Group: ‘Laziness Is Not A Disability’


NORDMALING, Sweden, (UPI) — A Swedish town’s Disability Council wants to post “laziness is not a disability” signs at local designated handicapped parking spaces.

Members of the council in the northern town of Nordmaling said they want Sune Hoglander, the town’s community development officer, to have the signs erected at handicapped spaces across the city to reduce the amount of able-bodied drivers using the spots, The Local reported Monday.

“People don’t respect disabled parking signs,” council member Margareta Gustavsson said. “They seem to think that laziness is a disability, but it’s actually not at all.”

Gustavsson said the Nordmaling community center has agreed to put up one of the signs in its parking lot.

However, Hoglander said he has no intention of putting the signs up around the town.

“It’s just a fun thing they’ve got for themselves, but I don’t think that those kinds of road signs will be found in our catalogue. Signs must be accurate, factual, and not emotive,” he said.

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