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Governor Rick Perry Wants Congress To Change Constitution To Prevent Deficit

January 14, 2010 by  

Governor Rick Perry wants Congress to change Constitution to prevent deficit Governor Rick Perry of Texas has called for a constitutional amendment that would require Congress to balance the federal budget in order to prevent the body from engaging in uncontrolled spending.

The Republican blasted Washington’s push to expand Medicaid coverage and the move last month to raise the national debt limit to $12.4 trillion, which amounts to an additional $39,000 per taxpayer.

"I am convinced that a constitutional limit on Washington’s spending sprees and irresponsible borrowing is the only boundary [Congress] will understand and heed," Perry said.

He added that without a similar amendment "the hard work that Texas and states like ours have done to make prudent fiscal decisions will be washed away by Washington’s growing avalanche of excess."

The governor is also fighting for fiscal responsibility on the home turf. He recently called for the establishment of a statewide inspector general to maximize cost efficiency at state agencies and for amendments to the Texas Constitution to require a supermajority of the legislature to raise taxes and limit the growth of state spending based on inflation and population growth.

In March Perry will face Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson in a Republican primary for the gubernatorial nomination. Hutchinson has accused her opponent of engaging in "election-year rhetoric" and of being fiscally irresponsible himself.

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  • Larry McKinley

    Obama is doing what needs to be done, Get Money Movin.
    Funny the Banks are coming up with the money so they are not under Regulation.

    • Robert

      So where are the jobs? And your right, he’s doing what needs to be done. Only thing is I dont appreciate being bent over and…….

    • http://aol borderlinedevill

      what cave have you been in. if you honestly thinks he can borrow an spend.beyopund the countrys needs?

    • DaveH

      First of all, Banks are not Deregulated:

      And secondly, the Government is actually complicit in protecting the Federal Reserve which is refusing to identify the recipients of almost $2 trillion of emergency loans from American taxpayers. We, the taxpayers, aren’t allowed to know where our money is going?

      As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.

    • J C

      Obama is getting money moving? Hardly. What is happening is The Fed
      is issuing currency out of thin air that devalues all currency already in circulation. It’s called inflation and it kills the economy. The “currency” has no actual value but is backed up by your (slave) labor and that of generations not even born yet. Its completely irresponsible and will take the USA down.

      • Harold Olsen

        Actually, Obama is moving money and he’s doing a good job of circulating it. It goes from our country’s treasury into the pockets of the Democrats and others whom he bribes into supporting his Nazi agenda. Obama is clearly the most corrupt president in the history of the United States and probably the world.

        • Robin from Indiana

          Harold… I agree with your assessment of the Obama administration, but it doesn’t stop there. All of Washington is corrupt! Some, more than others! We need a balanced budget, term limits for Congress, the IRS needs to be abolished and replaced with the Fair Tax, and we need a president that will do all Barry promised to do! Transparency in government, no pork barrel spending, taxes not raised for the middle class, etc. etc. etc…. You know, all the things that we have yet to see happen!

          • floyd

            Your right Robin. You may also add, that Obama and his cronies want the dollar to fall where it’s worthless, worth nothing. To get us to a one world Government, using the Uero for our money. Socialism is where we’re headed, if left up to them in the wwhitehouse.

          • Joe H.

            Now look, O-man gave the middle class a tax cut!!!! Can he help it that he was lying again and took it back???

  • Robert

    Perry’s call for a constitution amendment doesn’t seem to be a bad idea. Only thing is that with all the Governments unfunded programs, Washington would have to confiscate every dime from the American people to balance the budget. Nice idea, but won’t happen. Politicians in Washington are subject to NO accountability and that’s the way they all will keep it. I think a better alternative would be for Texas to secede from the Union. They send far more to Washington in taxes than they get back. Their economy is not in shambles and they are fiscally responsible as far as they can be. I wonder what Washington would do if they did secede. They have the fourth largest economy in this country. You think Obama would send in the military and take over Texas?

    • Dennis

      If Texas would secede & run the state properly I would move there today. Dennis from Oklahoma.

