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Government Seeks to Grab Guns to Aid Mexico

April 20, 2009 by  

Government Seeks to Grab Guns to Aid Mexico

A lucrative criminal enterprise is growing in Mexico and being exported across the border in the United States.

No, it’s not the sale of drugs, although that activity continues unabated despite the running battles between drug cartels and the Mexican government. Battles that are growing so intense that Mexican officials—like mayors and police chiefs—are beginning to live across the border in Texas to stay safe.

The new enterprise is kidnapping, and the incidents are growing in frequency and becoming more and more violent by the day.

According to the Stratfor Global Security and Intelligence Report, Mexican gangs have begun targeting people in different socio-economic levels: from the very wealthy to the common man or woman, and even foreign tourists. And just as the targets vary, the reasons for the kidnapping vary as well.

Some are kidnapped by drug gangs to intimidate, to extract information or just to “have fun” at the expense of a rival drug gang through torture and murder. Still others hold the victims for weeks in order to extract large ransoms. And sometimes the thugs just grab and hold a victim off the streets—whether a Mexican citizen or a foreign tourist—long enough to use his ATM card to clean out the bank account.

It’s gotten so bad that Stratfor calls Mexico the kidnapping capitol of the world, and gangs are beginning to use something called a virtual kidnapping: calling people and telling them they have kidnapped a family member and collecting a ransom without actually having kidnapped anybody.

And it’s begun to spill across the border with reports of kidnappings for ransom or murder—usually illegal immigrants so far—occurring in Texas and Arizona.

So how does the administration of President Barack Obama respond? Attorney General Eric Holder called for a ban on so-called assault weapons. Holder said in a February news conference that such a ban would help cut down the flow of guns going across the border.

But the types of weapons that would be banned are not the type commonly being used by gangs and drug cartels. In their battles with police the criminals are employing fragmentation grenades, fully automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades. After a recent battle in which five cartel gunmen were killed and several more wounded, police even recovered a 60-mm mortar—all weapons that are unavailable to average citizens in the U.S. under existing laws.

Yet Holder believes that disarming Americans, as violent drug cartels battle along the border and kidnapping gangs sneak into America, is the right course of action.

And Holder and Obama aren’t the only ones trying to disarm U.S. citizens. Currently in Congress is H.R. 45 which will “prohibit a person from possessing a firearm unless that person has been issued a firearm license under this Act or a state system certified under this Act and such license has not been invalidated or revoked.”

In Albany, NY, lawmakers are considering legislation that would tightly regulate the sale of all ammunition. The new law would require anyone “buying rounds or shells, even .22s, would have to show identification, declare the gun and have its serial number registered with the ammo seller. The buyer would have to state his intent of use, and could be refused the purchase. The ammo seller, at the same time, would be required to keep records for 10 years.”

Never mind the Second Amendment, which guarantees that the right to keep and bear arms will not be infringed. Never mind the 10th Amendment, which restricts the U.S. Government from taking over powers not specifically enumerated by the Constitution.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that those in Government who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution are more interested in shredding it to remove any obstacles to their seizing more and more power.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DL

    Holder is a very brave man to be calling Americans cowards while he is hiding behind armed guards… Brave!!!! My opinion is he will never disarm Americans in this life without trouble. So why pick a fight unless he really wants one. But he needs to understand that this administration will be a one term only. 2010 will be real change.
    Why do they need to spread all these lies and propaganda about 90% of the guns coming from the USA? The correct information is only about 17% and no more comes from the USA. Stop lying to the great American people.

    • ITAV

      sorry to say i told you so, this a two term president and the democrats will win again for a total of 12 years in office

      • Cheri

        You cannot say “I told you so” until it’s happened. Let’s all pray it doesn’t. Another democrat counting the chickens before they’ve hatched.

      • David

        I’m afraid you are right – this guy is in for two terms or more as free elections as we have known them may disappear. With Acorn groups reviving the dead to vote and Ohio letting the same person vote multiple times, will guarantee that Obama will stay in power… God help us!

        • Ernie

          “God help us?” God helps those who help themselves. All of these platitudes look good on paper, especially the one that suggests we present all of this shite to our Congress when they come down on us.

          You and you and you have to take the attitude of the embattled soldier; you have no expectation of living through the struggle- you’re already dead. This way you free yourselves to act without worrying about what you have to lose. Besides, what do you REALLY have if you don’t have your freedoms as guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

          Tyrrany takes on many forms, but tyranny is the reason that the American Revolution was fought and won by only 15% of the colonial population. Why do you think the present Administration and the majority Congress are frantically moving to enact all of this contolling leg- islation? Only a government afraid of its people wants to remove firearms from the hands of private citizens. From where do you think comes the bumper sticker, “Love your country, Fear your government?”

          The question is, are we going to let a progressive social Marxist regime destroy that for which so many of our family members have fought and died? There will be no Constitutional Republic in a little less than four years from now. We will live in another failed socialist state, one that discourages hard work for the betterment of our lives, rewarding sloth and mediocrity. We will continue to decline as a third-rate nanny state where the government decides all but when you are allowed to wipe your own nose. Worst of all, we will continue to be ruled from Washington by the same transparent puppets with silver tongues and dark souls that occupy the halls of government today.

        • Raggs

          This government has turned it’s back on God!!!!!!!! Now the only help we get from him (GOD) is on a personal level, this country is coming to an end. Obama thinks he’s God, or at least his followers do. I am in this to the end, but I’m beginning to believe they will eventually be executing objectors like ME. It is that serious!

        • Gloria

          Not unless he can prove that he is a USA citizen which he has not yet done – the battle is not over yet regarding that issue. The only problem is that by the time the courts stop dragging their feet, so much damage will have been done by this Regime that it willl be hard, if not impossible, to reserve. I don’t believe that even those who were misguided enough the first time around to vote for this man would do it a second time. Once the courts stop dragging their feet and covering up and can no longer hold out against the American public, it should be all over but the crying. Let’s hope that there is still a semblemce of country left and that it has not been turned over to the “terrorists” – no – not Napolitano’s AMERICAN terrorists, the real terrorists, whom the administration is so averse to calling by their true name. As long as there are patriots in this country willing to risk their all, there is a fighting chance.

      • Josuha Longdong

        Cheri…this so called Presidet of yours needs a telepromter to pee! He is a socialisst pig and is ruining this nation by sucking arse with Chavez, Iran, North Korea and the rest of them…..wake up and smell the coffee sweetie!

        • Cheri

          I just replied to ITAV who voted this guy in…..I ABSOLUTELY did not vote this guy in and never would. I agree with you. Read my reply a little closer please.

        • http://www Chuck

          ITAV, you had better hope you are wrong because you will suffer the consequences right along with the rest of us. This administration, although they appear very sympathetic to the common man, wants to lull all of us into a false sense of security. They are not lowering the tax boom on us at the present time so that they can form this false sense of security. Do not look at what they say but what they are doing. Before you know it they will have passed legislation like Card Check, The Fairness Act, Cap and Trade, and a whole host of other legislation that will take away our freedoms little by little until we are no longer free to have a voice.

        • Richard

          No he is not a socalist but a Marxist

      • wb frank

        then we are ALL doomed!
        Read my bog on the history of gun control…

        • greg

          you are wrong. We are not doomed! Those who come after guns in the states will meet armed citizens protecting their rights.There will be bloodshed.Armed revolution will occur and they know it.Always remember it is better to die free than live a slave.

      • Carolyn

        Don’t plan on another election; plans are being made for Martial Law and there will then be no more elections.
        People still get duped by the pretty speeches of the politicians that prove in the end to be more lies.!!!
        Change you will get but it isn’t the change you expected. Freedom will be history. When did that ever become the desire of a free people?

      • WILD BILL from ALASKA

        The only terms that the socialists in congress after 2010 and obama’s administration after 2012 will be serving are prison sentences for treason.When taking the oath of office these people swore on a bible to ” to preserve,protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America”.And,they ALL lied.

        • http://boblivingston Istillthink

          I have been wondering for a very long, time.
          why these treasonus DOGS have not all been tried and hanged in the public square.
          The amoral leftist have been in charge for a long time now, starting with Warren court.
          They have been using the Constitution to futher their Leftist agenda.
          The American people are afraid to bring these thugs to trail for treason. We are told it would be unconstitutional. What a laugh!
          They don’t want to punish these REDS.
          Thanks to the ACLU.

          Bill Ayers should have been tried and fried. But that did not happen because of a technicallity in the LAW.
          So, what do we do now?
          Join the Rsistance (The underground) and take back our Govt?
          I sincerely hope that there is an undergound.
          But none will know. Only a few. As there is no safety in numbers when it comes to doing this.
          Remember the French Resistance! WWII, And the German Resistance.
          In Germany many of these brave souls and their families met with the most terrible of deaths, (They had no guns to protect themselves) and their names still remain unknown, except for a very few who are honored by the Jews.
          The numbers of brave souls who fought for freedom against the tyranny of The Bolsheviks in Russia account for more than 70million lives lost to death camps and torture not to mention the Christians in the Ukraine another 16-17 million that were killed. These people were starved to death. They had no guns.(get the picture here) The list goes on and on. Poland, Hungary,Chech. Balkins, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, North Korea, Chile, Argentina, and Cuba. (No Guns)
          Obama the baby killer and his crew belong to this cartel of death. He shakes the hands of genocidial murderers while the mass media praises his actions. When will this madness end!
          Even the conservative talk show hosts show little OUTRAGE concerning this madness.
          When is someone going to call for OBAMA’S empeachment!
          The Congress just does not seem to care.
          We must elect people to Congress who are True Americans.
          Do you know any?
          My uncle was with Army Intelligence during and after WWII, ofcourse there were things he could never reveal to anyone. At end of the war he was assigned to Washington.
          However, on one occation he did tell me he was asked to keep an eye on the people in Washington, as DC had become a HOT BED of Communism. This was in 1948.
          So, the Reds have taken over the Govt,Colleges and Universities, where students and teachers are taught and brain washed, so now what do we have and dumb-down electorate.
          Bella Dodd wrote about this Communists plan for the destruction of the US, in her famous book ‘Heart of Darkness’. 1950′-1960′s s A must read.
          God is our only hope for a better future, one filled with His Justice.
          We must ask Him to give us the strength to do what is MORALLY RIGHT FIGHT LIFE and FREEDOM, so that we may pass onto future generations the blessings He has given us in this GREAT NATION.
          We must put our trust in HIM alone.
          He will give us the means to overcome His enemies which are also ours.
          As they are the enemies of Life,Truth and Justice.
          And if need be, we must be ready to lay down our lives for His Truth.

        • David Hall

          Wild Bill,
          No disrespect meant, but it don’t make a rats-hiney, what they swear on, if
          they don’t believe in the Book. They’re all liars. There’s no Honor, Dignity or
          Humanity in Obama or his clowns. Greed and Power has no bounds.

        • Michelle

          In my wildest dream do I wish what you just stated and I will pray for this to happen every day of my life This disgusting excuse for a so called American makes me sick to my stomach, there is nothing American about this administration or Obama and his racist wife

      • Gary Schnell,..MOC

        2009 is the beginning of the second American revolution. I make no bones about it. I see no difference between either Democrats or Repulicans,Thats all bs and antics with semantics,.Pure sophistry. All these individuals who support the progressive anti gun laws, are the people resposible for every MURDER, RAPE, SCHOOL SHOOTING, And every other crime that would have and could have been avoide had there been an armed citizen around to intervine. These are the same individuals who try to make it sound some how like the Murders on the streets of Los Angeles by illegal alien Gangs is the fault of the NRA. When it is in fact there fault for allowing those in the DE-FACTO Government not to do their Job and Uphold the law of the land. These are miscreants who they themselves souldn't have firearms becuse that which lives in their own heart exposes their reprobate mind set. GOD SAVE THE REPUBLIC.

      • joe

        god help us that people in this coubtry come out of their coma. my opinion is that neither party really gives a damn about me and you, let alone the constitution. we need some people with balls and integrity to fight off the central banks, un and nwo, i don’t like the way it is headed and it is going to get worse. they need to be reminded on a daily basis that they are suppose to work for us and the consitution. that gun propaganda on the BOOB TUBE makes me sick and looks like it all staged for hype and support from the idiots in this country who don’t know anything and GOD knows we have plenty of them. enfore existing laws , border security, and immagration policy. if we lose that right the rest will follow. spread the word and wake-up. god bless joe

        • tfttom

          Complete slaves of you and our children is the intent of our current man @ 1600 penn ave. CFR is making the plans for our lives and future and if 20-50 million die for any reason the plan is on track.
          If enough calls our made to our creator charged with love devine intervention will come.
          Mr obama has just invited hamas to join our ranks these may be the guys that get to shoot us for not giving in properly to his commands.

      • Valverde

        It is spelled Dimocraps. You can smell them but they can’t see what the truth is even if you show them.

    • http://N/A Ratty

      DL Try 15% the rest is coming in from countries that don’t care for the US…. My Grandpop use to say “the best way to over throw a country is to take away there guns” How right he was… I have never seen the likes of this..This regime is trying everything to disarm,weaken and tear down this US.. I’ve never seen such “Negativity” come out of the Washington ,what the hell is wrong with these people…..?? It seems like we are at fault for being Americans… Obama is an on the job training ,,like McCain said he would be….

      We need Palin.. and that is no horse puckie !!!!! I really think we need here is a PEOPLES PARTTY<<<<INSTEAD OF THE “R” & “D”‘s

      • Barbara Haring

        No People’s Party please! Everywhere this has happened it ends up being a misnomer. It becomes the party of the biggest, meanest and most powerful, not a coalition of people who want to come together for a better country. What we need is an “American” party. One that believes in the Constitution and follows it to the letter. One that does not consider the Constitution a living, breathing document to be altered to coincide with the decline in a civilization in order for the biggest, meanest and most powerful to take over. The Tea Parties are a good example of what we need. Over a half million people coming together in a peaceful protest against what they all consider as a government that is trampling over their rights and ignoring the Consitution wherever it can. The Tea Parties showed we who wish our country to be all that it can be – empowering the people, not the government – is truly a doable deal if we just stand together.

        • Barbara Haring

          An added thought, maybe we could call it the “Constitution” Party.

        • jo

          I think there already IS a Constitution Party. Check your ballot next time you vote. HOWEVER, they hardly get any votes and no one knows who they are. When the Republican Party gets fragmented into smaller, “conservative” parties, and the Democratic Party still gets all the liberal votes (except for the fringe Green environmentalists), they will win every election. The Republican party has to become a conservative, constitution defending party again. And make the case for itself, and fight the propaganda from the left! It’s been populated but spaghetti-spined RINOs for too long. Some of their best talent steps down from office, too! Don’t forget what happened in 1992 and 1996–Ross Perot siphoned votes from Republicans & conservatives who were annoyed with the Republicans and it gave the election to Clinton both times (and he never had more than 50% of the vote….never elected by a majority…) He got lucky Perot threw the numbers off. And of course, the media gushed for Clinton, too. They practically campaigned for “messiah” Obama.

        • Robert Waldron

          we already have a political party that will adhere to the constitution. and its called the Constitution Party and its the fastest growing third party in the country’ Go to the website and check it out. Spread the word if you agree.

        • Ernie

          The Constitution Party already exists! To view the 14 page Platform, go to
          This is the National Website. You don’t hear about this, either, from the MSM. Obama will serve a single term and go down in history as being the Chamberlain of his time. He is a disgrace to the office of POTUS, and if it weren’t for his eloquence, ability to talk without saying anything to fooling the masses, his crooked and monied connections, he wouldn’t have been electable as dog catcher. He wasn’t even successful as a Community Organizer. When he resigned as such to go to law school, he returned to the Chicago streets where he, “organized” and admits that they had further declined despite his prior efforts (and the expenditure of hard-earned tax money of society’s producers). That’s what comes out of giving someone something they haven’t earned with their own hard work and sweat.
          And for those of you who voted for this impostor, this subverter of our laws and Constitution, I hope you are now proud of yourselves. So many before you fought and died to provide you with the ability to destroy the very rights you are about to lose.

        • Steve

          Bravo Barbara!! A third party has only weakened any political movement. We need our politicians to follow the Constitution, nothing else. The RINOs may as well join the Democrats, at least this way we know who they are. There may have been over a million people that turned out to take part in the Tea Parties, we will never know considering the non-existent coverage by the drive by media. There were 13 people that turned out at the capital building in Colorado to push for more gun control. They were there on the Columbine anniversary and the media was all over it. We had over 7,000 people show up on tax day for the Tea Party in my town and there was only one national news organization that covered it, Fox News. We will never have a voice in the main stream media, we will have to make our own voices heard. Have no doubt, the Marxist Obama administration and Socialist congress are extraordinarily scared by the Tea Parties and there growing popularity. It was best said by Karl Rove last night on Glenn Beck’s show, we will lose our freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom to assemble and freedom to bear arms against any foe, foreign or domestic, if we don’t take part in the political process. Too many people just stayed home on election day, I was almost one of them. Get out there and make yourselves be heard. If we agree that the U.S. Constitution is the law of the land and nothing else, we can unite as one and defeat these destroyers of freedom. If you don’t have freedom, you don’t have anything!!

        • Raggs

          I agree, we need to put together the largest Peaceful Demonstration this country has ever seen and take it to Washington!

        • Richard

          The Constitutional party already exists but there is already the Libertarian party as well which acutally started the idea of the “Tax Day Tea Parties”. Both are constitutionally based but the Constitutionalists have a strong religious stance where the Libertarian party does not. With the libertarian party you don’t have to be a Christian but rather only believe in freedom and personal responsibility.

        • http://boblivingston Istillthink

          Dear Barbara.
          When,where, how?

        • Ted


          I agree with you whole heartedly. The next T party is scheduled for July 4th. Everyone needs to attend. You get excellent information on what we can do to turn this around. Also, there is already a party in place to do exactly what you have espoused. It is called the Constitution Party. We all need to re register in it and put up candidates who are willing to take on the establishment.

      • wayne

        WHOLEheartedly agree, parties mean nothing anymore. They are used to simply get the crooks elected, means nothing how they will act. We focus on incompetent president but he doesn’t get it done without our insane congress, daily seeing what crooks they are, FEinstein, etc. As we have seen they have the system totally rigged and very difficult to get changed. The other thing we need immediately is get rid of electoral college, we can’t exercise our rights with that rigged system. More Tea parties more noise, the liberal propaganda medias will never show truth. They are owned by a corrupt government. How many have watched “OBAMA DECEPTION”, please do it and spread the word. Don’t wait for big changes our freedoms are being taken daily

        • Ernie

          Wayne, I agree. The word for today is, “URGENCY.” Please see my other comments, above.

        • karen

          If your state has not claimed sovereignty yet please write and place phone calls to your state representitives and Governor.

          Also , Orly Taitz, esq. is still very active with her law suit against Obama for lack of qualification. See her web site at . Write and see if the Quo Warranto papers have been delivered to your states Attorney General and Governor yet. If not she may need help from you coping and sending them.

          Also, runway Grand Jury’s are forming in every state. Georgia has finished theirs and has found much reason to bring Obama to court.
          Go to this web site to see if your state has started one and all kinds of info on Grand Jury’s .

          All cases against Obama have been dismissed for technicalities, not lack of evidence.

      • Gloria

        He’s not getting on- the -job- training; his training started by his Muslim teachers from the time he was eight years old and the plan was in the making until the opportunity was ripe which was NOW. Just look at the people being appointed to positions in this Regime. He doesn’t need on the job training – he is trained to do exactly what he is doing with the willing help of the weak, corrupt traitors on Capitol Hill who are so corrupted that the only way to get rid of them is to take a shovel, a wheel barrow and scoop them all up at once and drop them off the deep end. Remember that these are AMEMRICAN people who availed themselves of the best education America had to offer while the rest of us were plodding along working and raising a family. There is so much corruption in this country it’s become palpable. We have people in the regime selling us out at every opportunity, from Pelosi telling the illegal immigrants that they are “the future of this country,” to Napolitano rushing to the work site of an immigration raid to issue on-the-spot emergency work permits while Americans go unemployed and then issuing a memorandum calling us “terrorists,” while real terrorists acts are being called “man made disasters.” These people have lost all touch with reality and are on a roll – all being paid for with tax-payers’ money.

