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Groups stress costs of immigration

August 22, 2009 by  

Groups stress costs of immigration During the last few weeks, several immigration reform advocates have issued announcements designed to attract attention to the cost the American society is paying due to undocumented as well as legal aliens who continue to arrive in the country.

The Coalition for the Future American Worker (CFAW) launched a series of TV ads which focus on the fact that although some 15 million Americans are unemployed the government continues to bring 1.5 million foreign workers a year to take American jobs.

CFAW also appealed to the Obama administration to make sure all employers are using E-verify and to boost worksite enforcement of immigration laws.

Meanwhile, a study released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has documented the cost of illegal immigration in Pennsylvania.

According to the report, it costs the state $660 million a year to educate – including special instruction in English – the children of illegal aliens, $50 million a year to provide healthcare for illegal aliens’ families and an estimated $17.5 million to incarcerate criminals who are undocumented foreigners.

FAIR’s president Dan Stein stresses that "even as the state wrestles with a budget crisis that has brought it to the brink of being unable to pay its bills, illegal immigration is draining nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars from state coffers."

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  • DaveH

    This country was built by immigrants who knew what it was like to live under oppressive regimes. Imagine the conditions that would drive people to leave their homelands and risk their lives crossing a vast ocean in crude ships (by today’s standards) to seek relief from that oppression. We were fortunate that they learned from those experiences and tried to give their ancestors a better life, a freer life.
    For sure, the Mexican journey is not that life-threatening, but their country is hobbled by corruption and cronyism in their leadership.
    Anyway, I don’t know if they are a positive or negative to our economy (although I lean to the positive). What I do know is that they are breaking our laws. And we either need to change those laws or enforce them. There is a large portion of our leadership who love to pass a truckload of laws (which only burden those of us who are law-abiding) but don’t enforce or obey those laws themselves.
    We need to change that in our country. We need to eliminate the laws that are not supported by the vast majority of citizens. And the few that remain need to be rigorously and evenly enforced.

    • E J Bahnsen

      Those early immigrants also had to have a sponser that was responsible for their care and upkeep. The government did not teach them English or give them medical care. It should not be up to the education department to pay for teaching them English.

      • chris

        Amen! Those that are here “illegally” DESERVE nothing, except deportation at their own expense.

        As far as the prison system; much of it is privately owned….IMAGINE? So, that too is a for profit now, just like medicine and war! We have a great bunch in Washington at the public trough…don’t we?

      • Patricia Henson

        E J Bahnsen Reply, Not only does the American taxpayer pay for healthcare and education ( which is a bunch of money per individual.) We also pay for food stamps, rent, clothing, dental, college programs,utilities, and everything else they decide they can’t live without. Then they turn around and illegally take American workers jobs making sure your children go without all of the things that they get for free. When you have the audacity to cry foul they turn around and call you racist haters for trying to stand up for yourself. I don’t think people really realize what the true cost per individual it really costs to support them. It is my view that the illegals need to be rounded up and deported and then we need to totally close down our borders to anyone until our countries financial matters are back in the red. I for one am tired too of the illegals taking American jobs, not paying taxes and then sending money over to another foreign country instead of supporting the one that is taking care of them. You all can call me a hater if you want to, I just don’t care anymore. I care more about MY children and grandchildren getting jobs and being able to feed and house themselves than I care about someone who openly breaks our laws.

        • Lindy

          You’re tired of illegals taking American jobs, and you care more about your children and grandchildren getting jobs and being able to feed and house themselves. You’re drinking the kool-aid. Turn-off Lou Dobbs or FOX-tv and think about it for a second. The kind of jobs that illegal aliens tend to work are jobs that Americans would never do. Seriously, are your children and grandchildren aspiring to become migrant farm workers, bent over, all day long, harveting whatever vegetable or fruit is in season? Are your kids going to college to hone their janitorial skills for a career in floor polishing?

          Yeah, I’m all for deporting illegal aliens the second they are in custody… but as for them taking jobs from Americans, it’s a load. The jobs Americans want are being shipped away by corporations. The jobs illegal aliens work are so dirty, or labor intensive, most Americans would never even consider them… which is why the situation exists.

