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Governors Pen Letter That Blasts Obamacare

February 10, 2011 by  

Governors pen letter that blasts ObamacareOne week after Obamacare was ruled unConstitutional by a Federal judge in Florida, a total of 21 Republican governors have signed a letter to the United States government detailing how the healthcare overhaul might cripple their States' budgets.

According to media reports, the leaders sent the letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. They proposed six changes to the law, including provisions that would give States more flexibility in crafting insurance exchanges and waivers that would relieve States of the bill's "costly mandates."

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, who is a rumored GOP candidate for the 2012 Presidential elections, was one of the officials who supported the letter. In an op-ed piece for The Wall Street Journal on Feb. 7, Daniels called Obamacare a "massive mistake" and claimed that it would cost Indiana taxpayers up to $3 billion over a decade.

Last week, U.S. District Court Judge Roger Vinson of Florida declared the entire healthcare act unConstitutional. The Obama administration condemned the ruling, and said that it will continue to implement the law without interruption.

"Congress defied the will of American voters in passing the [Patient Protection and Affordable Care] Act," said Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, "and now the Administration will defy the Court, spending billions of dollars on implementing the Act while the courts proceed."

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  • s c

    To make a long story short, no responsible adult can justify Obummer’s abominable healthcare scam. Any government that can try to FORCE an American to BUY something [ANYTHING] is a government that is illegitimate.
    Any prez who tries to justify the idea of FORCING the American people to BUY healthcare is anything but a leader. By definition, this prez is the antithesis of a president.
    If he wants a challenge, let the boy wonder take on Big Pharma and Congress. THEY made it possible to jack up drug prices whie THEY tried to shift the blame for skyrocketing drug prices.
    Let Mr. Obama try to wriggle out of a situation where the FDA and Big Pharma are IN BED with the government, yet we’re supposed to think our government has plans to do its job. When the best we can get from these @#%&* is a conflict of interest, the game is rigged, and Americans can expect nothing less than to be HOSED by a government gone mad.

    • Ellen

      I agree. I wonder if all the people who are currently uninsured and want someone else to pay for them have any idea that they will now have costs they didn’t have before. Previously, they went to a hospital emergency room and got treated at no cost. Now, they’ll have insurance where they’ll have to pay a co-pay and most likely a portion of their costs for care (usually 20%). The whole idea of Obamacare was that they’d now get free preventative care. Anyone with a brain knows that is the least expensive part of healthcare. It’s the diagnostic tests and treatment that cost the most. They had that for free before. It’s nice that the govt ‘helped’ them, isn’t it?

      • EddieW

        You nailed that!! I know a few that look forward to it, as they can’t afford insurance, and the government will protect them from cradle to grave!! oh yeah, and take care of them too!! at taxpayer expense!!
        I am fighting new taxes here in South Dakota, and we really beating them back!! Much fun!!! Our SD Campaign for Liberty notify’s us, gives us the e-mail address of the state senators and reps to write to, and we “have our day”!! Very successful!!!

        • Sue B

          EddieW, What did you do? Our new Minnesota guv wants to raise taxes to (ho,ho) balance the budget problem which, of course, he blames on Tim Pawlenty (a Republican guv with a spendthrift Democrat congress). Did you and others send lots of letters, e-mails, phone calls or all of the above?

    • Sweetie

      Well said My Friend :-) :-) :-)

  • martinmorriss

    You know what You guys should stop complaining because, one the health care we have now isnt as good as it was supposed to be. also the law has just been signed so give it some time. so if u want to say u have the right to choose tell that to ur congress men or state official. If you do not have insurance and need one You can find full medical coverage at the lowest price by searching online for “Wise Health Insurance” If you have health insurance and do not care about cost just be happy it and trust me you are not going to loose anything!

    • flolady

      There are “some” good points in “Obamacare” but very few. There are so many bad things buried in this monstrosity that, contrary to what the former Speaker Pelosi stated, the more we learn about it the worse it is. Yes, there are things that need to be done to improve the situation but more government regulation is not the answer. Just allowing competition across state lines will help bring down costs. Imagine if corruption were eliminated? There are many things that can be done to improve health care but the one that Congress passed is not the answer.

      • Ted Crawford

        True Flolady. You can, also occasionaly find a good bisquit in the garbage can, but I submit that’s not the best place to begin to look for one!

        • Andrea B

          True, Ted Crawford, but the fed govt is the force behind limiting us to ‘choose a biscuit from the garbage,’ when there are thousands of stores (insurance agencies) that sell biscuits (tailor-made insurance plans) all over the country that we SHOULD be “allowed” to buy from, the the govt has it rigged in their favor by abusing the interstate commerce clause, thus limiting our choices to eating from my garbage can, or their garbage can.

          The FREE MARKET (truly free–without so damn much govt regulation) would take care of this in probably about two years. When the govt no longer is able to steal the money from the masses and also force them to purchase the product THEY are selling, the insurance companies will be forced to deal with a population that demands that costs be contained. For one thing, we would no longer be funding the beaureaucrats and regulators, which would potentially be enough savings right there to lower the cost of a tylenol in the ER from $7 to the 25c that is more fair. (It would still bring a profit, but would leave out the taxpayer-funded middle man.)

          Make no mistake. It’s not ‘shoddy reporting’ from the media that this solution is never mentioned. As a matter of fact, they scream for us to continue doing the same thing over and over (bailouts), while acting sanctimonious that ‘at least they’re doing SOMETHING!’ while we sit and complain and offer no real solutions. Again, not shoddy reporting…its gross negligence on their part.

          Ron Paul is the most loyal to the Constitution of ANY politician, past or present. He’s been a presidential candidate twice before, and wasn’t taken seriously either time. In 2008, they asked him why he was even running as a Republican. They never, not ONE TIME, reported that he collected MORE money in ONE DAY via internet, than any other candidate running at the time. He collected MORE MONEY from the members of the Military, than ALL the other candidates together. He won the 2009 CPAC Straw Poll by the HIGHEST margin in the history of CPAC, yet he is still not given ANY credibility by our media, or by the RNC. It’s dispicable that Sarah Palin is being touted as the TEA Party candidate, when it was Ron Paul, Campaign for Liberty, and the grassroots movement they inspired that gave birth to the Tea Party. For Ron Paul not to be the presumed candidate just boggles my mind!

          Whew! End of rant. ;)

          • Andrea B

            Oops…Ron Paul won the 2010 CPAC Straw Poll…not 2009.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Ted C.,
          might help to get all the little riders out of the bill that have nothing what so ever to do with healthcare. Like having to report any gold sale over 500.00. Like having to pay a tax on home sales where there is a profit over 250,000.00 per single or 500,000.00 per couple!! Read it over, you’ll find more!!!

          • Ted Crawford

            I don’t think that would be possible in any reasonable amount of time. There are so many boobie traps and outright landmines in this 2000+ page monstrosity, like the few you pointed out it would take far too long and some of these destructive issues would surly explode. The only real answer is to repeal and replace it with some commonsense bills! We are at least in the same ballpark Joe H.!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            That’s what I’m saying. Get them to agree to take out all the non-health related riders, and there won’t be much left to get rid of!!

      • WayneT

        The thing that irritates me about the health care bill is how they had to bribe Congress members to pass it. It was all done behind closed door, no imput from the other side, and not any of the Congress members had even read the damn thing. Who would anyone want to buy a pig in the poke. I’ll answer this, a damn fool, that’s who.

        • Bus

          Amen, it was a slap in the face to Americans to shove that unread piece of garbage down our throats. For the governors to propose 6 changes is crap, DEMAND that the whole thing be thrown out and then if we need healthcare reform have an open debate about what it should be. REPEAL!

          • kate8

            The fact that government thinks they have the power to do this, in spite of the majority of people opposing national healthcare, says a great deal about what we’ve become. It used to be that the people could assert their will, even if only because Congressmen wanted votes.

            Even if it were true that, as Obama says, those for and against are split down the middle, that still doesn’t give them the right to force this on those who don’t want it. For you Lefties who think it’s okay to FORCE half the nation to do things YOUR way, think about this: What if the Right were in power and decided that we need to redirect our moral values (maybe soul insurance). Suppose they passed a law that EVERYONE had to attend a national church on Sunday, and tithe to boot, to fund their programs.

            Now, what about those who hold to the Sabbath (Saturday), or Muslims, who worship on Friday. (Oh, wait. Muslims are always exempt from things they don’t like. Sorry.) Doesn’t matter whether you want to attend a church of your choice or none at all, or even if you are an athiest. YOU MUST, or be fined. Everyone must participate for it to work (except for those favored ones who get exemptions, of course.)

            Can you imagine the uproar coming from the Left? Yet, this is no more unConstitutional than what Obamacare is. It’s one faction exerting their will over the other. It’s called tyranny.

          • Dan az

            well said and If we said there would be no more Guv.hand outs, you will now have to work for the money that I think wouldn’t go over to good!

