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Gruber On Government Payroll While Touting Healthcare Reform

January 15, 2010 by  

Gruber on government payroll while touting healthcare reformMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Jonathan Gruber, one of the most prominent academic supporters of national healthcare reform, is being heavily criticized for not having fully disclosed the fact that he is a paid government consultant.

Gruber, an economist who has provided expert opinion for many journalists over the past year, is currently under a $297,600 contract with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Political journalists around the country are upset with the academic after he defended healthcare reform to numerous members of the media and only acknowledged to one source that he had ties to the administration, Fox News reports.

"The [New England Journal of Medicine] asked me, so I disclosed it," Gruber told Politico, adding that nobody else inquired about his possible professional affiliations.

"None of my public writing was based on the modeling I was doing for the administration," he added. "What I say in public is just what I believe, regardless of what the administration thinks."

The New York Times and many other media outlets have referred to Gruber as simply "a respected MIT economist."

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  • Victor L Barney



    • Joe H.

      Go Brown, kick her liberal behind!!!!! 58 to 42, I love it Brown is cookin’!!!

      • DaveH

        And this is coming from an electorate that is experiencing the joys of Government meddling in Healthcare. That says a lot, as one of Browns stands is that he will vote against the HealthCare Bill.

        • Dennis

          Here is a nice little diddy for those healthcare fans, I have recently found out from someone I know very well that is receiving government healthcare now and they
          they DO NOT PAY for her DIABETIC SHOTS!
          So that might enlighten those of you who believe your going to get prime healthcare, you’ll be lucky to get so much as a band-aid!

          • Dennis

            I would also like to add, that so many of these economist need to start over in kindergarden…
            1 + 1 = 2
            1 + 2 = 3… and so on.
            So many of them have purposely been frauding us, as well as global warming fraud!!!
            This Bernie Madeoff / Enron accounting just WILL NOT work, just as it DIDN’T WORK for them. You can only shove the numbers around for so long and then an ECONOMIC COLLAPSE!!!
            Come on, Haiti is a perfect example of GOVERNMENT GREED and CORRUPTION!
            They wanted to keep the people in poverty, so they would need them always,
            WHERE is the government when the country needs them???
            Over here in our GREAT NATION OF CAPITALISM!
            If it weren’t for the prosperity of capitalism, this country would be just like Haiti.
            See a perfect example of where socialism will take us.
            You would think… THIS would WAKE UP the blind people thinking that socialism is good.
            Your not an ostrich, get your head out of the sand once and for all!
            If America did not have capitalism, HOW WOULD WE HELP EVERYONE ELSE?
            What is the first thing that happens?
            America, please help, open your hearts…. and so on….


      • Tinwarble

        The election in Massachusetts isn’t just about the Health Care, if Brown wins this could stop a lot more. If the Dems keep control of Congress they’ll have a nonstop way of pushing Universal Registration & Amnesty for Illegal Aliens which they have in the water works and will be working on next if they get their Health Care Bill passed. Those 2 things will dump 30 million new Democrat voters into the system, putting the chance of having a limited government and the Constitution on the endangered species list. While not everyone might agree with every position of Brown, he is the pedal that will put the brakes on the ever expanding government

      • JudiH

        Yah kick her butt and then we’re on our way back to that well traveled road. Does anyone think about cleaning that dirty white house and starting with some new ideas? Maybe some people with a few ethics, morals and possibly an intelligence quotient higher than their shoe size!

  • J C

    “Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Jonathan Gruber, one of the most prominent academic supporters of national healthcare reform, is being heavily criticized for not having fully disclosed the fact that he is a paid government consultant.”

    Naturally like any good dog, he’ll lick the hand that feeds him.

    • Joe H.

      Why does this surprise everyone??? O-man has tried to employ every tactic to get his agenda through and the only thing I wonder is “WHAT NEXT?!?!”

      • JC

        I’m not surprised any more Joe, just disgusted.

    • Meteorlady

      Gruber has no business taking my tax dollars. He is a professor and a paid lackey of the government. I object to the government paying anyone outside of a full time government employee. What a waste of my tax dollars.

  • Warrior

    Let history repeat itself. Boston, you are the answer.

