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Government Sues School District On Behalf Of Muslim Teacher

March 31, 2011 by  

Government sues school district on behalf of Muslim teacherA Federal court will likely determine how far employers must go to accommodate the religious practices of their staff members.

According to media reports, the Justice Department (DOJ) has sued a school district in Illinois for refusing to grant a Muslim employee three weeks off to make a pilgrimage to Mecca. The government's lawsuit was filed in December 2010, two years after Safoorah Khan resigned from her teaching position at MacArthur Middle School in Berkeley, Ill.

In her first full year of employment, Khan requested three weeks of unpaid leave in December of 2008 to attend Hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. The school denied her request because it fell just prior to students' final exams.

Khan quit her job and took her case to the Chicago Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which ruled in her favor and referred the case to the DOJ. The government agency claims that the school district violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by denying an employee the opportunity to practice her religion.

Critics of the lawsuit argue that the school had the right to deny Khan's request because her time off would have significantly interfered with her job.

"The Justice Department is using its power and law to push frankly extreme cultural and other views that the ordinary American person does not agree with," said former DOJ Civil Rights Division lawyer Hans von Spakovski, quoted by FOX News

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  • s c

    Safoorah Khan would be a good candidate for a Darwin Award (maybe a Nobel Peace Prize, too?). To single out any individual (regardless of whatever religion is involved) would be discriminatory. Is it safe to say that she has not read and/or does not understand the Constitution?
    She should move to Wisconsin, where she can live a parasitic lifestyle – compliments of Wisconsin’s public sector unions – and those same self-serving losers would probably be happy to let her think she’s superior and that she must be treated better than everyone else.
    What the retards at the DOJ have done is to prove that today’s Big BrotherMuther lawyers specialize in paranoia and discrimination. If she’s black, they could have whizzed and moaned that she was also a victim of racism. TWITS!

    • Christin


      Looks like Safoorah Khan did America and the students a FAVOR by quiting so that there would not be any Muslim indoctrination to the students of that school by her.

      America was built on Judeo-Christian values that is why we are OFF from work on Saturday and Sunday… Keep the Sabboth Holy.
      If that doesn’t fit with someone else’s beliefs then don’t take the job.

      I am a school Teacher, too, though not currently working, and I never would have left for three weeks let alone three days to put my students in that position to face finals without my teaching and reviewing so they could achieve their best.

      Seems like this WH administration only cares about you if you are a NON-Christian, NON-Veteran/Soldier, and NON-Citizen of America.

      • 5StarTexan

        My first question about Khan is this: Is Khan running a con? Is she trying to claim the rights of a citizen, when she prbably is not a citizen? Even if she is employed by the state of Ill, if she is not a citizen–she don’t have the same rights as a citizen!! Besides, when she took the job, it is about teaching the kids according to the schedule of the school, not according to her schedule of whatever pops up in here home country. Besides, we have no business allowing the enemy to teach our children!!!

        • patrick H.T. paine

          “To conquer, first divide!”

          IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH but THIS is clearly STUPIDITY from all sides.
          Once again we have the “media distortion” regarding “the haj”…..
          it is an ANNUAL EVENT, not a requirement……which asks that followers make the “pilgrimage” to Mecca, at least once in their lifetime….and I’m really not certain that it has to be done at
          any specific time. ( although sometimes may be more interesting
          than others, like going to bethlehem at xmas would be for xians.)

          So for the faithful here, this YEAR was not critical, and quitting
          was a personal choice and NOT motivated by a religious REQUIREMENT!
          ( hence really stupid involvement of the DOJ for a non issue )

          Besides if you really want a case to press, the best one would be the
          five times daily prayer requirement……which our plaintiff here,
          being a faithful follower of the prophet, peace be upon him, should
          clearly be engaged in, NO? Because if not, credibility would seem to
          be an issue…….and as a court case, an excellent clarification
          of the seperation of church and state issue, which has yet to be
          understood by anyone, the Supreme IGNORANTS included.

          “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls…….”

      • WayneT

        Obama definately favors the Muslims. Does this tell you anything? Anyone who thinks this president is not a Muslim are just refusing to accept it.

        • swampfox

          amen to that!

      • Bud Tugly

        Safoorah Khan is totally in the wrong. If she wants to practice Islam with such intensity let her go to a country where it is practiced. There are plenty of the. Leaving before students’ final exams is unprofessional and inexcusably selfish. She knew the school schedule when she took the job. If she didn’t like it she should have done something else.

        • http://deleted Claire

          Bud Tugly– I agree.

        • Jay

          Here, here, Bud Tugly! If we can’t have the Ten Commandments… And the ACLU made sure of that!!!

          Anti-Christian Litigation Union and Abortionite Confraternity of Litigious Ultra-Leftists. An organization devoted to destroying the moral foundations of American society by eradicating the influence of religion from public life.

          Apparently they have no issues with Islam!!!

          • Bud Tugly

            Nice use of language.

          • Norman F.

            ACLU- American Crazy Lawwyers Union!

          • http://naver samurai

            The Atheist Communist Looney Liberal Union. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://Verizon Bud G.

      S.C.: Exactly. Isn’t it odd that you are not allowed to pray, wear or express anything about your religion on school property, yet this woman is demanding her rights on religious grounds.

      Eric Holder makes up the rules as he goes along and this clown has already stuck his nose into far too many issues where it doesn’t belong.
      The issue on the Black Panthers outside the voting place and his cover up could be his waterloo when Congress takes action and likely demand his resignation.

    • Michele

      Christin, has obviously a grudge on what is also expected of her in a work place.
      My thoughts on this issue is as follows: Upon applying for a position anywhere, it is only applicable to alert your employer of certain request’s to be made available to you due to your religion. This is the only way an employer is well aware of what he may have to deal with when the final request is made. However, it I were the employer, I would ask for a three month notice for the special request. That would be a time for the employer to accomodate such request by planning for it.
      Though I am not in favor of all this Islamist apecial treatment, because no one elses religious needs are met that way. The special treatment is also a way of condioting the american public to accept their folleys.
      I am usualy much more willing to accomodate someone, but it is too much that is expected of us in this country. I suggest this young teacher might consider living in an Islamic country, where it is obviously not important to effect her pupils just before their finals.
      Enough already! And why is the Government getting involved in this?? It is a matter between the school and the teacher, NOT THE GOVERNMENT!

      • Carol

        I commented on the fact that one year my Mother made more as a substitue than my Physics(she taught all the high school sciences). She was also a devout Christian. She was also my Sunday School teacher. But not once in my 4 years of being in one of her classes did she ever bring religion into the classroom.

    • James

      S c, It seems you don’t understand it either, what does the U.S. Constitution have to do with practicing religion in Illinois?

