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Government Employees: The True 1 Percent

March 1, 2012 by  

Watch Wayne Allyn Root report on the true 1 percent: government employees. This is the privileged class that is straining taxpayers to the breaking point and bankrupting the U.S. economy. Will you retire with $5 million to $10 million? Average government employees are doing it every day. Watch here to understand the greatest scam since Bernie Madoff.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • s c

    Just a short comment. When we talk about the real 1%ers, we MUST include Congress, the Supreme Court, Congress and the denizens of the White House. Anybody who thinks Congress, the S C, Congress or the temporary squatters in the W H are not government employees is not qualified to discuss the issue.
    Some readers won’t understand that, but then some people will never understand 1 + 1 or common sense. Up the rebels!

    • Charles Smith

      Mr. Root,

      Up until you wrote this recent article, I have been intrigued with your commentary. While I do not discount the validity of your statement, you are surely aware that most police and fire fighters do not fall into the one percent you are referring to. I am a police officer in Cobb County, Georgia. I currently make $54,000 a year after 17 years of service. Oh yes and my bonus for the past five years has been “no pay raise” but a “pay reduction” due to my increased benefit contributions. Most officers in my area make less than this. I guess we are the 25 percenters because we only make 25 percent of the 1 percenters salary. So while I am a government employee with the County, I am far from the 1 percenters as are most public safety employees. Only the big cities and feds pay the big salary you are referring to. I did not choose this career to get rich but when I devote my life to protecting people who demonize my profession it is a little disheartening. By the way we home school our kids so the 1 percenters do not control their minds.

      • DaveH

        We could solve yours and similar contentious problems by getting our Governments out of so many places they don’t belong and putting those functions back into the private sector where people can choose voluntarily which services they want to subscribe to, which products they want to buy, who they can employ, and who they want to be employed by.
        We would have a so much more peaceful society if people weren’t all being forced into the one-size-fits-all choices of Big Government.
        Vote Libertarian:

      • DaveH

        For those who are curious about what Real Freedom looks like:

      • Christina

        No sympathy here for you. My husband and I pay 859.00 a month for health ins. This does not include Eye glasses, Prescription or Dental. That is with 75/25 coverage. We are a small family business. Wyuld you like to know how much $ our contribution is to the Feds and State the 15th of EVERY month to give you your big pay and benefits?
        Suck it up and do what we do, CUT BACK!

      • John

        Christina, you call 54k a year for a man who puts his life on the line every day to protect whiners like you large? Wow, its a darn pittance and shame…. Our technicians that sit the whole day on their butts and push buttons make more…a lot more, and they don’t have to worry that crazies with guns want to shoot them up.

      • DaveH

        Whose the whiner? It’s you Liberals who whine constantly, and who want to make our choices for us. All we ask is the Freedom to choose which services we want and at what cost. You can bet that the private sector would supply those services more politely and at a much lesser cost.
        And If you’re a scared little baby, John, you can buy all the overpriced protective services you want — just butt out of our choices.

      • John

        Dave, what makes you believe I am a liberal? Because I don’t subscribe to your mises utopia? Well, I am proud to have a good grasp on the real world and care less about what people with no grasp on reality write on a website. Mises .org is in good company with all the other utopian writings like Marx, Lenin, Rand, and about every college professor I have ever known that knew all the theory but had no grasp on reality and the real world.
        Moreover, look at Christina post, she is whining about the Op making… gasp… 54k putting his life on the line for people like her.

      • Freedom Gary

        Mr. Smith you say you have been a Police Officer for 17 years, I hope you are a member of Oath Keepers as you and I had to swear to upholding the Constutation and protecting it againest all enemy’s foreign & domestic. I also hope you follow and support Sheriff Mack, If you don’t and don’t try to get your other officers to do so than you are part of the problem in this country. It is not enough any more to just try to protect your small piece of ground. As I explained to my son who is a member of the sheriff ‘s dept. Please sir if you aren’t than get involved.

      • Karolyn

        Christina – Your sympathy was not asked for. So you resent cops making a decent wage. You CHOSE to be in business for yourself and CHOOSE to buy health insurance. I was in business for myself and could not afford health insurance – hadn’t had it for many years. Guess what? I don’t need it. I don’t get sick; I take care of my body and am in excellent health, even with hepatitis C, at the age of 65.

      • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

        Thank you for your services, Sir. I too was was one of the Government employees that Root was talking about, I served in the military protecting my family and others freedoms for over 30 years and upon my retirement I started receiving approximately $600 a month after taxes and the 20% they deduct that is equal to my service-connected (Concurrent-pay). I’d do it again if asked, I wasn’t in it for the pay.

      • Mike

        Its this a tea party cry baby session that wont vote Ron Paul ? RP will cut a trillion for its year…Don’t vote in the phoney conservators

      • Mike

        Is this a tea party cry baby session that wont vote Ron Paul ? RP will cut a trillion the first year…Don’t vote in the phoney conservatives

      • Jay O’Connor

        God bless you and your family, you are a true American.

        • Mike

          He’s just a tea party cry baby that wont vote in the real candidate to end the misery seen here RON PAUL 2012 !!

      • DaveH

        Liberals advocate Big Government as the solution to our problems.
        Conservatives (True Conservatives, not NeoConservatives) want to shrink Government back to the size that our Founders intended.
        Yes, John, you are a Liberal.

        • Mike

          Yes… Common sense Ron PAUL !!

      • DaveH

        And as usual John, the Liberal, slanders Mises Institute instead of providing any facts, a common tactic employed by Ignorant people, especially Liberals.

