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Governor Christie Calls Reporter An 'Idiot'

July 5, 2012 by  

Governor Christie Calls Reporter An 'Idiot'
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie apologized for a reporter’s stupidity.

This summer is setting record high temperatures, but New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is experiencing a different kind of heat. During a press conference Saturday, the Governor asked a reporter, “Are you stupid?” Liberals are pointing to the outburst as further proof that Christie is not disciplined.

Christie addressed a water issue and asked that questions remain on topic; but, as the press conference was winding down, a reporter asked about a legislative session.

“Did I say on topic? Are you stupid? On topic. On topic,” the Governor responded. “Thank you all very much, and I’m sorry for the idiot over there.”

The response has resulted in the outspoken Governor being berated by some and praised by others.

“Mr. ‘Jersey Shore Beached Whale’ Christie suffers from the same weakness as do [Sarah] Palin, [Newt] Gingrich, [Michele] Bachmann, [Herman] Cain, and other self-righteous, bombastic conservative politicians and pundits,” posted one commenter in response to MSNBC’s coverage of the story. “Based on this pattern of behavior, it would appear to be a Republican rite of passage to treat journalists (or non-fawning constituents) with contempt.”

“Forget about it!! lol Love the Soprano attitude. Go Gov. Christie,” posted another.

Christie’s name continues to come up in conversations about the Vice Presidency. The Governor says he would “listen at least,” if asked to join Mitt Romney.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Michael J.

    Just another Progressive wrapped in a Conservative veneer.

    • Rod Roberts

      You’ve hit the nail on the head! He’s certainly not a conservative. He’s also very anti-gun. We certainly don’t want his as the VP candidate; we’d be assured to have 4 more years of Obummer.

  • tim

    Some people just don’t listen

  • Dwight Mann

    You just can not fix stupid. . . In fact the only thing that stupid is good for is a job in the Lames stream media. . .

    • MO

      Being stupid is also the way to get a political job. Just look at The House and Congress, Also look who is running our country. Stupidity abounds!

  • Mike

    Ins’t it funny that a fawning constituency for a is a bad thing. But a fawning press is a good thing.

  • wandamurline

    Ignore the lame stream media…they will go back and edit the tape to meet their own agenda anyways as proven by MSNBC twice in the last couple of months. They no longer report the news, they invent it and fix it to fit in with who they want to be in charge. Don’t watch them anymore….and I am sure that millions of people are getting the real facts and this is why their ratings are in the dump as they should be.

    • LAB

      Lame Stream Media is this country’s BIGGEST TERRORIST THREAT by far! The best news we can get from them is NO NEWS~pile of FTards!

      • Deerinwater

        Lame media or Fox Noise, take your pick.

    • Brad

      Yesterday I was flipping through the cable news channels and landed few a few seconds on MSNBC, there were two guys on this scheduled program I guess, I don’t know their names because I can’t listen to that liberal crap more than one minute a year, but there was this oriental descent guy takling to another guy and the one guy must had stated something in error and the ornamental said don’t worry we have the best editing department in the business, it was clear for the first time I had 100% agreed with something said in liberal media.

      • Bruce

        Sure you did. I always flip channels at a rate of one channel a minute.

      • http://Facebook Michael Morris

        Yea right Brad, just browsing through a liberal news cast while changing channels..HaHaHa Grow some balls and admit you were watching MSNBC. Say you were seeing what they are lying about now or something other than, just happened to land on that channel.

      • Deerinwater

        Maybe Brad could think for a minute and tells us how it went?

        Naw ~

    • RJ

      Liberals got their head in the clouds. Let them be exposed to the underbelly of society for a month and I am sure they will have a change of heart. Live and let live will never work, because the live will overtake the let live every time. Tolerance is not the answer, just ask western Europe.

      • RivahMitch

        and… by “the underbelly of society”, you’re of course referring to the government;-(

    • Barbara

      You are right on about msnbc pluse abc cbs and all the other net works. We the people that love our country like for polticans to be honest like Chris Christie and all the rest that is bold. IF THE PUBLIC REALLY WAS TOLD what was going ON and plans for us on THESE LIBERAL NET WORKS THEY WOULD GONE IN TO SHOCK.The public that watch these net works do not get the real truth.