  • http://naver samurai

    Well boo hoo! What should have been more important to her, her pilgrimage for a false god or her students? I thought the students would come first, since she was a teacher. She even quit because she couldn’t go to Mecca, well boo hoo! Shows how immature she is. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Kenners43

      Well said. Islam in internally inconsistent within their founding document. It reads like the author had a abiding hate for logic but then again belief drives behavior.

      • 45caliber

        Actually, I think he had multiple personalities, all of which added their part to what he wrote.

    • Don Johnson

      Hasn’t been mentioned if she pulled out her prayer rug and prayed to the East 3 or 4 times a day (whatever the number is), during classes, but I doubt it! So when did she “get religion”? or who gave it to her? Probably ACLU.

      • James

        Don J., I would say she got it from her parents and tradition of the nation wherein she was born. When you see thousands of people all doing the same thing, many times a day, at the same time of day, and are punished for not doing it, that’s political control – not religion.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    Unfortunatly we cant be completly sure of any sort of religous discrimination in this case unless there is a case of another faculty member of a different relgion making a similar request at a similar time. Or perhaps there inlies the issue of whether or not if this teacher had been given her vaction if other members of the faculty with different religous beliefs would also have been granted vaction on religous grounds.

    • valricoslash

      Teachers everywhere have a real rackett going. What other job besides congress do you get off two weeks for CHRISTMAS vacation, a week for spring break, every federal holiday, personal days, sick days, and the entire summer off? None, that I can readily think of. She could have scheduled her trip over the summer so as to not interfere with her job. In this particular case I hope the courts throw it and the DOJ out on thier butts, but they wil get some lame lib judge, trying to move up the federal judge pecking, order to rule in their favor and so more tax payer money will be spent on goin all the way to the supreme court. If it was just a day or two off for a particular relgious holiday I would not object, but three weeks for something that can be done at any time during her lifetime is ridiculous. I have to give her credit though–al least she asked for the time off without pay. Most union members would have damanded full compensation as well as the time off.

      • E

        so… have all the answers. You haven`t a clue as to why teachers have the time off in the first place. All you can do is spit dribble that you heard before…..
        Teachers my friend work more than 12 hours a day including weekends……do you?
        Most teachers myself included spend almost 4,000 a year out of our own pockets on YOUR kids… you? All teacher must have a minimum of a bachelors degree ( 87,000)…..certification by the state….1,500 and required to get a masters degree another 25,000….just to keep our you?…..required to keep CEu credits and continue schooling for a lifetime…do you?…….subject to kids lying about you pushing them, saying something nasty to them…….sworn at kicked at, punched…….do you?


  • Mike

    She only has to do it once in her life and it can be anytime in her life. these same people say Christans have no right to “practice their religion in or around schools.
    Out side this discussion, public property (government owned) is really the property of the people because we are the government–so as long as taxes do not pay for the decorations they can be displayed on public property. The will of the people.

    • Carlucci

      You are absolutely correct. Mooslims can make the Hajj any time in their life time. For this idiot to claim it is religious discrimination is absurd. Obviously, she was being less than honest when she signed her contract with the school district.

      I wonder if this whole thing has been orchestrated to see just how far a mooslim can go. If she wins this suit, it will open up an even bigger can of worms.

      • Carlucci

        And it comes as no surprise that this is happening in Illinois.

  • Dan

    If she quit her job did she take the time to make the trek to Mecca? If not then what’s the point of the whole thing? The DOJ shouldn’t even be involved but then what do you expect when Tea Party members are the enemy?

  • http://n/a Terry

    The government agency claims that the school district violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by denying an employee the opportunity to practice her religion.


    Since the purpose of schools is, long forgotten, to ducat students, not be a legal lab for teachers why aren’t students civil rights being violated by using a curriculum banning the idea of crestion, and not allowing students the opportunity to prsy and exercise their right to practice religion? The ACLU is not supposed to be the laww od the land!

  • Jay

    Her religious convictions are commendable, however, since the education system show absolutely no regard for and often discriminates Christianity, the DOL then, is engaging in blatant and apparent double standard.

    • 45caliber


    • Keith Pinster

      Well, I wouldn’t say that refusing to allow xians to indoctrinate children into a superstitious delusions, despite the child’s parents wishes would be considered “discrimination”. However, regardless of the religious nonsense the teacher wants to participate in, every employer, especially in government positions, is very clear about their time off policies. And, even if they aren’t, if she knew that she was going to take the time off, she should have asked for that in the first place. She was also very aware of the schedule, so it should have been extremely reasonable for her to be denied the time off.

      This country to FAR too accommodating to religious nutjobs that think they should be treated better than everyone else. It amazes me how these superstitious, delusional, self-centered people keep expecting special treatment, just because they don’t have the brains to think for themselves.

      • Jay

        Keith, I thought only religious people bash, are you religious?

        Keith’s viscous rants aimed at religious people: religious nutjobs
        superstitious delusions
        It amazes me how these superstitious, delusional, self-centered people keep expecting special treatment, just because they don’t have the brains to think for themselves.

        Well, well, well, seems we have a bit of hypocrisy and serious intolerance on your part, hey Keith?
        How can you stand being such a hypocrite? So intolerant! Keith, you’re a walking contradiction, you have lost all credibility! Mull it over, and I hope you don’t get a serious brain cramp, you putz!

        • Bob

          Grow up mate eveyone as a right to say what they think

          • Jay

            For sure Bob, and I did! Got a problem with that?

          • http://naver samurai

            Grow up mate. Our Constitution says: “An American shall have the right to speak out against their elected officials without anything happening to them. This freedom of speech shall not be taken from any American.” 1st Amendment. Other religious groups, maybe not. By your using “mate” you don’t sound like an American, ergo you wouldn’t know what you’re talking about moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://deleted Claire

            Bob– I am inclined to agree–especially with the “freedom” to have, and to voice an opinion.

          • James

            Samurai, If you are going to paraphrase the First Amendment, don’t use quotation marks, it confuses people.

      • http://naver samurai

        You must have been looking in the mirror when you said this last paragraph. This nation was founded on Christian principles, so if you don’t like it, just leave and go somewhere else to live, moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://n/a Terry

    That is educate students. (I almost flunked typing in high school.)

  • Tracie

    I say…GOOD RIDDANCE!!!! The kids are better off than to have her in the school system. Who’s to say she wasn’t teaching them about her religion in the first place…there is NOTHING good about Islam.
    Would they allow a teacher to take 3 weeks off to go to Israel to walk the Via Dolorosa…the path Jesus walked to Calvary? I DOUBT IT!!! They would claim it ‘offends’ others in the school and that they can’t allow something like that on religious grounds…but let a muslim ask, and OH, LET’S NOT OFFEND THEM, NO!!!! This country is in SO much trouble for turning her back on God, it’s scary.

