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Government Transparency And Toothless FOIA

February 4, 2013 by  

Government Transparency And Toothless FOIA

The Freedom of Information Act was enacted in 1966 to ensure the American public access to important information about the actions of the Federal government and its agencies. FOIA provides that any person has the right to request Federal agency records as long as disclosure doesn’t threaten national security. It also mandates that agencies voluntarily release certain information. But government transparency activists claim that the government has increasingly thwarted attempts to access information via FOIA to cover up its abuses and failures.

President Barack Obama boldly proclaimed during his first term that his would be “the most transparent” Presidential Administration in history and, along with Attorney General Eric Holder, urged Federal agencies to handle FOIA requests with a “spirit of cooperation.”

Unfortunately, in the years since Obama took office FOIA has become a less-than-effective means of getting information pertaining to government affairs because of myriad homeland security and “executive privilege” exemptions used to block FOIA inquiries. This was demonstrated recently when the American Civil Liberties Union sought information about the Justice Department’s policy regarding warrantless GPS tracking. Justice complied with the request to provide interdepartmental memos related to the issue, but the document was so heavily redacted that only a little more than two full pages of the 57-page document were readable. The information on those pages was mostly inconsequential and already public record.

In 2009, Holder issued new guidelines to the heads of Federal agencies meant to streamline their FOIA process and make more information available. But a recent audit from the National Security Archive found that 62 of the 99 government agencies have done nothing to update FOIA regulations; 56 of them had not even updated the policies since the passage of the 2007 OPEN Government Act. The 2007 act required “that agencies reform their fee structures, institute request tracking numbers, publish specific data on their FOIA output, and cooperate with the new FOIA mediators at the Office of Government Information Services.”

Beyond not making a priority of enforcing openness, the Obama executive branch has also allowed agencies to repeatedly thwart FOIA requests using the deliberative process privilege, which allows for executive branch communications to be kept secret. Though unrelated to FOIA, similar methods were used to keep Congress at bay as lawmakers attempted to determine how culpable Holder and other Administration officials were in the deadly failures of the controversial Fast and Furious gun running scheme.

Last week, a group of open-government activists called on lawmakers to update FOIA, not only to rethink some of the 250 to 300 loopholes that emasculate the act but also to include 21st century reforms that could get information to the public in a timelier manner.

“Outdated agency regulations really mean there’s an opportunity here for a second-term Obama to standardize best practices and bring all the agencies up to his day-one openness pledge,” said Tom Blanton, director of the National Security Archive.

Beyond Congressional initiatives to do away with some of the loopholes that allow agencies to thwart FOIA requests, the National Security Archive recommends the following steps be taken to increase government transparency:

  • Joining the FOIAonline portal, a government-wide, one stop shop for requesting, tracking, and proactively posting digital versions of FOIA’d documents. (Currently only six agencies have joined.)
  • Embracing direct communications with requesters to focus, narrow, and clarify requests rather than rejecting outright requests not perfectly constructed.
  • Ending the practice of using fees to discourage requests. All news media (online or print), students, teachers, new media, bloggers, tweeters, and online-only publications should be granted fee waivers. (Recouped FOIA fees pay for just one percent of all FOIA costs.)
  • Substantially reducing the use of discretionary withholdings, such as the b(5) “deliberative process” exemption. Congress mandated that documents under the Presidential Records Act -concerning decisions made at the highest level- cannot be withheld under the b(5) exemption after the president leaves office. At the very least, this standard should also apply to documents requested under FOIA.
  • Preventing requests from becoming lost in “consultation” and “referral” black holes where multiple (sometimes endless) reviews and re-reviews can cause extreme delays in releases or even lost requests. These black holes can be avoided by sending requests for consultation and/or referral as rarely as possible; informing requesters of the status of their requests (even if they are being processed by a different component or agency); and continuing to track the progress and ensure the completion of FOIA requests, even after they have been passed along to other parts of the government.
  • Proactively posting documents of likely interest to the public, such as the Department of the Interior’s response to the 2010 Deep Water Horizon Gulf oil spill, as required by the 1996 e-FOIA Amendments.

According to the Archive’s FOIA coordinator, Nate Jones, the Obama could still make good on his transparency promise.

