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Government’s Undercover Website Suspended Because Of Illicit Content

March 14, 2011 by  

Government's undercover website suspended because of illicit contentAn online sting operation perpetrated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been shut down due to public concern regarding its content.

The Smoking Gun (TSG), a news provider that investigates criminal activity, reported that the Precious Treasure Holiday Company (PTHC) website was recently suspended by its Massachusetts-based web hosting firm. The site portrayed an agency that offered trips from the United States to Canada during which clients could engage in sexual activity with minors.

TSG reported that the government launched PTHC last year in an effort to identify and prosecute pedophiles. The media outlet added that the DHS' undercover website led to the conviction of at least one defendant on felony charges, resulting in a 20-year prison sentence. In addition, another man has been accused of conspiring to transport an 8-year-old from Canada to America with the intention of engaging in sexual activity.

Jason Crawford, an account executive with the web hosting firm, told the news source that his company suspended PTHC after fielding complaints about its content. Crawford claimed he was unaware that the site was created by the DHC, adding that if the site is found to contain child pornography, the FBI will be contacted.

Meanwhile, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano recently requested an increase in Federal funding in order to keep pace with evolving cyber security threats. Last week, she urged lawmakers to allocate $57 billion to the agency in fiscal year 2012, which is an increase from the $56.3 billion that was proposed by President Barack Obama.

“The threats we face pose new challenges that require an innovative and focused response,” said Napolitano.

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  • http://N/A H.D. Hemmings

    Just another example of government gone crazy. Wanting to spend that kind of money by a group of ignorant thugs who work at Homeland Security is absolutely rediculous!

    • 45caliber

      Probably it’s done by a group of government employees hoping to justify keeping their jobs. After all, everything else they had tried has failed…

      • Harold

        DHS is just existing for Obama to use against the American people.

        • bob wire

          What? absurd!

        • Lawrence Edward Calcutt

          If the so called ‘Government’ really wanted to control or stop Porn or Child Porn they could, that’s if the really wanted to.
          By simply lifting the liecence of any Internet website hoster who allowed a pron site in or on its server located it America.
          All the other website users would be instantly ,,, “OOT OF Business” and they would soon reise soch a fuss that the webhoster would never again, when he got his liesence back, a great cost for fines and fees, allow a Porn site to share his server again.
          A server without an address is OUT OF BUSINES and so would the porn sites who make money with their evil Porn products.
          enought said?

          • AWo-man

            That’s exactly what I was thinking for the last several years! But Why can’t the gov. think of that, since we pay them huge amounts of $$ to sit around Thinking how to Solve this. We’re Busy working and looking after loved ones to hardly any time to do what their Supposed to do! If we the people can Think of Solutions, how much more can they, since they imply we are less than them. If they are more than us and have more brains, then how come they can’t think of the Solutions like Us? They too easily forget where ‘their’ $$ has/is coming from.

          • meteorlady

            Child porn is one thing – it should be stopped because its illegal. Adult porn is another thing – we do, after all have freedom of speech in this country, or would you give that up because you don’t believe it it?

          • http://naver samurai

            An American shall have the right to speak out against their elected officials, without anything happening to them. This freedom of speech shall not be taken from any American. This is our freedom of speech as mentioned in the First Amendment to the Constitution. This is a God given right and not given by men or government. Ergo, pornography isn’t included in freedom of speech. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • sean murrey

    no more funding forperverts they do not need more money for the perverts.

  • http://msn Kerri

    let take that money and use it to secure our southern border.

    • 45caliber

      I have no problem with that – as long as Homeland Security isn’t in charge. Everything they have tried to do has been a failure so far.

      • bob wire

        No fan of HLS but they have interdicted and foiled many terrorist plots since it’s creating.

        This is one of those special cases where you can give BUSH credit for what “Didn’t Happen” and not be a complete mindless Ditto Head!

        My thoughts have always been, We don’t need another Federal Agency fighting and competing over budget matters, or that somehow another government agency is to make up for the failures of two government agencies borderlines is insanity.

        But nerveless, it there! against my wishes and I’ll give them the credit when credit is due.