    • Jay

      That’s right, Tracie. We wouldn’t want somebody like that indoctrinating our children to hate Christians and Christianity! This country was and always will be, Christian! And we know the hate that Islam has for Christianity. Its not surprising then, that the DOJ initiated a law suit without being asked. Godless hypocrites!

      • http://naver samurai

        Thank you for those very true words, fellow patriot! I’m glad to see that someone else says that this is a Christian nation. Tracie and Jay, you all tell the truth about this nation and the subject at hand. We were founded on Judeo-Christian principles, Biblical law taken from the Old and New Testiments, our laws based on the 10 Commandments, and a deep rich belief in nature and Nature’s God. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • JVB

    However, it didn’t stop teachers from protesting the threat to their collective bargaining rights, even getting fake doctors’ excuses, for weeks on end. School districts may have to admit they are biased. Students in many districts are having to MAKE UP the days they were FORCED TO MISS so their teachers could protest in Wisconsin…and we know now that many of those MILLIONS reported protesting were BUSED IN BY UNIONS AROUND THE COUNTRY.

    That said…when it comes to separation of church and state, why is it all separation always starts in the classroom? Why isn’t the school district clinging to this in their defense? Schools can’t sing Christmas carrols for fear of ticking off an atheist, but now they’re supposed to allow teachers to travel to MECCA as part of their religious rights? Districts can’t be in both places on the subject….where is the ACLU on this matter?

  • Homer

    You know, IF I decided to come to that city and presch on the streets and proclaim Jesus Christ as LORD and “Savior” I’ll bet there would be no one at the DOJ etc to stand up and say “he needs to have exercise to practice his religion”!! That is the biggest Hypocritical hogwash I have ever heard. All the woman had to do was to take the trip the next year and and she could have been more accomodating! A Muslim accomodating LOL don’t make me laugh! However the DOJ, the communists they are should have realized this and just settled it by saying sorry lady, you can go at a more convienient time, and NOT made a special case out of it!! The DOJ, again don’t make me laugh!! Since when is there any justice in any dept of justice or any govt dept?? That’s right NONE!!! IF the Muslim doesn’t like it, take it back to where she came from. MUSLIMS are UNFIT to live in this country anyway!!!

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    Give me a break– poor Muslim — what a waste of time — go back to where she’s from and face that sharia law, probably whys she ran in the first place

  • Denny

    Why could she not go during the summer when school is out? Seems that would have solved the problem.

  • Lita Biejo

    She resigned already and may have gone to Mecca. Did she? If she did what is the point of this sueing? I’m sure that other teachers who applied for this particular date whether they are Christians, Hindu, Atheist, ets would have not been allowed to have that vacation because of the date not because of discrimination or violation of the law. Why are these muslims making this a big deal? Stop this nonsnese and waste of taxpayers money spent on this.

    • bob wire

      hmm? It appears that Muslims are attacking their new home land by rule of law with obstinacy’s, using our/their “freedom to worship” to alter the fabric of America. Attempting to make it more Muslim friendly like the homeland they fled in fear and chaos.

      They don’t see their so called “religion” as being the root of their many problems.

      and evidently the American government doesn’t either.

    • 45caliber

      Why did she sue? Well, someone has to pay for the trip. Right?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        From my understanding the DOJ initiated the suit in her behalf! This makes it 1000 times worse!!

  • http://WeThePeople Jean

    They want to be treated like everyone else – and yet when they do not get their way (which regular people now adays do not) then they call foul.

    • bob wire

      Yes, that appears to be the rule.

  • Tom SC

    I thought this was the USA and a Nation based on Christian beliefs, when some one comes here to take up residance they should under stand that they are welcome, but the practices of Islam must be left behind. If those people wish to engage in islamic practices,why did they come here in the first place? Regardless of what Obama said we are a Christian Nation and we will always be a Christian Nation unless we give in to those appointed by this current administrations mistakes.What these people brought with them is exactly what Obama is using in his attempt to destroy this Country.

    • Carlucci

      Because they want to take over America and implement and enforce Shar’ia law.

      Everybody lock and load, and stock up on the pork products.

    • Jay

      We the people, should initiate a counter law suit against the DOJ, for showing preference to Islam, thus discriminating Christianity!

    • http://naver samurai

      True that! True that! I’ve got my weapon locked and loaded and ready to go. Good post Tom. Let’s keep up the good fight, fellow patriots! 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Went to another toy er gun show today!!! I was like a kid in a candy shop!! I re-joined the NRA after a couple of years absence. The police sold 2000 tickets for a fund raiser and if you win you get your choice of one of five automatics, a glock 9, a PPK, an S&W9 and two others. Couldn’t pass up free guns!!! Well for the price of a ticket anyways!!! five instead of four would be nice!!! I,d sure like to go to the one sponsored by the NRA in Pittsburg the 29 thru the 1st!! NRA card gets you free entrance!!! I’m also a member of GOA as well!! Can’t have too much news!!

    • bbstacker

      the muzzle-end practice called Taqiyyah. Lie to the Infidel when it benefits the muzzies.

  • Peter

    Islam operates on a lunar calendar. This means the dates of Hajj on our calendar change each year. This Muslim teacher need only wait a year or two and she could do Hajj in the summer when school is not in session. Problem solved!

    • bob wire

      I like the way Peter thinks !

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Where’s the ACLU? Shouldn’t this be included in the lame argument of separation of church and state? If anyone still believes that Muslims can live peacefully side by side with citizens in America, then they are not very observant. This is just one more example of how they are trying to break down America from within, using no force. They won’t need force as long as they can use the legal system to their advantage.

    • bob wire

      Good question Robin, seems they have reservations.

      This needs to be stopped here and now before it gets out of hand.

      If they find in this teachers favor I would guess school districts would be much slower to hire Muslims in the future and that would offer just more unique problems to address.

      Square pegs and round holes.

      Perhaps her pilgrimage should be a final destination. They need teachers as well I would think.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      that only applies to Christianity!!!!!

      • Jay

        Correcto mundo Joe H!

    • http://naver samurai

      Maybe the school system could get someone from the ACLJ to represent them. They’re not as big as the DOJ or ACLU, but they have a 100% win rate against both. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • ldot

    You mean the same DOJ (Eric Holder) that turned the other way when there was the Black Panther voting fraud? the same DOJ who is suing Arizona to enforce the immigration law? the same DOJ who spoke in the terms of “my people”? the same DOJ who now seems to be involved in guns being smuggled into Mexico and then used against Americans? And now that same crooked, corrupt, POS, DOJ is suing a school district? Gee, what a surprise?!?!?

    BTW, this crooked, corrupt, POS, tyrannical administration should stay out of states business in this and in all issues.

