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Parker Griffith Looking For New Staff In Wake Of Party Switch

January 8, 2010 by  

Griffith Parker looking for new staff in wake of party switchThe staff of Parker Griffith, a first-time congressman who announced his decision to change party affiliation from Democratic to Republican before Christmas, have tendered their resignation in a sign of protest.

Two weeks ago, Griffith explained that he has "become increasingly concerned that the bills and policies pushed by the current Democratic leadership are not good for north Alabama or our nation," and that they no longer represented his values and convictions.

However, on Monday morning some 11 members of the representative’s staff—including his chief of staff, legislative director and press secretary—expressed their disappointment by announcing they would quit and suggested Griffith misled the voters who elected him believing him to be a Democrat.

"Alabama’s Fifth District has deserved and has benefited from great Democratic conservative leadership since Reconstruction," said Sharon Wheeler, Griffith’s chief of staff, adding that the representative "has abandoned the legacy of conservative leadership," and the staffers "cannot, in good conscience, continue working for him."

According to media reports, the 67-year-old lawmaker’s campaign consulting team has also said they would resign.

With Griffith’s switch, Democrats will hold 257 House seats and the GOP will have 178. The congressman’s move is said to have been motivated by his desire to increase his reelection chances in 2010.

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  • wade harter

    the resignation of Parker Griffith’s staff is more than likely good news. i contend that not only do we need to vote out of office all existing politicans but all those “professional gov’t employees and staff” associates. A lottery system whereas the populas is classsified by occupations and picked at random to serve a term in gov’t service, from president down thru congress, would insure that those making decisions would truely represent the people and have knowledge of what is required for most of the people to make a living and have some appreciation of money values, distinguishing the difference between $1,000 and a $1,000,000.

  • Nancy Booth

    Sounds like the Dems are on the “let’s destroy Parker Griffith”. The argument of deceiving voters doesn’t hold water. The man left the Dems because of what is going on in Washington DC! Was the same dissatisfaction expressed when a Republican leaving to join the Dems took place?

    Personally, I don’t believe anyone should switch parties mid-stream….either resign or campaign in the next election as a member of your new party.

    • Ernest Rogers

      I believe when the Party leader misleads his Party and the Citizens of the United States every Citizen should choose Family and Country over Party.

  • StargazerInSavannah

    Two things are clear, Parker Griffith is better off without his old staff and the staff that bailed knew nothing of either conservatism or honesty.
    Griffith made a major error when he failed to announce that his staff was unemployed at the same time he switched parties. Griffith had surely been in congress long enough to realize that the Democrats that had staffed his office were Democrats and could not be trusted.

    • Robert Gillespie

      I suppose he knows now.

  • Stand Watie

    I don’t care why they quit…I know it is 11 democrats without a job. Good! There are a sufficient number of Republican staffers available that he can hire.

    • George

      Stand Watie,

      I’ll second that.

      Interesting name. May I ask why you chose it?


  • EHeassler

    If his previous staff espoused the securist statist anti-Christian approach to government the the Obama Administration espouses, then good riddance! A staff that supports the Congressman’s own political views will serve him and the American people better. I just wish a Democrat Senator would see that the President’s disastrous fiscal policies, healthcare included, are bankrupting the nation and weakening our security and change parties. The result would be a two vote swing in the Senate perhaps stopping the ramming through of this ridiculous, unconstitutional, unethically drafted and approved healthcare bill. The noose of statism is being drawn ever more tightly around the necks of freedom loving citizens. I hope there are more Parker Griffiths out there.

  • Dan Pickens

    Be afraid – be very afraid. I wouldn’t trust this guy as far as I could drop-kick an anvil. The Republicans better run a known conservative against him in the primary or they may have another spy (such as Collins and Snowe)in their midst .

    • http://PersonalLibertyNewsDesk Pam Ayers

      You hit the nail on the head. I agree with you 100%.

    • Time


    • Robert Gillespie

      A friend of mine lives in Maine and tells me that neither Collins nor Snowe would have a chance if they were running today. The people of Maine think equally as much of Dumbama, according to my friend.

