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Government Officials Disagree On No-Fly Zone In Libya

March 18, 2011 by  

Government officials disagree on no-fly zone in LibyaSenator John Kerry (D-Mass.) has called on the United Nations to implement a no-fly zone over Libya, while several key Republican lawmakers have criticized President Barack Obama for his cautious approach to the conflict in northern Africa.

On March 16, Kerry, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, urged the U.N. to quickly approve a resolution to end Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's air strikes against opposition forces. He said that the international community "cannot watch from the sidelines" as the rebels' pursuit of democracy is "met with raw violence," quoted by The Boston Globe.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has stated that attacking Libya's planes would be an act of war, the media outlet reported. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), on the other hand, has condemned Obama's lack of action in the face of human rights violations in Libya. He noted that the British and French governments support a no-fly zone.

"At least be as bold as the French,’’ said Graham, quoted by the news source.

On March 17, Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) said that Congress should be required to vote on a no-fly zone before the executive branch supports a U.N. resolution. According to The Hill, Paul, like Gates, believes that a no-fly zone is an act of war.

"You can't just all of a sudden turn a switch and say don't fly over Libya," said Paul, quoted by the news provider. "You have to bomb a lot of anti-aircraft sites and a lot of military establishment. So the war is on." 

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  • Michael J.

    Obviously Kerry has been nominated behind the scenes to be the lead voice against Gadhafi since Obama’s previous relationship with the dictator prohibits his direct envolvement with his ouster. Even though the MSM wouldn’t report it anyway, Obama fears Gadhafi will let the cat outa the bag about his $5 mil campaign contribution to Obama.

    As far as no fly goes, why not insert a black opps team to cut off the head of the snake instead? Or if the target is too well protected, at least they could supply GPS co-ordinates for a cruise missle attack.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Black-ops team?They have already used a Psy-ops team to get you discussing it further in the first place.Let Libya sort out Libyas’ issues,there are some issues here that Americans need to be sorting out.

    • Warrior

      Just put a bounty on the pukes head. Who? Oh, of course I was referring to Gadhafi.

  • TIME

    We need not get into this can of worms at all!

    We are not tools of the UN – so get the phone lines, emails and FAX’s warmed up to your Congress and Senate people and tell them
    “HELL NO WE Will Not Go.”

    If the UN wants to do a No fly zone, let the rest of the world do it, of if JBoy Kerry wants to do it let him do it himself, not our kids.

    We need to stay the hell out of there. End of story.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      But how else will we get to that oil that we won’t get a drop of??? The whole thing is totally ignorant!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        At least in Iraq and Afghanistan we had a mission, but we have nothing of interest in Lybia. If we need more oil, then move the caribou in north Alaska somewhere else and “DRILL BABY DRILL!” 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Michael J.

          We still have a score to settle with Gadhafi for Pan-Am/Lockerbie.
          Send in the sniper’s. One shot, one kill.

          • http://naver samurai

            We could do that, but I’d rather not lose good men on Quddafi (sp). Also, we’re stretched pretty thin now. We can’t go somewhere else at the present time. Besides, let them fight it out and whoever wins, will be recognized by the world as the official leader. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • eli


  • s c

    Many readers are more than just a bit ignorant about Senator Kerry McPoppins (a Hollywood-style media creation who just happens to be from Taxemtodeathchusetts). In his case, his ‘military background’ is irrelevant. The idea that this moonbat can be the head of the FRC proves that any twit can “get ahead” if you sell yourself to enough people.
    The people of Libya need to fend for themselves (is it necessary to ask where are Libya’s neighbors and like-minded religious pals?). Once again, Herr Obummer makes a strong case for the idea that he’s a benchwarmer (and McPoppins is a has-been). Herr Obummer needs to remember that he’s supposed to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan (he does have a memory problem, doesn’t he?).
    Is Kerry supposed to give legitimacy to Obummer’s utter lack of foreign policy and military matters? This is strictly a matter of sending in a no-talent geek to make the coach look good (whizzing up a tree in the process).
    Kerry McPoppins should be tired of having his strings pulled by puppet masters. Let him stick to marrying rich women who can give him the lifestyle he prefers. Foreign policy and military matters are over his fuzzy head. We need his ‘expertise’ like we need another Vietnam. And the same needs to be said about Herr Obummer.

