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Government Facilitating High Food Prices

September 2, 2011 by  

Government Facilitating High Food Prices

Inflation-driven rising food prices, consumers with less discretionary income and alternatives to the hormone- and antibiotic-laden chickens found in grocery stores have caused a drop in the demand for store-bought chicken.

In a true free-market economy, this would force chicken producers to lower costs, streamline their operations and devise a better way of getting chicken to market at prices consumers would be willing (or able) to pay. But as discerning readers know, the United States is not a free-market capitalistic economy.

So rather than let Big Chicken deal with the fact that it erred by raising production 4 percent as demand was decreasing, the United States Department of Agriculture (read the American taxpayer), is bailing out chicken producers to the tune of $40 million.

From a CNNMoney story last week, “The USDA steps in occasionally to buy up food products that are in surplus supply in the market. By doing this, it helps shrink the glut of the product, raise retail prices and support producers that are struggling to cover the cost of production.” (Emphasis added)

So just as we saw with bailouts for the banksters, Wall Street thieves, automakers and union thugs, government is stepping in to reward bad decision-making by bailing out the chicken producers who failed to read the economic tea leaves.

Poor decisions by businesses are supposed to lead to better prices for consumers and opportunities for competitors to step in and do things a better way. But as long as government keeps meddling in the market, businesses will continue making poor decisions and the consumer will suffer with higher prices, fewer choices and inferior products.

And for the bleeding hearts who want to point out how wonderful it is that the purchased chicken products will be donated to Federal food assistance programs; yes, it’s true the food won’t be wasted. But odds are, rather than destroy the excess food, manufacturers would have used it to help the needy if for no other reason than to get a tax break. And better still, if the government would quit interfering in the market, food prices would drop to a point where more people could afford to buy what they needed and fewer people would require government assistance.

Do you see the cycle caused by feel-good government programs? It’s a death-spiral for the economy.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • FreedomFighter

    “First they came for the lemonade stands…”

    Wednesday, August 31, 2011
    By Paul Martin


    I thought this was quite an apropos comment on the Gibson Guitar raid.
    First they came for the lemonade stand, and I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t have a lemonade stand.
    Then they came for the organic foods and raw milk, and I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t have organic foods and raw milk.
    Then they came for the vitamins, and I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t have any vitamins.
    Then they started shutting down old coal power plants and I didn’t say anything, because my electricity comes from wind turbines.
    Then they came for the my neighbor’s house and claimed eminent domain, but I didn’t say anything, since my house is just fine.
    Then they came for the gold, and I didn’t say anything, because I had no gold.
    Then they came for the guns, and I didn’t say anything, because I had no guns.
    In the end, they came for me and no one was left able to speak for me.

    Wake up America, this government is not our government, it is a monster. Today is Gibson guitars, tomorrow is your business or you job.
    All I would add is first they came for your taxes, from that point on, all else follows.

    Its a plan, an evil plan, by evil men, for control an power.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • James

      FreedomFighter, I thought I was the only one that despised FDR. He took advantage of the Great Depression he inherited to nationalize the entire U.S. economy. Five of his programs were declared unconstitutional, as merely managing the economy or rearranging the wealth of Americans. FDR was a communist, pure and simple. He put in force a ten-step program to force Japan into attacking us, so he could ally the U.S. with the Soviet Union, against anti-communist Germany. And in spite of all that, Americans still rate him among the top three presidents.

      • s c

        James, FDR’s arrogance knew no bounds (sound like anyone in the W H?). He thought he could wrap Stalin around his little finger. FDR was committed to suckering Japan into attacking us, but what he failed to consider was the big prize at Pearl Harbor. Because of his arrogance and false ‘elite’ stupidity, we got a Pearl Harbor surprise.
        Death saved him, as he would have had an interesting time after the war. When it became public knowledge of who was to blame and why they were to blame, FDR would have tried to crawl under a rock.
        Anyone who looks up to FDR is a self-made retard, James. God help us, as we have an FDR II in the W H. This time around, this neolib FDR combines socialism, communism AND fascism to try and get what he’s after (or whatever his handlers and puppet masters want). One FDR wasn’t bad enough. Now we have another one.

