Graham, Reid And McRino Double Down On Calls For Syrian War After Obama Speech


A day after President Barack Obama’s White House address that did not rule out the prospect of a U.S. military strike against the Syrian government, a Senate resolution to authorize action sits tabled. But that isn’t stopping a handful of lawmakers to advocate for an attack— with or without Congressional approval.

“Congress stands ready to return to that Syria resolution to give the president the authority to hold the Assad regime accountable for the pain, suffering and death that he caused with those chemical weapons,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Wednesday as lawmakers moved to other business.

Reid said he would revive the war resolution as soon as it becomes clear that a diplomatic solution is unreachable. He also used 9/11 as a reason to fight alongside al-Qaida insurgents in Syria.

“Today we bow our heads in solemn remembrance of a devastating time in our Nation’s history,” Reid said. “Even as we pay tribute to America’s tradition of freedom for every citizen, across the globe an evil dictator denies his citizens not only their right to liberty but also their right to live.”

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), in an interview following the Syria speech, said the President should act unilaterally to initiate war with Syria if diplomacy fails.

“You know, there’s probably a reason 225 times Presidents didn’t come to Congress. I don’t know if I’d come to talk with us. Quite frankly,” he said. “The President has mismanaged this from day one about what we’re trying to do, the goals we’re trying to achieve. I think he made an unbelievably compelling case that we need to act here and compare that to the unbelievably small response we’re going to give.

“So at the end of the day, if I were the President I would act after this speech if diplomacy fell apart and I wouldn’t come back to Congress.”

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) also joined the “screw Congress, let’s bomb” peanut gallery because, he said, the White House’s credibility is on the line.

“There are times when the President of the United States has to act in the national interest and that clashes with my view we are a Nation of laws, governed by the Constitution and the separation of powers,” he told reporters.

“I do believe there are times, particularly prior to World War II, we have the example of Franklin Roosevelt taking actions that Congress would never have approved … Abraham Lincoln acted unilaterally in the Civil War,” he added.

McCain also said if the President acted without Congress to start an illegal war it would be “crazy” for any lawmaker to attempt to impeach him— because, of course, attacking Syria is a matter of “vital national interest.”

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  • Alan

    Well if they want it so bad, let them have it. Send their sorry butts over there to take care of THEIR business personally. Those amongst us who want no part of it can ride the bench and just watch.

  • TBJWebmaster

    Let my representatives be duly warned, if you start sounding like any of these idiots, you’ve lost my vote for good. I’m tired of Rinos, and I’m tired of Obama.

  • ” Buzz “

    Isn’t it interesting that these two Republican Senators want to start another war when it is clearly evident that their constituents do not? I suggest that the great people in South Carolina rise up next year and rid themselves of the feminine lawyer who continues to ride side saddle with Obama. The other guy has always been nuts and I’ll never understand why the people in Arizona sent him back for another term. The Defense Contractors no doubt love them both.

    • Paul Dichiaro

      Because the people of Arizona have never had a choice. The only people willing to run against McCain are crazier than he is!

      • Moose Mitzman

        It’s hard to believe there is someone more off their rocker than this bum!!! He’s as crazy as OBOZO!!

        • Robert Messmer

          We need another line on the ballot—NONE of the above.

  • $23154113

    These two RINO’s have something else at stake here. I wonder what company or who is paying these two geezers. These two RINO’s need to be put under the microscope so that we can see who their are tied too. Better yet, recall them and kick them out for wanting to help terrorists…the same animals that we fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • ibn insha

      Net election send them packing. They had enough good time in DC.

  • Robert Morrow

    All I can see is the corrupt Politicians who have their palms out to get grease and would sell their own into slavery. I have written, phoned and personal approached these Corrupt Politician and got nothing but propagada and a request for money. They are on Syria, who is a piker in killing their citizen and children in comparision to the USA Government which for a lot of palm greasing allow the FDA to approve poison Drugs that kill and not cure anything, like how about 100.000 yearly and that does not include the approved (for a high profit) the use of thousands of Toxins in the foods that your feed your children. Toxins that make them sick in mind and body before they die a painful death. But, what do they care as long as they get their palms grease or why else would the Pharmaceuticas pay the FDA Petty Bureaucrats 526 million last year, but to grease the palms to look the other way while people by the thousands are being murdered. So, to the Stupid out there in never never land, take your poison pills and feed your children toxins laced foods that make them fat & sick. Then bow low to the great Snake Oil Salesman, the Messiah and his Court Jester Biden and the rest his Ilk, Like the Corrupt Senators and Representatives who sold us out to the highest payer. But make sure your head is way down and bare backside up to receive his big stick. For as the Court Jester Biden stated, Obama has a big big stick.

