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Government Reports Progress On Virtual Border Fence, But Not Everyone Is Happy

December 31, 2009 by  

Government reports progress on virtual border fence, but not everyone is happy Government officials have announced a plan to turn over the first section of the "virtual fence" along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico frontier to the Border Patrol in January, but it remains unclear whether the system will ever cover the entire border.

Once the turnover takes place, a total of 23 miles of the border in Southern Arizona will be covered by the system which includes cameras, ground sensors and radars mounted on towers, but officials are saying that they have not yet decided if and where to build more sections, according to the Associated Press (AP).

"We do want some time to look at whether or not that really does make the most sense," said Mark Borkowski, the director of the virtual fence project, quoted by the news source.

He specified that some of the issues the officials will have to consider include whether it makes sense to spend limited resources to cover the entire border and whether there may be cheaper but equally effective approaches.

This sentiment was echoed in the editorial which appeared in the Aurora Sentinel that pointed out that it cost taxpayers about $1 million a mile to erect the system.

Moreover, "expecting these barriers to do much good until comprehensive immigration reform takes place is a waste of time," it adds.

The project was developed during the Bush administration as part of a border security plan designed to add another layer of protection, along with thousands of Border Patrol agents and 650 miles of real fences.

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  • Victor L Barney

    Just wait until our Marxist in control send what is now called “conservatives” (anti-Marxist) want to send such believers into foreign countries as slaves to pay off the debt that they not only created, but also stole the money for themselves and their chronies!

  • c lee

    Does anyone out their know what a virtual mexican looks like.I would like to know where else you could spend 23 million dollors on a project and then do a feasibility study to see if it makes sense.If we have all this money to spend to create jobs what better way to spend it than putting americans to work building a real fence to cove the entire boarder and then manning it with more of those out of work people. Sounds like a win win to me. We make our country safer we employ americans and at the same time we stop the flow of the illegals that are taking our jobs.Wow look at that I just solved a major problem for our country and Iam not even a politician.Oh but you know what the problem with this solution is, the politicians cant make any money on it and they cant continue to import their votes like they do their wine.Also maybe while the boarder patrol are manning these virtual fences we could issue them virtual guns, we dont want any of the new voters injured ya know.

    • usmadgirl

      C Lee,

      That’s the best idea I’ve heard, but like you said, it won’t happen because it makes total sense & the Liberal or RINO “gooberment” can’t make any money off of it & it would eliminate more liberal votes (which is the reason nothing’s been done about it before now)! Oh well! C Lee giveth & the “gooberment” taketh away!

      I’m sure we have a LOT of creative people that can solve all the country’s problems, but they’re certainly NOT IN THIS ADMINISTRATION!

      • Charlie

        Well I’m not sure. If there was not money in it for the Czars and Barry than they wouldn’t bother. My belief is that besides oil, Monsanto (who has pretty tight reigns on the whole world’s food supply, than I might think that technology might even be more lucrative for the so called White House, Congress etc. Gee I forgot to mention Pelosi, or and Hillary. I did not vote for this kind of gooberment, that’s for sure. Head’s up for what is coming next! Aloha

  • jim

    In California they built a fence and found out later that some ot the help used to build it were illeagals. LOL.

    • Joe H.

      That’s who SHOULD build it!!! The illegals that are caught here should be put in open air prisons like sheriff Arapo runs and then used each day to build it. Take a day off their sentence for every three they work!! If you catch them again make them work and don’t take ANY time off!!!

      • jim

        Joe, I like that idea. Poetic justice.

        • Lewis Munn

          As an Engineer, I do NOT like the idea. These folks are not all dumb, and if they build it it will require lots of time to detect and remove the bugs put in it.

          It needs to be built and tested by professionals in the security business who are loyal to the USA and not prone to pressure of economics or on their reputation or families.