      • Deerinwater

        And you could expect it first on Fox? ~

  • Ronald

    Good for Christi
    These liberal journalists (if they do deserve the title) should get an education if they are at all capable
    Christi was kind to this idiot

    • Karolyn

      Duh, not all journalists are liberal. How do you know what this guy was? Christie could have just ignored him and walked off. I’m sure the journalist had a valid question about legislation.

      • Mikey

        Karolyn, I’ve noticed you frequently post on this site. Why would a facist-government supporting liberal like you want to visit a site that supports the constitution and freedom. Perhaps you enjoy the confrontations with conservatives. The problem with that is, most of the readers of this site think you are a fool. You’re not changing anybody’s point of view, but keep it up: it gives us someone to laugh at.

      • Wyatt

        In the Govenors defense , he did state that questions should stay on topic . This reporter attempted to sneak an off topic question and got called on it .All to often the media deems it perfectly alright to act in any fashion they choose and when they incur the wrath of of the person they are reporting on they resort to name calling and slandering attacks on that individual all under the guise of freedom of the press . Now I am all for freedom of the press but all to often the press exceeds the bounds of reasonable decency with their demands .
        Not being a resident of New Jersey I do not know more than I read in the press or view on news coverage . That aside from what I can see , Gov. Christie appears to be doing a better than reasonable job in that state . Having relatives there I know somewhat of the states problems and having been mis-managed and nearly bankrupted by the former Gov. John Gorzine .
        As to your comment about conservatives loving crude talk , well I would suggest you do protest to much . One has only to look at Nancy Pelosi and or Maxine Waters and even Joe Biden . The Liberal Leftists and Democratic Party is loaded with far cruder individuals than the Republican . As for Christie being abusive , he could have been far more abusive than just questioning the reporters intelligence . If anyone was out of line it was that reporter who dispite being requested at the outset to ask only on topic questions and on topic questions only yet felt it his right to stray and change the subject .
        The problems with America could be solved a lot more easily if the medias would use common sense and not always be trying for exclusives . God forbid they behaved like this in WWII , we would still be fighting it due to their current passion for publishing all news that is supposed to be secret . This could be why we are still fighting in Afganistan and why we have an IDIOT in our White House .

    • Vigilant

      Classic Christie at

      “NJ Governor Chris Christie vs. NJ School Teacher Rita Wilson”

      You’ve got to LOVE this guy!

  • Dale

    Solve the national problem..”Remove all Warning Labels” Stupids will not survive !

  • Kathy

    Christi, Palin, Gingrich, Cain and others aren’t afraid to be blunt. That’s what is refreshing about them. Oblamer will suck up to folks and do exactly the opposite of what he says. It’s pathetic that the libbies can’t take an honest put down. They should grow up, stop whining, and learn to take what they dish out.

    • Vigilant


  • Jim Hammond

    I realize I am getting old because I can remember when you could listen to the news on television or read it in the news paper and be reasonably sure the reporter had at least made an effort to report it accurately without trying to twist or slant the news to fit their belief. These days people believe a very small part of the news media. If they can’t edit the news to fit their employers beliefs, they twist it or just ignore it.

    • Mary Ann Ludwig

      You must be as old as I am. Yeah, I remember when there was at least an effort at impartial reporting. When I worked in news, you were supposed to present a balanced story, get both sides and lay them out so that the reader could decide based on the evidence that you had reported. It is nearly impossible to find a “news” program that isn’t actually a commentary. You can’t find a written story that doesn’t have an agenda of some sort. You sort of have to wade through and try to pick out the best information you can find before making a decision on what to believe. That’s pretty sad.

  • http://none Bill Murphy

    A liberal by any other name is still an idiot!

  • Eddie G.

    I like Christie’s honesty. He calls spades damn shovels and liberal reporters stupid idiots. Thank you Gov Christie for putting political correctness in the trash can where it belongs.

