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Grecian Formula

October 28, 2011 by  

Grecian Formula

Private owners of Greek bonds saw their investments halved yesterday.

Devaluing the currency is the modus operandi of the elites as they reach into their bag of tricks to stave off collapse. It will be coming to America soon. They have no choice.

Lacking the will to cut off the hand that feeds them — the fascist corporatocracy that siphons off bailout funds as fast as the Federal Reserve can print them — politicians will turn where they always turn: to the pockets of their subjects.

The devaluation will be preceded by hollow promises that such a move isn’t being considered. Then, in the dead of night, or over a long weekend, a zero or two will be added to the currency.

Desperate governments do desperate things. There is precedence for this throughout history.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Bob, show me a true ‘elite,’ and I’ll show you a fictional character. If ‘elites’ were truly “elite,” they would NOT have so many ways to make people all over the planet miserable. They wouldn’t live to steal from countries around the world and expect to be seen as living, national treasures.
    From what I can see, anybody who knowingly includes such characters as Big Al Gore, Bernanke, anyone of the utopian persuasion in Washington, Soros or Zbig and calls them ‘elite,’ I have to assume that the word has been bastardized the same way Obummer has bastardized character, transparency, hope, change and jobs.
    Bob, elite is truly as elite DOES, and countries around the world might as well throw all of them into the nearest prison(s), where they can try and convince their new ‘friends’ that they deserve be treated better – after all, they’re Earth’s “elite.”

    • Sam I am

      A rose by any other word smells just as sweet, and an elitist by any other word smells just as rotten.

    • eddie47d

      You see why SC will solve nothing and only parrots the right’s talking points. Blame those who are in favor of Democrats but totally ignore the Republican Elites.She needs to check out the real list of NWO people and see how many of her elite friends are on it. That is if she has the capability of accepting embarrassment. Now if she can get past slamming Obama things may change or maybe she’s waiting for the Republican elites to regroup and take over again. SC is like a broken washing machine …stuck in the spin cycle.

      • daniel

        eddie, it does not take a genius to realize we have been gamed on both sides of the political spectrum for years. So instead of looking at Party people should look at actions. As far as the devaluing of currency there is no choice. It is the only way to make the numbers add up. It is just the value will not be there. I wonder what will happen when the trade war with China really gets going? Devaluing against their wishes will only aggravate the situation. I would bet nobody sees that yet.

      • Jibbs

        The huff N puff is calling your name.

    • Mirage

      How about this one Bob.
      My definition of ELITES, would be Libertarians like the BROTHERS KOCH … apparently they donate a ton of money to like minded organizations to further their agenda: No Changes For The Prospering Super 1%.
      Governer Walker of Wiscounsin, another ELITE, was very interesting to listen to on his taped conversation with a mole posing as one of the Koch Brothers. Walker spent 20 minutes on the phone with that mole, that is pretty significant for a governor that claims he has no affiliation with the Kochs!
      Food for thought perhaps?
      Hope we ALL still have freedom of speech on your website, which is, afterall, I assume, a platform for the everyday American?
      Good Day.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Mirage,

        Your definition of elites is only partially correct.

        Best wishes,

        • s c

          Bob, you are much more polite than I am. PLEASE put together an article on what is and what is not an ‘elite.’ Both ‘e’ and ‘M’ (and some other progressives) need to be enlightened.
          Then, perhaps, they’d make sense once in a while.

      • Joe H

        Your buddy Soreass not only does that, but he helped round up and betrayed his own people and to this day, claims he ENJOYED it!! This is the kind of people YOU emulate!!

        • bob wire

          “This is the kind of people YOU emulate!!”

          Observe Joe. It’s different.

          Anyone setting on a dragons hoard would be affected by devaluation in proportion to the size of his/her hoard.

          Ain’t I the lucky duck today.

          That’s the downside of getting beyond the hunter/gather stage. You are left to spend you hours lording over your hoard.

          and I’m suppose to feel your pain?

          I will admit, I see it as problematic but are you not the one that placed yourself in this position and offered scorn for those that did not?

          When you take more then you need such things as loss and waste do occur.

          Hoarding is most problematic and made more so as more hoard.

          • DaveH

            Good Grief.

          • Joe H.

            If you want to say go to hell, you could have used a few less words!!! Save Mr. Livingston some space!!!

      • eddie47d

        Jolting Joe. Soros was 14 years old then so get over it.

        • DaveH

          Yeah, Joe, get it straight. Don’t you know that Liberal kids have a free pass to lack morality?

          • bob wire

            Well I certainly didn’t know that! You take sport with the truth.

          • DaveH

            Eddie said it, Bob, not me.