        • Bonnie

          I agree that this administration has totally lost touch with us the people. I’m tired of being bankrolled by this administration. We need to make more noise, become better organized and of one purpose to throw out the corrupt politicians in 2010. We need to get educated on the views of our politicians and who represents standing behind the constitution, supports term limits and less taxation.

        • http://N/A Ratty

          Your right on .. I was wondering if I were the only one that thinks he is a Muslim…He wasn’t even born in this country.. You have to be a citizen of Indonesia to go to School there.. On that Certificate it states that he Religion is Muslim..

          Is there any out there that are grassroot Americans that we as a people can vote in to save this country… Big brother is listing to these e-mail as we speak… This is a hair from being a Dictatorship now… Obama is trying real hard to eliminate any and all opossion…

      • TrueAmerican

        The real problem is not the need for a new party, they are already out there.
        The BIGGEST problem is the peple who are so afraid that if they don’t vote for either a D or an R they won’t have cast a “winning” vote and so fulfill their own prophecy. Instead they vote for “the lessor of two evils” an still get evil.
        Are you willing to go around your neighborhood, starting about Oct. 1, and remind your neighbors to get out and vote but to not vote for a D or an R? It is about the only way things are going to truly change.

      • Michelle



      I come from a small town in Oklahoma! Registered democrats control the ballot boxes. I don’t know what the percentage of registered voters are actually democrats, but it must be in the 97% range of registered voters, and this is about one third of our Counties population. Why did I point out this? We have a lot of democrats that are avid hunters, and just gun owners, that was raised with guns in the house. we don’t want our guns taken away.

      • rpm2hi

        Then how, can we as a nation of people who respect the constitution, go about convincing these type of (e.g. Oklahoma in this case) Democrats that their party has been hijacked by social-elitists, who consider the backbone workers and citizens of this country no better than dirt (MSNBC: “slack-jaw rednecks”)? It’s clear they believe many of us are simply pawns for them to use as they wish to enable them to hold or attain greater power? Of course they want our guns! Have you seen J. Garofolo’s (and others in the media) diatribe on what she thinks of the Tea Party’ers? Her (and others) contempt for us should NOT be a surprise!

        THIS COUNTRY MUST WAKE UP! Politicians that promise us free stuff that we haven’t earned, just for political favors, are CRIMINALS. They will NOT represent us, only THEMSELVES, in the long run.

        • http://www Chuck

          I agree totally.

    • Tom

      With the current anger and the dismal aproval rating of our goverment. I think the dumbest thing they could do right now is to attempt to take away americans right to bear arms – So their going to attempt to do through the back door. They need to know, Americans are not stupid and they are arming themselves at an unpresidented rate. They are doing so becouse they fear the current administration, congress and our senate. At some point they will push the average american to far and I fear gun control may be that push.

      • jo

        they’re also going after the first amendment (formerly known as the “fairness doctrine”–which was anything BUT fair.). and they’re trying to do that through the back door, too. they don’t want us to have access to information that contradicts their propaganda. be vigilant… tea, anyone?

        • joe

          is this so they can sensor the information that is on the net now? i didn’t realize that was about that but that sure is scary> it is not looking good with all the bullshit this admistration is pushing, we need to stay on top of the clowns and do the best we can until we are cornered like a rat. people in this country need to unite, stand firm and protest everyday ,allday and everywhere but people have way bought into the bullshit that you can harly get anyone to angree on anything and that is how they push their agenda, divide and conquer. god bless all patriots

      • KAOS

        A Little Gun History Lesson

        In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated

        China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979,300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves were rounded up
        and exterminated.

        Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million ‘educated’ people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

        It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia
        were forced by new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by their own government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million dollars. The first year results are now in:

        Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2 percent

        Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent

        Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes,
        44 percent)!

        In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms
        are now up 300 percent. Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned
        them in, the criminals did not, and criminals still possess their guns!

        It will never happen here? I bet the Aussies said that

        While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady
        decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past 12 months, since criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.

        There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and
        assaults of the ELDERLY. Australian politicians are at a loss to explain
        how public safety has decreased, after such monumental effort and expense was expended in successfully ridding Australian society of guns. The Australian experience and the other historical facts above prove it.

        You won’t see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians
        disseminating this information.

        Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and
        property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding

        Take note my fellow Americans, before it’s too late!

        The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind him of this history lesson.

        With Guns………..We Are “Citizens”.
        Without Them……..We Are “Subjects”.

        During W.W.II the Japanese decided not to invade America
        because they knew most Americans were ARMED!

        Note: Admiral Yamamoto who crafted the attack on Pearl
        Harbor had attended Harvard U 1919-1921 & was Naval Attaché© to
        the U. S. 1925-28. Most of our Navy was destroyed at Pearl Harbor & our Army had been deprived of funding & was ill prepared to defend the country.

        It was reported that when asked why Japan did not follow
        up the Pearl Harbor attack with an invasion of the U. S. Mainland,
        his reply was that he had lived in the U. S. & knew that almost all
        households had guns.

        If you value your freedom, Please spread this anti-gun
        control message to all your friends!

        • Ernie

          Would the guys buying up all the primers for large handguns and large and small rifles please leave some for the rest of us? Anyone out there know where there is available stock?

        • D.C.

          KAOS. YOU ARE SO RIGHT ON. We will be sheep to slaughter without our right to bear arms. Write, type, yell, scream, and protest to YOURS AND OURS, REPRESENTATIVES to stop this madness before it’s too late!!

        • harold

          for anyone who is not sure you can bet that they will take our guns and all rights you think we have.fema has already been informed to staff the rex-84 camps.For those of you that dont know what that is, stop and ask yourself what happened to all those milatary bases closed for the last 18 years. there has been more activity at this sites since ther so called closure then when they we open, maybe not as load but just as busy. I know your saying oh no another wachco but before you wrtie me off just drive by one in your area.the camps are ready ,FEMA is ready and the milatary is standing by awaiting orders to control cival unrest and confiscate all weapons.this is not a plan contrived since Obamas election, it has been in the works for many years. Dont think your politicans will help you they are the godless ones that help plan this it has been
          in the works since the 60s.noticed I said in the works since the 60s, it was concevied of as far back as the mid 30s. Your goverment knows that we have been complasent for to long, and if it doesnt get in the way of cozy little lives too much they could (and have) decevied us all. sorry for the wakeup we can all go back to sleep now

        • joe

          yeah i have to agree with kaos. this is the start of the liberal anti-gun propaganda. has anyone ever seen a fully automatic weapon in a gun shop for sale, i haven’t. i think the dc clowns ohtta go to 10 of their local shops and see how easy it is to obtain one, file form 4 with local police and pay 200 tax. that propaganda and bs on main stream media namely MSNBC is exactly that, to beat their anti-gun drum and to get more support from ignorant, uninformed citizens. you know damn well those weapons are most likely coming by sea or land from south and central america. we have very strict laws now, they just need to be enforced. how do we even know that that segment wasn’t staged for plublicity? mexico has their problems and we have ours and ours is with them and all of the illigals coming over here and draining our systems. people had better take notice and make their voices heard and words read to the clowns in dc, this ain’t fun and games anymore it’s very serious time we are living in! wake-up and smell whats cooking and it ain’t good. god bless all patriots joe

      • Valverde

        The government tried to take away gun-owners’ ammunition by taking away the brass with which to make it. The NRA got wind of it and filed a lawsuit. Suddenly, the government wasn’t interested in taking away the brass anymore. Some Nobamaite Brady-buncher actually told an NRA member that the government was buying up all the brass because if the “rednecks can’t get ammuniton we don’t need to take away their guns.” Kind of stupid thing to tell an NRA member, don’t you think?

    • LARRY


      • Duane

        I truly believe you are correct. If this nation does not honor God and Country then we will fall. This nation was place above all others for the sake of freedom only so long as we live by Gods laws. We have a President who tells the world we no longer stand for Christianity. If we forget God, better learn another language, because we won’t be here as English speaking much longer. Obama is trying to extract that issue also, our belief in God a supreme being.

        We need to fear this government, it is eroding our freedom and rights whether its guns, marriage, right to life…our Constitution will hang by a thread if he remains in office for 8 years. We will be socialistic and looking to the UN for guidance on all other issues.

        He is spending our nation into bankruptcy. You can keep handing out the dollars without looking it has to come from somewhere (us, the American tax payer).

        Heaven help us.

        • jo

          Vote in Republicans in the next election cycle (2010) so they don’t have filibuster proof majorities in Congress that can push through whatever freedom-squelching, money-squandering, economy-killling legislation they wish!

        • harold

          this countrys liberals have gone out of there way since the 1960s to all but remove god ,and his laws from the consititution as well from the fabric that was part of all our lives.We as a nation turned our backs on god and i dont think that you can expect god is going to bail us out now. dont get me wrong I love god respect god and follow god.If you believe in god read revelation , he cleary says fear not that these thing will come to pass but be faihtful. Remember god love for his people when they turn from god he turned from them for awhile, but like the faihtful father he is he always came to them when they turned back to him. Also remember our constitution can be wiped out with the stroke off two pens (signatures). this law is already on the books, all Barac Hussen Obama and Eric Holden need do is sign on the dotted line scary isnt it

        • joe

          hey harold, nice to see some people know what’s up and not listening to all the propaganda and bs. i firmly believe what you have said. it is coming and people all over need to wake-up, including law enforcement and military personal , so we can end this in insanity. people need to view a couple of movies that lay it all out for you to see exactly how it has and is being done.1st google video the big picture(final cut) next missing links this is about 9/11 and check out crowhouse .com for more stuff. very compelling and well researched. check it out and spread the word, time is running out. joe

      • Carolyn

        Larry, you are so right. And for more truth about this matter, everyone should read “The Christian Manifesto” by Francis A. Schaeffer.

    • janita florez

      These “communists’ think like Hitler but I am not afraid becuase I believe in my constitution and if that doesn’t work we can bare arms against our corrupted government why else do you think americans are buying guns left and right…………removing obama is underway. wait and see impeachment is coming !!

    • David Rachel

      We defeated Mexico in a War and now they are trying to slide in the back door and take over our Country. We have hundreds of thousands here now and their government is trying to get in for control. This is insane to tolerate it.

    • Denise Johnson

      It make me sick every time that holder opens his mouth along with the rest of the talking head on the…I love that line about our military, That thay could turn on them… give me a break, the only thing thay have to worry about is the groups that are from another country that hates us with every breath thay take, and granted some are here, Know there the one’s thay should be worried about. Its so crazy, if any one thinks I’m giving up my right to bare arms, its time to start taking some sharper shooting. But to the heart of the matter, I have cousins that are officer in N.Y. city, and Long Island. Thay belive in there constiutional rights, as well as i do. Nancy mouth alone could handle large weapon “her tounge”.
      She so left, and started out right handed, and look what happened..
      God Bless America
      Proud Navy Mom

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Eric Holder is a dick head, pure and simple, 1st class dick head.

  • Buckroo

    the blame game.

    • jo

      lemme guess, you’d be one of the first to say everything is Bush’s fault. so who’s playing the blame game? everyone here is pointing out legitimate issues that can be traced to B.O. and his B.S.

      • Buckroo

        Ya missed my point, I’m on your side.

        • Denise Johnson

          With the responce I bet you are. Buckroo…LOLOLO

      • Duane

        Jo it’s apparent you vote party not man. Do you even bother to study the issues or just vote blindly on who is a Democrat or a Republican?

        • D.C.

          Duane, you have hit on a point that most people miss. Our current parties (both) are not doing the job that they were elected to do. There are only a small handful left in congress that actually have the American Peoples constitutional rights at heart. And this mess did not just start with the Bushes or the Clintons. It has been going on for over 100 years. So, my fellow Americans, please let’s not get caught up on which party started the mess. Let’s just get in there and clean it up. TOGETHER. BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN, INDIAN. If you love this country, we need to come together to fix it. UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED WE FALL. LITERALLY.

        • azcIII

          Being realistic…getting enough people to vote for any particular candidate will be impossible. Remember, a majority voted for Obama when they knew NOTHING about him that they weren’t told by the MSM. The only way to clean up DC is to have a simple solution the average voter can follow without going to the trouble (sarc) of actually researching the candidates. It’s too much work for the brain-dead voters among us to do their own verification of the candidates. They just mark the ‘D’ or ‘R’, or the name they recognize.

          So…our simple, easy-to-remember message for 2010?


          Both parties have let us down (to say the least). A third party is not viable except to give the election to the liberal. It’s happened time after time, so that won’t work (much as I’d love to see a Constitution Party candidate win). Party affiliation must be disregarded at this point.

          We may already be out of time for a political solution, though I pray we are not.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Yep, exactly. You see, Ive got this stop sign down at the end of my street, and cars keep running it, and I want to know what Bush is going to do about it. It’s got to be his fault, I mean, everything else is.

  • Robin from Indiana

    Charlton Heston must be spinning in his grave! Taking our protection away from us in just plain insane! Personally, I have never liked guns, but the older I get and what I see happening around me in the past few months, I am even thinking of getting a permit to own and carry a gun. How can our constitution be ignored? We cannot let our rights be so easily taken away. If our guns are banned, the only ones who have guns will be the ones who don’t obey the laws anyway!

    • David

      Look at every country that has disarmed its people. The consequences are terrible!

      They will probably not come in the middle of the night to take your guns away, (that would cause the next revolution) but like the article mentions above; amo will be difficult to buy at first, followed by illegal in the future. So stock up on reload supplies.

      2010 needs to be the year that “we the people send a real message to DC” voting out the imbreeds of corruption.

    • Alex Eden

      You need a permit to own a gun in Indiana?!?!

      • Robin from Indiana

        No… But if you want to carry that gun concealed you do!

    • jo

      Hitler convinced his people to give up their guns and the government would protect them. And we all know what happened once the populace was disarmed–Hitler took over and dominated them at gunpoint, and the rest of Europe, too. The second amendment does not guarantee your right to have a gun to go hunting, it’s to protect against a tyrannical government. and don’t think they don’t have armed bodyguards for themselves.

      places with lots of gun control laws also have the highest crime rates (like D.C.) whereas places with the least restrictions, especially right to carry laws, have the lowest. Honestly, who’s going to try to hold up a 7-11 or a bank if anyone (or everyone) inside is armed? talk about a deterrent. and it’s the law-abiding people who suffer when gun control laws are put in place. not the criminals who will get their guns illegally anyway.

    • Ernie

      To Robin from Indiana,

      Don’t think about it too long. Time’s running out. Stop thinking and start acting. I’m not trying to be rude. I’m just trying to impress upon you the urgency of the issue. In fact, for those of you who have more guns than you could use in an all-out attack, may I suggest doing what I’m going to do? That is, give a gun away to a family member who doesn’t have one. The saying, “It’s harder to take a million guns away from a million people than it is to take away a million guns from one person,” makes sense.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Exactly. And those who have guns now that perpetrate crimes, most are illegal anyways. Take the rights to own guns away, and only the criminal will have them. Its a fact. Japan didnt invade our mainland when they did Pearl Harbor, because they knew we had an armed citizenry, as quoted by their military leaders. Let the world know we are un-armed, and we are in deep trouble both domestically from the internal criminals that live here, and from threats abroad. We dont want to go there, no matter what the pacifists say.

  • KC

    They are NOT getting mine…even if they say that I will be a criminal if I don’t turn them in…if they are so brave all I have to say is…..COME and GET THEM!

    • EM

      They can have my guns. I give them the bullets first. pointy end first.

      • CAC

        That’s the type of responce that causes the things like gun control legislators are looking for to back up there cause!! Think before you speak (type)

        • http://Yahoo Bob

          *I feel the same way — ya want them, ya gotta take them, but not without a fight. I really don’t give a tinkers damn what the slease politicians think about what I say, or how I say it. It is called the 1st amendment. If they don’t like it, so be it. They are going to hear a lot more of it from many americans from all over the country.

      • harold

        dont worry if they take your guns,in wwII there was a very effective response to this it was called the butter knife bergade. this is how it worked a gruop would go out with a single butter knife and the first chance they got to imbed the kife in the enemy they would take his gun and ammo and the Butter knife. the knife would be given to the next man and the process started all over with yhe only eception was the had armed cover. then over ,and over and over agaign until all had weapons and ammo as well as a butter knife. the only plausible defennce agianst tatic was to sen there troops out unarmed, what give up there gun I dont think so. So you see as hard as it is to emagine of us lossing our rights to own arms it will be but a mear inconvince but for awhile and they would have exposed themselves for what they truley are then they can be tried for high treason

    • Ernie

      KC and EM,

      CAC is kinda right, but I understand exactly how you feel. Take some comfort in the fact that there are many in the Armed Forces and in Law Enforcement who take their oaths to protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign AND domestic (emphasis added) very seriously, and will refuse to disarm you, but instead stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to protect your rights. Just remember there are patriots all around you who have not yet declared themselves. There’s a lot to be said for the element of surprise. In a way, we are all tipping our hands here.

  • wb frank

    BhO is living up to His name (aka Barry Soetoro) the Messiah… He knows best what the common man needs (aka you)!
    A little history here


    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953,
    about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded
    up and exterminated.

    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million
    Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated

    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of
    13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were
    rounded up and exterminated.

    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million
    political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and

    Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000
    Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000
    Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million
    educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century
    because of gun control: 56 million.

    It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by new
    law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by their own
    Government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million
    dollars. The first year results are now in:

    Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2 percent.

    Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent.

    Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!

    In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300
    percent. Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the
    criminals did not, and criminals still possess their guns!

    While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady decrease in armed
    robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past
    12 months, since criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.

    There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the
    elderly. Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public
    safety has decreased, after such monumental effort, and expense was
    expended in successfully ridding Australian society of guns. The
    Australian experience and the other historical facts above prove it..

    You won’t see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians
    disseminating this information.

    Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes,
    gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

    Take note my fellow Americans, before it’s too late!

    The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind
    them of this history lesson.

    With guns, we are citizens. Without them, we are subjects.




    Am I realistically thinking that the Obama Regime is thinking like Hitler, Mussolini, Soviet Union totalitarian? Nah!
    Let the Revolution begin!
    If we get rid of ALL guns, including the criminal, then I will carry a sword.

    • Roger Daines

      Dear WB Frank:

      The information you have submitted is very compelling and interesting. I would like to have the source information for those facts. Do you have it? Thanks in advance.


      • Ernie

        Hi, Roger. It is good to verify information. Wb Frank IS accurate with his history. Why don’t you do some reading of your own. It’s been my experience that people value knowledge when they have had to work hard to earn it. And, “Learning can be Fun!”

        • AC

          I see both Roger and Ernie’s points… you need to include evidence and/or sources for any so called historical facts to prove your info. is legitimate, and you also should do research to disprove what someone else claims is true, not just make some inference to discredit them… [which is a tactic liberals have used so often, it makes them easier to spot].

    • Barbara Haring

      Wow! This is incredible. I’m saving this for future reference. I think everyone should, and if the rogue power in Washington decides to go forward with eroding our gun rights, we should flood our Senators and Representatives with reams of paper containing this valuable information.

      • Ernie

        Why give Congress reams of paper to read. They don’t read legislation that increases our debt by $trillions. What makes you think they would read anything a citizen sends them. Have you ever written to your Congressman/woman and received anything other than a polite, useless form letter in return?

    • Lonnie Jones

      This should shoud be sent to every newspaper, radio station, TV station and everybody who is in government. The media will ignore it as will every left wing bleeding heart liberal, but a few might see that gun control is not a good idea. We have too much gun control now. We have enough laws to control where it is needed.


    • rpm2hi

      These statistics are very true. However there is now a whole generation of people educated in public (in many cases, leftist-propaganda) schools who can vote (and did, for Obama) who don’t know these details or understand the significance of them.

      I wish I knew the answer for educating the younger, on-the-fence-”progressive” voters and taxpayers of this country. Their actions demonstrate that they don’t really understand the importance of what this country was founded on, and what they are in many cases, willing to surrender to the socio-elitist manipulators who seek to control them.