      • c lee

        I would be right behind you. This would probably create a lot of new jobs for Texans because Iam sure we would have to form a boarder patrol to keep the Washing Scum Bags out of our new country The United State Of TEXAS.

        • Maudie Tarver

          It should not be the United State of Texas, I believe we should once again become a REPUBLIC just like we were when we started and while we’re at it we should reclaim all the original Texas Territory. and that extended all the way up to Canada.

          • Joe H.

            Maudie Tarver,
            You mean you actually WANT California?????

          • http://Don'thaveone Sally

            No, Texas doesn’t want California or Arizona – Then we would have all the gays and their health problems to deal with, all the so called Left Wing Tree Huggers, Movie Stars with all their corrupt ways. A couple of other states that should be welcome would be Alaska, Wyoming, N. & S. Dakota and Montanna. And lets see, call it the Western Free Republic. Therefore, the Republic could sell natural gas and oil products to what is left of the US (but they would have to pay in Gold. Really a very interesting thought and believe me I would move to Texas also. All of the people on social security wouldmove to Texas also as it doesn’t matter where you live ie Mexico, Costa Rica etc., you still have your social security going to your accounts there. Whooooopie!!

          • DaveH

            Easy Sally, I’m from Arizona. We’re pretty conservative here. Actually I worked in Texas for a few years and their weapons laws are more Liberal than ours.

          • Jana

            Maudie, I am concerned too that Kay Baily Hutchison is running for Gov. i am sorry, but I do not rtust her judgment in a lot of things that she has done. For one thing she says she is against the Health Care Bill, yet she voted for the debate knowing that if that succeeded it would go into cloture and pass.

            She also voted to put up the fences, then changed her vote and voted against it.

            She has become a typical politician.

      • Harold Olsen

        I’d be right behind you. I spent my last year in the army in Texas. It’s not a bad place to live.

    • American Citizen

      Indiana’s doing OK so far. We do need jobs, some are coming in. We also have a good governor.

      • Bev

        Indiana is doing a great job, in spite of the Democrats wanting to spend the surplus! Wish Gov. Daniels would run for Pres. He sure turned Indiana around after it had been run into the ground. Which shows that if we get the right conservative in the White House maybe disaster could be averted.

    • Enigmaticaluna

      Barry can try to take Texas, but Texas is ready and waiting for him and his goons. Let see how long a last to him that have no heart and have nothing but still a coward. He will send someone, but he personally will not do anything, except blame someone else for his intent. The problem I see for Barry, is if he try, other States will be with Texas and he will end up fighting with the UNION, except maybe DC and Chicago. But move.!

      • jim

        Can Illinios secede from the great state of chicago and join Texas?

  • David

    Sounds like a great idea…..except,(and I hope someone can prove this wrong)whenever a constitution is opened via a constitutional convention the participants do not have to stay with the reason for opening the convention……..they can address ANYTHING and that leaves the door open for all kinds of problems. What the solution to that would be, I do not know.

    • Les

      David, correct as far as you go. A Constitutional Convention is a very bad idea indeed since the “progressives” would run it. The other way is to pass just the admendment is question. The constitution Article V begins “The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution…”This is the normal way to amend, the convention is the second path in Article V. So all we need is both houses of congress to agree to pass a balanced budget amendment. Then we can get 2/3 of the states to agree and it is done. Unless we make that move a litmus test for election to congress for the next 9 years or so (to get the 2/3 of senators needed) I doubt it will happen. Great Idea … I wonder if the Tea party groups could help it happen?

      • colonial cousin

        I agree that a Constitutional convention (CON-CON) is a very bad idea.
        It would open (Pandora’s box)and every thing would be on the table.
        We had better make sure that we elect people of ‘great trust’ before we go down that route!. Perry attended a bilderburg meeting last year, and I believe he is a “progressive” with the same “agenda” as the neo-cons.
        (Watch the ‘Obama deception’ and ‘Fall of the Republic’ by Alex Jones on youtube).