  • NamFrank

    AMEN to EVERY previous comment!
    Wade, SIS and Stand,
    With our reps depending on their staff of agenda-driven professional bureaucrats, the staff can very much dictate what input the rep actually receives from his constituency.
    SO TRUE! When a long-term Republican changed parties, last year, none of these derogatory accusations arose from the Dem party!
    See my first comment and think about financially supporting Brown, in Massachusetts! The “Kennedy Seat” is open and a Republican winning the election would break the Dem’s fillibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Thus they would be unable to continue the Senate’s march towards statist communism, by forcing unpopular legislation down America’s throat! Personally, I think “representatives” who refuse to follow the will of their constituencies should automatically be recalled from office! (58% of America did NOT want the Senate HC Bill to pass, yet 60% of the Senate voted passage!!! How is this even possible…….legally???)

    • Joe H.

      First, welcome home brother!! Second, I wonder, with all the down turn against the dems, if Specter will try to run as a republican in his NEXT bid?!?!?!?!

      • George

        Wouldn’t that be a hoot? Either way, he’s one guy I hope gets voted out of office.

  • Robert

    Who cares who switches parties. They’re just jockeying for re-election. Let’s see if this guy comes out aggressively against what the Obama administration and democrats are trying to shove down our throats. Talk is cheap, action takes courage and I don’t belive all the politicians put together can come near the courage of one US soldier.

    • Robin from Indiana

      Well said Robert!

      I, too, think he needs to be watched and see how his voting record goes. If he is going to truly join with the Republicans, than maybe he truly is fed up with the Dems.

      Arlen Spector on the other hand only wants to get reelected, regardless of what he has to do. I wouldn’t trust him any further than I could throw him!

      • Jana

        Go to and type in his name. He is considered an Independent.

        • Robert Gillespie

          Reguardless of what he is reguarded as he has got to go!

          • Jana

            Robert I didn’t want to sway anyone but he has voted n/a a lot of times. In my opinion if he is there and is copping out, vote n/a. You are right, he has to go.
            All of them have to go. We need a clean sweep.

  • gaetano

    This country has at least 0ne democrat in congress whos eyes are not blind to obamas goals.Thank you Mr. Parker for searching the truth!

  • Barbara Holmes

    Griffith may see the Democrat defeat in the future. He will have long enough in office for the voters to watch his votes and determine if he is a principled Republican. His staff? They are the Yellow Dogs who do not observe or care what their idols, the Democrat Party does. This is exactly the behavior of Democrats I know. They are truly a sad case and should not be given any power or jobs in any government office. They should become a part of the misery they compel upon everyone else. Voters must observe Mr Griffith’s behavior, daily.

    • Robert Gillespie

      Please don’t berate dogs like that. Dogs have far more admirable traits than do Dumbacrats.

  • Robby A.

    Why must our representatives in Congress have a Party affiliation of either Republican or ‘Demoncrat’. Is it because these two parties have all the cash and Lobbyists and receive federal re-election funding.

    How about an Independent Party that is based on the voting record of each proposed member. Would the FED block such an Organization because such affiliation would interfere with Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups continued bribery of our ‘elected officials’

    • Robert

      You hit the nail on the head. No third party has a chance. Both the Democrats and Republicans would throw all their cash to run the candidate(s) out of Dodge. Corrupt SOB’s will just keep throwing taxpayer dollars to the no good loafers to get their votes. That seems to be the New American way. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme for free and you got my vote. Sad that’s the way it is. Gutless politicans feed on this and will destroy any decent human being if they get in their way. If this November, the incumbents are re-elected, then I rest my case.

      • George

        Sadly, so much of our political process is driven by MONEY and POWER.

      • DaveH

        No third party will have a chance as long as people think that way. It’s time to shake up the Depublicans. They are never going to cut back on the freedom-robbing Leviathan, Big Government, if you guys keep letting them get away with Government growth.

