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Guard With Jealous Attention

August 23, 2012 by  

As we approach another Presidential election, we face a Morton’s Fork. On the one hand is the Marxist President Barack Obama who in speeches has committed himself to empire America and to policies subjecting Americans to trickle-up poverty while he and his cronies enjoy the perks of power. On the other hand is the corporatist/fascist Mitt Romney who has pledged to grow the military-industrial complex while growing America’s debt almost as fast as Obama.

Both are owned by the banksters, by Israel and by Saudi Arabia. Both are slaves to the military-industrial complex and the moneyed elites. And what’s worse, both believe it is the proper role of government to imprison and/or assassinate Americans on a whim, the U.S. Constitution notwithstanding.

In a speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention in 1788, Patrick Henry said:

Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.

Americans, unfortunately, let down their guard many years ago.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • roger gunderson

    The ignorant people of America have now a choice between two losers when they could of had a winner with Ron Paul.

    • hillbilly bulldog

      I will be judged by God with whom I leave in “authority” to speak for me…so I will still be writing in Ron Paul’s name. Voting for the lesser of two evils will only calm the masses for a minute before “they” strike. It’s time we starting not only thinking outside the box, but living outside the box.

      • SarahR

        Hillbilly Bulldog. You can’t be serious. The most important thing we do is get rid of Obama. You can vote for Ron or Rand Paul in 2016. We must get Marxist/Obama out now before he becomes our last President.

        • hillbilly bulldog

          Oh, I am very serious. For way too long Christians have stood silent. The elitists know that we do not want BO back in so the lighter version “will do”…it’s all a scam. Bottom line is that the only One I am afraid of being judged by my decisions is God. If we all felt that way then the game of politics would change so fast that all our heads would be spinning. If it needs to start with me, so be it. We forget that God is sovereign and will allow men to make choices with “a way that seems right to a man” but that way leads to destruction. History has proven it. Who would God choose to be in authority over the nation? My guess would be a Christian with the intention of returning to the Godly principles on which this nation was founded to begin with. We used to be so very blessed and the blessings are leaving us because of the choices we have made inside the box.

      • OLD MAN

        IDIOT! You just gave Obama a vote. When will you people understand that satisfying your little protest whim is death for this country as we have known it. Let’s get Obama out and then deal with Romney later. Geees! Petty protests are so ridiculous.

        • hillbilly bulldog

          Call me what you will but if we obey God as we should then the outcome will be as it should. This is far from petty to me…this is war against powers and principalities. I have a sovereign right to believe however I deem is righteous as long as I am faithful to Him who created me. Remember…millions are praying for revival in this country. This country will not see revival in answered honest prayer unless the country is on its knees. Tell me, wise old man, how do you foresee a country on its knees with Romney? God will answer our prayers but it won’t be pretty so buckle up. By the way…I couldn’t “give Obama a vote” any more than I could Romney BECAUSE of what I believe. I cannot help that those before me fell asleep at the wheel for us to get to this point, I can only control my own personal decisions based on righteousness and not statistics from today and forward. I am a God-fearing Christian, acting like one and should not be called names for it, but I will praise God for it.

      • AZ-Ike

        When will you people understand that the popular vote (writing in a candidate) does NOT elect the President–the Electoral College elects the President. The people ELECT the members of the Electoral College whose names have been chosen/suggested by the political parties.

      • Vicki

        SarahR says:
        “Hillbilly Bulldog. You can’t be serious. The most important thing we do is get rid of Obama.”

        So if you really want ABO, why do you plan on voting for obama spelled with an R?

        And last time I looked Ron Paul was NOT obama and thus matches your requirement for ABO

      • auhunter

        For those of you electing to write in either Ron or Rand Paul are intentionally giving Obama a vote. They are both staunch conservatives, granted, and for that reason we need them in Congress where they, at the present, can do the most good. At best they could only get about 2 to 5 % of the vote, and in essence any vote for them will take one from Romney and give it to Obama. If we have a tight Conservative, Republican Congress we can control the President whoever he might be. Any legislation he proposes can be shot down and any veto can be overridden. If you want to think outside the box this is the way to do it now. If Romney doesn’t live up to our expectations, or his promises, we can get rid of him next time around. In any event we can control him this term if Congress does it’s job. They are the people we really need to control. Only elect those who are true Conservatives and by their Oath serve the people and not themselves, a daunting task for us but one that can be accomplished.

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        Bulldog, I ot4d for Ron Paul in the primaries knowing that he would not win and my protest vote in the primaries wouldn’t hurt our chances to get Dictator and Chief Obama out of the White House but this election is so serious for the future of America, our Constitution and for We The People even Ron Paul’s son endorsed Romney/Ryan so isn’t that telling you something or does your mind just not comprehend what is at stake for our Democracy?
        Wake up man and realize that Rand Paul would love to see his father elected to the White House but his priorities are to get this Communist out of the Oval Office and I am sure he talked to his father before endorsing Romney.
        This is not brain surgery but it is just as important and just as dangerous for our country.
        If you don’t realize this then you will get what you deserve and so will your children and grand children as well as mine but it will not be my fault as it wasn’t in 08 when I voted for McCain.

