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Green Lantern Is Gay

June 4, 2012 by  

Green Lantern Is Gay
Ryan Reynolds starred as Green Lantern in a 2011 film.

When a new DC Comics comic book comes out, the main character will as well. Wednesday’s issue of “Earth 2” depicts the Green Lantern passionately kissing his boyfriend.

“He’s very much the character he was. He’s still the pinnacle of bravery and idealism. He’s also gay,” said writer James Robinson.

The Green Lantern made his first appearance in July 1940. Alan Scott, the man behind the mask, is portrayed as a younger man in the upcoming series — too young to have a son, as he does in other issues.

“By making him younger, that son was not going to exist anymore,” Robinson said. So Robinson thought it would be a perfect opportunity to make the Green Lantern gay.

Previously, the Green Lantern had a gay son who was also a superhero, Obsidian. Robertson is responsible for the creation of that character as well. Obsidian was featured in the first gay kiss in comic books in 1998.

“He’s fearless and he’s honest to the point where he realized he was gay and he said `I’m gay,’” Robinson noted, referring to the new Green Lantern.

LGBT groups believe gay superheroes will empower gay youths.

“Today’s LGBT young people can see gay characters in comics, movies and many TV shows who show them that they too can grow up to be parents, leaders, or even superheroes,” said GLAAD spokesman Rich Ferraro.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Lawrence Knight

    They can push that perverted crap all they want. I know how it in`s, and it ain`t pretty for the sick bastards.

    • Robert Smith

      Hey Lawrence, if you know how things are gonna end why don’t you go to the track, bet, win, and buy yourself a life?

      Why are you so interested in the sex lives of others?


      • Jerry Burns

        right on! Robert; I’m only sad that this site doesn’t allow us to give the remarks a thumb up, or down? I really believe your remark to this Lawrence character hits the nail right on the head. Clearly, another person sexuality shouldn’t matter to anyone else. think it’s like Jewel says in her song; “Pieces of you?” Lawrence is obviously not secure with his own sexuality, that he afraid that one day soon he’s going to be gay himself, and that scare him into hating? All you can do is pray for people like him. BTW Lawrence I am not gay myself; however, I am very secure with my sexuality, that gays are not a personal threat to myself. Learn to love Lawrence, you’ll have a lot more peace within your inner self; clearly it makes life a lot easier to be.

      • Gary L

        Robert, if people are interested or not is now a moot point. Robinson has aired his laundry for all to see. This site is here for people to post comments,even if they don’t agree with you. And, in case you haven’t noticed, that is most of the people here.

      • Dale on the left coast

        In the last few decades the heterophobes have infiltrated the Media, the Education System and now Comic Books. When the only way you can grow your numbers is by “recruitment” you have to get them young and often.
        Not a lot different from the way a pedophile softens up their prey . . .
        My only question is . . . will the 2 or 3% of the population buy enough comics to make it worthwhile?

      • Steve E

        I’m sure glad that the suicide rate for gays is at an all time high. Come on gays! Let’s make this a record year. I’ll be rooting for you.

      • Robert Smith

        Now that’s what I’ve learned to expect from a christian around here. Thanks Steve.


    • Megashellac

      I agree, what the hell is the world coming to?

      • Ken

        They’re just trying to drum up support for their lame-ass cause – they know it’s supremely unpopular so they’ve gotta do everything in their power including haunting sites just like this one and posting, posting, posting in and effort to somehow sway opinion.

        It’s a good strategy and their ranks have grown but their still a very, very small minority with a lot of very wealthy supporters (Soros, Ford, etc) so they have some weight behind them…..nothing more.

        We know the truth about them – so long as “good men do something” and we share the truth with others their cause is hopeless and lost.


    • Albert

      Lawrence I agree. They think it’s okay to contaminate everything they can with their sick and twisted ways.

  • Doc Sarvis

    We have had homosexual heros in our military our whole history.

    • Ken

      Hey Doccy! I was lookin fer you last week! ( you and all your partners-in-crime!) and didn’t see you anywhere here! not ONE of you! ya musta had an important meeting to keep ya’ll away from here!

      • Doc Sarvis

        I was on a few strings here last week. I didn’t know you cared, how sweet.

      • Ken

        Hey, hey HEY! don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t care what you do! go play with your “strings” if you like, just keep your private life to yourself – I’ll keep my hetero exploits in the closet – you do the same with yours!

      • Doc Sarvis


      • eddie47d

        Heterosexual men have always had bragging rights when it come to sex. It’s everywhere and even women now express themselves in more ways than I care to know. Fonzie made it well known that he had an upfront sexual appetite and so do many of our friends in life. If there are heterosexual heros then there can and should be homosexual heros. Maybe 10 years from now the Green Lantern will have a sex change and become a woman. Won’t that drive you all wild.

    • Gary L

      Perhaps that is so Doc. But what those heros are and should be remembered for is not thier sexual orientation, one way or the other.

      • Doc Sarvis

        And they should not face discrimination based on their sexual orientation either.

      • Gary L

        Doc, If homosexuals don’t want to be discriminated they should, shall we say, “stay in the closet”. If people want to be openly gay then they should be prepared to take what comes along. It is what it is. You can’t force people, even as hard as they are trying, to accept what they don’t want or don’ like. People have the right to be gay. Other people have just as much right to reject homosexuals and thier life style. Being gay should not mean you get ANY SPECAL RIGHTS.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Your arguments are the same used against inter-racial marriage.

      • 45caliber


        I don’t care if someone is gay or not when I work with them … IF they keep sex out of the workplace. That includes the military. I don’t describe what sex I have and they don’t describe theirs. That is fine for both of us.

        The ones that enter so they can make a big thing of sex are in the wrong industry. They should be in porn, not the military.

      • Ken

        @45 Caliber; Trying to use reason with Sarvis is like trying to reason with a rock – it can’t be done with him or any other liberal/ socialist fag. Besides, he’s just here to stir the pot, and doesn’t care a whit about reason or individual rights….he’s on the PINK team!

    • 45caliber


      Name a few. They are not “heroes” for being in the military; heroes become heroes by their actions.

      As I said, name a few.

      • Doc Sarvis
      • Robert Smith

        Awwww 45… More word games from you I see.

        How about Alexander The Great?
        How about King Richard The Lionhearted?
        How about Julius Caesar?
        How about Colnel T. T. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia?
        And, very important to the American revolution’
        How about Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Agustus von Stuben?

        You can find them at:

        It is possible to be a great military man and gay at the same time. History is full of examples. Armies didn’t fall appart, showers didn’t run red, back then the extreme right didn’t seem to care.

        The homophobia about today’s military seems to relate to the fear mongering from the extreme right and their polarizing efforts.