        • Harold Olsen

          Elect people of “great trust”? That, I’ve come to believe is an extinct species. In my opinion, the term politician is just a synonym for crook or criminal. Just look how many occupy both house of Congress in both parties. And just look what occupies the White House. It seems that as soon as someone gets elected and moves to Washington, DC, they immediately become infected with the corruption that is there. Unfortunately, Obama was corrupt from the beginning. I think he was born that way from his Kenyan birth.

  • TIME

    Robert, I bet he would have them all there so fast it would make your head spin. Oh wait thats him with the spinning head reading them old telie prompters as fast as his head can swing side to side.
    You just have to love that transparent policy the Obama has going on, its so clear that even one can even see through thick MUD with more ease.

    If our present government had all the money on the world they would still spend more than they have. Now just how sad is that.

    • Robert

      Very true and also very sad. Let’s make sure we get rid of this cancer this comming November. Elect real Americans who believe in our constitution, bill of rights and willing to represent we the people.

      • DVance

        All thats in Washngton has got to be put out on the street and new put in. 2012 is a start but we have got to keep on going. I hope there is something left to save by the time we can put Obama out. He is moving very fast to bury this country. Its scary he has another 3 years to make his goal, distroy the United States.

      • James McC

        Re 2010 elections, my fear is as follows: Unempolyment checks were to stop in my area last Nov.1st. Most got a 6 month extension. Most have 2,3 or 4 kids. When they cannot get anymore unemployment money, they cannot feed their kids. They will be looking in somebody’s kitchen window for food to feed their kids. If you miss 12 meals (4 days) you are going to kill something. If people cannot buy food, there will be food roits; most likely in Newaark, East LA, Chicago, Detroit, ect. (Maybe even greater Houston!) If this happens, the Patriat Act allows the President to declare Marshal Law and to bring the Canadian Army down into the US to restore order in the cities. Under these conditions, I would expect the President to take the positon that it is never exceptable to have elections during a period of Marshal Law, and the Nov. 2010 elctions ahould be postponed until the declaration of Marshal Law is lifted – at some unidentified time in the future, ie all elections are cancelled until furture notice. This is needed only for the good of the poeple and to protect the nation and for the survival of our constitution.

        • DaveH

          What Constitution?

        • J C

          All that needs to happen is for the trains to stop running for 3 days, and there will be no food in any of the stores. You had better be prepared.

  • realbigal

    A balanced budget should obviously be expected, normal, and a promise that every administration can keep. Of course, it hasn’t been happening. And the Socialists (Democrats AND Republicans) in Congress will continue to spend unconstitutionally.

    One problem is that a Balanced Budget Amendment would be circumvented by the Socialists anyway. So the value of that Amendment is questionable to say the lease.

    A MUCH bigger problem is that to pass almost any Amendment, a Constituional Convention would almost certainly be needed. People who favor a Constitutional Convention need to study the proceedures for having one,and study them VERY carefully. Consider who would be “representing” the people at one. Do you really want BARNEY FRANK, NANCY PELOSI, and BERNIE SANDERS having votes at a ConCon?????????????????????? And most of the other Delegates would likely be of the same ilk.

    REMEMBER, at a ConCon, they can pass other amendments. They could repeal any part of the Bill of Rights (goodbye Second Amendment), and do even worse damage than they are presently doing with a deficit budget. Don’t fall for the ConCon trap. Visit

    And, isn’t Gov. Perry the same “conservative” who wanted to make Gardasil (sp?) vaccinations mandatory for young teenage girls??

    • DaveH

      What does a balanced budget really mean? They could still spend recklessly and just tax the hell out of us.
      If there was any Amendment at all, I would propose that The Federal Govenment could no longer borrow money. And that the citizens vote for the overall budget every 4 years.

  • jomama

    We’re screwed!!

    • Harold Olsen

      We were screwed the day the America-haters elected Obama.

      • Bev


  • Victor L Barney

    GO Governor Rick Perry of Texas!