        • Christin

          s c,

          Looks like the gov knew Japan was about to bomb Pearl Harbor, but let them so they could retaliate and line their pockets with money… and put FDR in the “power seat” of control.

          • s c

            Christin, investigations were done after WWII, and FDR and his flunkies knew that someone in SE Asia would be atacked. They thought bases in the Dutch East Indies or the Philippines would be hit first. They DID NOT allow for the possibility that Pearl Harbor would be attacked.
            THE central figure in that damned scenario was FDR himself. He was already in violation of the Constitution in lusting to defend the British (WITHOUT Congress’ permission).
            He was willing to do ANYTHING to get America into a war on the side of the British, and while he was saying ‘your boys won’t be sent to a foreign war’ [just as Wilson did], he was busy making plans to get us INTO that same war to protect the British (and Russia). We can thank historical revisionists for putting FDR on a pedestal. Where he belongs isn’t close to ANY pedestal.

          • Christin

            s c,

            Thanks for that clarification in that time in our history.

            So is the web site I posted above from another poster wrong… it says we knew or rather the gov knew…

            Sounds like obam all over again… we will pull out of the Middle East war by July 2011… and yet here we are fighting in more wars than ANY ONE wishes… I guess the puppets must obey even if it wasn’t what they would do or maybe it is and they played us… in any case, do whatever is needed to get the ‘job’ done for the globalists.

      • alex

        him wilson and carter are the three worst

  • s c

    Does ANYBODY in this audience know what FDR did to play havoc with food prices? Is anyone familiar with the MANY space cadet programs that made life so interesting when FDR took things that were bad and made them WORSE? Today, the FDR-like ethanol industry can’t claim innocence in this Twilight Zone crap.
    Before anyone says it, yes, I know Oimagodbama wasn’t in the W H when ethanol groupies started interfering with corn prices. Is he making it better, or is he making it WORSE? Does anyone do their own shopping at a grocery store?
    The idea that government would dare to interfere shouldn’t come as any surprise. However, it is a documented FACT that government interference just makes things WORSE. When they’re playing games with the economy, I sometimes think the cure is to round up those damned bureaucrats and introduce them to the nearest firing squad. The cure that WORKS is the cure to USE, people. Bureaucrats do NOT learn from their mistakes. They rely on short memories and spineless voters. Anyone out there think that being spineless or stupid is good for the economy?

    • Martina

      I have read absolutely nothing, as far as I can remember, about what ethanol is doing to small engines. I recently purchased a gasoline powered weed trimmer and the salesman at the store made a point of telling me to only use premium gasoline (I believe) in it because the ethanol is tearing up all small engines that are not built to use the ethanol/gas mixture. So, besides corn and everything else connected to corn being higher priced – and that is just about everything! – now I find that small engines are being destroyed by it. I’d like to hear from someone else “in the know” about small engines and how small is small besides my weed trimmer.

      • Michael J.

        Not only small engines, but all internal combustion engines.

        Here’s a pretty good article:

        Apart from engine troubles, corn based ethanol poses potential health problems as well. The genetically modified corn being grown for ethanol production is not suitable for human consumption. Cross pollination between ethanol corn and corn grown for humans is a possibility.

        • Christin

          Michael J.,

          Cross pollination has already occurred… thank you, Monsanto.

        • JUKEBOX

          Ethanol is not the only culprit. The EPA required the oil industry to change the additives in motor oil a few years back. The additives that were withdrawn from the oil have resulted in accelerated wear on some engine parts, which has resulted in increased warranty claims on some parts.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I have a friend sitting here right now that works for a company that makes the additive packages for the oil that goes into the cars. they also run tests on engines with said packages in them. He says the Government did NOT make his company change their additives at all. They probably make the additive package that is blended into the very oil you use!! Blame the ethanol!