        I always worry with whom is guarding over the hen house.

      • JUKEBOX

        Why not make the pervert destination on the southern border, and that way we could catch them coming and going.

    • Harold

      Good idea Kerri

  • Jessie Martin

    The money spent on cyber crimes, did that include the investigation of large amounts of bank fraud and credit card scams? I think it would be better to spend the money on putting the scammers away. The article did not say how much was spent on the PHTC. How much should we spend just to put one criminal away? Junk is loaded on your computer every day, this junk works in the background sending and recieveing junk 24/7 and you may not know it.

  • Dr. smith

    isn’t that great, $58B here, $45B there, what deficit? $3T? DHS setting up child porn sites, in the name of security!? and the lousy republicrates can only find $50B to cut from the budget!!

    why doesn’t big sis Janet set up a sting operation in DC’s capitol building by selling discounted viagra and prozac to the majority of congressmen on those medications? oh, that’s right, they’re legal. how about a corruption sting operation and see if they can’t nab 99% of congress on buyout schemes instead of going after sexual deviants, which most of congress are?

    • samson

      Dr. Smith you should run for president and maybe save this country from being the biggest and most corrupt in the world history.
      It’s always the citizen that suffers losing their job, security and selfrespect while the gov’t is busy figuring out how they can increase taxing the remaining working citizen.
      It looks like slavery all over again.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        All I can say is if this group stays in charge of the country next election, you would be very smart indeed to invest in vaseline!!!! I’m sure you get the point!!

        • bob wire

          The people will get the government that they deserve to have and 2012 will be no different.

          Much like the people of Wisconsin,where 51.3 % of the eligible voters bothered to show up and vote.

          They got what they deserved.

          “The world is ran by the people that bother to show up”

          Woody Allen

          • Norman F.

            To all manner of men, both great and small
            Who do their best and give their all,
            No matter whom or what they serve
            They always get just what they deserve!

  • Don Garretson

    They are not looking to “fund” perverts, but to fund catching them, amongst other perceived threats.
    Though the intentions are good, that is a ridiculous amount of money.
    With programs that can scan 100s times faster then a person, they don’t need that kind of funding. We don’t need bigger Government, we need to drop a lot of fast and lower the cost of Government.
    The USA has strayed very far from the Government imagined by our Founding Fathers. They knew a bloated Government like the one we have now would cause more harm for its citizens then good.
    We need to stop sacrificing our freedom and rights for safety. We are headed down a dark road and the more safety we seek, the darker it is going to get.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Don Garretson,
      We already have a group of police, reporters, and concerned citizens that go after perverts that try to connect with kids to have sex, why the hell can’t we do the same with the child porn sites??? These people have a damn good success rate!! The last show I saw on it, they were catching men from six states away!!!

  • iowaheretic

    Who are all these people that want to have sex with kids??? How come everytime someone talks about sex, it’s always with kids? I just can’t believe everyone out there is a pedoplile! It just sounds like another lie made up by people that want to control everyone and steal thier money at the same time. Or religious extremists that don’t want anyone to have any unwed sex at all. Or people that have fantasies of having sex with kids and they think everyone else is the same.

    • Cliffystones

      While I believe anyone found guilty of sexually exploiting children should be executed, this smells like a multi-billion dollar “witch hunt”.

      Google “McMartin Preschool” if you want to see how a government witch hunt can ruin lives.

      • 45caliber

        I agree. In fact, part of the reason they went after pedophile (my thinking) is because they have hopelessly failed at capturing terrorists. Shut them down.

        • Harold

          See my previous comment. The Obama admin is just using the DHS against “We the People”

  • http://com i41

    The new pedophile bumber stick in Washington, I want a house like Blarney Flanks owns and a bathhouse pass like Onunumnutts for some clean deals.

  • oldtimeyman

    A few weeks ago the DEA was busted for furnishing guns to Mexican drug cartels, now this fiasco with DHS. I think if congress does nothing else with the budget, they should completely de-fund DEA and DHS.

    In fact, let’s just secede and completely de-fund the federal beast.