“These forgotten regulations and FOIA backslides demonstrate that President Obama needs to install a Transparency Bulldog in the White House whose sole responsibility is to track, cajole, and force federal agencies into complying with the law of the Freedom of Information Act and ensure that the President’s commitments to openness are not ignored by the agencies he leads,” he said.

Obama, however, may be less willing to tackle the issue of FOIA reform today than he was on his first day in the Oval Office. A review by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) released in December showed that Federal agencies were being sued for information under the act more times during the first Obama term than were during the final four years of the George W. Bush Administration. The suits result when the agencies either take an unreasonable amount of time to produce information requested under FOIA or outright deny access.

In all, the FOIA lawsuits jumped by 28 percent, with the most drastic increases in suits being filed against the State Department (111 percent), Department of Agriculture (67 percent), Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Veterans Affairs (60 percent), as well as the Department of Justice (50 percent).

TRAC also noted that the suits were coming from a political diverse group of organizations: “Among the most active were attorneys associated with Judicial Watch, a conservative group and liberal groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and its local affiliates. Also very active were attorneys for Public Citizen Litigation Group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, and attorney David Sobel.”

Transparency groups concede that Congress should intervene to make Obama’s transparency promise a reality.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vicki

    “Government Transparency And Toothless FOIA”

    That is the problem with having the fox guard the hen house.

    • Warrior

      Just another gubmint set of rules requiring a “comprehensive overhaul”. Isn’t it telling that The Ten Commandments never required a “comprehensive overhaul”?

      • GALT

        Missed that whole “new testament’ thingy…..did we?

    • Sun Rising

      And that is what we have with FOIA. It is an Orwellian term that suggest a freedom to the people, but in reality it is a freedom granted to government to cover up criminal and fraudulent activity.

      • GALT

        You just missed Reynolds v. U.S.

        Just like you missed this:

        IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH……( just not YOUR strength. )

      • Sun Rising

        GALT with regards to your article, looks like we really do have a war between the USA and the federal government. Once we all wake up, who do you think will win? It won’t be the USA. My point is, the USA needs to rise up againt the federal government. And one constitutional amendment is all we need to restore governmental order to America.

      • Sun Rising

        Correction: it won’t be the federal government. The USA will prevail. Sorry for the typo.

      • GALT

        I don’t know what kind of war you have in mind, or who you believe the
        enemy is……… this book may be useful.

        With regard to your thought regarding an amendment, since you are operating
        under admiralty/maritime jurisdiction and the UCC and you have given your
        implied consent…….and educating the “public” has been and remains an impossible
        task…… would need to replace every elected official, and most of what
        constitutes those “in charge” of government agencies, to correct the “problem”.

        Most citizens are blaming other citizens ( future victims vs present victims ) while
        many believe that the “solution” is “growth” and have bought the “tale” that those
        that are the cause……..are the solution.

        You have little chance of accomplishing this and less chance of “understanding”
        anything at all……..until you start questioning the very fundamentals of
        civilization and economics, and approach the inescapable realization that
        no government regardless of the economic system in place has ever
        succeeded…nor will it, until it reflects the natural environment which determines
        its sustainability and continuation.

        ” He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past,
        controls the future. “

      • GALT
      • GALT
      • Sun Rising

        . . . you would need to replace every elected official, and most of what constitutes those “in charge” of government agencies, to correct the “problem”.

        Thus the purpose of the TEA Party. It will happen. And no we dont need to replace “ALL”, we only need to replace “ENOUGH”. And that may not even be a majority.

        When it comes down to it, it is the self interest of individuals that will drive the movement towards the “correction”.

        There is no “war” so to speak in terms of weaponry, but rather sides in a higher battle of ideas and ideals.

        The world you strive to keep in place – the one you say we cannot get rid of – is old and antiquated. it is propped up by dying men who have failed to achieve that which wuld bring them in some perverse way, a sense of importality through excessive wealth.

        They are being replaced with bafoons like Obama who have no idea how to steer this increasingly clumsy ship.

        As societies in the past, ours will collapse if we do not “correct” the problem. What make ours different than the past, is that so many more people in ours is in fact educated in these matters.

        You can either be on our side for new birth based on our founding principals, or be on “their” side for a dying cause and anarchy.

      • GALT

        I am not striving to keep anything in place and I am not on your side.

      • Sun Rising

        GALT, it is very clear what side you are on, and it is not on the side of America or Americans. Your comments are very strongly sided with the current antiquated status quo.