    • Norm

      Victor L Barney
      Your assumption that somehow conservatives will be in control in 2011 is very speculative. Frankly, I wouldn’t bet on it.
      Your belief that conservatives balance budgets is simply false. Reagan and Bush ran the biggest deficits until now. It was Clinton that ran balanced budgets for several years. Now Obama is going into debt to pay for stupidity of the Bush/Cheny years.

      • DaveH

        Norm, don’t bet on it. Here is a poll on the Massachusetts special election. Keep in mind that Massachusetts is the most Liberal state in the Union:

        Reagan did his best but his own Liberal Republicans drug him down amidst Democrats screaming that he was “cutting the budget to the bone!”. The Democrats idea of the budget being “cut to the bone” was that he was greatly slowing Government Growth.
        There is no excuse for Bush. Both he and his Daddy unraveled everything that Reagan accomplished.

        And Clinton did not balance the budget. He was just riding the wave:

      • Jeff

        Norm, The President can’t spend a dime. Congress does the spending. For the bulk of their terms, Reagan and Bush had Democrat controlled Congresses. Clinton had a Republican controlled Congress. Incidentally, Obama was in the Congress(and voted for the spending) that ran up the Bush deficits that he now decries. But, all that pales in comparison to the spending of the last twelve months, when the Dems own it all.

        • DaveH

          The Republicans did control the Senate though from 1981 to 1986.

      • Harold Olsen

        There is a very good chance that the Republicans will gain a majority in at least one of the two houses of Congress. However, that does not mean they will be in control. Whenever the Republicans try to pass legislation that the Democrats don’t like the Democrats label it racist or tax breaks for the wealthy (during the Clinton years wealthy was defined as earning twenty thousand dollars a year or more) and they back off. The Republicans, instead of sticking to their principles, if they have any these days, are more worried about being labeled racists than helping the country. Well, that’s a label they already have and so they have nothing to lose. But, they are too stupid to realize it. The party that was once the party of ideas has become the party of wimps and cowards. Before the Republicans can do anything meaningful that actually helps the country, they’ll need to grow a pair, and I don’t think they are capable of that. No, even if the Republicans gain a majority the Democrats, unfortunately, will still be in control. The Republicans just don’t have enough courage to offer more than token opposition to the left’s Nazi agenda. I’d love to be proven wrong, though. However, Democrat or Republican: two sides of the same coin.

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        Norm- Get your facts right. It was Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich that made Clinton send in a balanced budget. Clinton sent in five budgets before he got it right and the REPUBLICAN MAJORITY voted it in.

    • eyeswideopen

      Victor, here is a little history, so you won’t be tempted to think that the Republicans are so fiscally correct. Both parties act like drunken sailors when they have power.

      • eyeswideopen

        oops,. forgot to ask, why the Republicans didn’t pass laws to balance budget when they had control and power to do so?????

        • Joe H.

          Who made Clintoon do a balanced budget? Good ole’ Newt!! Sent it back three times!!!! Maybe more knowing how backwards slick willie was. Didn’t even know what IS meant!!!

          • eyeswideopen

            Joe H, why didn’t Bush balance his budget?

      • libertytrain

        It’s interesting too that this is one that Wikipedia itself suggests may need cleaning up:
        “This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Please improve this article if you can. (November 2009)”

  • Norm

    It’s a great idea and many states have kept their spending down do by having balanced budget laws.
    At this point in time the federal government is so far in debt that such a law would be nearly impossible to enforce. A wiser solution is for the federal government to cut all unnecessary spending (funny I know) and to raise taxes to pay down the debt. Raise taxes not cut taxes. The key is to raise taxes on the super rich and not on the middle class. When a guy like Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, pays taxes at a 15% rate we have a problem.
    Also that 1 trillion dollers wasted on Bush’s military folly could have been used for something useful like health care for the poor and old.

    • DaveH

      Yeah, let’s tax the Rich! Sure! It has been the Democrat mantra since I was cognizant of politics. Yet somehow (even though the Rich pay well more than their fair share) the taxes on the middle class always go higher:

      The only real solution is for the Government to quit spending money on every reckless scheme they can dream up.

      • DaveH

        Here’s another article on that subject:

      • Norm

        Yes, and we can start with the military. We have enough nukes and subs. to destroy the world ten times over.

