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Government Recommends Fat People Go To Counseling

June 28, 2012 by  

Government Recommends Fat People Go To Counseling
A Federal health advisory board believes counseling is the solution to obesity.

Forget personal accountability. A Federal health advisory panel recommends that those who are overweight should go to counseling.

The recommendation, which is to be printed in the Annals of Internal Medicine, states that those wishing to lose weight should be involved in “intensive, multicomponent behavioral interventions.”

The panel suggests 12 to 26 counseling sessions that should be structured to educate the patient and identify factors contributing to the problem. Occasionally, the intervention might include exercise.

“You have to diagnose the patient and have the discussion, even if the patient doesn’t really want to hear it,” said Dr. Jack Der-Sarkissian, leader of Kaiser’s adult weight-management efforts in Southern California.

If the current healthcare law stands, Medicare and most private insurers would be required to cover such services.

But some are skeptical of the proposal’s effectiveness, noting that physicians may not have the knowledge needed to provide or refer such services to their patients.

Still others think that people should simply “cut back on the potato chips and start taking the stairs.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • USA4ever

    Now I have to pay to try to fix some fata&* from eating to much?? From my paycheck what is going to be left for me

    • Warrior

      Obviously, “enough” to keep you “underfed”! We demand a fit “middle” class to provide for the masses. LOL.

  • MontanaGrandmom

    “If the current healthcare law stands, Medicare and most private insurers would be required to cover such services.”

    This sounds like another ‘follow the money’ situation. They are banking on the health care law to provide yet another revenue source to the medical profession.

  • Diane

    In the first place, I don’t want the gov. to tell me what to do. It’s my choice! If I’m fat and still in good health(which some people are), I’ll decide when to go on a diet. I know why I’m fat and I don’t need a therapy session to clue me in! The medical profession will have enough to do if Obamacare continues, not counting the ones who will leave because of it. People need to wake up and see this administration for what it is!

    • http://facebook Kay

      Yep communism

      • whisperatnight45

        Here is how it will work. Anything that the government is over it controls. So, you are implanted with this little rice size micro-chip which has all of your health information on it. You go to the store and try to buy some ice cream or potato chips. You get to the register, and Ooops! We can’t sell you those items because your chip is denying you access to these food items. Your too fat and your healthcare insurer has placed you on a diet.

    • Old Observer

      it’s not always what you eat. just because a person is overweight doesn’t mean he’s always overeating. Sometimes there is a medical cause–like a very underactive thyroid. Counseling isn’t going to help that–you need a doc who can diagnose correctly–sometimes the TSH level is borderline so they think it’s ok–but when they add a small daily dose of it, the weight starts coming off. The real problem here is an administration that wants to control every aspect of our lives–and will, unless we get them OUT OF OFFICE!!

  • Elevenarrows

    What about people who need to lose weight, but suffer from thyroid and adrenal disease, etc.? Is the government going to “counsel” that problem away so they can lose weight? In the case of adrenal insufficiency, for example, the person should not even exert or it places more demand on the already compromised adrenals. If the all-knowing government “experts” force those people to exercise, restrict calories, etc. and it causes further damage to the adrenals or the person “blows out a knee” or ends up with stress fractures of the foot, will the government pay for those repairs, too? Of course, we all know the government doesn’t pay for ANYTHING. Taxpayers do all the paying….

    And let’s not forget that it was the government that gave us the ridiculous “Food Pyramid” that moved Americans to a grain-based diet that gave us more celiacs and….it goes on and on!

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the government was limited to those few responsibilities assigned to it and the rest of us could spend our time rearing our families and earning a living?!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Hypothyroidism is hugely undiagnosed in this country. In the old days doctors diagnosed it based upon a person’s symptoms. Now they have a blood test called TSH which is totally inadequate for diagnosing. TSH only measures the amount of thyroid stimulating hormone (T4) in the blood. In many cases the T4 is not being converted to T3 which is what your cells need to function properly. There are other tests which should be done but most doctors only run the TSH. I had all of the symptoms of hypothyroidism but didn’t know about it. Over the course of two years I was becoming more and more debilitated. I was going to the doctor every six months and I kept getting worse and worse. My doctor ordered all kinds of tests, MRI’s, EKG’s, ultrasounds, x rays etc… I got to the point where I had to go to the emergency room for chest pain. My joints and muscles hurt so bad that I could hardly move. I was depressed and crying all the time. I’d gained twenty pounds and my hair was falling out. I read about hypothyroidism and knew that was what i had. My doctor ran a TSH and said no, it wasnt that. She offered me pain pills and anti depressants. I found a new doctor! He ran more tests and I was put on a natural thyroid medication. I felt wonderful within weeks. A year later I started having the familiar aches and pains. He ran more tests and Im now being treated for a condition called reverse T3. It’s a condition where the reverse T3 cancels out the good T3 that you need. I’m being treated for that. I’m so thankful that I found a doctor who cared enough to help me. If you have unexplained weight gain, aches and pains, especially in your muscles, if your hair is falling out and you’ve lost the outer third of your eyebrows, if you’re having chest pains, insist that your doctor run more tests or find a new doctor!