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Ethanol is a weak acid, and it corrodes the engine like any acid would, especially where dissimilar metals touch; the more active chemically will be dissolved away. And the warmer the faster, to a point. The vapors are also acidic.

        Because the molecules are partially “preburned”, you get less energy from each molecule, so you have to burn more to get the same total power out

    • wandamurline

      Speakiing of ethenol….we had to get our carburater fixed on the motorcyle and one of the problem is the ethenol in gasoline. It would seem that it damages the engines of your automobile. Isn’t that just great…it causes the cob of corn to go through the roof while damaging your auto’s engine….and does not make a drop in the “green” spectre of savings for us and the world.

      • Pete0097

        It dissolved my fuel lines in my boat. My choice is dissolving fuel lines that are Coast Guard approved or good fuel lines that are not Coast Guard approved. If I use the good fuel lines, the boat runs, if I use the disolving fuel lines, the boat can’t run. I guess the latter is safer in the eyes of the bureaucrats.

        • Song

          Lovely, I had no idea. I think I have a good idea now why my rototiller won’t work anymore. sheesh.

        • JUKEBOX

          If your engine won’t run, you can’t contribute to Al Gore’s global warming fraud.

      • Jibbs

        It also dissolves the rubber “O” rings used in engines and carburators. That includes all engines, big or small.
        It also decreases milage.

        • Christin


          Great… even in engines that are “FlexFuel E85 Ethanol” like our suburban???

          • Jibbs

            Yes, why not. The engine has the same “O” rings and fuel lines as any other engine, they don’t make special parts for flex fuel engines. Maybe a couple of different engine/fuel sensors, but not much more than that. The fuel line may or maynot be different, but unless you get under your car and trace them down, how could you know.

            I doubt the car makers care, if they install the good fuel lines when they build the car/truck, that would cut into their dealership repair profit.

            Burn a full tank of non-ethanol gas and keep track of the gallons put in plus you milage.
            Then do the same with the E-85 fuel.
            If you consider the price of mixed gas, E-85, and straight gas and then compare the cost of repaires(parts & labor), plus a rental car if needed. I’d rather pay the price for straight gas(no ethanol)

            I have a Ford F350 p/u truck with the 7.3L engine that had a recall on the camshaft position sensor(CPS). They replaced it and I have put about 22k miles on it since then, I just had it replaced two weeks ago yesterday and Ford refused to stand behind the very same problem stating that they had made the repair already. I also replaced the belt driven vaccum booster at the same time the (CPS) was done(22k miles) and again two weeks ago. Again, they won’t stand behind it.

            Upon searching the two problems on the internet, I found that many, many guy’s were complaining about the very same problems. They are replacing these parts on average about every two years/20k miles and all are asking “why”.
            They know they have problems, but refuse to stand behind them.
            Same as the ethanol, they have know about it for atleast 15 years and do nothing to correct it.

          • Christin


            Wow, great explanation, you have done your homework… lousy automobile manufacturers… they have not.

            Thanks, now I know what to look out for on our vehicle which is less than a year old.

          • Jibbs

            let me know what your results are, most of what I said is related to GM vehicles, cars & trucks. I had a 1989 Ford I bought new that had the same milage problems. Mixed gas= less milage. Straight gas= better milage and less repairs. Don’t forget that alcohol evaporates fast, keep the filler cap tight.

            I have several friends and co-workers that complain about milage and repairs running the E-85. One the other hand, one co-worker had a problem with gas being stolen from his truck, then he filled up with E-85 and the thefts stopped.LOL

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Check into your states “lemon” law. In Ohio, if you have the same vehicle into the dealer for the same problem more than a certain number of times, you can sue for a new vehicle and if I’m not mistaken, it is in front of a mediator and not a judge so it’s cheaper but just as binding. you do, of course have to be the original owner.