  • Justine

    I agree that the media is controlled……but Christie is an arrogant (expletive deleted)….both of these comments are a brief commentary on today’s world of politics in the US….the last place on earth where we as a nation could turn things around and yet we take the worst of both parties………….we are losing our country. Obama is doing everything the republicans want in the middle east… is a nightmare what we are doing over there. Romney like McCain is milktoast

    • Mikey

      Maybe Obama is doing what SOME Republicans want. We Libertarians don’t agree with the unnecessary military occupation of the middle east. We also don’t agree with the fascist government’s association with the big banksters and big special interest groups, which both Republicans and Democrats ARE supporting, whether they know it or not!

  • T. Jefferson

    Most reporters are stupid. . .

  • http://http// sophillyjimmy

    What is the big deal, he asked the media to stick to the subject before giving the press conference but some liberal reporter had to go off subject and intentionally try to humiliate Governor Christie, knowing well that Christie wouldn’t back off like most of the other (expletive deleted) in government. Since the reporter already showed disrespect for the office of Governor of N.J., he should have had the guts to call Christie out since he already disrespected him but I think the reporter knew that Christie would snap his neck like a pencil. Keep this in mind all reporters, you want to game an Italian, expect to be gamed back and if you can’t take being called stupid or an idiot and if you don’t have the back bone to respond by asking Christie to meet you in the back of wherever you are and forget he is the Governor for around 3 minutes then ask the proper questions since Christie punked you big time and you responded like the pencil neck geek you really are.

    • Bruce

      Just how do you know the reporter was “liberal?”

      • Mikey

        Because most of the media is, not to mention all the support this guy is getting from the leftist media.

    • Christopher

      I have been viewing a lot of these replies and it appears that nearly everyone misses the point. I applaud a number of things that Christie has done and appears to be in the process of accomplishing but there are more ways of intelligently dealing with the bias of the press other than bullying. With his current and past responses to liberal (or not) reporters with aggressive and arrogant attitudes, isn’t he in danger of commiting the same political and moral errors of the Left? If he tries to totally control the content of each and every press conference he gives doesn’t it appear to be the same control of information that the left perpetuates. Why doesn’t he just release statements and leave it at that? When the President, his press secretary or any of his other incompetent surroagets avoid answering questions from unbiased reporters or outright refuse to answer legitmate questions isn’t that the same thing.? I absolutely agree that we have to get rid of Obama and his socialist ideology but in order to accomplish this we must create a clear difference in the way we address problems and questions. We must rise above the current status quo of government and fearlessly face the hard questions and problems that plague our country right now. We need to intelligently respond to the manipulative manuvers of the liberal media and beat them at their own game of disingenuous semi-intellectual information distribution and distortion. This is not what I see coming from Christie. He is an arrogant, aggressive bully who commands with overtly negative energy. His basic demeanor is petulant and his general attitude is flippant. His negative, arrogant responses to out-of-line reporters displays more of a fear and inadequacy problem rather than a competent leader. A competent and capable leader would be able to field questions that are out of line to some degree and then deflect on to the next question. He apparently can’t do this and chooses to take the easy way out. He does not display the kind of genuine intelligence, acumen, tempered confidence and yes, compassion that a true leader of this country must have. He may be good for New Jersey which I know about first hand has a corrupt governmet and a fractured culture at this time. He does not display the mental qualities and persona of a person that I would like to see one click away from the Presidency or be able to run for president in 4 or 8 years. Let him stay in New Jersey and do what he has to do in whatever way he chooses but stay away from Washington.

  • Scott in SC

    Over the course of my life, America has become a very mean country. Incivility has been rising; and loudmouth bullies like Christie are part of the problem. Along with those who cheer this behavior on.

    • Mikey

      Scott, you sound like a moron….Have you considered a career in the booming media industry?

      • Scott in SC

        You sound like you just proved my point, 100%.

      • Mikey

        Looks like we’re BOTH right! You lack knowledge and understanding, and I lack tolerance toward the ignorant.

      • http://Facebook Michael Morris

        Mikey: Why are you such an (expletive deleted)? We need all of the help we can get to vote Obama out of office and you have to Bully anyone who ask a question that could be answered in an honest way and maybe change someones opinion.
        There are millions of people who are misinformed in America and slamming the door in their face is only going to show them what a (offensive comment deleted)!