  • http://com i41

    Another spoilt elitist tax dodging cheat that speaks a few languages. This peice of crap Sen. isn’t smart enough to actually develope a idea for a plan to actually accomplish anything. He is a UN loving world wanna be dictator himself, the only difference between John F–king Kerry and Onumnutts is Johnny is always skiing and Onumnutt is always play pasture pool, couple of overpaided worthless pukes. CC. black ops, hell when the crossbred and his freak bunch of freak bunch of coons on the moons moved in to slum land on foggy bottum, it was only a matter of time before the foul ups started to pick up speed. Onumnutts uncle “Rev” Wrong along with Clypso Louie Fkagoat flew to play with the Libyian freak, media dropped the blind eyes on that close ties to muslims. Thinking the UN resolution will solve anything is a joke, a time wastyer and a money waster besides.Guess who will do the flying and the heavy work, the USA, non of the EU and 3rd world dinks, maybewe should cut out UN budget for 5 years to cover some of our costs.

    • meteorlady

      George Soros – he’s a George Soros puppet, one of the best besides Obama.

  • Dennis

    I don’t give a damm about Libya, how about these azz holes defund Obamacare,they can start by pulling out the $105 billion that reid hid in there, and we can use our own oil.

  • http://com i41

    Dennis, I watched as the Mt. goonor stated on the news that USA doesn’t have enough crude to be independent. What a fool, the Williston Bakken Bain has growen ever week as more wells are coming on line and pipelines are sending it up to Canada to be refined for 25% cut. Pretty poor business smarts at best. Are democraps just stupid or all mental morons? Try and ask any beltway slub what the hell we are sitting on our own crude and shipping it in from people that hate us. Standrad answer id green bs and more ethonal, gas and natunatural gas sure will not work in cooler areas, we need diesel to power farm equipment and heavy duty machinery, must be too many overeducated dumb bastards living in the concrete nut huts, not in the real world. There i over 2 trillion barrels in the Rocky Mt, at least that in the SW states, as well as the Williston-Bakken Basin that has wells drilled and shut off waiting to be turned on either to be sold on the open market or some refinery. Democraps can take the complete blame for the lack of not using our own crude.

  • DavidL

    1. There is a tribal conflict (civil war) going on in Libya.

    2. The US receives no (zero) oil from Libya.

    3. International law requires that nations be neutral and stay out of any civil war. If rebels succeed in changing the government, nations have the choice of whether to recognize, and have diplomatic relations with, that new government.

    4. The situation is Libya is an international community problem, not just a US problem.

    5. If, during a conflict, crimes against humanity are committed, the international community may take military and other actions to stop them.

    6. The UN Security Council just voted Thursday to permit military action, including a no-fly zone, against Qaddafi for his war crimes.

    7. All members of the international community are obligated to follow the law. Doing so may be messy. It may be slow. People may suffer and die while it works it way. But it is the law, and all nations, including the United States, are required to follow it. The alternative is lawlessness and chaos resulting in even more death and suffering.

    8. The issue of concern in this region is not Libya. It’s Iran and its nuclear development program. But thanks to the US (President Obama) and Israel, who sent the Stuxnet worm to the Iranian computers, that Iranian capability has now been pushed to years away. In fact, they are currently, and quickly, removing centrifuges to avoid what the Russians recently warned them about, another Chernobyl.

    9. It is all well and good for all of us on this site to have opinions about a president’s action or inaction. But to be reasonably fair, if that is important to us, we have to acknowledge that we all operate under the luxury of not know what the President of the United States knows. That should give us all pause.

    • Norman F.

      Since when did a UN resolution become “the law that everyone must follow”? And are we (the US) the only ones who can have a revolution?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If what you say is true, where the hell was NATO and Clintoon when over 900,000 Rwandans were slaughtered??? Lets see, a few thousand libyans compared to 900,000 Rwandans??? See the difference? I do!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        He was probablt chasing after Monica again. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • meteorlady

        No oil…..

    • meteorlady

      I disagree – Since when does the UN command us to go into a conflict without a resolution and congressional approval by our government. Libya is a sovereign country involved in a CIVIL war. They need to be left alone but hey, they have oil and France and the British need it.

  • jopa

    Supposedly the Arab countries are for this no fly zone so let them take the lead so we don’t always have to look like the do gooder bad guy.Egypt and Saudi Arabia have enough military might to take out Libya but they would rather we use our dime.How about Israel doing a little work over there in their neighborhood?

    • Eddie47d

      This is a problem for Libya to solve.Even if Gaddafi wins he will have even more people who hate him. Underground groups will pop up and hopefully they can take matters into their own hands.