  • Dee

    It’s not surprising that Obama ‘bribes’ many people to push his ‘Healthcare’ bill … no matter what the cost… Who else is on the ‘government dole’, that WE the taxpayers pay for? This is the most CORRUPT government and President I’ve ever seen in my lifetime…Thanks to all those ‘Obama Voters’ who were woooood by his Rhetoric … but NOT SUBSTANCE! What’s Next?? Who knows, it’s a ‘crisis’ everyday in America… Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!! The Healthcare bill will be another ‘Saturday Night Special’ vote…on the road to SOCIALISM!!

    • Dennis

      Yes, it is really strange how so MANY people see and say that this government is CORRUPT and are tax avaders BUT yet they keep their jobs! Not just just keep their jobs but get promoted!
      For example, it is as though you have someone that works for you that steals from everyone and puts their lives in danger (denying terrorist), also stealing from all your customers,
      and you don’t FIRE them and put them in JAIL,

    • Meteorlady

      Funny, Obama said on at least 8 separate occasions that he would televise the health care debate on “CSPAN”. That there would be transparency and that we would all be able to know what was happening. Not a single idea that came from the Republicans has been heard publicly or considered for implementation into the health care bill. Instead the Democrats are all meeting behind closed doors and not publicly telling anyone what is going on. They take a vote without fully reading the document and without any disclosure to the American people. They meet with Obama behind White House closed doors and nothing is said about that meeting. I am afraid, very afraid for my country. I and a lot of my friends are considering dual citizenship in case this all falls apart. Wonder who will support all the non-contributing members of society when we leave with our money. Wonder who will support all the criminal illegals when they are given amnesty. In 1980′s we did just that – gave amnesty and rewarded 8 million or more people for being criminals (after 10 years around 80% were still receiving some type of government assistance). Did it stop the flow – no, it started a bigger one and now after years of avoiding the problem by our government, we have 24 – 30 million of them in this country, while our unemployment rate is somewhere in the 18% range (counting people that have quit looking for work and exhausted their benefits). Maybe if we sent the 24-30 million home Americans could get their jobs back. Anyone that hires an illegal is unpatriotic and should be fined and/or thrown in jail. The don’t deserve to live in this country. Illegals have drive our wages scale down, have driven our health care up, have flooded our welfare roles, have taken advantage of subsidized housing and free education for their children (in Spanish I might add). This takes away from all of us who worked to make this country great.

  • Joe

    To: The American Taxpayer 03/12/09
    From: Joe
    Re: The Heartless

    Again the Conspirators have proven that they are heartless. The “Heartless Conspirators” have thrust the kid, Barack Hussein Mohamed Obama, whose only talent is to rap using reasonably good English, into the position of “Leader of the Free World”.

    The “Barack Kid” eloquently pontificates using reasonably good English and is oblivious to what is causing his pain while the Russian Bear bites him in the ass and the China Tiger claws him down the back side while the little puppies (like North Korea, Iran, France, etc…) nip at his heels.

    Who are these “Heartless Conspirators”? To name a few, they are the left wing liberal politicians, the US socialists and communists, the radical environmentalist, the left wing liberal socialist/communist media. These cretins have conspired to create crisis after crisis for uncountable years with the objective of changing the US to an environment suitable for the many little “Kings and Queens” who have wiggled themselves into politics and bureaucracies.

    There is an old Chinese proverb that states:

    Crisis + Chaos = Opportunity

    The preverbal straw that broke the camel’s back was the fuel crisis, caused by “Heartless Conspirators”. This caused the American Taxpayer to have to pay up to $5 per gallon for fuel. At this point, the American Taxpayer rebelled. We quit buying fuel. We quit traveling. We quit spending money. Now we have chaos. The equation is complete. There is now Crisis + Chaos which creates Opportunity.

    There is now Opportunity for the “Heartless Conspirators” to change the US to an environment suitable for the many little “Kings and Queens” who have wiggled themselves into politics and bureaucracies. The “Heartless Conspirators” are guided only by the approach whereby the end justifies the means.

    There are some who think that we are past the point of no return.