      • Eric Bischoff

        DaveH is mistaken
        So far many promises have been made as systems paid for by taxpayers were sold off at reduced rates and privatized and the rates to customers ended up moving higher, the maintenance was cutback to help pay for purchase thus the assets deteriorated and the service got worse for more money. In some cases the private companies then filed bankruptcy after they had sucked enough profits from the assets.

        It’s a great idea. Yes privatization is the answer to every libertarians dream. Too bad it’s just a dream and the stats don’t pan out in the long run. Many countries and states have nightmare scenarios already.

        And yes I could furnish examples if you are too lazy to do your own research and contest what you don’t know about.

      • Aspen

        First: I was under the impression that Police and Firefighters were ‘municipal employees’? Second: It is in my opinion that this issue is not about whether or not we want Police or Firefighters at ‘whatever cost’, but how they are being used as pawns for the profits of insurance companies. As stated within the text salaries (to include Teachers) have not really changed much over the years. However, the cost to the taxpayer has increased dramatically due to the insurance companies ability to manipulate politicians, laws and bury their profits from the fleecing of our municipalities. Example: 18% of our (local) municipal tax dollars were used to support Teachers in 1980, that number is now 56% + deficit and the Teachers salaries are generally the same. The insurance carriers are using our system to fleece and they know they can count on Government/Municipal employees to hold the ‘proverbial gun’ to our head -”Think of the children.” You would think that govt. employees LIKE their tax increases, but then again they can afford it more than in the private sector.
        I would like to see one (1) union that thinks for the taxpayers that are loosing their homes, jobs and families instead of just themselves, their union and the insurance carriers that indirectly own them and use them like a little mafia.


        I agree that some Federal employees are not needed, and are in useless government departments that should be eliminated, down sized, or pushed back to the state level where they belong. Departments such as, Education, EPA, Labor, United States Agency for International Development etc… Too many to mention that need to be eliminated or down sized saving billions of tax dollars. However, I am a U.S. Army Government employee serving our nation for over 43 years as an Active Duty Army officer and now a DA civilian, and I take offense to this 99% comment. Due to Active Duty personnel ceiling limits set by Congress, the US Army DA Civilians and government employees serving in the other services help to fill in the vital positions that cannot be filled by soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. We are/were in Afganistan, Iraq, South West Asia, Korea and all over the world supporting our great American War Fighters. We are part of the 53% tax paying hard working Americans putting our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor on the line in the defense of this great country. The average Army civilian only makes $43,000 per year. We have had no pay increases for the last two years, and we are willing to do our part to bring down the budget in this regard. But, never demean us for being and doing what other American will not do. We are Patriots that leave their families and friends for years and months at a time standing with our service men and women on the battle fields. We are not the 1%!

      • eddie47d

        Dave H attacked John without provocation,made accusations that weren’t true,got off the subject John was mentioning and invoked unrelated diatribe. Dave is up to his usual!

      • DaveH

        Do that, Eric. Give us some examples of private sector businesses that weren’t as efficient as Government.
        Meanwhile I’ll give you the Post Office, Medicare, Social Security, Amtrak, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac — All Government Failures.
        And perhaps you could explain to us, Eric, why those countries at the bottom of this list (the ones with the Biggest Governments) have such poor economies:
        People are getting wise to the Progressive Siren Song, Eric, so you’re going to need to step up the Propaganda.

      • DaveH

        Back to the lying game, Eddie?
        Show us where I attacked John without provocation.

      • DaveH

        I see that you’re getting back to your old habits, Eddie. Maybe it’s about time Bob Livingston banned you permanently.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, my thoughts(eddie)exactly. Seems that since eddie has served his probation and is now free to act stupid again he’ll not disappoint. Not to worry though, it’ll happen(getting banned) and we’ll all be better off for it. It was somewhat more civil and pleasant until his recent release…his 3rd grade mentality is back in full force.

      • eddie47d

        Always in denial aren’t your Dave H and apparently Jeff also. My probation has nothing to do with your bad dispositions towards other commenter’s Dave and I better not leave Jeff out of that equation. .

      • DaveH

        There is no getting out of dorkdom, is there Eddie?

      • eddie47d

        Not as long as you hold the key.

      • Greatscott

        Hey Charles, quit whining, you are ahead of the curve. Those of us not on the public dole are making a lot less than we were 5 years ago and still have had large premium increases in health insurance. For me personally, i was out of work for a 1 1/2 years and now make 30% less money than when I lost my job in 2009 and a large portion of my savings has been wiped out.

      • speedle

        Charles, I don’t think the point of this are people like yourself who actually do a needed job that is a direct service to the public. This is about the whining, abusive mobs that dominate the public sector unions (as aptly illustrated in the Wisconsin fiasco). Most of them are in marginal jobs to begin with, and some of those are patently useless bureaucrats (many of whom probably make your own job more difficult). Let’s not use too wide a brush to paint this picture.

      • Lois

        I appreciate the work you do Mr. Smith.

      • Karen

        The writer of this article is out of touch with mainstream America. I found it fascinating that a “toll booth collector” retired with $150,000! My husband just retired from the Federal gov’t after 46 yrs as an Aero Space Engineer and his pension; which he paid into as well as HC ins doesn’t even come close! As a matter of fact…gov’t is so far behind in processing retirement papers that fed gov’t only gives him a small portion of what his mthly pension is suppose to be. That’s WHY so many fed gov’t employees are losing their homes. I bet Pelosi and friends won’t have to wait for their pensions!