        You have a great understanding and sympathy of the current fabric that confines this nation into this demise. You may see personal opportunites for yourself in control over others.

        I am not sure of your motivations, but if you stand on the side of interpretations of people who will posture the rights of the oppressor, then yes, you are not on my side, or the side of America. You are on the side of the depravity we see coming out of DC.

        But, just as you interpret things in your narrow view of the macro world, you forget, others carry significantly opposing interpretations of the same set of historical events. What if the constructs you defend, are truely unlawful. What then?

        Your observation that “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future. “ may hold some truth, the fact is, the “HE WHO CONTROLS” often changes. And if men of virtue take that helm, folks like the former “HE” sets in jail.

        GALT you have exposed yourself to be a heartless thug, who will trample on others freedoms for your personal gain. What is your motivation – who knows. But I can say, it ain’t good!

      • GALT

        The problem with the “willfully ignorant, functional illiterates” is that they are willfully ignorant functional illiterates………your problem isn’t D.C. they are the whores…….

        Try reading the links you were referred to…….and feel free to try again, when you
        are capable of comprehending WHAT you read……..

        “I am not sure of your motivations,”

        The only thing you’ve gotten right………..there are plenty of foolish people for
        you to argue with here……..waste your time with them.

      • Sun Rising

        GALT, I have watched the video and reviewed the documents. This is not the first time I have seen this stuff, but the information here is a lot more comprehensive than what I saw a good number of years ago. I do have unsettling feelings about 9/11. And yes, I know all those FOIA offices in the DoD, CIA et. al. who have to have evil resting deep in their hearts to keep this information from the public. It is not the act of keeping the information this is deeply evil, it is that these people, men and women, fathers and mothers, husbands and wives who live in our neighborhoods and communities are harboring this knowledge in their souls, knowing any day when their conscience takes over, that they could be killed in much the same way the many targets of 9/11 were.

        This is either true or it is many peoples imaginations gone wild. I have to say, 6 years ago and the information you provided certainly presents a solid circumstantial argument.

        But do you think people who work in FOIA offices, who comprise of largely lazy federal workers who are only seeking a easy six digit income really can know about this stuff and keep it inside, and still want to do this day by day? I think the first order I was given to hush this stuff up or else, would put me into a serious state of anxiety. How can common people apply for a FOIA job, then be able to keep this stuff silent? I am not asking a rhetorical question, I am genuinely wanting to know the caliber of human being here.

        Knowing that, then the bigger question I have had for a very long time is how can so many people keep this quiet. We have to be talking of thousands of people. When does the death of 3,000 mostly innocent people and over 4,000 lives of American soldiers lost in the illegal wars start to weigh on these peoples human hearts. I have never had any wealth, other than that measured by happiness and my love for my family, but can a $120,000 annual paycheck make even the lowest people on this totem pole loose all religion, loose all humanity, loose all sense on what is virtuous to make all this stay secret?

        This is the key to help me believe this nightmare. I have never known a person I felt that could be this evil. And GALT, this is shear 100% by the right hand of Satan evil. It comes down to this, we have counter-intelligence that is observing terrorist we fund and put into place to attack us, so we can observe more. I do understand the money making of war, but this is a pathological level of depravity.

        What I describe above, do you believe can really exist in a person’s heart? If you can provide me with information on this part of the discussion, I can start understanding more about the content of the links above.

        I am serious with this request.

        P.S. Please accept my apology on assumptions I made of you earlier. In fact you and I are on the same side. I still have a naive notion that we can beat this using the system our founding fathers provided. And yes, getting rid of Boehner, Cantor, McCain, McConnell, Reid, Pelosi, at the top tier will make a serious dent in the power players in DC. Then we can work on the next tier. With regards to Freeman, law is an abstract. It is fluid and it can change as quickly as it was created.

      • GALT

        Sun Rising, you know you have asked a very complex question and hopefully, you will realise that my being able to answer it for you, is dependant on your present understanding of things as they are, and your own desire to improve that understanding over time……and in this sense, I can only guide you to “sources” of information that will make this possible………whatever you decide to DO, must come from within you…… my operative “philosophy” is based on “First, do no harm”….with a clear understanding that, for most of us, it is not hard to DO THE RIGHT THING…… is hard, in many cases, to know what the right thing is. In that spirit, I will attempt to respond to your questions as best I can……..