          We have too many people already here who are not loyal to the USA who would love to sabotage the work; why give them easy opportunity? In something this crucial, we need to take every possible precaution, and I’d even have two fences built, far enough to run dogs between them, by different workmen, to reduce the potential for sabotage.

  • B C

    Simple solution take obsolete land mines and plac ethem along the border with warnings on our side not to cross into the 500 – 1000 foot swath of possible mines. After several potential illegals see their buds get blown up maybe they will rethink crossing to the US.

    • Catherine

      I completely agree with you! Adding a few fresh water piranha to the Rio Grande and signs that read “Illegal Aliens will be shot on sight”, (in Spanish of course), would make it even better!

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        I like both of your ides very very much. However, we can’t can’t even use water boarding which isn’t that bad to get information from terroristsm however, they can behead our people and drag their headless bodies thru the streets – I did enjoy the woman soldier however, that made the captives undress and lead them around like dogs on all fours – that is very very degrading to a muslim man especially to be treated like that by a woman!!!!! I loved that one.

  • s c

    What do you expect? We’re talking about a VIRTUAL FENCE created by VIRTUAL POLITICIANS. It can’t work. It will NEVER work.
    IF the emphasis was on doing the job RIGHT, then it should be done the way the Israelis do it [do it RIGHT THE FIRST TIME]. Only a self-made retard would settle for something that’s done WRONG.
    If you want to do it WRONG, do it the way Congress wants to do it. Oh, duuuhhhh! Open your eyes, and use that stuff between your ears (hopefully, it’s a functioning brain – not what Congress uses).
    How long can we let Washington screw up EVERYTHING?
    What they do best is to to find ways to do everything WRONG. Can’t you see the proven pattern?
    Put our military on the border(s). DO IT RIGHT!
    Tell Washington to @^&* off. We’ll do it RIGHT. Washington’s ‘services’ are NO LONGER NEEDED. Washington has been weighed in the public balance, and Washington has been found to be wanting.

    • c lee

      I agree with you 150% but wasnt that tried once by a small group of American patriots called the Minute Men. What we need is a larger group.In numbers there lies strength.These people were critisized and ridiculed called bigots and war mongers and those are the names I can print.If we dont go at this problem in monumental numbers criminals like barrack husane insane yo mama obamma and janet nopoli no nothing along with there hinchmen like erick holdernut will crush us like bugs and then ad insult to injury by locking us up for trying to uphold the very thing they are trashing on a daily basis, that would be our Constitution.

  • Earlw

    Only one problem left: We also need to print up some virtual money to pay all those unemployed border workers, who may or may not like that kind of desert living… Never mind all the support personnel needed to supply and relieve the border guards…..

    Better idea, let’s build a fence like the Israelis did in Gaza; too tall to climb and too deep to tunnel under, not to mention the guard towers and laser alarms.

    If we can afford to spend a billion dollars a day in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the “fence would be chickenfeed by comparison….Only one problem-a concrete shortage!

    • c lee

      Even if there wasnt a shortage of concrete we would have the problem of getting it delivered to the job site because the largest cement co in the world is called Cemex and its owned by the richest man in the world, hes a mexican.

    • Charlie

      What you say makes sense. How about the fact that the President of this country has requested One Million troops up North (sorry there is a name for it, I can’t remember it right now) to be in place buy Janurary 30. This is in case there might or will be Civil Unrest in the US. I got this info from a European ENews four days ago, however it has not been mentioned here, not even Beck! That I find alarming. They are not going to sell us as slaves, as there are already 600 to 800 brand new or updated in the Us. The constituion was pretty much shreded a while beck.

      • BOE

        Charlie…we do not have 1 million troops to send anywhere! There is a shortage already just to send the troops to our current war. That must be why it took Ovomit so long to make the decision. I really believe that our American service men and women would not turn on the American people. I know they would disobey Ovomit`s orders and turn on the jack asses in the White House.

      • c lee

        Are you talking about the presdent of mexico sending 1 million troops to northern mexico.