        • George


          I’ll vote for a 3rd party “IF” I think they have the right agenda “AND” have a decent chance of winning. I won’t throw my vote away again, however, just to make a political statement. For me, that usually leads to a worse result than voting for the best candidate that does have a chance of winning. Anyway, in the end, I really don’t think it makes much difference who we send to Washington or what political party they belong to. The system is corrupting with all the money that we give them to spend, so we’ve got to really stay on top of all our representatives all the time from here on if we want to keep them honest and working on the right things. We can’t just elect the “best” candidate and take our eye off them like we’re used to doing. I believe that’ll just get us into trouble once again.

      • Joe H.

        that very thing was evidenced by Duncan Hunter last year. He couldn’t get any coverage what so ever because it all went to O-man and McCain!!! The news coverage that everyone sees is unfortunately the MSM and they are only going to cover the two main guys. Hunter was a conservative not a RINO and he was responsible for at least 50 miles of the border fence built!!! He kept nagging and nagging till they gave up and built it!!! He’s a strong believer in the constitution also!

  • Dee

    Wouldn’t it be ‘great’ if a couple of SENATORS switched parties, so they would have a ligitimate reason to vote AGAINST this monstrosity of a so-called Healthcare Bill?? The Democrat Senators DO NOT HAVE the COURAGE to stand-up for the American PEOPLE… Pelosi & Reid are THREATENING them, practically with their lives, to vote ‘YES’.. Then there’s the ‘Chicago Thugs’ (Rahm Emanuel & Obama) who are doing all the ‘ARM TWISTING & LEG BREAKING’ so their AGENDA towards SOCIALISM is advanced … WHERE are the American Senators & House Reps, that truly believe that this BILL is HORRIBLE, and are willing to STEP UP?.. Parker Griffin, seems to be ‘truthful’ about his reasons to ‘switch parties’, and if his ‘Democrat Staff’ doesn’t like it, so what?? I hope that he continues to vote his VALUES, instead along party lines, even if he’s a Republican … Just because he has an ‘R’ behind his title, doesn’t mean he will follow the party platform, does it?

  • Frances Carraway

    I would like to comment on party changes. I do not believe they should be allowed. This is how the Republican party got into trouble in the 1st place. You have to stop this. Wake up and realize that people just change parties at a whim when they believe it will help them get re-elected. It how nothing to do with what they really believe.

  • Richard Stradler

    Fight Organized Crime: Vote NO Lawyers and NO incumbents in 2010
    (An independent who thinks the party doesn’t matter anymore)

    • George

      My first test is whether or not they voted for the health care reform bill. If they did, they don’t get my vote. As much as I prefer term limits on our representatives, I’d vote for an incumbent if he/she votes and supports the things I want them to vote for. For me, that’s closer to the result I’m looking for than how long they’ve been in office.

  • Raggs

    Yet another ponzi sceem… All of this flip-flop like a fish in the desert… They must really think people are stupid.

  • gerald newton

    He switched parties because the stench coming from the Democratic party in the OUT-HOUSE on the hill turned his stomache! Good Riddance!

  • Niner

    Mr. Griffith was a republican to start with! Many of these Blue Dog so called democrats are really Red Dog republicans and need to be elimanated from the democratic party because they are way right of center, not moderate democrats! The democratic party will be much better off without such traitors to their party because they are not progressives nor democrats! This country has movced so far to the right in the past 30 years, that these kinds of people think they are democrats when they are ingorant republicans!

    • George


      The simple truth is that if the Democratic Party loses all of its conservative members, it won’t win any national elections. This country is right of center, which means there just aren’t enough progressive liberals to get a majority anywhere other than in the central cities and a few other centers of liberal ideology. The Dems need their conservative members to passively accept their ideas so they can get the votes they need. I believe conservative Democrats are uncomfortable with this, but have bought into the left-wing propaganda that their right-wing brethren in the other parties are radical extremist and should be avoided. So, please go ahead and push the conservatives out of the Democratic Party. We’ll be happy to accept them.

  • Virgil Whaley

    I left the Democratic Party in the 1960′s. I left the Republican Party
    in the 1990′s. I see not a dime’s difference between the two. A party which parades Sen. John McCain as a Conservative obviously has no hint of what a conservative is.