      • http://deleted Claire

        Eddie47d–I agree, stay out of Libya, and let them take care of their own problems. Like you said, maybe the underground groups will take care of it. We don’t need to be in another war.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Yeah, just let the Arab world go completely nuts by getting Israel involved!! Gee, why didn’t they think of that?!?!? Maybe because it’s as STUPID AS IT SOUNDS!!!!

  • Bus

    What a novel concept! Have congress vote before launching into a war…Who would of thunk it…Oh yes: US constitution Article I:8:11

    • meteorlady

      Ron Paul was on TV today saying just that. It’s unconstitutional and we should not be doing it.

  • http://com i41

    Congress voting for a war approved by the dictator one world UN, yes it is a novel idea. Let us tell the Un lovers to get in their yackets and head over and play patty cake. We went to Iraq with the UN blessing and we should have mopped up those muslims till our gun barrels melted. But it was a cluster snafu agreed on, even though again USA is going to be doing the fighting and spending money and man power. Fight like we are going to win and tell the UN and ther pusifiedarm chair pukes to go such start a .45 and dismantle the UN.

  • Dennis

    If John Kerry thinks thats the right to do then send his stupid AZZ.
    F-in tax cheat.

  • mike

    hey remember the punk ass chump who ran things 2000-2008? Remember his pal that ran congress, the convicted felon? Well they outsourced the economy and drove the middle class out of business. After lying to everybody to start a couple wars, they forgot that the most expensive action a country can undertake is a war, especially one on foreign soil. Well, they wouldn’t tax the rich and the middle class was broke, so they borrowed the money from China. Brilliant idea. China, like most other nations is sick of this country’s crap, and they have a seat on the UN security council, and they get oil from Libya. and most importantly, they have so many worthless US dollars they could sink whats left of our economy. China told Hillary enough. I don’t like Obama but he doesn’t have a choice, the party boys made it for him.

    • meteorlady

      So did the entire senate and house vote on whether to go into that war? Yes… Did they all have the same exact intelligence as Bush did? Yes…. Did Clinton repeal the Glass-Steagall Act and let the banks and Wall Street run wild? Yes…. Did Clinton push Fannie and Freddie to buy up the toxic loans? Yes…. Did Clinton sign Fair Housing? yes…. Did Clinton sign a bill to allow drug companies to advertise thus adding BILLIONS to the price of prescription drugs? Yes….. Did Clinton sign free trade with China? Yes…. along with a few more one sided trade agreements.

      Fact is we have the second highest corporate income tax rates in the world today. That’s probably a real incentive for business to more out of here, not just low labor costs.

      So – when Bush took office there was actually a deficit of 17.9 billion because Clinton counted income from the Social Security Trust Fund. Bush’s first full year in office he was under a Clinton signed budget which put the deficit at 33 BILLION. Even with both wars, Bush had the deficit coming down until his last two years, when the Democrats won the majority and Nancy and Harry started spending spending spending.

      You really should get your facts straight. Not a great Bush fan at all and didn’t vote for him, but hey, the truth is the truth. You can actually check the deficits on the US Treasury website. Remember though who had control of the house and senate because they make the budgets, the President only signs them.

  • jopa

    JoeH;I think I will have to give you the stupid award today if you think the Arab world is in love with the United States after our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.We are in these wars only because of our support of Israel and big oil.OK here come the name callers now.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If you honestly think there wold be a middle eastern country NOT involved it the war if Israel was to involve themselves, you OWN the stupid award!!! Every middle eastern and half of africa would be involved in ANY war in which Israel was involved!!

  • pete

    Everyone listen very closely.

    How long until the UN put a “no-fly” zone over the USA ?

    What is going to happen – or could happen – a group of nations declare war on the USA. Let’s say from the Mid-East and Northern Africa …

    Ok – let’s go another step further. This axis of nations will only accept the unconditional surrender of the USA.

    Let’s go another step – the UN leaves NYC and moves to one of these countries in this new axis ….

    NATO goes with the UN and kicks us out of their alliance …

    You all take it from here …

  • chuckb

    pete, who’s going to enforce that no fly zone over the u.s. and with what? nato goes with the un? kicks us out of the un! “that would be the best move for us” furthermore if we left nato there wouldn’t be anymore nato and if we were kicked out of the un, who would pay the bills for the un, they would dissolve tomorrow. it would be a good move for us. we could create a no cross over zone at our borders and relieve ourselves of about thirty million illegals, happy days are here again!