    I wish the military would go in and arrest all of those anti-American, anti-Constitutional, anti-military POS’s who are running this country into the ground, arrest them and throw them in GITMO for treason.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      I’ve been thinking exactly that for a long time!

  • Rusty

    You see there is one point to this no one has made. If I approached my employer and asked for time off without pay. Then, what I intend to do on that time off, should not have to be told. Because, that wouldn’t be any of their business. Obviously, this was to be personal time off. The problem lies in the fact that “she” thought it would make a difference to the employer as to whether or not they would let her go. Very simply put. The school officials did the right thing and were actually looking out for the students in this case. The point is, no one gets personal time off from their job unless they plan way ahead, have sickness, a death in the family, or possibly a family crisis. But, this case would be looked at simply as one of those times where “she” walks up out of the blue and asks “can I take three weeks off, starting next week?” And as any employer would respond, “Well, lets see what we have going on that week. Oh! Are you kidding that’s the three weeks leading up to exams!” “Absolutely not!” “Get your lazy but back to work!”

    • homeboy

      how much would it cost the school to hire a sub for this time and what would happen if all these teachers in this school wanted time off. this not the same situation as say working for a private company . this is a public institution. where is her union on this matter. how come they are not barking to the press like in wisconsin. sooner or later you will see the public get sick and tired of religion getting their way and the government stopping all this religious freedom.

      • Carol

        Substitutes get paid more than full time teachers. And when I was in school, teachers did not get paid during summer or Christmas and Easter vacations. My mother worked in a cannery during the summer months until my Dad was making enough to pay all the bills. And he was an engineer and both were UC Berkeley graduates. So now teachers get paid year round even when they aren’t teaching. What other profession pays for the 3 months they aren’t working?. Also, they don’t even teach anymore. They send the students home with homework and tell them to have their parents teach them. Don’t tell me they don’t My youngest was sent home with Algebra homework with the instruction to have ME show him how to do it. Sure, I could have done so or my Mother could have since she had a Master’s in mathematics. But, I was not being paid to teach him, the teacher was.

        • independant thinker

          Back when i was in high school a teacher told us that in our state the teachers had a choice on their pay. They could take a lump sum payment, pay for the 9 months of school, or pay for 12 months. Their pay was the same no matter what option they took just the size of the check changed. She said most teachers took the 9 month option with a few takiing the 12 month one and she did not know of anyone taking the lump sum option.

        • Thamera

          Carol: With all due respect because each state is different, but substitutes most definitely do not make more than full time teachers. That aside, point well taken, being a teacher myself, there are far too many teachers that went into the profession for the wrong reason, and they should be weeded out. I do not support public unions and I am a strong advocate of merit based pay for that very reason.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Thamera:– i am curious–what grade do you teach?

          • Thamera

            I have taught 9th through 11th.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Thamera: You used the wording “have taught.” Are you currently teaching?

          • Carol

            I guess it depends on the school district. My Mother taught in Contra Costa Co, California. She made 1/3 more per hour substituting than she would have full time. Since she refused to have the chest z-rays every year that was required, she couldn’t teach full time. And she was right. My Dad had x-rays every year to keep his job even though he was never around the food product. He and 5 other of his co-workers all died of esophageal cancer. One year she spent enough time as a substitute, she made more than my high school Physics teacher who had been teaching for 40 years at the same school

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Carol… Substitutes do not get paid more than teachers. At least not in Indiana!

          • http://deleted Claire

            Nor do substitute teachers get paid more in Illinois. I have a friend that subs.

          • Carol

            What do I have to do to get through to you? At the time I was in high school and my Mother was substitute teaching, she made more per hour than the full time teachers.

    • Oh Dear

      Excellently put Rusty.

  • homeboy

    and here i thought government andreligion were supposed to stay seperate. guess it depends on what religion we are talking about. does this mean they will put the 10 commandments back in the court buildings?

    • WayneT

      homeboy, this is why it is so important to get this Muslim President, and his cohorts, our of the whitehouse if we want to keep our Christian Heritage. People were so blinded by Obama. I think they were Obamatized.

    • http://naver samurai

      Show me where it says separation of church and state in the Constitution. I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t there! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • patrick H.T. paine

        “To conquer, first divide!”

        Too EASY…… says “no religious test shall be required”.

        It says this in Article VI, which says:

        “This constitution…..shall be the Supreme law of the land.”

        Now given that Article One of the Bill of Rights states that Congress
        shall pass no law respecting the establishment of religion…..the
        reasoning that follows here, is that no religion and/or meta physical
        philosophy can trump the Supreme law of the land, and therefor need
        not be feared because anyone attempting to act in such a manner, while
        holding public office, would essentially be comminting a crime.

        Culturally it is unfortunate that “our republic” has a history which
        is largely composed of early varients of christian sects, at a time
        when these sects, were in their formative years……and these sects,
        were not only at odds with each other, they tended to persecute
        others who were not like themselves. ( surely something modern civilised people like ourselves would never do today? )

        On the road to the founding of the “republic”, those involved in the
        writing of documents were acutely aware of a “variety” of beliefs,
        including Islam, since Ferdinand and Isabella, had just managed to end
        their military presence in Spain, in 1492….and the rise of science
        was commencing……so that the words of Jefferson were altered in
        the Declaration to read…..”endowed by their creator” and while there
        was no Islamic presence in the colonies, there was extensive geographic concentrations of various “beliefs”….puritans in Mass Bay, quakers in Pennslyvannia, etc.

        I know this is hard for many to accept, but you have the freedon to worship as you choose, because the Constitution IS the SUPREME LAW
        of the LAND and as such, no belief, is a threat to it…..of course,
        the threat to the constitution is an entirely different matter?

        “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls…………”

  • jb80538

    Allow the mooslime to go to mecca. Just make sure it’s a one way ticket!

  • ddd1301

    Interesting discussion. While I agree this teacher should not be allowed to disrupt the classroom by being gone during a time of preparation for finals, we should also consider how we handle other religions holidays. In New York, many school districts allow you to take personal days to celebrate Jewish Holidays.
    While we could have a discussion of Islam being a political system, not a religion that is not the discussion here.
    Our government recognizes Islam as a religion, as such, she is entitled to some reasonable expectation of religious practice.
    But, If she did not request this at the time of her employment, then she should not be allowed the time off. Exceptions to employment contracts need to be made at the the time of agreement. Not part way through them.
    Remember she is a teacher, they have a union contract which should spell out her work schedule requirements. The Justice dept should not be involved in an employment contract issue. This should be a union issue, not government

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Yes, personal DAYS, not personal WEEKS!!! BIG difference!!!

