Gruber On Government Payroll While Touting Healthcare Reform


Gruber on government payroll while touting healthcare reformMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Jonathan Gruber, one of the most prominent academic supporters of national healthcare reform, is being heavily criticized for not having fully disclosed the fact that he is a paid government consultant.

Gruber, an economist who has provided expert opinion for many journalists over the past year, is currently under a $297,600 contract with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Political journalists around the country are upset with the academic after he defended healthcare reform to numerous members of the media and only acknowledged to one source that he had ties to the administration, Fox News reports.

"The [New England Journal of Medicine] asked me, so I disclosed it," Gruber told Politico, adding that nobody else inquired about his possible professional affiliations.

"None of my public writing was based on the modeling I was doing for the administration," he added. "What I say in public is just what I believe, regardless of what the administration thinks."

The New York Times and many other media outlets have referred to Gruber as simply "a respected MIT economist."

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