      People have died and are dying to protect our liberties. Yet ironically, a recent majority of our population, who live within our protected boundries, were willing to silently surrender those same rights with just a pencil-blacked oval or a punch-pin.

      Numbers count when it comes to stopping the madness. Education counts in preventing it.

      • D.C.

        The reason our younger generation doesn’t understand what this country is founded on, is because they don’t teach American History in the classes like they did whey I was a kid. Most of what they teach in k-12 is “World History.” You can thank the Department of Education for that. More govt., less education.

    • Robin

      Sword, Crossbow and Compound bow, I can make my arrows myself if need be, and you are right. Every country that has disarmed its populace, only infringes upon the law abiding individuals, because those owned by the Criminals they cannot track, cannot control, and crime does escalate.

      Come and TAKE it, and as EM and KC said above, it will be with the pointy end first, They better, beyond a shadow of a doubt, have a reason to be on my property, that is NOT ABOUT collecting my legally purchased firearms and ammo, and my RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, before they come demand anything from me period.

      Former Virginia Hillbilly, converted to a die hard Texan thank you very much :o)

      • Ernie

        Sometimes I wonder if they really WANT to control criminals. If they were successful at it, there would be no need of lawyers, laws and lawmakers. Think about it.

    • Duane

      I studied WWII and you are absolutely correct. Take away our right to defend and we are nothing but helpless.

    • Joy

      They’re out to destroy both the First and Second Amendments which will destroy the Constitution and any semblance of a Republic that we still have left.
      But they probably haven’t read much history or they’d know that what really started the American Revolution was when the British set out to confiscate the guns and ammunition in Lexington and Concord. If you’re old enough to remember when real American history was taught in schools instead of revisionist garbage, you probably learned this poem:
      “By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
      Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
      Here once the embattled farmers stood
      And fired the shot heard ’round the world”
      They may be getting themselves into more trouble then they thought possible, just like the British did. But it will all depend on us now as it did on those farmers then.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Exactly, and some idiot wrote on one of these other threads, that due to attrition the guns in the criminals hands would disappear in a few years!. Right. Gun control means only the criminals will have guns, and our enemies. When asked why they didnt attack the mainland when they attacked Pearl Harbor, their leading military generals cited that it would have been suicide, because our population was armed. Take that away, and were in real trouble, both from abroad and from the criminals allready here. I dont own a gun, but I fully support the 2nd amendment right to bear arms, and it must never be tampered with, and if Barry wants to tamper with it, someone needs to tamper with his brain.

  • Teresa Thurman

    I have a comment…..I think everyone should check out insight training. If you are truly a believer in protecting the American Way as much as I am you will truly be amazed at this.

    • Ernie


      If you are talking about Insight, the training facility, I completely agree with you. For those who have no other means of gaining firearm and self-defence training, this is a great place to go to get it.

      • Mark

        That is “Front Sight” training academy.

        • Ernie

          Thanks, Mark. I’d hate to see anyone miss out because of my flub.
          My best to ya-

  • Mark

    Why I Carry a Gun
    • I don’t carry a gun to kill people. I carry a gun to keep from being killed.
    • I don’t carry a gun to scare people. I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place.
    • I don’t carry a gun because I’m paranoid. I carry a gun because there are real threats in the world.
    • I don’t carry a gun because I’m evil. I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the world.
    • I don’t carry a gun because I hate the government. I carry a gun because I understand the limitations of government.
    • I don’t carry a gun because I’m angry. I carry a gun so that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared.
    • I don’t carry a gun because I want to shoot someone. I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed, and not on a sidewalk somewhere tomorrow afternoon.
    • I don’t carry a gun to make me feel like a man. I carry a gun because men know how to take care of themselves and the ones they love.
    • I don’t carry a gun because I feel inadequate. I carry a gun because unarmed and facing three armed thugs, I am inadequate.
    • I don’t carry a gun because I love it. I carry a gun because I love life and the people who make it meaningful to me.
    • And last but not least, I carry a gun because I may have to USE IT to defend my life, liberty and property from those who swore an oath to defend my life libery and property. That is GOVERNMENT “officials”. Just TRY to take my guns. And don’t expect your fancy clown suit to be a deterrent to my righteous response. I declare that any person who tries to disarm me is my enemy and will be treated as such.

    • Aman

      Well done Mark. I share your belief. Guess this means we’re on the terrorist watch list. But for some funny reason I feel extremely patriotic and committed to the founding fathers and to all those who served in the name of AMERICA! See you on the battle field!


      • Ted Harris

        Mark, I agree Almost totally w/ your Statement of Rights;

        Where I am not in total agreement:

        On or about Feb 14, 2001, @3:30am I was awakened from sleep by an Armed Intruder;

        I was really “handicaped” at time as I had just had surgery to “pin my foot to my leg bone, and could not yet put weight upon that foot/leg.

        Fortunately we (myself & my wife) did everything right in the next few minutes!

        While He got away w/ our vehicle, I did shoot him thru windshield, missing his heart by less than 3inches (windshield deflected bullet).

        Suppose I could not have protected us?

        Would he have rapped my wife, as I watched helplessly?

        Would he have killed us?

        I was an early signup when Az allowed ‘Concealed Carry’

        and I carry a 40cal autoloading SigSauer,ready & willing to use on an instant’s warning!

        Thanks for the great Words!
        Ted Harris

        • Mark

          So now “they” know what you have and what you carry. That is the major purpose for concealed carry permits. It is back door gun and gun owner registration. Funny, THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, sounds infringed to me if I have to go ask a “public servant” for permission to carry a firearm.

      • Mark

        When the time comes we will know we have to do what we have to do. If the tree of liberty has to be watered with my blood, so be it. However, the TYRANTS can expect some of their blood to be watering it also. My wife won’t be the only widow when that night is over. That is IF she ends up a widow and I don’t just get to show “them” what a real fight is all about. THEY MAKE ME WANT TO VOMIT. They think being “patriotic” is getting on your knees and begging for your rights from them. “They” can kiss my *ss!

        • Tritonal

          Molon Labe!

    • JHL707

      Mark, please don’t take my statement the wrong way, I agree 110% with you!
      I just pray that you, as well as others that share your view, including myself, have the balls in reality to defend what you believe in when the SWAT team breaks down your door at 3 AM, while you are asleep, pointing 5 laser dots from their tactical rifles at your chest demanding your single pistol!

      • Mark

        They better start with me first. Because if they start somewhere else I’m going hunting…

        • Tritonal


    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Thank you Mark, from another Mark, this statement is right on the Mark. Very truthfully and factually stated.

  • Canadian

    I’m not a gun owner, but guns have been in our family for more than a 100 years, our government has taken our freedom away, our government made it law that we had to register all guns and certain guns are now illegal, even if these guns were past down from generation to generation, this was all done to combat crime, the only thing it has done is hurt the law abiding gun owners and the tax payers, costing us millions and billions of dollars for a law that doesn’t work, this law hasen’t changed guns on our streets, what it has done is taken our Canadian freedoms away and taken more money out of our pocket in waste, crime can be stopped with tough laws against criminals and even youth offenders, stop slapping criminals on the wrist and start giving tough penalties to the problem makers.

    Canadian EH!!

  • Lonnie Jones

    Since police can not respond to emergencies very fast, having weapons to protect a persons life and property is paramont. A base ball bat is not protection against someone probably high on drugs and carrying a gun or knife. Semi automatic guns are not assault weapons. Fully automatic weapons are not available to citizens of the US.

    • http://BuckeyeExpress Lady Impact Ohio

      I gave a talk on NRA & 2nd amend rights at Toledo Tea Party. My last comment was this:
      “When you hear an intruder, in your home, in the middle of the night: remember this. A police cruiser travels TOPS at 80mph. And THAT’S on the expressway. A BULLET travels at 800 mph. WHICH ONE DO YOU WANT TO BE YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE? WAITING FOR THE COPS COULD TAKE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

      • Glenn

        As I was reading your comment a police cruiser flew past our house at over 100 mph, If I had had a gun, I wouldn’t have been able to get a shot off.

        Guns are not going to protect you from the US government and Federal army.

        You cannot shoot a government any more than you can shoot a corporation.

        ARMS are more than just guns. To effectively fulfill the Founders’ ideas of government-as-servant rather than government-as-master, we would need weaponry that can defeat a satellite network, tanks, Remotely Operated Vehicles with guns, SWAT teams in armor, missiles, artillery.

        The USA and its federal army can blot you from the map regardless of how many guns you have. To beat a government like the US Federal government, you have to know something about Law. And use it.

        Marksmanship alone will not be sufficient to protect the Constitution. And the police are not there to uphold the Law but to “preserve order”. Order is exactly what we need less of.

        That said I do not oppose anyone trying to stockpile enough guns and ammo to at least try to make a show of resistance when the time comes.

        What’s your target circle look like when the tanks come rolling down our streets, manned by some foreign nationals the government has coerced into acting on its behalf to repress Citizen resistance to tyranny?

        We are not going to make it if our big move is to argue amongst ourselves while we wait for the inevitable.

        It would make more sense to stockpile water and food and start teaching each other what we need to stop being treated as chattel.

        • http://BuckeyeExpress Lady Impact Ohio

          Glenn, your reply was excellent and I totally concur. However, for the purposes of the Toledo Tea Party, I was speaking more in the line of personal protection in my home that was not the US govt. I own a handgun. That’s it. I do realize that the Feds or mercenaries can wipe us all out easily. And I’m wondering how many military or cops would go after average citizens, even if ordered. Personally, I would rather die hastily in a fire-fight like those at the Alamo than be holed up somewhere with food & water that wouldn’t probably last indefinitely. Plus, they’d cut all communication. No cell phones, no land-line. Only other recourse would be HAM operators, and I don’t know how many are left anymore. Ammo is nowhere to be found where I live. At least .38 & 357. And very little of anything else.

        • Mark

          Let’s see Glenn, if it comes down to it, I can take out a tank, laser guided missile and/or an Apache helicopter with a single shot .22 pistol. First I find out WHO the operators of these devices are and then I wait and silently manage to sneak up and put that single .22 in between their eyeballs effectively stopping the use of the Apache helicopter, tank or laser guided missile at least until someone else is trained to use them. Ever hear of the liberator .45? Do some research. It was a piece of crap stamped out sheet metal single shot with a few extra rounds in the grip that could be manually loaded into it that was dropped to resistance fighters in WWII. er I mean “terrorists” in WWII… after all that is what freedom fighters are supposedly now days. THEY can’t win against a populace that is willing to toss a bottle of styrofoam mixed with gasoline into bed with them or stick them to a post with a pitchfork. THEY just can’t win. I don’t give an F how sophisticated their toys are.

        • Glenn

          You may not be able to buy ammo where you live, but there is a law library at the courthouse.

          Since you are presumed to know the law, it might be worth knowing it.

          Just like it’s probably worth having reloading equipment and knowing how to use it too, if you are a gun dude.

          Your knowledge and skills can’t ever be taken. But don’t assume that the government can be brought to heel with mere armaments.

          Useful as they may be, it takes more than guns to do what the 2nd amendment implies is expected of an armed citizenry, to overthrow our tyrannical government, when we so choose.

    • Alex Eden

      Semi automatic guns are not assault weapons.

      Holder and other appointees redefine everything a few times a day to confuse and weaken the opposition…

      They will present it as if they are trying to ban private possession of ICBMs, and then Pelosi will distribute a 1,000 pages bill just 3 or 4 hours before voting so that nobody can thoroughly read and analyze it, and will get this bill passed that will ban all firearms and will require a license to operate a nail gun (yes, the ones from lowes or home depot).

      So, don’t trust buzzwords and labels – read the fine print.

      Depending on what they were smoking that morning, Holder and likes will define assault weapon as any high-power rifle, and high-power will be defined as anything higher than .22 or faster than 800 feet per second, and thus all shot-guns will be defined as assault weapons… Convoluted logic if any, but that’s how it seems they sneak those stupid laws… Look at the stimulus and tarp bills – full of confusing definitions and ambiguities and were given to congressmen like a night before the voting.

    • Robin

      No, our police are tied up making their qoutas for traffic enforcement, so they cannot be bothered to respond as quickly to complete those tasks that don’t bring in new revenues to their departments. The name of the game is now selective enforcement, used to generate revenues, when it was once up on a time, used as a deterrent.

      • Lonnie Jones

        I remember a story in a news paper about an emergency called into a police department.
        It seems that a man, hearing some noise at his garage door, called the police dept. and reported it. The dispatcher asked if he was in immediate danger. The man repied that he wan’t at that moment but wanted the men arrested.
        The dispatcher said all units were busy at that time but they would have a unit there in about a half hour.
        In about 5 minutes, the man called back and told the dispatcher to disregard his last call that he had shot the intruders.
        In about 5 minutes about 8 police uits were at his place and the intruders were arrested.
        A sergeant said that he thought the homeowner had said he shot them.
        The homeowner replied he thought that they had said that they would take at least a half hour to get somebody there.

        Police can usually get some place if they want to.

      • AC

        Robin, Lonnie and whoever reads this… if you don’t already know, law enforcement and the courts make sure that legal citizens show up in traffic court and/or pay their (often revenue enhancing) fines, but allow [many] illegal aliens to get multiple traffic citations and never show up, not pay their fines, and are never arrested/prosecuted. What’s up with that?!!!

  • George d.o.b. 1926


  • Aman

    This is just one man’s opinion but it’s well thoughtout and extremely plausible. These weird gun laws Holder and Obama are looking to enact is a plot against white people to encourage genocide by proxy and I will prove it. By disarmming white America and it’s legal gun owners affords the opportunity for criminals who are non white to commit murder against unarmmed white Americans. After all, could you ever imagin something as stupid as a Hate Crime Law! This law is stacked against white people and thereby allows for sever punishment and civil penalties. Ask yourself if that makes any sense. Because black on black crime is not in proportion to white on black crime, the disarmming of legal gun owners ( mostly white I’m guessing) is a way to level the playing field and some! Still not convinced…What about the death penalty??? Black supporters constantly argue that more blacks are executed than whites and that’s racist! So the solution, grant life to blacks and execute whites more.

  • TED

    90% of TRACEABLE guns found in Mexico are found to have origionated in the U.S.?? The gummint claims they were “purchased” at gun shows and from Licensed dealers but anyone that has bought a gun in the last 15 years knows that this claim is just so much barnyard commodity! I fill out about the same amount of paper work to buy a gun as I did to enlist in the military! This is required by the BATFE and the paper is in their files. Makes me wonder how many of those “traceable” firearms were STOLEN NORTH OF THE BORDER!

    • David Rains


      90% of the guns used by the Mexican cartels do not come from America. That is another lie perpetuated by the media and this administration.

      People from the BATF testified under oath just the other day that 90% of the guns they traced at the Mexican government’s request came from the US; however, they were only asked to trace around 17% of the guns recovered. The rest so obviously did not come from the US that no trace was asked for them. Therefore, aroiund 83% of the guns do not come from the US.

      Think about it a moment. The cartels’ weapons of choice are machine guns, sub machine guns, RPG’s, and hand grenades. Obviously they are not buying these weapons from legitimate gun dealers along the Mexican border.

      • Mark

        No, actually many of the Mexican gang members are or were members of the Mexican military and they simply STOLE the full autos, 60 mm mortars and RPG’s from the military depots that they worked with. Just like in the former USSR when it came time the soldiers took their toys home with them. I suspect many in our military will be handing out SAM missiles to their neighborhood buddies if this crap keeps up…

      • J. Day

        I believe it would be more like 15% because 90% of the 17% checked is a hair over 15%. that means 85% of the guns were most likely from somewhere other than the US. They only checked 17% because they were ALL thought to be US guns. Not like 2% is a big deal. Also how are the guns untraceable? Are the numbers ground off? Seems like the true facts of this Mexico gun story are being distorted beyond belief to make the problem seem so bad that something needs to be done fast much like the “stimulus bill” and the other bills being crammed through in hurry before people have a chance to read or even debate them. Seems like the current administration is making drastic and fast “CHANGEs” in “HOPEs” that they will not have to worry about losing the next elections. The future of this country will be set in a downhill slide with no way to get rid of the “CHANGEs” made in 4 short years. The liberals will ram as much garbage through and Obama will sign all of them. All that is being proposed and enacted NOW is going to make the next administrations job so difficult I don’t think any sane person would want to be president after the Obama administration is done. How could anyone repair the damages that will surely be done to our constitutional freedoms and liberties. Like others have mentioned, it starts with making ammunition harder to obtain,then goes to taking away gun rights, and ends with a government taking over every single aspect of our lives. Any person who votes for a person who wants to infringe on any right guaranteed by the Consititution ot he Unites States cannot complain when the government comes knocking to take away their guns. Believe me I know a few who voted for Obama and now are complaining about what is going on. Duh, you were warned many times and didn’t listen. We told you so.
        No matter what any politician says, gun rights are not taken away to prevent crime, they are taken away to remove the peoples right to protect themselves from any enemy, foreign or domestic, which includes a government which strays from the principles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
        Look at how the words are capitalized in Constitution and Bill of Rights. They are capitalized for good reason. That’s not an earthquake people, that’s the Founding Fathers spinning tornadoes in their graves.

  • Cole

    I will say again what I and millions of others said during the 70′s when the government was trying this same crap. If we do not stand together, we will hang separately.


    • Stephen M

      Very good point.Considering that is exactly what happened to 20million Russians and 8 million Jews. By the way the Muslims killed over 300 million in a span of 1400 years.

  • Charles B

    I had a friend who was a security guard at a building in Dallas. One night a car pulled into their parking lot. He went out to find out first if they needed help and then to inform them that they could not park there overnight. He was shot and killed as he approached them. (He was not carrying a gun as he did not perceive that it was any more than someone having car trouble.)



    • Joy

      By banning our guns each and every legislator who votes for any gun ban/gun control/ ammo control law will be responsible for the murders of innocent people by armed thugs. I wonder if these gun-banners even care about that. They certainly do not listen to the citizens they are supposed to represent. Guns don’t kill people, anti-gun government officials do.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      The government needs to back away from this and leave it be, lest they get involved and make a total mess of it like they have with our school system. Yeah, thats right, the school system. They have dicked it up so much that no one can get a good education, because they are busy protecting the bully who mouths off to the the teachers and administrators, and they are too afraid to confront him lest they be labeled a racist and loose their job. Our schools are a joke, and its because the government runs them with this bull crap political correctness. Stay out of the gun control thing government, your out of your league.

  • James Kosty

    The entire range of audacity displayed by the “Barack Obama Experience” is almost surreal in it’s scope and sheer insanity.
    Whatever semblance of reason existed that made America great has taken leave of the masses, either by the most insidious and patient plot ever foisted on a society, or just by defualt as the moral relativism and abandonment of God pervades every aspect of human life here today.
    Guns do not kill on their own – the truthful and simple argument. And according to any liberal, a gun with a black plastic stock on it or a high – tech appearance, even if only capable of one shot a minute is an “assualt weapon”. These self – appointed gun experts judge the danger by the appearance of the weapon, and if it looks like what “THE MEDIA wants everyone to assume is a killing machine, then by gooly, that’s what makes them intrinsically evil. Nevermind that humans, left to their own devices, will be inherently evil and resort to the use of knives, sticks, stones, baseball bats, chairs, clubs, ball point pens, vehicles, poisoning, and beating, choking, etc. through use of the hands, ad infinitum, in man’s continuing effort to be the assmunches we can be. No legislation, aside from laws which appropriately punish the criminals, will negate human nature.

  • UnklFungus

    I am so sick of the criminal way in which these laws get passed. They don’t have the balls to do it out in the open, so they have to sneak this stuff in.

    This is the actions of cowards and thieves, not real citizens.

