Government Hires Armed Rent-A-Cops To Keep Citizens Away From Independence Hall


The video below shows private security guards keeping citizens away from Independence Hall.

The guards were spotted by activist and filmmaker Craig Bergman of Gadsden Films, who was in Philadelphia to film interviews for an upcoming documentary about IRS abuses.

As he approached Independence Hall with a camera crew in tow, Bergman was unable to get Park Service officials on site to answer his questions about security. Remarkably, one of the hired guards informed Bergman that he would be arrested if he approached the National historical site. Others simply refused to speak to him.

Park Service police who later arrived at the beckoning of the private guards eventually answered some of Bergman’s questions. One officer informed him that if he tried to get near Independence Hall, he could possibly get a citation.

Your tax dollars at work.

Find more information about the private security company SecTek, which employs some of the security guards present at Independence Hall,  here.

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  • Nadzieja Batki

    Why was this rent a cop company so eager to pick up this government contract?

    • garygerke

      Obama has been busy employing his own private army, Blackwater mercenaries…50K HLS…60K…Russian troops 20K just to name a few!

    • frankspeak

      security companies on fed govt contracts usually gross somewhere in the upper 20″s….[per hr]

  • John Hancock

    Where’s the money coming from if the government is really shut down? If the government can hire rent-a-Nazi’s, then it can put it’s own workers back on the job.

  • steven

    Then are the People going to stop puting up with this obama CRAP????????????????


    like i said before,this country is swirling the drain,and the progressives are reaching for the lever to flush!
    obama and his henchmen need this country to uprise so he can declare Martial Law!that’s what all this is about,i think it was suppose to happen later,more towards the end of obamas carrer as prez!but he wants to become a king,martial law helps that become true!wake up people,open your eyes!
    all the armed thugs dont think we’ll fight back,you have to be organized first in order to fight back!

    • billybob

      I think you are right. He has been trying very hard to get something like a riot started. He has used every insult, every dirty trick, ever dishonest manuvior he can come up with to force a show down with armed people. And if people will not go along with it he will have a few killed just to get people mad enough to fight back. Then he can launch his offense on the population. He had better hope he wins because there will be alot of people coming after him no matter where he thinks he can hide. Old George S and Peter L better find a hole to hide in also.

  • JimH

    A private security firm doesn’t have the jurisdiction to arrest you or give you a citation. They can only call the real cops.
    They are armed. Are any of these rent-a-cops really going to shoot? It’s jaywalking and trespassing. As if going to our own site would be trespassing.
    I guess there would be enough goons who would.We should see if they have permits to carry those weapons.

    Let Obama explain why someone was shot by “his” goons.

    • frankspeak

      they don’t need “permits”…PA Act 235 certification will suffice…

      • JimH

        As long as they’re not friendly to us we should see if they’re certified. One harassment deserves another. :)

    • Robert Messmer

      Because they are heroes. Isn’t that what he said of the cops who killed the unarmed woman with the baby in the car?

  • Cathy Hovey

    I wanna know where Obuttcrack got the money to pay the rent-a-cops. According to Obutthead, Boehner and the House has all his money locked up. My, my, did he actually pay for these out of his own pocket? Yeah right.

  • sickoit

    so is it cheaper to hire guards to keep people out or cheaper to lay off minimum wage earners who sell tickets..hhmmm :/

    • billybob

      This is about pure power from this administration and the hatred and contempt it has for our people. Some of you need to wake up and see what is happening to this country. They are mocking our monuments and parks. They are enjoying that the people are getting upset with their antics.

      • disqus_gjl3EwoNV

        I’d like to know why this POS hates Americas and America so bad?

  • Vis Fac

    I volunteer and support several VA facilities and ODUMBO has cut off disability benefits to disabled veterans. Yet there is plenty of money for illegals to have welfare and food stamps money to pay armed thugs to keep the public out of public places.

    Does this sound like the president who says he cares for the American people a president who says he honors our veterans?

    Be careful Mr. president I wouldn’t mess with the veterans if I were you they don’t like your politics some might be unstable enough to tell you so.

    Libertas inaestimabilis res est

    • Warrior

      Well the usurper did proclaim he wanted a “civilian” army as large as the military. Do ya think the “progressives” have set one up? Yep. We are destined for a fight. No doubt about it.

      • Vis Fac

        Thank you for a really good belly laugh rent-a-cop army. I can hardly keep from laughing. The first round to go off sends them scattering like billiard balls on a break. The training they have is minimal and no one especially a rent-a-cop is going to put their life on the line for what, a measly $16 per hour.

        One of my clients had an open yard to store some equipment that we were to install. They had armed security and being the curious sort I am inquired on what procedures were should they be confronted by armed thugs. their answer my life is worth more that the $12 per hour they are paying me so I’d hand them the keys and run That about sums it up

        Libertas inaestimabilis res est

        • frankspeak

          there are a lot of cops putting their lives on the line for “a measly $16 an hr”….or less, in some cases….

          • Vis Fac

            Not to guard worthless replaceable objects or to keep the public away from THEIR property. I don’t know of any cop that is willing to put his life on the line to protect any property they only protect themselves by shooting and tasing unarmed people and cower behind a badge. If you need a cop you’ll wait hours to have one show up then it will be to only write a report.

            Now go and complain to someone who cares if you can find anyone.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

        • Robert Messmer

          Not sure that “civilian” army means rent-a-cop army. More like the 73 is it? alphabet agencies that have been armed and have conducted at least one training exercise involving 6 of them with the Coast Guard. What do they have 2.6 billion rounds of ammo?, light tanks for urban areas?

          • Vis Fac

            The “civilian Army (militia0 is made up of civilians. With millions of former military we would have a sizable and effective civilian army. For this reason is why Liberals want us disarmed.

            When the SHTF the DHS with their 1.6 Billion bullets will be the military force to project martial law. The armed forces will never obey an order to shoot civilians. DHS does not have that problem however I believe the armed forces would since whit the civilian population against the DHS

            The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. Winston Churchill

            You don’t have to be a Marine to make a difference the only requirement is being truly patriotic and the willingness to back it up!!!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

  • Kuurus


  • ibn insha

    So far I cannot find one thing to like Obama administration but why would you want people to know more about the private security company guarding the Independence Hall? The security company is just doing its job. You are targeting the wrong entity. Why not giving people the names and contact information of each and every politician, bureaucrat and government employee for common people to communicate with those officials? Why not vote for the right person in the next election?