  • jopa

    pete:When they declare war on the US it sucks to be them.The ME or north Africa would be a smoking oil slick in about two days.

  • pete

    They could enforce a no fly zone over the USA. Just relocate UN/NATO airbases to Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean.

    “Friends” become “Foes” !! It just takes some time and a little geopolitical maneuvering ….

    Aim all UN/NATO nukes at the USA, demand that the US Navy surrender all it’s Carrier task force assets.

    You just got to encircle the USA – politically first…

    The new ME and N Africa Axis would be perceived by the world as a “victim” of US “imperialism” …

    The UN leaves NYC – that can be arranged as a false flag terrorist attack .. blaming the NeoCons …

    Our very liberal NATO “allies” turn on us, they don’t want the US using nukes in the Mediterranean ….

    So it becomes a conventional war ….

    Gibraltar is blockaded – no US warships can are allowed entrance into the Mediterranean Sea…..

    US Forces in Africa are cut off – no naval support. Oil tankers from the Middle East going to the US are intercepted then neutralized …

    But I’m just talking hypothetically …

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Too little too late. Now that Gaddaffi is going to put down this revolt we decide to re-make an enemy of him. Any support should have been given when the rebels were winning and had the inititive.

  • s c

    Here we go again, America. We’re spreading ‘democracy’ and political fertilizer so the rest of the world can feel “safe” and we can feel warm and fuzzy knowing that our leaders have redistributed more Americanwealth – again. Libya’s lunatic ‘leader’ can act like a wounded, offended Muslim, Bubba Obummer can act like he’s a C-I-C, and America gets to put its military in harm’s way so our politicians can (somehow) feel better and (somehow) look better.
    So what’s the name of the next country in desperate need of our help? Perpetual war for perpetual peace. That’s no solution, America. It’s a CURSE. Do you know the difference?

    • meteorlady

      I remember history of the cold war and how we fought to keep Russia from spreading communism. Aren’t we just doing the same thing and will the results be the same as Russia? Bankrupt….

  • Charles

    Obama is a nickle short and a dollar late. We can`t afford another war.
    The war in Libay has already cost us over 200 million dollars and we have only been in it 2 days.Let the French and some of their buddies
    who refused to help us in Iraq take this one on. I`m sick and tired of Russia and China setting on their asses while we try to go out
    and make this planet a safer place to live. It`s time we wise up and
    quit being the big shot in the world. Let Russia and China spend their money and Obama get his ass home and quit trying to be the big shot and spending our money that we don`t have on just to make himself look good. He is trying to put us in total ruin. We can`t afford this man anymore and something has to be done.

    • meteorlady

      The French still owe us a huge war debt which they will never pay nor acknowledge. They are scum.

  • meteorlady

    So this is a sovereign country, with a internal conflict or civil rebellion going on, and we are supposed to do what?

    We are not protecting the people, we are taking a side against a sovereign country’s government and probably killing civilians in the process.

    I don’t care that the French and Brits get their oil from there. It’s none of our business and we certainly can’t afford it. Ron Paul is correct, this is an unconstitutional issue and since when do we jump at the UN’s commands?

    Welcome to One World Order………

  • jopa

    meteorlady;Don’t be so critical of the French.If it weren’t for them we would still be bowing down to the queen.That’s why the British don’t like the French to this day.

  • jopa

    Charles: The French have taken the lead on this one with several other nations.That is today but it seems like all of our allies seem to disappear after a while and we get left holding the bag and paying for clean-up.

  • CARL J


  • pete

    Look at the bright side of all of this ! If any of those F-18′s get shot down at least the pilots will get to use their POW training !

    Or better yet – terrorist attacks from Libya will probably start in France and Britain first, rather than the USA ! We probably will have a quiet Spring …

    Or even better ! Maybe Libya will deploy some of their old submarines, and torpedo oil tankers sailing to the USA !!! Oil companies could charge a fortune for gasoline (petro) and Americans will save more “carbon credits”…. Won’t Al Gore be happy !

  • James

    The President, as Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces, cannot wage war unless Congress first declares it (Art. I, Sec. 8, Cl. 11). There seems to be total ignorance here of that constitutional requirement. Congress wasn’t even consulted by President Obama before he acted, he just took the U.N.’s resolution 1973 and ran with it.

    • James

      WE should all write our congressmen and tell them to pack their bags and come home, they’re no longer needed.


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