          • libertytrain

            Joe – it’s difficult but it can be done if his state has the lemon law -

    • alex

      our idiot in the whitehouse wasn’t in the whitehouse but he was in congress when the ethanol bill was passed

  • Bruce

    Welcome to the People Farm, and guess what your whats being farmed. Now don’t you feel better? Lets all say George Orwell and a big YEA,
    Now can we all jump on the count of three and say
    (Thanks BIG GOVERNMENT, We Will Obey Your every wish.)
    Sure we can eat anything you tell us to. Yes, yes, yes we can, can, can. Change we can all believe in, Hope for the hopeless.
    And would you like a big bag of POISON with your meat? How about a nice tube of Floride?


      Flouride is a toxic byproduct of the aluminum industry, which was found to be easier to dispose of by selling it as a cavity preventative. The FDA also allows pharmaceutical companies to sell rat poison as a prescription blood thinner (WAFARIN).

  • Andrew

    sorry, after reading this and many other similar reports today, of our govt actions, i am too upset to really comment on this.

    someone once said “hi, i’m from the government, i’m here to help you”
    those are scary words

    • Christin


      I think the government’s definition of ‘help’ is “Hinder Every Living Person”…

      The Progressives do have fun with their words and phrases, ya know?!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Take my uninvited advice. If you hear those words, don’t walk, run like the devil himself is on your heels!!!!

  • Dan

    Let’s not also forget the subsidies the federal government gives to ethanol which raises the price of corn and thus the price of chicken feed.

  • 4-just_us

    Why after more then 200 years of practice we still can’t
    quite get the hang of economics. Our legislators and Presidents
    are not getting any better with time. What do we need to do? I
    would like to see our judicial branch working with congress and
    overseeing every bit of legislation to make sure that it is
    fully constitutional before any bill gets to far. Once a bill gets
    out and past the president, it can years before it is challenged
    judicially. Our supreme court won’t do any more than they have to.

    • s c

      4-just_us, I have to disagree with you when it comes to economic systems that work (or don’t). Capitalism works. Free markets work. It’s the MANIPULATION of capitalism and free enterprise (for many years) that has devastated America. Keynesian economics (tax and spend your way into an economic utopia) will NEVER work.
      Because there are always hucksters who look for shortcuts and ways to get around the ‘system,’ we have had to rely on people who get caught up in that easy money. Many of them got into politics. Some get re-elected, and they see Washington as their own personal country club. These people have no self-imposed standards, and they have the audacity to think that WE work for THEM.
      Most people who make a career out of Washington politics aren’t worth having around. Take a hard look at the losers in Congress and the White House. Do you see very many career politicians?
      Don’t assume that we haven’t had an economics system that doesn’t work. It’s our career politicians who DON’T WORK. To assume that ‘we can’t get it right’ also assumes that it’s not possible to ‘get it right.” PREVENT people from becoming career politicians, and we have a chance to re-create functional capitalism and free markets. Those who worship Keynesian economics are mentally defective, and are in need of long-term therapy.

      • Ted Crawford

        It’s refreshing to hear from someone that has aworking knowledge of economics! Well said S.C.! Thanf you.

  • jimster

    Where can I get my govmt cheese oh I mean chicken?

    • Dawn

      @jimster … that’s just funny – I don’t care who you are!!!

    • eddie47d

      In America we love everything Big.Now we have Big Chicken and Big Box stores,Big Banks,Big private healthcare,Big Pharma,Big TV,Big homes,Big concerts,Big political rallies so it seems like we should love Big government.What’s the Burger King theme:Bigger is Better at Burger King! Men love Big boobs and women love Big …well we won’t go there. Looks like we sometimes get what we wish for. Just funning!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        A wise man once said “anything over a mouthfull is wastefull” It is, however fun to be a wasteful man!!

  • Walkamile

    And here I thought the declining value of the dollar was responsible for the higher food costs.

    • Christin


      I’m sure there are a LOT of FACTORS, and they all lead to corrupt government and corporations who control and scheme.