  • RoBoTech

    “Moreover, “expecting these barriers to do much good until comprehensive immigration reform takes place is a waste of time,” it adds.”

    So, in other words, that idiot thinks legalizing 20 Million will STOP anyone from crossing the border BETTER than closing the border and enforcing immigration laws?
    WOW, what ARE these people smokin’ I didn’t know there was anything in Wonderland that would get you high, just make you grow/shrink!

    • Nightowl

      RoBoTech? Is this the same RoboTech from FS?

      This statement is self explanitory.

      “Moreover, “expecting these barriers to do much good until comprehensive immigration reform takes place is a waste of time,” it adds.”

      What it means is they know it works as expected (this time), so they want to wait until amnesty passes therefore lowering the amount of illegal crossers the system will see. If the illegal crossers drop in numbers BEFORE its turned over, they can claim its success. If it works BEFORE amnesty, they will be disclosing just how bad that sector REALLY is, and other sectors will be demanding the same system.

      Right now there are spikes in certain sectors because these illegal aliens are trying to get here before the amnesty debates begin. That way they can phoney up paperwork to show how long they have been here in order to qualify. Personally, I say save the money spent and use it to deport.

      • Joe H.

        We don’t need no stinkin’ reform!!! enforce the laws we have!! We were promised reform of the government by O-man and look at what it got us!!!

  • http://None Chris North

    Very little – if any – meaningful progress in the closing of our Southern border and/or any measurable abatement of illegal alien invasion of our country will ever be realized by passing more laws and spending more money. Unless or until the evil Apathy Bug and its equally odious companion the Procrastination Worm – that have so greiviously and for so long infested the American, taxpaying voter – are eradicated, the status quo will remain. But not for more than about three or four more years. If the pro-amnesty mob get their way, it will all be over in about two years.

    • chuck b


      if the amnesty bill is passed it will be over at that time. there won’t be another two years. the socialist democrats and some of the bleeding heart repubs will have accomplished what no other power on earth has or can. the voting bloc of the illegals will confirm our socialist status and obama will be assured of being elected for another four years years along with the two idiots running the senate and congress. if this happens look for the democrats to attempt removal of the two term limit on the presidency.

    • c lee

      I have this same conversation with as many of my family members friends and anyone else I meet that will listen to me on a daily basis.A lot of the time but not all the time there response is give it a rest. Weve been resting too long and thats why we are in the shape were in today. Ill tell anyone that will listen the shi? storm is comming and its just over the next hill, its not too late but the time is running out because once it happens we are lost, our country will be taken from within. Hurry people we dont have much time.

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        I have been trying to do the same with my email group however, in my humble opinion to no avail. That is the reason I said, if you can, leave there are plenty of places south of the border that welcome Americans with open arms where you can live a palatial life with all the amenities you have here for less than $2000/ month. Then when the US becomes a banana republic because the only people left are basically on welfare, we can all come back and claim our country. We just have to wait and see what is going to happen in 2010 that will tell the whole story.

        • Joe H.

          I don’t want to insult you, but what if our founders had said well we’ll leave for now and when it’s better we’ll come back? That’s what the draft dodgers did during Viet Nam then begged to come back. I respect Ali. At least he went to jail for what he believed and took his punishment. Those draft dodgers that left the U.S. should have been made to stay where ever they went. If they didn’t love this country enough to stay and take their licks then they should have stayed GONE!!!

      • usmadgirl

        to C Lee
        I too, have worn my friends out & pretty much receive the same response as you do! I hate to be a New Year’s Day party pooper, but this past year has been the worst year of my life & I don’t see ANY light at the end of the tunnel for THIS year.