      • 45caliber


        I know the gays CLAIM these were gay … but prove it. Their ‘proof’ is the fact they never married or never had kids if they did. Sorry, try again.

      • Robert Smith

        It would help if you actually went to the site and read what’s there.

        BTW, there is more proof that those folks were gay than there is to prove the actual existance of that there brutal christian god, or even jesus for that matter.


    • coal miner

      Doc Sarvis,
      Homosexuality has been around since early civilizations.Here are famous male and female homosexuals in history.
      In addition, the word, “lesbian” comes from the island of Eastern Greece, Lesbos. This is also the birthplace of Sappho, she lived during 600 BC.She started the ancient Lesbian movement.

    • coal miner

      Doc Sarvis,
      Here are famous Male and female homosexuals in ancient history.
      In addition, the word, “lesbian” comes from the island of Eastern Greece, Lesbos. This is also the birthplace of Sappho, she lived during 600 BC.

  • Megashellac

    There a certain groups of people who want to ram this sick crap down our throats. Corrupt them while they are young.

    • Robert Smith

      Look up “transubstantiation.”

      Here, I’ll make it easy:

      I think turning children onto cannabalis is evil. What do you think?

      I can’t help but wonder if the bible was any inspiration to Alexander Kinyua. Interesting case there. You can google him.


  • cawmun cents

    Guy runs around in form fitting tights with a little mask on his face to”conceal”his identity,and there is a wonder if/why he is gay?
    Its not because he looks gay…..haw!
    Idealistically,why didnt the heroes change with the times?There will be claims that they have,but musclemen in tights dont inspire the machismo associated with being super.
    How about a garbageman who is balding and has a beerbelly(cigar included),busting up loitterbugs on the streets of (insert random metropolis here)?
    Or how about a thick nurse who just happens to show up when violent idiocy is afoot at the local hospital,to kick bottoms,and take monickers?
    Super heroes are not evolving fast enough to satiate any but the geeksquad who is targeted demographically by the comic companies.
    My questions are ones of practicality.
    Who cares if hidden identity guy is a homosexual considering that his identity is hidden to begin with?What does his sexual preference have to do with the storyline of his super alter-ego?I assume that this person has a private life right?
    Okay I am aware that the private lives of these individuals are part of the storyline as well,but i have yet to see what is being done in the bedroom part of the comic experience unless I have been gone from this plane of reality too long and they started making comics to adult standards.I am also aware of the underground comic movement where that sort of thing is permissable,but DC,and Marvel?
    You would think that they would have more stringent guidelines since children read their comics or at least I assume they do?
    Who is in charge here,the super or the deviant?
    One must ask themselves this question of the marketers involved.
    Did deviancy suddenly become acceptable of superheroes?
    If so then wouldnt they be superdeviants?
    Pardon me for asking these follish questions about non-existent characters(I really dont give a golly gosh darn),but isnt this just another feather in the cap of making deviancy a normality?
    What do I know?
    Apparently very little…….

    • Ken

      WELL CC, if one considers any media material great propaganda food for the general populace then, well, gosh golly! wouldn’t that make it a good reason TO care?! Who’s gonna be reading this garbage?! Who’s gonna be absorbing it? and what will be the impact and the outcome?

      C’mon, you’ve got some cawmun cents – errrrrr, you do, don’t you?

      • Ken

        You are on the dime with one thing though – it IS the antithesis of all things masculine.

  • Karolyn

    Who cares? If more people would get a life and quit worrying about what other people do, it would alleviate many of the world’s problems. If so many people could get rid of their anger and hatred and feeling that they need to control everything, we would be living in a better world. If more people ascribed to “Live and let live”, WOW things would be wonderful! Down with self-righteous bigots and haters! Up with acceptance and love!

    • Ken

      Yeah, people haven’t been worrying about what’s been going on for YEARS and NOW look what’s happened! All the nice distractions we’ve been fed have led us to this….now YOU’D have us look away AGAIN!? NICE….put your head up your *ss and just find something else to occupy your time?


      Why don’t you take another vacay and do Dallas or something and leave us “self-righteous-bigot’s” alone!

      • JON

        You leave first, then the rest will follow!

      • Ken

        I’ve finished with grilling your pathetic, pandering, pernicious, pacadermic, peskiness!

        You’ve been exposed….your agenda is connected solely to the sexual deviancy you would have be considered “natural” and “wholesome” – one in which you would try to enlist others into believing the same…..

        YOU are a VERY SMALL MINORITY and YOU will LOSE THIS BATTLE as you have lost it here this very morning.

        The people of this country are waking up and seeing you and your ilk for what they truly are….

        HAVE A NICE DAY.

    • Gary L

      Spoken like a true eutopian.
      There must be lines drawn somewhere as to what is right and wrong, good and evil.
      Without that and laws to govern men, human beings would be as animals or worse.
      If everyone would be allowed to live as they wanted, how many rapists, murderers,
      pedofiles and so on would there be if we just live and let live. There would soon be no cicilized place to be found.

      • Karolyn

        Closed little minds……

      • Ken

        Part of “their” plan is to (and has been for DECADES) blur the lines of “right” and “wrong”!

        “Their is no “right or wrong”, – the satanic bible states on it’s front page….”DO WHAT THOU WILT, SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW”…..THIS is their MOTTO… what thou wilt!

        The Kenesians ( read more here – ) were the homosexuals whom worked with the marxists and communists to begin bringing about the destruction of this country in the early 1900′s! ALL DEVOUT SATANISTS.

        Homosexuality is a disease of a sick mind and it’s being promoted to our children as “normal” and right”….RIGHT IN LINE WITH THE SATANISTS AND THE KENESIAN’S WHOM ARE ONE-IN-THE-SAME.

      • Karolyn

        Ken – It might add to your credibility if you could spell “keynesian” correctly.

      • Ken

        Hey Karolyn -

        I could give a rat’s *ss on how to spell it correctly – as a matter of fact, I DIDN’T spell it correctly on purpose, just to see if you’d pick up on it! You must know the word very intimately my dear to note it’s misspelling so acutely.

        Pathetic and predictable, you can’t find any way to logically, historically or reasonably refute anything I’ve said so you look to attack my grammar…..

        Here’s a picture of you and your hero John Maynard Keynes.

        Chief of this ring of homosexual revolutionaries was John Maynard Keynes, who eventually became the economic architect of English socialism and gravedigger for the British Empire. The chief American Fabians, acting as carriers of the Keynesian sickness, were Felix Frankfurter and Walter Lippmann. Covertly, they mobilized their Leftist comrades to spread this pollution in America also. So successful were they that on January 4, 1971, President Nixon announced: “I am now a Keynesian in economics.” What does that mean?

