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Graham: ‘Impossible’ To Pass Climate Change Bill By The End Of The Year

May 12, 2010 by  

Graham: 'Impossible' to pass climate change bill by the end of the yearSenator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), the principal Republican sponsor for climate change legislation, told reporters last week that the current political landscape has made it "impossible" for Congress to pass or even consider an energy bill by the end of the current term.

Graham, who had been working on drafting a climate change bill with Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) for several months, suggested last week that he may pull out of the debate after learning that Democrats considered immigration reform to be a greater priority, according to The Associated Press (AP).

The senator indicated on Friday, May 7, that the oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico will most likely prohibit the legislation from including aggressive off-shore drilling, a measure that he considers to be crucial in modifying the nation’s energy practices, The New York Times reports.

"Regrettably, in my view, this has become impossible in the current environment," Graham said. "I believe there could be more than 60 votes for this bipartisan concept in the future, but there are not nearly 60 votes today and I do not see them materializing" anytime soon.

Kerry and Lieberman said they plan to introduce the bill today, with or without Graham’s support.

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  • Time

    You had all better hope this CON JOB never pass’s, but do keep in mind that today it begings again on the house floor.

    This bill will make Al Gore and BarryO – Trillion Dollar Fat Cats, within one year if it pass’s – guess what – we all we become penny less as your money will be thier if you want to heat your home, or cool it, it will effect every product you buy or eat, drive, or even if you ever sell your home.

    But as per the norm I am sure that the truly inherent gullible ignorant buffoons will feel that this is a must have as their flawed IDOL has spoken.

    By the way if you live in SC, make sure to vote Mr. Graham out of office this road apple we don’t need.

    • Kim McGough

      If it passes it will be good bye to any savings that people now have plus really push this country over the deep end. You might as well get ready, that is where we are heading fast.

      • s c

        Thanks, Kim and TIME. I was about to ask what that idiot Graham’s problem is THIS time. Now that he’s been blasted out of his RINO closet, maybe the good people of South Carolina will vote Graham’s weasel posterior OUT of office.
        It seems as though Graham still thinks people won’t see him in the proper light. He’s a weasel, a RINO, a back-stabber, he talks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, he’s prime progressive material, he seems to think McCain is a role model,
        he wouldn’t know honor if he could take it to bed and he probably prays to saul alinsky before he goes to bed.
        For those in doubt, I’m being polite. If I said what I want to say, it would be deleted PDQ.

  • Barb

    These proponents of this so called global warming crap should be sent to the North Pole in nothing but their shorts and just see how warm things are getting. Due to the global warming it is sooooooo bad now that it Snowed in Nebraska today, SNOWED! May 12! Yeah, it’s getting real warm out there people, OOOOOOO! We just came through the coldest and longest winter in years and now are experiencing a very cold Spring but what do you expect when the Earth is about to burn up?????!!!!!

    • JackB

      The weatherman forcast snow on the front range last night and, lo and behold, I woke up to snow on the ground on the front range – May 12, 2010.

    • Dr. Mabuse

      You go girl !!!!!

  • JC

    These people think they can actually change or manipulate nature by taxing us and sending our money overseas…AGAIN!
    I would call them arrogant morons, but the fact is they are actually swindlers and con-men. Criminals who should be stripped of all prestige and power and maybe a good old western tar and feathering before they are run out of town.

  • Pat

    If Lindsey Graham continues to back this legislation he could well be a Republican casualty in the next election. The entire philosophy is nothing but a madebut scheme and another government take-over of industry is the last thing we need. We did not create the environment and we can not prevent it from doing what it has done for millions of years, evolving! Didn’t the scientific facts about the ash from the volcanic eruption in Iceland prove anything to you fools?

    Wake up Senator Graham!

    • http://none Jeryl

      Let’s hope so, Pat. Graham has tried to build his reputation as a consensus builder at the cost of conservative principles. Here’s hoping he goes down to a better conservative in his next senatorial run.

  • WarriorH

    Don’t bother purchasing any wood burning stoves because there aren’t going to be any trees left when this bill goes to print.

    • http://none Jeryl

      Warrior, they’re not going to let you burn wood anyway because they consider that polluting the environment. And, in addition, the new law defining the territorial waters of the U.S. names even “puddles” as belonging to the people (read that “government”). That would give them the legal right to prevent you from trapping rain water for your own use on your own property. This socialistic crap has gone on long enough, but I fear we haven’t seen the end yet.