        We all sit here “blogging” & share our concerns or complaints, but how are we going to do anything to actually SOLVE any of these problems? I’ve written my representatives all year, but MY representatives always vote with my conservative views so it’s like “beating a dead horse”! I (along with thousands of Tea Party members from all over the country) even wrote Ben Nelson in Nebraska & BEGGED him to vote against the “health care” hoax with his CONSCIENCE & not his Party. Evidently, he didn’t HAVE a conscience because he (along with his other criminal cohorts) took “the bribe” anyway! (Isn’t that against the law?)

        The Liberal Progressive loons aren’t paying any attention to anything we say because they’re “full steam ahead” on the Socialist Train & we’re just a bug on the track. The “MessiahStreamMedia” would NEVER tell those naive people that listen exclusive to them ANYTHING against their Messiah. They’re right up the Messiah’s butt & actually believe in his Socialist (universal government) agenda (I can’t, with my lowly common-sense mind, begin to understand why) & think the rest of us are “racist” just because WE believe in the “silly”, “flawed” Constitution, Liberty & Capitalism & totally disagree with their “Savior” who just happens to be HALF black. (Once again, what happened to his WHITE part & why aren’t the blacks who disagree with him racist against his WHITE part?) Humm!

        The so-called “transparent, bi-partisan” Dumb-o-crats completely shut the Republicans out of the “Health Care” hoax, but I can’t count how many times I’ve heard the Dems & the MSM say the Republicans hadn’t even TRIED to work with the Dumb-o-crats & had NO input on health care reform when they were literally locked out of those “transparent, bi-partisan” meetings. I don’t know where the Dems or the MSM have been, but I’ve heard Republicans say over & over that we need “tort reform, buying across state lines” & all their other ideas that were just as ignored as the Dumb-o-crats ignore us! So why would anyone in their “right mind” think for a moment that we can do anything to prevent “amnesty” of the MILLIONS OF NEW “DUMB-O-CRAT” VOTERS?

        I don’t have much now, despite working 16+/7 for myself for 16 years (& for other companies doing the same thing for 25 years), but I see myself losing what little I DO have due to this EVIL, arrogant bunch of Socialists or Communists or Marxists, or whatever the crap they actually are! I find myself feeling bewildered, helpless & out of control of my own destiny & I HATE it!

        • c lee

          I too feel your pain,since retireing last year Ive had free time to listen to whats happening in our country. Up untill I retired I was as guilty as the next person for not getting involved in my own destiny. Hindsight is 20/20 but for sure if I had it to do over I would have stayed involved, that was my mistake. If we dont take our country back by any means nessisary all will be lost. The problem here is most people are soft and will not do anything nessisary. But isnt it written somewhere that he who will not be a patriot he who will not go to extraordinary measures to protect our constitution would be guilty of Treason. To me protecting the constitution means protecting my 4 little sweat and innocent Grand Daughters future and to any one of the four I would gladly give my last breath. Therefore I would give my life. Our way of life that many of us myself included have fought and spilled blood, theres as well as our own must Stand up and be counted. Iam not a revolutionary Iam a Patriot, I do not belong to any radical groups however I would fight for my country to the death as I did when I wore the Uniform. I guess this being said in the eyes of Janet Napoli- no- nothing I would be added to her list of the traitors she spoke of when she refered to some of our returning heros who she felt were a threat of becomming terrorist. What an insult to our Brave Heros, What a Bit?? she is. When are our citizens going to wake up. That being said SEMPER FI !!!!

        • Sandy

          A long time ago there was a book called “Don’t Blame Metro”. It was about what’s happening now and about the University of Chicago. Seems our tax dollars go to support Marxist, socialist and communist groups. El Centro de la Roza in Seattle is a good example as is ACORN. El Centro actually used to have the Communist Manifesto in hand out for in their common rooms. Yes we give then money because we are politically correct and don’t want to be called names, but all this needs to stop. We pay for this and other just take and take and take. The heads of these organizations make 6 figures and more so what’s that about? Maybe all of us just aught to not pay our taxes this year and see where all the money for their social experiments will come from then? You cannot legislate people out of poverty, they need to suck it up and do something for themselves or better yet stop having children you can’t afford and be RESPONSIBLE and have respect for the rest of us that worked our lives to support your lazy arses. I don’t mind helping people, but most are perfectly capable of helping themselves and should have enough pride to do so. I want the right to give the charities of my choice not the government subsidized dens of corruption and ignorance like the ones listed above or welfare, food stamps, medicaid, etc..