        Keynes was characterized by his male sweetheart, Lytton Strachey, as “A liberal and a sodomite, an atheist and a statistician.” His particular depravity was the sexual abuse of little boys. In communications to his homosexual friends, Keynes advised that they go to Tunis, “where bed and boy were also not expensive.” As a sodomisticpedophiliac, he ranged throughout the Mediterranean area in search of boys for himself and his fellow socialists. Taking full advantage of the bitter poverty and abysmal ignorance in North Africa, the Middle East, and Italy, he purchased the bodies of children prostituted for English shillings[See Lytton Strachey, A Critical Biography, Michael Holyroyd, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, two volumes].

        SUGAR KEYNES by Zygmund Dobbs

        Reprinted from The Review of the News, June 23, 1971

        Related: Online free
        book: KEYNES AT HARVARD,
        Zygmund Dobbs

      • RichE

        Males will typically exhibit bad behavior rather than admitting they made a mistake.

      • Ken

        The mistake was your mother giving birth to you!

      • Robert Smith

        Ahhhhhh, Ken (tapping on your sholder), you posted: “RIGHT IN LINE WITH THE SATANISTS”

        Satan is a CHRISTIAN creation.

        Many religions have no such evil.

        BTW, if that there brutal christian god so many around here appear to worship is so strong how’s come the best he could do was throw his former minion, satan out? Didn’t kill ‘em as he did much of humanity (except Noah and his kin), and didn’t see to slow him down when it comes to that “hell” business he started.


  • Dave

    Oh the things that they have to fix in Sunday School…times are weird.

  • Gary L

    I guess this guy James Robinson must be gay so he feels the need to inject this homo crap into comic books. When I used to read comics, they were about heros and villains. What the hell is the point of making the Green Lantern queer???publicity I am sure. I will bet thathe will gain gay readers but he will surely lose straight ones.

    • Ken

      Yeah Gary, when I was a kid, I used to “read comic’s, (as) they were about hero’s and villains” too…now their part of the propaganda machine along with corrupted music, television and video games.

      Homosexuality is a SEXUAL movement, NOT a Man movement or a WOMAN movement…..and these bums posting here for the left-wing KNOW IT – which is why they are paid to come here day after day after day and do their utmost to post their diatribes to try to sway the rest of us THEY are right!

      • Karolyn

        I’m not trying to sway anyone. I just like the opportunity to voice my opinion.

    • Karolyn

      Yeah. You and anyone else who doesn’t like it don’t have to read it .

      • Ken

        It’s the unsuspecting I’m concerned about – and it’s quite obvious that YOU are part of the push to destroy the innocence of American children, to destroy their minds and bend them to this illness that you would have be “normal” and “okay”.

        You are so transparent as are ALL of those like you!

        Hey, wanna CLEAR explanation of WHAT THIS ALL MEANS folks? watch this interview with a former high-ranking Russian KGB agent from 1985!


      • Michael J.

        Yuri Bezmenov is taboo for liberals. As a mattter of fact, any link’s you post that cut to close to the truth will be ignored by them. They’d rather rehash talking points that have been disproven, strictly adhering to the rules for radicals set down by one of their founding fathers, Saul Alinsky who preached that lies repeated often enough would become truths in the public lexicon. Alinsky never let on that he employed the same tactic to illicit student support.

      • eddie47d

        Ken must be in the same camp as Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in North Carolina. He said that God inspired him “to find the best way to kill the world’s homosexuals” . He would begin by “putting them all within a large electrified fence and they would only receive occasional food dropped from flyovers. Then we would wait for them to die out”. Reverend Sean Harris of Fayetteville North Carolina reiterated the same opinion. Maybe Pastor Curtis Knapp of Seneca Kansas is more to your liking or one of your heros. He “advocates for the killing of all gays”. He said ” he wouldn’t personally do it but would allow the government to do so to all gays and lesbians”. See it’s not the left that wants FEMA camps but those on the right who have their own disturbing agenda.

      • Ken

        Well Michael J., Yuri Bezmenov’s interview all those years ago is PROOF POSITIVE that all their mindless chatter is in one of two camps;

        #1; They don’t know what the hell their supporting or talking about and they are nothing
        but tools of the left wing powers – and inside of this uneducated position they are
        being used as a means to an end.

        #2; They know FULL WELL what’s going on and are making EVERY attempt to have this
        issue seem to be a “human rights” movement instead of what it really is….an insidious
        plan to corrupt the children and people of our country ( and the world ) and destroy any vestige of morality to meet their own ends….(see video interview link to high ranking KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov from 1985 ).

        Either way, they have to choices after being presented with this information; continue the diatribe and homo/communist/marxist propaganda knowing they’ve been exposed for what they are, what they do and what they stand for or (if they’re ignorant of the truth)

        learn they are being lied to and used and extricate themselves from their ignorance and disillusionment.

        I tend to agree with you though – you know the old saying “You can lead a horse to water”…..

      • Karolyn

        I could care less about Keynes, Bezminov, Alinsky or whoever. I do not see conspiracies in everything people do. I have studied no such writings, nor do I wish to. I pefer to be an enlightened individual, respecting the rights of all human beings to be respected and to live their lives as they wish as long as they do no harm. I cast no aspersions on your Christian beliefs, although I do not beleve everything in the Bible, a book transcribed by scribes who were human beings and, therefore subject to infallibility and their own prejudices.

      • Ken


        They aren’t “conspiracies” at all….as Yuri said in his interview; “All American’s have to do is pull the bananas out of their ears and look and they will see the truth”.

        He (Yuri) also said, “You can present the truth right in front of their faces and they won’t believe it until the iron boot comes crashing down on their head!”.

        Looks like your one of those that won’t believe the truth…..all the poorer for you.

      • Michael J.

        There you go, see what I mean. They either dismiss it out of hand or completely ignore it. Meanwhile the snails pace destruction of western society continues.


      • Ken

        Yeah Michael …..nuff said. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him s3-0929q13 and 3wi9=wtt73-002 ….?!///?

      • Robert Smith

        Ken says: “interview with a former high-ranking Russian KGB agent from 1985″

        ROFL… Still citing RUSSIAN spies as a viable source about American issues?

        Now there is a source you can trust (not).

        ROFL… Hey Ken here’s a clue: You may believe he was real but I ate the easter bunny. It was wrapped in tin foil, came in a basked, and tasted like chocolate.


      • Michael J.

        Robert Smith,
        Another coded message? Not many know that the Easter Bunny or rabbit was part of a Pagean Ritual celebrated by Anglo-Saxons prior to Christianity, but Robert the Smith knows.

      • Robert Smith

        Yes Miachel. The christians did hijack a LOT from the older religions before them.

        One would think it helped the early christians MAKE UP much of their lore.