      • JC

        Jeryl, that reminds me of something that happened in Bolivia.
        The government there sold the rights to provide and distribute to the Bechtel Corp. of California. Theoretically, Bechtel would own all water including the streams and rainwater. The “unsophisticated” indigenous population of that nation somehow couldn’t understand how it was they should pay for water from the sky. So by way of letting their opinions be known they started shooting government officials and policemen. Oddly the government, army and police forces of the country concealed themselves in their quarters until the unrest became more restful. In the end the government abrogated the contract with Bechtel which lead to Bechtel suing them in a world court.
        Get this…Bechtel won their case.

        The Globalists want every square inch of the planet under their control and they need to be stopped.They need to be kicked out of the halls of governments everywhere.

        • Kim McGough

          Looks like it is to late, check out the new world order and who they want too run it. “Obama” is their choice, everything is in place they are just waiting on their leader

  • Commonsense

    Didn’t they put Bernie Madolff in jail for his ponzy scheme? I think all those scientists and Al “capone” Gore and anyone else who is pushing this scat called climate change, should face the same jury that Bernie Did. At least Bernie only took the ones gullible enough to buy in with him. This legislation forces everyone to carry the burden, whether you like it or not. The firing squad is too good for these crooks of climate change, why waste good ammo when you can “recycle” a rope. Now that’s what I would call protecting our environment.

    • Barb

      Commonsense, I like the way you think! Better yet just put them out on one of the so called melting iceburgs then we don’t even have to buy a rope!

  • J.M.R.

    to bad the libs didn’t take science in school if they went to school. the sun heats and cools the earth nothing else….if they went to schools it was to be a good liar..and boy they passed with flying colors…sure mother nature can use some help but its not taxing the hell out of us or companies to make A.G. rich…that volcano that been raising hell has probably polluted more in two weeks than we have in a hundred years…

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I’m tired of all this ‘climate change’ BS!!!! Climate change has been normal for centuries – long before we began to use fossil fuels!! Haven’t people heard of the Four Seasons?? (And I’m not referring to the musical group of the 1960s!!) It’s dreary and much colder than normal here in New York today. It’s pathetic that GOP wimps like Lindsey Grahamnesty will cower and go along with liberal democraps on the global warming scam!! IMO, in the next primaries we need to choose true conservatives in favor of eliminating the EPA, and who will just say NO to the environmentalist wackos!! And defeat wimps like Grahamnesty!!

  • Peter

    Somebody better shut that volcano in Iceland off. I’m pretty sure it’s screwing up the climate in more than one country. What about all those cattle, pigs and chickens pooping methane into the atmosphere? Gotta get rid of them or plug them up. It’s obvious these “scientists” are going after the wrong thing. These are the same people who can’t decide whether caffeine is good or bad.

    • 45caliber

      Believe it or not, there is a group trying to get a law passed that states that all ranchers must mount a methane collection unit on the rear ends of their cows and horses. I can just see that!!!

      • Dr. Mabuse

        LOL !!! If I were a rancher, I’d agree to this IF the politicians would place a bullshyt collection unit on their collective mouths.

    • Jim H.

      Peter, You can tax a rancher for cow flatulence but you can’t tax a volcano. As soon as they figure out how to do it they will.

  • Cameron

    If we invest $X in monitoring and reducing Green House Gases, how much is the Return on Investment?

    • Peter

      The whole thing boils down to” follow the $$$$$$$”!

      • http://none L Papa

        I have been sying just what you said. Golbal Warming is how to get mega bucks and nothing more.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      i guess we have to do like the Europeans did and build methane generators. they cover their compost and manure piles and generate methane to use in generators and farm impliments. could also be used in vehicles!! I Bo gets his way, we might HAVE to!!!

  • klem

    Folks, there is a strong cap&trade component to this K-W Energy bill. This is the part of the bill which is most important to the Federal Gov. This is the carbon cap trick which will apply to coal/oil/gas fired utilities, the trick is most people think that it will only apply to the companies. But we all use elctricity, whether in our homes or in the things we buy like food clothing books, even municiple taxes will have electrical costs and the Cap&trade costs buried within them. The extra costs to the power companies is simply passed down to the customers, it doesn’t effect the power companies one cent. The federal government will make billions in new tax revenue, and it won’t do a thing for climate change, and they know it. So folks, contact your Senator and voice your opinion so they know where they stand. Don’t just complain ona blog, call these people and tell them what you think.

    And just an aside. If we get cap&Trade; Why would a company invest two years and $5 million for a huge set of solar panels when they can simply spend $5000 during a 10 minute phone call to buy carbon credits, and achieve the same result? How could any company justify to it’s shareholders a $5 million expenditure when $5000 will get the job done? It can’t be justified. I will continue to say this; cap&Tarde will kill hundreds of small green tech companies. it’s their deathknell.

