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Grandmother Opens Fire On Robbers

April 26, 2012 by  

Grandmother Opens Fire On Robbers
Lulu Campbell says she always carries a gun.

A Georgia grandmother saved her money and her life by firing shots at two men attempting to rob her.

After Lulu Campbell, 57, dropped off her grandson at her daughter’s house, two men approached Campbell’s truck, demanded money and threatened to shoot her.

The robbers wanted Campbell to open the door, but she refused. “I said, ‘Baby, you’re going to kill me anyway, so I don’t have to open it!’” Campbell said.

According to Campbell, one of the men fired a shot and missed. Campbell, who always carries a gun, fired back and hit the man in the chest. A shootout ensued with the second man, and he eventually fled the scene.

Reportedly, Campbell’s truck sustained eight bullet holes in the hood, and both side windows were shot out.

Campbell, who owns convenience stores and gas stations, told The Telegraph: “I’m very nervous. I carry a gun all the time.”

One of the attackers, Brenton Lane Spencer, is hospitalized. The other suspect, Dantre Shivers, has not been apprehended.

Campbell left the scene unharmed.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • angelwannabe


    …. another story involving a gun__, a friend of ours has a permit to carry a gun. One of his friends was very upset that this man feels the need to carry a gun and he asked this man why do you wear your gun while your in my house and every where you go?__This friends explanation was” its like getting up in the morning , getting dressed, you pick up your wallet, your car keys, put your hat on, I just happen to put my gun on”……oddly enough, one night, The man complaining about gun carry had a rude awakening,. ….while He his Wife and two little ones were away, upon returning home, they found they had been broken into & robbed……..

    The Good Lord does have a way of waking people up, if they only open they’re eyes and see.

    On another note, for all those opposing second amendment rights out there, Gun controls only hurt law abiding citizens, the criminals couldn’t care less about the law!

    • Robert Smith

      “A Georgia grandmother saved her money and her life by firing shots at two men attempting to rob her.”

      The “American Rifelman” has a page full of stories like this every month.

      Remember, while those who support firearms rights many are arguing to take freedoms away from others.

      Is that the America we want? Ripping each other apart? Come on folks, let’s respect each other and tell those who are taking our freedoms to take a hike!


      • JUKEBOX

        Rob, effective gun contol means being able to hit what you are aiming at. If this lady had not beenable to defend herself from these thugs, she would probably be laying on a slab in the Fulton County morgue. It’s time for you pacifists to wake up and see the evil in this world.

      • Robert Smith

        Let’s watch jukebox lie: “It’s time for you pacifists to wake up and see the evil in this world.”

        I’m not a pacifist. I’m lisenced to carry and before I quit the NRA two years before GWB Sr. (I watched what led up to the “Jack Boot” thing that precipitated GWB Sr. to quit.)

        It’s not being “passive” to point out that Americans need to work TOGETHER and respect the other guy’s and gal’s freedoms as much as we want out own.


      • FreedomFighter

        Yes Rob only criminals and the government have the right to rip us apart — bite me Rob

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Robert Smith

        Oh, didn’t finish a sentence…

        Before I quit the NRA I was active in teaching Boy Scouts, DeMolays, and lots of other folks how to shoot. I was certified in 5 catigories.


      • wandamurline

        I am 65 years old and I carry every day. My hope is that during my lifetime, I never, ever have to use my weapon…..but, in the event that my life is threatened, I will use it. There are people out there who are on drugs who have become animals and when you act like an animal, you should be treated as one. I don’t go anywhere without my gun….it makes me feel safer than waiting on the police to show up after someone has k i l l e d me to investigate. Lock and load.

      • FreedomFighter

        Rob, So we agree, good, about time

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Sirian

        I understand your point RS, but aren’t you sounding a bit like Rodney King now? That didn’t turn out to well. . .