      • Katherine

        Sir, I do thank you for being someone willing to give your life to protect us and to maintain the order that keeps us safe (as long as it’s for the benefit of “we the people” and not just the State). I know none of us is perfect–I’m sure you aren’t either. But when reading B.L.’s recent post about what to do in case of riots, I wondered if we’d have been there LONG ago if it weren’t for people like you. I happen to like peace and order. Thank you, sir! I think you’re probably worth every penny you’re being paid… Just for the record.

    • Warrior

      Patronage is an expensive program to operate. Just look at NY, Calif and ILL politics. Poor Scott Walker, he made the mistake of not just borrowing more money. It’s sooo much easier. Well, Nov. will be here soon enough. It will be interesting to see how many live people will say enough is enough.

      • james f tibbs

        Yes I think the dead will come out in droves this November, especially for Oblunder. Tell me if you can who is watching? I am not positive but it is rumored that the Romney, or the GOP tried a little of that dead man voting in Nevada just to see if it worked. This next one should be very interesting. We can afford policemen in our schools but we can’t afford an office to watch the polling places to make sure dead people don’t vote. Hell, what is this country comming too, Holder flat out lies to congress and nothing can be done, give me a break.

      • Proud to be a Believer

        I forget the town out in Ca. that the police were holding ransom. I believe the police chief was making over 300k$, the town was something like 40,000 inhabitants, so they got smart, fired all of the police so they didn’t have to pay medical plus retirement benefits and hired private personnel. This saved them over half of what the government employees were receiving.

    • Chuck

      Yes and they also exempt themselves from unfavorable laws like Obamacare. Socsec & medicare are broken because thier corrupt decisions don’t effect thier bottom line.

    • RichE

      I like it! Privatize the police and fire departments. That needs to be the Republican campaign slogan, “Down with big government! If you want it pay for it out of your pocket not mine!”

      • Karolyn

        Oh, yeah, get one of these private security companies to police our country. Then we’d really see fascism at it’s best . Those guys are nothing but a bunch of mercenaries.

      • Eric Bischoff

        Yeah that’s well thought out. Fire dept won’t put out a fire because the house is not on their client list. Then it burns up whole neighborhood. Ooops!

        Same thing police won’t help you because you haven’t paid your bill this month cuz you’re unemployed. So now we have Balckwater/Xe/Harmoni protecting the 1% and shooting at the 99%. It’s already happened during Katrina.

        America will go back to being like the wild west. Is that what you all have in mind by taking the country back?

      • eddie47d

        I think Rich wants us to go back to the days of castles where the kingdom makers controlled the police/protection and protected themselves and the serfs were left out. Private police would be more corrupted than government (taxpayer) protection for all.

        • RichE

          Nah, I was trying to point out the uselessness of the argument. Every campaign season someone links big gov’ment to big salaries and wants to get rid of both. The only way would be privatization or volunteer. The Washington D.C. Volunteer Police department. Has a nice ring.

    • Wyatt

      You forgot the Senate , you know the place with no term limits . All a Senator need do is get a few things for his state to convince voters he is worth re election every few years and he can die there . Look at Ted Kennedy , or even Harry Reid . Neither on did anything notable as Senators , Kennedy lived of his two brothers memory and died in office and Harry Reid is or has gone senile there .
      I do have a solution though , limit terms to two only . One term in office , the second term in prison

      • Patti

        I totally agree!!! They should NOT leave with lifetime pay from us either. No more free medical via the military health care system (TRICARE), no more Secret Service protection. What a stopped up drain we have allowed to remain in place.

    • Mike

      People need to listen and vote for Ron Paul.He’s the only one talking cutting back . This is just another Tea party cry baby session not wanting to do any about it but cry …Romany is equal to OBOMBER..He’s a pathological lying conservative as BUSH “I’m afraid America has no balls”

    • Christin

      I agree sc.

      Mr. Root’s wealthy 1%er’s MOST DEFINITELY should include the THREE Branches of government: Congress (and their well paid aides), Judges, and WH and CABINET (pres. vice-pres, attorney general, treasurer) Elites… and as you point out the Congress again, most of whom are millionaires, too bad they had to pass that insider trading bill this year… or was that just for show!

      • independant thinker

        “…….too bad they had to pass that insider trading bill this year… or was that just for show!”

        Oh, I am sure it is serious (for now) after the dust settles and people forget about it in a couple of years there will be enough loopholes they can start again.

      • Christin

        Independant thinker,

        You know what… I can’t believe that THE CONGRESS could LEGALLY do insider trading (ALL these years) but the populous could NOT… what’s up with that?

        And Martha Stewart went to JAIL for that did she not.
        We are slaves to them and have been so for some time.

        NO ONE should be above the Law
        God will not allow anyone to be above His laws and they are in for a rude awakening when their time ends.

      • eddie47d

        Insider Traders pay themselves handsomely by doing wrong yet the subject of government workers making millions (when almost none do) is brought up as a fact. There is something wrong with this picture!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I keep noticing a peculiar mindset among the Liberal posters whether they are government employees on the federal, state, or city, county levels or even unions themselves. They all believe themselves to be doing good for others and how dare anyone question the usefulness of their work or how dare anyone not appreciate their work.

      • Karolyn

        Nadzieja – If you have actually read what the government workers have posted here, you would see that at least a couple of them have indicated that they are conservatives. Why would you just assume that because somebody works for the gov. they are liberals? That’s an awfully narrow view, wouldn’t you think? You are just too quick to label! Don’t you have any other way to voice your opinion other than labeling people and denigrating them?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Why don’t you read the posts before you flap your lips.

      • Karolyn

        I do. What did I miss?