    • the big easy

      @-scot———COMRADE——–Unlike your buddies,jeramyo wright,screwee louie fare a con,back ally gore,jimmie (peanut cranium) carter,debbie(the angry perm) wusserman schults,al not so sharpton,jessie jackoff,the black panthers,nancy (streach) paloosiie,little dirty harry red.eric (the red) holduper,and of course the mental-midget what’s in charge of ALL 57 STATES, etc.,etc..———–WHAT A PUKE——————

      • Karolyn

        Wow! What a display of intelligence! NOT!!

    • Karolyn

      Amen, Scott!

      • Mikey

        Sounds like Karolyn might be a good candidate for a “reporter”.

      • Wyatt

        Mikey it is obvious Karolyn is a leftwing liberal who cares nothing for the welfare of the United States . However bet she is the first one screaming when she gets tossed into one of Obama’s Gulags . You can not win arguing or even speaking with one of her bent and you would be better off ignoring her . Would that I had chosen to do so before my prior post and reply to her Beached Whale comments

    • rb

      Well said Scott. We can disagree agreeably. It’s not the liberal way but for goodness sake isn’t that what we are trying to say we are above? The attacks work. That’s part of the Alinsky formula. That’s why we have BO in the White House. Once again…aren’t we supposed to be above that?

      • Wumingren

        It occurs to me that the British, in their very fancy red uniforms, marching along in formation, with their officers on horseback to be picked off by hidden snipers, were fond of complaining about the way the colonialists fought the war. They held the colonialists in contempt for not fighting fair, and they smugly felt superior for being above all that. They got their butts handed to them, yet they refused to change their military tactics. I believe we lose the fight when we hold ourselves to rules, when there are no rules in a knife fight. We are no longer participating in a gentleman’s argument; we are fighting a life and death battle for the future of America. We had better understand that fighting fair is no longer useful. When the socialists/communists/fascists take over for the next 200 years, it will be no comfort to our progeny to read in banned books such platitudes as, “At least we fought fair.”

  • DavidL

    Where is the outrage on this site protesting another government official attempting to control, intimidate, and manipulate the free press in our country? Oh that’s right, the government official is a conservative republican and not something other. It wouldn’t surprise me if this bully leading NJ is going to serve only one term.

    • MikeW

      Where do you get the idea that Christie is “…another government official attempting to control, intimidate, and manipulate the free press in our country…”? Christie held a press conference to address a specific topic, an arrogant self-important reporter attempted to change the subject, and he was called to task for his ignorance and inability to follow simple instructions.
      Contrary to your view, it’s the liberal faction of the “free press” that is attempting “control, intimidate, and manipulate” public perception of the issues, with the intent to demonize conservatives and glorify liberals.

    • Doug

      Keep on watching the communist news channels! I don’t know of any reporters who work for the Soro’s channels who would know the truth if it hit them upside their heads. You are whinning about freedom of the press yet everyday you believe the crap they report about Obamalanganadindong and how he gives a dam about the middle class and poor. Well you my friend are just like the Christie said stupid!

    • the big easy

      @-davidl——–COMRADE———-What about the propagandist in the white house,he has the STATE RUN media,like cnn,nbc,abc,mslsd,etc.,etc.,doing his bidding for the take over of the UNITED STATES,and turn us into a third world country,WHERE IS THE OUT RAGE ON THIS ? ? ? ? ?

  • Karolyn

    Love the “beached whale” comment. Christie is exactly as the commenter depicted. And, of course, conservatives love that kind of tough trash/street talk- the ruder, the better. I love my home state of NJ but am not proud of the governor the people elected. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a big fat, self-righteous jerk.

    • MikeW

      Love him or hate him, the simple fact is, he may speak bluntly, but he’s got a better record of delivering on his promises to the citizens of New Jersey than any of the previous 5 NJ governors combined.

      • texastwin827

        MikeW, I’m sure Karolyn doesn’t agree with you….after all, 4 of the last 5 NJ Governors were all Democrats….none of whom have an “exemplary” history.

        While I may live in TX, I find it refreshing to find a politician that actually says what he thinks instead of what his opposition wants him to say! All I can say, is the man has a set and isn’t afraid to let you know he does! LOL

    • Vigilant

      Beached whale? “that kind of tough trash/street talk- the ruder, the better>”

      And Michael Moore is…?

      And Roseanne Barr is…?

      And Rosie O’Donnell is…?