  • DPH

    Interesting….I wonder if the DOJ would be so fired up if it was someone who was Jewsih and wanted time off to observe Passover? What about the Greek Orthodox holidays? Where is the DOJ on this?
    Political Correctness is another form of discrimination and should be abolished!

  • AmShegar



    JUST F****** GREAT

    • Eddie47d

      There are teachers who are looking for work because conservative officials are firing them or severely cutting schools budgets. I see several folks are dragging everything but the kitchen sink into the argument even though they weren’t mentioned in the article. Unions,ACLU,Black Panthers and even the Tea Party.I like Peters comment and I agree that she will have several opportunities to celebrate her religion. This would only be discrimination if she had bid a vacation week and then they tried to take it away from her. She needs to be more realistic in what her job entails and live within those rules.

      • Thamera

        Eddie: You want to provide more jobs for teachers then start with eliminating tenure. There are far too many teachers that do not teach that should never have entered the profession in the first place. I have first hand knowledge of this. Spend one week in the teacher’s lounge and then lets have a conversation.

        • Eddie47d

          Okay, That had nothing to do with what either one of us said (tenure).

          • Thamera

            I was referring to your comment that there are several teachers looking for work because “conservatives” are firing them or cutting back…I don’t necessarily agree with that; hence my comment about tenure.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Check out the fact that there are school districts all over that are hiring Thai teachers to come here and teach. They work for less and will teach anything the school district wants the WAY it wants!!

  • Underhill

    Pilgrimage is a ”once in a lifetime” obligation. Technically, it can be done anytime of the year. It does not have to be done during finals week.
    If she quit her job how did she plan to pay for the trip??

    • 45caliber

      By suing, of course.


    What is occurring here is the Islamist agenda forcing school districts
    (or any business) to hire legal counsel….costing them thousands of dollars they don’t have. School districts across the country are broke due to union benefits paid to teachers. Radical Islamists’ strategy is to bring this country to our collective knees, financially bankrupting our systems through “freedom of religion” lawsuits and the cost of implementing counter-terrorist measures, until our very financial survival forces us to agree to their demands. It is an insidious, strategic, and nationwide erosion of our own freedoms, which will do us in. And our Islamist-sympathetic DOJ head, our POTUS and attorney general should all be impeached!

    • Keith Pinster

      I agree. If we didn’t have to provide ANY support for ANY religion, it would make life so much better! We wouldn’t have to squabble over which religion gets special privileges, and just treat them all like the delusional superstition that they all are. This country would be such a better place to live if the religious nut jobs would allow the country to just go back to its secular roots and stop all these frivolous lawsuits!

      It’s very much like the xian fundies who are trying to force creationism/ID nonsense into schools by lawsuits in the hopes that the school won’t be able to afford to fight it. Just crazy how the religious are trying to bankrupt our school system so they can force their own agenda into place.

      • Jay

        That’s true Keith, if we eradicated all religions from the land you would then be free to enjoy all your favourite sports; Pornography, drugs, homosexuality, buggering little boys, abortion, you know, stress relieving sports! Aahh, one can only dream, hey Keith?

      • http://naver samurai

        You’re full of kool aid moron! We were founded as a Christian nation, so get over it. Take your atheist self back to the country you came from and let the patriots get back to putting it back the way we were founded. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • bbstacker

        I’m not sure what century or planet you were brought up in or on, but when I was in the 3rd grade, we HAD bible study in a public school. That was abolished–
        I’m not sure what case or event you are referring to where Christians are suing the pants or wallet off of any school district or state to get prayer back in the classroom. The typical shoe is on the other foot, the aclu’s stench-bearing foot.

  • jd

    its bunch crap clean house and get ried thim all you got pres that from a other country dont that tell you something.

  • RandyH

    Another example of how obie is lookin’ out for his muslim brethren. When are people going to realize what he is up to? His famous speech in Egypt was a signal for the rebellions to begin. Of course he wanted Mubarak out, too pro American..of course he wants Qadafi out, too anti al-qaeda. Get all the coutries surrounding Israel under radical control and Israel is gone (only in a worldly sense)the brotherhood says thanks O’buddy for helping us out, how’s ’bout you being our next caliphate. The islam flag will fly over the white house, we will drive electric cars (those who are allowed to)and live in over crowded cities (no living in the country where you can’t be easily monitored)won’t need to buy oil, since the brethren won’t need the money anymore (by then they will own what’s left of America). Don’t waste time learning spanish, learn farci. Hey, on the up side, we can beat the crap out of our women and children in the sake of saving face and sharia will protect us, sweet! IMHO. [offensive term removed]…pass the tylenol and soilent green.

    • RandyH

      It wasn’t THAT bad!

  • Raggs

    Islam is NOT a religion… it is a culmination of everything in the muslim way of life ranging from government to social policy…

    • Carlucci

      Raggs said “Islam is NOT a religion… it is a culmination of everything in the muslim way of life ranging from government to social policy…”

      Islam IS a religion (albeit a weird twisted cult type of religion). Middle Eastern governments and the way of life of the citizenry is formed and based on the rules and regulations of that religion. I learned this in an orientation class when my husband and I first arrived in Saudi Arabia back in the late eighties.

      • ann

        Thanks for that Carlucci. But be careful not to judge Islam by the Muslims. I have learnt this from being in the Middle East. Glad to hear someone use their head and not hearsay. Thanks.

    • bbstacker

      islame is a turd in a salad. Doesn’t fit the salad, doesn’t fit this Constitutional Republic.

  • Jay

    The reason the DOJ, among other anti-Christian institutions such as ACLU, make grand showing by coming to the defence of Islam is obvious, and that is, to replace Christianity with Islam.

    ACLU: The foremost missionary organization of Abortionism and related cults such as Evangelical Paganism. Variously known as Atheists, Communists and Liars Unscrupulous; Anti-Christian Litigation Union and Abortionite Confraternity of Litigious Ultra-Leftists. An organization devoted to destroying the moral foundations of American society by eradicating the influence of religion from public life.

    Anti-Christian Litigation Union, they are not anti-ISLAM!!!

    • Oh Dear

      Why are you bringing in abortion into this discussion ?

      • Keith Pinster

        Because he is a crazy fundamental xian who thinks that everyone should by into his delusion and anyone who doesn’t are “the enemy”.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Keith Pinster,
          Or is that Pinhead?? My religeon is not the only thing driving my beliefs on abortion! My moral up bringing also plays into the picture as well!! My moral judgement tells me that abortion is WRONG except in cases of true threat to the mothers life, rape and incest!! You don’t believe that way?? TOUGH!!! Next time you want to have some fun, put a cap on it and if that doesn’t work, get out your checkbook and a pen and start writing support payments. Don’t like it?? Again, TOUGH!! Quit trying to take the easy way out, stand up on your hind legs and take care of your RESPONSIBILITIES!!!