    • Ellen1

      I’ve said that for a long time: secession is probably the only way to get our treasonous government out of our lives. Enough with petitioning, nullifying this and that (and I think nullification is a very good remedy), reclaiming state’s rights………

    • Don

      “A few weeks ago the DEA was busted for furnishing guns to Mexican drug cartels”

      It was the BATFE that was caught allowing guns to go to Mexico, but I agree with the rest of your post.

  • jopa

    I wonder if O’Reilly knows he has to change his vacation plans.

    • JIBBS

      Please find another site to TROLL on. You too, can join the sheeple club.

  • jopa

    Iowaheretic;Have you ever heard about the Catholic priests or do you live under a rock?

    • meteorlady

      Excuse me but……. Catholic priests are not the only religious people gone wild. Why harp on that? This article is about something totally different. It’s about our government, the government you and I work to pay for, putting filth on line for all to see in order to catch ONE single person in the time they have done it….

      As for your O’Reilly remark – prove what you wrote…. or just stick to commenting INTELLIGENTLY on this site. Insults and name calling are just a sign you have nothing real to contribute.

      • karolyn

        The article said nothing about any filth on the site.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          ” advertising trips in which the travelers could have sex with children” IS NOT FILTH IN YOUR BOOK??? Your idea of filth and mine are real wide apart, lady!!!

          • Jay

            Joe H, weren’t you told, they were born that way. You know, its really hard getting around that there genetically predetermined stuff and all, you know, that there science and all, gaarshh. Yep, unscientifically proven and all, we stand behind it!

        • meteorlady

          So you believe that it showed nothing, explained nothing and was just there clean and secure to attract child porn users? Gads – they had to have something there or it would not attracted even Bill Clinton.

    • JIBBS

      This artical is not about priests, please stay on the topic !!

      • Eddie47d

        Okay let’s make government more accountable and that is a great cause. Beyond that what are we (YOU) doing about child sex trafficking or trying to stop these porn sites.If it is not the governments duty then it is your duty. You as a decent citizen should be trolling these sites ,report the behavior to a citizens group and demand that they be shut down. If you hate what you see and despise the government doing anything about it then it is your obligation to handle the sleaze. Child sex trafficking and porn is up and some kids are abused for years. So form a group like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and take matters into your hands.

        • http://naver samurai

          We can do some of what it is you said by closing down planned parenthood. They were cought sex trafficing on tape in 3 states. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • meteorlady

          Eddie – people both public and private are already doing that. The Homeland Security people are there to protect us from foreign invaders (not doing it obviously), keep our country safe from terrorist, etc.

          I would think the FBI and local law enforcement officials are more able to take this one and have had more experience.

  • meteorlady

    The DHS’ undercover website led to the conviction of at least one defendant on felony charges, resulting in a 20-year prison sentence. In addition, another man has been accused of conspiring to transport an 8-year-old from Canada to America with the intention of engaging in sexual activity.

    So for that we spend mega bucks? One single conviction? They put trash out on a website – I mean trash – for all to see and they think that’s just OK with everyone? I’m sorry, but do your work the old fashioned way instead of posting filth on line.

    • 45caliber

      While I think finding and arrest pedophiles to be a good cause, why is Homeland Security trying to do it? That is crime – not security. I think this is a perfect example of mission creep – and one of the reasons they do absolutely nothing to stop terrorists.

      • s c

        There’s the focal point, 45caliber. Homeland Insecurity has better things to do than to chase pedophiles. So what else are those yahoos doing?
        Is American law enforcement so inept that they don’t have the manpower to do the job? Does Homeland Insecurity care about America, or are they finding ways to get and spend vast sums?
        Time after time, Uncle Scam has proven to be so addicted to power that he can’t be trusted. Is Napolitano double-dipping as an agency head and a closet czar?
        She probably belongs back in Arizona – whether or not they’d take her back is another matter. She and the Clintons have more things than one in common.

        • Dan az

          No thanks SC they can keep her!