        • hillbilly bulldog

          We are getting more of the same…do your homework. The real changes will come when people are brave enough to step out of the box! Martin Luther wasn’t popular in the nation until after he was dead but I bet you respect him now. I am not afraid to do the right thing which is not voting for the lesser of two evils. Evil is evil…the Bible doesn’t have a gray area by which it would be okay to vote for more of the same when you know the truth. I will NOT comply!!!

          Here is some homework help in case any of you are just following someone else instead of standing in your own wisdom and knowledge:

    • don

      yes an we brought it up on our selfs . WE shall suffer great for our mistake. WE an only WE our to blame.

    • al

      Actually we have two completely different people on the ballot.
      Obama who we now know is a constant liar and has, on a open mike, gave away his future plans to double cross us with Russia.
      Then we have Mitt Romney who the MSM drove out of the race when McCain was selected last time. The press has never found one thing to attack Romney on and even though he was not my choice, he is the only choice that we can possibly win with. Either join up or shut up. I too was, and still am, a Ron Paul booster and it is my hope that Romney if elected will put Paul as Treasury Sec so we might have a chance to save our Nation. That is after we get finished fighting Obama and his thugs in the upcoming riots.

  • Patriot1776

    And it is time to pick up the mantle that was left to us and bring America back on track. Step 1 is to remove the sitting president who has dedicated his life and his legacy to changing America using the ever failing model of communism/socialism. He has ignored the Constitution and the will of the people in pushing forward his agenda using executive orders instead of working to accomplish unity and following the three branch system of our government.

    Step 2 is to elect into congress true representatives of the people who believe in the America that should be and will actually do the task that they are elected to do, stand up for the citizens of this nation, bring government spending under control, and return the balance of power to the center. These representatives must hold the President accountable and keep him within the powers vested in the Constitution.

    Step 3 is to bring an end to “establishment” politics through our voice as citizens of the greatest republic and return to a government of the people. We must not allow the continuation of special interest politics and the moral denigration of this country.

    We must put forth the effort to leave a greater nation to our children and grandchildren than what we have today.

    • hillbilly bulldog

      While I agree with you, my question is this from your “step 2″: Now that Congress is “irrelevant” (due to all the set up of EO’s etc…) and leaves them powerless to fend for this country, not to mention the separation of powers across the board is extremely blurred, should Congress be the focus? What are we going to do and keep it peaceful if that is even possible?

      Something I have not heard from most who are like-minded is this fact: as the church swings, so does society…as society swings, so controls limited government. I believe you cannot separate them and win liberty.

      • Patriot1776

        The first order of business for the new administration needs to be to wipe the slate clean of all of the standing executive orders. This is why we need strong Constitutional based representatives in both the House and the Senate. We need to reset the clock.

        I also fully agree that without God you cannot have liberty. This nation was built on a solid foundation, acknowledging that our rights and our freedom was endowed by the Creator. We must rebuild that solid foundation.

  • Polski

    Good, Bob. One is horrible and the other is terrible. So we do another crooked election courtesy of all the crooks in the 2 parties.

    • SarahR

      Ok, Ok. I’m guilty. I’ve been sleeping for the last 50yrs. Letting the progressives take our freedoms away little by little. But Obama awakened me and now I want to take back all that made America great. We must rid ourselves of Obama and his hippie ’60s losers who hated America and now wants to destroy it. Romney/Ryan now. 2016 we will have someone better and will vote them in. First get rid of Obama

    • OLD MAN

      And your solution is??? Obama has telegraphed his intentions. He is demonstrating how he wants this country CHANGED. Romney may not be the WHOLE answer but as I see it better than what we have now. Pick your choice wisely. Your future depends on it.

  • Seanoamericano

    Everybody needs to get early ballots or absentee for RP because with the diebold machines provided by the pig soros you will be voting for one of his lackeys and we continue to lose to the filthy and vile pukes and the loosers in the un I would like to see nobody vote as a statement that none of the are any good. NONE!

    • AZ-Ike

      Again, the popular vote, whether counted in this country or in Spain, whether counted by Obama’s lackeys or by patriots, does NOT elect the President. The Electoral College votes elect the President and they are counted by the Senate with the House.