        • Jay

          Keith, don’t hate yourself, I really think you have potential! Be free, be free….

        • http://naver samurai

          Sounds like someone just drank a fifth of lib kool aid. Take your nonsense somewhere else, moron. If you don’t like Christians, tough! If you don’t like it that we were founded a Christian nation, tough! I’m also pro-life, so what are you going to say about that moron? Here is a question for you, “What proof and evidence can you provide that proves atheism is accurate and correct?” Remember what the late Ronald Reagan said, “If we ever forget that we are One Nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.” I could cite a lot more sources, but why waste my time on you, hmmm? 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • ann

          Sounds a little like ‘left-over Bushism’! He said,’if you’re not with us, your against us’, and then it was shoot first, then ask questions. Is that how people want to live their lives now?

          • bbstacker

            Hey, you’re stuck on stupid!

      • Jay

        Clever, oh dear, had you read the rest, and I know you did, you would have made a more comprehensive rebuttal. They train you well at!

      • http://naver samurai

        Because its something that is highly supported by the lib, gay loving, baby killing, marxists. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://n/a Terry

    This is another example of how destructive the CR Act of 65 has been to American society. Civil rights is not the basis for building a great society, especially when discrimination is not defined. It is congress just passing the buck to the court system so they can determine who has the rights and who doesn’t have the rights. Anyway our rightz are listed in the bill of rights and these are the ones the govt can take away and usually does–except here in the US. All other are licenses. A marriage license, to drive a car, to open a bar,, etc.. And hunting licenses given to women so they can track down and kill their babies! Having an abortion is not a right it is murder since the govt is not supposed to be in the business of death, of killing it’s citizens, or others, with a trial in a court of law. The SC is little more than a liberal kangaroo court on abortion. (Much like in Germaany when their SC said “sic ‘em” to Hitler, go get them jews!) The rule of law has been pretty much trashed with the muslim party of America, formerly known as the liberal democratic party, making it both domestic and foreign policy! And congress has gone into hiding over the flagrant starting of a war with Libya by O w/o congressional approval! We are now citizens without representation in DC about anything, plus a sordid rerun of taxation w/o representation. All elected officials can think about is getting reelected, PC. We are literally political and legal orphans –except for unions and other special interest groups! And our appointed by super rich people, oops elected officials, are controlled by the parties. Whom they represent, not their constituents. Our govt is of the party, by the party and of course for the party! Maybe we the people are held hostage by these political parties, much like in Russia and the communist party?

    What is going on in America since O took office is surreal!

    • bbstacker

      You stated: “Anyway our rightz are listed in the bill of rights and these are the ones the govt can take away and usually does–except here in the US.”

      You need to get a good dose of Constitutional training and a healthy dose of what the “BOR” actually defines. A piece of paper doesn’t give you anything. The first Ten Amendments are the Bill of Rights, and it simply spells out what GOD has given us as Americans. You can’t deny them, give them away, or have them taken from you without you simply rolling over and playing dead (or being dead).

  • SpiritualMadMan

    First, reasonable accomodation? I agree with the school district in that doing without a teacher just before, and probably during Mid-Terms or Finals is *not* reasonable.

    Secondly, has this person ever attended Hajj before? I believe it is only required once in a lifetime.

    If this is the case then, OK, this person an otherwise good teacher.

    Then make a one time accomodation *WITH PROOF* of attendance. Ie., Passport Stamps and reciepts.

    I think that if the requirment for Hajj is at least one a lifetime, then the courts will end up ruling in this teachers favor irregardless of whether they were/are a good teacher.

    *IF* this teacher had already made such plans before being hired then I would say that the failure to disclose employment impacting conditions would go in the school DIstricts favor…

    But, then we have a muslim president born in Kenya so who knows what will happen…

  • Mary Ann


    • Carlucci

      I agree. This woman could be a “plant” to see how far this can go.

  • Joey Biden

    We must stop catering and knuckling under to the people who want to kill us and destroy America. When are people of this country going to wake up to the fact that muslims are working towards world domination. We must be extra vigilant since a lot of thier strategy is low key and subtle.

  • Angelique

    The Pilgrimage to Mecca can be taken over her summer break. It is 1 of the 5 pillars of Wisdom & makes no mention of when to go, only at least once in the faithful’s lifetime. I agree with the schoolboard, they were correct. She is “testing the waters” for implementing Sharia in this country. This is NOT a First Amend. issue, she is not being denied the practice of her faith. If she is so devout…. she sould move to a Muslim country. Stop this PC, it is destroying our priciples. If our way of life is so contrary to hers….get out.

  • spitfire

    I sincerely believe when most people and governments of the world realize that Islam is a vicious cult and not a religion, we will then be able to make the correct choices. Islam is all about world domination!

  • Richard M

    This discussion should be about the DOJ, not Khan. We all know that alot of Muslims in this country are here not to ‘assimilate’ but to ‘fundamentally change’ America! Now, back to the DOJ. This administration and the DOJ, in particular, are totally out of control. They have no regard for the Constitution, our American heritage, and they could care less about maintaining American values. Everyday you can read in newspapers, tv, blogs, internet, wherever you get your news, the slow dismantling of our American way of life. I’m so glad Mr. Trump has come forward bringing up the ‘birther’ issue. Mr. Trump is no pushover. The left can throw insults at him all day long, but it will not deter him from exposing Obama’s ineligibility to be our president. Should it come as a surprise? By now, many Americans have figured out what this president is all about, and Trump has too. I hope this fraud in the WH is exposed as the Marxist that he is, and is tried for treason. Then, we can start to get our country back. Oh, by the way, Obama has had a lot of help in this fraud perpetrated on the American people. So, I think we need to just keep digging, and we’ll come up with names like Pelosi, Reid, the czars, et. al., and we can expose these pimps too.

  • http://com i41

    When it is an issue of some BS dreamed up discrimination charge, edde would be buying to any “minority” s–t. This muslim is crating a problem of muslims making USA look bad. Muslims and indians have a lot of commonalities, both worship the earth, muslims beleive in some clay figurine named Allah, indians beleive in mother earth, moon, stars, trees,rocks, and like muslims are superstitious of everything. Indians kill each other for some imagined slight and both treat women like s–t with abuse and little respect, no matter what they say So I had no doubt eddee would defend the “minority” crap. One difference is muslims don’t cut off their knuckles for supposed greif.

  • WayneT

    This just goes to shows that our Muslim president is looking out for his Muslim Friends. I think this is rediculous that the govennment took on a case such as this. Another waste of the taxpayers mony and time. This Muslim womam has not even worked a full year and want to take over two weeks off. It is any wonder our country is going to hell?