    • whisperatnight45

      Exactly, if government was limited to doing what they were constitutionally suppose to do, we all would be in better shape to have that american dream…., not just the illegal aliens. But, wasn’t that what Ron Paul was trying so hard to present to the American people? Now, you all are whiners and continue to vote DEM/REP and expect different results. I don’t care what Mitt Romney says he will do. NOTHING Because instead of using his Executive Powers to be rid of Obamacare, he will try to resend it. And, we know that that will never pass. It is his way of saying…, “hey, I tried” without doing a damn thing. That is how they play the power game.

  • former walmart person

    Make up your damn mind, feds. You want us to lose weight, but then when we sue for GMO labeling, you spit in our faces. Some of us know the true reason why we are all fat. We aren’t getting enough nutrition. Sure we aren’t burning as many calories on average, but the average person still burns a fair amount throughout the day even if you don’t exercise. We aren’t getting the nutrition we crave so we eat, and eat, and eat to satisfy. If we would only start getting the vitamins and minerals we need, our hunger would go down.

    • Elevenarrows

      You are absolutely right, former walmart. The consumers aren’t sticking high fructose corn syrup in every product. The consumer isn’t begging for MSG to be in every item. MSG is an excito-toxin that causes one to crave more of it. More and more research is showing that all these government- allowed and Monsanto-pushed poisons wreak havoc on our bodies and our health. Before the First Lady tells parents how to do a better job at feeding their children (and makes schools do it her way), perhaps she should encourage her husband to get control of the out of control FDA, CDC, etc. Oh! I forgot! Many of Monsanto’s goons work in the administration! A more effective boost to American health would be to inform the consumer of exactly what all those poisons are in their food and then to get busy educating the public so they can demand the removal of these poisons. When the poisons cease to create revenue for those companies using them, supply and demand will take care of the problem.

      • rb

        Perhaps the first lady should take up an anti smoking campaign too!

    • s c

      F w p, if you want to learn who or what is to blame for much of this “problem,” look no farther than the gubmint. Uncle Scam himself is at the heart of this crap. Uncle Scam is always making friends via easy money [campaign contributions, kick-backs, a cozy relationship with career politicians in Congress and a long line of prezzes who sold their rumps to get to Washington]. And, of course, some people have let themselves get comfy with being brainwashed by Uncle Scam.
      “Public non-education” must share some of the blame. The heart of the matter is with those who don’t see anything wrong with not taking care of themselves. You DON’T have to be a world-class athlete to justify your existence. At the same time, if you’re hapy being a 500 pound couch potato, look in the mirror for the key to the problem.
      Start growing your own food, people. Why pretend that “food” you get at a supermarket is nutritious? Food that’s grown the “old” way is the best. Being able to feed yourself is worth its weight in gold. We can be responsible adults, or we can be braindead robots on a permanent, short leash to Uncle Scam. I prefer the former. LOTS of people have proven dumb enough to surrender to being the latter.

  • texastwin827

    Much of the obesity that this country experiences has nothing to do with anything that “counseling” will fix. It has more to do with poor supply of good, quality food (without it being heavily laden with preservatives) and fast foods, whether they are from MickeyD’s or the frozen section of the grocery store. Couple that with a more sedentary lifestyle and it’s a sure thing to develope weight related health issues.

    Gone are the days that Mom’s fixed meals “from scratch”. Our younger generations (and some older ones) have become dependent on fast foods and box meals, due to the demands of living in a society where it is necessary for both parents to work.

    I also agree with elevenarrows….thryoid disease and adrenal problems are two of the hardest illnesses to get diagnosed (because doing the right testing is more expensive than the cheaper labs) and a high number of those who do finally get diagnosed are usually undermedicated and yet there has been a high increase in at least thyoid disease, in the US (not that well versed on adrenal issues but I am hypothroid, as is almost every female in my family). Type II Diabetes is also a health issue directly associated with the same fast foods and boxed meals and is becoming a young person’s illness, not just the elderly’s.

    The FDA’s food pyramid is probably one of the worst guidelines anyone could follow! If you follow it, you are most likely consuming too many carbohydrates, thus increasing your
    blood sugar, when you should be reducing it.