      • Charlie

        This person has been thinking. I agree with you. Wake up people or were all through. Liberals, just don’t know what to think. My son is one. Still trying to figure out what happened to him.

        • Joe H.

          Don’t feel alone dude, my oldest is one too even though she says she isn’t!!! Says she isn’t then spouts things that come straight out of the liberal manifesto!!!!

    • tomeg42

      Chris how about taking your defeated attitude over to and join us in the fight against this amnesty bill. We’ve been doing pretty good to date pressuring these morons in Washington everytime immigration bills come to the floor. Tell your friends to check us out, you’ll be surprised how you can help the situation if you really want to.

      • Joe H.

        We did a pretty good job during the Bush tenure!!! They tried to pass it but we convinced enough of them that their jobs were in jeopardy that we stopped it cold!!!!

        • Charlie

          Bush was the laughing stock of the country but he did a lot of terrible things to this country. Terriosts bombing WTC. NOT! Wake up people. People thought he was the Village Idiot, that is not quite true. Senior Bush did say during his ONE term it was time for a NWO. Obamacare is just another way of something that came up with the Reagan Era and than, we had Hillary Care during their reign. If the American public was not appalled at Bill getting a Blow Job in the Oval office, well what can I say? The W serves TWO terms without ever getting elected. Think about it Folks and do your homework and research. It is pretty much getting way to Late. Obama is nothing like W. He was Groomed for this most of his life. It is the same agenda, nothing has changed at all. People just got too comfortable and were asleep at the wheeL Mr O has the Pedal to the Metal and he ain’t slowing down. He has almost got the job done in ONE YEAR, that W put into motion. Aloha

  • joe bulla

    I got a great idea.
    Let’s let Mexico maintain the sensors.

    • Charlie

      That is a start.

    • Tinwarble

      I have a better idea. Let all of the Mexicans move here, then we’ll go to Mexico, take it over & call it the United States of Keep Your Liberal A$$ OUT.

  • NunJoBizNess

    For anyone out there who gives a damn about US border and sovereignty please join up with and NumbersUSA. They are the two most effective sites out there for news and communicating with our illustrious politicians.

    ….even tho I think next year is gonna be even worse than 2009 – I can hardly wait for next November!

  • Raggs

    Was’nt it obama that diarmed the border patrol?
    And to think yet another billion dollar fence funded by taxes will solve the problem. obama likes his mexicanna crack.

  • SteveV.

    Go to Americanpatrol(dot)com to read what’s really going on with the fence.

    Bottom line: much of the 700 miles of double-layered fence that was mandated in 2006 is still not built, and what has been built is worthless vehicle barriers and the like.

    The Associated Press, and much of the media, continues to unprofessionlly ignore what’s going on with the border fence.

    Obviously, “comprehensive immigration reform” a/k/a mass amnesty for 12-20 million illegal aliens — would be the WORST thing to do and would lead to many more illegals streaming over.

    We need to restart the workplace raids, cut off the jobs, enforce existing immigration laws, and build the real Duncan Hunter double-layered fence. This is the way to finally stop illegal immigration.

    Join NumbersUSA to help stop amnesty anarchy!

    • Joe H.

      that’s the problem!! The money is there it’s been funded, but the dam politicians won’t build it!!!

  • jim

    Happy New Year everybody, Have a safe celebration.

  • SteveV.

    Go to the website: borderinvasionpics(dot)com

    and see videos and pictures of illegal aliens still flooding over our border, to rebut Janet Napolitano’s ridiculous claim that our southern border is secure.