    • Thamera

      good point Wayne T. Just in good conscience, why would a first year teacher even ask? It should be clear that with all the nonsense going on in Wisconsin, and now this specific example with Khan and the DOJ, that education in general is in dire need of a major overhaul!

  • chuckb

    where is the teachers union on this matter? will they start a protest at the state capitol? what an opening for them. just think, if they could get a favorable ruling in this they would have themselves other way of getting more time off and probably with pay. i’m sure all these devoted patriotic muslims throughout the country who teach would appreciate a favorable ruling, and then they could expect time off during the day so they could spread their rugs and pray to the moon god.

    • http://deleted Claire

      Unions? The Republicans are busting them as fast as they can.

  • Raggs

    Soon the muslims will be praying in the hallway’s during school hours.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    Its pathetic and heartbreaking to see Islamist be given special rights that Christians are not allowed in their own country. And that is what is happening here, but be aware who is behind this, Mr. Obama and his racist head of the Department of Justice, Eric Holder. Tell us again Mr. President, why the majority of Americans who believe that you’re an under-cover Muslim are wrong? Those special rights are also written into Obamacare, for people of the Islamic faith are not required to pay into it, but will receive all its benefits at the American Tax payers expense. I wonder how many Americans didn’t know that about Obamacare, for it is true, please investigate and check it out for yourselves, you won’t like it, but you won’t be able to deny it. And when you are investigating, ask for the reasoning behind it, you may find that very interesting too.

  • ann

    Think about something…how many of you are originally American(native Indian)? Are all of you WASPs or rednecks? Why are you throwing stones? Are you perfect? Could you do a better job than Obama, or anyone else, for that matter? Do you know anything about any other religion except what your parents ‘brainwashed’ you into believing? Have you forgotten what the Pilgrims ran away from Europe for? Stop being drama queens and spouting off about things you have no knowledge, or even truly want knowledge about, but just are blind, pathetic souls lost in this world with no real life or happiness. We all will die and see the truth in the end. So, see you all on the other side. Say what you will, I feel sorry for you. You have missed the concept of the article and made it into a childrens 3-ring-circus.

    • chuckb

      ann, evidently you have little knowledge of the islam religion or you are a devout muslim, either way this religion should be banned from the country and certainly not intersected into our classrooms at the schools. my personal view is it should be banned from the country. children are easily indoctrinated and teachers have a tendency to sway the children to their way of belief, it’s bad enough to have a democrat teaching and even worse having a muslim.

      • Jay

        That’s right chuckb, Christianity does not condone, nor command its adherents to kill and destroy non-believers. Sadly, that commandment, is central to Islam!!! There is plenty of evidence on hand that reveals rabid fundamental indoctrination, of children, in the middle east. Scary stuff! There’s an inside joke, or coded statement, among muslims: First we will destroy Saturday (Jewish Shabbat), then we will destroy Sunday (Christian day of Worship). These people are mad!!!

        • http://naver samurai

          I heard that saying before in Iraq. When you see how these people react to that slogan, its a real eye opening event. I took many of their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq, so if they come here I guess I may have to take more. Only in self defense or defense of the country, of course. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Ann…. You really need to stop your apathetic ideas and see what is happening around you. If you are not upset with the way our country is headed, than you haven’t been listening! I grew up with the hippie generation, making love not war. At the time that seemed like a peaceful thing. Too bad the rest of the world didn’t catch on. Maybe if they had and everyone was in tune with it, we wouldn’t have greed, self-serving politicians, and wars. But, that is the real world. If you are cool with it great, but you don’t need to voice your rhetoric to people who would like to see a difference made in our world.

    • Raggs

      Thats some bad ass koolaid!

    • Carlucci

      Ann said:

      Do you know anything about any other religion except what your parents ‘brainwashed’ you into believing? Have you forgotten what the Pilgrims ran away from Europe for?

      FYI Ann – I for one do know about other religions, especially Islam. I lived in Saudi Arabia for years, which is considered to be the
      “birth place” of Islam.

      My parents didn’t “brainwash” me into believing any kind of established religion. I did that on my own after studying all of the major religions of the world and choosing the one that made the most sense to me (and no, it was NOT Islam).

      The pilgrims came to America to practice their form of Christianity with total freedom. But I’ve never heard that the Pilgrims tried to force their beliefs on others, which is the exact opposite of Islam. If these mooslims really believed in religious freedom, they would allow churches and synagogues to be built in middle eastern countries. But NOOOO – !! That will never happen. They expect to be catered to here, building their mosques anywhere they please, stopping traffic in the middle of a busy street to “pray”, etc.

      Ann, do us all a favor and get your ass over to a middle eastern country and see just how these people operate. In the meantime, spare us your ridiculous lectures. You have no clue.

      • http://deleted Claire

        Ann has a right to her opinion same as everyone else on this site.

        • ann

          Atleast you agree with what I feel. Ration, common sense has gone out the window. Tolerance for those who are different-except where it meets some needs- is gone. And people, I HAVE lived in the middle east-working because no real jobs at home! I HAVE seen how MUSLIMS are. I also know the true Islam, and I don’t judge religion by how the people act! If I did, I would have Chirstianity! The majority don’t act as Christ did! The same goes for Muslims! What YOU see on TV and BELIEVE, isn’t Islam. People take the Qur’an out of context just as the Bible is!! And you can’t sit there and tell me you haven’t seen Christians doing that! I’m from Indiana and the church I went to did it all the time! I don’t think this woman had the right to sue- I don’t think anyone would in that same place. I look at the US now and it is spinning out of control-but it is from your own hands. The dirty, money-greedy politicians; the money-greedy public who think they can sue left and right! What’s the difference? One other thing- there are bad born and breed Americans as well. You can’t look at the news without seeing it! Good and bad isn’t isolated to one area, country, race or religion. And what MY religion is… that’s between the creator and me! He will judge me-not you. I don’t want to judge you- that’s not my job. All I want you to do is open your eyes and ‘walk in other’s shoes’. Instead of whinging and whining about it, try to see things in a different light. Saudi Arabia is not the place to look for pious Muslims, by the way. Try Egypt,or UAE-the people, not governments!! I don’t believe any government these days is 100% clean! You have the right to your opinion, but back it up with pure, heart-searched logic and reason. Don’t assume(make an ‘ass’out of u and me!) all people are lumped together! Most people outside US think Americans just want to control the Middle East oil supply! Stereotyping never helped anyone. It only blackens the heart. Is that what God,Gott,Deiu,or whatever you want, wants?

          • http://naver samurai

            Where in Indiana are you from? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Jay

            ann, you sound brainwashed…

          • Carlucci

            Ann – I see what you are saying. A friend and former co-worker of mine is a muslim woman from Egypt (although she lives in the U.K. now). We worked together in KSA and still correspond on email and Facebook. I remember now that there were lots of arabs (muslims and christians) there who thought the saudis were nuts.