        As to the “law”, it is what it is……and the reason you were directed to the freeman site…… because it is “law” you can use to “free yourself”, in fact……it was carefully structured, so that “only YOU” CAN free yourself…….you can NOT use a “lawyer” and you DO have to act, positively…….if you wish to restore your “constitutional rights”, rather than remain, a citizen with benefits, privileges and immunities….which is what you are now. It is not difficult, or even hard to understand…..and it need not be confrontational…..can be done gradually and in such a way, that all you will appear to be doing, is asking ( for all appearences ) what appear to be very legitimate questions, for which the authority you are challenging has no answer for…… fact, they dare NOT answer, because there are consequences both legal and REAL, and it is easier to let YOU go, than risk the exposure of what this is really all about. ( BTW if you do this correctly, no one will ever know what happened, because for all outward appearances, nothing will have happened…….you can tell other people, but they will not believe you, so you will have to be content in the knowledge that you have freed yourself and proceed to the next step. I know this is not as dramatic as you would like……but one drop of water at a time, will eventually grind down the tallest mountain and it is what you CAN DO…….with the understanding that, at the very least, you are not supporting the “tyranny” that is oppressing you.)

        As for the nature of the “law” you are dealing with…….it did not occur overnight……….from beginning to end, it took from 1935 to 1960 to fully impliment the transformation from common law and equity, to admiralty/maritime/UCC jurisdiction and extend it to all the “states”. Why this was done……is a matter of “numerous speculation and theories” but exact knowledge of this is “irrelevant”……..the “constitution” is still there…… are your “rights”, they are simply beyond your reach……until you “cancel” the implied consent, the law ASSUMES you have given, which is a neat little trick……since most are ignorant and choose to remain ignorant……and because there is no way to make a “profit” from it, or appear to make a profit from it, since one risks being charged with “practicing law” without a license, and if you had such a license, you would be cited with contempt for even raising this in any court. ( Vermont, is the only district where being a member of the “bar” is not a requirement, at least the last time I checked. )

        As for the “nature” of the evil to which you refer, this is pretty much the way things have always been………since the early beginnings of civilization……..and the “founders” were no exception, despite the “history” you believe you “understand” or the rhetoric that accompanied it. The only difference was the “inclusion” of a single radical admission, that “governments” derive their “just powers” from the consent of the governed…… was not “original to them”, and most of what they included, had it’s roots in the Magna Carta……but the simple fact was…..and remains, they were the “excluded elite” complaining about the policies of the EAST INDIA COMPANY, tried to negotiate a “better deal” with The Continental Association, which was both ignored and reacted to by The New England Restraining Act of 1775 and the game was on.

        This was essentially an “agrarian economy”, so land and “slaves” played a big part in what followed……..and this pretty much mirrored what was occuring in Europe, under the merchantalist system, with trade guilds, large land holdings, etc. but the U.S. was different in two respects, it had plenty of “land” available, once the removal of the “original owners” was accomplished and “slaves”, which might not have been such a problem, were it not for Eli Whitney and his 1893 invention of the cotton gin…….which made green cotton a viable crop, since it could be grown in more places than the “black” cotton…….and actually made “slavery” profitable again, extremely so…..since all other crops were marginally profitable at best…….and the system was slowly petering out, as unsustainable…….provisions in the constitution regarding this ( without mentioning the institution ) written in 1787, were probably constructed with this understanding…… this was a game changer, and determined the course of “our history” for the next 75 years, in more ways than most are aware of. ( or will acknowledge )

        Of course, agrarian economies, have their own problems, which are sort of “built in” and counter productive……in the land, labor, capital scheme of things……..where more means less….in terms of profit….so cash flow was always a problem……George Washington, who died with an estate valued at 100 million in current dollars, had unproductive land and unreliable slave labor, and Thomas Jefferson was constantly dealing with “creditors”, but these were no ordinary men to begin with, they were “the elites” of their day, and while they would be replaced over time by the “manufacturor’s” this process would not be completely realized until the 1930′s.

        In 1776, Adam Smith made two observations regarding economics.

        “A man must live by his work, and his wages must be at least enough to maintain him. They must even on most occasions be somewhat more: otherwise it would be impossible for him to bring up a family and the RACE of such workmen could not last beyond the first generation.”