      • eddie47d

        Is this the “famous” Nadzieja Batki from San Antonio Texas?

      • Karen

        My husband worked for the federal gov’t for 46 yrs. He NEVER took a sick day, up at 4:30 a.m. and lucky to return home by 7:30/8:00 pm. He was an aero space engineer and a research physicist prior. He NEVER took anything from private contractors and trust me…they offered; his fed/gov’t position was one that contractors would’ve LOVED to buy.

        He NEVER forgot WHO paid his salary…the TAX PAYERS. When he was asked by our gov’t higher ups to “sign off” on a project that he felt was not in the best interest (safety) of the astronauts…he refused; KNOWING he could have lost his job (they would have conjured up a reason). Everytime he did a contractor audit he saved tax payers money.

        He NEVER thought he was above anyone and everyone (contractors & gov’t employees alike) respected him. He was a role model for what a federal gov’t employee should be. Too bad many of our well paid politicians don’t have the same integrity. THEY are the ones who “forgets” WHO pays their salary…

        Did I mention he (we) are CONSERVATIVES?

        • http://NOWEBSITE EDWARD Brown

          ED says!! to Karen; Your husband is exactly like many workers, getting cut out of wages and for their KNOWLEDGE,Knowledge is one of our greatest assets and our GOVERNMENT totally destroyes any person or their intellagence and expertise and only partical pay, sure don’t take congress long to raise their WAGES,the thing that ticks me off is Our president makes $400thousand per year plus expenses, our congress about $ 175thousand each per year, they keep wondering how [[[WE]]] can take cuts in [OUR] wages so they can steal more money from us tax us to death and price everything so far out range who can afford to survive in this economey they control, then you say there back log on payments are way late, but it dosen’t have anything to do with their incompetance in office, blame all this on your staff. One QUESTION WE need an answer, IF RON PAUL, CAN take a CUT of $361,000.00 dollars why do all other presidents, receive 1/2 to 3/4 of a million dollars for the same job and congress, 1/4 to 1/2 million to do NOTHING? THEY LIE about what they can do or will do IF re-elected I SAY SHOW THEM THE DOOR and NO MORE FREE PAY OR BENIFITS OUT OF SEAT OUT OF PAY SEE HOW IT WORKS FOR YOU then let us KNOW ed

    • katrael59ganaiden

      Howdy Karolyn. Keep up the good work with your health. You’re one of the few who know enough to take charge of it. As to Charles Smith the police officer from Georgia: I thank you for your service to your community and I don’t think you were complaining about your wages…were you? I worked for a couple of years for the State of Georgia and they don’t pay like they do in California.
      Dave H. I have to agree with you that we should be able to determine just what it is that we buy with our money. Can we really afford 21 million gov employees? Government employees don’t generate their wages like a private sector worker or business does. They consume. We do need some government employees but we could do without so many if we would eliminate all of those government gratuity programs that are really nothing other than vote buying on the part of the politicians.

    • Kevin Mullen

      You people talk about the “average” government worker as though we all have the same education and all make the same Pay. The fact is that the pay normally sighted as “average” is actually what a GS 13 makes in his/her first year as a 13. There are twelve other levels BEFORE that hapopens and each takes years and a lot of education. Even so, when you contract out many ofh the lower levels to contractors that skews the number higher. Then when you add in elected officials and staff you go higher still. In the meantime the REAL average government employee (including military)gets a bad rap just because some overeager reorter or politition wants to make hay. This problem wouldn’t exist if people would start to critically think about what they’re reading. And yes I’ve served my country in the Navy for 20 years and am now serving my country as a civilian.

  • tim

    And they just keep hiring more and more govt employees. Need another uiseless govt agency, okay!!! Close them down, lay them off!!!!!!! Get off the bullsh!t and do it!!!!

    • Paul

      What a bunch of BS!! Unless your talking about the greedy members of the House and the Senate. All multi millionaires , and mostly since they were elected by using their inside trading, and filling their pockets from their special interest buddies. Yeah the average joe, working a govt. job caused all of our country;s problems. BS!!!

      • DaveH

        Of course it starts at the top, Paul. It’s all about insuring the Leaders’ positions of Power and Perks. The more voters there are who perceive the Government is their meal-ticket, the longer the Leaders can stay in Power. It’s called vote-buying.
        But the citizens need to know how much all that Government, which they vote for, is costing them and why. That’s what Wayne is trying to do — inform the citizens.
        Economies slow as Big Government grows. That’s an experiential fact:

      • John

        Tim is probably the first to sue the county after he hit the pothole in the street and damages his car…90% of the people who cry cut down on government be the first to scream if they don’t get the services. Most entry level government jobs even for people with higher education are at about 1/3rd to 1/2 the of pay for the same or similar jobs in the private industry. (go and check the government jobs websites and look).. yes there are some odd out higher paid jobs but they are the exemption not the norm. I lol at the utopians that want to privatize government services…if you want to double your cost go for it try it out in your town,
        Do this exercise, go to the town and get the basic information needed, then go out and get bids from the private companies, then go back to the town with your “cost saving” proposal… wanna bet, you will find out that your option is a lot more expensive then what your towns are doing. The perfect government looks great on paper and on political websites, but once you insert a dose of everyday reality, they become nothing but useless rhetoric for people preoccupied with utopia.

      • Michael J.

        According to USA Today and The Bureau of Labor Statistics your rhetoric is skewed. On average government employees earn more.

      • Karolyn

        It may APPEAR that federal employees make more, but couldn’t that be due to the top-heaviness of the workforce? The disparity between those at the top and those at the bottom is, no doubt, quite large just like in the private sector.