            I apologize for my previous rant. When I read articles like this it just makes my blood boil…

        • http://?? Joe H.

          If you read Anns post, you will notice it is HER thats telling us that we don’t have a right to our way of thinking!! If Ann had half a brain, she would know that they could almost thumb through the phone book and pick a name at random and that person would do a better job than present company in the office!!

          • http://deleted Claire

            JoeH–I have said this before and I will say it again. There are so many times that I think the average American (like us) could do a much better job than the so-called intellects that are currently in Congress, the House of Representatives, and the White House. Sorry, but I do not have much faith (if any) in the current crop of politicians.

          • swampfox

            you could go to the zoo and get a chimpanzee and it would do a better job than this one!

    • Jay

      Good grief ann, anybody could do a better job then BO. By the way, he’s not doing his job, he’s
      destroying our country! Big difference.

      • bob wire

        No, the people are destroying America with the help of those that fan the fires of suspicion and contempt purely for, ideology, party gains and the larges hogs at the feed trough.

        • http://deleted Claire

          bob wire—I agree with your comments. I will go one step further by saying that ALL politicians from both parties have contributed towards this chaotic mess. It is fast becoming a vicious cycle, and nothing is what it seems.

          • http://deleted Claire

            And I will add–both parties are thrilled with the aspect that Americans are divided and they will make sure we remain divided with the help of the MSM, radio talk show hosts and all of the other radical nutjobs promoting the same garbage that the parties are promoting. Nope, I cannot abide by any of the hateful garbage that is constantly keeping everything and everybody in an uproar. Common sense, integrity, honesty, and decency have fallen by the wayside.

          • ann

            I have said all along that politicians are magicians-’look at this hand while I do something else with the other.’ I love my country just as much as the next person. Only difference is I don’t judge a person by their color, religion, sex preference, or whatever excuse anyone can/does come up to hate for the sole purpose to HATE. It’s a weak, and assinine bully who stoops to that level. Be judged by your actions, and what you do to restore honest, integrity, and all the attributes that our (European)forefathers fought and died for! I put European in there to remind you all where your blood originated from! I bet there isn’t one black, yellow, red, or tan person on this blog. And with that, I refuse to continue this because I want to still think that we Americans have more tolerance than what I see here on this blog.

  • Andrea B

    Is this the ONLY case of a muslim wanting to go to Mecca, but couldn’t because of work? Did everyone get to go EXCEPT Khan?

    If so, then Khan has a case.

    If not, Khan needs to get back to work.

    Doesn’t our Constitution promote separation of church and state? Since the govt controls the Dept of Ed, wouldn’t that mean that the govt is suing…the govt? If that’s the case, then the taxpayers are paying for both sides of the lawsuit, and We the People are automatically the losers…again.

    • 45caliber

      You asked about our Constitution seperating church and state.

      No, it does not. It only states that the government cannot establish a national religion. Seperation of church and state is seperate from the Consitution and is not part of it as many believe.

      • http://naver samurai

        100% agree. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Carol

      What the Constitution says is “The government shall made no laws concerning religion”. That may not be an exact quote, but it’s the gist of it.

  • http://deleted Claire

    As far as I am concerned, good riddance. If she has conflicts with her religion, then she needn’t be teaching school. Maybe she should go back there and live.

  • CJM

    What a bogus law suit! Kahn has no more right to a free trip to mecca than average joe citizen has for a free holiday pass to Disneyland. Talk about separation of church and state, it appears it is separate for the citizens of the US but quite alright to mix it with a foreign fool’s penchant for forcing us to recognize her religion. Forget it DOJ, the lawsuit is bogus and you know it. We need to get that scum out of the WH before anymore of these corrupt law suits can be brought into our courts.

  • Dan

    Shame on the school district that hired her.
    Shame on all those that have stuck there noses in.
    A person has got to do what a person has got to do.
    She wanted to go to mecca let her go.
    What a cheap education we all have gotten from this.
    DON’T hire muslims for public or private jobs the money they get will be used against us…..
    (Remember the crusades) Spain ask for help for protection from the advancing islamic invasion.
    we are being invaded!!!! WAKE UP HELP YOURSELF BE VIGALANT!!!!

    • bob wire

      I ‘ll give you an amen on that Dan.

      Life is a process of making choices.

      I feel like this is a test balloon on the part of the Muslim community leaders.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Let her go, on a one way ticket of course.

  • Lynn roussssel

    I think any employer has the right to turn down vcation when it interferes with the job. AND why could she not wait until June to go when it would not interfere.
    I believe the Muslims are pushing the envelope when it concerns them and their religion. Yet they push real hard for us to stop all mention of Jesus and prayer in our schools, government, our holidays, etc. I am glad she quit and I hope no one rehires her. We need to stop all these Muslims from changing our country. Where are our rights. I am offended by them and their rituals so why isn’t that mentioned anywhere as I am sure many of Christians are offended too! They offend and frighten me. Hiding behind veils, robes where they can hide weapons easily. Why are they allowed to practice whatever and we are not. THIS MUST STOP!!! We cannot allow them to have special privileges.

  • Liza18
  • MrTonyWA

    I simply don’t understand. To be so religious enough to leave the work is O.K. for somebody really ignorant; but isn’t for a university teacher like Safoorah Khan. Translation: religion = ignorance, even if somebody fanatically religious has a Ph. Doctorate degree (probably she hasn’t it). Ignorance (and religion) shouldn’t be a subject in any school. The streets and churches are better schools of this kind.
    Her level of religion is the most valuable proof of ignorance. Without ignorance, no one religion is feasible. It is really imperative to be really ignorant and stupid to believe everything the Bible, Koran, Talmud, Vedas, … or even Popol-Vu says. All gods –ancient and current- are invents conceived by the human mind; probably the worst ones the humanity has had. Of course, including Christ. It doesn’t matter if most Americans believe that tail. It is just that: a tail, a myth copied from ancient older myths from the old Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greek,India and even Rome.
    Judeo-Christian values? Please don make me laugh. Just check out the Old Testament to see how much blood was shed in God’s name; and check out the recent history of the Christianity (since 2000 years until now) in order to see the same thing.Good values? Bullshit!

    Let us start to up grade the human civilization; please let’s be rationale at first time. Please let’s pledge for recruit true teachers!

  • E

    Ok soooooooooooo. …I am a Marian who practices the religion of (*Y*&YT*&T*&(^%T…..I must make a trip once a year to olympus Mons … the great face on Mars…….how come they won`t let ME go…?.I`m going to sue the school district……..maybe take a vacation on Pluto

  • E

    I mean to to say Martian

    • James

      E, It sounds like you’re already there. ‘Fly me to the Moon…Let me..


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