      • Harold

        .45, Yer right, why is DHS doing the FBIs job? They are not doing their own just harrasing Americans with the TSA in the worst way possible.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The people I posted about above resulted in six in one week. you mean with all the power of the government behind them, the DHS can’t do better than a few cops, reporters, and a few concerned citizens??? Talk about inept!!!

  • Kris


  • 45caliber

    The Department of Homeland Security was supposedly set up to prevent terrorists from attacking us here. One of the tasks was to seal the borders to keep terrorists out.

    Since then it has seemed to change its goals by 180 degrees. Instead of trying to stop terrorists, it is identifying good Americans as “terrorists” and changing the name of Islamic terrorists to something else to prevent people from worrying about them. Further, instead of sealing the border, it has – if anything – opened it wider.

    Any successes in stopping terrorists has been done without any Homeland Security aid at all. Yet they attempt to claim all credit for the acts.

    I believe that the department should be shut down for complete failure of actions. It might then allow the police and other agencies to do their jobs without interference.

    • GaGa

      I agree with you 100%

    • Harold

      SHUT DOWN THE DHS, NOW. The Democrats Harrasment Service, a weapon against us to demonstrate government POWER over our lives.

    • meteorlady

      Yup – that’s our federal government. Create a cabinet level organization and then change it’s charter to something else. So much for transparancy in government.

  • 45caliber


    Slavery is taking the profits of someone’s labor to use for your own ends without paying for it.

    I’d say that certainly counts as slavery of the people by the government.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    Napolitano wants more money so she and her agency can break the law to catch law breakers, as the ATF did in allowing the gun running into Mexico that led to the killing and wounding of our federal agents in Mexico. In the Bible in Leviticus Ch.19 Vs.17, GOD the Father said: paraphrasing, “Do not sin to punish a sinner.” But then again this is Obama’s administration, of Democrats, who do not believe in GOD, or at least not His tenets or precepts. Their excuse for breaking the law is to catch law breakers, why don’t they make it easy on themselves and just find a mirror.

  • http://com i41

    There are still another 2000 pages of new regulations still to hit everyone and businesses between the running lights. Want to see unemployment keep going to the 25% level or 30% level. Better thank all the democrats with their crossbred marxist, muslim, moron in the WH as their leader. With the Nazi Traitor George Soros as their money man and boss hog of all socialists marxists/communist world wide, should anyone be in shock from all the hope and change the last 2 yearrs have giv3n everyone and getting worse. As for pedophiles, Onumnutts fits in the classic c;oset perv, raised a muslim, which uses boys which ever way the head hog of the hut desires, then hooked up with several queers, later to follow the master plan from his good buddy Soros, switched to a hetrosexual, and went to some nut job’s black radical church for 2 1/2 decades.

  • http://com i41

    Onumnuts and merry grang of radical domestic vfrreak have only on constitant beleif and that is to destroy the USA with what ever means possible. No that Japan has experienced a tragady that man sure as hell will never be able to control, our country will continue to decline with energy resrictions, since nuke power will take over 40 years to get on line if everyone even agreed then t would take another 40-50 years to put in a power grid, and now it it is 2100 AD. I guess the freaks need to kill off a few million to go back to te Dark Ages, since most of the book trained bastards can not raise food to survive and betwwen starvation and disease it will narrow the gentic herd down pretty quick. Some probably will grow their tails back and even now are going back to the nuts ,berries and grains routine, which has proven to decrease brain capicity and thinking processes. We who raise livestoch the food pyramid is the perfect fattening ration for any organism for meat.

  • Bear

    Isn’t this interesting. Our Department of Homaland Security deosn’t care to secure our borders but they are totally out to get one guy who is interested in sex with a minor. Let’s hear it for Janet. Will she ever get her head out of her ass? God help us.

    • newland65

      actually,if you just get rid of the people like them,say public hanging,there would be a lot less crime.. don’t put them in jail and support them for 20 year’s,as they will never change.. hang them high so all can see

      • http://?? Joe H.


        • Eddie47d

          Gee Joe you have so much in common with the Muslims.I never would have thought!? LOL

          • http://?? Joe H.

            yeah, bud we know, you would pat him on the back and tell him it’s because his mommy didn’t love him enough!!! You know, personal responsibility and all!!!!!!