        “The subjects of every state ought to contribute towards the support of government, as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities; that is, in proportion to the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the state.”

        The first part has always been true and remains so today, the second part has always been resisted by those who have ‘profited’ by the exploitation of labor, and the “corruption of the state”……..this “history” can be found in “The Rich Don’t Always Win” by Sam Pizzagati which covers the rise of the plutocracy from 1865, to it’s brief set back from 1945 to 1970…..and it’s resurgence, in the present…….where they are now in complete control, and they are using the same tactics they always have………..and it’s not that they are particularly organized or intelligent, they are simply determined to keep what they have……by whatever means necessary………and since they know that you are not particularly organized or intelligent and are easily distracted, they don’t have to be very good at it.

        Save the fetus, save the guns, save the constitution, save capitalism, kill the parasites, kill the commies, kill the socialists, kill the foreigners, kill the muslims……………..

        Of course, this doesn’t mean they won’t screw everything up for the LAST TIME, but the “victims” are no threat…….

        Probably not the “answer” you wanted, or expected, or even agree with……..yet, but you may in time if you are willing to look…… for solutions………this won’t and can’t happen until civilization, governments and economies, serve the needs of the people…..unconditionally and without exception………which does not look promising or about to happen anytime soon……..

        to be continued…………

        “To conquer, firts DIVIDE!” ( and then HANG, separately. )

      • Sun Rising

        GALT, I am absorbing your latest post. The road bump I have in getting to where you are is the common person who is caught up in this. There is a super class that have left the stratosphere of humanity who can allow evil to happen and in fact can cause this evil to occur. I get that. But the shear number of common people who are aware of teh details of 9/11 has to be huge. We are talking about basic administrative staff, engineers, accountants, and so on. I would like to believe the people who redact documents are not of the caliber to allow such evil to go unpunished. I know a few people with high level TS clearances who are in some sort of disclosure program and they mention freedom of information when they talk about their work, but other than drinking profusely, they do not seem like the kind of people who could manage keeping significant amounts of dark matter in their heads and souls – maybe I am wrong. I see keeping information about JFK, OBL, misappropreations of trillions of DoD dollars as being more evil than murder and rape. The result of thier personal actions, and their defesne of the indefensible results in 100′s of thousands of inocent lives being killed annually and thousands of soldiers being killed or wounded annually. This 100% complete evil is causing more soldiers to committ suicide than be killed by our so called enemies. To be just one common person to choose every day to perpetuate this depravity (and that is not a strong enough word) shows these people to be of no soul. These people then go home, and kiss their kids good night, make love and visit freinds and family as if nothing is wrong. Like I said, no one I know, I feel is like that. But could I be that wrong about these people? If you are in FOIA, with high level clerance, the odds of you knowing evil and corrupt matters is pretty good! And if you are OK with that to the point of feeling good about redacting it, it is scary these people exist.

        I can believe the super class of evil can exist, because these people have been removed from societal norms for a long time and have diseased minds. But the FOIA folks are normal people in your neighborhoods – at least I would liek to think so. If the assertions the video makes is true, these people had to have been brainwashed or somehow dehumanized to adopt the pure basic evil in their hearts to a clinical depraved level. That above all else is what scares me the most. Thinking I live here in DC and near normal looking people are OK with all this purposeful killing of husbands, fathers, and sons, wives, mothers and daughters just to get their six digit incomes and access. It is extreemily unsettling and creepy.

        I need to understand what this drive is to understand why thousands of people in the web presented in the video can do what they do. Hell, hundreds of foot soldiers were killed on 9/11, yet thousands more who survived seems like they wont be targets as well?

        When does all this evil and fear make someone crack, and worse, why haven’t more people cracked since 9/11? I strongly believe evil is unnatural to the human soul, and eventually it all does catch up.

        Thanks for your time in your responce – it was very informative. But this is where I need the most help.

  • Bobseeks

    FOIA is a joke. I helped put together materials for two FOIA requests for a democrat controlled city in Southern Illinois. After we assembled the documents, the Mayor went through and deleted what he did not want the requesting party to see. Unless the requesting parties are given free access to records, politicians will hide what they don’t want seen. We need strict penalties when politicians hide information.

