22 rifle from a cabinet and they went next door with masks where a couple in their fifties lived. The moment the man answered the door after they knocked, the boy shot him. He fell down as his wife made a run down a hall to the bedroom. The boy chased her while the other two ran off. The woman got a gun and started shooting at the boy who was still shooting at her. Her husband (only wounded) crawled to a chair, got his gun, and then crawled out where he could see the boy.

      The court system found them innocent. But the parents of the boy sued them on the grounds that they were old and their lives were almost over. Their son was just starting his life. So they should have allowed the boy to kill them both so he could have had a good life.

      • JC

        And the fact that any court in the land would even agree to hear such an argument is symptomatic of how rotten and immoral our system has become.

  • Sherry Hauner

    Love it alpha. Oh pray, do help us from the grips of idiots who think gun control could be enforced on gangs, drug cartels, terrorists, mafioso, not bought black market by all. Oh pray, keep us from the idiots who believe I should just throw my door wide open, telling the fanatic wielding a gun to go ahead, come on in and murder us all, because I believe in ‘gun control’. I believe the people who want gun control, are actually involved in one of the aforementioned.

  • Gerald Sills

    A few anti-endorsements should also be added to Quinn’s obviously Communist credentials. How about an anti-endorsement from the U.S. Military Snipers Association. I am sure this endorsement would at least get him to listen to true American values, and begin to read and fully understand the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. If the voters of Illinois are so stupid as to vote for such trash Marxist, then they don’t deserve “Freedom, or Security.”

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I find it laughable that some of these anti-gun leftists will run ads against their (more conservative American) opponents, and attack the opponents for being pro-2nd Amendment by opposing laws that infringe on the 2nd Amendment. Well, to all these leftwing statists, I say: “Yes!! Your ad DOES influence me!! I’m voting for your opponent(s), who respect our Constitution and the Bill of Rights!!”

  • 45caliber

    This brings to mind the old saying, “Your friends can by your worst enemies.”

    I don’t know about Illinois, but here in Texas such an endorsement would lose you far more votes than you would gain by it.

  • http://none Ferdi

    I think you are wrong, Big Ugly, in my mind she is just lookig for a meal ticket, if poor Jim had died, what she does is nothing to what she would do then. Lets send her to Texas, and let her seen how things are done there, with everyone packing. People like her are not stupid, they just think everyone else is stupid, and they think everone falls for their crap. That no one is a smart as they are. They know the truth, about guns, they just try to scam the public into thinking their way. That we are to stupid to think for our selves. GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND OUR TROOPS, EVERYWHERE THAT ARE KEEPING US SAFE. IF SHE HAD HER WAY WE WOULD HAVE RINGS IN OUR NOSES.

    • 45caliber

      They want the people to be slaves of the “government” – with them being the government of course.

  • marvin

    as a old man that was born and lived in southern illinois for over 30 years and still have a lot of famly in the southern part there is as much differance as day and night from chicago i now live in alabama if you want a conceal carry permit give the sheriff 20 dollars they run a check on you, your good to go as for long guns in a case or plain sight in gun rack in back glass shot gun or high powered rifle and most people shoot first and then ask and i have been shooting a gun for over 55 years and as for gun control i don,t have to shoot 10 or 20 times at what i am shooting at i can put 5 of 5 in a 10 inch circle at 300 yards with my 270 i an,t that good with my hand gun only 5 of 5 at 5 yard in a 10 inch circle

  • JC
  • daniel boudreau

    If we don’t end the one sided government we have in November, we can say goodby to our kids future. People came to this country to get away from socialism. The government across the board need to take a 20 % cut in pay. They already are over paid as it is. The boader states should pack the illeagles on a train or plane and drop them off in Washington and let the government take charge. After all its washington’s job. Maybe the government would like to have them living in DC. DC has a lot more money than the boader states.

  • Claire

    Quinn–the jokester from Batman and Brady–the animal killer wannabe. Marvelous choices for the Governor of the state of Illinois. I could barf.

    • Jim H.

      Hi Claire, In Kane county we had a 20% turn out rate in the primary elections. Now see who we have to choose from. I can’t ever stress enough the importance of the primary elections. (just as or more important than the generals)

      • Claire

        JimH–I voted for Brady in the primaries. I must have been insane at the time. After I voted for him, the animal legislation he was trying to get through came to light. Plus a few other bits and pieces. I just cannot vote for either person. Sorry. They just don’t meet my criteria. I want honesty and it will never happen.