    • c lee

      Janet Napolaclueless is an idiot.Shes the same idiot that got on TV and said the system worked when the terrorist bombed the Delta flight on Christmas Day. What does she know about security.

      • DDC


        • c lee

          I agree with that 100%. In my opinion untill he can prove to the people that he is beyound a doubt American born then he is not the president. And if we can prove he is not born in America he should be tried and deported. Also since Joe Bidden is doing nothing but setting there allowing this to happen if obamma is found guilty bidden should be charged with treason.

          • chuck b

            c lee

            are you sure about that! then we would be saying madame president pelosi, do you think thats why obama has all these misfits in line to his presidency??

          • DDC

            I don’t think Nancy Pelosimino has got enough sense to pour pi– out of a boot. She for damn sure shouldn’t be re-elected. She reminds me of a bull frog sitting on a lily pad.

        • c lee

          To chuck b, Chuck I think it would be easier to get her out than it was for Obamma, I beleive more people despise her than they do Obamma. We have to start somewhere dont ya think.

      • Charlie

        They had that knowledge before it happened. If everyone believe’s that it was Al Quida (sp) well that is what most people believe than it is pretty obivious that the CIA, etc. are still playing the fears of the American People. It is not the TRUTH. He lied to us again. Is it just my imagination or does Obama look really mean these day’s and I certainly would not want to meet Michelle in a well lit alley, let alone a dark one. Who is Barry Soetoro? (sp) Who are these people and where is the BC? Why would this guy take the vice-president nominee to Hawaii to visit an ailing relative right before the election? I live in Hawaii. I will tell you, they are lying to us.

  • Sandy

    Yes our money was well spent. They are actually driving over the top of the fence in selected places in pick-up trucks and light delivery trucks. I think the idea of putting some of our out of work people manning the border is great! It’s a seive and we need to fix it. Gads – I have to take my shoes off at the airport, get patted down and all my belonging unpacked and anyone can just cross the border. Maybe our government really doesn’t want to stop the latin invasion – after all they are future socialist (Democrats) voters. Wake up! There are 24 to 30 million of them in this country – how may are terrorists and what have they brought with them?

    • c lee

      Thats a good question if its that easy for a bunch of illiterates to cross how about the ones that are not only not illiterate but are not mexican and what have they brought with them and where are they at now. That should scare the hell out of everyone.

    • Joe H.

      Ever heard of a backpack nuke? It’s about the size of a camping backpack and could take out almost any of the biggest cities in the U.S.!!!!

  • Phil

    Hmmm, quoting “editorial which appeared in the Aurora Sentinel”. Ok… i suppose… as long as you connect it to the subject (the Government Reports).

    Oh wait, the editorial got another quote in there, a point that the government report wasn’t making:

    ——–Moreover “expecting these barriers to do much
    ——–good until comprehensive immigration reform
    ——–takes place is a waste of time,” it adds.

    Really?!! You snuck that opinion in your article!? If this is what you call good journalism, let me give it a shot:

    ——–Joe Retard writes that he agrees with Interior
    ——–Secretary Whoever, that the “environment
    ——–should be considered when drilling for oil.”

    ——–CAR SHOULD BE PUT IN PRISON!!!”, he adds.

    Lesson: we can make any point we want to, by connecting an unbiased source to the subject of the article.

  • cr747

    I would say make it an electrical fence. The type I use on my ranch in Texas. They won’t hit it but once, and you could spot them, or here them a few miles away. It will light their a– up like a neon light, and the scream will be heard in Washington!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://SRT Kevin W.345

    I think it would be cheaper to install land mines the full length of the border.

  • http://SRT Kevin W.345

    Immigrants used to come to this country to work,live,talk and behave like Americans. They now come to this country to work, talk and behave like they did in the country they came from,including flying they old countrys flag.


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