  • CaptTurbo

    The sad truth is that the government regulations don’t seek to improve products or lives. They seek to increase the reach and power of the Federal government over the “citizens” peasants.

    It’s about funneling tax payer’s money and buying influence for themselves.

  • Song

    I don’t know anymore whether to laugh or cry. And just this past week my kids have told me about the “diet” changes at the school. LMAO! Who are these people that think they know so much? So they replaced pop with Gatorade and sports drinks and force everyone to drink 1% milk. Ever read the label of chocolate milk or what is in Gatorade? Oh and they lock up the candy machines during lunch…uh, okay, but serve highly processed and refined food like uncrustables.

    • Karolyn

      Ever watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution? He’s trying to change school food all over the US. So far the place he got the most resistance from was Los Angeles where they have the crappiest food for the kids.

      • s c

        k, this is a great time to find a reporter who’s looking for an instant scoop. If a large school system can find ways to serve crappy food, you can be sure that political graft is alive and well and that mucho money is changing hands between the local political machine and school administrators.
        By the way, I don’t care if this involves a ‘Dem’ system or a ‘Repub’ system. Wrong is wrong. The main problem in getting wide coverage of a potential problem is in finding a reporter who knows how to be objective, and hasn’t sold his or her azz to a ‘news’ syndicate that hates the truth.

    • Bob from SoCal

      Many of the studies that I have read as of late relating to chocolate, especially dark chocolate are positive. Chocolate not only fights cancer but it puts you in a better mood. These idiot bureaucrats just need to leave well enough alone.

    • alex

      gatoraide has HFCS, it tells your brain you are still hungry they are even running ads on tv trying to convince the public that it’s safe just like the lipator ad’s

  • Hornet

    This marxist government will use every opportunity to discourage Americans and concentrate on the destruction of the economy.

    • Thinking About

      I did not realize the GWB administration as Marxist but maybe you are correct since his administration was responsible for ruining the economy. Why are we giving big tax breaks to oil companies to find more oil in order for their profits to rise more? We pay farmers if their crops fails. Our military is working hard to protect company interest (like Iraq) but those same companies don’t think they should pay taxes bit should receive benefits. Then the companies pay lobbyist to get them more. Enough already.

      • alex

        it looks to me like you have swallowed the liberal presses lies

      • Ted Crawford

        I don’t know how you selected your moniker, but you might want to read it and consider its suggestion!

      • s c

        Stinky, it’s time for you to put or shut up. Since you’re so ‘concerned’ about corporations and the stunts some of them pull, you need to do some quick research [finding FACTS and thereby making yourself lots smarter than you are now] and look up how it is that your false White House ‘god’ can suck up to GE and let them pay NO TAXES. That’s quite a statement about a prez who “cares” about RICH folks/corporations paying their ‘fair share.’ Ever heard of hypocrisy?
        Stinker, come back when you can tell the difference between crap and apple butter (and give readers a reason to believe you know at least a little bit about anything in this world). I don’t need your school records to know how you did in school, bubba.

  • Rusticus

    The Government is supporting ethanol because of industry lobbyists. The government is buying chickens because of the chicken industry lobbyists. Everything you object to the government doing is being done because of the influence of corporate lobbyists.

  • Chris

    Buy a Padel-Bike.

  • s c

    This topic is slowly winding down, so I want to take a few moments to remind the dingbats who try to wow us with their progressive, utopian, Keynesian-addicted stupidity that this is yet another prime example of a prez who is bailing out corporations that don’t deserve help. For those of you progressives (or whatever you are) who dare to claim that you read regularly or have the ability to tell the difference between toe jam and shinola, “when you can’t tell the difference between the government and corporations, your system of government is properly known as FASCISM.” Look it up, retarded geniuses.
    For those who refuse to yield to utopians and progressives and other severe mental disorders, here’s another reason for impeachment and a wholesale shredding of Congress (replacing the filth, that is). WWII Italians would be proud of today’s America. Conservatives recognize it for exactly what it is.


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