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Governor Christie Responds To Teacher During Town Hall

September 20, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Fed Up Gal in NM

    Good job, Governor Christie!

    I’m sick and tired of the teachers’ union mob, and of [some] teachers and [some] parents using emotional blackmail to keep funding rediculous stuff. We spend an enormous amount of money on our schools, yet we’re getting further and further behind compared to other countries.

    Where is the accountability of the teachers, students and parents? The money tree is drying up, so get off the “we need more money” band wagon.

    Hmmmm….wonder how many other governors will stand up and not cave-in to such manipulation?

    Here’s an interesting story, that explains more of the problem with our public schools.

    • Ed Fisher

      That is exactly what happens almost anytime you get the unions involved in anything. They always want but never want to back up when it is easy to see that help is needed.
      Just like the Auto Unions last year, they could have saved us other taxpayers from having to carry them for this ignorant manetary management. They could have asked their members to back up on some of their bennys and extremely high pay and taken care of their own problems instead of us people that make about 1/2 what they do pay their indebtedness and mismanagement for them.

  • Viktor Leben

    So the teacher’s union didn’t accept the pay freeze and 1.5% contribution towards healthcare. Instead they went with the layoffs. Stupid ! REALLY STUPID !!!!

    I never made $55,000 a year in my life ! The most I ever made was about $28,000 a year in 2006 the year I was laid off. That’s not including the $12,000 one time severance pay. I didn’t qualify for unemployment until 7 months after I was laid off because of that one time severance pay. I was forced to live on that severance pay – then I was able to collect unemployment benefits 7 months after I was “terminated”!!

    55,000 a year ! WOW ! I could retire in five years if I made that much money !!! These Teachers sure are making “mucho dinero” and low cost healthcare too !!!!!!

    I’m glad for the teachers that they can make that much money ! They should have taken the pay freeze to keep their jobs. We had a pay freeze where I use to work – for three years. We still got good health benefits, but they gave us $500 bonuses every year instead of a 3% pay raise. This really helped at a bad time in the economy, the Union went along with it. They knew our employer was telling the truth. It saved jobs !!!!

    Stupid teacher union ! What they should do is bring the Governor CHristie back to the bargaining table and go with the pay freeze and 1.5% healthcare contribution. Then all them Teachers can get their jobs back !!! That’s what I would do. Get back to the negotiating table and get the jobs back …… Are you listening teacher’s union ?

    Some times you got to give to get some take ! A job at 55,000/yr is pretty darn good !!! A good year for me was 26,000/yr – the last year i was emloyed I got alot of overtime… that doesn’t make sense? Hey, it’s the “new economy”, HA HA !

  • s c

    It’s still possible for kids to get an education in a small town. However, as a rule, public education is an infected, festering boil on America’s rump.
    Most parents should take their kids out of public schools and homeschool them. That will force Uncle Scam to be accountable, and teacher unions will dry up and fade away.
    Public schools can’t compete with homeschooled kids. Stop the insanity, and reclaim yur kids while you can. Can I assume that you care about your kids?

  • http://aol don

    our schools and our children are being indoctrinated.Get the liberals out along with the unions and we can start from a more spiritual mind set.Vote em out in November.And in 2012 send Obama back to chicago.,

  • james

    Most people including most teachers do not understand that the teachers Union is a Communist controlled organization and for years had has it’s agenda the dumbing down of our children and making them useful
    idiots to serve the elitists in government.

    • s c

      James, I’m an ex-teacher, and for a while I was dumb enough to be an NEA member. Teacher unions dumb-down teachers. Other unions dumb-down adults. Career politicians dumb-down everyone else in America.
      Part of the solution is to 1) eliminate unions and 2) STOP any and all politicians from becoming “career” politicians. The trick is to make Americans understand that 1 and 2 are absolutes. They are not mere ‘options.’

  • CJM

    We need more in Congress like Gov Cristi. Teachers’ Unions, and any other union for that matter, are nothing more than a bunch of scalawags who use a system to bilk the general public along with their membership. I have no love of a union and have refused to join them in my course of working years. They have outlived their usefulness and its high time they were all disbanded. The laws enacted as a result of the early unions are sufficient enough to protect the worker and are enforceabl; the problem is, Dept of Labor at both Federal and State levels does not enforce them which enables unionism to survive.