      • Meteorlady

        Here’s a good example – the AVERAGE salary for a person that works on the Washington State Ferry parking cars and collecting tickets is about $50568. per year. Then add in that they get extra pay for cleaning up vomit, flushing bilges, pumping sewage, and mopping up blood and feces out bilges. The union considers that hazardous pay. Excessive? Most certainly and they get pensions….. Meanwhile the ferry system in Washington is broke and people that live on the other side of the water and have to commute are paying more and more every year, but it’s subsidized by taxpayers for those that are rich and can afford housing on the peninsula. It’s all part of the highway system and they also get federal funding.

      • Meteorlady

        Here’s an interesting article since we are all hurting, but the government is thriving:

      • DaveH

        No, Karolyn, the comparisons are between Federal Employees and their Private Sector Counterparts.

        • Mike

          Why don’t you check the Obama administration ,
          left over from Mr Bush”SACHS GOLDMAN”The puzzle is not hard to figure out if you look in the right places RON PAUL 2012 !!

      • Karolyn

        Dave, I know what the comparison is. I’m just saying that those at the top end in gov’t make so much that they skew the numbers.

      • kkflash

        Karolyn, the numbers are actually skewed in the government’s favor because the private sector has a higher top-end than government, which raises the private-sector mean more than the government mean. If you took out the top 1% of each, the government pay advantage would be greater.

      • Karen

        I 2nd the “BS!” LOOK what Obummer did to the Space Coast in FL! THOUSANDS of highly experianced employees…gone. He turned our American Astronauts into hitchhikers and Russia is laughing alllll the way to the bank (they upped the anty…surprise surprise!).

        Jobs gone, MORE foreclosures, small businesses CLOSED down, another Obummer economic disaster! Obummers take on SPACE? The “NEW” NASA needs to “TEACH Muslims math/science and make them feel good about themselves!” Spoken like a TRUE “Campaigner and Chief!”

        Ha! The fool doesn’t even know the space program budget was LESS than 1% of the ENTIRE federal budget!

      • Libertytrain

        Karen – what the current pres has done with his hope and change is disheartening at the very least – I can’t imagine why or how people would vote for him once, let alone plan on doing it again. He’s nothing but a scoundrel and fool to me.

    • rodentsnest

      The tremendous figures that are quoted (IE $150,000 and more) are those of the Department Heads and Cabinet Heads (political) , rather than the average employee.

      Those federal retirees are still paying health insurance and taxes.

    • Meteorlady

      Years ago, when Kennedy signed to allow government workers to unionize, it wasn’t so bad. But as time went by they are now controlling us, not the other way around. But here’s the real deal…. it’s a way for the Democrats to finance campaigns and get millions in contributions. The unions donate 98% of all campaign contributions to Democrats.

      So my biggest fear now is that we have all been busy working and not paying attention, while the government hands out more and more of our tax dollars in entitlements and to government union workers, and these people now outnumber us workers (taxpayers). So, next election will be close and I fear we might loose more and more of our American Dream as the Democratic party becomes more and more aware of the amount of slaves they have, which equates to voters.

  • Harry

    God I wish you had your facts right.. You are talking about State Employees Not Federal. Do your research pleas


      You are correct. See my comments below.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    They are a scam.

  • Tony

    The anarchists are out again!

  • Kenneth

    I am a US government employee. Please tell me how I can cash in on one of those lucrative retirements. As of today, I will get only about $4,000 per month (after 20 years service that includes Social Security).

    • James Waldrop

      At $4000 a month retirement I don’t think a government employee is worth that kind of money . If he thinks he is worth $50,000 dollars for setting on his butt and doing nothing then this is the mentality of a civil service employee. To him I say BS go out and get a real job, for you are a free loader.

      • J.D. Schumacher

        So because he worked his butt off – saved money in his 401k – he’s greedy?? Man are you Brain-washed. Because of the LACK of Taxation on imports – our Jobs are losing ground – example – in the 1960′s I pumped gas for the princely sum of $1.35 per hour – was that a LOT?? Yes it was – for my measely $1.35 I could walk into the Circle K and walk out with – 10 full sized cokes and 7 full sized candy bars – today you would have to earn $28.00 per hour to buy the same items at the same store – SEE how your buying power has been slowly and carefully destroyed?

      • MK

        You are pathetic in assuming that as a Federal Government Employee who worked for the govt for over 30 years I sat on my butt and did nothing. I was a Director and an information technology specialist doing two jobs, in an organization who oversaw a multimillion dollar contract with over 30 contractors, while also supervising numerous government employees. At the time I was lucky to be making $60,000 a year. You have no clue as to what government employees do. I worked from 6:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night while giving up many weekends to support our troops during Desert Storm and continued thereafter because I was dedicated. We were paid much, much less than private sector employees. Those who had a comparable job in private industry received more than double the amount that I was getting. We knew that we were not getting paid what private sector was and we were willing to accept that. Today I have friends who left for greener pastures who were getting 20 and 30 thousand bonuses in comparison to my piddly 2 thousand (that is when the money was there) they are crying. Why? Because they lived like kings and queens and squandered their money. You and all the other people who are angry are also unaware that federal employees are now required to put a percentage of their retirement money into an account that is an IRA. So it’s time that you and other people get your heads screwed on right and find out the facts. The number one thing you should be crying about is why doesn’t the government have a hire/fire policy. I tried to fired someone and it took me over 9 months with the person filing congressional and EEO complaints. I could have lost my job but in the end they agreed with me but could not fire him. No the just relocated the person. So if you want to do anything to get rid of the slugs then write your congressman. If not more on. Do the best job you can be grateful you are alive and stop being jealous. It won’t get you any where other than being a miserable complainer..