          • eyeswideopen

            Well said Lindy!

          • gail lightfoot

            Hear! Hear!
            I have not seen any Help Wanted Ads listing jobs currently held by individuals whose employers fear face deportation.

          • Celeste

            Lindy, I agree with you…this response is to Patricia….you are so wrong… illegals take better jobs than you think… so you need to get off the Kool aid.

          • http://naver Brady

            Lindy I tend to understand what you are saying, but since I’m originally from Indiana, there are many illegals working in our factories and other industrial sites. If a factory in Indiana hires an American worker, they would start them off at $10.00 an hour and pay “X” amount (I don’t know how much.) in insurance. If they hire an illegal alien for the job, they start them off at minimum wage and only offer them a token $10,000 – $20,000 coverage of insurance. Many owners say that the illegals save them money, but I know for a fact that the quality of their product suffers for this decision. As long as this continues, many Americans will not be offered these jobs and illegals will continue to come here. Most of our illegal aliens come from “South of the border” as it were. I’m not a racist, but this is a fact that we all know. I’m all for securing our borders. Like Robin Williams said once: “Let’s remove our troops from these other countries. They don’t want us there, so we should leave and station our troops on our borders. No one sneaking through holes in the fence.”

          • john w

            No they do not do jobs Americans won’t do. That is left wing propaganda. They do jobs Americans can no longer get. When I was a teenager I worked as a bus boy try finding an American in the back of a restaurant now. You believe this because you have been told it over and over till you are now brainwashed into believing it.

          • Shirley ELTON

            Well, I don’t know about the jobs that nobody wants because I have cleaned plenty of other people’s homes & offices.But I must say I have never made $80 for 3 hrs work.I also was not driving a brand new Avalanche Truck & wearing a $200 pair of designer jeans.I’m still not.I know a lot of these illegal aliens who are doing just that.I also know Americans who are cleaning to ,so I guess it is a job Americans still want.They are also working at meat packing co, manufacturing plants,construction co. & etc. for very good salaries.Most are sending their money to banks back home,” so when they get enough they can go home & live like kings.”Not my words,theirs.They have even learned how to work the system.I had one who wanted me to add more money to his 1099.I told our CPA & she said he wanted to get the $3500 unearned income tax credit refund back.She said someone would give him a 1099 for more money.She had an office full of them every day getting the refunds back.My husband & I are 58-62 & we have to pay thru the nose.They are getting SS cks ,welfare cks,medicaid,food stamps.How?They are not citizens?Our postman says he can only deliver one ck to whoevers name is on the mailbox.He said there will be 4-5 cks coming to the same address but he won’t give them the chs;only the one.They can’t even speak english,it use to be a requirement.Now Americans have to push a button if we want to hear English.Do other countries disrespect their own citizens so badly?They are killing,robbing, & stealing here in Amarillo daily.They have almost taken over our city.I’m ready to leave.

          • DaveH

            If we had a free market (we don’t) the amount of jobs in the economy would only be limited by our imagination and our energy. No foreign country or person can take away our jobs. Only our government, by fostering cronyism through licensing laws or by saddling our businesses with burdensome regulations, can take away jobs from the economy. Every person who works for the government administering those licensing procedures or regulations, and every person who works on complying with those licensing and regulatory rules, could be engaging in productive endeavors instead. In a free market there is nobody holding a gun to your head to force you to buy their products or services. And if there were then that is where government would be legitimately involved.
            If we don’t care enough about ourselves to scrutinize a product or request credentials from those who would provide us a service, do you really think someone in the government is going to care not only for themselves but also for us? Please. The politicians are like magicians, distracting us with one hand while doing their dirty work with the other.
            The real problem is not the Mexican workers, but the American non-workers who have bought into this idea that the government can protect us from all things. The result is that our government swells larger, then after creating more inefficiencies, convinces the American voters that more government is the answer to those inefficiencies.