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Sir, it’s clear from your post, you really have no clue about this law; it was never intended to provide health care for anyone; only to control our lives and cost us some 2 1/2 times at least, according to the CBO, what it was slated to cost, while forcing private medical insurance companies out of business and forcing us into a failing socialized plan like the UK has; a system many Brits realized back in the early ’60s couldn’t and wouldn’t work, but with which they were stuck and still are; as it’s crumbling around their ears now. Once in that, it’s virtually impossible to get out again. Did you know doctors have been dropping Medicare patients, and Medicaid patients, not taking new ones or at best severely curtailing the numbers they’ll take, because they could see they would NOT be able to afford to care for such patients and stay in practice? Or that many have been changing specialties, or leaving medicine altogether? That started even BEFORE the bill was passed in Congress. It’s escalated greatly since it was signed. Did you also know that a significant percentage of our hospitals stand to fail under that law? Fewer doctors, fewer hospitals… HOW exactly do you think THAT will make for BETTER medical care? NO ONE was saying that reform wasn’t needed, but THAT is NOT reform; it’s destruction of one of the best systems of health care that used to be available in the world. Both quality and quantity will be gone within the next few years for GOOD under that law, so I hope you and all the rest who wanted that remember that when your doctor tells you he’s not allowed to treat what’s wrong with you, because that day is coming very soon.

      • herman richardson

        Interesting comment, but alas, hospitals have been taking their orders from insurance companies for YEARS They tell you how long you can stay, whether your are healthy or not, then charge you for things not used, and act indignant when you catch them at the fraud they are involved in. Doctors at one time were the greatest folks around, but let $$$ get involved and you have idiots going to med school when they should have been in computer work–$$$FOLLOW THE MONEY$$$ ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP

        • Andrea B

          Yes, you’re right, hospitals have been taking their orders from insurance companies for years…thanks to Lyndon Johnson (Dem), who signed the HMO crap into being because of legislation that the INSURANCE companies wrote.

          Then along comes Ms. Hilary (Dem), shoving HIPPA down our collective throats, entrenching FURTHER GOVT REGULATIONS into everyone’s personal doctor-patient visits. The cost of all that beaureacracy is staggering, which drives up the costs for all of us–whether we have insurance or not!

          Those of us that DO have insurance can look at our statements and see that the hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, etc, all charge LESS to the multi-billion dollar insurance industries than they charge us individually. So we pay for insurance, and when the insurance company denies anything for WHATEVER reason, I am charged the full amount rather than what they would charge the insurance company if they had accepted the charge. That’s NOT fair. We pay coming and going, and the insurance companies and beaureaucrats get richer, while we decide if we’re going to Walgreens for our medication or Aldis for our groceries because we can’t afford to do both.

          THAT’S what you can expect to ‘change’ with Obamacare…from what life is right now, to infinitely worse.

          • bbstacker

            Beautiful! You speak the truth! This began as catastrophic insurance to cover long-term stays, major sugery, ICU, etc. Then, over time this got into the depths of every little sniffle, splinter, waa-moment where our insurance is responsible for every niche of us seeing a doc. If our car insurance covered lights, oil, tires, scratches and dents, wiper blades, dirty seat covers, broken radios, smelly interiors we’d be paying huge sums because of the losers who’d be filing claims for their own lazines and ineptitude to do for themselves. And you can bet the gov’t morons would legislate that the “uninsured” would get it all for FREE on the backs of the legitimate Americans. There is no unalienable right to doctors and hospitals by Americans who are poor decision makers.

          • Dan az

            thats what I call hitting the nail on the head well done!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      martinmorriss… I am not unhappy with my current health care. What I am unhappy about is the increase in my premiums since this health care issue/law was passed. I am paying about 75% more than last year. Why? My coverage is some better, but not 75% worth better. I am supposed to believe that this is a normal increase? I blame it on Washington and the unread Obamacare bill!

    • PatriotDog

      This healthcare bill is meant to be a government takeover and has been ruled unconstitutional. Why do several special interest groups get a waiver, especially unions? This Obamacare bill is an ill to society and a march towards Marxism with union control and a one world order.
      Obama is using the description of what Mohammad Alli did when he was ahead and wanted to gain energy to finish off his fight.  It’s called the “Rope-De-Dope”.  He is falsely appearing to go more to the center after he has gotten his Holy Grail of Obamacare and Financial Reform bills passed.  He didn’t get Cap’n Trade nor the infamous “Card Check” (which is against the free and personal vote) into law.  If Obama gets re-elected, I’m afraid that all hell will be let loose.  He will have nothing to lose as a lameduck President.  EVERYONE MUST FIGHT TO ELIMINATE THIS MAN FROM OFFICE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE ALONG WITH ALL THOSE OTHER PROGRESSIVE MARXISTS WITHIN THIS ADMINISTRATION.  IT’S NOT THE FREE MARKET THAT IS THE PROBLEM.  IT’S GOVERNMENT GETTING IN THE WAY TO LET IT GROW.

      • herman richardson

        Need to change the whole bunch from the top down to the little nazi governments in the cities

    • Ed French

      And he is takeing 1/2 trillion dollars out of medicare to help pay for it.How will that help us old people?

      • WayneT

        It will not, it will hurt you in the long run. I don’t know how anyone that is drawing Social security, and on medicare could ever vote for this fool, Nobama. Remember, you have not receieved a raise for the last two years either.Nobama just signed a bill allowing 20.3 million dollars to help the Muslim refugees in Palistine. He is more supportive of the Muslims than the people who pays the taxes. Do you still doubt that he is not a Muslim?

    • bbstacker

      You are wrong. The language of this vile piece of so-called legislation has nothing to do with healthcare improvement OR lowering the cost of getting that healthcare they want you to believe is what you go. It is one big, fat lie about healthcare or medicine. Upwards of 50,000 docs are ready to call it quits when oboingo care goes full tilt in 2014. Those are the docs who don’t participate in the scam already going on called medicare/medicaid. Costs have already gone up for the 2011 enrollment period due to administrative costs–NOT FOR ANYTHING RELATED TO MAKING YOU WELL OR HEALTHY. So, put a cork in how good you think you’ve got it, because if the policy you now have changes in any way, then you are off your current plan and onto the bus driven by the chimpanzee and his little tinkering turds who think they know more about how to run your life than you do.

      This is doing nothing more than creating the largest nanny-state, welfare class of entitlement bred lemmings that civilization has ever seen.

      Are you so lame, stupid, ignorant or lazy that you cannot make your own decisions in the free market that you bow down to your government that cannot show ONE program ever that it has created on your money that is a success? The government creates the problem and then campaigns how they are going to solve the very problem that they created. Show me where I’m wrong.

      • Ellen

        This is perfect!

      • Dan az

        I say welcome to the care of the VA good luck with that!

    • Steve

      Charles, you’re right on the nail with the socialist leaning names you give in government positions. obama’s mentor, Saul Alinski is alive and well even though dead, in the cunning skull of obama. The boy president is nothing more than a neo-Marxist in the guise of a street peddler selling counterfeit watches and his zero-jeweled watch is his obominable Health Care disaster. With that implementation, the cost would bring this country down to its knees. Those appointees which follow obamas biddingm, know his creed and stupidly or knowingly agree with Marxism. They deal in organizing and organization to disrupt and to implement new groups to do psuedo damage control. Read ALinsky Rules for Radicals – 1971

    • Patriot38

      Well Martinmoriss, you just keep sucking up that Obama Marxist coolaid. When you finally get enough of it you will notice that your rose colored glasses have turned brown and you will be able to see what kind of crap your surrounded by. Giving it time will destroy this country. We may have already given it too much time to be able to recover from the massive damage this micro-cephalic virtual president and his leftist congress and cronies have caused.

  • Richard

    Will the first person who thinks Obama will honor the States’ request please STAND UP!—-Yeah, I thought so.

  • Dan

    They exempt themselves, their union payoff friends, Acorn and who knows who else. THEN when a federal judge rules against them,they say they will IGNORE the federal ruling and do it anyway. Why should we the people respect or abide by the law if our own government refuses to? I honestly think the whole Obama dream team…OK nightmare team.. are deliberately TRYING to start a Civil war

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Congratulations, Dan! Some of us have known that for about a year now. But it’s good you are aware of it now too. Make sure your friends and family understand that as well.

    • Ted Crawford

      Clearly Dan! With his issuance of EO-13524, early in his administration, should he become able to declare Martial Law he’ll be able to use NATO troops to inforce it and woun’t have to be concerned with the possibility of confussed loyalties of American troops!

      • mickey

        I looked up this EO and couldn’t find specific language to address this but I did have the info from another site. I think this admin has been looking for civil unrest since Clyburn called the Tea Party terrorists. I guess Clyburn had to have been surprised when he didn’t see burnings and trash from a TP rally, unlike the La Raza group.

      • bbstacker

        Behind every blade of grass…

    • WayneT

      I agree too, Dan. This would further weaken our country for the Muslims to take over. We need to unite and fight this admnistration and get rid of him in 2012. My bet is he will be gone at the end of his term. I think alot of people have already seen through him.

      • kate8

        I’m so glad to see people are catching on to the bigger picture.

        They are deliberately provoking us from every possible angle. They want to keep our heads spinning and off-balance so when they pull out the rug from beneath us, we’ll topple.

        Scripture says it’s not a war against flesh and blood, but of spirits and principalities. This means that it is a war against our minds. They are not as powerful as they want us to think. That is why they are using our minds to work in their favor, by keeping us feeling powerless and subservient, and creating the very NWO scenario we fear.

        What we need to do is to form a vision of the world in which we’d like to live, of peace, honor and respect for all of life. We need to BE the kind of people we’d want to live among. If we put the energy and vision into creating such a world, in sufficient numbers, we would win, because we’d have the powers of Heaven behind us.

        Think about it.

        • Mike In MI

          What a WOMAN!!! K88, Selah and Salute -
          She’s got the only answer to the dilemma of dilemmas we are in, folks.