  • CJM

    I sure wish I had $55,000 to pay my bills; what a whiner that teacher is. Maybe she should drive a cheaper car or move to a less expensive neighborhood or even do without having those expensive holidays for now.

    • Jim H.

      CJM, I guess when you only work 9 months a year, you have all summer to spend money. A 3 month vacation IS expensive.

  • TIME

    Now now folks don’t you feel just a tad sorry for that POOR teacher whos life is in taters, and whats up with that hair cut?

    I mean really, she can’t even afford a good hair cut she had to get some kind of floppy sticky outie thing going on.

    You all should be ashamed of yourselfs not wanting to pay such a spokes person.
    I mean really how can she get a hair cut if you refuse to pay her better. You don’t need a stinking home, or car, or even food to eat.

    Just look at her she can’t even speak truth she has had it so hard.

    WOW you people who just don’t want to pay more tax’s so she can have a GOOD life, just whats wrong with you all? :-)

  • Bishop Jerry Ogles

    Gov Christi is a biting dog, but he is also the greatest watchdog in any governorship in the Union. He has earned the praise and respect of every Constitutional American for his courageous stand on logical, Constitutional governance.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Judy

    I’m a school bus driver and if we hadn’t brought in the union our job would have been more hellish than what it is. We have a boss who manipulates, lies and will say and do anything to make himself look good. Even when it comes to the safety of the kids! And, that folks is the ONLY reason we brought in the union. And, as much as we have complained to Administration and the Board it has done little good. We are constantly having to write grievances to get him and administration to be fair. Sadly, it will probably never change. Nor will the teachers union. I just wanted you to see that sometimes the union does help. Its just too bad we don’t have more people like Gov. Christie instead of the leaches running our Country into bankruptcy!

  • BrotherPatriot

    Always have liked that guy. Say it how it is!

  • Ron Wilson

    What are the cuts in State Assemblymen and Senators salaries? What cuts are made in their pensions and medical insurance costs? Why have not these matters become public as have the teacher financial issues? Many smoke and mirror games are going on. How much money are illegal immigrants costing us and what is the Governor doing to rid us of these costs?

  • SuZQ

    I will be the first person to stand up and say that I believe that teachers are underpaid for the work they do (so are police, fire, etc.). However, Governor Christi’s position with this teacher was firm and right on the money. He never lost his cool and was respectful the whole time, even when she interrupted him AGAIN. At a time when the whole country is struggling we must all do what we can. At our company we were asked to take a 20% paycut in an effort to keep the doors open. It was that or get laid off. We ALL took the 20% paycut. Yes, TWENTY PERCENT. No pay freeze, no 1.5% insurance adjustment. It has been hard but we are working together to keep from going under.

  • Barbara Shores

    Being a retired teacher I listened and was amazed at the points the governor made. We were union and we took a freeze when it was necessary and never thought anything about it. Sometimes things happen that can’t be helped. However, how many other state employees were asked to pay one and one-half per cent? Were other employees asked to take a pay freeze? Did the governor take a pay freeze or pay a per cent to help? Did the state legislative bodies do any of the above? How does all of the above stack up? Maybe you should think with an open mind.

    However, to blame the unions, for ills in the system, is really unfounded. Who spent all the extra money in one year? I don’t think it was the union or teachers, yet they were expected to take the hit. Why?

    Why are the schools having problems? Teachers aren’t allowed to teach. Students who are major discipline problems are allowed to remain in school causing constant disruptions. Few students are held accountable for their behavior or work. Fail them? Heavens NO. They can’t be held back, its bad for their self-esteem. Parent complains, must give them what they want. Also, parents are not accountable for their children’s behavior or academic progress. Keep a student in at lunch, parent complains. Try to keep a student after school and the parent hollers. Laws are passed by others not the teaching profession, yet we are required to follow them.

    Without the unions the teaching would be even worse. The union made it possible for me to be a child advocate without fear of losing my job. That was important to me and should have been to the parents.

    Yes, we have some bad teachers in the system, but most won’t be there in five years.


    Want to change things? Make PARENTS, STUDENTS, POLITICIANS and TEACHERS ALL responsible.

    Those saying teacher make too much. Do you have five years of college? Do you have a MASTER’S DEGREE OR HIGHER? Do you constantly take classes to improve your performance? Do you pay for the classes? Do you take work home with every night, on week-ends and holidays? Do you get holiday pay, overtime, or a bonus? Teachers don’t. Do you buy material for your job? Teachers do! Vacation pay? What’s vacation pay? Did you have to take a state test to get your job?