    • JON

      The people who read Green Lantern won’t give a crap that the character is gay. Anyone who reads that comic book in the first place probably has a open mind. They think the HATERS are a bunch of stupid idiots for worrying about it in the first place.

      • Wyatt

        Open mind ? Like who , Joe Biden ? Regardless of what anyone thinks or claims , it was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve , or Eve and Louise . God destroyed the world once because he wasn’t pleased at how people behaved and later he desroyed Sodam and Gomorrah because of their deviant behavior’s . And to those who are doubters , the evidence has been found of the truth of the bibles stories

      • Ken


        JON, you are either greatly misled or your in-the-know and your playing stupid. Watch the video with Uri and read the background of Keynes….

      • JON

        KEN, GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JON

        Wyatt, yes, it was Adam and Eve, I’m glad you could read!

      • Ken

        JONNY, I have to go now as I’ve spent enough of my time here in a hilarious (if not futile) attempt to educate you and save you from yourself.

        Anyone else who was on the fence before this conversation began now knows the “what’s so”….you haven’t got a leg to support you “gay” agenda. You’ve been feminized as well as brainwashed and your a hopeless and sad case of many young men today who had no masculine figure to guide you nor proper religious upbringing.

        I do have compassion for you – but alas, no sympathy.

      • Robert Smith

        Hey Wyatt: “and later he desroyed Sodam and Gomorrah because of their deviant behavior’s .”

        Is that the story where he tried to pimp his virgin daughters to the mob and then eventually got drunk and deflowered them himself?

        Now there’s an example of a christian hero for a brutal god if there ever was one.


  • Silver Haired Saint (@KennDillon)

    Shoving one man’s penis up another man’s anus is not sex.

    • Ken

      Try telling THEM that! you’ll get one up yours! Ha, ha, ha!

      • Robert Smith

        Hey Ken!

        If you’re so worried about “natural beahvior” why aren’t you out there sniffing buts like I’ve seen so many dogs do?

        I once heard someone say they wished they could lick parts like dogs do. Someone else in the room offered to hold the dog…

        So much for “natural” sex.


    • JON

      Well then, what about two?

      • Ken

        Leea; this poor kid didn’t have a choice as this “idea” wasn’t his – it was fed to him and he took it on like it was his….sad to hear your story about this young man. He doesn’t have a clue.

        Take a look at the links I posted above for a clearer picture.

    • Robert Smith

      Silver proclaims: “Shoving one man’s penis up another man’s anus is not sex.”

      What if he does it with a girl that way? What about oral sex? Is that OK with a girl?


  • JON

    To the haters, the Green Lantern is a fictional character! There won’t be any sex going on in the comic book! Get real AND a life! I can’t believe the crap you worry about or that upsets you.

    I think the HATERS are upset because the Green Lantern could totally kick their a$$. That, and that he kisses hi boyfriend and not them!

    • Ken

      Haters! Ha,hahahahaaha!

      NAH, were exposing you for what you really are! a FRAUD, A LIAR, a CHARLATAN AND AN IMPOSTER.

      This kind of behaviour does NOT belong in a comic book but in a queer porn magazine that’s kept behind the counter of a magazine stand that is ONLY SOLD TO ADULT-AGED MEN.

      • JON

        You said “”A FRAUD, A LIAR, a CHARLATAN AND AN IMPOSTER””. What the hell are you talking about??? You are a very weird person!!!

      • Ken

        And you are either an idiot or ”A FRAUD, A LIAR, a CHARLATAN AND AN IMPOSTER”.

      • eddie47d

        If that was true Ken then you’d have to ban heterosexual copulation/love within comic books or don’t heterosexuals have sex? We all know they do even though they wouldn’t show it anymore than they would show it in a gay oriented comic book. You are to hot under the collar to be taken seriously.

  • RichE

    Do you think Super Heroes are sexy?

    Why do they wear skin tight outfits?

  • Leea

    I have a stepson who is a self-proclaimed gay man. I can easily tolerate him for his strong suites. But early on, not long after he came out, he told his dad that he (his dad) needed to come out because he was gay, too. NOT!!! My husband of nearly 20 years is NOWHERE NEAR being gay!!! He loves boobs (is that TMI?) and sex with me. There is a joke going around in the GLBT community; If you can convert a straight to a gay, you get a free toaster oven. I’m coming to the conclusion that with or without the free toaster oven, the agenda is exactly that: to try to have massive numbers on their team!!!

    • Ken

      Leea; this poor kid didn’t have a choice as this “idea” wasn’t his – it was fed to him and he took it on like it was his….sad to hear your story about this young man. He doesn’t have a clue.

      Take a look at the links I posted above for a clearer picture.

    • carrobin

      My best friend is a gay man whose father was gay (though he married twice and had five kids–three of whom are gay). Anyone who believes that a straight person can be “converted” to gay probably also believes that Obama was born in Kenya.

      • Ken

        Obama wasn’t born in Kenya?!

      • Dale on the left coast

        I would say he taught them well . . .

      • Ken

        Well – at least THEY won’t be breeding….of course, with any luck, by the end of the year Californification will fall into the ocean and take San Fran Sicko with it….

  • Sirian

    There is one simple answer to this. . . D.C. Comics is down on sales SO they run this direction in an attempt to increase those numbers. Also, this move openly puts their political/psychological mind set on full display. If Green Lantern is gay, which is one of the most absurd things for them to do with a “Super Hero”, who’s next? Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman??? Keep the twinks happy so the profit numbers increase? What a joke!!! Let’s wait and see how long this runs.

    • Ken

      Sales will drop further I predict…..let the 3% who support homosexuality as a lifestyle buy DC comics! great business idea~!

      • fan of ken

        I bet you’d look HOT in Green Lantern’s outfit! You with your bulging manly muscles!!! Oh yeah baby!!!

      • Ken

        Actually, I WOULD look hot! Bulging muscles and ALL – an the moment you made a comment or touched me my girlfriend PowerWoman would squash your measly faggy ass like a bug~!

      • fan of ken

        Just as I thought. You have a big ego and a small d**k. Sorry, but you would have a very difficult squashing me. Like the Green Lantern I could easily kick your sissy a$$ed butt!

      • Ken

        I like you, your funny! and like all sissy boy’s, you’ve got a big mouth behind a keyboard!


      • Ken

        That’s what girlfriends are for – taking care of “men” like you! ha,ha,ha!!!!

      • Ken


      • Robert Smith

        Awwww Ken… You claim: “you’ve got a big mouth behind a keyboard!”

        Part of why I’m here is so I can drive a right wing nut from a room as a screaming insult machine in less than five minutes where all he leaves behind is the noise of the door slamming behind him (once her). It’s such a delight to prove just how unstable they are when one stands up to them. Generally they are simple bullies who just don’t expect anyone to stand up to them.