          • meteorlady

            Here’s a short story. During my childhood our mom and dad’s best friend had their son come to visit. He molested my brother. He also molested a number of other children (boys) and was sent to rehab. When he got out he lived for 5 years in the community and then they let him coach little league baseball with out a background check. He molested 9 boys that time and got 7 years – rehab. Then he got out and made it 4 years and did the same thing again. This time he went to prison for 8 years, then got out and did it again.

            That was about 45 boys that he was allowed to sexually assault. Why would we keep someone like that in our society? Why would we keep trying to rehabilitate him? Not sure what you should do with them, but it’s certainly not treatment and releasing them back into society in general.

      • Macawma

        I think instead of hanging, all sexual deviants, molesters, and pedophiles should be castrated. At least they couldn’t reproduce, and without their testicles, wouldn’t they lose thier urge to commit these crimes?

        • meteorlady

          OMB the liberals would be up in arms…. can’t have forced anything unless it taking our money and giving it to someone else for their benefit.

  • S Rubicon

    DHS was never intended to deal with this type of crime. DHS has expanded its authority & scope far beyond its intended purpose. What’s worse is, they have developed a list that may have been originally authored by the now radical Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). SPLC sent a memo to Missouri authorities a while back labeling almost anyone on the right, an extremist, a radical, and dangerous. Their sources? Unknown. DHS after developing their own list (suspiciously containing the same groups), told investigators after complaints were raised, they got their info by surfing websites on the internet. Wow! Now that’s a source for absolute factual, accurate, & detailed info, huh? If one surfs the web and fails to follow up on 60% of what they read to confirm its accuracy, then one is a fool on a fool’s errand!
    DHS must be re-investigated to determine its reach now that its been in operation since inception after 9-11. I suspect congress never wanted DHS to do much of what its doing & I also suspect congress will want to know why DHS is not doing many of the things they were formed to do. Our southern border is the most porous in the world. BP Agents (hard working all), capture 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 of those crossing. If private business had that record, they would have closed their doors long ago!
    Lets demand our congress investigate DHS activities & they fund only those originally intended!

  • GaGa

    I believe putting that president in the white house was all planned out by our corrupted government. Obama has the job of ruining the United States of America, to spend our dollars, stripping away our security, stripping away our technology, taking our freedom of speech & to make our money worthless and to form a one world government. It is why he keeps spending our money like water, leaving the borders wide open so that his Mustlim buddies can sneak into our country through Mexico.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      what better way to keep the people against each other than to put a person of race in and let him destroy the country?? I am by no means a racist, but these people are experts at destroying race relations!!

      • bob wire

        No Joe; everyone needs to take the responsibility for what they say, do and think.

        But what is happening is that people are saying, “They were made to say, to do and to think such thinks”.

        No one can control your thoughts but you, these words are not being “forced” from your mouth but come flowing out.

        “O” is doing what all other presidents that have came before must do, wrestle with the issues of the day, with opposition and work to honor him promises.

        The GOP, is doing what it attempts to do with all DNC presidents,~ demean, debase and demonize and you are playing your part as one in a lynch mob. Race is something, only you are permitted to bring up and talk about and it not appear racist in “your mind”. For me to make any attempt to defend against such talk, you would accuse me as being racist.

        It’s just “personal” perception and it clear where you stand by the way you argue the topic. A rock thrown has a path of flight that conforms to natural laws and it’s not that hard to determine “from where” it was sent and we already know “who” and ‘when”, leaving only “why” left for quandary.

        • Eddie47d

          That’s a BINGO,Joe.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          bob, while at least most of what you say is true, there are fringe people on BOTH sides of the spectrum that will do everything to enrage the people that are less in control of their thoughts AND actions and innocent people get hurt. If you don’t believe that look back to Selma Alabama and look at the Blacks and whites that stayed joined in faith that died!!

        • meteorlady

          So for years I have watched the likes of Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other spew their crap. They have kept the race issue alive for all because it benefits them to do that. If the people or color believe all that they say, there is nothing we can do about it except educate them to understand that they have intelligence and need to use it to benefit themselves.