      • Harold Olsen

        What we really need is to elect a president who has the cajonas to scrap every social program that the government has and start from scratch. We need to stop funding programs that do not work. The trouble is, the Democrats like spending and wasting money so the only type of programs they will support are those that they know will not work. And the Republicans are afraid to oppose them. If they think a program will work, the Democrats oppose it.

        • RobertP

          Excellent article DaveH!! This paragraph stood out for me:

          “There are fundamental reasons why big governments do not work very well. As taxes rise, resources are shifted from more efficient private activities to less efficient government activities. The private sector is not more efficient than government because it does not make mistakes, but because it has mechanisms to purge mistakes and move resources to higher-valued uses. Government policymakers do the opposite: they retain failed programmes year after year, and resources get stuck in low-value uses.”

          And this is the problem that seems to be ever increasing at an astounding rate today. And that is “Big Government”, where they want to be in every aspect of our lives!!

    • American Citizen

      Norm, you need to study history. Every time taxes go down, revenue goes up. It’s the spending that’s the problem.

      • Norm

        I agree that spending is the problem. We, as a country, just can’t quite fatham that our resources are limited. Primeing the pump with tax cuts has NEVER balanced a whacked out budget. It does help to create more jobs, but never enough to offset the tax loss.
        I’d like to see all loopholes removed from the tax code. Forbes’ flat tax (maybe with a slight curve) might be a reasonable idea. Notice that both Reagan and Bush Jr. cut taxes.

        • Harold Olsen

          As I recall, with Forbes’ “flat tax” idea, people could still have deductions for certain things. That is not a flat tax. A flat tax is that everyone gets charged the same percentage based on their gross income and you do not get to deduct anything! The wealthy would still be paying more than the rest of us but they would not be getting punished for being wealthy as the left wants to do. The left just wants to encourage people to be lazy and leech off of those of us who try to earn an honest living. The left’s true definition of wealthy is anyone who has a job and pays taxes.

          • DaveH

            Good Comment Harold.

        • eyeswideopen

          Norm, shame on you, the very next year Regan had to raise taxes, to offset the problems that cutting taxes had done the previous year.

          • Joe H.

            At least he didn’t take it back in the same year as O-man did!!!

    • Robin from Indiana

      You want fair? Have you considered supporting those who want to see the Fair Tax passed? I think that would be much fairer than what we currently have in place. We need to abolish the IRS and go to the Fair Tax. It would stop the ‘Robin Hood’ cry of ‘tax the rich, give to the poor’. Everyone would be fairly taxed. The rich want more, buy more, pay more. Illegals who send their ‘earned under the table income’ to other countries and don’t pay taxes would have no choice but to pay their fair share! It’s a win, win situation!

      • DaveH

        I like that it wouldn’t create a disincentive to work hard like the Income Tax does.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Norm Norm Norm. That is absurd!!! If you tax the rich, they protect their income with Trusts and Foundations, why do you think they pay so little plus the fact they just leave and become citizens somewhere else. It is middle class America that is paying all the taxes plus making employment, no the rish. Look at the failing Large corporations. I don’t know if you have looked at your tax form for 2009 and have seen the changes for 2010. All Bush tax cuts have been erased, if you are married filing jointly, the Alternate Minimum Tax kicks in at 45,000 adjusted gross income, you won’t be able to take off any donations, medical expenses, mortgage interest, etc etc etc.

  • kevin

    This would be another disaster for our nation…The Obama has now gone against the consitution with health bill what do you think they d do with an open door.. They could take less pay, first lady not spending 500.00 for a pair of tennies and having over 40 people trying to make her look better. making over 170,00 each. Heard obama is having trouble with her spending but then he does what hes told…not man enough to stand on his own… best to get a whole new christian body in there that has better morals than an alley cat…People need to see whats has happened to this nation when they removed God from this nation…Unless we repent and humble ourselves, call on THE LORD this nation will be like Rome and other s that lost God…All the words and actions will not help us unless we do this… I wonder when people will stop blaming Bush as he hasnt been in office for over a year and thers less jobs less money and worse conditions..obama has show what he wants….to bring us all under his power and control and most are going right along with him wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Harold Olsen

      Why not blame Bush? The left’s creed is never take responsibility for anything you do. Always blame someone else. The left blames Bush and Cheney for everything and that includes the Oklahoma bombing, which happened during the Clinton years.