          Loads of people out there are saying, “Repent and pray”. It won’t do nathin’ – never has, never will. It must be part of it but K88′s idea about forming a vision (draw a picture in your mind) of the kind of place you would like to live in. Make it as clear, sharp and colorful as you can. Paint every brush stroke with an action scripture (Chapter and Verse),
          Then we each step into our palette and paint ourselves into the picture. Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Chapters 8->16 of Paul’s letter to the Romans have plenty of practical actions to take.

          You’ll probably start getting different kinds of antagonism from various quarters. Just say it out loud: “If God be for us who can be against us (Romans 8:31), who can be against us, who can be against us? If God be for us who can be against us? … No one! No One! No One! Come on, Daddy, let’s do it.”
          See if that don’t turn the volume up on life.

          • kate8

            Mike in MI – Thanks for the good words.

            When we realize that worry and fear are prayer and meditation turned upside down, we see what we are doing. We are having faith in a bad outcome. And the Universe always says YES.

            Christ said to pray without ceasing. When we worry, that is precisely what we are doing, only we’re praying for the wrong things.

            Okay. We’ve awakened to what’s going on. We’ve peeked behind the curtain, and we’ve seen the devil. But we can’t serve both God and mammon, and if we put our faith in the success of the NWO, we are making them our gods.

            So let’s stop moaning now and take charge of our collective lives. We’ve done it before, and can do it again. We have the ability to override anything they can throw our way. No weapons formed against us shall prosper.

            When Christ stepped into the waters of life and received the Holy Spirit, the first thing he did was to go into the desert for prayer and fasting. That means that He “fasted” from the world for a time, to be alone with Spirit and prepare for his mission. The point is, it helps to turn off the TV and forget about the news and views for a time, to regroup, and to gain spiritual strength of purpose.

            Just ask for help and you’ll get it. We can do this.

        • Dan az

          I know what your saying but I would still feel better taking choice two.I’m still waiting for the knock on the door one day and smiling while answering it with a 12 gauge.But I know your right but it just wouldn’t be as fun.

          • kate8

            Dan az – Most likely it won’t be a knock at the door, but your door flying off its hinges at 3 a.m. And you won’t likely come out on top.

            It may be fun to fantasize about being Arnie or Stallone, and that’s okay for awhile. But we need more strength than that now.

            Just hold the vision and the way and how will be revealed to us.


          • Dan az

            Bless you to!But its not who comes out on top its how many can you take with you that counts!Ive been hanging on just to see what happens next and to see 2012 then Ill be on my way one way or anther.I’m not an arnie just a coastie!

          • kate8

            Dan az – The thing about 2012: it’s the end of an age and a galactic cycle. No one really knows what will happen, but if you study the past and how all things work, as well as ancient prophecies of many different cultures who’ve gone through previous cycles, you will see that there are many possibilities.

            Many scriptures and writing tell of a renewal, a harvest of souls, and a following time of peace and harmony. I think that, maybe, there will be a dimensional shift, a splitting, and whether we make the shift to a higher plane (even the Bible speaks of levels of heaven) depends on the vibration of our hearts. Only those in sufficient resonance with the increasing Light will be able to withstand the increase without burning up.

            Just look at the escalating polarization taking place on Earth. It’s like we’re preparing for a split. A new heaven and a new Earth?

            What I’m saying is, this is the time when Truth is being revealed to us, if we desire it. It is part of the increasing energies coming at us from the heavens. If we want to have a place in the new world, it would be wise to go with it.

  • Kevin

    The problem is the governors don’t have a majority in the 57 states!

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      The “57″ states AREN’T affected by this nonsense; only the 50 United States.

      • Kevin

        It was meant tongue in cheek, based on big O’s gaffe, when he said he had visited 57 states …

  • Dan

    martinmoriss…. I’d bet money on 2 things. First you have never READ any of the actual healthcare bill and 2 you are on government entitlement and wont have to PAY for it

  • Warrior

    Can anyone identify one single program that the guvment has imposed upon its citizens that hasn’t ended up costing more then was projected?

    Think about this, all the people who currently pay nothing for healthcare will be joined by more people who will pay…….NOTHING!

  • American Taxpayer

    Give the President, his family, and all of Congress Obamacare as a pilot program for 8 years and let us see how the program works. If it works for them then we, the people, can decide if we want the insurance or not.
    Since Obamacare passed, my insurance went up $85 a month (now $665 per month, single coverage) plus I pay all but $4 for my perscriptions whereas before my perscriptions were $4 each. Thanks to all of our representatives who never read the bill! You’re not worth the salary that we pay you!

    • WayneT

      This is why I think that the idiots who support Nobama lives off the backs of the taxpayer. They will get freebies at the expense of the working folks.

      • kate8

        WayneT – Heck, Obama, Congress and the rest of this dismal lot ALL live off the backs of the taxpayer. They don’t have to pay for anything. If they want something else, they just raise our taxes.

        Not to mention being involved in lucrative, unethical opportunities afforded them by their positions.

      • Mike In MI

        Wayne T –

        “Working folks”…???
        What are you -we- going to do for work after April 15 when the boss has paid 100% of his profit to The HAW-W-W-G on Capitulate Hill and in the Whit House. (The Whit House is the place that demands that we send every whit of everything we get to them.)
        Back in 1776 they had the problem taxation without representation. We can’t say that after Nov. 2, 2010 (Black Tuesday). What we’ve got today is Taxation with MISrepresentation. Isn’t that a crime in Hoboken?


    I find it so odd that out of all the anti-obamacare rhetoric, no one has pointed out , or should I say admitted, that though not perfect the law does have great parts. I’m a conservative, but I’d be a fool to condemn Obama for doing what previous republican presidents have FAILED to do.

    Give him credit, and now let’s just fine tune the law, cut the fat, and make it fair for all people. For all you religious zealots…..WWJD??

    • lkar

      Jesus would heal the sick, give hope to the down trodden, cast out the hypocrits, and preach the true gospel. If you think he would be involved in politics, then you are not aware of the historical Jesus and are simply mocking believers righteousness.

      • James

        Ikar, Yes, but Jesus did make them eat a free meal before He healed them, whether they were hungry or not. Such extravagance!

        • home boy

          show us where in the bible you read that. jesus never forced anyone to eat. however he did give them spiritual food , but it was up to them to accept or not accept. only some accepted jesus as the messiah but not the jews.

          • kate8

            There was a time when He OFFERED them food as a gift, but they certainly weren’t FORCED to eat. He fed the hungry, but He never stole from others to feed them, nor FORCED anyone else to do it.

    • Bruce D.

      Creek Nation says: “I’m a conservative, but I’d be a fool to condemn Obama…”
      Creek do you really think people are that gullible on this site?

    • Ted Crawford

      Since you brought it up Creek let’s look at the book and see what he mandated with regards to the poor. His mandate was clearly to the Church not the government, ANY government! Remember his statement about that? “My Kingdom is no part of this world”
      Should the various church groups follow that mandate, instead of amassing hugh hords of gold and gems, priceless collections of art work and oversized, ornate structures with grossly expensive Stained Glass and Sound systems, the plight of the poor would be greatly reduced!

      • kate8

        Ted – I agree.

        And since Congress and Obama & crew are so concerned about the plight of the poor, if they would each reach into their own bank accounts and donate, say, 10% each from their multi-millions of ill-gotten gains, this would also go a long way toward helping them.

        • kate8

          Heck, between the churches and the politicians, they’d have it covered! (After all, it is the PEOPLE who fund them both, anyway.

        • jp

          Amen, to the one that said obama and others should dig into their own pockets and fork out money to the poor and with “our messiah” opra’s money and obama’s nobel peace prize money of $1 million or more….obama is not any better than Mubarak who stole billions from america and the egyptian people. If Obama is such a nice and compassionate person as opray says he should do the above, but B.O. is such a hippocrite, a liar, and a thief. Obama tells the Mubarak to adhere to his own people, but yet does B.O. adhere to the american people? The majority of the people (which is the makeup of the constitution) is NOT being heard or maybe it’s being ignored.
          B.O. stated that he would uphold the american constitution….(lie)…when campaining against Hillary C. in the primaries…B.O. was AGAINST the heathcare just so he could get elected..(lie)and when B.O. repeated the oath….did he not stutter or did he stutter when he said I Barack HUSSEIN Obama….he also promised and agreed not to go over the campaign fund limit brought up by McCain(lie).
          Wake up washington and get this thing out of office before our country collapses like the roman empire did. B.O. says he wants the u.s. to be the greatest country on earth….where has B.O. been…we already are and would like to stay that way.
          jp, cypress, Il.

    • bbstacker

      Eight Thousand “earmarks” reside inside that septic mess called “obama-care”. There is “legislation” regarding ethanol and fuel efficiency. There is legislation that the feral gov’t gets your bank access codes so if you decide you don’t want to play this game under the “color of law”, they just take the penalty without your intervention. You are NOT conservative, you are entitlement/welfare to think that this usurper means to give you one ounce of Self-Reliance when it’s all said and done. Man up and grow a set, and put down the kook-aid drink mix.

      • Mike In MI

        bbs -
        “feral government” – luv it, luv it, luv it. Yuckity-up.!

  • http://none daniel jacobson

    i agree with dan..they want a civil they can declare martial law and round up[try to] gun owners, christians,patriots,tear party ,and anyone who does not want the NWO..WELL I SAY LET THEM..I FOR ONE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT..and all the sheeple who are not prepared or no whats coming will say WTF all those kooks that talked about internment camps were right after all..

  • Pristina

    We have the best healthcare on the planet . The problem is not healthcare . It is COST ! When we man up and get to the truth about the COST , and why the COST skyrockets compared to other comodities ,
    we will be on our way to plugging this sinkhole .