    • Steve

      “cap&tax” is the beginning of the end for America. As for the SOB Lindsey Graham, he has long been a disgrace to Republican party and should have been voted out long ago.

      • Barb

        We have to stop the Cap and Trade Tax before it’s passed! Everyone write and call your congressmen and senators continually and tell them how to vote! THEIR job depends on it!

  • Beepster

    Well, ya know, all the hub-bub might be just for naught. After the Islamic Jihadists set off an EMP, there won’t be any electricity, so no need to worry about plants producing electricity. And, on methane, just what is it that humans emit?? Ya gonna hafta pay a tax on farting????

    • marvin

      Beepter what about the exheil of all mammals, humans to, called co2[plant food]plants take in co2 give out 0xygen,

  • Craig

    We have a junior sized but very similar version of the climate bill here in California,(SB32 which was passed back in 06 before global warming was revealed to be total fraud the effective date for the bill to go into effect is Jan 2011) however there is a proposition that will stop it from going into effect until unemployment goes down to 5 percent. The thing would be a disaster if it goes into effect. It is patterned after the Congressional climate bill and even has provisions where you could not sell a home unless it meets very stringent standards for energy usage. What a disaster. Sure hope and pray this thing goes to the junkheap both federally and statewise!

  • Stan B

    Al Gore is enjoying his new 9million dollar home in Ca, on the beach, he is a crook, and a TRAITOR to our country a long with with senator GAY GRAHAM, thats why he will vote to confirm GAY KADEN the commie to the US supr court, KERRY is also a TRAITOR to our country after the veitNam war along with JANE THE COMMIE FONDA, JOE LIEBERMAN is a PHONY FLIP FLOP COMMIE TRAITOR also….AL GORE should be run out of our country, and the other three should be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE>>>>>

    • Time

      Stan, How funny you brought that up about Al Gore the guy who said the sea will rise so high that old Calie will fall off into the ocean.

      Yet he buys a $9 million dollar beach front house, that needs about $3 million worth of work to bring it up to a living standard.
      After all all he was buying is the land for $9 Million again thats “beach front”. Oh also keep in mind he also owns 5 other homes of higher and equal value, one on Figure Eight Island in NC.

      So really just how worried he is about the sea rising?

      Look up the CCX, also the Joyce Foundation buying into the CCX as so – Goldman Sak buying into CCX, Fanny May & Franklin Rains buying with your tax dollars into CCX,
      NOW – note who’s all in the loop on the cap and trade, Note that BarryO’s name is right there front and center, as well is that, it can’t be Al Gore too!

      This is a 100% SCAM – nothing more – nothing less, YOUR money BarryO’s pockets and old Al Gore’s to the tune of Trillions of dollars per year.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        That’s just so he can collect the replacement value from his insurance when it sinks! HEHEHE!

      • klem

        The thing about Al Gore is; he does not need to put solar panels or windmills on his mansions. He simply buys the carbon credits and as a result he has a zero carbon footprint. He does not need to install expensive solar panels, or ride bicycles or eat tofu like his loser neighbors. He knows solar panels and tofu are for suckers. Be like Al, buy carbon credits.

  • WarriorH

    I propose in lieu of painting all the pavement white throughout the country that all white people will have to shave their body hair and walk around naked. All non white citizens will have to wear white robes only with hoods optional.

    Pretty crazing eh!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I bet I can change your mind on that one. Just picture in your mind Bawney Fwanks running around naked!!! OH grooosssee!!!!!

  • 45caliber

    Climate Change is a hoax by researchers who want more grant money from the government and by people like Al Gore who stand to make billions from it. It is encouraged by envirnomentalists who are on the fringe anyway and want all humans to be locked up in high rise apartment buildings (except them of course – they need to be outside to keep an eye on Mother Nature).

    Any support for this type of act other than these people comes from people who don’t know what is going on and are too lazy to try to find out.

  • 45caliber

    Want to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere? There is a simple method. Just go plant a tree. Trees (and all other plants) absorb CO2 and emit O2 which all animals including humans breathe. They can also be used to cool the earth. A single 10 foot by 10 foot secion of grass, for instance, puts out the cooling equal to one ton of air conditioning. Depending upon the size of the tree, the AC output is far larger.

    Don’t be fooled by all the “need” to regulate carbon and tax it. It is only a way to raise more money for the government to spend – from your pocket.