    I am Independent, but I am looking closely at the Constitution Party. I may be with the minority, but I don’t have to compromise faith in my Lord Jesus Christ or confidence in the United States Constitution. My Saviour gave His blood for my redemption, and the Constitution was sealed with the blood of patriots. I do not intend to compromise either one.

  • Nonofmybiznez

    Time to do away with Democrats and Republicans and make your vote based on a citizen’s own merit not party affiliation. Time for career politicians to go away. Limit terms to two consecutive terms. That way, we are represented by concerned citizens.

    • Joe H.

      And welcome back O-man!!! There are too many die hard Dems that will not vote any other way!!!

  • Edgycater

    The funniest part of the article was Griffith’s whiney chief of staff’s statement that the congressman “has abandoned the legacy of conservative leadership.” Conservative leadership? Such a thing once existed, but you have a better chance finding a Sasquatch than locating a conservative Democrat in today’s political system. I guess the “conservatives” are the ones who Nazi Pelosi permits to vote against bills as long as the party has enough votes to secure passage.

    I don’t know enough about Parker Griffith to determine whether or not he has a future in the Republican party. He should not be dismissed simply because he is a former Democrat. Maybe he was truly that needle in a haystack. He should be allowed to prove his mettle as a conservative. If he passes muster, the party should support him in November. If his voting record lurches to the Left, the GOP should pursue a true conservative for Alabama’s Fifth District.

    • Raggs

      I’m sure he has already stepped on some feet.
      He vote’s to pass health reform and then run’s away.

      Nah… who need’s him.

  • Marilyn

    If Griffith’s only reason for switching is so he can get re-elected to his seat by Republicans, he’s doing it for the wrong reason. However, if Griffith truly believes that the existing Democrats are leading the American public down the wrong path, that is a different matter. I applaud the man for switching if he truly believes this. No matter Democrat or Republican, there should be a sense of conscience that directs our voted representatives. When either party sees injustice and intimidation being used to create a “new world order,” they should take a stance to hault this sort of madness…listen to the majority of American citizens who are at the peek of total disgust with the present administration and the toadies who are living the good life. Keep voting all of the representatives out of office every chance we get. Keep ‘cleaning house!’ If Griffith’s Democratic Staff quits…GOOD! Griffith will find others who actually believe in ‘American Values and morals.’

    • George

      I agree, but I wouldn’t run him as a Republican candidate for that seat if he voted FOR the health care reform bill that came out of the House. Remember, that one was so far left that it was exactly what the far-left progressives wanted. The far-left is only agreeing to the Senate bill because they believe it will form the foundation and open the door for revisions over time that will more closely resemble the House.

    • Ed Poe

      I have two Democrat senators and a Democrat representive in Congress. No matter how much I protest their agenda they send me flowery emails blowing me off and telling me what a great job they’re doing. I just got my electrict bill which was “estimated” almost double the previous bill. If I buy one of those electric cars and plug it in to go 40 miles, my bill will cost me more than my car payment and what I spend for gas in a month.

  • http://Don'thaveone Bob Ivy

    Niner is really heated. He is right the country is more liberal than liberal. Liberalism is killing oiur country. We need to elect conservatives to offices is we are going to survive. What is happening in Washington with thew liberals in is scary. I am glad that Griffith saw the situation and switched.

  • Raggs

    Nobody on the blog is getting to the nut-cutting!

    Sure you bet all Dem’s are running for the hill’s now since they voted in a massive communist care..


  • shorething

    just goes to show how dumb dems/libs actually are. jobs are as scarce as teeth in a turtles mouth, great time to quit my job, being in the unemployment office as these idiots find out that quitting makes one inelgible for unemployment benefits priceless. don’t worry barry will take care of me, yeah and health care debates will be on cspan. also next year not only will i grow a tail and win the kentucky derby, i’m thinking triple crown, doesn’t matter that i am not a 3 year old, i just won’t show my birth cert.