      • oh oh

        Are firearms rights supporters advocating “Ripping each other apart”? Of course not. The shear number of firearms and responsible firearms owners makes such a statement absurd. Criminal perpetrators like those described in this story rightfully lose the normal “respect” we have for each other when they try to rip someone else apart. The act of self-defense by the armed victim in this case was a proper exercise of freedom. As an armed citizen, she was able to justifiably “tell” the perpetrator “to take a hike!” In this case, the victim’s inalienable right to life was more important than the perpetrators’ right to common courtesies like “respect,” which was forfeited and moot anyway once they crossed the criminal line. If the victim in this case crossed the line and illegally became the aggressor at some point, she will have to deal with her own crime; but at least she’s alive to do so. If any firearms rights supporter crosses the line any rips someone else apart, there are laws to deal with him.

      • Robert Smith

        oh oh says: “If any firearms rights supporter crosses the line any rips someone else apart, there are laws to deal with him.”

        You missed MY point. Frequently it is firarms rights supporters who are also anti-abortion, anti-death with dignity, and anti-pot.

        Why not respect those who believe differently than you to help protect their freedoms? Protecting their freedoms will help protect yours.

        Unfortunately those who want THEIR rights are willing to take your gun away. It’s time for folks to work together and let ALL Americans have the freedoms.


      • Average Joe

        I think what RS is trying to say is:
        We need to spend more time discussing th things we can agree on and less time arguing about the things we disagree on. By disscussing what we agree on, we find common ground to build upon, rather than discord through argument .

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You are not talking about Freedom, what you are asking for is to be allowed to be a Hedonist.

      • Vicki

        Average Joe says:
        I think what RS is trying to say is:
        We need to spend more time discussing th things we can agree on and less time arguing about the things we disagree on. By disscussing what we agree on, we find common ground to build upon, rather than discord through argument .

        When is the last time you had a “discussion” with a mugger? Here is a short video clip about 2 men who DID have such a discussion. You will notice the mugger is not particularly interested in “discussion”.

      • Vicki

        Robert Smith says:
        Frequently it is firarms rights supporters who are also anti-abortion, anti-death with dignity, and anti-pot.
        Firarms rights supporters are frequently anti-abortion. OF COURSE we are against murder. Especially murder of the most innocent amongst us. People who have not even had a chance to take their first breath of God’s air with THEIR OWN lungs. It is THEIR right to LIVE that we support over the supposed right for a woman to be free of the consequences of her choice to have sexual intercourse. (I’m waiting for the fool who will try and bring up the rape argument)

        Firarms rights supporters are frequently anti-death with dignity. OF COURSE we are against murder. But more importantly we are against involving other people in a conspiracy to commit murder. You want to kill yourself? Go ahead. Be your own judge, jury, and executioner. Save the State the trouble. But you should consider what you are going to say to your Creator when you face Him and He asks what you did with the gift of life He gave you.

        Firarms rights supporters are frequently anti-pot. They are? Most everyone I have ever talked to or debated with point to the crimes associated with pot. If they are anti-pot it is just the 60+ years of media brainwashing convincing them, and anti-gun liberals too, that pot leads to crime so pot is bad when in fact it is PROHIBITION which leads to crime. Proven so many times throughout history that it is impossible for the continued belief that “pot is bad” to be anything other than willful ignorance.

      • Thinking about it says

        Rob I do not understand what U R trying to say. R U with us or against us.This is no time to be a fence straddler.

    • Jack Evans

      Yep. you got it exactly. I’ve been robbed, and burglarized, with the police not even doing an investigation as to who the burglars were or trying to arrest and indict them. I’ve shot guns, taught the concealed carry course in TEXAS for over 12 years, and now find myself in a condition of being wheel chair bound be cause of a fool, with her head in her behind, herding her vehicle into to me , while I was stopped at a redlight. So ask me if I carry a gun. YES I DO, and believe me when I say, that if some idiot that won’t work for a living , decides to try and rob me. iT WILL BE HIS FINAL MISTAKE.

      • angelwannabe

        Jack, we were broken into, one night in 95 while not at home, they ramed our back door so hard, it broke the door frame completely off of the door, the broken part stuck a foot away from the wall. They got $450 and my quarter can…they ransacked our bedroom and the livingroom…the front and the backdoor were both open when we arrived home and the lights were on…I took the largest butcher knief I had, went in every closet in every room, including the attic and basement , while doing so I yelled at the top of my lungs ” you better not still be in here you SOB, because if I find you, I’ll cut you into little pieces”….they were long gone…but I slept on the couch for two weeks after that with a gun and the butcher knief beside me…..