      • GeorgeE


        We don’t know that Kenneth is contributing to a 401K plan. It’s my impression that most government workers don’t get that option.

        Regarding the value of your money declining over time, that’s caused by a number of factors. Taxing imports over the long term has generally led to lower levels of business activity higher prices, not more domestic jobs nor improvement in the value of the USD. Trade deficits do contribute to lowering the value of the USD. The one thing we could, and should, do to reduce our trade deficit is to utilize more of our domestic energy resources, especially crude oil, natural gas, and coal. Capping the amount of money the Fed can “print” would really help the value of the USD as well, but that’s difficult when the federal government continues to run up budget deficits year after year.

      • DaveH

        Your first sentence, JD, says it all — “So because he worked his butt off – saved money in his 401k – he’s greedy??”
        Did James use the word greedy?
        You know that Kenneth worked his butt off?
        You know that Kenneth is talking about money he saved in a 401K?
        And you expect us to lend credibility to anything else you have to say?

      • Eric Bischoff

        People have no clue on anything anymore because they are all watching Fox News and listening to Rush Limbutt and ASSuming that they know everything now. Too bad no one told you it’s an extreme right wing propaganda machine owned by and Aussie and a Saudi and they are the GOP Conservative 1% wealthy mouthpiece. I can smell you guys a mile away, you have no original thoughts in your brains.

      • DaveH

        There goes Eric again doing his usual Liberal thing — personal attacks in lieu of facts.
        Come on, Eric, show us that legendary Liberal intelligence and provide us with some real supported facts.

      • JeffH

        Eric the Red…LMAO at you…OMG, the Rush/FOX thing is so old and stale. You progs just don’t have anything but recycled material left in your arsenal do you?

      • eddie47d

        You’re fairly good at repeating ad nauseum too Jeff so why repeat what Eric said?

      • Chester

        James, if you are so sure that all a government employee does is sit on his or her backside, why don’t you apply for one of those high pay low output jobs you so despise?
        It seems that this should be the perfect solution for you, as then your tax dollars would be supporting you, along with the other government employees you have so much hatred for.

      • DaveH

        You think Government employees support themselves, Chester?
        I guess that explains things.

      • charles mcdonald

        I am a retired Federal employee.I worked 25 years at sub-standard pay in order to have a guaranteed reasonable retirement. I am not complaining, this is the deal I made.I have no idea who retires with 5-10 million. Please name some of these people and explain how they did it. Most of us couldn’t figure out how to steal anywhere near that much when we were actively employed,let alone in retirement.Do you mind if I take that statement with a grain of salt?

    • GeorgeE


      If you’re not retiring for another 20 years, $4000/mo may be reasonable. However, if you’re getting ready to retire, you should know that the average private sector worker isn’t getting that much money in retirement. In fact, private sector workers get much less than that, and they have to worry about their companies going bankrupt and losing part or all of their pensions and health benefits along the way. Most companies today don’t give employees pensions any longer. They contribute to a 401K plan instead, and the amount depends on how much the employee puts into the 401K from his salary, the amount the company contributes, and the maximum amount the government allows both to contribute. So, knowing only the info you provided, your government pension looks very good to me, given my own experience in the private sector.

    • diana

      alot of workers don;t get a pension and the one who do pay into it not tax payers backs but i do think and hope he means congress senate governors fed judges surpreme courts and other big gov. we all should be pushing for them to take 40% pay cut lower retirerments to a normal sum like the ford workers get not ceos thats another problem and same health ins. ford workers and maybe we can start getting back to the GREAT COUNTRY we use to be, nip greed in gov. quickly

    • Karolyn

      ONLY $4000 per month! I could live like a queen here in SC.

      • DaveH

        Yeah, lol, I’m thinking maybe Kenneth must be a Conservative plant to admit to that.

      • Ralph

        Dear Karolyn,
        I am sorry to hear that you have hepatitis ‘C’. My cousin got rid of it using hydrogen peroxide in 6 week after having it for ten years and being treated with interferon few times that made him very sick with not real improvement. Few months ago he did the whole treatment with H2O2 using book “One minute cure” and it was gone totally with no side effects.

      • Karolyn

        Thanks for the info, Ralph. I never underwent treatment because I did not want to take the risk that it would ruin my life as it has so many others. I’ve probably had it 30 years and have no ill effects from it. I get routine bloodwork that shows my liver to be working perfectly fine. Most people with HCV will die of something else (possibly interferon if they go the treatment route!) unless they end up with cirrhosis; and I know one man who has that and is doing very well.

    • Ellen

      Kenneth, You are a perfect example of America today. You are complaining you will only get $4000 per month after 20 years, yet you do not understand that $4000 is far more than most American workers will get. You believe it is a small sum and private sector workers will get much more. This is your perception and it is totally wrong. This is just like all the Americans who think the rich don’t pay their fair share and get all the tax breaks. It’s just perception, not reality. Obama has perpetuated this perception, even though he knows it is blatantly wrong. It’s his strategy of demonizing the rich. He also will do everything in his power to keep government workers unionized. Isn’t the reason workers had to unionize because of their greedy employers? Why are government workers unionized? Are our state and federal governments greedy people who cheat their employees? You should be very pleased to know you will receive a generous retirement plan and you should be aware that the great majority of Americans would love to have that same plan.

