Grayson: Democrats Can’t Allow Small Business To Avoid Obamacare Mandates


Representative Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) said recently that he will soon introduce legislation which would bar small businesses from opting to hire part-time employees instead of full-time employees in order to avoid extra costs they would incur by reaching staffing thresholds that would force compliance with costly Obamacare mandates.

Republicans have consistently said that small businesses risk being driven out by Obamacare mandates, and would move to lay off full-time employees in favor of larger part-time staffs. Grayson, however, believes the argument is void because Obamacare provides some rebates for small businesses that will have to provide healthcare plans to employees.

“The Affordable Care Act actually subsidizes health insurance for small businesses to provide health care,” he said. “Every small business gets a one-third tax credit in providing health care that they need to provide to their own employees. It’s absurd.”

Perhaps he could take his message of mandating full-time hiring over to Contra Costa County, Calif.,  where politicians recently hailed the announcement that the county had won the right to run an Obamacare call center. When jobseekers showed up for the 200 jobs that were touted as full-time gigs with benefits promoting Obamacare, it was discovered that half of the positions were part-time with no benefits.

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  • JimH

    Instead of just admitting this health care bill is a huge train wreak in the making, just mandate some more rules “forcing” small business to do more than they can afford to pay for.
    When you are out on the streets just give Alan Grayson and others like him a call to let them know how they “helped” you right out of a job.

    • IsThisAmerica

      And demand that they give you another.

  • manuel

    The federal government is gonna make obamaCare work if it totally cripples the US economy. If obama wants the US to look like his native Kenya, he is sure on the right track to accomplish this. Not sure who is worse – the party line following Dims, or the clueless Republicans. Both have become about the same and the US voters keep sending them back. Guess we deserve what we get.

    • Vis Fac

      That is what ODUMBO wants redistribution of wealth aka socialism.

    • chocopot

      Actually, no matter what they do, it WON”T work, but it certainly will cripple the economy in the process – which was the intent of it all along.

  • steve

    and they can do this because you didn’t build your business. some one else did. time too cash in and head for the south pacific

    • lazy

      did you not read that obombo told you that government built your business not you.


    As a small business owner, I am considering CLOSING MY DOORS!
    I am NOT buying into this health care criminal enterprise!
    Government does NOT have the power or authority to FORCE the people to BUY A DAMNED THING!

    • Vis Fac

      As a small business owner I did close down Government regulations taxes and a downturn in the economy made it easy to fold I was tired of working 18 hour days for virtually nothing. The government both State (PRC) and the feds were stealing most on my income certainly more than I was able to take home. Unfortunately Liberals think that any business is a bottomless money pit to draw upon whenever they want without worrying if funds will last. Like a parasite they kill the host and move to the next one to kill that one as well.

      • IsThisAmerica

        Look at our beloved HOSTESS. That company was here for a long time and now Poof Gone. That’s what greed does. Greedy unions wanting more in their pockets from the employees so gotta strike to earn more money. Well gee thanks, I miss Hostess. Oh yeah I forgot Hostess didn’t build their business. Who in hell did then? Obummer? No he helped destroy it.

  • jdn

    Tyranny is a force that must grow to survive until it consumes everything or is destroyed .

  • Protonius

    Normally — which would be just about any time in recent memory “pre-Obama” and “pre-Bush-II” — I would find such a proposal as the one that this Member of Congress is pushing — i.e., for legislation “which would bar small businesses from opting to hire part-time employees instead of full-time employees” — to unimaginable as coming from a (halfway-principled) Member of Congress, as such an idea would obviously have NO place in a democratic society.

    But now, against the backdrop of the policies and actions of the CURRENT Administration, which, IMO, has already demonstrated itself to be operating from a substantially imperial, “holier-than-thou”, “total control-oriented” attitude with a decidedly unconstitutional slant, IMO this Congressman’s proposed plan becomes truly frightening — because, for all we know, considering the way things seem to be going, he may actually get this TYRANNICAL bill passed into law.

    That such a piece of legislation should even be CONTEMPLATED in this country is uncanny to me.

    But then again, we, as Anerican citizens, have already — as so many critics warned but to no avail — been legislatively FORCED, by Obamacare, to give up a gigantic chunk of our freedom (via the “personal mandate”).

    So now, if this Congressman gets his way, and using the Obamacare “personal mandate” as a legislative precedent and foundation, we may soon stand on the cusp of this Government mandating (a) who we can hire and who we can’t hire, (b) how we run our businesses (and how we finance our business, (c) that many businesses — which until now have been operating on a sound basis and in accordance with all other laws — MUST NOW GO BANKRUPT AND SHUT THEIR DOORS.