    Sincerely, Joe

    Norman Mattoon Thomas (November 20, 1884 – December 19, 1968 ( some of us are old enough to remember him running for President). He was a leading American socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America. Norman Thomas said this in a 1944 speech:
    “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

    • Meteorlady

      Thanks -well written.

  • http://Don'thaveone Sally

    You know, its about time that we know who all is on the government payroll? First we have all the CZARS that have not been ratified by the Senate, then the additional “assistants” to Queen Obama, now this. I don’t have PHD or any three letters after my name but how do I get on the payroll for my opinions? We aren’t allowed to pay “informers” anymore or at least before this admin not, and that is for good information concerning terrorism, but we can pay for everything else.

  • Ron

    I would imagine that he is tired of seeing the liberal professors from Harvard, Georgetown, Yale, Berklely and others get all the gravy.

  • Dave

    Jonathan Gruber states:
    “The [New England Journal of Medicine] asked me, so I disclosed it,” Gruber told Politico, adding that nobody else inquired about his possible professional affiliations.

    “None of my public writing was based on the modeling I was doing for the administration,” he added. “What I say in public is just what I believe, regardless of what the administration thinks.”

    And if anyone nbelieves that, I have the “Golden Gate” bridge for sale.
    Obamacrats need to understand disclosure comes before, not after or only if you are asked.

  • Robert

    Figures! So where is the transparency and full disclosures? Why am I asking that stupid question? I must be on drugs or something, silly me.

    • Joe H.

      At least you would admit it!! This admin is too elite to admit maybe we are thinking the same thing about them!!!

    • DaveH

      They are very transparent – transparently dishonest.

  • http://MSN B. Rowland

    Before the Presidential election, my husband said, DO NOT vote for Obama-I can reflect back on how Hitler was also a great orator, captured the minds of the American people with his empty promises, and HERE WE ARE – - – what a said state we now are in………

  • http://Bresnan Fred Hammel

    I think it is about time every worker in the United States becomes a government employees, like our brothers in the USSR. We would make great money , great benefits , early retirement and a pension that pays more then most of us working in the private sector. But I have one question? where would the money come. The private use to create wealth, now the private sector is no longer allow to create , no more mining, logging,farming, making clothes , making shoes. In Russia; government control all means of production . So the people pretended to work and the government pretended to pay them.

  • Tinwarble

    Does this really surprise anyone? How many don’t know that 72% of College faculty describe themselves as being liberal? Why wouldn’t an MIT professor share the same idea’s as Obama since most of them share the same socially liberal views that he does. For him to come out and say that he supports the Health Care bill should be no more of a surprise than Ward Churchill touting the bad things that his country has done or calling those killed in the 9/11 terrorist attack “Little Eichmann’s”. Like most College professors, they believe that because of their higher learning, however learning without the common sense that God gave a rat, that they are smarter than the rest of American’s and they know what’s best.

  • Meteorlady

    Liberalism starts now in High School and maybe less. My nephew says he knows nothing about the founding father of this country, about the constitution, the bill of rights or anything like that. He is 17. Now schools are talking about changing the way History is taught. What is that supposed to mean? History happened a certain way, you can’t just change it to suit your agenda. it’s sad, but if I had children still in school I would home school them or send them to private school. Public education is a dumbing down of society anymore and is hurting our nation.

    • Joe H.

      It is a parents duty to their children to see that they are not deficient in ANY subject. Ask your kids if they know about things such as our founding fathers and the constitution and if not make them learn! make them take out books from the city library or buy them, test them yourself, and make sure they at the very least know the basics!!

  • chuck b


    this dumbing down in the schools isn’t something that has just started, it has been incremented by small drops since the seventies. the “nea” and lesser “aft” have been the tools. the initial idea has been to cut the curriculum down to give the minority students a chance to move up so they dumbed down the ones who could succeed in order to even the field. at the same time they have and are changing history as we knew it. patriotism has gone out the window and unless you are taught in a private school or home taught you will look at history in a different light. this doesn’t apply to every school in the country only to the majority. this is why liberalism is on the rise and we end up with leaders such as we have. unless we make an all out effort to stop this movement now, we might as well give up and join the comrades, otherwise, we will be fighting in the streets for our freedom. this healthcare bill is a very important move to the socialist liberals and very detrimental to our freedom.

  • DaveH

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