    • JimZimmerman

      Robert,Tell us how you really feel. Don’t hold back. :-)

  • ed

    The tears they shed for dead children in Syria are not real!! If children are that important to them then let’s stop subsidizing the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood here at home. Some of these guys have stayed too long at the fountain, among them are John McCain, and Harry Reid. The list is long but these two are near the top. I admire McCain’s military service but lately he’s “gotten the wagon in the ditch” a few times too many. There’s nothing to admire about Reid as far as I know, except how he cleverly made $1.1 million on a parcel of land he didn’t “own”(his partner owned it) after huge improvements to the adjoining parcel by the federal government. There is NO national interest in Syria for the United States. There’s no shortage of 20 year olds with no legs so how about we sit this one out. Or if they’re that hot to trot, give them a standard issue M-16, body armor (ineffective at best), and free transport to Syria. And I’ll stand here in the US and cheer them on, “Kick their asses, John”, “Give them hell, Harry”. I personally don’t care how many Syrians fall at their hands, won’t be many, I am sure.

    • Robert Messmer

      Could we not at least issue each of them a special 5 round clip? After all guns are dangerous and we have to limit how many rounds can be used at one time.

  • Blank Reg

    Traitors and warmongers all…don’t they see that war on Syria means the death of the US? Don’t they even care?? If he military truly cared about protecting Americans, they should march on DC right now and arrest everyone before the worst happens.

  • Walt wenger

    This has got to be total sarcasm.

  • Blank Reg

    At least Rand Paul gave the “rebuttal” speech. He nailed it on every point.

  • $8012302

    These three men need to be retired to Guantanamo Bay cells. I’m sure that their are a few mid-east vets in there that could help them overcome their traitorous habits The good old boy syndrome that permeates Washington DC has to be stamped out as a substitute for leadership before we are totally consumed by debt and foreign powers.

  • Dajeno

    If these “so called” representatives want to go after Syria so bad let’s accommodate them. We can strap each one to a cruise missle give
    them a pea shooter and a bag full of peas….oh yea, and we’ll let then
    take their defense contractor stock certificates along.

  • wandamurline

    I have an idea….if they want a war soooo badly, lets put their @zzes in uniforms along with Holder, Pelosi, Schumer, Kerry and the ineligible in chief…strap on their protective gear and give them some weapons and let THEM go out and fight with the rebels. What a bunch of pr!cks….Kerry is a coward as shown from Nam…as my daddy who spent four years in the tropics fighting the Japs, “It is always a RICH man’s war and a POOR man’s fight….think the poor man is getting tired of this scenario. There must be some money to be made to bomb Syria…

  • Warrior

    Ok all you brave congress creatures in favor of war, get your fatigues on and saddle up. I would really appreciate you leading by “example”! Oh, and don’t forget to take “your” commander n chief. He’s great at community agitating or maybe if there’s some money in it, he’ll just sue assad.

    • Robert Messmer

      I found it interesting that only Reid the Democrat thought the Congress would give Obama the go ahead. Both the Republicans give the advice of don’t ask Congress, cause they know Obama would not be authorize to attack.


    McCain The Insane, a phony war hero & Council on Foreign Relations NWO member has lost all touch with reality…his remarks sounded like a parody!

  • Moustache The First

    Let’s see: a country thousands of miles away, that does not sell us oil is having a civil war in which both sides hate our guts & this is a vital interest to us? we are supposed to waste gold we can’t afford & possibly our young blood there for what purpose? They’re all crazy, Alice!!!

  • KennyLLC

    Send the Muslim Brotherhood led DHS with their Csars and the billions of hollow-point bullets they have purchased to protect us from Al Qaeda, in honor of the 911 attack victims.
    They should be able to take care of the enemy.
    Oh, I forgot…those bullets are for us.
    Never mind.

  • Haymster

    Mclame Nancy Boy And comrade Reid Should be immediately executed as the Traitors that they truly are they are domestic enemies of this country and of the American People prison for them would be an luxury for these socialist rats death is what they rightly deserve.