        I have LOTS of fun with extremists in real life.

        Getting to a gathering, a few bucks.

        Buying food, a few bucks.

        Launching a right wing nut from the room by turning their hateful rhetoric on themselves… priceless.


  • Michael J.

    Everyone has heard of “Political Correctness”, very few are aware of it’s origin or intentions. Here’s a little snippet.

    “To further the advance of their ‘quiet’ cultural revolution – but giving us no ideas about their plans for the future – the School recommended (among other things):

    1. The creation of racism offences.
    2. Continual change to create confusion
    3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
    4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
    5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.

    6. The promotion of excessive drinking
    7. Emptying of churches
    8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
    9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
    10. Control and dumbing down of media
    11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

    One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud’s idea of ‘pansexualism’ – the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women. To further their aims they would:

    • attack the authority of the father, deny the specific roles of father and mother, and wrest away from families their rights as
    primary educators of their children.
    • abolish differences in the education of boys and girls
    • abolish all forms of male dominance – hence the presence of women in the armed forces
    • declare women to be an ‘oppressed class’ and men as ‘oppressors’Munzenberg summed up the Frankfurt School’s long-term operation thus: ‘We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks.’”

    Liberals will never acknowledge these facts nor even read the literature because to do so would mean a return to the closet.

    To read more on the subject, go to:

    • Karolyn

      MichaelMichael – You said:
      “• abolish differences in the education of boys and girls
      • abolish all forms of male dominance – hence the presence of women in the armed forces
      • declare women to be an ‘oppressed class’ and men as ‘oppressors”

      And what is wrong with these points?

      Why shouldn’t boys ad girls all be taught the same? Why should men have total dominance?” Women ARE STILL oppressed in a great many instances.

      • Ken

        B*llsh*t – women aren’t any more oppressed than gay’s….didn’t you READ ALL the GOALS Michael J. listed on the Frankfurt School?

        THERE ARE differences between boy’s and girls and that’s NOT to say that boy’s cant sew (for example and girls can’t learn to use a firearm….

        Men are fit to fight in wars (even wars that are confabulated) – men’s bodies are naturally rugged – and thus are naturally and historically the protectors of the “tribe” or “village”.

        Declaring women oppressed is nothing more than a ploy to follow through with the Frankfurt plan to destroy this country with their false agenda.

        You have been lied to and are a tool of these people, nothing more.

      • Michael J.

        The men who wrote these things were and still are intent on causing the break-down of the American family. If you click on the link I provided, you will read of their intentions and their original sponsors, Karl Marx and Heinrich Engels.

        Above you said you did not study these things. You must understand that these writings were not for students eyes, tactics used for indoctrination contained positive sounding words like “sensitivity, tolerance,fairness” and included slogans like “Make Love, Not War”. That’s right, Make Love, Not War was coined and injected into the culture by notorious communist and Brandeis University Professor, Herbert Mancuse, who prior to Brandeis tenured at Columbia and was a Frankfurt School devotee. Your belief that you were not influenced by their brainwashing is proof of their indoctrinating techniques. Successful Communist Brainwashing is gauged by victim unawareness.

      • Mary Ann Ludwig

        There are well regarded studies that show that boys and girls learn in different ways. Men and women have different brain functions. Yeah, yeah, women are just as capable and smart as men, but they are not the same and thank God for that. If you want a society of androgenous individuals then go for it – go very far away for it and leave normal people alone. This idiocy of turning comic book characters into homosexuals (they aren’t “gay” believe me) really is disgusting. If you want some “hero” comic book character to (God help us) inspire homosexual young people then create your own. Stop co-opting established characters. Homosexuality is a very small part of our population and yet it seems to be taking over a disproportionate part of the culture.


    Why does DC feel the need to queer up a hero? Guess I’ll find another Avenger hero who isn’t a twink. Tony Stark? Where or where does Stan stand on this?

  • 45caliber

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. After all, kids read comics and they want to indoctrinate the kids, right? But I can promise you that I will never buy a Green Lantern comic again. To be honest, I seriously doubt if I will ever buy a DC comic again.

  • JimH

    Way back in the 20th century, when I was a kid , comics were for kids. Super hero comics were adventure stories for “kids”. Sex, hetro or homo, didn’t enter the story, because it was for kids. Mostly boys.
    It is inapropriate just because of the “age group” that is going to read it.
    I really don’t consider myself a prude or a homophobe, but I think kids should be given a chance to just be kids for a while.

    • Ken

      “I really don’t consider myself a prude or a homophobe, but I think kids should be given a chance to just be kids for a while.” Well said JimH, but that’s exactly the point – the plan is to indoctrinate our man-children with the sickness of homosexuality and destroy their innocence…wake up and smell the propaganda machine.

      • JimH

        Ken, I know the motive. I was just saying why I’m against it.

      • Ken

        Right, I stand corrected Jim.

    • Karolyn

      If kids were taught about sexuality and the beauty of the human body and acceptance of same at an early age as in Europe, there would be less sex crimes and less uptight people. Being taught about real life does not take away from “kids being kids.”

      • Ken

        I’ll teach MY kids how to love themselves and be who and what they are – YOU can teach your kids how to be ANDROGENOUS….DEAL?!

      • Ken

        Just ta help ya out!

        Partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex.
        Having the physical characteristics of both sexes; hermaphrodite.

      • Dale on the left coast

        Karolyn . . . your information is faulty . . . in the City of Malmo, Sweden . . . . it is dangerous for Swedish girls to go out a night or even travel alone in the daytime . . . why you ask? A sizable percentage of the city has been taken over by the “religion of peace” folks . . . rapes and assaults are now commonplace. Similar patterns are observable in many European cities.

      • JimH

        Karolyn, At what age should children lose their innocence. Is it being “uptight” to have someone more involved in the childs life than a comic book to introduce then into the “real world”?
        Some kids mature faster than others and it should be up to the parents to know the best time. Not Comic Book Guy.

      • JimH

        Karolyn, Maybe the first edition will come with a free condum, so Comic Book Guy can teach other peoples kids about “safe sex”.

      • Karolyn

        Well, Jim, the parents should be monitoring what their children are reading when they are very young. We don’t have a “bad kid” problem in this country; we have a “bad parent” problem.

      • Karolyn

        Dale – All that means is that outside influences are changing what has historically been the norm.

      • Ken

        So Lefty, when did you get into the “religon of peice” and when did you move to Switzerland?

      • Karolyn

        Ken – What does Switzerland have to do with anything? And I’ve always been a peacemaker.

      • JimH

        Parents need to monitor movies, TV, video games and music. Now comic books.
        What’s next? The gay Bert & Erie? Then parents can monitor toys too.