      And Mr. Ed is…?

      As for Chris Christie, you might be interested to see
      It’s entitled “Gov. Christie’s approval rate highest ever amongst N.J. residents.”

      Looks like NJ doesn’t particularly share your opinion. Nor does SC, while we’re at it. Gingrich won by double digits over Romney in the primary, and SC is favoring Romney for the election.

      Better move to some other state.

      • Karolyn

        Vigilant – Did I say I cared for any of those you mentioned? I have no use for any rude, loudmouthed people. About the “beached whale” comment, i typed before I thought, and because i hate the man’s attitude, I just jumped. I do not use derogatory terms for anybody unless I am really mad. The facts is Christie is grossly obese and does not care enough about himself or his office to do anything about it. I saw him interviewed recently about his weight and he was unapolagetic about his overeating.

    • Mikey

      So, let me see of I’ve got this straight Karolyn. It’s not okay for Christie to call a reporter who can’t follow simple instructions an “Idiot”, but somehow it’s okay to call Christie a “Beached Whale”? Clearly a double standard, typical of the left. And, you don’t hear anybody whining about the name Christie was called do you? Yet, there’s a lot of whining in the media about Christie’s comment.

      • serloren

        Let’s not forget, she also thinks he owes her and apology for his being overweight – basically he should be sorry that his flab offends her sensibilities.

    • marylou

      How sad that you think referring to someone’s weight issue to promote your ignorant agenda is a valid comment. You object to a reporter being called “stupid” and you resort to the same personal assassination by calling the Governor “fat”. Perhaps you, as well as the reporter, should discuss the issue and do your best to stay on topic! Just saying!

  • joseph

    good for you christie. i think that christie did the rite thing takeing that reporter to task. his time was probably short and he had things to get to. you know its actually harder and it takes up more of your time being the gov. of a state then to being the pres.. i however wouldnt like christie for vise pres. becouse of his little global warming thing he is good friends with al gore. and has much the same views as gore on that issue. one thing we dont need in the white house is an e.p.a. friendly administration.

  • John David Hanna

    I don’t like it at all.
    Everyone can make a mistake but he is making a habit of it.
    It isn’t that the reporter was right, it is that the reporter pays taxes and a governor does not.
    Disrespect for those that pay the salaries is what is wrong with this country.

    • oiftanker

      The Governor doesn’t pay taxes?!!?!! Really? Why would you assume something like that? As the Governor is probably considered to be “rich” by democrat standards, I can assure you he payed a higher rate than most of us.

  • wsk

    Frankly, I’m sick of being nice to libtards. They get in your face and bellow out all kinds of inanities. So , to that end, I’ve decided to not be so nice anymore. I give it back to them twice as hard. It’s so easy to have a battle of wits with an unarmed libtard.
    Conervatives, stop taking the shiite from Progressives and tell them EXACTLY what you think.
    Vote Romney or we are all royally f*cked.

  • Maverick

    Most Journalist’s are idiots,,,,and puppets.

  • http://facebook Holly Aldi

    Love him, hope he will some day run for president for my kids and grandkids sake!!!!!!!!

    • Karolyn

      With his weight problem and lack of concern about it, he won’t live that long.

      • MikeW

        That’s one thing I “love” about Liberals– their fixation on dictating how other people should live their lives. Governor Christie’s weight and eating habits are no one’s business but his own, and they have no bearing on his ability to do the job he was elected to do.

      • Wumingren

        MikeW, you reminded me that liberals are easily upset with people for lifestyles which they disapprove, but they complain bitterly when conservatives say abortion is bad. They say, “Get out of my vagina! It’s my body, and I’ll do what I want with it!” They complain that people who get fat will cost Obamacare extra, giving themselves the right to modify those people’s behavior, but they have no problem with sexual promiscuity that results in multiple abortions.

  • ginnyleave

    Gov’ Christie seems to be about “all business”, and has no time for mindless questions – especially after having set the parameters. He was not demanding ‘respect for himself or his office’ as did BHO, he was simply enforcing the primary instructions. Many in the media just drill, drill, drill, the same ol’ lines – mindless, and irrespective of the situation. Tedious!