  • ChiefBoring

    We don’t have a dog in this fight. A pox on both sides. Assad has already killed a 100,000 of his own citizens, so we are to go nuts over 1400, by another method? This CINC has already lost any credibility he may have had. And I am tired of hearing “boots on the ground” by those trying to sound macho. Those boots contain the feet of our Soldiers, Marines, and some Sailors and Airmen. Real bodies, who would die real deaths; not empty “boots on the ground”.

    • JimZimmerman

      Chief i am glad to hear you say that. I am so tired of hearing that phrase i want to just jump into the TV and Smack the person saying it. It is especially obscene when the likes of Graham,Mccain Obama and that traitor Kerry say it. I would have thought that at least McCain and Lizard Kerry would know better as they have seen what the real boots are filled with. I as a Combat Veteran do thank them for their service as limited as it was. McCain was shot down on one of his first missions and Kerry spent 3 months in the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club and i think he actually got mud on his boots one time. My point is that neither one of them were very good at their jobs and now they want to second Guess the Military Leaders that ACTUALLY have some combat experience. Let them Ruck up and fight if they are so set on killing. Next guy that say’s boots on the ground near me gets a boot up the AZZ.GOD Bless America. Semper Fidelis.

      • Robert Messmer

        There is a “good” reason why the hawks are using the phrase and that is because it removes the humans from the equation. Wouldn’t sound as good to say “your sons, daughters, brothers, friends” – that is too personal! Boots, just objects and if they get scuffed, torn or destroyed no big deal. And if they did say “your sons” then somebody might bring up LBJ’s promise “I will not ask American boys to fight a war Asian boys should fight.” He did keep his promise in a way–he didn’t ask, he just shipped them to Nam by the tens of thousands. By constantly repeating the phrase its sets up a blindness to it so when Obama decides to send living troops in harms way everyone just says, ‘oh yes, boots on the ground, I heard about that plan.’

        • ChiefBoring

          Jim and Bob, thanks for your comments, and your service. I’m one of those “Vietnam Era” Vets. As a member of two Navy Combat Camera Groups, I skated all around, in Japan, the Philippines, and Okinawa, but the only damage to my boots was drying them too close to the fire at survival school. We suited up for the Tonkin Gulf, but no go. A couple of classified missions, in the Med and the South Atlantic. I do have a bullet in my arm from a training exercise, so no P.H.

  • Suzy CreamCheese

    The one & only way a strike would be warranted is if we knew exactly where the arsenal of chemical weapons was & could take it out quickly! Other than that we have pols like these 3 stooges babbling nonsense about we have to save face & teach this bad boy a lesson with a politicized slap on his wrist, while Putin & Hezbollah & Iran’s Rev. Guard help him continue to kill with ho-hum weapons!

    • Ringgo1

      I like your post . One of my friends from the late 60’s was nick-named “Suzi cream cheese”; I don’t know if she had your guts. Thank you for your post.

  • George

    If they are so tore up over the people that was killed, why in the hell do they want to add to that number with any kind of a strike? Leave it alone, try to fix some of the many problems we have rite here at home.

  • Al Chemist

    Obama is making Jimmy Carter look like a genius. More and more he is looking like he does not have a clue, and he is being expertly manipulated by Putin. God help the USA.

  • brownstoneconstr

    reid and graham should be tar and feathered

    • Sarah Burnett

      Along with,McCain,Obama, Hillary,Panette and all the other Traitors in the Senate and Congress that are suppose to be fighting for our Conistitutional rights that they have walked all over. We need to clean house from the top on down. This is TRANNY from the Federal government if there ever was one .

  • Fedup

    The “new three stooges” – wait, that’s insulting to The Three Stooges!

  • ibn insha

    Talk about mob mentality. These idiots, Congress and Obama, keep invoking national interest and national security. Can these morons explain how our national security and interests are at jeopardy? If you bomb Syria on humanitarian grounds you would still end up helping Al-Qaeda and Islamic Brotherhood. Bashar Al-Assad would still be in power unless he is killed. If Al-Assad is killed the country will be taken over by Al-Qaeda and Islamic Brotherhood who would still kill Syrians. And these two terrorist organizations are not our friends. Assad killing people by gas is any worse than Brotherhood killing the same people by bullets and beheading? And what kind of moral authority do we have to bomb that country when for 40 years we allowed Bashar Al-Assad’s father, Hafez Al-Assad, and then Bashar Al-Assad, to torture and kill millions of Syrians? Just stay out of that mess.

    • Ringgo1

      You are quite right, Ibn insha. Would that more would see the light. Good post.