    • TripleTap

      How about we send a united request for the following:

      A Common Sense Approach to Proposing Legislation

      In the interest of Free Speech and an informed electorate I request the following:
      a. Any and all bills proposed for consideration and passage by the Congress (HoR and Senate) must be proposed with full disclosure.
      b. The proposed legislation will be coordinated (meaning must be completely read and understood by each elected member of the Congress).
      c. Upon completing coordination the proposed legislation will be reviewed by the judiciary (Supreme Court) for constitutionality before being voted upon for passage by the Congress. If it fails constitutionality, the reason for being declared unconstitutional will be published for public record and the proposed legislation becomes “dead” and must be rewritten to achieve constitutionality.
      d. Once declared constitutional by the Supreme Court, no appeals will be allowed and it becomes the Law of the Land upon passage.
      e. In addition, after attaining compliance status of “Constitutional” a period 90 days must be allowed for review by the electorate to allow comments of support/non support from the electorate to their elected officials. To accommodate this, the legislation must be written so the citizenry can understand its need and effect on current situations/events.
      f. There will be only one exemption to this, legislation required to prevent a clear and present danger to the Constitution of the United States or the United States of America. A full congressional session must be called with 80 percent approval to proceed and cannot be vetoed by the President. When the clear and present danger is declared over (requires 80 percent full congressional approval), the related legislation becomes null and void and cannot be reinstituted without 80 percent approval of the congress.
      a. Junk legislation will be prevented and clear and concise legislation allowed to pass.
      b. The electorate will be given more say in legislation.
      c. Constitutionality will more readily be achieved and prevent protracted and expensive appeals.
      d. The Supremes will perform what their jobs are intended to do – enforce the constitution.
      e. The Executive branch and administration will be prevented from making snap decisions such as the recent stimulus bill which went unread by any of the electorate who passed it.
      f. The elected representatives will be held more responsible to their electorate and less influenced by lobbyists or special interest groups allowing for a clearer view of what the people want and expect.
      g. Will prevent electorate “power plays” to pass last minute legislation and ensure constitutionality.
      a. Will take longer to pass legislation.
      b. Will tie up the Supreme Court.

      • Ted Harris

        Sorry! Good Thought, However . . .

        The costitution allows for placing ‘No restrictions’ on the


        I suggest: Print yourself a copy of the “US Constitution”

        put in a nice folder, and keep beside/handy to one’s Workplace;

        Read periodically/often; you may? not memorize, but one will ‘remember’, and then you can look it up!

        Ted Harris

        • David Rains


          The Constitution places a great many restrictions on the Congress in that it only grants them certain, specific powers. These powers are relatively few, but the Constitution has been ignored now for almost 50 years.

          For example, no where in the Constitution will you find where Congress is granted the authority to fund or have anything to do with education, health care, or energy. Nor do they have the power to tell you what size toilet tank you will have, but they do. That really is a law, by the way.

          The Constitution and rule of law in this country is basically dead.

    • http://BuckeyeExpress Lady Impact Ohio

      Unkl Fungus:

      Too bad you didn’t see my protest sign at the Toledo Tea Party:


  • Frank

    The Obama administration better be real careful on how far they push the American people. If you think Timothy McVeigh acted alone then you better re-think. The OK city bombing was payback for Waco which most American’s are not aware of the severity of. They used an Army tank against civilians and they used CS riot gas inside a building which violates the Geneva convention for inhumane usage of a chemical. It is high flamable and is what burned those men, women and yes – many little children alive. McVeigh is just the pinhead of the iceburg.

  • bullwhip

    those who trade their guns for plows will plow for those who dont !!!!!!
    nuff said !!!!!

  • bullwhip

    better wake up !!! people !!!
    obama is going to go through the back door to take guns away, he is going to do it through the u.n. (watch) !!

    • Aman

      Correct! But will you sit by and watch? Or will you REVOLT!

      • bullwhip

        what will you do ??

        • Aman

          In a word, I will Revolt! It may even cost me my life! But like many heros before us e.g. Washington and his soldiers and countless others, I will continue the effort. This country we call the United States is blessed by God! It is, and has always been the best country in the world. Obama bin Bidens slur against the good people of Pennsylvania regarding guns and bible toting should of sent a clear message regarding his politics. In spite of that, the people have spoken and they voted for him. Remember what Franklin said as he was leaving Constitution Hall after the signing of the Declaration of Indepedance. A woman spotted him and asked what form of Government do we have, a monocracy or a republic? Franklin’s reply, ” Madam, I am happy to tell you that we have a republic, if you can keep it!” I would highly encourage you to watch a film called the Crossing. It’s about Washington’s war effort. Learn it! study it! discuss it! Try and analysis why those tired, out numbered, hungery, under supplied, frost bitten, sick injured young men, shared Washington’s passion to defeat the British. Note the many refereces Washington makes to God! I’ll conclude by saying this; If Washington didn’t win Trenton and defeat the Hessians we wouldn’t today be the United States of America! That miracle by the way occurred on Christmas Day 1776!

  • DK the Pontificator

    Might I remind all of you that back when the Brady Bill was passed, there was a certain sheriff, Richard Mack, of Maricopa County, Arizona [Phoenix], pretty much told the government to “stick it” and that he wasnt’ enforcing this law. The sheriffs of the United States know that to disarm the citizenry means that their already thin deputy force is going to be stretched to the limit. This is why they want everyone to have guns! Then there’s Kennesaw, Georgia … after a city ordinance was passed requiring every homeowner to have a gun, burglaries dropped 85%. Again, this democratic ideology has been dreaming. Despite what Eric Holder or anyone else would have you think, you have a natural God-given right to self preservation. The reason Mexico has so many drug problems is because of government corruption and a United States population that is dumbed down and occupied with video games and Hollywood. If Eric Holder wanted to do something useful, he would order troops to the borders, fully armed and ready to take out any person entering the border that is in possession of a rucksack or any other drug transport device. Mexican federales are already shooting at our troops patrolling the Texas border. They are running cover for the drug mules entering this country across the Rio Grande River. I have it on first hand authority from someone who’s been there and seen it with his own eyes!
    I also seriously down that the Texas Legislature, which is now in the process of granting college students the right to carry loaded firearms on campus, is going to tolerate Eric Holder’s behavior either. The last Civil War was caused because of a major incursion into States’ Rights. Those who are ignorant of history are condemned to repeat it. Our own returning troops have more of a conscience than you think. These troops understand that “We the People” are who they swore an oath to protect. If they are ordered to “sweep” America, you will see major desertions and major “eliminations” of leadership in domestic military “units” as soldiers who love this country are going to ignore direct orders to fire upon their own citizens and take out their commanding officers instead. I was in the military … I know how these men and women think. You are better off at this point deluging your STATE representatives and U.S. Congresspeople and Senators with emails and letters, calling for the impeachment and removal of anyone currently in office that seeks to dilute the powers granted to the States by the 10th Amendment. This is the first set of events that led up to the catalyst that caused the first Civil War. Stop whining and start doing if you feel scared. This is your government … “Ye shall know them by their fruits”. After the bailout, the tax debt scandals by current cabinet members and the lack of “going after the bad guy” which Obama bin Laden said he would do if elected, it’s clear that the “change” we voted for … is not change for the better. This kind of rationale is what gets governments into trouble. YOUR VOICE IS YOUR STATE GOVERNMENT! USE IT!

    • Roxanne

      I totally agree with you. I hope those people that voted for obama are happy because we are losing our right fast and furious. God help us.

    • Ted Harris

      Federal Law prevents useof our Military at the Borders!

      We need to get this law repealed, and then use the military to stop the Criminals!

      But then the druggies will need to be stopped?

      Ted Harris

      • harold

        hey Ted if you are referying to posi comtastos then you are miss informed it has already been repealed they and the local law inforcemenmt as well as the feds all fall under Fema control and will be dispursed in side our boardes but not against the drug dealers but against the american citizens, esspecially the ones that stand up for freedom and the constitution.

      • J. Day

        I think that the US side of the border should be a 1/4 mile wide buffer the length of the border. Fence it off and make the whole thing a military base. That kills three birds with one stone. The military now protects the border, (ever get too close to a military base, people with guns on you quick), no more guns, drugs or people would be crossing the border, and the military can practice following people at night on the idiots that do dare to enter the base zone and perhaps get some moving target practice on the ones foolish enough to shoot at them as they do to the border patrol officers (Sniper Practice Range).
        The US having an open border with a relatively poor country such as Mexico is much the same as opening a new department store and leaving the doors wide open all night with nobody there to watch it. Not long and there is no merchandise left.
        The US is Mexico’s cookie jar. They take the cookies and then the cookies go to Mexico and we are left with crumbs in the bottom of the jar (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California). We need to place the lid on the cookie jar to protect our cookies. It won’t be long and the place to have the most rights is going to be prison. Baby step after baby step our rights are being trampled. We need some Conservative leadership with the guts to stand up to the liberals steering the US in the direction of socialism. My Great Grandparents moved from Czechoslovakia to get away from the socialist government, I don’t want my children to feel they have to leave this country for the same reason.
        Point is un-Constitutional laws are being pushed through while there is a favorable vote count in the legislative branch.
        The government of this country was designed to protect our rights, not to infringe on or take them away. Our government is going to tax us into the poor house (which will not be poor enough to receive assistance) and then make it easier for criminals to take what is left.

  • Arley Steinhour

    Well Said, Bob. Sadly, I fear the present government will succeed in effectively disarming all of America, through the side-doors of the Second Amendment.
    Sadly, also, now that I have responded to your comment, my name, if not already on the list, will probably be added to the ‘list of owners,’ to confiscate from. Should be an interesting day when that comes to pass.
    In our Messiah, Jesus the Christ, ‘Strong Winds, and Smooth Waters.’
    Arley Steinhour USN (Retired)

  • DK the Pontificator

    Do the math … 90,000,000 U.S. gunowners versus 100,000 U.S. troop, minus 40,000 of them who will defect if ordered to kill U.S. citizens = 60,000 U.S. troops versus 90,000,000 U.S. gunowners + all of the county sheriffs who would rather see the populus armed than disarmed. We’ve been through the assault weapons ban before during the Clinton years. It didn’t work then either. Any right thinking government official knows that the average American is peace-loving and doesn’t want violence and is hard-working and doesn’t spend every waking moment thinking about who he’s going to point his weapon at. Any wrong thinking government official [mostly of the Democratic persuasion, like Dianne Feinstein, carry a gun themselves for protection] does not have the conscience to see a third of this country’s population rounded up and eliminated. Just because we need population control doesn’t mean they’ll take away your weapons. AIDS, drunk drivers, disease, tainted food … there are a host of things that are already killing innocent Americans. Gun crimes are WAY DOWN on the list. When the people fear the government you have tyranny. THINK!

  • jasony

    This is just another way O’bama and his crew are looking to twist the truth to fit their agenda. America needs to wake up to what the agenda is and not listen to his cleverness. I, for one, am insulted that O’bama and his crew talk down to us like they do, suggesting that we’re too stupid to know any better than the deceit they are feeding us. We need to speak out and speak up intelligently on the issues to our Congressmen and women, making sure they understand that there are a large number of intelligent Americans that know better and are will to call them on their garbage – hold them to a real transparency, not the crap they are trying to feed us as the truth!

  • doc

    Government who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution are more interested in shredding it to remove any obstacles to their seizing more and more power. Thay are not getting my guns.

  • Kitty, Lakeland Fl.

    There are times I worry about us, how divided we have become then I read post like these and again I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. When we let them take our rights away one at a time we all lose and this is just one more way to do that. Hope to many of you do not want to shoot me (LOL) for this but one way to stop the drug wars is to take away the crime itself. Make the drugs (Marijuana) legal and watch the deaths all but stop. Time for us to stand as one and fight the take over of our country.

    • King David II

      Making drugs legal will eliminate crime? What are you stupid?
      Legal or not those who traffic in drugs will STILL traffic in drugs!
      To clean up crime ya haz ta remove da criminal…….and, that is one area I agree with socialist/dictatorship countries with……try them and if found guilty………………………dey be shot on da spot!

      • Kitty, Lakeland Fl.

        Not out of my mind, just educated. If you make the drugs legal why would there be a need for the drug dealers? They tried that on alcohol and look at what that did. Crime rate shot up and people died from bad booze.There are those in law enforcement and Gov. that are fighting to get this drug war stopped by making them legal. To many are in prison just for having small amounts of drugs on them. It is time to make the drugs legal and get them out of the hands of the crooks. Look up, “we can do it again” and LEAP (law enforcement against prohibition”. Learn from the experts have to say about it. You, like so many have the wrong idea about this but these sites and many others will put your mind to rest. Get the dealers off the street, cut the cost of the drug war and save lives. This drug war has been going on for to many years and is only getting worse with the lose of live climbing everyday.

        • AC

          Kitty, I think the argument for legalization is worth considering, but I am not convinced it is the best solution… yet.

          The correct spelling is TOO [...Hope too many of you do not want to shoot me... Too many are in prison... for too many years], and I think you meant “loss of life” …not “lose of live.”

        • J. Day

          There are still “moonshiners making big money all over the country, Alcohol is sold legally. There are still untaxed cigarettes and cigars shipped and sold all over the country, They too are legal. Just because something is legalized doesn’t remove the illegal activity. The drugs will be taxed, heavilly probably, which would still leave a market for the “illegal” drugs. No matter how you slice it there will still be drug dealers just as there are still moonshiners. That is a fact not what someone assumes will be so as in people assuming that legalizing drugs will remove or reduce crime, it won’t.

          Just because someone is educated doesn’t mean they are any less ignorant. Facts speak volumes so use facts to back you up or would you also dispute that there are still moonshiners and trafficking of untaxed cigarettes in the US?

          Education doesn’t replace common sense. If there is a market there will be someone exploiting that market. FACT.

          When something is legalized and taxed heavilly there is an underground market for the untaxed item in that group (alcohol, tobacco, firearms). There is a reason why there is an ATF. They are the big three items which are trafficked and sold on the black market (untaxed). The government wants to stop the sale of untaxed items they could care less what it is. The only reason for the ATF is to nail the dealers of untaxed goods, translation- cutting into tax revenues. The government doesn’t care about people, it cares about tax revenue and power. The sooner more people in this country realize that one simple to understand fact the better off we ALL will be.

          Main point is when something is LEGALIZED it is TAXED and that makes the illegal market more profitable and attractive to criminals.

          The only thing legalization will do is keep someone from going to jail for having a few joints in their pocket or bag leaving more room for the real criminals. The tax revenue would be a bonus for the government though it too would be wasted (pun intended). There will still be drug trafficking, drug dealers, and people wanting to buy the illegal (untaxed) drugs hence there would really be very little change (there’s that “C” word again) much the same as alcohol and tobacco (both legal and taxed items).
          For the reason listed above of clearing the prison system of people who were charged with drug crimes (personal use amounts) I say legalization is a good idea.
          To say it will reduce drug related crime you are mistaken. Except for pot to some extent (person too stoned to want to commit a crime) people will still be stealing and doing robberies for drug money to BUY the stuff, legal or not, so the reasoning that legalizing drugs will reduce crime is ludicrous. People buy drugs, people do drugs, people commit crimes to get the money to buy more drugs. What is different? NOTHING except the government would be making money on the sale of drugs in tax revenue. So if the change would be that legalized drugs create revenue which would fund the DEA operations to remove illegal dealers (untaxed drugs) from the streets that would be fine too,
          but don’t for a minute think that there would be any real change in the crime rates due to illegal drugs.

      • Paul Trood

        King David 11 if these drugs are decriminalized and made available at there true value (cost) there will be NO drug dealers, end of story. Drug related crime would plummet.

        • Paul Trood

          J Day what you fail to address is the costs of these prohibited drugs. I live in Australia so I can only comment on prices here and as I do not use drugs I had to ask a friend that has knowledge in this area. To purchase an ounce of pot costs $250-300 AUS, to actually produce it costs around $30 AUS. So even if the government charged double plus a 100% tax that would make the cost of an ounce $120 AUS. This would have 2 effects, 1) if the dealers still sought to deal then they would have to undercut the legal price therefor massively reducing their profits, and 2) crime should fall as the cost to the consumer is less than half of what it was. These same cost reductions should apply to all manufactured drugs. Costs aside the use of ice, meth etc will still produce crime as these drugs destroy rational thinking, but at least if they were legally purchased we would know who the users are and target them for medical treatment to try and get them off these substances.

    • Mark

      Kitty, NO ONE should have the right to tell you what you can or cannot put into your own body. I feel that if you are over 18 you have that right and anyone caught selling drugs to children should be taken out in the swamp tied to a stump and let the alligators and bugs do the rest…as Charlie Daniels so eloquently stated in the song Simple Man.

  • wb frank

    FYI: this info came from another source who is a Liberal but fiscal conservative. I printed and shared with him the Janet Napalitano DHS declassified report on conservatives and soldiers from the war front. It is entitled: U//FOUO “Rightwings Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” My friend MM, is also Jewish and has lived in New York City! He is networked with others of like minds. Guess what? They and millions of other people are and have a right to be concerned.

  • Mike from MN

    I would suggest that if this article does not get under your skin, you have really thick skin. The logic used by the politicians has been proven to be wrong. Based on the history of countries where guns have been taken from the citizens such as Australia and Canada, the crime statistics have gone the wrong way. You can go further back in history and look at Russia and Germany for more examples. I would like to ask Obama and Holder one question, “do you believe the typical American Citizen is a law abiding and responsible person?” If they say “no” then Obama was elected by a complete bunch of irresponsible people. If they say “yes” then one would have to ask “why would you want to disarm the law abiding responsible citizens while the law breaking irresponsible citizens continue to have guns. The government will NEVER get their guns. The black market for guns will flourish. Any law that is not completely enforceable is a BAD law. That is why extreme gun control laws do not work, they are unenforceable. Do you want some examples of how effective the Federal Government has been? How effectively has the Federal Government been at controlling illegal drug usage? How effective has the Federal Government been at controlling immigration and the borders? This is, in my opinion, just another example of gross stupidity on the part of some (not all) of our elected and appointed officials. In my opinion, there is only ONE reason why the present administration wants to start the process of disarming the good citizens of this country, they want more power with controlled resistance. That is why they did not like the Tea Parties. That is exactly why our very intelligent founders wrote the Second Ammendment to the Constitution, to protect the good law abiding citizens from an overly ambitious and power hungry government. Would someone care to prove me wrong? Have at it, I am willing to listen!

    • rpm2hi

      You are not wrong. A thinking man or woman understands that gun control has probably three major purposes in reality:

      To create a smokescreen that a district’s politician is “concerned” for the welfare of their district and is focused on “improving” their safety.
      Creating a new law to divert attention away from the laws that are already not being enforced and/or other government failings and inefficiencies
      Remove the ability of the people to resist government control.

      To me, this seems like a pretty strong agenda that will not be easily restrained, in the case of those who are really committed. With these things understood, what do you think will influence our unrepresenting representatives to listen to the will of the people, and not just continue to laugh and wave us off?

      Look how easily they passed the ban the first time!

  • bruce

    mexico won’t release the serial numbers for most of the weapons captured from drug gangs because they came from american military stocks.we gave these arms to the mexican government and they sold them to drug gangs but of course president bongo and holder will never admit this.this is just more lies from from the usurper-in-chief and they do want to disarm white people because we are the only ones who believe in our constitution.

  • Bob

    Come and take it.

  • TONY



    This guy we are suposed to call Prez is uncredentialed, is challenged factually, historically, mathmatically and plays real loose with the Constitution. His and his compadre Eric are real worrisome on the second amendment, even the Ninth Circus knows better and says so.

    His Sect. of State is a real proven embellisher and immeadiately in her mind America took the lead in furnishing the Corrupt Mexican drug cartels with illegal military arms, this was total baloney and it was proved absolute nonsense. She wouldn’t comment on the fact that Mexican Army deserters took their U.S. furnished M16′s with them or what she could point out about American gun shows who sold mortars and twenty mm cannons to gun buyers.