    Aside from the fact that, IMO, this Congressman’s proposal would destroy businesses across the nation and throw huge numbers of otherwise-employed people into joblessness and resultantly severely damage the nation’s already edge-of-the-cliff economy even further, I wonder how this Congressman cannot see (or does he?) that this proposal — especially if it’s enacted into law — would be a form of TYRANNY.

    The USSR already tried it: total top-down control and “management” of the lives of everyone, and of every business effort, in the entire Soviet nation. How did that effort turn out for them?

    • June Maulfair

      Don’t forget this ass also voted to increase work visas in the immigration bill.

  • Gene

    Obama is on a mission to destroy our economy, out military, and finally our country in order to create a new world order. Obama is just a puppet from some other group or organization which has its eyes set on a new world order. On another point, as I have validated via American Conservative 2 Conservative web site, that NSA has ‘dirt’ on EVERY political hack in DC and that includes the Supreme Court. If you do not believe that, just look at how everyone is being forced to march to the beat of their drums. It is government by intimidation.

  • BHR

    Small business has the right to hire people for what ever hours they want. If the government passes a bill that a business has to hire for at least 40 hours, all the fast food restaurants will go out of business. Businesses should have few restrictions but common sense ones. The more restrictions, the more it costs a business and the less the employee makes.

  • Betta

    Here is what is astonishing. This rancid thirst for power and forcing your will upon others. Who do these guys think they are? Who does that? They do it only because we let them. What makes him think his way is correct and nobody else as a say about it? Is this MOFO up for re-election anytime soon? If so that would be a good time to give him his walking papers.
    All dictators must be ousted and stripped of their ill gotten wealth to be disbursed to every taxpayer they stole it from. Now that’s wealth distribution I can live with.

  • Oldmonkey

    Twenty something years ago in Indonesia when there was an uproar over tennis shoes being made by kids, soon after they went hungry because their families needed the income. If small businesses are taken down this road they will grow even smaller; some by selling off part of the business, others by laying people off.

  • Dianne Molander

    business can’t be forced to hire full time…end of argument

  • Betta

    “…would bar small businesses from opting to hire part-time employees instead of full-time employees in order to avoid extra costs…”
    It will never pass. Here’s to hoping that sensible minds will prevail and realize how this will destroy small business = more people out of work = more people needing government assistance. He’s crazy and I think a drug screen is in order.

  • Patriot66

    The main agenda is to eliminate small business. In Communist countries, the State owns everything and all people work for the State. Do you people see what is going on? The U.S. citizenry is being probed to see how far they can be pushed, and how fast. That’s why they’re trying to import immigrants from countries where the people are used to being suppressed, and at the same time trying to get a handle on our guns. All they need to do is know who has what. If they decide to push further than we want them to, they send out their goons from Halliburton, Blackwater, Xe, Academi, or whatever name they go by now…, to go door by door to collect these guns and game over. If you don’t think this can happen, they’ve already done this in New Orleans after Katrina. My guess is that Obama will create an employment Czar to fine and punish small business owners for not following a certain agenda.

  • Dajeno

    Don’t these representives agree to uphold the constitution when the are sworn into office. These liberals continue their efforts to surpress the citizens rights and tear apart our constitution.

  • Guest

    ….and this is coming from an idiot politician who-like his criminal cohorts-never read the damned bill before passing it. If this does not show equally idiot Americans that Congress and the president want to destroy what is left of America, nothing will.

  • Major Domo

    Because of Obama targeting the rich, with higher taxation, they are leaving the country in droves. With the web, a person can direct a company from anywhere in the world so location and country of origin is simply not an obstacle. Then, there are those who are simply wealthy and don’t work but live off their investment. Now, with idiots like this in state government, we will see the same sort of migration across state lines. When will this foolishness end? In the meantime, get ready for a decrease of jobs as more small businesses close because of a socialist in the white house.

  • Robert Shaw

    The government over reach needed to make Obamacare work is a giant step in the direction of full on socialism. If this get passed, what’s next? Oh, you can’t fire any of your employees, no downsizing (unless you have donated millions to a campaign of course). You know, the jobs numbers are down, every business is now required to hire two more full time employees, whether you need them or not.

    It’s ok if you can’t afford them, the government will now subsidize your business… for a 49% stake in the company. I’m sure you can all guess where this is going, and scares the crap out of me. We need to get back to hard work and freedom in country, and away from government handouts and control, because we are on the fast track to commitown buddy.