    Finally, I agree the teacher’s union could have worked better with the governor, but maybe they would have if he showed how all the state employees including the state houses were taking the same cuts and freezes. As far as the union leader he mentioned, I agree. There is no place in a power position for anyone acting like that. That’s my opinion. Everyone is part of the problem in education, the governor, both state houses, the parents, the students, teachers and society. We need to all work together, stop throwing stones and become united. Then and only then can we solve the problem.

    • Cathy

      If I had children, I would be homeschooling them. They would be learning what they need to succeed in this world. Now they’re teaching ridiculous subjects. I’ve asked my neighbor’s children what they are teaching them in their schools, and it’s mind-boggling.

      My 17-year-old niece didn’t know how many states were in the US. I’ve seen some teachers on quiz shows that were totally clueless. One didn’t know where the Bastille was. (That’s just one example.)

      The US is now #25 in math in ranking in the world. I can understand why. Sad, sad, sad…

      • s c

        Cathy, if only more people would look at ‘pub ed’ the way you do. Politicians and other vermin who work for Uncle Scam have had YEARS to get it right.
        If they’re doing such a worthy job, then HOW is it possible that America’s kids are doing WORSE every year? HOW can anyone justify the expense?
        Pub Ed is a waste of money, time and resources. It’s an easy way for criminal slime to get elected and re-elected.
        Pub ed lets parents absolve themselves of taking an active part in education, and it makes a great case for the idea that MANY people should NOT be allowed to have kids.
        Homeschooling is the BEST way to get the job done.
        Public education is a relic that needs to be buried
        - along with every worthless bastard and bastardette who couldn’t care less about America’s kids. Solve the problem. END public education.

      • s c

        Cathy, your niece can be forgiven for her lack of knowledge about states. She has youth on her side.
        Contrast that with the FACT that the “president” thinks America has 57 states. He’s a lawyer, he went to Haavid, and SUPPOSEDLY he has all the answers we could ever need.
        Your niece has more potential than the false “God” in the White House. If your niece can read words in the English language without the aid of a teleprompter, she’s got my vote.

  • don l.

    When i asked my union rep. how much of our union dues was spent on the politicians he kicked me out of the office. Called me a trouble maker. I’ve since left the union for a better non-union job. Now i get to keep that money.

  • Eric Gustafson

    I have been listening to Governor Cristie in this Video clip and other. I have had enough! Governor Cristie for President!

  • Craig Chapman

    States have to end the addiction to federal money and towns have to end their addiction to state aid. Everybody has to get budget acts together….why can’t they start setting a better example?

  • simon

    Well well. A Governor who ain’t afraid to put right the wrong
    I only hope he does the same across the board with all the government departments.
    sure wish i had a sugar daddy who paid my health care at a 92% rate for life.
    Voters “I can see November from my house”. a quote I heard
    the insanity has to stop at all levels of government. get out and vote. do the right thing, vote with your head and common sense
    we need to elect people with the same values as govn. christie has
    pure economics and common sense.
    hope our new governor in Florida does the same.
    stand up and vote. You will make a difference

  • Becky Stephenson

    I liked the Governoe’s explaination, but wish he could have responded without having been rude to the teacher. He came across with a bully attitude, which was not necessary, and did not add to his message.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      Clearly the teacher went there to have her 15 minutes of fame; she purposely went after the Governor in a passive-agressive manner (little meek me act), never dreaming he would hold her to her accountable to her accusations. Her real problem is that she went there completely unprepared and she was shocked when he stood up to her negative comments. Before you think I’m against teachers, let me explain my father was a teacher (over 35 years)…but if he were alive today, I’m sure he would have been agreed with the Governor.

      • Fed Up Gal in NM

        I find it interesting that she actually started nodding her head as if she was in agreement with his comments. Hmmmmmm…..

        • libertytrain

          I thought so as well – but figured she was probably so embarrassed at being on the wrong side of that discussion, the only thing she could do is nod along and pretend it wasn’t her that asked the question – Hope all is well and good with you! Haven’t “talked” with you in a while -

          • Fed Up Gal in NM


            Great deduction! “figured she was probably so embarrassed at being on the wrong side of that discussion, the only thing she could do is nod along and pretend it wasn’t her that asked the question”….oh gee….I just had a flashback…of “EYES”…….ohhhhhhhhhh noooooooo…lollllllllllllllllllllll.