    Need I say being lead by an imbecile is embarrassing……

    • AC

      Unfortunately, he is not an imbecile [which might be a reasonable excuse] and neither are most of the people in power… they are, I dare say, predominantly above average intelligence. But there are far too many people who think they are smarter than they are… and there are [defintely] far too many prideful people throughout not only our society, but this world, and PRIDE leads to destruction…

  • Joe Hooker

    Just remember this.
    It’s one thing for some stupid politicians, who couldn’t even do a real job, to hide behind their armed guards while declaring that they want to outlaw firearms. But it’s a totally different thing to try taking a gun away from a fully grown man who wants to keep it & knows how to use it.
    I REALLY think our present leaders actually want to totally destroy America, & starting a fight like they’ll have over gun control is just one of their methods.

  • King David II

    What’s on my mind is will the military when given the order to act as police (which is not legal) and perform “crowd control” of the citizen uprising that is bound to come, shoot their fellow Americans?

    Obama is dangerous, Obama wants America to become a socialist country, Obama and his gang of thugs will attempt to turn America into another Cuba, Venzeula, N. Korea, China, Russia, etc. with the misguided thinking he got from the acorn bunch.

    Obama should go back to the hood and stay there!

    However, no matter what happens, I am going to laugh my a$$ of when the Obama crowd starts eliminating each other, this country will become another South Central, California battleground……maybe one of the crips will eliminate obambi and do this country a favor!

    • David Rains

      Obama wants more than socialism. He wants a mix of socialism and fascism. In some cases, such as the banks, he wants the government to have ownership(socialism). For all other businesses, he wants the government to maintain tight controls (Fascism).

      Remember his campaign speech where he said that wanted to form a “Civilian Security Force equal in funding, size, and authority to the military.” In Nazi Germany, such an organization was called the Gestapo.

    • AC

      I believe if any military personnel [acting as police] are in fear for their own life, they will shoot, and if one shoots then more will shoot just like Kent State. And even more scary is the idea that some unethical, immoral socialist/communist liberals would light a fire cracker to start the shooting.

      • J. Day

        Or throw a rock at a trigger happy kid holding an automatic weapon. (Kent State) Common sense says don’t throw the rock, Liberal lunacy says throw the rock they won’t shoot.
        Good idea Einstein.

  • rpm2hi

    In my observations, it seems clear that this Administration’s agenda is to rebalance power and authority wherever possible:
    1. Where the people have power, slowly shift that to government control
    2. Where the US government has sovereign power, shift that to a “world consensus”
    3. Where victims have authority, commute that to criminal-rights
    4. Where traditional moral institutions are in place, label them as “intolerant’ and overturn them

    Many who were not fawning with adoration during his political campaigns, probably picked up on most of this.

    We as citizens who value our liberties can do one of two things (legally!):
    1. Accept the hearding of “We the People Who Care” into our padded-cell, nanny state.
    2. Be AWARE of what is happening, and resist in (legal and non-violent) ways that these people will respect, in order to be effective.

    I applaud Bob Livingston for creating this forum and newletter, to facilitate that objective.

    Regarding gun rights, there is ONE issue that is probably the scariest, and could be the sneakiest way to get our guns yet: an international treaty.

    We all know that our ‘representatives’ are using every trick in the book to grab our guns. I can’t believe the stuff:
    1. Tried to remove the availability of military brass (repealed, last I heard)
    2. Hazardous materials tax on primers and bullets for reloaders
    3. Encoding ammunition accompanied with burdensome registration for dealers
    4. Increasingly-restrictive registration laws
    5. Municipalities trying to circumvent the 2nd Amendment ruling in Heller.
    6. Reinstate the “assault weapons ban” WITH even greater restrictions than before.
    7. On and on

    In most cases the reps have been trying to introduce and pass legislation in a very low-profile setting, trying to keep it quiet to bypass outrage. Fortunately we as lawful gun-owners have challenged them and scared them into not moving these bills forward in most recent cases. We must be VIGILANT more than ever, regardless of what issues the reps are currently working on. Not only to our own reps want to take our guns, the UN is really hungry. Someone could EASILY create a treaty as a “Global Gun Ban”, and pressure the US to sign it. Do you think BO would resist this? BTW, these are not amendable, and he would either need to sign it and accept it as is, or reject it entirely. WATCH for THIS, it could be a real danger.

    • Mystery

      You folks need not worry, there are quite a few of us former military special forces combat tested veterans and active duty military from the ranks of “Officers, NCO’s and Enlisted” keeping a close eye on the present situation with our government. All of us took an Oath to support and defend The United States, The Citizens, The Constitution and the Flag against all enemies both foreign and domestic and all of us will lay down our lives for the cause of freedom and that includes all the rights given to us by our Founding Fathers and Fore-Fathers.

      Just remember, our Founding Fathers sent the British back home with their tails tucked between their legs and all they had were single shot rifles, clubs and a knife. FREEDOM IS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Duane

    It really horrifies me think about Obama being the White House for a 2nd term. He is the most unprepared person to serve in that Office since the signing of the Consitution. All you can say about the man is that he has Hitler ability to sway the public with his retoric. He has no personal value. He refused to salute the flag or sing the national athemn. He supports abortion. He supports gun control. He supports homosexual life-style. He indorses men those that head Argentina and Cuba. He doesn’t defend the USA or represent the majority of the people. If Obama gets that 2nd term the USA will not be the country that I grew up loving it will be split in two and it won’t be the color of his skin doing it the agenda he carries will cause it. (By the way he is 1/2 white and 1/2 black).

  • bruce

    the way this nit-wit is acting we will be lucky if one of bongo’s pals doesn’t drop a nuk on d.c.

    • http://BuckeyeExpress Lady Impact Ohio

      That’s why I live in Toledo. Only target here is the idiot mayor and new dysfunctional $273 million bridge.

  • http://msn Freckles

    There is some very informative comments being posted and I have read nearly all of them. What I haven’t read that this is a bait and switch law that Congress is using on the Great Americans of this nation.

    While we are focusing on Congress the gun ban will be put into a treaty by the UN that all guns in all countries will be banned it will be signed into law, and it can never be changed. The UN is the one we need to be afraid of.

    So instead of focusing on what we should be doing we need to get off our fannies and get pple elected who love this country and not power. We are going to lose every freedom we have if Obama gets his way.

    It’s been said many times you get the Government that you vote for so we all need to Unite and fight as one pple to save this Republic. God Bless America and the ppld who Love her, and The American Way.

  • TeresaE

    If the government truly wanted to “help” Mexico, we would immediately revoke all drug laws and institute regulated, controlled, highly taxed companies around the world to harvest and manufacture the drugs.

    Legal money would FLOOD into these countries and our budgets would shine with surplus funds.

    The Drug War, and gun control, and education, and banking de-regulation has been enacted for one thing and one thing only.

    The never ending growth of government and enslavement of the masses.

    It is impossible to regulate human nature, using drugs or other items to feel better has been used by ALL peoples in ALL times. Even animals in nature will get high if they can.

    Final note: the only way to “shore up” the Republican vote is to silence the minority that are perfectly fine with gutting the Constitution when it comes to a handful of issues.

    BOTH sides want the Constitution disbanded, the Republicans just want to call their spit “protection”.

    Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness. Not unborn rights, not government interference in private contracts, not “freedom” under the guise of surveillance “for our own good”, not regulation of plants because the pharmaceutical companies can’t patent them and make a trillion..

    Until the majority wake up and see the hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle, we will all get ticked and watch our Constitution fade into oblivion.

    Our elected officials (both sides) have, and are, destroying the very things that once made this the greatest country on earth.

    • AC

      I agree with almost everything except your opposition to unborn rights… Abortion is wrong, and is no different than genocide and the Hitlerian [evolutionistic] notion that we should select who lives and dies…

      • TeresaE

        Well, then since you insist on labeling a group of cells that can not survive on their own rights, then how can you complain about ever growing government and taxes?

        You can’t have it both ways.

        Would I abort my baby? No, but I also have to work for a living so I haven’t popped out a whole slew of children and asked you to pay for them.

        Other woman’s abortions are none of my business. Doesn’t affect me one iota and since I AM SICK OF PAYING FOR THEIR BRATS FROM DIAPERS THROUGH PRISON, I can only HOPE the mother chooses to do the PRUDENT thing and not have the child.

        We don’t need more low IQ, welfare sucking, LIBERAL, non-workers or criminals in this country. AND is forcing a mother that would otherwise have KILLED her child to raise her child really what you want?

        And anti-abortion laws would have that effect.

        Sorry, but my god tells me not to judge, so I don’t. And I don’t want my government to either.

        • AC

          Yes, and God is the creator of life. Once the egg is fertilized, life has begun, and it is up to Him when that life ends.

          We need to change our laws to not reward welfare moms for having children they cannot support, and encourage adoption. There are many couples who want to adopt, but there are not enough newborns and babies/infants to satisfy the demand.

        • TeresaE

          Yes, and 1/3 of the pregnancies would end in miscarriage anyway (1 in 3 off all pregnancies self-abort before the end of the first trimester).

          Trying to force compliance, with more laws and less money will not have the results you desire, and at this point will NEVER stop anyway. Throughout history it is proven that the lowest IQs reproduce the most. Why help them, or punish them, for their own stupidity and public educations.

          As for adoption, it is not the “easy” option so many seem to think it is. My mother gave up children for adoption before she met my father and then had 5 children. For 40 years she beat herself up, switched churches like underwear, looking for forgiveness and then blamed me for being born in between manic depressive episodes. I know 3 or 4 women who have given their children up for adoption–all three are still, decades later, hurting badly. They search for their kids and cry about their kids and it is anything except easy.

          I have two beautiful children, 22 years apart, I had my son at 15. I was young, scared and determined. And I could NOT have given up my son for any amount of money. At 15.

          But, as most 15 year old girls are very ill prepared (I had already raised babies), they have the right, to not have their lives destroyed over human nature and a moment of bad judgment.

  • Larry Carter

    Forgive the misspelling. No spell check available here!

    This may seem that I am of the subject, but consider this please!.
    It is a common practice for Governments to disparage belief in God. Governments when they gain enough influence begin to excersize “Urightious Dominion”. At first it is not very intrusive, and is easly disguized as for the ‘Better Good’. (Eminate Domain’ as an example). At the risk of being repetative I will mention a symbolic story of the, “Camel in the Tent”. Author Unknown
    “There was a Nomadic traveler of the Sahara Desert who incountered a Sand Storm. As was his coustom he quickly stopped and secured his posessions, put up his tent and made him self as comfortable, and secure as possible to weather out the storm. As he sat and enjoyed his hot beverage there was a blast of wind interupting his tranqullity. He quickly looked to see if his tent was about to be blown away. Too his surprise there was the nose of his Camel, sticking under the edge of the tent. He responded with a kick to the Camels nose to make him get back. The Camel quickly spoke out, (much to the surprise of the Traveler), oh please, let me have my nose inside. I will be better able to serve you when the storm is past, I will be able to breath better and have greater strength to serve you. Well after a moment of consideration the Traveler agreed that it would be ok, maybe even helpfull so he said ok. After a little time had gone by there was another severe shaking of the tent and when the Traveler looked he saw the Camel had his head inside the tent. Much to the travelers alarm, he gave the Camel a swift kick and was about to order the Camel out, but the Tricky Camel said, ‘Oh please don’t kick me out into the Storm. If I can just stay here the dust will not be able to get into my eyes, and make me blind, and into my Ears to make me deaf, and when the storm is over I will be better able to serve you’.. Well this sounded resonable to the Traveler so he agreed, but with a stern warning he cautioned the Camel not to encroach any further. Well it wasn’t long and there was a huge blast ot dusty air blasting away the comfort the tent offorded, as it went sailing away in the wind. The dang Camel had decided that he could serve better if he could get all of body in the tent, But in the effort of trying to get in, his hump had knocked the tent down. The moral of the Story is Camels are not ment to be in tents. They should be kept on teathers where they cannot knock Down the tents of Travelers.

    The Citizens of this Nation have little by little let Government, (Camel) into the rightfull place of the Citizen, The head is in the tent so to speak, and our rightful place will be destroyed if we do not act fast, and with determination, dislodge Usurpers from there terrible incroachment . The tent is about to ripped up by the roots, (our freedoms), by the canels hump, that was never intended to be in a tent.

    Wake up People.!!!

    If we can be convinced that ‘God’ has no place in our society, we are giving away our security, (our God given Rights) to the winds of destruction from Government, (our tent is about to be Knocked Down).

    Consider this;

    If we can be talked out of ‘GOD’, (that he dosn’t exist), it then will follow that ‘God’ never was, and could not be the giver of our ‘Rights’. In the vacum created by this shift of authority, a rush of ussurpers will be clamoring for the Authority to control the power,and to declare what rights there are, and who will have them. Once that termoil is settled, (the strongest prevails), (or the law af the jungle is manisfested), the srongest will be in possition to declare the rights as they see fit. Take no relief in the benevilance of Tyrants. They traditionaly are only kind to themselves, and to the ‘Cronies’ that help them secure their power. Every one else will be a slave to the lust of the new Ruler.
    This is not what I want for you and for me, and for our children.
    Lets unite and speak out with a unified voice.
    We must cast off the chains of slavery, and reatache the chains to Government, (Get the Camel out of the tent) The old saying, “there is not room in this town for both of us”


    Gett involved in your local affairs. Know your Neighbor, Go to town meetings, Speak out and be heared.
    Seek out individuals who you know will stand up for your liberties. Inform local authourities what you expect from them, (the Sheriff and County Officials), (your State Governments, Governers and Ledgislative Bodies). with whom you can have personal contact on a daily basis. Know who they are, and comunicate with them often. Keep your Powder dry. Don’t let the wind of Government blow you tent away.

    By this method you will be back in the tent secured from the storms of life.

    In this way Government will be in the position of serving you not the other way around.

    We have been fooled into thinkig Authourity comes down from the top (President).

    NOT SO!

    We must recognize from whom our Rights come, ‘GOD’. When we understand this, we then are in position to be in Authourity. From ‘GOD’ to Us is the power, which extends from Us DOWN, to our locally elected County Officials, and Sheriff, and then to our State Goverements, (States Rights 10th Amendment), and finally to the Federal Government.
    You can not buld a building from the top down. It will always fall down. Rather build it from the bottom up. We are to be the foundation. Authority travel up from us, not from the top down. Once we understand this we can secure our great nation from those who are intent on us being the slaves.

    Remember this, Governments are not capable to beliving in God and do not recognize his Authority. That is why goverments must be kept in chains. We can not allowe it to think, and act for itself. Government wants to be more influencial, and therefore, if left to it’s own ambition, will begin to excercize “Unrightious Dominion” over the People.

    . We must restore out tranquility and put government back in chains.!!!

    May it ever be so for you, and me, and our posterity.

    Larry Carter

    • Cheri

      So true and very well said.

      Too bad we have separated ourselves into “groups” meaning political parties. People get so caught up in the emotions surrounding politics that they lose their heads. The government finds opportunity in this and divides and separates us and we forget we’re people and should be for America.

      Political parties should only be where we discuss the differences in how we as people see America should be governed. To bring us together to agree upon who best fits the picture….not to separate us and let government conquer.

      I love this quote:

      We the people who believe in the words of Ronald Reagan, that we are “the best last hope for man on this earth,” “a shining city on a hill,” and that our best days are before us if our Government will simply trust the American people.

      I am not as eloquent as some, but I’m finding my voice these days. We need to educate all we can.

    • John

      In the United States the “Separation of Church and State” is generally discussed as a political and legal principle derived from the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, which reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . . .”

      The concept of separation is commonly credited to the combination of the two clauses: the establishment clause, generally interpreted as preventing the government from establishing a national religion, providing tax money in support of religion, or otherwise favoring any single religion or religion generally; and the free exercise clause, ensuring that private religious practices are not restricted by the government. The effect of prohibiting direct connections between religious and governmental institutions while protecting private religious freedom and autonomy has been termed the “separation of church and state.”

      God is not governing the state. Please enjoy your religous beliefs and leave the state out of it. Fundamentalism in government has a bad track record – see twin towers!!

      • TeresaE


        Our constitution guarantees that we can CHOOSE which god, or no god, to believe in.

        No where does it say that the government needs to consult a book written by a foreign king 400 years ago.

        See, both sides only want to mold the constitution to their own slanted view of the world.

        Divided we fall and I can’t stand behind the “rule from the bible” crowd.

  • David G. From Michigan

    I didn’t vote for this Clown we have for a president.In fact i didn’t even vote for my senators’ and reppresentitves’ form my home state because they are Democrates and i don’t think they know thier butts from a hole in the ground.It seems like they vote along party lines most of the time instead of voteing with their consciences.They don’t have one.Your right,we need to do something quick or we will be lost forever.Most people are the “Ostrich” with it’s head in the sand,and doesn’t care what’s going to happen to everybody in the very near future.I didn’t vote for “Obama” because he’s black,but because of his solicialist policies and how he’s runing our Great Country of ours into the ground.

    • TeresaE

      David, look around our once great state. Look at the thousands of closed businesses, the thousands of empty houses.

      This is what Democrats, Unions & Liberals do to an economy.

      Coming soon to the rest of America.

      Just like in Michigan, we have off shored our power (industrial backbone) and banked on “ifs and buts” (“high tech” jobs). Just like in Michigan we raised taxes on the small business and gifted the non-tax payers more.

      And just like in Michigan, the rest of America will watch their recession turn into a depression. By then, Michigan will be in the great one.

  • Bill Bailey

    When is a lawsuit going to be filed against all the members of congress who sign on as sponsors of HR 45? They, by signing as co-sponsors are blatently in defiance of the Constitution (2nd amedment), not to mention the 10th amendment! When will they take this to the place that we God fearing, constitution loving Americans, who have taken an oath to defend this nation against enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC!? All military, law enforcement and others in public service take that oath. Let’s get ready, as this government of tyranny continues to destroy our country. We may need another Paul Revere ride (via email this time of course)!

    • Mark

      Have you seen this site?

      • WillieBGood

        Not until now. Thanks! I served from 1965 to 1967. Basic at Ft. Pok, La and OJT at Ft. Riley, medical MOS. Helped prepare the 1st Infantry Div for Viet Nam and a year later the 9th Infantry.
        I took the oath and will definitely stand true to it! I am a life member of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Check it out…google it and enjoy if you haven’t already heard of it. There are many thousands of members being trained to the highest standards available.

        • Mark

          Front Sight is a VERY GOOD thing happening. I have their DVD and am seriously thinking about signing up with my oldest son.

      • Tritonal
    • AC

      I would think that those in power already monitor the web, and will shut it down to prevent the message from getting through [and arrest the messenger(s)], if they deem it as “a threat to National Security.” Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

      We [the people] should petition and/or impeach our political representatives that do not represent us [the people].

      • WillieBGood

        I agree to a point, but if things keep going the way they are, it isn’t going to matter what we try to do. Look at how they’ve stalled and ignored the legal attempts to force OB to prove his eligibility to hold the office. We are at the place of tyranny already…how much longer are law abiding citizens going to sit by and think it is going to get better. We are like a rock falling off a cliff and there’s no Superman around to catch it. Study Hitler’s rise and how the people then did exactly like most are doing in this country now…sitting and waiting for it to get better…I keep hearing elections in 2 years. There may not be elections in 2 years! They may can cause an incident that makes it look like a national calamity is at hand and take over everything. Ask the bankers, auto mfgrs and others if they think they have any control left. A year ago, if anyone would have stood up and said it would be this way today, they would have been scorned to shame, but here we are! THINK AMERICA ,THINK AND PLAN!

  • Jeremy

    Even if the actual number was 90%, which we all know it’s not, more gun control (I hate that term) is not the answer. Think about it. Who’s going down to the local sporting goods store to buy a gun to ship over the Mexico? That’s ridiculous! This is just one more excuse by a radical, freedom-hating president and his Constitution shredding administration to destroy the God given, constitutionally protected rights of the American people. If Obama was really interested in stopping the few guns that make it to Mexico from the U.S. he would secure the border. He won’t do that though; he’s far more interested in placating illegal aliens and their allies here in the United States. He couldn’t care less about the safety of real Americans!

  • Matt Haugen from MN

    We need to start to set up our militia’s for each state. I do not have military experience, but I will throw my hat in the ring.