    • stone

      You say we have the best healthcare in the world. Do you know how the US ranks among other country’s healthcare? We aren’t even in the top 10.

      • mrrobinson2u


      • 45caliber

        It depends upon how you determine what the “best” healthcare is.

        If you are considering whether we have a government run progrom (one of the criteria used by the group who made that decision) then we don’t have it.

        If you are considering whether the care we get is good or not, we are number 1.

        To me, that should be the ONLY way we determine care.

        Tell me, if our care is so bad and England’s care is so good, why do they come here for care? And why don’t many of our own people go there to get it? It’s because they KNOW that our health care is far superior. But we have to pay some of the cost here while they don’t have to pay it there – or do they?

        I talked to an Englishman about their care some years ago. He stated that to get emergency care from his doctor, he had to pay the doctor a “retainer” of about $150 a month (100 pounds of their money). Then he could get in immediately instead of waiting for three to five days – AFTER he showed up for his appointment. But to do that, he also had to pay 100% of the fee for medical care.

        In other words you may understand better, if he fell and broke his arm, he could either sit for three to five days before treatment or he could pay the entire cost of getting it set. Now, is that the “best” care? Better than ours?

        • stone

          The World Health Org. has ranked countries based on a number of factors. Preventable deaths, live expect. care given cost. The only catagory that we are ranked in the top ten is cost.

          • Mike In MI

            Right, Stone! -

            …45Caliber -
            You say we have “the best care”. (I’m amazed. I never took you to be one to eat the propaganda piled in the back yard by the government dog and the AMA fox guarding the hen-houspital.). I could give you
            the “best care I can” 24/7/365/ad infinitum. That doesn’t mean I intend on making you get “well”. “Better” – maybe. But, after I’ve done all I’m going to do,… well, I’ll manage your case for you. Now, that’s the best care you can (or will) get (with a few exceptions).
            It’s like “All you can eat -$3.00″ night at the Dutch spaghetti shop. Once they serve you all they’re going to let you have, that’s ALL you can eat.
            The was a very in-depth study done in 2002 by Dr. Gary Null, PhD; et al. that showed that about 873,000 Americans died that year due to various kinds of medical screw-ups. Immediately thereafter, the AMA saw to it that the HIPPAA laws were passed so nobody can ever again get access to anybody’s stats. The study was aptly named “Death by Medicine”. The max the AMA as admitting before “DbM” was published was 180,000.
            So, the MD’s were already practicing their own brand of “death panels” back then. But, realistically, we need to respect the medical practitioners. It takes a lot of training to off that many people every year for decades so quietly
            Imagine the skills it takes to add on to that the perception that you’re getting the best care in the world. Sill sicker’n a pup, but “best care”.
            It’s like the brand of Ibuprofen that they advertized for headaches -”Nothing works better!!!” Somebody did some tests comparing how that ibuprofen, another medicine, placebo or just letting it run its course worked for the hedaches. The study concluded that just letting the headache run its course was faster than the ibuprofen. So, it’s literally true – “Nothing works better than Ibuprofen for headaches.”
            There’s a whole lot MD’s do that are like that for various reasons: state laws, Standards of practice, traditions, hospital rules, personal preferences, insurance company rules or requirements for payment, local facilities and technologies.

      • WayneT

        Hmmm, I wonder why folks, ever those in foreign govenments, come here for medical care if we are not even rated in he top ten for health care. I think some one may have their facts screwed up.

      • spitfire

        I do not believe it, and think it is all bullshit. Please define health care for me! I think all you liberals should start a new country, and the black massiah could show you where. AFRICA It would be great entertainment for the rest of us for sure.

        • stone

          We rank #2 in the world for Healthcare expenditures based GDP. This was between 2002 and 2005. And we know cost have risen since then.

    • 45caliber

      There are TWO reasons for the cost.

      First, there are so many court suits about minor stuff that the doctors must buy malpractice insurance at thousands of dollars a month. (One law firm in the East visits every patient in the hospital. They ask, “Did you have any pain due to your accident after you arrived here? Do you have any pain now if you try to move? Then we can SUE for you!”) As if doctors can give you instant healing.

      Second, there are a lot of government requirements. I recently had a coughing fit that caused me to pass out. I couldn’t get a breath of air in. I went to the emergency room. They had to run tests on my lungs, heart, and several other things. They – and I – knew that the majority of the tests were wasting our time and money but they are required by the government. Further, a lot of your insurance coverage is mandated by the government. You pay for a lot of things you don’t need and wouldn’t normally take. For instance, an elderly couple have to pay insurance in case the woman (at 80) gets pregnant. Why?

      If you want to correct the problems, we need to target both. In Texas, some years ago we passed a law that forbid anyone getting more than $100,000 over any actual medical costs for correction of some problem caused by a doctor or hospital. Rates came down immediately. Lawyers were upset because it meant that they could no longer get multi-millions. Isn’t that too bad.

      • Cawmun Cents

        So…what you are saying is that there are too many lawyers,right?

  • Lomax

    Inasmuch as the whole law has been declared unconstitutional by a Federal judge, I would like to see the states begin to refuse to implement that monstrosity.

    • mrrobinson2u

      by only two activist Federal judges…approved and/or thrown out by numerous other Federal judges.

      • ValDM

        Why would you call them “activist” judges. Have you read the Constituion? The Bill? Read them and then tell us about “activist” judges. You’ll see, if you’ve still got one brain cell working, that the “activist” judges aren’t these two.

        • WayneT

          Yes! I would like to know who in the world are the acttvist judges. Do these judges belong to Nobama Judges?

      • 45caliber


        There seems to be a difference in opinion about what an “activist” judge is.

        To me, it means someone who is ignoring the code he is supposed to be following (the US Constitution) to allow or create a law that violates that base code.

        To you, it apparently means someone who doesn’t allow any law you agree with to be put into operation whether it follows what the Constitution says or not.

      • Andrea B

        …by only two activist judges…has been approved by several others.

        That’s pure and simple Bull$hit.

        It’s been thrown out by TWO FEDERAL JUDGES, and been approved by TWO FEDERAL JUDGES.

        Due to the omission of the severability clause, if ONE part is declared unConstitutional, the ENTIRE BILL is thrown out…but it won’t be done fairly here in America, where common sense and Constitutional rule-of-law is no longer politically correct.

    • ValDM

      That’s right……It’s called nullification. Do it now, before it gets too late.

  • Greg

    martinmoss you are obviously some kool-aid drinking idiot who is on the dole already. If you think for an instant that the idiot in the Whitehouse intends anything good by implementing one of the greatest scams perpetrated on the American People of all time, then I suggest you relocate to any of the fine areas of the world that already have this failing system in place. Get off the dole, get a job and let the a$$hole$ in Washington misappropriate your tax dollars before you decide to let them waste mine.

  • stone

    We rank 37 in the world. Don’t believe me google it.

    • spitfire

      By whos mind is it that we are 37, and who gives a shit. This is America, where we have always been the best at everything, and the best at innovation. The rest of the world still follows us even when we are down.MOST Amercans do not want to be like the rest of the world, the rest of the world wants to be like us.

      You are a follower, and should follow that black ass off a frikking cliff, as we surely do not need people like you. Your all dead weight!

      • stone

        According to the World Health Organization.

        1. France 2. Italy 3. San Marion 4. Andora 5. Malta 6. Singapore

        7. Spain 8. Oman 9. Austria 10. Japan 18. United Kingdom

        30. Canada 37. United States.

        • Cawmun Cents

          yes….but if France goes to war they will suddenly be 86th on the WHO list.

      • stone

        I am not a follower. I guess if serving in the military for 20 years, in that sence i was ordered to follow. Independent free thinker here. Several people on this board have stated we have the best HC in the world. I was pointing out we do not. I didn’t say this because i support Obamacare, i don’t.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Here in Cleveland Ohio we have the Cleveland Clinic. It is the top rated teaching clinic in the world. we have rulers, and presidents from all over the world coming here. now if this hospital were ranked 37 in the world, do you honestly thnk that would happen?? Do you think there MIGHT be a little bias involved with the WHO?? I mean, to group CUBA higher than the US?!?!? And England is now talking about scrapping their government controlled health care! So is Canada as it is bankrupting the countries!! My wife is in England right now and I worry like crazy that something should happen that an emergency arrises!!! I have some friends over there that have told me pure horror stories about their brand of healthcare!! If WHO says THAT is better than ours, they can go pound sand!!!

          • libertytrain

            Joe – I think it’s one of those sad things that we aren’t on top in medical care and amazing that we are not. Just think how many people die because of what they got while in the hospital. Frightening. Just think how many people will die with obamacare. If our care is substandard now what will it be then?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            What about the elderly that are allowed to die on pain meds in the UK? what about their practice of “stacking”? That, in case you don’t know, is where they leave patients in the ambulance till the Dr. can see them so they can cut their waiting time in the ER!! A lady I used to post to’s daughter had her nose broken to the point of a deviated septum and she had to wait so long to see a specialist that they had to re-break the childs nose to correct it!! I read about a lady in London that had cancer and had to wait seven months to see a specialist. When she finally went to see the specialist he told her that it was terminal and if only she had gotten in to see him a couple of months sooner…..As if it was her fault.
            The DR. thought I had skin cancer and I saw a dermatologist in 4 days! When I had my surgery, the dr that said I should see a neurologist got me in in 8 days! I had my surgery in 12 days!! Now honestly, can you say that England is better than us???