          The good reverends advocate the poor poor me mentality, the downtrodden mentality. It keeps their power base intact and they make million, perhaps billions off that. Meanwhile the very people they profess to represent are falling further and further into poverty, drugs and criminal activities. I don’t’ see them out working in the communities. I just see them showing up when there is a means to gain publicity.

          I work with at risk children in my community and I can tell you that any minority is capable of learning if the community and their parents support that effort.

  • bob wire

    If DHS is to exist, it needs the best leadership the American people can produce and offer. ~ There is no room here for a “loose canon”

  • JeffH

    These types of sting operations are nothing new to the Feds, states and local law enforcements. They exist and should be deemed illegal. Like the predators themselves, they solicit and prey on adults by portraying themselves as being of legal age. These are what can be considered “victimless” crimes. There are no underage victims but the law enforcement agencies make arrests and bully their “victims” with threats of trumped up charges, long sentences and outrageous fines. What they do is destroy lives.
    I say this because I sat on a jury based on an internet sting operation. The actual charges from the DA in no way matched the alleged crime and there was no underage victim, the guys computer was free of any “child porn” and the “chat” transcript had no “sexual” overtones. The DA had attempted to offer a plea deal to the arrestee which was turned down. The guy walked free, as he should have much to the dismay of the cops and the DA who ended up with egg on their faces because they were attempting to create crimes through their operation. There are a lot of cases being overturned now because of the mis-handling of these stings and the charges associated have violated the individuals constitutional rights.

    I’m all for getting pedophiles off of the street but commiting a crime to create a criminal makes the sting operations nothing more than a criminal activity on it’s own.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The ones I saw on the sting documentary were walking right into a house that a “minor” lived in and was alone, ready to have sex. They had condoms in their pocket, tape and rope in ntheir car, and were ready to have sex with a minor whether they wished to or not! I don’t call that ruining ANYBODYS life! THAT pervert NEEDS to be off the street!!!

      • JeffH

        Joe H., I’ve seen the same shows…MSNBC I think. I’m relating my story and what I’ve read about the illegal stings that are set up.

        Something I forgot to mention was that the victim of the sting had apparently cut off communications with the subject once the subjects age was disclosed and that the sting operations “minor” subject then initiated contact 5 months later. It was the cops who initiated the contact that ended up getting the sting victim arrested. There was never any face to face meeting set up between the two. It was all in the email transcripts.

      • JeffH

        Joe H., I’ll add that if the guy had not responded at all he would have avoided all of these legal problems, sting or no sting. I’m not trying to defend any pervs, I’m just saying that it isn’t always the way it is presented or reported, no matter what the nature of the sting operation is. Just look at the lamestream media, how they report and I know you understand that part.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          yes I do, but I also know how deviant some of these perverts can be!!!

          • JeffH

            LOL! I’ve only heard how sick and perverted they are, that’s all I need to know.

      • meteorlady

        I’ve seen the same shows. These are network produced. Did they ever once tell you what the sentence was for the crime? Did they show the actual prosecution of these guys? NO… then what were they doing there in the first place beside making money of a controversial subject.

  • Dan az

    So now the DHS is in the porn business,They must be pretty good at it if they need 57 billion to hang one guy for the state to pay 35000 per year for the next 20 yrs.Sounds reasonable to me,a mere 700.000 added to the states already busted budget. Makes one proud to be a tax payer giving to such a worthy cause doesn’t it.What next?I know why not close the borders? Nah that wouldnt be right!

  • charlie

    More insane spending.
    DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano recently requested an increase in Federal funding in order to keep pace with evolving cyber security threats. Last week, she urged lawmakers to allocate $57 billion to the agency in fiscal year 2012, which is an increase from the $56.3 billion that was proposed by President Barack Obama. We are broke , We are in deficet of Trillionhs stop wasting mone. Janet are you managing on behalf of the tax payers and the American people? Fire every one , the audasitity!

  • shar

    Barry Soetoro, B.O., Donald Young, Larry Sinclair.