    • eric

      outstanding!! one more example of how people willing to stand up for themselves prove our founding fathers right.

      this is a much better result that the funeral we would be mourning over if the apologists have their way…

      • Thinking about it says

        I think every American that believes in the right to bear arms and has a neighbor that does not believe in owning guns,should put a sign in his yard saying my good neighbor does not have guns in his house.

  • Sirian

    Listen up Women,
    Now if this doesn’t show how important it is to “carry”, what does? Whether you like it or not, women are much easier targets for criminally minded men of any age to go after. There are many other stories similar to this and the attacks end up with one usually dead. There have been several here in Oklahoma over the past two years and the women have faired quite well. Bad guys – 0, women in Oklahoma – 3. Now just give it a more serious amount of thought girls, you’re way to important to let crazies take your purse, car, jewelry or even more so, your life!! Why is it so difficult to understand? This woman in Georgia understood. Follow suit – start packin’!! Again, you’re way, way, way to important to let yourself be in the end “snuffed”!!

    • CJ

      I think they should ask themselves two questions: 1) would they rather be judged by 12 or carried by 6? and 2) which is lighter to carry, a 38 cal. or the guilt you could have done something and chose not to? In an attack, YOU do not pick the options, the attacker does, You just choose between them. And there’s no assurance they will honor any promise if you choose the one they want you to.

      • Vicki

        CJ writes:
        2) which is lighter to carry, a 38 cal. or the guilt you could have done something and chose not to?

        I would have said
        “which is lighter to carry, a policeman, a 38 cal. or the guilt you could have done something and chose not to?” :)

    • American Momma

      Fortunately, most of us Southern gals agree with you.We aren’t going down without a fight.My husband served in the military for 14 yrs, and he made sure that I know how to defend our family while he is gone. Some idiot wants to pull a gun on me, all I’ve got to say to them is ,”You’ve shown me yours, not let me show you mine!”

      • American Momma

        Typo–my bad. That should obviously be “now.”

  • Peter

    I want her for my Grandma!

  • The Professor

    Pistol packing Mama, I mean Grandmama. Is she considering running for Congress? We need her.

  • Nobody’s Fool

    Three cheers for the 2nd Amendment right to defend yourself and others. Hopefully these two scums will be off the streets for a while, at least. The only way to keep them off permanently is for that bullet to land right between their eyes.

  • Brad

    Hang them up along the side of Odrama and Moochell, right out there on the front porch of the WH for all to see on public TV to what we do in America to theifs and traitors.

    • Robert Smith

      And with cracks like that it’s no wonder that the extreme right doesn’t get any respect.


      • ArkansasRebel

        Respect is earned. And while I do not agree with the way Brad said it, & I don’t think he
        meant it literally, I think much of what you have referred to as the “right” agrees that the two of them do not deserve our respect. Nor, for the most part do those of the left.

      • JUKEBOX

        Pacifist Rob, respect is earned from a position of the type of power that comes from a dumb crook or terrorist realizing that they might be the one that loses their life.

      • Cherokee Lady

        Please keep in mind that the far left wing plants pretenders for their purposes.

      • Robert Smith

        See above for folks who want to continue the DIVIDE among Americans so the government wins.

        Sheesh… Talk about dumb.


      • angelwannabe

        The Second amendment is the second amendment, irregardless of which “side” one is on__Your Division Bell is Ringing….

      • Brian H

        But of course, you #*$ &@ s on the Left get to make (and execute) the most horrifying threats, trash public spaces, and libel and lie to your heart’s content (and never have it reported, much less punished) — because ‘your hearts are in the right place’! It’s called “noble cause corruption”. Once you’re convinced you’re morally superior, anything goes.


      • Vicki

        Show your commitment to “togetherness” Robert. Vote for Ron Paul. Don’t tell us, just do it.

  • Gary

    Mama needs a bigger gun! Hit the perp in the chest but didn’t kill him. Shame.