    • Joe H.

      I do have to admit that the aids taking care of michele O-man have a FULL TIME JOB!!! That Clint Walker jaw on her is awful!!!!

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        Guys you forget. Up until the time of Queen Michelle, the other President’s wives had 1 or 2 Aides, with the exceptionm that Hilary had 3, Queenie has 22 at a payroll cost of over 1 million dollars not counting fringe benefits at a time we have the highest unemployment since Carter, even Jackie O with her wild spending couldn’t top The Queen. This is just ridiculous and we put up with this nonsense.

      • J C

        Aides? Don’t you mean “Ladies in Waiting”? ;)

        • Joe H.

          i don’t mean to correct you, but wouldn’t that be ladies in retching???

  • KCD

    I think Perry is reacting to the strong stand that Kay Bailey Hutchison has against the proposed health bill and realizes he needs to step up his game to beat her in the upcoming election. He has a serious opponent in her, as she carries the respect of many Texans. So political strategy indicates that he needs to make some noise and get some mileage out of it. But truthfully, balancing a budget is very difficult in today’s world when we are now so out of alignment with what is good and right. I don’t see good times ahead, and usually am an optimist.

  • DaveH

    A Balanced Budget Amendment is just a smokescreen. It won’t stop the Liberals from turning us into a Communist State. It wouldn’t mean that they couldn’t quit spending. They could still tax us to death.

    The real problem is an out of control growth of Government. We need to cut back on the size of Government dramatically. And it would simply be a matter of people getting familiar with the Constitution and its Wisdom. The Federal Government has greatly exceeded its Constitutional Powers.

    There is only one Political Party that I know has the Fortitude to get us back to our roots of Individual Liberty, Individual Responsibility, and Limited Government. That is the Libertarian Party:

    The prosperity that comes with Freedom and Responsibility would be more than enough to take care of any who suffer misfortune through no fault of their own.

  • Homer

    The whole problem can be solved IF this nation would return to it’s “OLD PATHS” (Jeremiah 6:16KJV) and return to God and prayer and return to the ways of our forefathers and admit our “SIN” get the “Leftist” out anf the baby killers and the “Queer nation” out and stop being so politically correct and call a “spade” what is a spade!IS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN? yeah, when pigs fly on a cold december morning! THE problem lies in ONE thing “Cursed’ is that nation who has forgotten God” and the solution is Blessed is the nation who’s God is the LORD!!! That IS the problem!! and the solution! GET IT?

    • Nomad

      Amen Homer, You hit the nail perfectly on the head. However, Jesus is coming SOON!

      • Bev

        That is the comforting thought I have. This HAS to be the end of days. We now have terrible pestilence, an anti-Christ in Washington, and destruction of the core values I was raised with in this country. May Christ come sooner, rather than later!

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        Amen the both of you and it was all predicted in the Good Book. That is why the US cannot be found in Revelation. Its gone and has become a banana repuglic. But the good news is, all that put us here, since they are not believers will be LEFT BEHIND to have to live in the squaller they perpetrated!!!

    • Grampy

      Homer, what you say is true; in whole the American society has diminished being a God fearing nation and become a cesspool of queers, atheist, tree-hugging bunny kissing jerks. We sit on our butts and talk of how the current administration is turning our life style into a socialist communistic state yet we do nothing to stop this CHANGE. We keep voting the same jerks into office term after term. Perhaps after America is reduced to a struggling third world Country we will arm ourselves and take back our Country.



  • Roger Slonaker

    Why is it we have to resort to irrational measures ?

    If Congress would appoiont a committe of 6-Republicans & 6-Democrats,
    3-each from the Senate & House and then consult with an experienced group of 6-business people from large and small business groups and create a solid-business-plan to reduce our debt over a period of time and present to both Houses & the President then we could possible move forward.