    • sue

      I worked 34 years for a private company and I get less then 200.00 a month and less then 900.00S.S and then the conpany went over seas to pay less then we got payed . 4000.00 is a dream

    • Meteorlady

      Kenneth: In the private sector I did information technology for a time and made 6 figures contracting. I don’t get a pension – I had to contribute my own hard earned money to an IRA or 401K. I have a business now and still have to contribute to my own retirement. It’s nice you can get that much, I have to depend on myself and my ability to make money.

    • kkflash

      Not enough info here to judge whether your $4000/mo is reasonable for your job. What percentage of your average pay over 20 years does that represent? At what age were you able to retire with your $4K/mo? What did you personally contribute to that pension, or were all the contributions in your working years made by your employer?

      By and large, Root is 100% correct. There are too many government employees doing jobs that government has no business being involved in. On average, they get paid more than comparable private sector workers. Their pensions and benefits are far better than comparable private sector workers. Government growth must stop and reverse its course because we can’t afford it, and because our God-given freedom and rights are being infringed upon by out-of-control government.

  • Pete0097

    I would love to be a government salary negiotator. Just think. sitting across from one of your co-workers that wants a pay raise. You ask him questions like ” How are the kids?” “How’s the spouse?” “Has your golf game improved?” “Would you like, say $5,000 more per year, how about free vision? Knowing all along that if he gets a raise, so do you. Just the opposite of what happens in the real world where if you get a raise, he/she doesn’t.

  • Pingback: Government Employees: The True 1 Percent - ALIPAC


    Mr Root,
    Examples you gave in your video is all state employees. Federal emplyees don’t get all the perks. Federal salaries are limited to $160K at highest level.
    Yes, state employees are on gravey train provided you are in right position. In recent years there is rise in disability claims in military as well. Many ealthy individuals are getting full retirement in addition to disability.

  • http://yahoo C.F. Dolan

    Mr. Root,

    I see behind you a basketball, two footballs and what looks like a framed image of a “Hollywood walk” star.

    Do you feel that the money paid to “players” and “actors” might also be “obscene”?

    Just wondering.

    • Ted Crawford

      You’re comparing Apples to Oranges here C.F.! The wages of Actors and Players does not come out of the Public Treasury!

    • Les

      Yes actors & pro sports are paid obscene amounts of money because you are willing to pay to see them. You can stop doing that anytime and therefore not line their pockets. However the same is not true for paying local, state and federal employees. Stop paying your taxes and see who is on the short end of the stick. There is a huge difference between voluntary and involuntary servitude. Taxation is totally involuntary no matter what Harry Reid thinks.

      All forms of government in this country are out of control. 75% of the money going to welfare is spent running the system so only 25% goes to the recipients. How long can we keep running ever expanding deficits? the fed now spends close to 4 trillion dollars a year while only taking in 2 trillion a year. You’ll notice the same clowns had a hand in creating the housing bubble.

      • Michael H.

        I stopped paying my taxes. If more of you would do the same they would eventually get the message. They may eventually put me in jail, but if EVERYBODY stopped paying, they would be hard put to jail us all. But I don’t expect anyone else to have the courage to follow my lead. As usual I’m doing what others are afraid to do. Grow a pair and tell this a$$holes to give us our country back.

    • DaveH

      They might be, CF, but people don’t have to attend sports events or other entertainment events. Although there are many instances of taxpayers getting stuck with the bills for Stadiums and such, which is indeed wrong.
      We can solve all these problems by getting Government out of our Marketplace. Return control to the consumers instead of a bunch of self-serving Politicians and their Crony Capitalists.
      Please pick up a copy of this book and learn how insidious the Crony Capitalism is in this country and by both Major Political Parties:

      There’s also a Kindle version for less than $10.

    • Meteorlady

      I don’t fine it obscene at all. It’s private enterprise at work. If the market will bear the price, they that’s what they get paid. If sports fans or movie fans are able and willing to pay the price of admission then that’s what the market will bear. I personally don’t support sports at the professional level anymore because it’s just too costly.

  • Louis

    I am a government employee at the deck plate of ship repairs. We are not paid anymore than our civilian counter parts, yes are benefit package is somewhat better but not by much. I think you’re wrong to group all of us under such a large umbrella. Yes there are government employees that are over payed but that does not mean that we are all overpaid.

    • DaveH

      There would be little or no controversy over that issue if most of the currently assumed Government functions were returned to the Private Sector, as they should be.

      • kkflash

        DaveH: First, I always enjoy your posts because they are well conceived, well-written, and backed up with facts. Keep up the good work.
        Second, your comment above is really the key to the whole “government workers pay” argument. There are simply way too many government workers doing jobs that government has no business doing. The very existence of many federal government jobs creates competition against the same people that are paying the taxes for those government salaries.
        A good example is the Dept. of HUD. What gives federal government the authority to be involved in the building, financing and selling of housing? If people need homes, other people will supply them. The only place for government in that economic sphere is to adjudicate disputes between buyers, sellers and neighbors, which is a local matter, and should not have federal involvement.
        We badly need to shrink government, and one way to do that is to make government jobs less attractive than their private sector counterparts. Currently the government “quit rate” (people leaving their job voluntarily for other, presumably better, jobs) is one-fourth of the rate in the private sector. (IMHO this is prima facie evidence that government jobs are overcompensated.) If we reduce the pay and benefits to less than the comparable private job, government will shrink through attrition.

      • DaveH

        Thank you for your support, kkflash. It’s nice to get a little affirmation once in a while to help soothe all the Liberal fish-bites.