          • libertytrain

            Joe – I didn’t create the list so don’t get mad at me – but I’ve heard that we are not No. 1 in this area since I was a kid and I’m about your age. Check this list last created in 2000. And I never said a word about England. They aren’t top on the list either.


    First and foremost, if the shoe fits wear it. Gullible? Maybe u are. I can’t sit in judgement.
    I referred to WWJD meaning that he would rid of hypocrites indeed. He would call out to support those who actually NEED help. I attended Christian schools alll my life, elementary thru college, so tread lightly with your sarcasm. Don’t go there or u will fall.

    I believe that just as parties disagree, so do fellow members of same parties. Everyone cant agree on everything, everyday, about all things. I listen to conservative radio all day, aside from some music, and I hear conservatives rip republicans all the time. Does that mean all members of parties shouldn’t have disagreements????? Please, be real.

    We all live here, we all have opinions, and we all need to find common ground otherwise whats the point of having freedom? To choose, to not choose, to live, or live elsewhere etc. Let’s not be hypocritical of our freedoms and to condemn a person for thinking differently. One sided thinking cost a lot of people their lives in war, conflict, revolutions, labor, etc.

    Just stop the madness, and look for ways to either agree, or agree to disagree. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for it. Bring about understanding, not drama.

    • Bruce D.

      Your point is well taken Creek but Obamacare for most of us has to go as we feel it is an assault on our freedom. Something using free market principles needs to replace it as everyone agrees health care costs need to come down.

    • spitfire

      We do not need people like you at a time like this. It will lead to our downfall. We need people who are strong, and not pacifists.

  • home boy

    sounds to me that the obama administration should face treason charges. anyone care to comment on that thought?


      Well, I’m not sure if treason would be appropriate, but the plan was, and is I agree that it is unconstitutional. The law should not be implemented.

      Unfortunately the matter will have to go thru judicial red tape before we can all officially say to Obama, ” we told u so!”

  • JoJo

    Yes, I do. “Treason” and “Contempt” mean nothing if no one will enforce the penalties. They’re words. While they deserve it, what’s the point if no one will string them up as they ought to be?

    • JoJo

      And to that end, the Constitution is just paper unless there are people to uphold it. Are there? We’ll soon find out.

    • mrrobinson2u

      Exactly…treason…like taking our country into war based on false information…a treasonable offense – why everyone has dropped the ball on this prosecution of W I do not know.

      • JoJo

        Any mention of Bush while we’re debating Obama means the debate is automatically forfeit.

        • Ted Crawford

          That’s all they’ve got JoJo! They are nearly berift of commonsense ideas and they are just trying to follow their mentor Comrade Alinsky!

          • spitfire

            You got that right! Losers, all of them liberals are losers. They want everything easy, or free.

        • mrrobinson2u

          Not when you speak of treason and the biggest treasonous offense was committed by that administration. Nothing treasonous has been committed by this administration whatsoever. Only those who don’t like the new solution to which the healthcare debacle in which this country has interwoven itself.

          • Ellen

            Hmmm…Isn’t it Obama who sent additional military personnel to Afghanistan? If that war were such an act of treason, why did he perpetuate/escalate it? You can’t have it both ways. I think his act that is treasonous is filing a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for trying to uphold the laws that the feds have failed upholding. His entire handling of illegals is treasonous.


        UH HUH….impeachment for one, impeachment for all. But, we know that’s not going to happen…..that war was in my opinion of son finishing daddy’s initial try.

        • 45caliber

          I agree about Iraq. And, basically, it was necessary. The Muslem world was convinced that Saddam had “won” since he was still alive and in power. (This is according to an Egyptian friend of mine who insisted it was wrong for Bush Sr. to pull out the first time without catching him.) A friend in the Army in the first war was told that they weren’t to even possibly harm Saddam because Congress was afraid that some terrorists might try to assassinate them if Saddam was harmed. He (and I) thought it just might be a win-win situation if they did.

      • 45caliber


        Question – at the time did you believe the info was false? I didn’t. I’m still not sure it was false considering that they have found some buried weapons and they KNOW that many of his missiles were taken to Syria two weeks before we went in the second time. I also believe that Bush Jr. believed it was true also. So if anyone should be tried for the “crime” of “lying” to us, I believe it should be the ones who told him it was true. But that wouldn’t satisfy you, would it? That is only a charge because you disliked other things as well. Tell me, were you one of those who joined the military then to help? I doubt it.

        • mrrobinson2u

          Many opposed the war and spoke out against it only to be silenced or completely ignored…the administration’s evidence was extremely flimsy and they took our nation to war on preemptive terms which had never been done before in our nation’s history which is now a stain on our nation’s character. They came into power seeking a foothold in the Middle East for oil and this was the perfect situation to gain that foothold…one many believe they had a hand in creating.

          Living in Chicago I watched as thousands took to the street (shutting down Lakeshore Drive actually) protesting our advancement to war. It was a life changing scene and one I’ll never forget.
          War has become a non-stop cycle for this country and these two wars are no different. The wars benefit the large corporations, which now run our country and to think otherwise is naive.

          Thomas Jefferson wrote:
          “It ends, as might have been expected, in the ruin of it’s people, but this ruin will fall heaviest, as it ought to fall on that hereditary aristocracy which has for generations been preparing the catastrophe. I hope we shall take warning from the example and crush in it’s birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”

          I personally believe it is too late for any sort of return to that original configuration of our country as people seem to be longing for; we’ve been sold out to the corporations for way too long – but we still hold our freedom of speech for what it’s worth and I enjoy exercising that right.
          Since you make reference to my personal military service or lack thereof – I chose early on in life to live in honesty…which includes my personal orientation…which at the time in our country disqualified me for service in the armed forces…though I did apply and certainly register when I finally could and they chose not to accept me in service. I’m now past the age to serve.
          I’m happy to see our country advancing in mentality that we now allow all orientations of people to serve openly and honestly in our country’s military…even if it is serving in wars started and promoted by corrupt administrations led by men who themselves avoided active duty.

          • Doug

            Wow people took to the street to protest the war in Chicago? Now is that something when are the people of Chicago going to protest the fact that Illinois is one big toilet. You people keep voting for crooks and basically you might have gotten Al but guess what you nothing but one big croupt state. So if Chicago is protesting anything I be more than happy to be on the other end.

  • James

    We are like sheep being led to the slaughter. Let’s remember, neither government nor insurance comapanies provide healthcare. Under the banner of ‘healthcare for all,’ the federal government is simply gobbling up the industry, and tossing insurance companies a huge bone. Our health is dependent on how we live our lives, what we eat and drink. Start drinking water instead of barrels of soda pop, and most of our health problems would disappear. Hasn’t everyone seen the TV Coca-Cola Ad, billions of dollars per day.


      I agree, we should be eating and caring much better for ourselves. Doctors should not be charging exuberant rates as well. I have paid in the past some ridiculous bills for my nephew that should have slapped his momma if she read the receipt, LOL

      • 45caliber

        The main reason doctors do charge a lot is due to court suits for trivial things. A doctor friend of ours was paying $10,000 A MONTH in insurance rates – twenty years ago! He was a surgeon. As far as I know, he was never sued but he still had to pay it. And he had to get that money from somewhere and the only “somewhere” was his patients.

        Recently I had to go to the emergency room for a minor problem. The total cost for being there a total of 4 hours was close to $10,000. The reason? It seems that to protect itself, the hospital was forced to run about twenty tests to make sure there wasn’t some other problem I had to make sure I couldn’t sue for not doing the tests. While I wouldn’t have sued, I know many would have done so.

  • mrrobinson2u

    Let me guess, these 21 states probably also rank lowest in education scores, math and science scores and public overall health…they take the most Federal financial aid and have the highest levels of inbreeding, teenage child birth and number of fundamentalist churches…anyone else see a pattern here?


      If that is true, then OMFG!!!!!!!! LOL

    • JoJo

      That’s a thinly disguised ad hominem against the states for doing something you disagree with. There’s no “probably” to it. Either they are or they aren’t. Show the stats, or contribute something meaningful.


        I agree, but that would speak volumes if true, LOL.

      • mrrobinson2u

        It was simply a guess…the article only mentions Indiana and Florida politicians.

        • JoJo

          So it mentions 2 out of 21 of the suing states, and you smear the lot of them, without looking up information on any of them and without adding anything to the discussion. Got it.

          • mrrobinson2u

            From the replies it obviously added much to the discussion.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            did you really expect any different??? The progs do nothing but tell half truths, and make ad homenim attacks!

    • mickey

      I looked up Indiana to see how it was ranked. The information on the search was interesting as it pointed out how SAT tests effected the overall outcome: fewer taking the test (highest scorers) didn’t have as big a base as Indiana (broader based). Pretty easy to rank high if only a select group takes a test. Hmmmm

    • Dale on the left coast

      No . . . California, Illinois and Michigan were not on the list.

    • Doug

      Please tell me about any state with a Demorat majority that is in the black. Hell how about telling me about any Demorat President that ran the nation in the black. And before you bring up Buba Gump Clinton it was the Republican house that keep the spending in check not Clit-on the I did not have sex!