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “Some kids mature faster than others and it should be up to the parents to know the best time.”

        I heard of a parent who told his kid about the “birds and bees.”

        The kid went out and first got crapped on and then stung.

        Talking about sex is much better.


      • JimH

        Rob, Nature is rough. Warn those kids about birds and bee’s and then teach them about sex. Or warn them about sex.

  • Dave Miedema

    At the risk of being thought of as a comics geek, I must point something out. In the continuity of the DC Universe, there are multiple Green Lanterns. The one being recast as a younger, gay male is the original (Golden Age) Green Lantern, first conceived in 1940 and, in older comics, a member of the Justice Society of America. The Green Lantern in the movie is the one created around 1960 (silver age), Hal Jordan. He is the GL pictured above in the article, and he has NOT been recast as gay…he is still straight. Superhero comics, outside of Superman, Batman, and a handful of others, suffered a lull in reader interest from after WW2 until around 1960. Many of the heroes active during WW2 (such as the original GL, the one now being rewritten as a gay man) were updated after that dead period in superhero comics interest had ended (this is the GL the movie was made about).

  • joseph

    well thats it, the last cool super hero dc comics had. now they made him gay. im now done with dc comics. i was in my youth a big green lantern fan. the rest of the dc universe sucked to me. if they wanted to push the gay agenda why couldnt they do it to wonder woman, or one of the other crappy super hero’s. hal jordan was one of the many spins that they had for him the proved that the green lantern was the only member of the justice leage who could kill super man. cool green lantern you will be missed.

  • oldbutnotadumbass 2012

    What A Lot of Bull-S##t!! use to like Reading Green Lantern in the late 40′s,50 s,60′s,But that was many years ago,when they , cost 10 ,15 and 20 cents each.I would, not ,and will not buy this comic for myself,or any one in my family.,And I’m sure a lot of other parents,and grand parents will do the same!!! WHY DIDN’T THEY TRY THIS CRAP BACK IN THE 1940′S,?? Perhaps D.C.’s . next thing will be to re-name him,The GAY LANTERN!!!!

    • Doc Sarvis

      Renaming the strip The GAY LANTERN will increase sales for sure. Gotta love the free market.

      • JimH

        Make sure to get YOUR copy.

      • JimH

        You can also have the one I’m not getting.

      • Doc Sarvis

        I stopped buying comic books when I was 15, i.e. a long time ago.

    • Ken

      Naaaahhh~! they’ll rename him the PINK Lantern!!!

      Gotta love the free market! and he’ll have a side kick named Twinkle-Toes!

  • SSMcDonald

    Perhaps the most vulgar and revolting post EVER!

    • Doc Sarvis

      I would save that distinction for posts about hate and war. This story is about strength, love, and bravery (in the comic book context).

    • Jon

      I didn’t think your post was THAT bad.

  • ….

    more than 85% of the readership of comic books is over 17.

    • JimH

      If they had gone to private school , they could read a big person book.

  • Gene

    Enough if this crap is enough. Seems now every comic strip character is a Homo.

  • FWO21

    Just because you try to make something look normal, does not make it so. I can only pray that the parents will teach their children the right way to be and have some sort of teaching about God. They can take it out of the Bible, but it will still be just as wrong.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      The problem is that homosexuality is normal and is acceptable. Ones sexual orientation is not something that can be taught, Either you are or you are not. Homosexuality cannot affect anyone any more than heterosexuality can. When conducted under the same rules of decency and privacy that are applied to heterosexuals homosexuality is no less and no more right or wrong then heterosexuality.

      • Robert Smith

        Jeremy says: “Ones sexual orientation is not something that can be taught, ”

        I find it very strange that a right wing christian is worried about homosexuality being “taught” but for some reason THEY couldn’t change their orientation if a gun was put to their head.

        Kinda proves the point that it can’t be “taught.” But, what’s truth to them even when they are their own best evidence?


  • CaptTurbo

    Well Isn’t that special?

  • Jeremy Leochner

    I did not know that. I think it is good for there to be heros of every size shape and orientation. Its important to show that any one can be a hero. That its our actions not our labels that determine what kind of person we are.

    • Robert Smith

      Hey Jeremy… What do you think of a guy who wants to pimp his virgin daughters to a mob? Failing that he deflowered them later himself.

      His name was Lot. He was the best that there brutal christian god had to “save” when he blew up a couple of cities.

      BTW, nobody has ever told me what “Gamority” is. I wonder what I’m missing.


      • Meteorlady

        Don’t you EVER get tired of insulting Christians and God? Maybe try hating something else instead of just fixating on God.

      • coal miner

        Robert Smith,
        You are absolutely right. On this blog I posted a couple years ago about Lot getting drunk and having sex with his daughters. Meteorlady,you better read your Bible more and less criticizing,you would know that was stated in the good book. In my view,Lot was a dirty old man.Ha ha ha.

      • Jay

        No he’s not, coal. Mr. smith is dead-wrong, not to mention, absurd. As well, he’s psychotic!

        He’s got the first part correct, regarding Lot, and his daughters, however, the last part (Failing that he deflowered them later himself), a complete fabrication; which reveals more about Mr. Smith, than it does Lot.

        Personally, i think Mr. Smith is a crazed, homosexual-pedophile! I mean, who else could add such a sick fabrication to the account, except a homosexual-pedophile-sleaze-bucket!

        Mr. Smith’s head is filled with worms, and rotting maggots; typical, standard mentality, of a homosexual-degenarate!

      • Robert Smith

        Meteorlady says: “Maybe try hating something else instead of just fixating on God.”

        Well, I thought about hating gays, but I’ve discovered that that there brutal christian god already cornered that part of the social market and the Westborough Baptist Church is just too far to commute to.

        I thought about hating witches, but darn, that brutal right wing god beat me to that one too.

        I thought about stoning women, but again I”ve been beaten out by that right wing god.

        Cheesburgers… Again I’m beaten to it. BTW, how’s come none of his loyal followers are picketing McDonalds?

        Oh well, I’ll figure something out.

        Maybe I can hate the hate that your brutal god loves!


  • deepizzaguy

    Comic book super heroes have gone the way of dinosaurs. Soon to be extinct.

    • Robert Smith

      Actually it’s growing faster than ever.

      Check out Japanese Manga. For a quick overview and its impact on the American market you can check out:

      And then there are graphic novels for adults and illustrated fiction for adults. Both are growing.

      There are even conventions for these forms of entertainment that draw THOUSANDS of folks who share the common interest.

      It’s growing, not in any way slowing down.


  • Meteorlady

    Well color me green – sickly green.

  • old hillbilly

    Call it what it is. end to opposite, end hands to toes, & the nose knows… it’s fecalism!!