    Be careful how we mess with the Constituion …. these seemingly meaningful ammendments and changes often breed a breach of our freedoms!

    Roger S.
    Grand Rapids, MI

    • Joe H.

      Roger Slonaker,
      Last I saw of Grand Rapids was when I was in college in Big Rapids in 77 and it wasn’t much to brag about then, how did someone with common sense get stuck there now?!?!?!?!?!?

    • chuck b


      • DaveH

        You’re right, Chuck, no wild swings, just consistent government growth.

        • chuck b


          how could it grow? those guys couldn’t agree on anything if they were 50-50 and we wouldn’t have to worry about all this wild spending.

          • DaveH

            Both parties have grown government since FDR, albeit the Democrats have grown it faster. Even at 50-50, they would find growth areas to agree on.

  • Harold Olsen

    It would be nice to have a balanced budget amendment but it will never pass. The Democrats would do as they always do with proposed legislation that they do not like and call it racist. And because the Republicans are afraid of being labeled racists, a label they already have and so have nothing to lose but are too stupid to realize it, they won’t go for it either. Obama and his Nazi agenda are destroying the economy of this country. They are so stupid that they actually think that by borrowing more money and spending more money they can lower the deficit. That’s like telling us that if we want to lower the balances of our credit cards, instead of making payments on them every month, we should, instead, add more charges to them. One of the stated goals of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban is to destroy the economy of the United States. Well, they have their ally, Barack Hussein Obama, doing it from the inside. It’s what we get for allowing the left to elect an Islamic extremist to the White House. Congratulations America-haters, you’ve served the terrorists well.

  • GreatScott

    Where is candidate Deborah Medina’s name not mentioned here? Even this website is bought and paid for byb the Establishment. Demand Deborah’s name be included.


    It would be faster and more efficient to keep the Constitution and throw out the majority of the congress, it’s not the Constitution that is broke but rather it is the congress who seems to think that grand document used to limit their abuse is nothing more than butt wipe. This attitude needs to be seriously investigated and prosecuted for abuse of office, dereliction of duty and intent to committ fraud.

  • Carol

    I would like to recommend a very good book to anyone interested in our congress and government. It is NATIONAL SUICIDE

  • Carol

    I would like to recommend a very good book to anyone interested in how our government is run. It is NATIONAL SUICIDE, How Washington is Destroying the American Dream from A to Z. by Martin Gross. It is easy reading and will certainly open your eyes to a lot of things.

  • LeeS

    I agree with Governor Perry that we need an amendment to control the out of control spending by the government. I would also recommend a bill that would give the President the power of line item veto to stop the pork barrel spending such as the biggest criminal in Congress, John Murtha. Also, bureaucrats pay should be reduced to $150,000 per year and their pay raises should not be automatic, but voted on by the people only once every two years. As an example, Obamas mouth piece Robert Gibbs makes over $159,000 per year and for what? Getting up there and making excuses for Obama!! Outrageous!!!

  • RC

    Governor Rick Perry sees the light only when it comes to re-election. How are the people of Texas suppose to know if Rick Perry is making promises and trying to sound right like Barack ‘the hoodwinker’ Obama?

  • Valverde

    As a Texas citizen, RC, Governor Perry hasn’t been that bad a governor. We had Granny Annie, who was a lot worse and hoodwinked the Texas taxpayers into approving Lotto by saying that the money was going to the schools, which was an out and out lie and did her level best to extract the last bit of Texan blood for the Dims in this state. Fortunately the people got on her case and the law was changed and NOW the Lotto money does go to the schools. Before it went into the general fund. So, Perry isn’t half-bad. I’m going to vote for him. Certainly will vote against the RINO Hutchison. She’s gone. Maybe we will get a real conservative in the Senate.

    • Larry Hill

      Valverde I left a Youtube site taken from C-span. Did you watch it?? If this happens all the time then there’s no way to elect someone to effect change.
      Ck. out


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