    • Philip Colson

      MGySgt, USMC~Ret
      This lady accomplished the misson: she protected herself and STOPPED the BG’s. Stopping the attack was the mission. The fact that the BG’s survived her response is between them and GOD, with the assistance of good medical support. In Ga we are fortunate to have a Castile Doctrine law that should protect this good lady from legal action, PROVIDED the case is not POLITICALIZED like the Zimmeran/Marin case in Florida.

      • Vicki

        She did indeed. She showed excellent Gun Control. She fired and hit her target with the full intent to stop the attack. Mission Accomplished.

    • matt

      I was thinking the exact same thing! Get a larger caliber!! But, I’d be awful proud of her!! Good shooting!!

      • Robert Smith

        Please consider that whatever she was shooting she was able to hit the target. She practiced enough to reach that level of profiency, or she was lucky. Either way it worked out.

        Increasing the power of a gun beyond one’s ability to handle it makes it difficult to hit what one might want to hit.

        I’d like to think she knew what she was doing and had an appropriate (as demonstrated by hitting her target) firearm.

        That said, I think it would have been appropriate to double tap.


      • Alex Frazier

        “Increasing the power of a gun beyond one’s ability to handle it makes it difficult to hit what one might want to hit.”

        Only on the second shot. Whether a .22 or a musket, the first shot should be true enough, though some may find themselves having to get up off the ground to fire the second one.

      • Alex Frazier

        I might also add that in my experience, the kick of one caliber over another is somewhat of an illusion. A 9mm doesn’t feel any harder to me than a .380, nor a .380 than a 45mm. They all jerk me in almost the exact same way. I might grip a .45 more tightly in anticipation of a harder kick, but it doesn’t really strike me as being harder.

        The real difference, in my opinion, is the bang. A 9mm bangs louder than a .380.

        I know that what I’m saying isn’t entirely true. It’s only true within a certain range of calibers, obviously. A .22 definitely has less kick than a .45, and a 10mm most definitely tries to all but jump out of your grip. But as a general rule, I detect no more kick in a .357 than I do in a .380. One just bangs louder than the other. I do not otherwise detect any noticable difference.

  • sandman4X4

    Let’s hope and pray that this law abiding grandmother isn’t hauled into court by the system, with the help of some scumbag lawyer representing these scumbag hodlums trying to sew her for everything she has!! She could be a victim twice!!

    • Brian H

      It’s noted that they know who the other “not apprehended” perp was. This could get interesting.

    • Alex Frazier

      I suppose whether she is or not will depend on what color the criminals were, and whether or not Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are available for comment.

  • Jim

    Atta boy Robert. Hang in there for Holder, Obama and the left.


      Maybe Obama and Holder should make their security people give up their weapons, and just use what the good Lord brought them into this world with.

  • http://libertydigest lila

    Good for you grandma, at least there’s some people left in this country with a lick of sense.

  • Bob

    Go Grandma,you rock,i love all women that carry conceled weapons,and know how to use them….

  • Randy131

    If Obama’s and Eric Holder’s ‘Operation Fast & Furious’ had come to a successful conclusion as they had planned it, then they would have been able to get the public to agree to establish more gun restriction laws, and one side, and only one side, of this conflict would have been unarrmed. Guess which side that would have been, the side that obeys our laws, unable to defend herself because of Obama and Eric Holder and all Democrats who want to disarm all law-abiding Americans. Thank GOD ‘Operation Fast & Furious’ didn’t accomplish what Obama and Eric Holder had planned it to, but also too bad an American Border Patrol Officer had to lose his life for this fiasco to come the the public’s attention.

  • 45caliber

    And the MSM hasn’t demanded that she be arrested and punished for shooting back? What is wrong with them today??


      Cynthia Tucker must be on vacation this week!

  • nanc

    Good for that Grandma. but watchout for the gunman you shot because he will file a lawsuit against you and some idiot lawer will take it up and than you will have to pay millions to him

    • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

      I have to give this lady a standing ovation.. The more people that wake up and start carrying the sooner those thugs will get the picture. AS FAR AS GETTING SUED make dang good and shure there isnt any one left to sue. It may take another shot or two, but who initiated that final result. Give all the support you can to these gals that want to protect themselves. Does that mean the day of chivelery is gone?