          • http://LibertyAlert Linda

            I work with illegals everyday. I do the same jobs and get paid the same. When they have been reported to ICE they all run until the heat is over then retun to work. The employers don’t care because they say they get better production out of the illegals than Americans. I know a lot of Americans that need a job and would be willing to take anyone of their jobs.

      • DixieConnie

        I drove a school bus in a small city in Texas and 95% of my students were illegal mexicans that could not speak English. The school is required to have classes to teach them English, the state is required to feed them lunches and the school is required to haul them back and forth. Their parents do not pay land or school taxes because they rent their houses. Yes, something needs to be done.

        • DaveH

          If they rent, they are effectively paying taxes through the landlord. The problems you cited are a result of the nanny state that has been created mistakenly by well-intentioned people and politicians. The illegals should certainly not be getting financial help from the government (i.e., the taxpayers, many of whom contribute unwillingly), and neither should anyone else. Small local voluntary charities would be much more effective at taking care of the truly needy.
          I can tell you from personal experience and from watching friends that when someone is getting free money from the government (unemployment insurance, welfare, etc.) the tendency is to milk it. Government assistance tends to prolong the period of neediness and take away the pride and energy of the assisted.
          Big Government is the problem, not the solution.

  • Lea Reiter

    An 8track tape deck has put my Canadian LPR boyfriend on the wrong side of the DOJ & DHS. After 8 years of fighting, DHS has tricked the surety company into forfeiting his bond.

    An expunged misdemeanor from 1978 could land him in detention even if he wins his current appeal at the Federal circuit court. Guess who’s footing the bill for the four government attorneys who are currently crafting arguments against him?

    • DaveH

      Sorry to hear that Lea.
      As if they haven’t got enough real criminals to busy themselves with.
      I have come to the conclusion over the years that the criminal justice system is mostly about full employment for the police, lawyers, court employees, prison employees, and others who feed on it. I don’t think they care about crime as much as they care about how much money they can make on it.

  • Brittancus

    Everybody in the workplace must be carefully vetted for inconsistencies with a progressively upgraded E-Verify. Even without stealing into the reformed health care system by federal law the taxpayers must support illegal immigrants for emergency medical services. Foreign nationals use this mandatory law, as an excuse for any kind of minor injury or illness.

    The travesty that drives the faltering health care system is of course money. Everyday our televisions are monotonously inundated with adverts about new drugs and medicine. Personally I’m sick of the continuous kaleidescope of ads, trying to program our brains to buy another boring antihistamine? We should also question the majority of Republicans, why there are rumors of a dark conspiracy? Could it be that that these people have a cemented interest in killing any type of reform? How many of these politicians have secret stocks in multi-bed hospitals, greedy profiteering insurance firms or the pharmaceutical industry. THE QUESTION THAT MUST BE ASKED IS, WHO HAS VOTED AGAINST A PUBLIC OPTION? WHICH POLITICIANS HAVE A FINANCIAL STAKE IN KILLING ANY REFORM? IS THERE INFORMATION THAT ANSWERS THESE QUESTIONS? THINK ABOUT IT?

    My health care experience was mainly in England and Australia and prior to the mass immigration invasion was positively first class. FIRST CLASS AND EXEMPLARY!

    Of course the status quo doesn’t want any change in the trillion dollar medical complex, because it could strictly confine a multitude of new common sense laws? Sadly, I have listened to lies sprouting from the special interest lobby over the airwaves for weeks. Trouble is, a majority of the American people believe this tripe that we are constantly bombarded with?

    We are still conveying many entitlement programs to illegal aliens and their families, with extorted taxes.We have always been the recipients of business welfare and likely always will be, because the pariah businesses that hire illegals, never pay anything to their support. GET RAW ANSWERS AT NUMBERSUSA Tell those in WASHINGTON no more AMNESTIES. USE ATTRITION TO DEPORT THEM THROUGH E-VERIFY, 287 G, NO MATCH SOCIAL SECURITY LETTERS AND LIGHTENING ICE RAIDS. CONTACT YOUR POLITICIAN 202-224-3121 AND DEMAND NO WEAKENING OF CURRENT LAWS?