  • http://charter howe

    The majority of Americans are part of the best healthcare system in the world, thats why everybody comes to this country for special medical procedures. Everyone wants better healthcare at a cheaper price and over half of the people who were polled want changes to the old healthcare system, but Obamacre is not legislation that makes our healthcare system better, it is legislation that creates a big govt bureacracy that diminishes the exceptionalism of doctors and nurses and creates other domains under a healthcare umbrella that allows govt to become intimately intrusive into the lives of every American. My son died because I was unable to get affordable mental health care for him and Obamacare still doesn’t address the mental healthcare issues that could of saved him. I could not afford the high cost of out of pocket care and there was no place to turn to that got anything but lip service. Healthcare is not a constitutional right for people who can’t afford it, but emergency rooms will not refuse treatment for anyone including illegals and there are places in every city that people can go to qualify for medicare or medicaid and there are also places for financial assistance albeit tougher to find. Churches especially the Catholic churches are good about humanitarian assistance. Healthcare is expensive and costs continue to rise, but to legislate a law (Obamacare) that adds 2.3 trillion unfunded dollars to the deficit is like cutting off your leg to treat an infected toe. The budget drives our ability as Americans to pay for everthing in our great nation. The budget cannot be compromised to make a small minority happy while the system goes into failure mode and everyone sinks with the ship. The only possibility of helping people who need medical help and cannot afford to pay for it is to keep the American engine working to allow the entitlement system to stay intact. The GOP and most logical thinkers do not think it is right to deny medical help to anyone and the ideological politics by the democrats to have govt takeover the medical private sector instead of fixing the flaws in the present system is creating lots of devisiveness among all Americans. The real reason for repeal of Obamacare is because it is not healthcare reform, it is social reform, you have to read and understand the 2300 pages to understand that and big govt is nationalizing resources that could lead to a destruction of the U.S. Constitution. I served 29 years in the military to uphold and protect our freedoms and the Constitution and I will not yield to a group of Marxist that believe spreading the wealth will solve the nations problems. It didn’t work in Russia, or Cuba and it isn’t working anywhere esle that it was imposed on the people. Our exceptionalism is because of the free market system that is under attack. I am appalled by the rampart corruption and disregard for the law of the land, but we cannot stand as a free nation for everyone if the socialist win the ideological war that is being waged. Doesn’t it strike you odd that all democrats vote for some bills and specifically for OBAMACARE and no Republicans will vote for that particular bill. Which Congres people are listening to their constitutents? Partisan politics has never been so criminal, so its not about whats good for WE THE PEOPLE, its about socialistic control and power. The GOP in the House is bringing Resolution #9 to the floor which will be used to establish interim legislation and provides fixes for the healthcare flaws that concern many people when Obamacare is finally repealed, but you don’t hear that from the Democrats, all you hear about is how the GOP wants to kill poor people. The truth is the Obamacare bill will eventually kill all people, a replacement for this job killing, budget busting, govt overreach is needed at the earliest opportunity. If Obamacare was so great why have almost 500 business’s asked for and gotten waivers from Kathleen Sebilius (Healthcare CZAR) for the insurance mandate for employers which would have been forced to make job cuts, reduce store expansions (Franchises) and raise consumer prices to stay in business. MacDonalds would have cut 30,000 employees.

  • jdelaney3

    For God’s sake, NULLIFY and be done with this socialist, unconstitutuional obscenity called Obamacare.

  • 45caliber

    I think the biggest problem I have with Oblamacare is that it covers almost everything the Demos want to do. They want a force to use to quail citizens that isn’t the military (which won’t automatically obey them). They want to eliminate private ownership of guns. They want to tax the country. They want to get rid of the elderly who use up money they could use to buy more votes. (After all, they are useless anyway since they no longer work and pay taxes on it.)

    I also have problems with it since it does nothing to solve any possible problems we have with our medical care. Instead, it adds more problems. Actually I believe that the biggest problem we have with our present medical care is the additional special things the government required our insurance to cover – such as sex-change operations.

  • spitfire

    Can our country really survive another two year of this administration? We either need to take to the streets, or join the T-Party movement. I think we may need to do both.

  • mrrobinson2u

    Read all of Bishop Spong’s essays here:

    The Transition from Tribalism: The Tea Party, States’ Rights, Strict Constructionists and the Reading of the Constitution

    Recently, I read Brian Burroughs’ book, The Big Rich, the story of the rise and fall of the major Texas oil fortunes. When I had finished this book, I finally understood the source of the irrational anger expressed toward the Federal Government in today’s political climate; the revival of “States’ Rights;” the meaning of the phrase “Strict Constructionists” as the criteria for Federal judges, and even that strange ritual which accompanied the opening of the House of Representatives under the new Republican majority, namely the public reading of the Constitution of the United States. That is a considerable list of separate topics to bring together under the rubric of a single explanation, but I believe it can be done. At least I shall try.

    First, from The Big Rich I came to understand how very deeply Texas oil money has influenced political discourse in the last 50-60 years of American history. The first obvious measure of this influence came when Lyndon Johnson rode into the powerful position of Senate Majority Leader in 1953 just four years into his first term, something unheard of prior to his career. He accomplished this feat primarily because of his ability to place Texas oil money into the coffers of fellow senators running for re-election and every senator knew that Johnson could and would cut off the money from those who did not support him and cooperate with his agenda. He then went on to become the most powerful Senate leader in history.

    When Dwight Eisenhower became a candidate for the presidency in 1952, he also was a recipient of the vast resources of Texas oil money. In turn, Eisenhower, when elected, needed majority leader Johnson to shepherd his program through the Senate because about half of the Republican senators were too conservative to support Eisenhower’s moderate and internationalist agenda. Johnson gladly did exactly that, once again increasing his power. When Jack Kennedy was looking for a running mate in 1960, he calculated that only by carrying Texas could he defeat Vice President Nixon and that only Lyndon Johnson could enable him to carry Texas so, despite personal animosity between the two, Johnson became Kennedy’s vice president. It worked. Texas oil money supported the Democratic ticket since they knew they could protect such things as oil depletion allowances with Johnson as part of that administration.

    With the assassination of Kennedy in 1963, Lyndon Johnson became the first of three Texas presidents in the last half century, with the other two being George H. W. Bush who, after eight years as vice president, was president for four and George W. Bush was President for eight. Both were in the oil business. Other Texans, like former Texas governor John Connally, the primary lawyer for the Texas oil barons, were during that time on the edges of power. Texas’ oil-based politics had thus been a major factor in our national life for half a century.

    Texas oil was discovered in the early 1900s and it grew in volume through the Great Depression of the 1930’s. It produced wealth in amounts that this nation had never seen before, even beyond the fortunes of the Rockefellers, the Mellons and the Morgans. In a way quite distinct from America’s earlier wealth, Texas oil money was in the hands of relatively uneducated and uncultured people. It produced the uniquely Texas culture of bigness and the “ostentatiousness” of wealth for which Texas is still famous– note the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium, for example. Texas relished public displays of wealth and gloated in it. The “wildcatters,” who turned Texas land into the fortunes of the Hunts, the Murchisons, the Cullens and the Richardson’s, were fiercely independent people. Texas had once been a Republic before joining the Union in 1845. The “Texas Character” resented any power that tried to impose authority on that state. Its ruling citizens wanted no central government to tax their wealth, to tell them how much they must pay their employees or to suggest that benefits be provided for laborers, most of whom were black or Hispanic. They even vested the real power in their state in the legislature, making the governor of Texas one of the constitutionally weakest governors in America. They hated unions, income taxes and what they called “giveaway programs.” They regularly churned anti-Federal government rhetoric into the national bloodstream.

    Another factor that we must embrace is a recognition of just how deeply southern segregationist politicians through the seniority system controlled the Senate of the United States after the Civil War. The South stayed Democratic, not because of ideological compatibility, but primarily because their senatorial power in the National Democratic Party kept liberal thinking in check. In return the Democratic Party regularly gave the vice presidential spot on the national ticket to a southerner. One thinks of “Cactus Jack” Garner of Texas who was Roosevelt’s vice president for eight years. Harry Truman was a “border state” pick for vice president in Roosevelt’s last run for the White House in 1944. In 1952 Adlai Stevenson chose John Sparkman of Alabama for his first try for the White House and Estes Kefauver of Tennessee in 1956 for his second. John Kennedy then chose Johnson of Texas in 1960. When Lyndon Johnson became himself the presidential candidate in 1964, he did not need to court the South politically, so he chose Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota to be his vice president. When Jimmy Carter from Georgia won the presidential nomination in 1976, he chose Walter Mondale of Minnesota to be his running mate. The pattern has been replicated time after time.

    As the post World War II era entered American politics, however, this political marriage of convenience began to erode. The support of labor leaders, as well as black, Hispanic and ethnic voters became increasingly important to Democratic victories finally placing mortal strains on the old coalition. It began in 1948, when, in response to the inclusion of a strong Civil Rights plank in the platform of the Democratic Patty, championed primarily by the ringing oratory of the Mayor of Minneapolis, Hubert Humphrey, Strom Thurmond, then the Democratic governor of South Carolina, led a walkout and launched the Dixiecrat party, which nominated Thurmond as its presidential candidate. Despite this defection Democratic incumbent Harry Truman won that election with little southern support and the traditional coalition between northern liberals and southern conservatives declined precipitously. Through a combination of executive orders such as the desegregation of the armed forces in 1948; the decisions of a liberal Supreme Court, such as Brown vs. the Board of Education in 1954, and Congressional bills like the Civil Rights acts of 1957 and 1964 and the Voting Rights act of 1965, the Federal government began to exert its authority over the states and in particular over the fiercely-independent states in the deep south like Texas. The South reacted strongly and dramatically. In 1964 Republican nominee, Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona ran an overt southern strategy in his quest for the presidency, appealing to the anger of these white southerners. It was not successful. Richard Nixon, however, perfumed that strategy and re-used it to win the White House with southern votes in 1968. Johnson, in the campaign of 1964, was thus the last Democrat to carry the south until southern candidates, Jimmy Carter first and then Bill Clinton, won for the first time since the Civil War, the Democratic top spot and began to cut back into the lost southern voter ranks, especially its newly en-franchised black voters.