    • Sun Rising

      Exactly, no politician or federal offical should have any control over the information being released. There is litterally a book almost two inches thick, that allows the criminals in these federal offices to block nearly everything. And there is far too much arogance in these office that gives these criminals the feeling they can get away with it.

      A crime is one thing, covering up a crime with a redaction is a thousand times worse.

      • Bobseeks

        Redaction is bad, but a least it arouses suspicion. In the case I mentioned, whole documents were withheld.

      • Sun Rising

        There was a time these idiots redacted whole pages. But you are right, now they go directly to the shredder.

        But the investigations are coming. We have a rule of law and a higher expectation of our federal workers than most countries do. These criminals will be brought to justice.

        The problem is not so much the criminal element in the head offices, it is with the complacency within these FOIA offices that really need to be investigated. Counter to the arogance of these FOIA offices, they work for us, not the Secretary of whatever.

        If these individuals were brought up on conspiracy charges and cover up, maybe every FOIA office – and there are lots of the duplicated offices – would demand change!

  • Sun Rising

    What we need to do is stop allowing the government the luxury of secrecy. If a corporation was involved in a criminal activity or fraud or some sort of loss due to mismanagement, they need to disclose information to investigative bodies, regulator and the like with zero redactions.

    The government which is per capita of employee is far more plagued with fraud, corruption and mismanagement than any corporate body. And losses generated by the federal workforce and exceeded all corporate losses of all times by a factor of hundreds! The federal government lost $11 trillion in the last 12 years. If that is not proof of fraud, corruption and mismanagement I don’t know what is.

    Yet where corporate America is regulated to 100% disclosure to regulator and investigative bodies, the federal governmentis allowed to control its disclosure by the very people committing the crimes. Can you imagine WorldCom, Enron and Bernie Madoff having the control over what the investigators could see? We could never get the criminals in jail. Just as we cant get the criminal federal officials in jail.

    Basic reforms need to happen in DC that goes beyond the list provided. First we need an investigative body that oversees the federal government. This has to be owned by the states, and the state governments should have final say as a collective body on what the federal government does.

    First step is for the states to gain control of the GAO. The GAO should report to the states in both compensation and in investigative powers. The organization should be called Government Accountability and Oversight. It has done a fairly good job analyzing the budgets and putting out warnings. But it is often ignored. It is the only federal organization that tells the truth and is largely in sync with conservative think tanks as far as federal spending and debt analysis.

    The GAO should bring the entire FOIA programs into one single place, under its control. Then call it simply the Federal Disclosure Office (FDO). The new Disclosure Program should then be the arbiter of collecting unredacted documents from the 99 criminal federal agencies. They should have a separate group that deals with matters of national security who comprise of individuals who pass the strictest clearance protocols of corporate America (as the DoD protocol provides a caliber of individual that has handed WikiLeaks and like organizations millions of documents a year.) When a request is made, the GAO-FDO, will first kindly ask for the complete set of documents. Document auditors will then go through them to ensure they got them “ALL”. If they have them all, they then process them for release, with a focus on only redacting matters of national security and not internal corruption (which is now concealed as well.) If the criminal federal agency has not provided all the documents, then the GAO-FDO should have a police force that goes to the federal agency to “get them” in the same way federal investigators get documents from the corporate criminals.

    Think about it, if the DoD/CIA did not really kill OBL, and they just made it all up for the benefit of Obama, and we the people wanted to know; right now we have a criminal for the Sec of State who just tells his 10 separate and completely duplicated FOIA office that any photo will not be released. Then 1,000’s of DoD federal workers are conspirators of a massive crime and cover up. The new approach would force the DoD to release EVERYTHING or face criminal prosecution at the personal level. With the same fear our corporations have of the federal government, the federal government will have of the states. Then there would be no individual willing to sacrifice his or her future for crimes committed by federal officials. It would force transparency where transparency has not existed since WWII.

    At that point, the solutions listed will work by natural progression. What we need to do is take the federal FOX and fire it from the guard post of the CHICKEN HOUSE!

    • GALT

      Well since we ARE a “democracy” why not submit that solution for a “national referendum” to appear on the next federal election ballot?