    • George


      I think progressives and far-left liberals are misguided, but I can’t honestly say they are dumb. After all, they are a true minority in the USA, but even so they have been able to accomplish getting control over our culture through the entertainment industry, sympathetic support from the mainstream media, control of much of the court system, control over most of our public education system, and now control of the three branches of our federal government. They are definitely misguided, but they are clever and persistent, but not dumb.

    • Joe H.

      watch that kind of talk, denniso will try to be your rider!?!?!?!?

  • robert

    Now he wants to run as a Republican candidate because he knows he would not get reelectice as a dem. and what stops him after getting elect as a Republican candidate from going back to dem.
    As the old saying goes once a DEM. keep them close but don’t trust them.

    • Ed Poe

      Did Reagan die before he got his chance to switch back???

  • robert

    An how did he vote on health care???????

  • Raggs

    A typical.
    A see-saw effect…. I see I saw I did. Monkey do

  • James Corbin

    This Health Care Bill will go into effect 2013, and if the republicans
    get elected in 2012—-Guess who will get the blame for this disaster?
    In the mean time we will start paying for the bill, This is wrong and I think the Bill is too. I don’t think anybody really knows what is in this monster Bill—–It would take months to read it!

    • http://Yahoo Dee D

      James: Save yourself a lot of eye strain. Just follow the NO NO’S and you will see what the Conservatives did not feel was appropriate to give to the citizens of this great country. They want the best at our expense but then they step back, refusing to go forward for main street Americans and be willing to share the bounty. We sure know where we stand tho. It’s okay, when the going gets tough the tough get going. Gonna miss your smiling faces as we reap our rewards with you standing on the sidelines praying we will fail. But we won’t fail.
      Course it could be a big help if they would learn to step forward and be accountable for their actions. Be willing to work for our country and her citizens instead of trying to keep us down in the gutter to wallow with them and their kind.

      • Ed Poe

        Accountable? Do these clowns know the meaning of the word? Who got fired over the eunich-bomber debacle?

        • Ed Poe

          P.S. – BObot!!!!!

  • joe

    i think a lot of democrats should take an “after election” look at the conduct of obama, pelosi and reid since the election. many other nations with brave citizens would have taken to the streets to riot and burn if they found their leadership employing the harmful, deceitful tactics these “out of control” nonpatriots have turned out to be. hower the “sheep” will remain quiet. they won’t dare show any shame for being “suckered in” on the pied pipers election lies.

    • Ed Poe

      Did you read ’1984′?

  • Ed Poe

    Conservative Democrat???? If this guy got elected as a Democrat, it had NOTHING to do with being conservative. The mayor of Baltimore took gift cards meant for her need constituents. She didn’t even apologize. Those BObots will go to the polls and vote for the next Democrat that runs. Until these people who voted for “hope and change” wake up, we’ll keep sinking. And they keep bringing up the “last eight years”. Hey everybody, read Howard Galganov.

  • judseasandi

    In reading the article, you will find the key. That Alabama benefited from great democratic CONSERVATIVE policies. The key word is conservative. This administration is far from conservative, that is his problem. Too much democratic liberalism going on.

  • D.

    I see the Democrats are employing their same old tactics. March like a lemming in lockstep with the “ruling leftist Democrats” or they will marginalize, ridicule, threaten and try to destroy (just as they did with Joe Lieberman and his wife). Why would anyone want to be a Democrat when their party treats them like that? It’s a good time for any other Democrats with character, integrity and morals to jump ship and join the Republicans. The “leftist” Democrats only represent about 6% of Americans. The moderate Democrats represent the majority of Democrats in their party. It sounds to me like the “leftist” Democrats are trying to subvert the will of the American people by forcing a left of center agenda on a center/right nation.

  • Rod

    GREAT JOB Parker Griffith! North Alabama will be much better off
    with your GREAT CHANGE to the Republican Party! It’s good to see a guy with some honesty in his blood! Come on you other Dems. out there,
    Make the best move you have ever made and come on over to the G.O.P.!

    Parker Griffith, You are going to be alot better off without those
    Radical left employee’s stabing you in the back when your back is
    turned. There are alot of GOOD folks out there who will WATCH your
    back, not stab it!


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