  • AJ

    Oh just wait! The MSM and our greedy laywers will some how turn the two bandits into victims and our “F”ed up justice system will say Grandma is the criminal and proceed to prosecute her. I think she needs a bigger gun and more training so that when she hits them they stay down and can’t flee the scene.

  • JimH

    Let’s hope the second guy gets caught. If he is the vindictive type it may not be over yet.
    Keep alert Granny, until that second guy is caught.

    • Steve E

      Maybe the second guy will try to rob another granny and get shot then.

  • Billy

    Did anyone notice? One of those robbers looks like, – - Why he could have been Obama’s son.

    • Jack Evans

      Are you absolutely positive that it wasn’t oblamas kid,lol

      • 45caliber

        Fairly sure. Oblama likes boys.

  • matt

    I’m sure they weren’t out to hurt her at all,…I mean gee whiz, there were only 8 bullet holes in her truck plus both side windows shot out!! I’m sure a good ACLU lawyer can sue “grandma” for them & get them more money than they would have gotten by successfully robbing her!! Ms. Campbell, anyone would be proud to call you their grandmother, ….I’m proud of you for handling the situation like you did!! These two slime-bags should be put away for life!! By the way, all you scum-bags out there that are thinking about “taking” what’s not yours,……you’re going to be met with more & more of this,…..People are tired of “coddling you”!!!

    • Carol J

      Put away for life? On my dollars? I sure wish she’d managed to take both out——permanently. Since she is a business owner, they will figure out someway to take it all away from her.

  • Charlie Tall

    “…the average career offender imposed more than $831,000 in victim costs, nearly $275,000 in criminal justice system costs, and more than $29,000 in lost productivity.
    The mean cost imposed per offender was more than $1.14 million. The most recidivistic offenders created more than $10 million in costs.”

    However, when a citizen shoots a violent criminal, the cost is relatively modest: approximately $400 for the routine autopsy, $150 for the pine box, $60 labor for burial in paupers’ cemetery, and $2 or less for the bullet. (The gun, of course, is reusable.) Total cost to society averages a mere $612, or more than $1,130,388 less than processing his worthless ass through the criminal justice system.

    Unfortunately, in the subject case, automotive body work was required, and that can cost a lot!

    • Steve E

      Shooting the perp….Priceless.

      • Alex Frazier


      • Vicki

        Shooting the perp $2. Living to see the perp lying face down having been stopped in his tracks. That’s priceless.

        Surviving the corrupt legal system? Zimmerman will be able to give us some figures someday. It won’t be cheap.

  • william L Collins

    I for one thank every one should be able to carey consealed or open any time and in any state no matter what that what kept Hitler under control fore years ! But when he got compleat gun control from every one you all know what happend then ! Thats just what they are trying to do in the U.S.A. Obama, Romney,Bush,Clinton’s,Sorois and the U.N. are worken real hard to make this happen and then we wil not have any freedoms or rights! That’swhy I have supported RON PAUL for the last twelve year’s he has been the only one that stand’s for the consitation freedoms and rights and less government So I’ll still stand and vote for RON PAUL

    • Brian H

      Are many RP supporters as illiterate as you? You have 8 spelling and 14 punctuation/spacing errors in that brief paragraph. My advice is don’t write; you’re not doing your cause any favors.

      • Charlie Tall

        Not everyone has had the advantage of either good genes or competent education or both. But everyone has a right to express himself or herself. For YOUR edification, I suggest reading the First Amendment to the Constitution, which you will see includes no qualification based upon writing ability.

      • Vicki

        RUN!!!! The spelling and grammar police are here.

    • Vicki

      William L Collins writes:
      william L Collins says:
      April 26, 2012 at 10:52 am

      I for one thank every one should be able to carey consealed or open any time and in any state no matter what

      That is the Supreme law of this land. Not that our state and local governments pay any attention to it.

      There are 3 states in the Union who can read however. Alaska, Arizona and Vermont.

    • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

      Every one has a right to be armed given in the constitution .. not to be infringed on . read it believe it and live…

      • vicki

        Protected by, not given. God gave us the right. The Constitutional contract with our government orders it to protect that right. Unfortunatly when those in government are lawless they routinely ignore the law. They will do so as long as there are no consequeses for them.