      • anthony

        Galt, We were never intended to be a Democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic. Somewhere along the line from then to now that distinction has become so diluted that most people don’t see a difference in the two. That is what we need to go back to, and that, Sir, is the only real solution to the problems we are facing as a noation today. Sadly, though, it will likely never happen because the elites would first have to relenquish their claim to the “Throne” either voluntarily, or by force. Seeing as that we, as a people, are so far apart on so many beliefs, from raw milk to marijuana to guns, we will never be able to stand together for any sort of action against any sort of tyranical government and they know that more than you think they do. That is why you’ll see the news reported so differently in any two regions. It keeps the people at odds with each other, and distracted from the hell we are beng sent to so quickly. The first thing would be to completely destroy the political whore media so that it could then be rebuilt. The second thing to do would be to de-federalize education, especially history, and teach the truth that has not been taught for so very long. These criminals in office like to make you think that they make big mistakes, or are misguided. The fact is that they are not making mistakes. They are leading us all further down the rabbit hole on purpose. In the next generation what do you think the majority of people will believe when they have been taught lies and propoganda for in place of truth by the teachers in whom they trust to show them truth? They will all just accept that how it is is the best it can be unless we as parents and grandparents and mentors constanly monitor what indoctrination schemes they are being spoon fed in school. Our world will only get better if we as a whole people conciously choose to make it better by acting on it; not by closing our eyes and wishing it was so. No geovernment will ever make the world a better place for anyone other than themselves and no one else.

  • JHM

    Obama is transparent; I can see right through him and what he is all about.

  • Don

    i’d like to see the information on the killing of john kennedy. this act will never be revealed until the people living back then are dead. the guilty from back then should be dead by now. i’m sure the federal reserve had a hand in it. kennedy wanted to shut it down which would have really benifited us today. their manipulation of our moneys value would not have happened and this country would be in better shape. i don’t see why we can’t use the freedom of information act to find out. the hell of it is the federal reserve reserve is an elitist owned entity which our government will protect to the end. one more thing, why can’t it be used to expose evidence in the fast and furious thing. i can’t see why it is getting swept under the rug. holder will get off scott free and obunhole has executive privilidge to protect him. i was hoping it would be blown up into a water gate like thing. look at all the poor innocent people killed by the drug lords with the illegal weapons smuggled into mexico. if holder and obunhole were involved it almost looks like dirty polititions get away with murder.

    • Sun Rising

      I want everything about the fictional killing of OBL released. This and Benghazi are the two largest coverups in American history. JFK is big, but the corruption in the DoD right now is causing the slaughter of 100′s of thousands of people globally, and several thousands of our bravest men and women fighting what feel is an illegal war.

      What incenses me us citizens who work in these offices know truths that are damaging to our liberty, yet their personal arogance and depravity allows them to redact that knowledge. It hinges on evil.

  • ibcamn

    Obama transparent?no,very thin skinned but not transparent!
    my note would be with a news outlet trying to gain FOIA papers and notes on the EPA,and has been to court several times with the gov’t DA and has had no information giving to date on this,the records to and from senior officials(white house)e-mails,and for the pres. of the EPA and her records under her name and a mans name!it was found out she had a secret e-mail account(false account)which is a federal offense,she has since stepped down but they are still waiting and filed more papers to the courts sat@5,cut off time,and those were papers to other papers they filed months ago which were papers filed because they(EPA)wanted them to narrow(from ALL e-mails)the scope of the search,to just the illegal e-mail accounts!in response the gov’t DA said it would still be too many files for them to obtain and give out,so again the news station has to go back to court to obtain just the illegal e-mails to and from senior officials,and not just the (ex)pres of the EPA!..and FOX is waiting to see what happens!!

    • Sun Rising

      Blatant, to the core corruption. Withholding information from the people when the federal government is so obviously corrupt is evil. Complying with department or division heads when your job is to provide us with the information is evil. Relying on regulations written by corrupt heads is evil. Not exposing this corruption and thereby taking a six digit income as hush money is not only evil, but is criminal.

  • Renderizer

    My friends, we are screwed, blued, and tattooed. There is no way to regain our freedoms short of the complete destruction and subsequent rebuilding of the governments, both Federal and state. Such cannot be done by the citizenry when the government need only shut down the power grid for a year which would reduce the population to less than fifty million. Much more manageable.

    • Sun Rising

      Have faith, we can and will overcome. Our first step is to get a critical numbe rof states to ban together to start a full fledged criminal investigation on congress members and federal officials. This will take some effort. There are quite a few “good” states that do stand for something.


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