    • WillieBGood

      Google Front Sight Firearms Training and see men and women from the military, law enforcement and average citizens who are training everyday to become the best trained citizens (law-abiding) in the land. There are literally tens of thousands who are preparing themselves for any attempt by any enemy of our country, be it Al-Quaida or home grown, that would try to destroy our laws and constitution!

    • geb

      good attuide!

      • Matt Haugen from MN

        Thanks. It’s come to that. And thank you too Willie.

  • http://n/a Rbrt Shfntz

    Germany first had you register all guns ,even sporting,(hunting guns). Then came and collected them, Guess what we already do That , [ Hunting licenses.]

    • WillieBGood

      Don’t have a hunting license and haven’t since childhood. In Texas you can hunt on your own place without one.

      • geb

        i like texas!

  • Kitty, Lakeland Fl.

    Rep. or Dem., makes no difference, they are all the same. This has been coming since 1913. True the move has been slow but it has been moving right along. Guns are the subject right now but if you just focus on guns then you overlook the whole picture. Schools strip searching thirteen years old girls, wire tapping and searches without warrants. If we let them, our right to free speech will be next and even that is being worked on. Think about what you see and do not see on the news anymore. We see only what they want us to see, just enough bad stuff to make us think we are getting all the news, LOL. Why are we not seeing more of the people that are now living on the streets? Why are the tent cities not seen more and those people given more of a voice. Have we just thrown them away. One right, one freedom going away daily, when will it stop? I am afraid if we do not stand as one then all is lost. If the UN gets that law passed then we will have all but moved into the One World Power and America will be NO MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    Some statistics that counter everything suggested about gun control in Australia (gun contol in Australia stwas enacted in 1997 – 12 years not twelve months), Canada and great Britian.

    This Australian Data is from 2000 three years after enavting gun control

    Australia Firearm-Related Homicide

    “There was a decrease of almost 30% in the number of homicides by firearms from 1997 to 1998.”

    – Australian Crime – Facts and Figures 1999. Australian Institute of Criminology. Canberra, Oct 1999

    This report shows that as gun ownership has been progressively restricted since 1915, Australia’s firearm homicide rate per 100,000 population has declined to almost half its 85-year average.

    Homicide by Any Method

    The overall rate of homicide in Australia has also dropped to its lowest point since 1989 (National Homicide Monitoring Program, 1997-98 data). It remains one-fourth the homicide rate in the USA.

    The Institute of Criminology report Australian Crime – Facts and Figures 1999 includes 1998 homicide data showing “a 9% decrease from the rate in 1997.” This is the period in which most of the country’s new gun laws came into force.

    Gun-Related Death by Any Cause

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics counts all injury deaths, whether or not they are crime-related. The most recently available ABS figures show a total of 437 firearm-related deaths (homicide, suicide and unintentional) for 1997. This is the lowest number for 18 years.

    The Australian rate of gun death per 100,000 population remains one-fifth that of the United States.

    “We have observed a decline in firearm-related death rates (essentially in firearm-related suicides) in most jurisdictions in Australia. We have also seen a declining trend in the percentage of robberies involving the use of firearms in Australia.”

    – Mouzos, J. Firearm-related Violence: The Impact of the Nationwide Agreement on Firearms. Trends & Issues in Crime & Criminal Justice No. 116. Australian Institute of Criminology. Canberra, May 1999; 6

    Assault and Robbery

    Those who claim that Australia suffered a “crime wave” as a result of new gun laws often cite as evidence unrelated figures for common assault or sexual assault (no weapon) and armed robbery (any weapon). In fact less than one in five Australian armed robberies involve a firearm.

    “Although armed robberies increased by nearly 20%, the number of armed robberies involving a firearm decreased to a six-year low.”

    – Recorded Crime, Australia, 1998. Australian Bureau of Statistics, Jun 1999

    Firearm-Related Crime in Tasmania

    “A declining firearm suicide rate, a declining firearm assault rate, a stable firearm robbery rate with a declining proportion of robberies committed with a firearm and a declining proportion of damage to property offences committed with a firearm suggest that firearm regulation has been successful in Tasmania.”

    – Warner, Prof K. Firearm Deaths and Firearm Crime After Gun Licensing in Tasmania. Australian Institute of Criminology, 3rd National Outlook Symposium on Crime in Australia. Canberra, 22-23 Mar 1999.

    Curbing Gun Proliferation in Australia

    In the 1996-97 Australian gun buy-back, two-thirds of a million semi-automatic and pump-action rifles and shotguns were sold to the government at market value. Thousands more gun owners volunteered their firearms for free, and nearly 700,000 guns were destroyed.

    By destroying one-seventh of its estimated stock of firearms (the equivalent figure in the USA would be 30 million), Australia has significantly altered the composition of its civilian arsenal.

    In addition, all remaining guns must be individually registered to their licensed owners, private firearm sales are no longer permitted and each gun purchase through a licensed arms dealer is scrutinised by police to establish a “genuine reason” for ownership. Possession of guns for self-defence is specifically prohibited, and very few civilians are permitted to own a handgun. All the nation’s governments, police forces and police unions support the current gun laws.

    Other Countries

    Similar reductions in gun death and injury have been noted in several countries whose gun controls have been recently tightened.

    In Canada, where new gun laws were introduced in 1991 and 1995, the number of gun deaths has reached a 30-year low.

    Two years ago in the United Kingdom, civilian handguns were banned, bought back from their owners and destroyed. In the year following the law change, Scotland recorded a 17% drop in all firearm-related offences. The British Home Office reports that in the nine months following the handgun ban, firearm-related offences in England and Wales dropped by 13%.

    A British citizen is still 50 times less likely to be a victim of gun homicide than an American.

    • WillieBGood

      You’ve missed the point entirely! It isn’t about statitics…I wrote a master’s thesis based on crime statistics to help the government justify helicopters for law enforcement. I can use statistics to just about prove any point I want if you give me the time and leeway to choose the method and source.
      The point is, sir, that our constitution has a 2nd amendment in it and our forefathers gave us that wonderful gift to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government such as we see arising today! Damn the events of Australia or any other country that has lost that right to keep and bear arms! Ask those who’ve lost that right and most will tell you not to allow it here in America! Go on Front Sight’s website and listen to the testimony of men from those countries.
      Do you understand that a government that wants to prove it has done right can falsify the reporting? Look at how our government changes the way it reports economic data by changing the mix of elements to make it look as if they have reduced spending. Ever hear of Enron? They did a lot of off balance sheet reporting too, but it was illegal for them. Not the U.S. govenment though. They do this all the time. What about social security, er social insecurity is a better name? They spent it to try to make it look like they reduced spending…NOT! How many billions or trillions of dollars have been paid in and not a cent of any of it is there! And you would defend a government that operates that way? I can prove to you (a federal court and numerous former IRS criminal Investigation agents have agreed) that the 16 th amendment was never legally ratified and the IRS is unconstitutionally continuing its robbery of the American public. Joe Bannister, a former IRS CID agent (CPA) did a 2 year investigation of the issue and found out this is true and wrote a 90 page document to the IRS commissioner avowing the IRS is violating the constitution. He resigned and has become a speaker regarding this issue to try and wake up people who only listen to the mainstream news media. Check it out and you may figure out there’s more important issues here than numbers that can paint pictures that defy truth!
      Gooday mate!

      • John

        You misunderstand

        The data I provided was simply to contrast the misinformation from mixed statistical data that was posted earlier and commented on as significant information.

        If you wish to discuss the second amendment, I would argue that the the first half of the 2nd amendment regarding a well run militia which – in the of the context of the era – refers to state run militias which were critical during the war of independance and were important to secure the state governments at the beginning of the US. The militias required that members provide their own horses, equipment and guns. The idea was to create state run militias to counterbalance the federal army, assuring the states of their own security. In 1902 the formation of the National Guard replaced the original concept of state militias.

        The second amendment is not about conspiracy advocates who want to create mercenary armies against the government. I think that those would be classified as terrorists, not patriots.

        The way to change things is to get involved with the political process. Democracy is what this is all about, if you don’t like how things are going, use the constitution and the courts. When the time comes to elect a new government exercise your right tio vote. The poisonous sputum that is advocated on this thread is anthing but the best of America. Stop whining and basement plotting and participate in the greatest political system in the world the one that since 1913, which is big for the global conspiracy crew, has built the greatest nation on earth and given people the greatest prosperity in history.

        The world is not coming to and end. Life is good, enjoy it.

        “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”–The Second Amendment

    • Tritonal

      Hey, there’s a massive contradiction in here… duh!

      Those who claim that Australia suffered a “crime wave” as a result of new gun laws often cite as evidence unrelated figures for common assault or sexual assault (no weapon) and armed robbery (any weapon). In fact less than one in five Australian armed robberies involve a firearm.

      “Although armed robberies increased by nearly 20%, the number of armed robberies involving a firearm decreased to a six-year low.”

      (If you don’t have firearms, wouldn’t it make sense that robberies involving firearms would go down–BUT armed robberies (with armed “arms” maybe?) went UP 20%!!!)
      – Recorded Crime, Australia, 1998. Australian Bureau of Statistics, Jun 1999

      Firearm-Related Crime in Tasmania

      “A declining firearm suicide rate, a declining firearm assault rate, a stable firearm robbery rate with a declining proportion of robberies committed with a firearm and a declining proportion of damage to property offences committed with a firearm suggest that firearm regulation has been successful in Tasmania.”

      – Warner, Prof K. Firearm Deaths and Firearm Crime After Gun Licensing in Tasmania. Australian Institute of Criminology, 3rd National Outlook Symposium on Crime in Australia. Canberra, 22-23 Mar 1999.

  • bryan brady

    Many freedoms have been removed by the United States Government as a primary ploy to exterminate the beliefs that founded this country. Mainly freedom of religion. The author behind this movement is satan. A primary example of this is the war on drugs, where one of the most basic staples of life is made illegal. An herb made by God and obviously was in the Garden of Eden, because it still exists. It promotes peace and that is the opposite of what satan wants. satan is war. Genesis 1:29,30.

  • Gods Not Happy

    Well I must say the only thing that the Obama administration is using is total scare tactics ! Be it the Nazi-fascist they are!
    This is what the Americans voted on CHANGE and oh boy it’s changing so fast our heads are spinning!
    Whoa to the Obamanation!

  • D.A.

    I believe this best sums it up ……Liar Liar pants on fire…Don’t believe anything that comes out of the Government…It’s now, for the Government by the Government! They have closed their ears and eyes to all Americans and are pushing there own agenda through! Trying to keep us sidetracked with global warming …..all I know it hasn’t been getting warmer but colder.
    What’s up with hate crimes …you used to call people names but now their rushing to pass yet another bill on 4-22-09,,using it as hate crime H.R. 1913….and lock you up!.
    This started happening in the UK and they thought it would all go away in a few years! It didnt and now they under the watchful eye of their government. Check out a very on the money atty in the UK. He was on 88.3 American Family radio. He said that everything that’s happening here ..happened there.

  • http://internetexplorer Rosebud

    reply to JO: You are right on. Stop the Democratic filibuster. That is what did us in. So many were ticked at Republicans from Bush they really screwed all US citizens including themselves.By voting all for Democrats. You NEVER want any one party to have a majority.

  • D.A.

    47 John Have a question for you …..Do you believe what you wrote or are you hung up on percentages? Well this little 2 cent’r thinks that you can spout off all the stuff you want and it aint gonna change a thing. There’s a couple of law abiding citizen in early twenties, minding their own business. Someone walks up to them and says, ” get outta the car” ..the girlfriend gets out of the car, then the young man gets out too….Then the criminal shoots the man in the head. Oh and by the way this happened in Conroe, TX at a drive thru restaurant while they were on their way to work. So…if law abiding citizens can’t protect them selves then who will……the police got there after the shooting.

    • John

      It is simple

      guns make the US less secure. For me the idea of living in freedom does not include packing a gun to defend myself. In a county with a strong rule of law I am comfortable living my life without firearms. I am not afraid and the statistics do not support that the small chance of me getting killed by some nut with a gun is reduced if I carry a gun. The fact is that the US is more violent and dangeerous than countries that restrict firearms.

      The stats are not being manipulated by those that are trying to protect the 2nd amendment, there is no conspiracy in play. Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan etc etc are not trying to take away your freedoms and enslave the population the murder rates and use of guns in crime are just lower, so guns are not making the US safer. The world is better off without guns in everyones pocket.

      • geb

        guns will prevent this country from becoming a marxist, socialist country, that what are FOUNDING FATHERS were thinking when they designed the second amendment. people like you are dangerous. if you do not like the way this country is then move to canada arswipe!

    • geb

      THANK YOU. exactly my point ” JOHN” police will never be their in time to save you life. take charge of youself you pusy! DA knows what he is talking about. my kind of thinker. maybe someday when someone has a knife to you throat DA may save you ars with his gun!

  • deborah

    well the only real way we will show our own government that we the people are the rightful ones to dictate how our government is to be run by the principals that were handed down to us by our forefathers who wrote them in the foundation to be free of tyranny is by literally standing up one by one by states deploring sovereignty and not rely on the politicians in each state but by the very people that live there. the more we spread the word of this sovereignty and unite as a whole in America the better chance we have of these so called leftist ideologies .then we shall once hold up our heads high and not be cast as evil .

  • H. D. Schmidt

    A lot of so called Conservatives are now barking at Obama like wild dogs! While in reality is it them, that handed him an America in a despicable condition! Yes that is why they are barking so loud to in essence trying to fool some of us that chose to vote for none other than Ron Paul!

  • LCA

    I say Now is the time to act. We are all waiting for the 2010 elections when there very will may be none. IMPEACH Obama NOW. Let’s get the ball rolling now! Time is of the essence!

  • Kitty, Lakeland Fl.

    AC, Sorry about the spelling but my thoughts got through did they not? Please check out all the sites that are for making the drugs legal and you might be surprised. Many in law enforcement and in even in Gov. know the drug war can not be won the way it is going. Just do the research, I did and I am glad I did. LEAP stands for ” law enforcement against prohibition”. Something to think about.

    J. Day, There will always be crime all over the world, you are correct about that but to what degree who knows? My parents were from Ga. and I can tell you a thing or two about moonshine. While they still make it the profits are so far down you would not believe it. Not only that but have you heard of deaths due to bad moonshine lately? Please look up the amount of deaths during the prohibition. People went blind or just crazy due to bad booze. According to you we should do nothing to bring the rate of crime down if we can not do away with it all together. LEAP is a group in law enforcement that has been there on the streets and know how this war is being won by the dealers and the losers are our children. Please do the research. As for the cig., well that is another story. The black market now is booming due to the fact our Gov. has decided to target a minority and unfairly tax the hell out of them. A carton of cig. is almost three fours taxes. No other taxed idem is that high. Again, crime will always exist but we can bring it down and save lives. We can live in the dark or wake up to the facts, the choice is ours to make.

  • Ted Harris

    First: I stated my comment poorly; I do not imply that I Agree w/ the Courts.

    Also: I am not a ‘lawyer’; But I can Read; And there are many places in Constitution allowing for Differences of opinion;

    Reference comments about what we should do?

    Only Congress can make rules regarding Congress, Unless the People Change the whole system.

  • Dan

    You say “that universal truth is a myth. The truth is in the eyes of the beholder.”

    Thank you for challenging me to defend my ideas.

    Law is the set of enforced rules under which a society is governed. Law is one of the most basic social institutions—and one of the most necessary. No society could exist if all people did just as they pleased, without regard for the rights of others. Nor could a society exist if its members did not recognize that they also have certain obligations toward one another. The law thus establishes the rules that define a person’s rights and obligations. The law also sets penalties for people, who violate these rules, and it states how government shall enforce the rules, and it states how government shall enforce the rules and penalties. However, the laws enforced by government can be changed. In fact, laws frequently are changed to reflect changes in a society’s needs and attitudes.

    First, we need to explore the idea of “Natural Law”. Natural law is the idea that people have certain rights that cannot be taken away. It probably began thousands of years ago. This theory states that a natural order exists in the universe because all things are created by nature, or God. (To appreciate this idea you first have to accept that there is a God) Everything has its own qualities and is subject to the rules of nature to achieve its full potential. According to this theory, anything that detracts from a persons human qualities, or prevents their full achievement, violates the laws of nature.

    The ancient Greek philosophers and the writers of the Old Testament stressed that there is a higher law than human law. In the first century B.C., the Roman philosopher Cicero insisted that this higher natural law is universal and can be discovered through human reasoning. (It is God’s law, which he reveals to all people through their reasoning. It is not learned. It is divinely given) This led to the idea that government power has limits, and that people and governments everywhere are bound by natural law.

    Some of the most historic English legal documents are based on the principles of natural law. The earliest and most famous was the Magna Carta, which the king approved against his will in 1215. The document placed the king himself under the law. In 1628, the English Parliament drew up a Petition of Right. The petition claimed that certain actions of the king, such as levying taxes without the consent of Parliament is unconstitutional.

    Natural Rights—Natural law has always stressed the duties, more than the rights, of governments and individuals. But during the late 1600’s, the natural law tradition began to emphasis natural right. The change was brought about largely through the writings of the English philosopher John Locke.

    Locke argued that governmental authority depends on the people’s consent. According to Locke people originally lived in a state of nature with no restrictions on their freedom. Then they came to realize that confusion would result if each person enforced his or her own rights. (“The truth is in the eyes of the beholder”, your statement.) People agreed to live under a common government, but not to surrender their “rights of nature” (my universal rights) to the government. Instead they expected the government to respect these rights, especially the rights of life, liberty and property. (Note: this is stated as unalienable rights by our founding fathers, our esteemed leaders, in the Declaration of Independence.) (“Unalienable” means it cannot be separated from the individual, because it was divinely given by God in the Natural Laws, which he revealed to all people through divine revelation, through their power of reason.) Locke’s idea of limited government and natural rights became part of the English Bill of Rights (1689), the French Declaration of Rights of Man (1789), and the U.S. Bill of Rights (1781).

    Today many scholars reject the natural law and natural rights theories. These scholars believe that all laws—including those guaranteeing civil rights—are simply devices that people find convenient or useful at a particular time. Nevertheless, nearly all civil right laws have resulted from the theories of natural law and natural rights.

  • geb

    theyll get my gun when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

  • Gordon DeSpain


    “Although armed robberies increased by nearly 20%, the number of armed robberies involving a firearm decreased to a six-year low.”

    This is what we are talking about, very cute wording that obscures the fact that armed robberies went up 20%. It ignores the reason Firearms Related Robberies went down: they don’t need Guns if everyone is disarmed. They carefully put their Guns away and started using Knives, Clubs, and, Rocks, because they might get in trouble if they’re caught with a Gun. And, since nobody is able to shoot at them, they step up the number of Robberies they commit, because they’re no longer afraid of being shot.

    It’s called, “Substitution.” A Firearm will get them in all kinds of trouble, but, they can walk down the street with a Baseball Bat on their shoulder, and, no-one calls the cops.

    What you’re really avoiding, though (with a vengeance), is that “Hot Burglaries” of older people have skyrocketed.

    Think about this: When you’re flat on your back, with a 300 pound, armed Thug standing over you, it’s too late to think, “I need a Gun.”

    You also avoid something else, carefully claiming a decline in Firearms related Suicide, while avoiding the fact that the number of suicides has not changed. If one is suicidal, and, there are no guns available, a bottle of Aspirin will do.

    FYI – I’m sitting here with David E Youngs, “The Origins of the Second Amendment: A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY of the BILL OF RIGHTS 1787-1792″ almost touching my arm. This is a reference book of the “United States Supreme Court.” It contains every word printed or written about the 2nd Amendment during the writing of the Constitution, the Ratification, the writing and Ratification and engrossment into the Constitution.

    It is 830 pages long, and, contains not one comment or statement that even implies that the “Right to keep and bear arms” is anything but an individual right of the common Citizen (note upper case ‘C’). It is continually called and declared a “Right of the People,” the common man, by every one of the Founding Fathers, repeatedly, and, emphatically without equivocation.