    The green hornet has a brown nose & teeth

    Does a fecalite have fewer calories?

    Q – why has it been called an obamanation since Biblical times?

  • Gangbuster 2012

    Earth 2 ‘s Green Lantern Is not (today)all that popular! It doesn’t take much reasoning to figure out why they chose Earth 2 instead of Earth 1.If they had chosen Earth 1′s G.L. there could have been some serious problems with the Guardians on that Issue(but who knows for sure)then of course they would have to do something about Coral Ferris ,who for many,many years was his steady girl friend(like Los Lane Is to Superman.)D.C. could Have made anyone of their hero s gay.for example they could have taken Captain Marvel From Earth S and made him a Homo if they wanted to.D.c. has a lot of different Earth s to choose from .Let”s see… They Have Earth 2,Earth! Earth Prime,Earth S,And Now ,last but lest they have Earth Gay!! Good Going D.C.(Degrading Crap)!!!!!!

  • oldbutnotadumbass 2012

    I agree with you on that point G/B,They have gone quite a ways down hill,since the sixties,and seventies!!

  • old hillbilly

    Perversion usually degrades into bad deeds, not good.

    Pedophiles are always thinking of something nice to do for children… little trinkets, sweet things to say, make them comfortable, etc Can’t really say they aren’t nice about it… until the black cloud swarms over their logic & they do what they do. Call it compulsive, whatever, but the result is predictable & very bad!

    Homosexuality often weaves in and about pedophilia… nothing like a nice innocent little boy or young man to turn a pervert on. (comic books???) I can’t remember all of what Freud had to say about it, but the compulsion to swap ends & wallow in the dung can be overwhelming if one hates self & society… wants a little self mutilation, so to speak. Then there’s AIDS, hepatitis, etc. , things everybody else has to pay for because people get helpless when overwhelmed by the price of their perversion. One doesn’t have to believe in the Bible, God, or anything else. Don’t have to “believe” to appreciate facts – AIDS doesn’t care what you believe – it’s a here & now thing, perverts like to pass on to others if they can.

    Once upon a time comics passed on virtue, morality, good over evil, etc. Now we find the good guy wallowing in the fertilizer. Gosh, why’s the Penn state boy maker in court… college students should be fair game… maybe Joe jingles or obummer could help the courts understand a little frolicking under the bleachers is ok in 101 liberalism.

  • rendarsmith

    I hear liberals complain all the time about prolife groups showing images of aborted fetuses and how they don’t want to see it and it makes them uncomfortable. Well maybe there are people out there that are not comfortable watching two men kiss each other. I think DC’s comic sales will suffer after this. There is no way in hell I would buy a comic with two men kissing each other in it.

  • Jay

    Interview: Former Gay Youth Leader Re-Emerges to Tell His Dramatic Conversion Story

    Two years ago Michael Glatze sent shockwaves through the homosexualist establishment when he declared publicly that he had left his life as a prominent homosexual activist, become Christian, and embraced “normal human sexuality.”

    However, after being subjected to intense criticism and ridicule following his conversion, Glatze decided to “go inside,” “be silent,” and “process” for a time, but now says he feels compelled to share his story anew.

    In an interview with (LSN), Glatze said that, far from reverting back to his old lifestyle (as many of his critics in the homosexual community said he would) he is “extremely happy, and able to have a very good, normal, healthy life.”

    Glatze started identifying as homosexual at 20. After that he went on to found a popular homosexualist youth magazine – Young Gay America – in his early 20s, and had become a nationally-recognized media source on homosexual issues by 30.

    During that time, however, he began to have doubts about homosexuality, and in 2005, after a decade working in the homosexual movement, he gave it all up, deciding it was “wrong and immoral.” Just prior to leaving his position at the magazine, as he recounted in 2007 when he first went public with his conversion, he wrote on his office computer: “Homosexuality is death, and I choose life.”

    After announcing his conversion, Glatze says he was “trashed by people who didn’t know me to such an extent that I felt I needed to go inside, more, to further understand everything I was discussing.”

    “The fury that comes from ‘gay’ people against people like me can be vicious and vile, and it can hurt,” he told LSN. “They stop at nothing to make me feel ashamed for my current stance on homosexuality, and to try to make me doubt what I have experienced in my life.”

    “I got to a point where I decided to be ‘silent,’ and turn down offers to speak, and process,” he said.

    Since then he says he has “relied on God, and God alone.” “I have enjoyed living a relatively ‘normal’ life,” he said. “I go to church. I’ve dated girls. And, I continue to understand the ramifications of the homosexual sin in increasingly deep ways, as I encounter others in the grip of this sin, learn more about human nature, and watch my own experiences – comparing them to the way I might’ve responded or acted in certain situations just a few years ago.”

    Now ready to share his story again, he says he is insistent on grounding his identity in God rather than defining himself according to his status as “ex-gay.” “I don’t want to be some kind of spokesperson that makes this issue seem too much about me,” he explained.

    “There are countless individuals who have successfully left the homosexual lifestyle, have gotten away from the habits of homosexual sin, and who have happy and healthy lives,” he continued.

    He says he has been edified by “many, many e-mails from people in various parts of the world who related to my story … who encouraged me to keep going down this road, who are happy, who have left homosexuality far, far behind, who have kids, [and] who have beautiful spouses.”

    “Part of the problem with ‘getting the word out,’ is that we’re actually just talking about normal human experience,” he said. “It’s not the kind of thing where you feel the need to take hours out of your life, run around shouting, ‘People breathe air!’”

    The truth is “obvious,” he explained. “Heterosexuality is normal human sexuality, while homosexuality is a deviation. These are obvious things. What is so ground-breaking is how successful activists have been at clouding out reality.”

    “I think as the angry media continues to perpetuate the myth that homosexuality can’t be cured, … I want to continue to send the message of truth in opposition to that lie,” he said, “supported by the fact that I have just continued to be happier, more confident,
    and much, much more healthy – and much less, less gay – since 2007 and the years before.”

  • Jay

    Prominent U.S. Gay Activist Now Publicly Speaking Out Against Homosexuality.

  • Jay

    Anyone who is concerned about the influence of the homosexual agenda on reshaping traditional values must become intimately familiar with the major tactics that homophiles commonly employ in order to anticipate them and respond in charity and truth.

    Homophile strategists are very adept at manipulating public opinion with an arsenal of six tactics that are based upon deceptions and half‑truths:

    Exploit the “victim” status;

    Use the sympathetic media;

    Confuse and neutralize the churches;

    Slander and stereotype Christians;

    Bait and switch (hide their true nature); and


    One reason these tactics have worked so well is that homophile activists have succeeded in marketing a harmless and friendly image of their movement. They have lulled people into thinking that the wider society will not be adversely affected by their radical social agenda. Homosexual strategists have, in many cases, toned down their extreme rhetoric and have cloaked their agenda in soothing language.