  • http://no Brelan Knighten

    I agree with most of the above comments, but wonder if we are still too afraid of the ravenous anti-patriotic, terrorizing Federal Reserve System owners/ World Controllers? If their system of interest/theft was lifted from the shoulders of the American People, and indeed, the shoulders of the world”s population then the bribery of almost all politicians could cease. Of course, I realize that anyone,with power, who stands up to them, gets assassinated,( examples Abraham Lincoln, and John Kennedy) , so I can understand. I don’t believe I am important enough for them to bother with. But if Ron Paul were to become President of this United States Corporation, he would do just fine, as long as he bowed down to the before mentioned “Powers That Be”. But if he initiated moves to bring us out from under their control, he too would be assassinated. I believe he would follow his heart, and try to do the right thing. Therefor, I am glad that he will not be president, he is too good a man to be treated in that fashion. Other than possibly his son, I doubt there is anyone with the raw nerve, and power to even consider taking up the challenge. It will take a knowledgeable man of exceptional fortitude, and FAITH who truly has no fear of dying, and knows that he will be with God if they should kill him. Furthermore he must be replaced with a man of like strength, knowledge, and FAITH, who also has no fear of dying, because “The Powers that Be”, will surely not give up their powers so easily. They have created wars, just so they could increase their wealth, by lending funds to both sides of the war, and thus collecting interest from both sides. They are so scurrilous, and evil, that they have no end to their seeking of money/power. Think not that there are no werewolves in this world. And know that their god is satan.

  • Hedgehog

    I still think that you are wrong about there being an election in November. I still believe that Obama will find or create some pretext to declare martial law, suspend the constitution and rule by executive order. Pretty much as he is doing now. Opponents of Obama’s rule will be rounded up and imprisoned without charge or trial and perhaps executed, perhaps not. If you are not prepared to take up arms against Obama and his minions, as your constitution gives you the right to do, history will repeat itself and slavery will return to America. I wish you the best of luck.

    • OLD MAN

      As daily events unfold it looks that way dosn’t it…………………..

  • john

    Sadly . . .it would be a huge surprise if Hedgehog is wrong. He’ll generate a New War or an American revolution that will create his own goal of eventual supremacy with Martial Law and won’t need any do-nothing Congress to support it. Hope we’re all wrong !

  • chuckb

    we not only need a change in the white house, we need a change in the congress and senate. we have allowed the two parties to keep throwing the same garbage at us year after year, for an example, harry reid, pelosi, boehner, mcconnell.
    we need a new party, these two have worn out their welcome. lets elect romney, that will at least clean out the communist in the white house, then prepare a new party in 2016, no more life long terms no more pork barrel politics, no more outlandish perks, they get social security just like everyone else, now’s the time to do it.

  • Ted Crawford

    “Grows the debt almost as fast as Obama”(?) That presupposes that the Economy stays flat. Should the Economy grow the debt will decrease not increase! Even Kennedy understood this ” Prosperity is the real way to balance the budget “

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Ted Crawford,

      You write: ” That presupposes that the Economy stays flat. Should the Economy grow the debt will decrease not increase! Even Kennedy understood this ” Prosperity is the real way to balance the budget. No. It presupposes, based on their own words, continued spending and money printing which will, eventually, lead to collapse.

      Best wishes,

      • Ted Crawford

        OK, now it’s clear to me, your mind is made up, let’s not confuse it with Centuries of Historic fact. It dosen’t fit into Dr. Pauls Idealistic, Grandiose Future Vision, so it all must be ignored!
        It seems that I’ve, in the past, given you far more credit than was warrented !

  • TrueAmerican

    Look before I get called all kinds of names for posting this first do your homework before you do. I agree with most of the post here except you people are not seeing the forest from the trees. There are other illegal groups, organizations and departments running this county and controlling the President. He is just the puppet. Look these up if you don’t believe me. If you want to make a change, you have to get rid of the following groups and organizations. The Trilateral Commission; Bilderberg Group;Council on Foreign Relations;and the United Nations. There groups and organizations are the ones making
    these laws and trying to create a one world currency and one world government. It will never matter who is the President if you don’t destroy these groups and organizations.
    Say what you must. By i speak the truth and I know people can’t handle the truth.
    They have been lied to so much that the truth is refused to be accepted and called hate speech. This is another deception by the lame stream media. All the lame stream media
    ABC, NBC, CBS,..etc are controlled by those same groups and organizations. Notice they
    all have the same scripts? They all talk about the things each night. They are being told
    what to say and WHAT NOT TO SAY. Do your homework. You find out that I speak the
    truth. If you want to take America back then you have to cut the head off of the snake!!!