  • DaveH

    It amazes me that the biggest growth industry in this country has been the government, and still people want more.
    The government was part and parcel of the shoddy lending the banks were doing. And then those banks who got into trouble, following the lead of government, were bailed out with taxpayer money. The banks and the people who didn’t take the greedy risks are now on the hook (through taxpayer money) for the mistakes of those others. It wasn’t just Republicans, and it wasn’t just Democrats. Both parties were complicit in this huge waste of money. Read the book “Boom and Bust” by Thomas Sowell to get the whole story.
    Big Government is the problem, not the solution!

    • eyeswideopen

      Biggest growth industry is Big Pharma. Profits of 200 billion a year, government doesn’t make that kind of profit. HeH Heh

  • Robin from Indiana

    If we have illegal aliens in our prison system, then somebody is not doing their job. Convicted illegal aliens should without a doubt be sent back to where they came from. I personally feel even if they are not convicted, but only accused, they are in custody and since they have already broken the law by being here illegally, they should be sent back. It would save the tax payers a lot of money! Not having to pay for the lawyers who defend them or the jails that hold them, should cut costs considerably. If the Obamacare actually is passed through, it will be only a matter of time before they are standing in line waiting for their hand out. Our country needs to enforce the laws! That’s why they were made!

  • Gloria

    Illegal aliens can receive health benefits under our current system. I know this for a fact. I am a foster parent and one of my foster children who is an illegal alien receives free lunch at school and free medical care through Medicaid. Along with all of the other costs involved when children are in state custody.

  • Rolleen from Colorado

    When in grade school the immigration laws stated: each immigrant must have a sponsor, a place to live waiting for them, a job in place, no criminal record/arrests, and an education equivalent to High School-college degree preferred. Oh and I believe they had to apply for citizenship and speak English within a certain time frame. Why did that change? Perhaps big business wanted cheap labor and Americans ceased to perform dirty work such as farm work, landscaping, etc., and working couples required cheap baby sitter and housekeepers. Should that be put back in place – Indeedy do. Our country has hemorrhaged by money sent out of the country for years and our education system declined. Teddy Roosevelt said it best in 1907
    “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
    Theodore Roosevelt 1907

    Why has the economy gone bust? Perhaps by Congress deregulating banks in the 1970’s, 1983-1984 and again in 1999 and working for lobbying companies instead of for the betterment of the country and its citizens. That action allowed banks to do business across state lines, invest in the stock market (big financial No-No), and allowed companies with little economic and financial law knowledge or certification invest in loaning. Mortgages were issued with ARM payments due that most could not afford to pay and money loaned to unqualified loan applicants. Money was loaned to illegal immigrants to purchase homes. When the economy took a down turn or business owners were audited for illegal immigrants and when the illegal immigrants were sent home the homes were left behind empty with upped mortgage payments. How many of the foreclosures are due to that fact alone? I have never seen the figures on that because the mortgage companies would be ostracized if that were publicized. And the entire American public has been freewheeling due to easy access to credit cards for years. Is it any wonder we have crashed against the economic wall? We have ourselves to blame we haven’t used common sense in financial management, haven’t kept tabs on the 545 vs. 300,000,000 (Republicans & Democrats Alike – No One Is Blameless). But starting now, today, we can each one determine to take control of our own finances, cease demanding “Pork Barrel” projects and flood Congress representatives demanding the same of our representatives. If they don’t listen, change you vote next election.

    • DaveH

      Read Thomas Sowell’s “Boom and Bust” if you want to understand what caused our housing bubble.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest B.J. in VA.

    We only have to look at CA to understand the cost of Illegal Immigration and it is spreading through out the states. With the Health Care Reform (completely dismanteling the system for a new one) Pelosi and Obama tell us Illegals will not be included. However the one amendment that would have required citizenship to get health care was defeated. Obama says it is okay for illegals to use Emergency rooms. How many hospitals have already been closed down because of that cost–Plenty! How much of our school funds are used for teaching illegals English…Plenty!
    We must not let the Obama and Congress slip through Amnesty!!!
    Enforce our Immigration Laws already on the books. Make E-Verify mandatory. Stop importing foreigners into our country to take American jobs.