    By this time high sounding code language had been developed to cover the dark and base racism, which was operating in the body politic. “States’ Rights” really meant “don’t interfere with the way people of color are treated in the South.” “Strict Constructionist Judges” meant “don’t tell us how to run our segregated schools.” “Big Government” became the favorite whipping boy of the new Republican coalition and from Ronald Reagan on resisting federal power was an emotional battle cry of white southern voters. When a decade or so later Republican George W. Bush expanded the national debt through two wars and the passing of an enormous expansion of entitlements by adding prescription drugs to the cost of Medicare, the anger against big government became so intense that it produced a splinter within the Republican ranks that called itself “The Tea Party” and then political rhetoric got hotter and hotter. That is what produced the desire to read the Constitution at the first session of the newly elected and now Republican-controlled Congress. It was a tactic designed to emphasize that a return to “Strict Constructionism” would be the agenda of this Congress. These are the elements that lie behind the non-civil tone of political rhetoric that marks our day.

    Will this rhetoric accomplish its purpose and take over the government? Of course not! It has no long-lasting power. Its Waterloo will come with the realization that most of the states are deeply in debt and will need the federal government to rescue them. It also won’t work because Blacks, Hispanics and women all now have the power of the ballot box and the control of the old ruling oligarchy is no longer possible. It won’t work because the world is so much more deeply inter-connected today than it was 100 years ago and threatened white voters who utter these conservative clichés will soon be a minority, if they are not now, even in America. As power shifts, however, anger rises. This nation is in a period of transition through which we must walk. The desires of the few will always collide with the hopes and needs of the majority. It may take as long as a decade to walk through this transition, so we will be required to listen to the rhetoric of the declining majority. They will read the Constitution in public, talk about “States’ Rights,” demand “Strict Constructionist” judges and oppose federal health care initiatives. Time, however, marches on and the Tea Party will finally go the way of the Whiskey Rebellion of 1790 and the Know-Nothing Party of the 1850’s and become a mere footnote to history. The United States will then emerge multi-ethnic, free and strong. I plan to live long enough to see this day arrive.

    ~John Shelby Spong

    • HD754


    • spitfire

      Actually it is the multi-ethnicity that is killing us as a nation. It will not and cannot work. Every ethnic group clusters together, so they can retain their way of life from the old country. They will not intertwine with others of different races,and that is where the problem lies. If it is to work, then we all need to learn to give up the old ways, and merge with others. It ain’t gonna happen! Sorry!

      • mrrobinson2u

        I believe what he is saying then, is that due to minority population growth, they will be in the majority and it may be others who must ‘adapt’. I understand what you say, and I enjoy learning from other cultures and like to believe we can pull from other cultures what works and discard what doesn’t. Things are a’changin’ for sure though!

    • mickey

      Thanks for the post but I don’t exactly agree with how you define the declining “majority”. We’ve been diverse for a long time. The thing that hurts us more is the division of certain cultural groups to work against being a US citizen in lieu of “I have my culture and you must make room for it”. No, either one is or one isn’t a US citizen. There is no majority if in you were referring to “white”. White is not a nationality, it is very diverse. Truth be labeled correctly, there would be 298 cultures within the group whereas two are descending, black and hispanic (a made up word).

      Next, maybe the post should have gone back further and explored what happened when Ford designed his cars to work off ag plants and big oil won the combustible gas engine.

      Other than that, it was informative. Thank you.

      • mrrobinson2u

        John Shelby Spong is always an interesting read. Smart guy with courage to speak his mind that’s for sure.

  • WayneT

    I just read where 11 states are now requiring presidential candidates to show their long birth certificates to get on the ballet within their states. I hope they all do this. Maybe this will prohibit Nobama from running in those states. You can read about it here: Things may be moving in our direction.

    • 45caliber

      I’m going to be curious to see what Oblama does. I suspect that we will see some court suit insisting that he shouldn’t have to produce one.

      • WayneT

        If it comes to that 45caliber, I think people will be ready to hit the streets. That would be a clean violation of our Constittion.

  • Lastmanstanding



    • 45caliber

      The govenrment wants to set maximum salaries for doctors. Let’s include one for lawyers as well. Then we’d see Oblamacare go down so fast it would leave a vacuum!

  • James Kirksey

    As bad as the healthcare provisions of Obamacare appear, this is only a small portion of the problem with this unconstitutional bill. All of those hiden taxes, death panels, small business mandates, governmental edicts, and no telling what else, allows this socialist or communist to control the entire nation’s economy. Add to this bill all of the “shadow government czars,” appointed without proper congressional approval, and we have a dictator running our country via Executive Orders and government agencies.

    Add to the illegal healthcare bill the lack of law enforcement and our problems multiply. What authority does a President have to exempt anyone from obeying the laws of the land. A law for one person is a law for all persons. Unions, Companies, and individuals friendly to the current administration should have no special privilege to disobey the law with respect to healthcare, robery, rape, murder, voter intemidation, etc. Obama has failed to enforce our laws in other areas also. Our borders are purposely insurecure to court the votes of those who stole their way into our country. Terrorist and drugs are flowing from Mexico, while Arizona is defending itself in court against the Obama administration for enforcing their own border.

    The things we see ofend us and violate our Constitution. However, the covert things going on with Muslim countries is much worse. President
    Obama is pushing the envelop in favor the the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Once they take Egypt, likely many other countries will follow and we will be faced with intensified terrorist.

    During Obama’s socialist take over, our Congress members are sitting on their hands and waiting rather than investigating and exercising oversight as required by our Constitution. Why is a President allowed to violate a federal court rulings of Obamacare’s constitutionality? Where are our patroitic statesmen? James

  • Raggs

    Welcome to the new world order folks…

    You aint seen nothing yet….

    We all know obama is backed by corrupt unions and special interest groups like acorn, code pink, aclu, seiu, uaw, planed parenthood, black panthers, the list goes on…
    All of these groups have one thing in common… a new world order!
    These are all Marxist / communist groups you add that to the islamic extremist groups and it spells the end of America as we know it…
    It is obamas plan!

    • mrrobinson2u

      I agree this is all part of that alignment…but for anyone to assume it began with Obama is crazy. The movie ‘Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined’ is an excellent and interesting movie. I don’t buy into all of it, but they’re definitely on to something and the US citizens need to be educated on it and aware.

      • Raggs

        Thanks for your agreement of my post…

        Everyone needs to understand that obama has surrounded himself with extreme radicals of all walks of life.. Mainly in the US are the unions and special interest groups that are against capitolism and the free market system.. Abroad he has the islamic religion that are well within his support.

        • mrrobinson2u

          I used to get very emotionally involved in discussions about politics…until I watched said movie above – it struck me that there is truly no difference between a republican president or a democratic one…the powers that be just prey on the minds of citizens to pick each other apart over social issues that really don’t matter in the end. If you don’t approve of gay marriage…don’t marry a gay person. If you don’t approve of abortions, don’t have one and begin adopting unwanted children or just shut up about it.
          At this point, I find watching the unfolding of events interesting and I believe in my heart and in my mind that the power of Spirit will be our final adventure and we should begin learning from all of this.

          • Raggs

            I agree with you on everything but the shut up about it part.
            That is one of the biggest problems we have that too many people have buried thier head in the sand for too many years and never say anything but “your stepping on my finger so please move so I can drink in more sand”.
            That is exactly the point that I made on obama thinking that everyone is so stupid he can do anything that he wants to do with no repercussions…

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you progressives are so occupied with forcing healthcare, taxes, loss of profits and all sorts of things in the name of protecting the less fortunate. Well just call this MY way of trying to protect the most unfortunate of all, the unborn!!! you progressives will protect the most undeserving, disgusting, sick prisoners on death row and then pronounce a death sentence on an innocent baby!!! Perhaps it is that you can identify with the criminals???

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I guess you don’t have an answer to that, HUH?


    The Marxist Socialist Government we now have must find a way to place a boot on the neck of its subjects, and Obama Care is the first effective step. If they succeed, discarding your God given rights under the Constitution will certainly be another step. Beware America, tyranny is in your future if the Administration is not held in check.

    • 45caliber

      If you look you can find violations of all the Bill of Rights by the Federal government right now except perhaps for them making citizens support troops in their own houses. Search warrants required? Live in an apartment complex, particularly a government sponsored one. According to them, the manager is the owner to ask permission to search an apartment – and if he gives it no warrant is required. Freedom of Speech? How many heard the real reason we attacked Panama was the attacks by them on our military bases there? Not in the news, was it? Freedom of Religion? They violate that every day. You pray when and where they tell you. Fifth Amendment? What does that mean? Not being tried twice for the same crime? I can tell you one where they tried a Marine 3 times.

  • tim

    Obama needs to be impeached before the 2012 elections!!! The man has done nothing for this country, except to try and destroy it!!! He thinks he is above the law and can do anything he wants!!!!

  • Ramon

    One size doesn’t fit all. What works for one state, for the very reason these 21 governors cited, most likely puts another state in complete turmoil.