  • SteveG

    Unfortunately for all of us, is that big money owns everything. If that is ever threatened, or they feel uncomfortable with anyone, that individual, or group is destroyed in any way possible including assassination. They wanted a war, to make more profit by selling the weapons, etc. so they create one, no problem, just kill an important person, and blame it on someone else. Lot’s of profit in a war, just ask Halliburton, lots of funds get ‘misplaced’ too, billions,…????? unaccounted for. Hmmmmm wonder who profited there>?? Mr Cheney gets a tidy sum from his retirement fund from Halliburton, …..Hmmmmm wonder if there is a connection to them getting all the work over there…????Mitt won’t release any of his REAL tax info,….. what cha hiding Mitt?????
    You are one of the 1% we are all trying to get to pay their fair share, which you sir, did not. Get real, how can you justify paying less than 1/2 of the average rate for your taxes and at only 13% or less, you are paying LESS of a percentage of your INCOME than someone who is below the poverty level. Al Capone paid more during his life than you do.You sir, are a disgrace to America, fair??? you do not know the meaning of that word. We are trying to get someone who is not ‘Too important to actually defend his country’ Mitt did not serve because his daddy got him preferential treatment,… George also did not serve his country, His daddy got him preferential treatment,… he was a helper for political campaigns during his time in the service, never went overseas, even though that was what he was supposedly Trained for, Hmmmmm
    Ron Paul actually cares for this country, and it’s being ‘OWNED’ by big money.
    I will also write in his name, Not that big money would actually let an independent thinker be in a powerful position, they would have them done away with, I am sure.
    If the Bankers who control the worlds money, actually think they can continue the charade now that it is being exposed, they are manipulating the economies of all the world to profit, and maintain their grip on profits no matter what. Even including the collapse of it all around them,while they shelter in a fortress somewhere.

  • SJJolly

    It continually amazes me how someone who panders to Wall Street bankers as much as BH Obama does can be accused of being a Marxist or Communist. Simply a matter of much of the anti-Obama commentors not knowing what a Marxist or Communist is, other than they are something “BAD!” ?

  • DantheLibertarian

    It’s True, Obama is a fascist as are all of the pols with the exception of Dr. Paul. So you all think that Amerika will survive with Obomney rather than with the obomination but what is the difference? oh yeah, socialist party B is REPUBLICAN and you still are MORONS of you think for one minute there is any difference in the outcome either way. We had a chance for change with Dr. Paul (who is still getting my vote) of for Gary Johnson for that matter and Amerika threw it away because, obviously from these responses, you still believe the [expletive deleted] you’ve been fed all your life. Time to grow up and review your past decisions and see if perhaps you need a plastiotomy! Amerika will only change from pain BECAUSE Amerika is fat and lazy and still wants something for nothing.

    • actual socialist

      Uh dude it,s a-m-e-r-i-c-a no k also ” most americans are fat,lazy and want somthing for nothing” is a GROSS oversimplization

  • Dorian Douglas

    Bob needs to see a political cataract surgeon. Anyone who believes his political views is as out of touch as Bob is.

    I don’t disagree with his facts; it is his conclusions that make no sense.

    Dorian Douglas

  • actual socialist

    Marxists can NOT be owned by banks as a TRUE marxist would see the bank as what it is a tool used by the elites to surpress the workers therefore obama can NOT be a marxist as he IS OWNED by the banks truth be told they are BOTH FASCISTS sucks but it,s the truth

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear actual socialist,

      A central bank is the fifth plank of the communist manifesto. Someone in that system must own the bank. Your statement is illogical.

      Best wishes,

      • actual socialist

        Not someone Mr Livingston everyone the priorites of a communist ” peoples bank ” would be decided by a comitee democraticlly elected by the people

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear actual socialist,

          BAH! You ARE a utopian and a dreamer. I suggest you read Animal Farm.

          Best wishes,

          • actual socialist

            Dear Bob namecalling is the hallmark of a WEAK argument best wishes actual socialist

      • Thomas

        Bob, I think you have good insight and logic, and I also feel that most of the politicians we have to vote for are corrupt and tools of powers much more dangerous than any one of them could be. Ron Paul is honest and that is a rare thing indeed in a long term congressman. If I end up voting for Romney, I will feel I failed in my responsibility as a citizen. Romney may be a better choice than Obama, but not much better, and as stated here by someone earlier I think, the presidency is not as important as a working congress and senate, along with a judicial system that upholds the constitution as it was written. Rand Paul and other folks such as Sarah Palin are working diligently to get good folks elected. These people are true American patriots. They may have different views than me but mostly not. Also in that category I would include folks such as Lyndon Larouche who with his attempts at getting global attention to major economic and political concerns of the planet and world cooperation rather than confrontation to solve them. They are fighting a huge army of elitists and misinformation specialists that have convinced too many of the populace to their reasoning though it be very wrong and will lead to devastation. Education to the truth is the only thing that will save this country and the world. We need to maintain our freedom in order for this to happen, and work quickly.

  • Chris

    If the electoral college votes determines who is President, then why is everyone voting?
    Get rid of the electoral college and tally up people’s votes…………..a no brainer (duh).


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