      • GregS

        Jim H, I totally agree that the primaries are so important. I live in Lake County, and we only had an 18% turnout. It’s really a shame that more people don’t understand the importance of the primary elections. Even though I didn’t vote for Brady in the primary, I really hope he wins in November! We just can’t afford to have the liberals in control of this state for much longer. They’ve done so much damage!

        • Claire

          GregS–What about Ryan? and the others? I think both parties did a number on this state.

          • Claire

            Illinois is currently dealing with the Blago buffoon, and there was Ryan, Walker, Kerner, and Stratton–all indicted. It is neverending. I have said this many times before but I would rather vote for some of the people on this site. I do not have any faith in Illinois politicians nor any respect.

          • Jim H.

            Hi Claire, I understand your frustration with our governor’s past records, though Stratton wasn’t convicted. ( he has a state park named for him in Morris along the Illinois River) Our retired Governors mansion is in a gated community. I know when you vote for the lesser of two evils you still wind up with evil, but for now that is what we have available to us. I can’t roll over and let the most evil win. I DO share your frustration though.

          • Claire

            Jim H–Frustration is a good word. Quinn is totally out as far as I am concerned. I still have a big problem with Brady and the animal legislation he wanted to pass–he gave it to one of his friends to put through when he found out it was causing a firestorm. The very idea that Brady wanted to promote legislation like this leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Maybe I am being too narrowminded concerning Brady but the thought of voting for the lesser of two evils is certainly pathetic.

          • GregS

            Claire, I totally agree with you on the records of our past governors. In fact Illinois could be aptly called “the home of crooked governors.” However, please note that I didn’t mention anything in my post about what party was doing all the damage. I only said that they were all liberals. In fact, most of those who you mentioned were liberal Democrats. Only two (Stratton and Ryan) were Republicans. I don’t know that much about Stratton, but Ryan was by NO means a social conservative. He was as liberal as all the rest – a RINO. And then there’s Blagojevich…Think about all the state’s money that he threw around and literally wasted! He helped to make Illinois’ financial situation the worst of any state in the country, including California…And Quinn wants to raise our taxes to get us out of this mess!!! Now there’s the real damage I’m talking about!

            I guess all I’m trying to say, Claire, is that the liberals have been nothing but trouble in Illniois. We desparately need conservatives to turn this state around. Although Brady may not be the best man for the job, he could be the start of getting us where we need to go. Let’s give him a try. Don’t think of it as voting for the lesser of the two evils. Instead, think of it as doing all you can to get to a more conservative form of government, no matter how long it takes. Sure, it will be a slow, incremental process, but we’ll get there, if we all keep trying.

            Another way to think about all this, especially if it’s a candidate that you’re not so crazy about: Chew him up and spit him out. Extract all the good things out of him. After he has served his purpose, vote him out in his next primary, when someone better comes along. I especially like thinking of it this way, when dealing with RINOs. I hate em all, but at least this way of thinking about it helps me to get through the voting process, when they (RINOs) are the only game in town.

            I know all the above sounds crazy, but all I wanted to convey to you is to NEVER give up your right to vote by not voting at all. That never accomplishes anything. Take care.

          • Claire

            GregS– I understand what you are saying, and what you have stated is not crazy. I need to find out for sure if Brady has pulled that horrible piece of animal legislation– if he hasn’t and it is still in the offing, I cannot say that I will vote for him. If by chance this legislation has recently been pulled, then I would vote for him. Don’t worry, I will not vote for Quinn and neither will any of my family. And thank you for your reply, you were very courteous and I appreciate that fact.

  • Uncle Buck

    More guns? Oh my… What these people fail to understand is more LEGAL guns mean more HONEST citizens can protect themselves from the thugs.

  • herbert emerson

    i have been watching how things come about.see whaat people whom want to controul you have done .( CIGERETTS FOR ONE GOOD HEALTH REASON, HAVE GONE FROM 25 CENTS A PACK TO WELL OVER 10;00 DOLLERS A PACK AND CLIMBING , THIS COULD AND IS BEGGING TO LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING TO AMMO. POWDER PRIMERS, BULLETS , CASES . ALL JUST HAPPEN TO BE UNATAINABLE , OR 25:00 dollars for 25 rounds of ammo , or 18:00 dollars for 50 rounds of bullets , that we use to get 100 bullets for that same price .this curs down on range time . or just the cost of shooting or reloading .

    • James

      Herb, I’m sure about half of those price increases were due to the decreasing value of the dollar. Back in the 1930s, a nickel would buy a double-dip ice cream cone (of real ice cream) with a cherry on top. Cigarettes were ten cents a pack.


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