    • eyeswideopen

      The original Medicare bill states: ” Eligibility: 65 yrs old, US citizen or permanent legal resident for 5 continuous years and they have to have paid Medicare Taxes for at least 10 years”. This reform is just that reform, they are not going to restate all of the original rules in the original bill. Rolleen, it is nice to see that you have done some research on our fiscal situation. I write emails to 15 Congressmen every day. I would love to get rid of all those who have been there for 12 years or more. Power breeds corruption. 30 of our Congressmen have financial interests in the medical field. Who would have guessed? HEH HEH. LOL

  • gail lightfoot

    Our immigration and govt benefit laws need to be changed.
    1. Allow more immigration based on quarenteed employment and
    2. end forced charity through federal aid programs.
    Problems solved.
    1. Low paid jobs have workers.
    2. You and I decide who deserves our charity, not the govt or do-gooders who like to spend other people’s money.

  • Wolfman


  • Kathy

    I can’t even get SSI even though I’m disabled but these immigrants get everything.

    • eyeswideopen

      Now, I understand why you take the positions that you do, I am sorry, and I recommend that you get yourself a lawyer who will help you pursue your claim… You don’t pay anything, they will get 25% of your payout as a fee. That is government regulated so they can’t get more. Good Luck. But keep in mind that SS Disability is a socialist program and you might not want to participate since the Dem’s are responsible for that program.

  • virgilk

    According to estimates from different sources, if Illegal Immigration isn’t stopped and Legal immigration reduced, we will have an unsustainable population of over 500 Million by 2045. Our Hospitals will be unable to handle those numbers and will fail as has happened in So. Cal and our schools will also be over crowded and bankrupt. All of our jails will be full. No nation can survive unlimited Immigration. Some Countries in the EU are seeing these effects already. As for needing farm workers, only 2% of immigrant workers are farm workers. Many trades like Dry Wall, Concrete work, Construction and Landscaping are being taken over by Illegal Immigrants. Blacks are now outnumbered by Latinos and Asians aren’t far behind. Even Nurses are being replaced by Legal Immigrants that can barely understand English. Our Immigration laws are being ignored and it must stop.

  • virgilk

    I have no idea as to the Author of this but it is a…..
    Great explanation.
    Subject: Let’s Say I Break Into Your House!!!!
    A lady wrote the best letter in the Editorials in ages!!!
    It explains things better than all
    the baloney you hear on TV.

    Her point:
    Recently large demonstrations have taken place
    across the country protesting the fact that Congress
    is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration.

    Certain people are angry that
    the US might protect its own borders,
    might make it harder to sneak into this country and,
    once here, to stay indefinitely.

    Let me see if I correctly understand the thinking behind these protests.

    Let’s say I break into your house.
    Let’s say that when you discover me in your house,
    you insist that I leave.

    But I say, ‘No! I like it here. It’s better than my house.
    I’ve made all the beds and washed the dishes
    and did the laundry and swept the floors.
    I’ve done all the things you don’t like to do.
    I’m hard-working and honest
    (except for when I broke into your house).


    You are Required to let me stay in your house
    You are Required to feed me
    You are Required to add me to your family’s insurance plan
    You are Required to Educate my kids
    You are Required to Provide other benefits to me & to my family

    (my husband will do all of your yard work because
    he is also hard-working and honest, except for that
    breaking in part).

    If you try to call the police or force me out,
    I will call my friends who will picket your house carrying signs
    that proclaim my RIGHT to be there.
    It’s only fair, after all, because you have a nicer house than I do,
    and I’m just trying to better myself.

    I’m a hard-working and honest, person, except for well,
    you know, I did break into your house
    And what a deal it is for me!!!
    I live in your house, contributing only a
    fraction of the cost of my keep, and there is nothing you can do about it without being accused of cold,uncaring, selfish, prejudiced, and bigoted behavior.
    Oh yeah, I DEMAND that you learn MY LANGUAGE!!! so you can communicate with me.
    Why can’t people see how ridiculous this is?!
    Only in America

  • virgilk

    Groups stress costs of immigration»

    During the last few weeks, several immigration reform advocates have issued announcements designed to attract attention to the cost the American society is paying due to undocumented as well as legal aliens who continue to arrive in the country. More at link.