    Over time, however, many have begun to think of themselves and others as “homophobes” or “haters” if they oppose any aspect of the homosexual rights agenda — or, incredibly, even if they question it in their own minds.

    Generals and attorneys often wish that their opponents would write a book. Interestingly, leaders of the “homosexual rights” movement did exactly that.

    Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen clearly laid out this agenda in the marching orders of the movement, After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear & Hatred of Gays in the 90s. This volume is an absolute treasure chest of information for those pro-family stalwarts who are actively engaged against the homosexual rights agenda.

    By far the most popular homophile tactic is the claim to victim status, which is a very powerful, almost paralyzing, weapon that gives them a distinct advantage in the public square.

    Kirk and Madsen summarize the potent effectiveness of the victim status:

    In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be portrayed as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to adopt the role of protector. …

    The purpose of victim imagery is to make straights feel very uncomfortable; that is, to jam with shame the self-righteous pride that would ordinarily accompany and reward their antigay belligerence, and to lay groundwork for the process of conversion by helping straights identify with gays and sympathize with their underdog status. … the public should be persuaded that gays are victims of circumstance, that they no more chose their sexual orientation than they did, say, their height, skin color, talents, or limitations. … gays should be portrayed as victims of prejudice.

    Does this sound familiar? It does if one pays attention to any mainstream media coverage of these controversial issues as they play out in law and society. But the victim status requires a story to back it up. Thus, perhaps the most common lament of the garden-variety homophile revolves around the alleged “tidal wave of anti-gay” hate crimes.

    An analysis of FBI statistics on hate crimes committed against homosexuals during the time period 2000-2008 shows that the probability of any individual homosexual being the victim of a hate crime during his or her entire life span is slightly more than one percent.

    Interestingly, “gays” are more likely to commit hate crimes against “straights” than “straights” are to commit hate crimes against “gays.”

    According to the FBI, there are 3.98 hate crimes committed by each million heterosexuals annually against homosexuals, and there are 4.44 hate crimes committed by each million homosexuals annually against heterosexuals.

    Violence against homosexuals by others gets all the press, but it is interesting to note that the great majority of anti-”gay” violence is committed by other “gays.”

    The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) is the leading tracker of violence against “gays” in the United States. According to the NCAVP’s statistics on anti-”gay” violence, 83 percent of all violence committed against “gays” is carried out by other “gays” in domestic situations. This does not even count “gay-on-gay” violence committed outside the home.

  • old hillbilly

    We have embraced an abomination so bad that no one will discuss it, define it, or describe it!

    Undeniably, excrement is as necessary to life as eating. There is no shame in a natural process. The digestive tract begins with the mouth, which is not a sexual organ and ends with the anus, which is not a sexual organ. Wholesome food enters the mouth, goes through the esophagus, processes in the stomach, moves to the intestines, where good things that sustain life are exchanged for waste, diseases, etc. that are returned to the intestines to be discarded with lots of bacteria that are designed to decay the waste (feces). The foul odor and composition of feces is designed to be repugnant to sane humans, because if contains waste, bacteria, and cast off diseases that can kill any who ingest it!

    Dung has always had its place when reprocessed as recyclable fertilizer, a source of fire when dried, etc.

    However, unimaginable millions of pounds of otherwise good food have and continue to be destroyed because traces of fecal material are found in it! Food service, hospitals, and countless other businesses are required to demand employees wash their hands after using restrooms. Our benevolent government is so preoccupied with the dung problem that they have severely punished farmers for digging a pond for fear a duck might land in it and relieve itself. On the other hand, other farmers were severely punished for draining a pond to grow veggies, because ducks would have no place to relieve themselves.

    Obama, Biden, Pellosi, and Reed finally found a recycling solution that would involve Barney. If we could swap ends where each could ingest the waste of the other like a perpetual motion machine, we wouldn’t need plants, cows that pass wind, windmills, or stimulus packages. Because each will starve if they let go of the other, it’ll be the ultimate union… a marriage till death do we part!

    Sodom & Gomorrah got nothing on us! Isn’t it time to use our lips and tongue to defend morality!

  • http://libertycouncel dirty deeds done dirt cheat

    all I can say to this, is,,,,, comic books are for kids to read and escape everyday life i use to read them alot when i was a kid. i never thought a sec that i needed to see 2 men kissing. oh boy! they just lose my money. i guess wonder woman is a lezbo. batman is tappin robin . what ever happen to just good ols common freaking sence. well my son will stop buying comic book from now on and just as they decide to put it in the movies as well i’ll stop going to see them as well. i know i still have mine. if they want a place for that it was in the adult porn . my kids are not going to be brought in in this crap. thanks for the heads up on your sickness and i hope you go out of business what a bone head idea. i use to like the green lantern. not i don’t . I hope the rest of the real mothers and fathers will not buy this crap for there kids as well. money talks no money, it will be over as fast as flash gordon. shame on you for wanting to do this. boycott the comics. and there movies. spiderman coming out this summer and batman as well. don’t go see them. let that be there wake up call. make them lose money. stop watching ,ABC, CBS , NBC, PBS. and all there sister stations. let them really know were sick of there stupid ways thank you . if youe with me hit like. light this up like a roman candle. thank you and vote republican, and tea party. get the sick socialist out of washigton, and send them packing. revoke there sweet membership. and let them live in europe sents it so great over there. this is still free enterprise. they just think they can force it on us,,,,,,,,, shows you just how really stupid really are.

    • http://personalliberty Debra

      Dirty Deeds-You are absolutely right!

  • oldbutnotadumbass 2012

    Dirty Deeds ‘Right On!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://libertycouncel dirty deeds done dirt cheat

      They can think that, they said , We need to go green, the world burning up. iI’s all lies to fill there pockets. Let them all go hungry. lose there jobs. it’s time for the common man and woman who is the back bone of this country to get theres. yes , The gays will buy it . Its their right. it’s a free market. I’m just saying , We won’t., like the chevy volt. Tap it with a hammer, not going to happen.. Real men and women needs a truck to work. like a pilot need a plane to fly. When they can make a plane fly around the world with it full of men ready to carry out there mission. then they might have something. Remember this, We are americans. We look for everything. We find everything. If it could already been discovered, We would have done it. We need oil for our trucks to work. Here is the best way to fit in, No matter your black or white gay or straight. if your rich or poor. Just do what you do. quit saying , i’m special, I need more attention than you do. you put your pants on one leg at a time reguardless. You crap in the same pot. Breathe the same air. Get over your self . dang!

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