  • Jay

    Sadly, they can’t stop it, because they don’t want to stop it. Charging the odd pedophile once in a while is like busting a drug cartel, once in while. Gives the appearance that their on the job, thus justifying tax dollars well spent. I fear pedophilia will become another, genetically determined sexual preference, it will be added to the, I was born this way crowd and will receive political protection. Society is not as yet, sufficiently primed

    • Jay


      Legalizing the Unthinkable by Kelly Boggs, Baptist Press
ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)—”I’ve been doing. child abuse and sexual assault cases for 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.” Sgt. Dan Scott of the Santa Monica sheriff’s Special Victims Bureau told the Los Angeles Times recently. 

What is it that has so shocked the veteran California police officer? It is the behavior of a man by the name of Jack McClellan. 

McClellan, according to the Times report, is a pedophile who is forthright about his sexual attraction to little girls. He has appeared on news programs and talk shows to discuss his proclivity. He even had a website (now down) that listed the best places to watch little girls. “Being a pedophile — an adult who is sexually interested in children — is not illegal,” the Times report stated. “Acting onPedophilia that interest by touching a child for the adult’s sexual gratification is illegal.”

As far as authorities are concerned there is no evidence that McClellan has ever acted upon his perverse
desire. The Times reported he “has no arrest or conviction record in the United States” and is “not a registered sex offender.”

“On talk shows, McClellan appears unshaven and a bit dazed, but unapologetic about his attraction to little girls,” the Times reported. McClellan admits he might have sex with them if it were legal. People in the Santa Monica area are rightly concerned about McClellan’s behavior. You should be, too.  And not just because he might one day act upon his twisted urge.

The thought of his molesting a little girl makes my stomach turn. As bad as that would be, it is his openness about his ‘sexual orientation” that could have an even more far-reaching and devastating affect.

Similar to the homosexual movement in the late 1960s, there is a new movement to view pedophiles as misunderstood and unjustly persecuted. The term of “sexual orientation” in relation to pedophilia is being used more and more — and not just by whacked-out activists, but by so-called “respected” academicians and physicians.

Consider the following:

The Journal of American Medical Association published a paper in 2002 by Peter J. Fagan, Ph.D., et al.
titled “Pedophilia.” Consider the following quote from the article: “During psychosexual development, no one decides whether to be attracted to women, men, girls or boys. Rather, individuals discover the types of persons they are sexually attracted to, i.e., their sexual orientation.”
In an article titled “Mental Health’s Cold Shoulder Treatment of Pedophilia” that appeared in the periodical Behavioral Health Management, May-June, 2004, Douglas Edwards cites Fred Berlin of the Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry: “Dr. Berlin discounts the common view that pedophilia is a conscious choice. He regards pedophilia as a lifelong sexual orientation, just as hetero- and homosexuality, and he says patients can be terrified by the discovery of pedophilic cravings…” Richard Gardner, M.D., clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University from 1963 until his death in 2003, argued that America’s attitude toward child sexual encounters was out-of-step with the cultures of the world. In his book True and False Accusations of Child Sex Abuse, Gardner wrote:

        “Older children may be helped to appreciate that sexual encounters between an adult and a child    
are not universally considered to be reprehensible acts. The child might be told about other societies in which such behavior was and is considered normal In such discussions the child has to be helped to appreciate that we have in our society an exaggeratedly punitive and moralistic attitude about adult-child sexual encounters.”

Gardner blamed the oppressive morality of the Bible for the American view of pedophilia, and in the same book cited above he wrote, “It is of interest that of all the ancient peoples it may very well be that the Jews were the only ones who were punitive toward pedophiles.”

If you don’t think pedophilia might one day be embraced as a normal part of life in America, you are naïve. You only have to examine how homosexuals have turned society on its head regarding a behavior that was once viewed as immoral and perverse The exact same arguments that homosexual activists have used to gain sympathy and acceptance for their behavior are the same arguments that will be used to justify pedophilia as natural, normal and healthy.