    In fact, the “Right to keep and bear arms” was first ‘reiterated’ by Ur Nammu (King of Ur) in 2300BC, when he said, “I am restoring the laws of my ancient ancestors, the gods and goddesses of Heaven and Earth.” The first “Right of Man” to be restored was the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms,” for (among others) “…Widows, Orphans, and, small Business Owners.” They were allowed to carry and deploy any weapon they could afford, and encouraged to fight all tyranny, especially from “…greedy Lords, and, Landlords.”

    You are mistaken, Sir. We are the ones who hold the reigns of power in America, through the Constitution. We just have to be stirred up enough to “water the Tree of Liberty with the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants.”

    The Constitution grants 18 enumerated Powers to “The United States in Congress Assembled,” but, none grants Congress, or the Federal Government, a ‘Power to grant Powers’ (the most insidious form of Tyranny).

    This is where petty Tyrants everywhere get the “Power” to write ‘Zero Tolerance Policies’ to define things that are not crimes as criminal acts (by defining Penalties and Punishment), while delegating the Author as the final arbiter in all disputes, without recourse to Law or Judicial remedy.

    You, Sir, are not just mistaken, you’re wrong and twisting reality to fit your socialist dreams.

    • John

      FYI – I am sitting here with a copy of “A well-regulated militia” By Saul Cornell. This award winning book talks about both sides of the 2nd amendmant debate and there are tons of points discussing individual rights and state rights. His conclusion both sides have it wrong.

      An interesting balanced discussion.

      I am not ignoring any of the issues regarding the statistics and I am not trying to twist anything – the gun lobby is all about twisting reality. Go look on sites other than right wing, libertarian, NRA Neo-con world and you will see thousands of disenting opinions.

      Simply if the US was the most crime free, secure nation you would be right. The US is not, more police more people in prison, high murder rates etc etc. It can get better.

      I believe in the rule of law, I believe in the fairness and power of democracy, of course we the people hold the power, I have never suggested that we don’t. Dangerous minorities that threaten violence to get their agenda instituted are dangerous to the peace and in my opinion, criminals. Those who believe that laws do not apply to them, that think that the will of the people is not absolute, that they have a right to violence. The danger, the conspiracy is not with elected officials it is withn a small, radical sub-culture that thinks they have a right to violence and anarchy.

      This is the most successful nation in history, it shocks me to see such extreme attitudes and such groundless conspiracy theories being expressed. Clearly there is a lack of understanding the greatness of this country. America will evolve and change if it does not it will fade into history.

      America love it or leave it works for me, I love it, I believe in the institutions, I believe in it’s power to adapt and change, to evolve. The will of the people.

  • Gordon DeSpain

    Correction: this sentence should read, “the writing and Ratification and engrossment into the Constitution of the Bill of Rights.

    re: The writing of Mr. David E Youngs book: It took 30 years of dedication and hard work to trace down everything written by the Founding Fathers, and, get certified copies, or, purchase the original. And, in the end, Mr. Young had to self publish it, because publishers wanted him to reduce it to 350 pages, from 830. He was exactly correct in doing so, and, I thank him for his sacrifices (unenumerated).

  • Adre Pion

    So Mr Livingston doesn’t like any restraint on firearms..

    Very well.. What about NO restraint on minimal judgment!

    I don’t think your Constituttion had in mind to allow for any violence, for any reason, based on a so-called FREEDOM right to ‘defend’ oneself..

    It has gone way too far, for long enough..

    Anyone ready to be shot, for any reason, for NO reason, just because you have the right to carry fierarms ??

    Multiply the Columbine events, if yoy wish, but the conservative activist that oromote this laughable illusion of FREEDOM have obviously been polluted, rotten by FOX NEWS shit and/or other narrow minded, ignorant sources.

    I have great American friends. So I know, not all Americans are stupid and ignorants. By chance, here we have various opinions and our news channel are not controlled by a few manipulative bigots..

    Decadence results in absence of good judgment, ASSuming ONE way streets is the only way to go..

    I am quitting my subscription.. Thank You.

    • TeresaE

      Yes, because we all know that CRIMINALS obey the laws.

      So, make yet another law (we are being crushed and lobotomized by laws) that the criminals will ignore while the law-abiding pay the price!

      Great plan!

      Have you ever asked yourself why Japan chose a sneak attack on an island when declaring war?

      Have you ever asked why they didn’t just invade us?

      GUNS. EVERYONE on earth knows we crazy Americans have guns. Take that away and see the fun.

      Not to mention that many of us will be needing those guns to hunt for food and to fend off the criminals that will be coming to steal said food.

      Amazing how quickly society will break down once the government can’t fund social security or foodstamps for a couple months.

      Freedom is not free and carries a heavy responsibility. Gun rights are part of the payment for your freedom.

    • http://111 geb

      adre pion, you sound like the dumbest ars around. their is already violence all around us without guns. if you want to ban guns then you need to ban automobils, knifes, bats, steel pipes, etc. get the picture idiot? go find out how many people(inocent people that is) die by guns each yr, then take you little pea brain and find out how many people die by knifes, bats, steel pipes. oh! by far check the statistic on auto deaths each yr, especially when it comes to drunks.
      their will always be accidents no matter what the tool is being used. acts that are commited on purpose will still happen even if guns gone. ill run you over with my car.
      i have a close family menber that was nearly beat to death by 3 thugs with a bat and a long pipe. no police around to help, where were you? no , he should have had a gun in the house because he did have a few moments to retreive it before he was assulted. people like you are more dangerous then crimmals and if they ever take my right to own a gun away i will blame you!

  • MIKEO1948

    Obama and his leftist gang are hell bent on abrogating the Constitution of the United States. The leftists see a real chance to reinvent this country in the image of Karl Marx, or someone of that ilk. There are plenty to choose from; the ACLU, GEORGE SORROS, etc.

    Liberals are a smug, but cowardly lot, who are not able to defend themselves. Their spinelessness invites another attack on this nation similar to, or worse than that of 9/11; God forbid. But if it happens, the liberals will be begging for someone to protect them. Will we? I’m not sure we should.

    I hope that we can avoid another attack until 2010, when we can boot the leftists out of the house and senate which will effectively derail the Obama socialist train.

  • Gordon DeSpain


    I admire much of what you say, but, you are looking in the wrong direction.

    You say: “I am sitting here with a copy of “A well-regulated militia” By Saul Cornell.”

    I’m very familiar with Prof Cornell’s work, but, I have a problem reading it, because I my college English class included a little section with a long name: “Colorful Words, Inflammatory Statements, Ad Hominum Attacks, Advertising, Propaganda and Brainwashing.101. Prof Cornell is big on taking things out of context, and, most important, to me, paraphrasing “My Greatest Fear”: “If birds didn’t have wings, frogs couldn’t fly.”

    That’s called a non-sequiter, and, I’m constanly running into them when he reaches back and makes allusions to things that have nothing to do with the subject at hand, but can be twisted to sound like some sort of maxim. He has another habit of making flat statements based on ‘common knowledge.’ “Common knowledge” may be common, but, seldom relates to knowledge or reality.

    When I was in the 5th grade they began trying to stick me in “Special Education” because I was objecting to things they were teaching as ‘hard fact’ science. They started giving me IQ tests, which showed that I was a sponge for knowledge, but, it disagreed with theirs, so they felt they had a ‘duty’ to re-educate me.

    This lasted about two weeks until they realized that I was ‘re-educating’ the teacher. Since that time, Astronomers have found the ‘Markers of Life” in every square inch of the Universe (Water, Oxygen, Methane, etc), and, discovered over 350 Exoplanets circling other Stars, but, they’re still catching up to me (you can’t use a Positive to prove a Negative, or, prove a Negative with a Positive…they were using a Unit of 1, the Earth, to prove there could be no life on other Planets, and, the Solar System as proof there could be no Planets anywhere else, in the entire Universe…side note: there are other Universes).

    Think about what you’re saying, assume a standpoint of flipping the field (Liberal/Progressive vs Conservative), and, look at it from the others perspective. There are almost 100,000,000 Gun Owners in America since the precipitous buying spree launched by Obama. We can’t all be wrong.

    Examine your final statement: “The danger, the conspiracy is not with elected officials it is withn a small, radical sub-culture that thinks they have a right to violence and anarchy.” And, consider that this “small, radical sub-culture” may have just pulled of the greatest Coup in history, which, may in fact prove to be a “Coup de gras.”

    May I recommend that you do a little reading outside the covers of Professor Cornell’s book. I recommend some things by Prof Eugene Volokh (Constitutional Law Proffesor, recognized as a premier 2nd Amendment advocate), Historian Victor Davis Hansen’s writings on Athens and the Tyrants, and, his advocacy of Constitutional Rights. Read everything written by David Kopel (member of the UN NGO, IANSA) on Genocide.

    Then come back and we can talk about it. The Constitution is the “Supreme Law of the Land,” and, it was written to protect the common Citizen who lives his whole life without coming into contact with or thinking about politics, or, even knows a Politician. It protects many unenumerated things we take for granted, like, “The Right to Life” which is assured and protected even unto unborn Fetuses.

    • John R

      I understanmd that you don’t like Prof. Cornell. I get that you think that his arguements don’t connect. It would be interesting to me if you could support that? Incidently my reading list extends well beyond Prof Cornell, I am not at all impressed with Volokh or Kopel. They are clearly biased, as much as Cornell’s conclusions don’t support the gun lobby I find his research and analysis far superior. However if you really want to do the research try this one US Supreme Court Centre ( ) unbiased with some great historical components that will give you a sense of the conversation and debate at the time.

      The idea that the constitution was drafted as all wanted, that it is a perfect and unchangable unadjustable document gets strained when you look at the process. It is an amazing document drafted in tumultuous times, many comprimises and omissions ultimately agreed to.

      If you want to expand your views beyond this narrow discussion try

      The Prince by Machiavelli, The art of war – Sun Tsu, to expand your understanding on the roll of leaders , human nature and the state.

      The book – Mohandas Gandhi: Essential Writings – to get some non gun solutions to unjust state policy.

      Mein Kempf – Hitler, Das Kapital – Marx, The Wealth of Nations – Adam Smith, and some Plato discussions on democracy for political theory, the use of propaganda, economic power, and free thinking regarding the structure of states.

      I would also suggest a bit of Joseph Campbell to give you some background on mythology and religion through history, as mankind has always made spiritual concepts a core part of society. I have always been especially impressed by Jefferson and his position on the seperation of church and state.

      Then come back and tell me a bit more about your understanding of astrophysics. I am particulary interested in dark matter as it relates to the overall mass of the universe and the controversy surronding the deceleration of the expansion. The unified field theory is also an area of interest, do your agree with Einstein or Hawking?

    • Tritonal

      Dear Gordon; you, Sir, I would nominate as a serious front-runner for POTUS…where are the good Patriots to serve this nation? I think there is one among us here!

  • Gordon DeSpain


    There I go again, flipping parts of sentences, it should read: “…you can’t use a Positive to prove a Negative, nor, a Negative to prove a Positive, the signs clash and obliterate each other” (+1 + -1 = square one, or, ’0′, and, you’ve learned nor proven anything).

  • wb frank

    On my post about the history of gun control: MULTIPLY IT!
    If everyone who sees this short history lesson as something to be concerned with: send it out to friends, colleges, newspapers etc… on and on… have your friends send it to friends, like one of those chain letters. I think that if we all get together we can make a difference. Maybe we might think of a Million Voter March to Washington DC on 07-04-2009.
    People need to wake up before it is too late.

  • larry b

    Out of my cold dead hands…Charleston Heston

  • Gordon DeSpain


    Yes…”The Prince,” seems to be one of the ruling works, in this ‘post modern’ world at the “End of a Golden Age.”

    Try this, for being far down a parallel path: Time = Duration = Inertia. This is something I’ve been playing with for years, coming back to it, worrying it like a Rat Terrier with a toy mouse, and, trying to fit it into ERP (Einstein-Rosen-Podalsky), which all three authors eventually recanted.

    However, the experiments with entangled pairs and double entangled pairs of Photons appears to have corroborated their hypothesis.

    Strangely, I got away from Physics years ago (Time is not the 4th dimension, but the 1st, in the form of Duration as the second aspect of the Primary Force of reality: Time. The third aspect is Inertia, which some postulated was the Higgs Boson when first discovered. The key to where I was, is to turn and face the fact that Time is an actual Force, it bends Space and Gravity, and, accepting this, it could be the path to developing a method of manipulating, and, utilizing that Force), and, I’ve never read Hawking, too much to ponder while following the markers of the “End of a Golden Age.”

    And, you’re right, there are many authors that I don’t have much respect for, because of a fascination with history, both recorded and beyond the memory of man. Our problem here is a deliberate ‘pushing away’ of things ‘we don’t wanta know.’

    Like everything else, Socialism has a history that we can follow, tracking its course, connecting dots, and, accepting that it has a history of failing in spectacular fashion: War and Genocide (confession: I’ve been diagnosed as a “Type A, non-linear thinker,” who uses non-linear logic to reach the correct answer, connecting dots that few can see, kicking out dots that others believe are essential, and, rearranging them in a way that reaches ‘a’ correct answer, then expanding that to find ‘other’ answers that may be equally correct).

    I’ve been worrying this ‘toy Rat’ since the 1940′s, and, I saw the age we’re living in, the end of an age, while I was in grade school. I’ve studied the “Constitution,” connected the dots, and, realized that it is unique in the history of the world, and, the men that wrote it were unusually well educated, and, literally taught to think non-linearly to reach the logical conclusions that defined its content.

    You are on the wrong path, and, one of the symptoms of the impending collapse of a worldwide civilization: the foundations are gone, and, the walls crumbling…it’s over.

    We are enmeshed in the implementation of Margaret Sanger Biddles, “Rules for destroying a Nation from within”: 1. Gun Control, 2. People Control, 3. Abortion, 4. Euthanasia and forced Sterilization, 5. Genocide of targetted populations. Please notice that “Gun Control” is the first step, Abortion is now a ‘Law’, they’re working on legalizing Euthanasia and Sterilization, People Control is not yet absolute, and, the Gun Control fight is still a bit frantic, they don’t quite have a handle on that yet.

    But, hang in there, you’ll make it happen.

    A lifetime of studying has led me to the conclusion that the most educated men in the world (maybe, in history) wrote a document, the “Constitution and Bill of Rights,” and carved it into the foundation of reality. But, as I said, it’s being chipped away, and, the walls are crumbling: the Constitution is not a living document, it can be amended, it can be ignored or destroyed, but, its death will be the harbinger of a dark and violent age.

    I’ve had a long and interesting life, but, hopefully, I’ll not live to see the end…if God is on my side, I’ll go down with both Barrels smoking.

  • Mark

    The lines are being drawn, your either with the Socialist’s or the Constitution.

    I can only speak for myself, but I’ll take the Constitution,God, Freedom and my guns every time.

    • John R

      What do you think a socialist is? I mean what are the issues and the agenda?

      Are you talking about those that want to fully restructure the institutions. That advocte revolution and a totalitarian state, or are you talking about social security, employment insurance, medicare – that is social programs within the structure of the existing society?

      When you say freedom are you talking about unrestrained personal rights, an anarchist system where you can do whatever you want without any restraint or are you talking about the rule of law that the constitution and legal system that we have lived under since the foundiong fathers.

      I am not trying to rile you up, I really am curious, it seems to me that there is a lot of statements regarding the constitution, freedom and guns and that the socialists/communists are at the gate. The same sort of rhetoric that we saw during the McCarthy era, black lists and propaganda to support a position of fear.

      I don’t see the lines being drawn at all, for me life is good, I own two business’ that are growing even through tough economic times. I sleep at night and travel and experience the great diversity of this nation. I am not afraid to be out in public without a gun, I have never been in a position where I felt threatened (I am six three 220 and can handle myself so maybe that is not the norm) but this paranoia about the destruction of society is beyond me. I just think that maybe people need to get out and experience more, there are not mad killers hiding behind every corner.

      In regard to the government, for me democracy works, I did not like bush because his economic policies were dreadful but I did not think that the neo-cons were trying to destroy america, I disagree with there position and after eight years the country agreed, yeah for democracy I say.

      When I feel that I want to make a change I am able to get involved in the political system and effect change. The blood spent by the generations before us have built a system which is generally balanced and fair, guns are not the method of change today, participation, engagement, competition, discussion are the tools.

      Anyhow, for me the constitution has provided the foundation for a great nation. I believe in it and I am willing to ride through the bumps and support it even when a party I don’t like is in power, even when policy does not go the way I want. Always it is america first, the idea that some sort of violence is going to be needed is, in my opinion, seditious. I love this country and would never support violence against it. The system, the constitution the courts and a strong belief in democracy, are what has made this country great, not extremists bent on violence.

      • Mark

        John R thanks for reply,
        I appreciate your comments, my reponse was directed at the overall developments over the last several years. Republican or Democrat it makes no difference. The growth of Government has reached an all time high. The Founding Fathers sought to limit the power of the Federal Government. The threat to individual freedoms are being assualted everyday. The Bush administration added 40% more Government,Between the TSA and Homeland Security all in the name of Security. The current administration has spent more money than all previous administrations since the founding of the country. The Country is leveraged to the hilt-If the United States were a corporation it would be bankrupt. Obama’s plan which is no secret is to redistribute the wealth. The power grab by the Federal Government and extortion techniques used against the banks is very troublsome. There are bankruptcy laws and courts that deal with these on a daily basis, why are they not being followed?. No where in the Constitution does the Federal Government have the authority to do any of the things it is doing. There is of course the “WE NEED” pretense to self authorize programs and acts that would never normally be implemented, all in the name of a “crises”. That’s why you hear that word so much. It gives them justification. Reference the so-called stimulus package that nobody in Congress read. Over 8,000 special projects. To me that alone is criminal.
        There are other things that the Gov is doing that to me threaten the Constitution, one is the Census. Why does Obama want control of that? simple- re-districting and the number of representatives in the House of Representatives. It is all about powerbase.
        The concern over the Second Amendment is another grave concern for all Americans. This administration has been very clear and vocal that the right to keep and bear arms will be severely limted. The gun laws that have been enacted over the last 10 years bears this out, and that is only the begining. I do excercise my right to carry a firearm, as do millions of other law-abiding citizens. Again, your hear the same mantra of “crises” when it comes to things like the border problem with Mexico. The gun myth of 90% of guns recovered there has been proven a lie. The simple fact of the matter is that if the borders were secure there would be no problems. But the Government does not want the border secure, if they did it would be. Its about getting these illegals into our system by any means and get them on a government program-Keep them dependent on the government and guess what, you have a very large powerbase in which they will vote to keep you in power. I could go on and on.(too late!) But there are only so many working people in the country- We can only support so many on Government handouts, we are approaching the point where it will be unsustainable.
        Programs like that are to me moving us towards a socialist economy. I remember a famous quote from Margaret Thatcher ” The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”. Look at any other Socialist country in the world and tell that it works.
        The United States has the highest standard of living on the palnet and has done more to advance the human condition than any other Country that has ever existed. And truthfully I feel Obama is trying to change that model. Progressive or transnationalism call it what you want, but I dont want the U.S. turning into Europe.
        The only way to stop the trend is to let people keep more of the hard earned money they work for. So people like you can suceed and expand. 70% of all jobs in the country come from small business. Taxes or “redistribution” only hurts the economy, it punishes hard work and rewards those who don’t. That is how capitalism works. Let everyone suceed. Sorry this went on for so long, but it boils down to what you beleive in i.e. Gov control or Freedom to choose for yourself. All the Best.

        • Gordon DeSpain

          Well, durn…I left out Iraq. I’ve been in Syria four times, Saudi five times, and, I’ve been in Iraq four years, to the day.

        • John R


          Thanks for the response. I understand your concerns and I would certainly agree the the fiscal irresponsiility of the Federal Government has been a huge problem. Since the mid eighties Debt has gone from 1 trillion to about 11 trillion. The only time that it was not increasing was through Clintons Presidency, it is really surprising that the nrepublicans have been so spend crazy.

          In regard to the current situation I happen to belierve that this stimulus package is the right thing to do, I know that this is a contentous point but I see no alternative. From my experience building a business there are times that you have to take a risk, it is either take on debt to finance growth or go out of business. No one likes to make personal guarantees to the bank but sometimes it is necessary.