  • ginnyleave

    Gov’ Christie seems to be about “all business”, and has no time for mindless questions – especially after having set the parameters. He was not demanding ‘respect for himself or his office’ as did BO, he was simply enforcing the primary instructions. Many in the media just drill, drill, drill, the same ol’ lines – mindless, and irrespective of the situation. Tedious!

  • Roy

    always a hoot to see the press act scorned and violated ..because they cannot follow the prescribed baselines….Obama doesn’t answer questions…he just has Jay Carney lie for him

  • jerseygirl1130

    I love my governor and his attitude. I am always disgusted by people that can only make fun of his weight. He said stay on topic but of course the reported wanted to push, you don’t push Christie he pushes back. Go Governor Christie but I am glad you are staying here in Jersey cause you aren’t done fixing us yet.

  • EllenM Smith

    Christie is a big over weight clown. He respect no one. What a Jerk. LOL

  • Helen Christoff

    Gov. Christie is neither conservative or considerate. He uses his bully pulpit in a disrespectful manner and gives liberals plenty of fuel for their fires. Gov. Romney has a much better field of VP candidates to pick from than an undisciplined bully like Christie.

  • FedupPatriot

    Conservative, liberal, progressive, whatever, what Governor Christie said was rude. He could have handled the situation in a much classier way. As a Conservative, it really burns me up that we get all up in arms about the way the liberal media calls Conservative Christian women (especially) foul names, yet it’s fine for an alleged conservative Governor to call a reporter an idiot. This is the same type of double-standard and hypocrisy that we point the finger at liberals about. I understand that, with the advent of internet communication, we can all feel anonymous and say whatever we want to say. Sadly, it appears that this supposed “anonymity” has spilled over into real, face-to-face life…don’t we see this type of rude behavior on our roads and highways every day? However, one of the hallmarks of our culture is our civility toward other people. No one is served by name-calling, sarcasm, and hateful words.

    • http://Boblivingston A. Fallon

      I agree and well said Fedup, Its sad to watch this great country degrade from within. We are all in this together whether we like it or not its got to work. We had better see our kids are well raised or i fear we are done.

  • JLH

    Stupid is as stupid does…The Gov asked (and probably politely) for all questions to stay on topic (likely so as not to waste a lot folks valuable time). Yet one reporter felt he/she was better than the others and deserved some “special Q&A” and got called down. I say GREAT job Gov. Christie!

    • Ginny Lee Moss

      Amen! Empty-headed media throwing nasty names or lies around is one thing, but ‘calling a spade a spade’ by a hard-working official is quite another. Kinda like good ol’ Joe Wilson.

  • jopa

    Christie is just as stupid as Vomitt Romney.On any given day they can only answer one question.Go off topic and they will say something stupid and regret it the next day or just say “I never said that”, even though it’s on tape.He should show more respect for the media in that when he came on the scene they all had to purchase panoramic lenses for the camera crews and they ain’t cheap.

    • Ginny Lee Moss

      Media are there for one reason – to get something for themselves. If they can’t take the heat, they need to stay out of the kitchen.

  • Linda Adams

    sorry but my view is that all liberal media reporters are idiots

  • Donna Baird

    He could have been more diplomatic. He might have just ignored him or repeated his “on topic” request. No need to be rude.

    • MikeW

      This is something non-natives of NJ can’t seem to grasp. This is (and always has been) the way things are here. You stand up for yourself or get left behind. This is no place for the meek or timid.

  • N mcphee

    I wish Christie would run for president. He is awesome

  • http://Yahoo Steven Jones

    Christie Needs a reality check, who does he think he is, if someone talked to him like that the big baby would probably have them arrested.

  • R Salmon

    Liberal reporters are soooo sensitive, but deaf. They think everyone follows their agenda. When Christi told them to stay on topic, what didn’t he understand? Only illustrates how much attention we should pay them, since they can’t seem to understand simple instructions.

    • Bill

      This is typical liberal journalism, He is stupid to think that his question was going to be addressed when the gov. simply ask him to stay of topic. Like a two year old kid, mommy I want it, I want it, I want it. NO should always be the answer to stupidity.