    • WarriorH

      Yes but if we can keep creating congressional bills at thousands of pages each how can the forest keep up with demand?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I sure as hell hope these politicos are practicing good renewable planting techniqes!!! The earth will soon be bare of all trees at the rate of 12000 pages per bill times 356!!!!

  • Raggs

    This Marsist crap is coming from the same ones that say the plant is over populated! Think about it….
    Already on that line is obama and pelosi with abortion.

  • http://PersonLibertyDigest Dee

    This cap n tax is nothing but a power grab. It must be stopped.
    obama said he wanted to redistribute the wealth. This is one way to do it. Take it away from the hard working Americans who have saved for their retirement and give it to other countries, which do nothing.
    He needs to be run out of office and the sooner the better.

  • http://gmail i41

    Before us ranchers put methane collectors on our bovines, I think it should by used in Washington, starting with Omoron and Hells Bells Michelle, the Congress, they all can use one style since they all expell from either end the same noxious material.Hook a micro electrical plant and use the power to ignite their dead brains! Another example of the socialist DEMS and their tags along envior freaks using their fake science, to convince the feel good compromising rinos and wouldn’t say s–t if they had a mouth full, and numskulled dems followers. Cap and trade will cost us all massive job losses, almost a 100% increase in electricity,fuel at $20 a gallon, think we can import enough wheat, for bread from Russia, I guess we can get beef from Brazil, who has a foot and mouth disease outbreak, but dems are trying to let their beef in the food markets. Still think socialist dems and the muslim, soon to be dictator, who only want what is best for the country and you?

  • Time

    The new name is the ( American Power act,)
    Contact your congress person and senate person every day of the week and tell them; NO BLOODY WAY do you vote for this bill in any way shape or form!

    Get busy and start calling – email, bug the living hell out of them.

    • s c

      Time, since they’re ready to push that damned cap & trade insanity, this is a good time to remind everyone that Obubba SAID this legislation will make energy prices SKYROCKET. Are we supposed to believe that higher energy prices will somehow America safer or better? Is this the “new” patriotism – Obummer-style?
      It seems safe to say that Obummerbamabubba has no conscience, or he wouldn’t support energy legislation that will make Americans SUFFER. He should have lived in old Russia, where his ‘special talents’ would have had him ‘vacationing’ in Siberia [and it would have been "free," compliments of big government].

  • Jim H.

    I hope and pray there is no way for this bill or any other bill for that matter to come to a vote this year. I would rather wait until after the 2010 elections and the new senators and reps are in place before these people do ANYTHING.

  • kilrntex

    It’s funny how they change the name everytime there’s any objection to the BS they try to sell us. When will they stop this madness of buying air from the poor countries? How can they prove that the air we use came from some other country? Is Mexico going to pay for the air their citizens use up being here illegally? We should be able to use a lot of air. If democraps were to all expire, that would solve all our problems. Obama could save the planet alone by putting Air Force One in mothballs and flying in a Piper Cub. Al”POS”Gore is the biggest waste of clean air. He is the most disgusting person ever to be called an American. Hell, in Vietnam they gave him a camera instead of a gun so he wouldn’t kill our GI’s.

    • s c

      Gore has the advantage of being ‘connected.’ He’s in the right place at the right time and with the right connections to get and stay FILTHY RICH at America’s expense. If you or I did that, we’d be seen as nasty, money-hungry conservatives.
      Gore is a robotic progressive, so he can try and screw America sans a conscience. He’s lived the life of Riley ever since he was hatched. At least he never got to be president.
      As far as Vietnam is concerned, he had a remarkably ‘short tour.’ I can’t prove it, but I was told that he had a bodyguard in Vietnam. If you want to see something pathetic, there’s a photo of Gore and General Westmoreland on the internet. If I EVER saw a photo of a reluctant general and someone whose life is dedicated to the proposition that America “owes” him a living, it’s Gore (I’d love to know what the general was thinking in that photo).
      Living in that ‘big tent’ must be rough on the mind for progressives. Those yahoos never learned what it is to have standards for their ‘members.’ And Gore is a “role model,” Makes you want to puke, doesn’t it?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I’d love to see them in a tent. Course it would be guarded by Sheriff Joe Arapiao!!!!

  • klem

    Al Gore and Maurice Strong go back a long way. It’s the secretive Maurice Strong who is the brains of cap&Trade. Gore is the front man.

  • chuck b

    maurice strong is a communist, david axelrod is a communist, rahm emanual is a communist, barry soetoro is a communist muslim, al gore is an idiot, all by heritage.


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