  • Gordon in Texas

    The world is not getting “friendlier.” In fact, with obama’s latest statements promoting racial divisions, I see much more violence in the future. My wife and I both have our CHLs and, although I hope we never have to use our weapons, we will both defend ourselves if we deem it necessary. Never underestimate the illogical nature of a villain. The bad guys don’t use the same thought process as most of us and the sooner we all realize that, the better. My only regret in reading this story is that both robbers weren’t dropped in their tracks…permanently! Guess Granny needs to buy some good hollow points. Good news is that she survived the ordeal…physically.

  • ranger hall

    5 Stars for Grandma, reminds me of my long gone grandma, Its always good to see people stand up for themselves againest the Baddies, These baddies should have to cover all the damages they inflicted up on this Lady.
    Stand your Ground Ladies.

  • D_MAN

    As a cop in a big mean city,me and my co-workers say THANK YOU GRANNY,maybe these a/h’s will think twice before doing this and the fact that 8 shots came her way and didn’t hit shows that GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL. Hopefully the shot b/g will repent.

  • Laurence Coventry

    Robert Smith got it all wrong. American gun law is for you Americans to decide on but anti abortion anti pot and death with dignity issues are international.
    All science shows the unborn child to be a human. Six American states now forbid abortion after 20 weeks unless the mother’s life is in danger, on account of pain ,which can only be felt by a person. Thirteen are considering such legislation. In the UK the contrast between the advice to mothers on smoking damage to their unborn children and the different language used to describe getting rid of the pregnancy make a hypocritical mockery out of the abortion industry, whose CEO’s make top salaries out of taxpayer funded abortions.Their companies have marketers and cost cutters although enjoying charity status.Bio ethecists now advance the concept of post birth abortion. There is no end to the extension of subjectively chosen categories of undesirables who can be killed. The Abortion Act of 1967 disrespects unborn children. It doe not make every child a wanted child. The stats of child abuse and children taken into care have soared since the Abortion Act. Disrespect one category and others follow. After the nazi eugenic history the UN set up international treaties after the world war protecting the right to life, including that of unborn children. These treaties are not superseded by non binding resolutions of activist non governmental organisations affiliated to the UN.(See the website of the San Jose Articles)
    Death with dignity is driven by single hard cases leading to bad law, placing the vulnerable at the mercy of killer instincts. This issue is bad news from Oregon to the Netherlands.
    Anti Pot is an essential part of civilised living. Marijuana is not harmless and can lead to worse.What is needed is education in Christian values , stable marriage and bringing up children to despise pot. Then the market will collapse. The drifting atheist mixture of libertarianism and tyranny over the sheeple will never solve the problem, whether drugs are legal or not.

  • Patrick Henry

    People in rural areas have always used weapons to protect their land – Not like the DNR in Michigan who are wiping out whole herds of pigs that the gov’t deems “Not Suitable” so they go in and kill little piglets and the rest of the herd while the farmers stand and watch them. We used them to provide our families with meat domestic or wild and did it in a humane way like the American Indians do. We used every scrap of that animal too. We learned gun safety and gun manners and nobody in these giant families have ever hurt a human being with a gun. All women should learn to shoot a gun for times when the man of the house isn’t there. You must protect your children – as much as WA would like to take your kids and indoctrinate them into Communism and tell them that the way things are is the best way to live. Public Schools are destroying our children and turning them against our Constitution. The fear-mongers in WA want total control of everything while systematically, slowly leading you hell with them. I hope Michigan stands up to the DNR and drives them off their property. I hope farmers say, Hell NO to GMO seed that can’t even reproduce itself thus keeping the farmer buying more and more of their poisons. Guns are our last hope against the tyranny coming for us. Chicago – be very afraid that soon you will be evacuated into FEMA camps! Obombya is the biggest fake this world has ever produced. Show us the real documents you Kenya born, Communist!

  • s c

    This woman understands ‘rules of engagement’ better than those who tell our military what to do. Anyone who would attack a grandma opens a door that they will not like. Good for her. If it happens again, she won’t have to be told what to do to ‘discourage’ those who choose to be outside of society.OOOrah!





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