  • Diane munkirs

    Mike W….you are right on all your blogs. We all need to do our best to rid our country of Obama. His Cap and Trade policies, Card Check, green energy and doing away with fossil fuels, closing coal plants, etc etc

  • Deerinwater

    Well, ~ I personally enjoy seeing an assertive and clear spoken politician. I wish Bill Clinton had some of that smoke and fire when he was asked some personal questions.

    But all this bashing of all media excluding Fox News only tells us how programmed this right wing crowd has actually become.

    Over the years, Fox has became the “Misinformation Network” as it goes far and beyond spinning news and commentary, developing a crowd that thrives on disinformation.

    if you don’t approve of that link , find another ~ these are many.

    Fox and Fox viewers would want to ignore the track record they have created by themselves and for themselves and I would not blame them for trying as it is not very flattering and shows an unwillingness to be honest with themselves.

    If a person cannot muster the courage to be honest with themselves how might we expect them to be honest with anyone else? We can’t !

    The only way out of this box for a Fox News watcher is to unite and deny.

    And that is exactly what they will do, everyone else is stupid while they are the smart ones.

    Yet they continue to score the lowest scores ( like very low) when asked questions about current events and the changing world we live in.

    This “dysfunction” attitude has distorted realities and turned into the classic Cinderella Syndrome where peoples realities are being validated by the few.

    If it’s not Fox , it’s not right!

    Now if you wish to debate, that Fox is not the few, ~ I will concede to it’s popularity and numbers but counter to that FOX mass appeal is not predicated on intelligence but a common denominator on a 7th to 8th grade level and the mass appeal for spectator ball sports and cars that goes zooming around and around in circles.

    Not to mention Fox merchandising package via cable outlets, where news & sports runs 24/7 in Hotel, bars, and public places all over the world.

    Fox does reach more people then any single network world wide. On that grade, Fox gets an A. ~ This makes it a perfect platform to launch misinformation and propaganda which it does, brain washing the masses a sound bit at a time.

    Rupert has created a hell of a product, no question about it.

    • MikeW

      Let me make sure I understand your point.

      You claim that Fox News is nothing but a web of lies and misimformation because they oppose the Liberal Agenda, and anyone who believes Fox’s “misinformation” instead of the misinformation spread by such left-wing propaganda machines as ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, etc. is a gullible moron.

      Does that sum up the point of your interminably rambling discourse?

      Why is the Left afraid or embarassed to admit its bias? The Right is proud of its Conservative orientation, yet Liberals consistently deny bias and claim to be “objective”.

      • Mikey

        Hey Deer-pee-in-water, I agree there is some bias on Fox, but at least they admit it. And, Fox is the only way to offset the rest of the news medias liberal bias. There’s a good chance the real truth lies somewhere in the middle. And, even if the “idiot” reporter was a Fox reporter, I would still applaud Christie’s reaction!

  • Private sector worker

    Christie speaks from his quadruple-sized chin, just look at that fat thing under his mouth. Oh! that is right, the rest of him is fat, too.

    • MikeW

      Ah, maturity once again rears its head! When all else fails, just make fun of their appearance!

  • Tom

    Why is it that members of the media fail to get the message? This was not the media’s press conference. It was not an OPEN TOPIC press conference. It was the Governor’s press conference to address a specific topic. Yet there is always that 10% who do not have the RESPECT for the request by the holder of the press conference to remain “ON TOPIC”.

    The Governor was right! It’s been proven over cenuries that 10% OR MORE of members of the media ARE stupid, or they believe that they have a right to change the topic at their whim… how STUPID is that. As I said above, this was NOT an OPEN TOPIC press conference, so why is there ANY HEAT on the Governor. The HEAT should be on the media!

  • Sanity Perhaps

    I wouldn’t vote this over-bloated gas bag in as trash collector.. Guess I gave myself away, I am not from New Jersey.. Let’s just hope he doesn’t spread his disease into the white house.

  • http://PennsilvaniaUSA Pedro Estevez

    The press and a lot journalist abuse the power, it is time to answer those bastard bad., the press cause a lot problems it is a time to stop defending corrupt press.

  • Scott Martin

    FATASS BLOWHARD.. period. Your a public official douche bag.. ANSWER THE FU*$KING QUESTION!!!

  • Steve

    GW Bush or Obama would never disrespect anyone no matter what the question…


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