  • Bill

    Health care was never about health care, it’s all about controll. This is just one of the starting points. When the government controlls health care – then they control you. To fat – pay a penalty, drive to much – that’s to dangerous, pay a penalty, go skydiving, ride a bull, race cars – all odangerous, pay a penalty. A DWI – you must dring – pay a penalty. The government – both parties want complete control and a populace of non-thinking robots.

    • AZ-Ike

      Today SCOTUS gave the Executive and Legislative Branches complete control over all American subjects. Bow down to Emperor Obama.

  • gekruckeberg

    Yes, Michelle, there is obesity in America – it’s caused by excess food stamps!

  • 45caliber

    And since most fat people enjoy eating, they won’t go. So … how long do you suspect it will be before the government decides that counciling (and dieting) will be mandatory? You diet or go to jail so they can insure you diet.

    • Elevenarrows

      I wondered if you would “weigh in” on this subject, 45 caliber. Good to hear from you…and of course, it won’t be long before weight is measured to receive social security benefits (money that already belongs to the taxpayer), health care, etc. I find the First Lady’s garden laughable. She published a whole book about it and then I heard her on TV admitting she doesn’t really care for it herself. I guess it makes a good PR prop since she is pushing “healthy eating”. From what I’ve heard, her new eating program for schools has not worked that well for all SC students. My nephew (unfortunately) attends government school. He is required to eat lunch at 10:30 in the morning. He thinks the meal choices are gross so he only eats an iceberg salad and then starves until he can get home at 4 to eat. I have no idea what the food choices are, but this is a kid that loves to eat what his family grows in their garden. Iceberg has little nutritional value and I assume it is difficult to focus on classes when you are constantly waiting to get home to eat!

      America seems to have been reduced to worrying about school lunches and whether or not kids are jumping rope at recess rather than protecting those borders and getting regulations off the people.

  • rb

    Breaking news folks. We can’t even count on the Supreme Court to protect us from the tyrants in Washington anymore. You guessed it. They upheld Obamacare as a matter of policy and nothing to do with the Constitution or its Constitutionality. Yup…we’re all gonna pay for this….except those who don’t work, are union members, or work at a number of corporations recieving a “waiver”. It’s official!

  • s c

    Here we go again. Hitler’s hordes are flexing their muscles again. People, you might as well admit that the only way to look at most of Uncle Scam’s decisions is to tell Amerika’s elected retards in Wasington to immediately go and _____ themselves – and do it on a daily basis.

  • Average Joe

    Breaking newsd:
    The SCOUTUS, has just announced that the Obamacare “mandate” is Constitutional as a TAX ( although is falls short as a Commerce Clause” issue)…However…it has been upheld.
    May God have mercy on us all.

  • Beno

    More government control, what you eat, what you drink, how you live your life or now how you die under obozo care, the think satan and democrats want, they play god and that isn’t good for the people, since satan hates Gods Creation.

    • Karolyn

      Then don’t complain about the economy or high medical costs, because fat people make it bad for everybody. We are all affected. Maybe they should make it against the law to be fat. No, the medical profession wants more drugs to be made to control weight. Let’s face it; many people won’t help themselves unless they’re forced.

  • HKaufman

    We the People of the US recomment government mind their own dam business. Take care of the crap that many of you govt near do wells, failed MISERBLY. Cant balance a budget and cant make a decesion even if your ANUS were on fire. Fix TSA that company over due for a Colonic enema.

  • Jay

    The Government recommends? I would suggest that, rather then recommend, the Bloated, Elephantine-Government, should lead by example!

  • dufas magnet

    C’mon you stoopid people.. Blaming everything on the Feds and specifically on Obama.. Get to the heart of the matter, demand free enterprise (capitalism) stop producing junk food and go back to a balanced menu. That’s the only way your going to defeat obesity. The G’ment intervenes because the masses aren’t self-responsible.. Take responsibility in what you eat and drink.. Exercise more than your jaw bones, watch what you dump in your gob and there will be no reason for the G’ment to intervene..

  • PatriotDiva

    What many people fail to understand is that obesity is very often the result of medications prescribed. I know of very thin people who after being prescribed things like allergy shots or prednisone to name a few things, became overweight. The government has no business telling people what to eat, However if Obamacare is implemented it is one of the many prices we will pay for “free” healthcare.

  • JoMama

    It sounds to me like Michelle 0bama doesn’t like me very much because I’m on the plump & juicy side.
    Hey – isn’t THAT discrimination??
    I think she has to be more tolerant of the plump & juicy type.
    She should go to tolerant school. Why not………….?? We have to be tolerant of her……….

  • Danny

    I’m fine using my taxes to pay for medicare and helping sick people and all, but this is ridiculous!

  • Nicky Billops

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