Two things stand in the way of pedophilia being accepted in American society. One is that normal, decent people still view it as gross perversion — in the same way homosexuality once was viewed. The other is that age of consent laws make it illegal for an adult to take advantage of a child sexually. If and when society accepts pedophilia as normal, the age of consent laws will quickly fall. And it will only be a matter of time until our nation will follow suit.

                                                                                                               Copyright 2007 Southern Baptist Convention, Baptist Press,
                                                                                                               Reprint from Baptist Bible Tribune, September 2007, Vol 58 NO 1

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Is this the same guy a friend of mine said was on that bald guy from springer’s show??

        • Jay

          In 2007 McClellan frequently (and indiscriminately) accepted offers to appear on television and radio shows, eventually lowering his profile in 2008 and 2009. Often choosing to be interviewed by rabidly hostile opponents such as Steve Wilkos and Glenn Beck (See YouTube results), McClellan found it particularly hard to defend himself and was often completely overwhelmed by the experience of being systematically humiliated for the entertainment of viewers. In one incident, a characteristically intense Wilkos pulled a chair from beneath McClellan, and the production company deliberately supplied him with bizarre outfits to appear in.
          A number of GirlChat members have raised concerns over the effectiveness of McClellan’s media advocacy, describing it as useless or counteractive, or suggesting that he may be working for an opponent group. Others have congratulated him on his bravery, suggesting that despite his many bad decisions and missed opportunities, any publicity that even in the slightest, humanizes a pedophile may be positive.
          Internet hysteria

          After hearing about McClellan on the news, blogger and webmaster Ron Tebo created the website Tebo said that his fight against McClellan was personal, partly in reaction to his own abuse at the hands of a neighbor when he was six years old. Tebo used his site to keep web users up to date about McClellan’s activities and whereabouts. Before starting the site, he contacted McClellan and had several e-mail conversations with him, and publicly refers to him by his first name.[10] The two have appeared on television programs together, and at one point Tebo defended McClellan on The Steve Wilkos Show against what he described as a bullying studio audience and talk show host.[11] After joining Girl Chat, Ron Tebo later changed the site so that rather than focusing on Jack McClellan, it provides links for child safety, to KidsHealth and articles.

          McClellan claims to have been pursued, harassed and mistreated by police officers on multiple occasions, whilst in and out of custody.

        • Jay

          Don’t you mean, receding hairline?

  • chvietvet

    So Homeland Security finally found something to do with its collection of nude X-ray photos, which it takes when they send the kids through the X-ray devices at the airports. It is good to know that Janet N. has found something else to do besides having her agents following veterans around to investigate them as potential terrorists.

  • jopa

    Bigger isn’t always better and DHS is too big for it’s britches.The creation of DHS was another one of( I won’t say his name) blunders.Too many law enforcement and military agencies under the rule of one person.It is not physically or mentally possible for one individual to be able to justify the actions of all branches of the service and federal law enforcement in an efficient manner.The old way was better.

  • meteorlady

    Today’s news:

    “THE HAGUE, Netherlands – Police say they have rescued 230 child victims of abuse and arrested 184 suspects in a global investigation into a Dutch-based international pedophile ring.

    European Union police agency Europol says the three-year investigation codenamed Operation Rescue identified and rescued children in more than 30 countries.

    Europol director Rob Wainwright said Wednesday the ring was based around an online forum and was “probably the largest online pedophile network in the world.”

    Police say the forum called, based in Amsterdam, had up to 70,000 members.”

    If they could do this why can’t our FBI?

  • Jay

    They’re to busy making sure we’re eating a balanced diet.

  • Marty Hoges

    online sting operation why people do it some time its not good for public

  • RonPaul4Pres

    I think that many are missing the point here. If Gov’t is either directly or through 3rd party contractors posting illicit web content in order to play “Brain police” or create a “Minority reporting” system to build social/psychological databases on innocent Americans, then it is illegal. We already have laws on the books. They really need to start thinking of enforcing them. Isn’t that what Bush said? “Axis of Evil” You can’t be the Axis of Evil if you’re doing evil. You can’t enforce the law if you’re breaking it. I guess we should just “Black-Out” the 4th amendment too.


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