  • Jimmy

    Everyone need to stop depending upon the federal government to solve all of the proglems. States should protect their own borders and the interest of their citizens. Depending on the federal government is what got us into this mess.

  • James

    The $750,000,000 in PA is a drop in the bucket compared to CA. We spend more than that on illegals in the California Department of Corrections alone. Add the costs for city & county jails, the overcrowding of our schools by children of illegals, the unpaid medical bills at our health centers and hospitals, welfare, food stamps, housing, etc., and the California taxpayers are forced to spend 25 times that much in CA alone. We also are forced to pay more in Federal taxes that are used to support illegal aliens. Now add the costs incurred in TX, AZ, IL, GA, OR, NM, CO, and all of the other states. What is the TRUE TOTAL cost to the USA for illegal aliens? STOP this insane destruction of our country and economy. NO, I’m not against LEGAL immigration. I’m against ILLEGAL immigration. As a matter of fact, I have been married for 12 years to a LEGAL immigrant who received her citizenship in 2008.

  • Doug Palladino

    This is just one example of a liberal system gone insane, and we all pay for it.

    Bank of America: Can I help you?

    Customer: Yes, I want to cancel my account. I don’t want to do business with you any longer.

    The Bank: Why?

    Customer: You’re giving credit to illegal immigrants and I don’t think it’s right. I’m taking my business elsewhere.

    The Bank: Well, we don’t want to see you do that, but we can’t stop you. I’ll help you close the account. What is your account number?

    Customer: (gives account number)

    The Bank: For security purposes and for your protection, can you please give me the last four digits of your social security number?

    Customer: No?

    The Bank: Mr. Customer, I need to verify your information, but in order to help you, I’ll need verification of who you are..

    Customer: Why should I give you my social security number? The reason I’m closing my account is that your bank is issuing credit cards to illegal immigrants who don’t have social security numbers. You are targeting that audience and want their business. Let’s say I’m an illegal immigrant and you’ve given me a credit card. I have a question about it and call for assistance. You wouldn’t be asking me for a Social Security number, would you?

    The Bank: No sir, I wouldn’t.

    Customer: Why not?

    The Bank: Because you would have pressed ’2′ to speak in Spanish. We don’t ask for that information when calling in on the Spanish line.

    If this raises the hair on the back of your neck, then forward it to every human in the country including every representative in Washington, DC.

    Provided “snopes” for doubters:

  • Lloyd Olson

    Have you ever added up we are not training the people we need for skilled jobs.If there was any desire we could secure our border in thirty minutes. How many people do you know who will walk 250 miles and take any job? If you took the Mexican people out of the produce fields of this country, we would starve to death. Why did New Orleans see a 20% jump in Mexican population ? Very simple, they work

  • Lloyd Olson

    You have to laugh when you read some of this. Most people have a ATM card and know that FedEX or UPS can track a package in 5 seconds. To say we can’t have ID cards that work is plane stupid. You shut off the money. A year in Jail if you hire anyone with out a card and we sell your house. The problem ends in 30 seconds. YOU VOTED FOR WHO WILL NOT ENFORCE ANY LAW.

  • Donald Henson

    I see two problems with immigration, legal or illegal. On the one hand, immigrants come to this country to get a job, thereby taking jobs from those who immigrate before them. On the other hand, other immigrants come to this country to partake of the fabulous benefits without needing to work. (Overly simple, I know, but read on.) Except for minor exceptions, all immigrants are undesirable and we are justified in arresting them, throwing them back across the border, and throwing them into jail, the use of force being our only defense. Wait. That can’t be right. This country was built by immigrants. So what changed? We built a system of fabulous benefits and gave ourselves access to those benefits without the need to work. That’s what changed. Get rid of those benefits and the immigration problem takes care of itself. Who would want to come to a country where the ability work at what you want is the only benefit? I believe that you would get more immigrants than you can document, all here for the freedom and not for the benefits.


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