          The financial meltdown has created a dangerous global situation, no credit, economic weakness, a consumer not spending, and unemployment rising fast. In this situation, and we should not be in this situation, there are in my opinion few options. Cutting government is a good idea going forward but action is required now. Cutting taxes, well I just don’t see how you pay back even the existing 11 trillion without revenue.

          The idea that the US is bankrupt, well again I have to disagree, the infrastructure of this nation, the productive capacity, the competance of the work force and the ability to create goods are all assets that far outweigh the debt.

          My position is that this situation should never be allowed to emerge again, that is what Glass Steagall was supposed to do after the depression but legislation was reversed and we fell into the same trap.

          When you mention socialism if you are talking about communisim I could not agree more it is a failed model on every level.

          However, I think that social programs in a modern capitalist society can provide a lot of good, and ad to social stability, I am all for that. I think our medical system stinks, the statistics are bad (life expectancy, child mortality etc) and 40 million Americans are uninsured and exposed, I just think that is wrong, we are smart people lets solve the problem rather than ignoring it.

          I have always felt the as soon as anything stops growing and adapting it starts dying. It is the natural way of things. America is a great nation, the world is developing and changing if the arguement is that the US should hide behind walls and hold stubbornly onto the past I disagree. There is a big world out there, I want in the game because that is where the future lies, competing with everyone out there. I think that we are capable of winning going forward but not if we hide in our shells.

      • Gordon DeSpain


        I’m a History buff of major proportions, who’s studied every known Civilization, and, followed the tracks of the ancient gods and goddesses of heaven and Earth.

        I’m watching the progression of a set of known parameters of “The End of Golden Ages,” and, I am myself one of those markers: “The flight of Crafts, Skills, Trades, Artisans and Engineers to foreign ports,” seeking the Industry and Capital that prededed them in abandonning the dying Civilization. I’ve been working in foreign ports since 1978 when I took a job in the North Sea, and, I’ve worked in Saudi, Syria, Indonesia, Venezuela, Algeria, Aruba, and, St. Croix, some of them as many as 5 times.

        I’ve studied Socialism (Marx all the way back to Spartacus, and beyond, to Athens), and, it doesn’t make any difference which brand you try to stick on it (Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Naziism, Faschism, Maoism, Democratic Socialist, etc.), it’s the same Cow.

        The end of all pure democracies travel the same path: once the people discover they can ‘vote’ themselves lucre from the public Treasure, and, there are always politicians that will shovel it out (while rewarding themselves copiously), that civilization is doomed. Social Security was the “Camels Nose under the tent,” now, they call it Tarp. Over the last 100 years, the “Great Ladies,” weilding their weapons of Genderbat, have surged to the fore, and, enabled Marker #1 of “the End of Golden Ages”: women begin rising to positions of Great Power.

        God knows I love th’ Ladies, but, they’re social creatures, foragers all, and, the greater their position, the more they’re able to ‘push’ their primal, biological imperative: to build nests for their children (even those, and, maybe especially, those that will never have children). They are masters at ‘networking’, travel in flocks, are supreme at wheedling to get what they, and, are historically the “Spymasters” of their age, usually (in ages past), in league with the Eunoch’s entrusted with their care.

        As to “Fear,” I’m only 5′ 9″ but, I’m the ex-King of the Punching Bag, at Gilley’s, one of the real, original Urban Cowboys, and, I walked away from the movie and went to the North Sea, because I knew what it would do to Gilley’s. I’ve never needed a Gun to hurt someone, and, I’ve never lost a fight to someone bigger than I am. I fear only one thing: that I might be witness to the collapse of ‘this’ Golden Age. I’m old now, but still, if someone messes with me, they’ll never see the punch that takes them down.

        I don’t need a gun to win a fight, but, I have a gun to avoid having to hurt someone to get their attention…it’s something I never really liked.

        One of the major things protected by the Constitution is Property Rights…those Guns are my property, but, if the property in contention is nothing more than a shirt, I will defend my property without fail, even unto my life. It’s a thing called, “Principle.”

        Congress has passed Laws that abrogate, and, infringe on property rights (and, almost all others), but, be it known, ‘because’ they negate Constitutional rights, “…they are not Laws, as if they never existed,” and, anyone who attempts to enforce those laws “…has joined a Conspiracy to commit Tyranny.”


        Gordon Arthur DeSpain-Gray-Joiner-Winters-Douglas-Howard-Stewart-Stuart-DeBruce-Wallace-Tudor-d’Valois-Plantagenet-d’Bourbon-Alba-Macedon-Sigmund-Desposyn, etc, and, I reserve my Constitutional Rights without prejudice.

      • Mark

        I surely do understand the feeling that we have to do something now in order to right the ship. But the stimulus package is not it. It doesn’t release most of the money until 2011-2014,so there is no surge/stimulus/ aid, whatever term you chose in the near future. The pacakge, the one no body bothered to read (that alone should set of red warning lights and bells) is a collection of pork projects that couldn’t get through Congress on their own. But pass without any input from the American people. The federal Government’s power is derived from the States and We the People. Passing legislation that decree’s generational debt to our grandchildren without as much as reading the bill is NOT good government, let alone good business. Would you sign a contract that you had no idea of what it contained? I don’t think so. Why should Congress be given a free pass on this. The housing and mortgage debacle was caused by the government trying to level the field by forcing Fannie and Freddy Mac to give loans to people who should not have gotten them. Their intentions are always noble, but yet they want no accountability for their actions. Remember the Ol’ saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, and I’m afraid that is the road we are on. Unless business is allowed to thrive and flourish we, we will never be able to repay the debt we have now. For me its a matter of trust, and when obama has his named removed from the “special projects” or pork bills in the stimulus package, that to me is grounds for not trusting him. It’s all about perception rather than substance. The United States is by far the greatest country the world has ever seen. We have improved the human condition beyond any country in the history of the world, we have the highest standard of living and medicine in the world. Yes it is not perfect, but there is no other country in the world that raise to the standards we set. There is no other country that prcatices socialized medicine that can come close to us .
        The focus needs to be on earning and paying your way,yes programs should be available to help those who Truely need it. But when you have generational welfare families and program after program to make it easy to recieve government handouts, why should they go to work? What would happen if 51% of the population decided to go on government handouts? Well we are appraoching those numbers now. And that cannot sustain itself.
        Now is not the time for rush to judgements trying to fix the economy, I’d rather have a mehtodical approach that rewards hard work and risk takers, and small government that promotes small bvusiness, not big federal programs that require more and more taxpayer money to pay for. “More” is never enough.
        Thank you again for your thoughts and views, I appreciate the benefit we all share in posting them in this venue.

  • David Hall

    QUESTION? Who or What can stop all this Anti-American, Anti-Liberty, Anti-Constitution garbage that is being crammed down our throats. The last time I checked, Dems control House, Senate, and White House. Yeah, I know 2010 is
    coming, then 2012. It will be too late by then. Our freedoms and liberties will be
    over by then. I guess we all can keep on whining, crying, complaining. Thank God,
    our Fore-Fathers had a better remedy. Folks, will take a different look when the
    party is over and every family in America is blessed to have a bowl of beans to eat.
    And thanking God for them. Keep on doing the same ole, same ole, it’s coming. If
    you don’t believe it, then have a big laugh. Another nut just wrote this.

  • Kevin Cote’

    They can have my guns when they give up all of thier constitutional rights in trade.I will of course give them the bullets first.I won’t need them if thier kind is not around anymore.

  • KAOS

    God helps those who help themselves!!!

    Arm up people!!

  • KAOS

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms … disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve, rather, to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man”
    Thomas Jefferson

    Check out this video r=goog-sl

    • Gordon DeSpain


      Actually, that is a qupte of Thomas Jefferson quoting the Marquis de Beccaria, for whom Jefferson had great admiration.

  • Gordon DeSpain

    My favorite quote (signature file):

    “A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.”- Anonymous

  • richard

    what true American would vote in a muslim? I am a liberal, believe in the constitution, own guns and plan on keeping them. Many of you put down the hippies for their protest in the 60′s but this is exactly what they were protesting, our government is turning socialist and communist and it has been going on for years
    personally I think everyone has it ass backwards, the far right has taken over, there is nothing liberal about this current administration
    I personally have voted for Steve Forbes the last 5 elections, its time to take the government out of the hands of politicians and put it back into the hands of the people, exactly what the hippies were saying 40 years ago

    okay, I am ready for the bashing, let it begin

  • richard

    on another note, according to the constitution we have the right to bare arms, no where in there does it say we have the right to have bullets for those guns, that is the side door they will use

  • KAOS

    Richard, you are correct. Obama and his merry band of misfits are not liberal. They are Marxist fascists.

    A case can be made that weapons and ammunition are one in the same. The writers of the constitution would not have split those hairs or thought that future generations would be so nonsescicle to even make the argument that you can own a gun but not bullets. It’s like saying you can own a car without wheels.

  • s c

    So much for the first 100 days. I smell rats [Washington rats]. Our transparent, ‘we can do it’ president has done nothing to control our open borders. As long as that issue is not important to him, then we would be utterly stupid to think he cares about Mexicans or Americans or the Constitution.
    This is yet another 2nd Amendment Trojan Horse. Leadership via smoke-and-mirrors is not leadership. Let the border states handle the situation. Washington turned its back on open borders long ago, and does not deserve to be seen as anything less than useless.
    It is time for the American flag to be flown upside down.

  • Joe Groft

    What can we do about all of this? I’m ready for ACTION! But who’s coming up with a good plan?

    • david

      join NRA NOW

  • Joe R.

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”
    Benjamin Franklin.

    “Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance;they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.”
    George Washington

    “The time is near at hand which must determine
    whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.”
    George Washington

    “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.
    Abraham Lincoln

  • Joe

    Just another lame excuse to grab guns,wonder what the Obama Administration fears from law abiding gun owners.Plenty of other nations will step in to supply guns to Mexican drug dealers in the event they are banned in the U.S.Drugs are banned,but one would hardly know it.

    • Buckroo

      wonder what the Obama Administration fears from law abiding gun owners.

      If things don’t change, and if CNN, MSMBC and ABC don’t start telling the truth. The Democrac party is going to have us liveing under a Dictator. The Gov. will run your life. We will live under socialism. You will be numbered and your life a book to law enforcement.
      Pray this never happens. Might call for Civil War to get freedom back. Don’t loose your gun…

  • catwoman

    First the government wants everyone to go green then wants to tax you for food products you own and want to share. I guess they want their cake and eat it too. The problem with the government and all of the corporations is that they have gotten to big for their britches. With all the new controls they want there will no longer be a middleclass only the very rich and the very pour. Back to medieval times or further in the past instead of going forward.

  • Mossy

    Evryone needs to watch “Obama Deceptions, Full Version” on Youtube. You will then understand who is really running this “new world order.”

  • http://NONE gerald

    The belief here is that most of the folks are panicking and we shouldnt be doing that. The majority of the enlisted people in this Great Nation of ours are not in step with the government, so I believe there wont be marshal law. There to many guns out there for them to take over. Also there are to many of us revolutionist that have the power to build guns and make ammunition. You need to believe that doom and gloom is not upon us. We will survive and this administration is in for one term only. 2012 will be the start of the change in Congress and it will be downhill starting there. Just make sure you get out and vote. It matters not if they are conservatives or liberals as long as they are in step with the main stay everyday folks on the road. The Constitution is the only factor and we need to bring it up with every politician that is running for office. If the politicians dont bide by the Constitution they are out. CHOOSE WISELY IN THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS.

  • Buckroo

    The Balme Game I talked about was,about WE DO have the rights to have guns and bare arms, and all the stories of why we shouldn’t. The government wants to take our rights away, but you have a lot of weenies who think that only law inforcement should be armed. NO WAY am I for gun control.
    I think we are heading for civil war in Amercia

  • MarkoG

    I’ve got two comments regarding the seemingly never-ending topic of ‘gun control’.

    The first comes from former First Lady Nancy Reagen: …just say NO…

    The second is an acronym: LUTHA (leave us the hell alone)

    As some folks have said, we’re approaching the time when we’ll have to shoot the bastards, and there’s so many choices of targets!

  • open mind

    All of our rights are under attack/assault —— for those that have sworn to defend //// against alll enemies”””” foreign and DOMESTIC””””’ should be very careful. The next step is to change the ‘Constitution’ ‘Ammendments’ and so called ‘bill of rights’…. Keep that in mind and keep watch……. for it will come , the changes will and have slowly been working there way into law……. how many times have you heard “if it was up to me” —- think about it —— prime example ‘why should someone be told by a law enforcement agent “next time shoot him and drag him into the house” ‘ —- why should any US Citizen have to drag a person into there house if his/house is being broken into by an armed thief…….. ‘why must an American soldier in Iraq be told not to have a round chambered in his weapon unless under threat’ —– don’t believe me — ask a soldier (one who was actually there) —- and don’t respond to me with a silly comment like “for safety reasons”,,,,, it is a WAR zone!!!! And why did the Naval commander have to get permission TWICE to take action against pirates who held a US citizen hostage!!!!! What was the media saying “if in imminent danger” —- is that a hoot – armed pirates had attacked a ship and take their Captain at gun point as hostage WAS NOT ALREADY in IMMINENT DANGER!!!!! —– Why did it take an OK from the PRESIDENT for a Naval Commander to take action to save an American Citizen……………. OUR rights are disappearing —- our ability to defend ourselves is slowly being weakened (even in our military), …….. like I said next step is to amend/change the law or/and the basis of our law so that when a person swears to support and defend, it will be binding to the point the the law will support the illegal immigrant, terrorist, GITMO detainee (found in a training camp for Al Quaida), murderer, rapist;;;;; NOT THE US CITIZEN —- or has it already???

  • david


  • shooter

    keep up the good work we need good American sites like this puting out the word
    i have been spreading the word for a long time about socialism and liberalism geting close and one day we need to stop it or pay the price i guess this is the time
    i worked hard to tell ,who to vote for not left go right we have a Hitler and he came in the front door WITH HIS RHETORIC NOW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OPEN THERE EYES , LATE LATE TO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gordon DeSpain

    Just below this Text Box, there’s a blurb about Bob Livingston. It calls him an “ultra-conservative.” This is one of the categorries that the Obamacrew intends to hang a “Felon” tag on. By the time the 2010 elections roll around, they will have turned everyone in America that is not on their payroll into a Felon, so that no one can vote unless they are a minion of the State…a member of the ruling Party.

    Joe Biden will be elected to his first full term as President (the, “…title of the Beast…”) in 2012, after serving six months of Obama’s term (he will “…suffer a head wound such that he cannot continue…”), “…and, in 6 months he will ruin the World. (Revelations 13)

  • JM Thomas

    I have heard that shells are going sky high. Would it not be easier to make shells illegal than guns, except they want to use our guns against us? We can use what amunition we have, but then what? Last time I checked, our guns won’t use home-made shells!

    Yes, we are in a trap. Only God can remove us, and that only as we go to Him and get his directions.

    Check out KJV 2 Kings 6. 2Ki 6:16 And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.
    2Ki 6:17 And Elisha prayed, and said, LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.
    2Ki 6:18 And when they came down to him, Elisha prayed unto the LORD, and said, Smite this people, I pray thee, with blindness. And he smote them with blindness according to the word of Elisha.
    Here is this chapter is “The Rest of the Story”. This is how we are going to win! Only God can conquer those enemies within, so we need to pray diligently for His direction on how!

  • KAOS


  • kat

    Where are third party candidates , they don’t even give you but two choices , Never will i vote for a muslim .

  • Mike Clark

    You all are forgeting one major thing , this country is by the people & for the people ,if there wasn’t so much apathy in this country and we got more people out to vote we could put a stop to the majority of what is going on today. We have just seen that recently when Congress , even the democrats refused to give Obama the money to shut down the prison in Cuba. That was a big defeat for his administration, the recent problems that Pelosi has gotten in with saying that the CIA lied to her and never told her about waterboarding as a form of getting info from the terrorists. You don’t mess with the CIA , she has made a big mistake and will pay for it eventually. We need to be more demanding of our individual reps in Congress. Go to their Home town meetings, write them in Congress get involved in how they vote. Then when they do come to town confront them and have the info to back up your claims, like why they voted the way they did . or why they voted that way. Be a big pain in their ass , it works , I have done it various times , they don’t like it and their handlers don’t like it . They eventually if their not doing what you want, will leave the office, don’t forget they work for you not the other way around. If you don’t get involved nothing will ever get done, we need more citizens voting not just 1/3 of the population. Its your country not theirs, all they care about is serving one term and than getting paid for the rest of their lives, they are all out for themselves , politicians are the most selfish individuals in this country . Its all about me me me , you are just pawns in their lives , all they want is your vote & campaign funds , they could care less & love to spend all your taxpayer dollars on themselves & their wives. I served this country inVietnam for over 5 years , they actually threw money away to the Vietnamese , gave them everything. They are doingthe same in Iraq, if a civilian gets killed by the price of war we pay the families off , they get more than our own serviceman familiy gets for dying for this country , if you knew you would be sick to your stomach.

  • Kenny W.

    Greetings to All,

    Please read Ecclesiastes 4:13-16

    The Futility of Political Power
    It is better to be a poor but wise youth than to be an old foolish king who refuses all advise. Such a youth could come from prison ans succead. He might even become king , though he was born in poverty. Everyone in eager to help such a youth, even to help him take the throne. He might become the leader of millions and be very popular. But then the next generation grows up and rejects him! So again, it is all meaningless, like chasing the wind


  • Stephen M

    The problem with my fellow Americans is we have just been taken by a very sophisticated conman. George Sorus, the far left, goaded conservative into a lull. A very well planned brainwash. that is still going on daily. I believe that the objective was and is to start with what I call soft tyranny.

    Eric Holder trying to take away our right to bear arms by throwing lieing about the exports to Mexico of arms.Trying to rewrite the constitution and allow government to dictate what is good for us. We(conservatives,republicans,ect..) have been made a scapegoat. Conservatives and Christians and others stayed out of this election probably thinking ,there is no way that Obama is full of non-sence, why everything he says is exactly perfect, he will make a change we silently thought. McCain was to moderate.

    Many are saying how smart Obama is. I think a better description is clever,deceitful, lier,double minded. My fellow Americans WE must take our country back before there is nothing left. For our sake, our children, grand kids.

    This man worships himself and a God that is not recognized by most of us. We must find the courage to speak to righteous men with power to act. We must find like minds to protect our freedoms as our forefathers wanted us to have. As our world war II vets fought for,all veterans have fought for.

    I will never bow down to this man. I will never give up my right to bear arms, freedom to think,freedom of speech. Did anyone understand his goals with Saudi Arabia the moselms in general. Thumbing his nose at the only real friend we have had in the middle east,ISREAL. Land for peace . Isreal should not give one more inch. The palistines claim they are decendents of the phlistines and they have a right to the land.

    One problem my friends. The philistines were wiped out completely. Any real historian knows this. So how can they be descendants when there is not one to decend from. Obama knew this. That is why he was so touchy about his religious background.

    I get nausea when I think of all the meetings he has had with Islamic countries. The Moslams read history do your research. Over 1400 years they have killed over 300 million people and subjugated many more. There empire was bigger than Romes. Guess what thanks to our great President he might help them get their empire back.

    We can not and must not let this clone of Hitler steal America from us. We must not let him create a Health plan that destroys and kills us both financially and physically.

    Huge debt,crazy laws with crazy objectives. Making America weak . He is the destroyer of this country. He hates this country. This should be obvious. Read Carl Marx, read Adam Smith wealth of Nations. Look at tactics of control that are being used under the disguise of a law, a speech with such subtlety and deceit.

    Reverend White a hater of our Jewish Friends. Trying to use them as a scape Goat. He is is not a worshiper of the God that most of us Love ,Yes we are a Christian Nation Obama. Yes we love our guns and religion and our capitalism. Resign. You became President by using deceit. Resign Polosi who spoke ill of our troops and our government. resign Clinton who become two faced and weak and gave her soul to Obama.


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