        • Joe H.

          He wasn’t 14 when he gave an interview and said he enjoyed it and was proud of it! Had he said he was ashamed of what he did and regretted it , itMIGHT be a LITTLE different, but he didn’t!!!

          • joe H.

            What you don’t have a smartazzed comment for that??

  • http://PersonalLiberty Frederic

    I am wondering how much money soros will make off of this collapse. It is what he does. He should be in prison, like s.c. says.

  • Lastmanstanding

    Why would you suppose that soros met with police commisioner Ray Kelly in nyc? perhaps to pay for damages or police ot? I doubt damages but with that ahole bloomberg in charge it is anyones guess.

    The earth will have the final say in all of this human corruption…it always does.

  • Gilly

    A loss is a loss. This solution send the wrong message to all governments and their citizens that they can continue to rack up loans and expect to get away with it. THIS IS NOT ON, SHOULD NOT EVEN BE CONTEMPLATED. The greek government should be the loser not the Bond holders to lose their asset. The bond holders should be given the option to have transferred to them the real estate property assets from the what the Greek government holds in its possession and a share in the taxes the Greek government should charge ALL their citizens. The Greek citizens should pay up FULLSTOP. From Gillysrooms from St Arnaud Vic 3478 Australia

  • Graystroke

    Many respond as if these were merry average folks that are a bit greedy and they need to be voted out etc…blah…blah..blah….. The book “Tragedy and Hope” openly tells you about the systematic plan for global governance, by the multitude of alphabet soup clubs and organizations. They do not have a moral compass as one would think. We are held in contempt by these ‘elite’. Hillary calls us bottom feeders. Hillary once said that the reason for the Soviet downfall is because they “did not have the right people” in charge. Did you get that???? She is saying communism will work here if the ‘right’ people are in charge, the really smart ones…. The elite are just that, the illuminated ones and only they are smart enough to know what is best for us. We are next on the agenda. The numbers of ignorant uneducated and easily manipulated people in the USA is now at the tipping point where they are being herded into accepting full open socialism……velkkomen to amerika the USSA …… if we don’t educate ourselves and loved on e fast enough!

    • eddie47d

      At least we are starting to tackle the elitist problem in American. Well sort of by exposing them yet like most we hide behind the covers of our own parties. Obama wasn’t one just three years ago but he sure is becoming one. Both Bush’s were as are the Koch Brothers so let’s not forget the players all around us. Including the numerous one’s on Wall Street.

      • s c

        e, have you ever had a completely independent thought in your adult life? Your remark is so utterly pc that it drips. You are a classic, dyed-in-the-wool, fence-sitting moderate. And, these days, a moderate is just another word for a closet progressive.
        You need new friends, new info sources, a new attitude and a change of scenery (you’re in the the Denver area, right?). Wow.

    • s c

      Graystroke, I’m betting that most ultraliberal progressives have never heard of Tragedy and Hope [Carroll Quigley]. As for reading it, most progressives would probably react to it like Al Gore does common sense.
      It’s quite a book. Quigley – as you probably know – was Bubba Clinton’s ‘favorite’ instructor at Georgetown.
      I won’t hold my breath, but if progressives could find the motivation (or the COURAGE) to read Tragedy and Hope, they’d come to this website with much more intelligence and not tend to sound so naive/ignorant/dumbed-down/childish/starry-eyed/lost/useful idiotish/ or duh.

  • Sam I am

    “Desperate governments do desperate things. There is precedence for this throughout history.”

    This is true for desperate peasants as well… Be careful elititsts.

  • http://none Dean Unruh


    I understand that devauluing currency allows debts to be paid via cheaper dollars. I don’t understand how this helps the creditors as they are being paid with fiat bucks that are worth-less.

    • Sam I am

      Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllll, that miggggggggggghhhht be a problem if I was crediting lets say something real like gold and silver… but if I am just printing infinite money out of thin air, my only true cost to do this is paper material and some electricity which I can get funded publically through government anyways…

      • Sam I am

        You have to remember too that everything is a means to an end.. Its true that the mega wealthy elite will “suffer” financially just like the rest of us (if you can call having your annual income of 20 billion reduced to 15 billion “suffering”). What they want is POWER and CONTROL. Money to them is only a means to that. Why use money to have lots of power and control, when setting up a prison planet in the wake of financial disaster results in near limitless power and control over the sheep of humanity.