            Tonight…all is well. Thank you for asking. Had a couple of ups and downs with one of my girls (pugs)….once again….we get to the vets office after I’m thinking she may not be coming back home with us…..then she perks up….struts around their office and looks at me as if to say…”What’s the big deal….and Why are we here AGAIN”? She’s doing great now…I mean for over 14 and all her ailments….God Bless her and her bratty, but sweet sister :-).

            Have you and your daughter been able to visit since she returned? I hope so; if not, sure hope you can soon. Please let her know how grateful I personally am for her service (and grateful to your entire family).

            Too bad, there’s not a section on PL for social networking/blogging…oh’s still all good!

          • libertytrain

            Ooh, so sorry about the Pug it’s tough when they get older – socially I think we can “talk” on Facebook via The Personal Liberty Alerts or Twitter even – at least for the moment. And I haven’t seen the babies since they went back home with their dad, but was fortunate in an unfortunate sort of way to see my daughter when she joined us up North to visit my father who is not doing well. Thanks for asking.

  • s c

    Becky, you need a cram course in how to identify the enemy without getting confused. Public education should be re-named and properly called ‘The War on Education.’ It has much in common with The Great Society (a classic failure), the War on Drugs, The War on Poverty, The War on Cancer and every other social engineering project that’s been crammed down our throats.
    Teacher unions should be #1 on your enemy list. That twisted mindset refuses to believe there’s any such thing as a ‘bad’ teacher. Career politicians are #2 (in more ways than one). Retards who think throwing more money at public education should be #3 on your list.
    In short, Governor Christie is a friend. That airhead teacher is an enemy. Please work on your enemy identification skills.

  • Cathy

    We need FORTY-NINE governors just like Governor Christie!

  • 32eagle

    I approve of Gov.Christie and have to admire the way he answers questions fully even when the tone seems offensive he clearly has the gumption to focus on the topic not the antagonist and commit to focusing on getting the story told truthfully- which shows how much effort on his part was put into fixing a bad situation he gets blamed for- unlike the runaround loopty loops Obama does when he does not even begin to answer a damn thing even close to transparency by showing his slipshod laziness to not perform like a real president- be truthful-do not hide stuff-get the nail gun out and staple the long form birth certificate to your forehead you sorry FOREIGNER!!!

  • Ed

    Wah Wah Wah… just got done reading these post and I need to take some Advil. I am so tired of the word Indoctrinated, don’t you think you were “indoctrinated” into your way of thinking as you are accusing others. Guess it all depends on which way you are looking at it. Too much Glen Beck for you. Duming Down our children is the parents fault. Parents are too busy keeping up with the Jones, start spending time with your kids and stop leaving it up the others to raise them. Try something new… read with them or do their homework with them instead of sending them to play on their computer or Xbox. Wah Wah Wah, the most I ever made was 28,000 a year. Hey if you don’t like it, get another job! Maybe go back to school to educate yourself or better yet, actually earn your high school diploma and not have it handed to you. Try to improve yourself rather than whine that you only made 28K a year. Don’t blame it on others or complain that someone else is making more money than you. That is your fault for not the person who went to college and furthered their education and did something with it. Wha Wha Wha…. give me a break.


    Having had several of not only my family but my wife’s family, in the school system as teachers and administrators for several decades, I think that I can honestly say that the school system is going downhill.We have good and bad teachers, administrators in most school systems in all school system, no matter what state you are in.
    Could it be that parents, over the years, let more of their responsibilities for their children be taken,or more likely forced on the school system by parents that are too busy to take care of their offspring.

    When the federal goverment first sent in federal aid many years ago (of course with no strings attached) My father, who was a school teacher, stated that this was just the camel getting it’s nose in the door, watch out as as the public got used to having this “free” money there would start to be strings attached, with the goal being total federal control over all of the school systems.
    Looks like his statements have come true.
    It is getting to the point that many parents opt out of the public school system, so that their children can get the education that the parents know their children need.
    There are still many GOOD teachers in the public system, but are forced to follow the guide lines in what and how they teach, if they want to continue teaching.
    Wish that more of the State employees were of the same breed as Gov. Christie.

  • AJ

    Wow when’s this guy going to run for president. This is the type
    of leadership this nation needs.


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