    Look here, I don’t know what your needs are and you could be my neighbor across the street. But since I’m a bit too busy worrying over my own, all I can do is hope you can take care of yourself in the best way possible. Let’s assume we have the same needs but found different methods of getting them. Why should I be so concern about what you did to find the same solution I was searching for, if my own solution works for me? If it works for you, there’s a good chance the problems you’ve encountered are not like the ones I have. Like buying gold, not everyone has the funds to carry that same solution out. That’s why you explore different possibilities to see what fits you best. Just my opinion, I beleive that’s exactly what Rommney tried to do, and rightfully so, since it was for the people of Massachusetts ONLY. He had every right to attempt to find a soultion for his state’s problem.

    Obamacare, however, does a god awful job of trying to cover everyone in this same sense. For one, they don’t even have a clue as to what every state needs in regards to financial help, law changes, or even what the real problems the people of each state have, since they didn’t even have the total plan drawn up with everyone at the table to discuss the ramnifications of such a plan. Furthermore, I see there’s a great possibility for this so called reform to be abused from top to bottom.

    If there’s any kind of reform that should be done in this country, it’s at the Government level. They need to take a step back and remember what goes on at the state level, can not be fixed by blanketing everyone with the same idea of helping others. It might just work for California, but there’s a good chance a state like Iowa, and Louisiana wouldn’t be able to survive the onslaught. New York might be very happy with the results, but a state like Rhode Island or even Kansas would go broke overnight. And yet, it’s possible that the inverse is true. Maybe it will work for Indiana, and at the same time, Illinois and Michigan would be rendered helpless. With that, Obamacare should be taken off the books. They know this plan is corrupt in it’s execution and completely unconstitutional. They keep citing nonsense and going against the grain to keep it on the books. But their unwillingness to concede to that fact is going to hurt alot more than they think it will.

    • Raggs

      Yeah well you have something that I want and like it or not you have to give it to me wether I need it or not “Socialism”… “Redistribution of wealth”… The government will see to it that you give it to me or you go to jail “Marxism” / Communism”…

      Its easy to see what obama is if we explain it with the facts.

  • Raggs

    I believe what a lot of people are missing is that obama is portaying us as “stupid” he thinks we are so dumb we cannot possibly decide what is in our best interest and he uses that to do anything that he wants.. It’s either he thinks we the people are that stupid or he is nothing short of a marxist / communist pig!

    • 45caliber

      He (and others in Washington) reminds me of Sen. Bumpers from AR some years ago. He was asked why he voted differently on a bill than the people in Arkansas wanted.

      He stated, “I know that most of my uninformed constituents are against this bill. But they have to realize that I’m up here in Washington and have a better idea of what they need than they do. They need to know that I’m taking care of them even if they disagree on how it should be done.”

      • Raggs

        Dale bumpers…
        Yeah I remeber

  • informed dissident

    Usually its not what we know that hurts us, its what we DON’T know. Try reading the book THE BLUEPRINT, Oblame’s plan to subvert the constitution and build an Imperial Presidency. And then get back to me.
    If he’s still around for his next election, which he shouldn’t be, I see a “real” birth certificate magically popping out of a Xerox machine.
    However “nonsensical” you can make the reading of the Constitution to Congressional members, which they probably will not get, next time make THEM read it.
    And to the guy who says the Constitution is so old and not understandable, I suggest he move his family to Cuba or Russia and I’ll bet he understands it rather quickly.
    I appreciate all of you for your concerns and hope you and your grandchildren will be able to continue your freedoms.

    • 45caliber

      I suspect you are right. After all, he has some of the best forgers in the world working for him at the CIA.

  • Nora

    I suggest that since Obama and others in Washington are ignoring the “will of the people” that paying the bills for their salaries and expenses that we just start impeachment process immediately. REMOVE OBAMA and then if that does not stop the the entire process, then we Americans have to follow the Egyptians and just overthrow the government and install the military for awhile.

    • 45caliber

      Not the military, please. Our entire system is designed to keep the military out of politics – rightly. A new government, perhaps, but NOT the military.

      In fact, if you offered them the rule, I suspect very few would even accept.

  • chuckb

    i believe our biggest problem is allowing people who are non-productive, on welfare and illiterate to vote is causing more problems than we can handle.
    we should certify the voters and remove the union fraud from the voting precincts, organizations like the seiu and acorn should not be allowed to influence the vote by registering anyone or anything.

    it probably would be a good idea to not allow anyone except property owners to vote.

  • Raggs

    R-U from Arkansas?… If so now I know why we think so much alike.

    • 45caliber

      Originally, yes. I’ve been in Texas about 25 years now, though.

  • Peter Carminati

    Both Nob Hill Fancy Nancy and Blochead Harry, by choice, follow the Liberal Fundamentalist governance called for in Karl Marx’s Manifesto and Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kamf. We, the stupid voters, are not supposed to know. Why do you think Nancy made that rotten remark about us having to enact that “law” before finding out what is in it?

    How often and how low do the Liberal Fundamentalist gangster have to go with their total disregard of American voters before We, the People, wake up and do the right thing?

    Harry Reid is still there in the Senate doing his damnedest to sabotage anything and everything that we are demanding from the GOP.
    The basic problem with the GOP is that we lack TRUE LEADERS who are not subject to the game of compromise to benefit the Democrats and their allies, the GOP RINOs like Snowe and Collins from Maine.

    • Raggs

      I agree.. its demographic.. we need a “new” reality in the south.
      I’m sure obama thinks he can piss in a stream and that America will drink it.


  • Irena

    When it comes to ObamaCare, the fact that not one Congress man or woman-and certainly not BHO himself-was breaking down the door to sign up for this wonderful health care legislation speaks volumes. If Congress was forced to implement this health care insurance as their own, and had to actually do some real work for a living, and not be paid a salary by taxpayers, this would be a far different bill. As it stands, Congress and the rest of government are all about ”do as I say, not as I do”, only to have the balls to wonder why their approval ratings are down-at least for the few of us who still have jobs and can pay taxes to the other 49 percent in the form of entitlement programmes, that is….

  • Raggs

    Put me in jail when i refuse to pay for obamacare… bring your army!

  • http://com i41

    I haven’t seen a single good thing in the Onumnutts Nocare, the nsurance coverage for adults till age 26. I thought age of adults were age 18, so more never grow up crap and take responsiblity of your self. Peter C. democraps never compromise and sit on their rears for more socialism, GW should have got a wake up cal from Drunk Teddy and Pay No taxes Daschle hosed him on the No Child Left Behind. Nevada gavee us Dirt Ball Reid another 6 years, what idoits, the Kaliforia slubs never will change, land of socialist, illegals and s–t birds. Snowed and Collins should just be defeated and since they sell out for a free meal, no backbone of hard core beleifs Onumnutts everyone knows is a marxist muslim moron by his own words.

    • http://Windows7 Ellen

      By the time mychildren reached the age of 26 they were all in business for themselves. They worked from early ages. Paper routes, lawncare, etc. They paid for their own cars and paid the insurance. No one told them to take responsibity for themselves as adults — they just did it. No one financed their dates. They are all successful, principled, honest human beings. As for my life — I had my first full-time job at age 16. Our children are not “our grown children” — when they come of age they are — or should be — responsible

  • Raggs

    The F-N basturds think that no body has a set of balls but the elitist.

    I say choke on some nuts obama!

  • Charles

    You are so right about SEIU and Acron Did you see Andy Stern left
    his post as President of SEIU to head up a keep Obama and his Loons in power.I forgot what the name of that Org. is. It must be one hell of a job to give up the President`s job of one of the larger unions
    in America.Check out the Apola org. which SEIU is a part of.Also, SEIU
    helped write the 900 billon dollar stimuless bill.One of the other
    writers is Jeff Jones Co-founder of the Weather Group a known terrist
    group, Bill Ayers is the other co-founder.Van Jones who lived in
    Oakland Cal. is a known Commuist who founded the org. Storm. He was Obamas Green Czar, he now works for a nother Left- wing group backed by money from our buddy, George the man Soros.

  • Charles

    They call Obama THE CHOSEN ONE.I thought KING LABRUN JAMES was THE CHOSEN ONE. I wish they would make up their minds.

  • Charles

    chuckb,>>>>> Since leaving his post as President of SEIU, Andy Stern
    was apointed by Obama to the Deficit Commision.He now works for the
    United States Goverment This is a man who left SEIU 85 million in debt. He helped get Obama Care passed and condtributed more than
    60.7 million dollars of SEIU money to get Obama elected. Altogether,
    he spent over 85 million dollars on the Democrat party.Obama tells us that he himself is not a thug, ya right.I belive Sterns is being investagated by the FBI. WE will see what happens, probley nothing.
    If I was SEIU members I would be pissed.

  • Charles

    Chuckb,>>>> Van Jones was Obamas Green advisor and a known Communist
    activist. Glen Beck found him out and he kind of left the job Obama appointed him to.This is one of the men, Valerie Jarett one of Obams top advisors, said they were watching in Cal.,and just how great he was.He now has turned up at the Center for American Progress and American Progress Action Fund, Of course funded by none other, George Soros.He also is founder of Green for All, another Soros and the US goverment backing with money.Soros uses the Tide Foundationand, the Soros
    Open Society to funell money to these org.Van Jones also holds a appointment at Princeton Univ. at the Center of African American Studies. This is the kind of man, that I want to teach my kids and work in high places in the goverment No wonder our country is in the shape its in.Look at the corrupt ass people Obama has brought to Wahington.This is only two people I have really talked about.There
    are many, many more. If the names were printed in the news papers
    and the media were doing their job,it would scare the living Hell
    out of most people.These are scarey times.


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