        You see, you have to understand how disgustingly EVIL these people at the very top pinnacles of power are. The mega welathy elite men probably have dungeons filled with women slaves and they can have their pick of anyone of them to use and then discard. Absolutely sick and evil. I will let you use your imagination to come with what these freaks on a power trip might do once they are in total control and completely untouchable in their new world order. Let me ask you: do you think the elite will be branded and microchipped after the next bioterrorist staged attack cause government to foricbly microchip everyone? The mark of the beast is comming. We will all be microchipped or die resisting. They will sell that if everyone is microchipped like pets, we can track the terrorists better, but who protects you from the protectors as Socrates or Plato (can’t remember who) mused thousands of years ago?

  • Jeffrey A. Williams

    Anyone that invested in Greek national bonds was a fool IMHO. Greece is not going to recover based on bond sales to prop up their long flawed economic system and their non-competitiveness in the global market place. Without a overhaul of Greece’s basic economic system they face reoccurring economic problems that will remain systemic.

    • eddie47d

      The big problem with Greece is that they have a negligible economy (shipping,olive oil and tourism). They are only 2% of the EU’s economy and as Jeffery said they will have the same problems into the future. That country should not be compared to the USA which has a 25 trillion dollar economy even with our financial decline. Early last year I heard a few saying we should emulate Ireland’s economy and their free enterprise way of doing things. Well Ireland is now down there with Greece so what is the moral of this story.That capitalism and socialism can both suck and take countries into a tail spin. Now Communist China is doing extremely well with their experimenting with capitalism yet I don’t like the way they do business either.We need to stop worrying about who’s on top and who is on the bottom and reforge our own destiny.

      • DaveH

        $25 Trillion? That’s odd because Wikipedia says the US GDP was $14.7 in 2010:

        Good Grief. You just make those facts and figures up on the fly don’t you, Eddie?
        And you honestly think the readers believe any of your comments?

        • s c

          DaveH, America’s involvement with Greece’s economic
          problems isn’t new (especially throwing tons of money at Greece). HST, in one of his FDR-like moments just after FDR died, took it upon himself to preach the old “promise/threat” mantra and aimed well over $1 billion+ at that struggling nation (back when the dollar was much more than a piece of paper).
          Now might not be a bad time to make some deals with the Greeks, and buy up most of their premium quality, extra virgin olive oil and olives. It
          would be good for them, and we need all the good nutrition we can get.
          As for sending Greece financial ‘assistance,’ we’d be better off destroying the printing presses at that certain corporate monopoly that utopians want to think doesn’t exist.

  • Buck

    This lines up neatly with Obamas plans for America .

  • hitthedeck

    Greece just experienced the Nero solution! Rome was in the same situation and Nero collected all the Roman coins and cut them in half and told the Roman people that a half coin would now be worth a whole coin. They didn’t fall for it and it seems the Greeks are not falling for it either. I expect that the Nero solution will sooner or later be applied here in America. O by the way, Rome had a terrible immigration policy that depleted their food reserves and entitlements. Sound familiar?

    • eddie47d

      Rome had an immigration problem? I think it was called slavery and brought in by the Romans themselves.

      • hitthedeck

        It started out that way but the population grew and the slaves assimilated and most became free men. A large portion of Rome’s army was mercenarys who also melted into the population.

      • hitthedeck

        Slaves must be housed, clothed, fed and have medical care. Even though they were productive there was a lot of overhead and expense. Here in America it’s just the opposite, there are no slaves and we house, cloth, feed, educate and give free medical care to people who are not productive. You could almost say the working people are slaving for people that politicians pander for support. Half of our coin has already disappeared and we have a bunch of fools that are blaming it on Wall Street.

      • s c

        e, get to a lower altitude, or start using oxygen. Old Rome collapsed because they were too dumb (and their politicians were so incompetent – like now) that hordes of barbarians moved in and ‘helped’ old Rome implode.
        If you EVER read any old history, read it again, You got it wrong the first time – or your teachers were incredibly incompetent.

  • Bill wright

    on the topic of Rome;Anyone that has at least aneight grade education,knows why Rome fell. 1) failing families2)Bad goverment3)An weakling Army4)Barbaric invasions. At least thats what i wastaught in school when I went there ,but who knows for sure ,perhapse some one some where has rewritten the history books over the last fifty plus years. but on topic i would say that Greece has been living far beyond their means for a long time.

  • s c

    I’d like to know how long it’s been since Greece had an economy that was not in the toilet. It seems to me that Greece defines what is so wrong with a democracy. That nation found ways to bypass all of their great historical thinkers and opted to create their version of a national “big tent.”
    In doing so, they combined socialism and communism with a Three Stooges approach to government. They don’t seem to understand what happened or why.
    The only solution, people, is to send them our prez. He won’t have to learn Greek. They might have to learn Chicagoan, but that’s a small price for getting America’s Haavid-trained wunderkind.


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