  • anne manus

    ONLY $4000.00 a month!!!that’s almost double what I make at a fulltime job – my Mother gets $968.00 a month BEFORE they deduct for Medicare – YOU are crying about ONLY $4000.00 per month – geez!!!

  • Joe Rose

    I don’t know where his facts come from but it wasn’t from the federal side of the retirement story. Federal employees (CSRS) paid 7% of their salary into their retirement account, the government was “suppose to put funds toward the retirement account as well”. Guess what, the government spent all of these funds (squandered might be more appropriate) so now they cry foul because the retirement coffers run short. Suck it up big government and put the dollars back or stop robbing the till!

    • Monarchist

      This kind of dis-info frustrates me the most no matter what side it’s on! It’s like the email
      running around the web claiming congress men/women receive 100% of their pay for life
      even if they serve only one term?!?! That’s a flat out lie! Yet I hear people and friends
      stating this all the time as it were fact and they researched it themselves. How refreshing
      it would be if everyone spoke TRUTH just 75% of the time!! The world has become full
      of lies on all sides.

      • DaveH
      • kkflash

        The official federal government explanation of the retirement benefits for federal workers:

        Note the employee and government contributions to the current post 1984 FERS plan on page 6: “Regular federal employees contribute 0.8% of pay to the Federal
        Employees’ Retirement System and their employing agencies contribute an amount
        equal to 11% of pay.7 Members of Congress and congressional staff pay 1.3% of
        salary for FERS coverage, and the Congress pays approximately 16% of payroll as
        the employer contribution for Members and congressional staff covered by FERS.”

        This is only part of the retirement benefits, and is absurdly generous compared to typical private-sector retirement plans. My last employer, who was competitive in their benefit offerings, matched 50% of my contribution to my 401k to a maximum of 6% of my pay. That’s an employer maximum of 3% of my pay IF I contribute 6%. That’s it. No guaranteed benefit. No contribution at all unless I first contributed. This was a good private sector job with a successful, profitable business, and that’s what you can expect in the private sector.

    • Juliette

      Thank you Joe. You are the only one that has it right. Gov. Thompson took pension money to pay for raises he agreed too, remember that ? The government refused to go after him but instead agreed to pay for benefits until they paid us back. The government has allowed management to steal millions and say they aren’t going to go after the money or the person. What we workers received would not be a problem if the government didn’t mismanage the funds.

  • Jim

    I work as a government employee and I would like to know where the job is that he is referencing? At my job, you get comp time, they will not give you overtime. Sure some of the people that are heads of departments make big bucks. The top of the heap of course are the Prez, vice prez and on down. Let us never forget that they are federal employees too. Trying to put the blame on all government workers is plain BS. Our pay was frozen for 2 years, did they also freeze the Congress and Senate pay too?

  • sean

    yes its true the goverment must be layed off and hire all new declare bankrupcy and do away with all their retirements they are the true cause of all our problems

    • John

      Did you ever stop to think what would happen if you did that? Millions more unemployed, no services, no money flowing into private businesses as the people don’t have any to spend, Millions more homes foreclosed, Wall street will tank (people will take their investments and use them to live) and the economy will self destruct. Sometimes I believe people want this country to fail…

      • Karolyn

        It’s called speaking before thinking. :-)

      • DaveH

        Pure conjecture, John. This proves differently:

      • DaveH

        Somehow the people in 1900 got along with Government only 1/8th the size it is now.

      • kkflash

        Obviously, we can’t immediately fire all government employees, but we can cut government down to size rapidly without the deleterious effects you describe. What you seem to ignore is that smaller government means lower taxes, which means MORE money for people to spend and save, not less. The economy doesn’t tank, it prospers. It takes all the income taxes from at least 6 equivalent private sector jobs to pay for the salary and benefits of one federal job. Eliminate the federal job, and the taxes from those 6 private sector jobs can be spent on private sector goods and services, thus growing the economy. In the great ledger of the US economy, government is on the expense side, business is on the income side. If you want a profitable, prosperous economy, you have to reduce expenses and increase income.

      • Karolyn

        Dave – How can you compare 1900 with 2012?

      • kkflash

        Karolyn, you can compare government 112 years apart effectively on a percentage basis and its a valid point. The size of the economy has grown in dollars, the value of the dollar has shrunk, but government then was 5% of the economy, and now it’s more than 40%. It means government has taken over control of 8 times more of the people’s money than they had a century ago.

      • eddie47d

        The government offers many more services now and the people have much more leisure time than they did 200 years ago.

      • DaveH

        More services whether we want them or not.

      • Deerinwater

        DaveH says:
        “March 1, 2012 at 9:39 am
        Somehow the people in 1900 got along with Government only 1/8th the size it is now.”

        The 1900′s – The World Begins to Fly
        March 14, 1900 – The Gold Standard Act is ratified, placing the United States currency on the gold standard.

        April 15, 1900 – One of the largest world’s fairs in history opens to the public in Paris, France with the United States among 42 nations and 25 colonies to exhibit. This world’s fair also included the second modern Olympic Games held within its 553 acre site and would draw over thirty-nine million paid visitors through its close on November 12.

        June 1, 1900 – Carrie Nation continues her Temperance Movement to abolish the consumption of liquor when she demolishes twenty-five saloons in Medicine Lodge.

        September 8, 1900 – The Galveston, Texas hurricane, with winds of 135 miles an hour, kills 8,000 people. It remains the most deadly natural disaster in American history. It was not named, during that era, and would have been a Category 4 storm on the Saffir-Simpson scale today.

        November 6, 1900 – President William McKinley wins his second term as president, this time with Theodore Roosevelt in the second spot on the ticket, again defeating William J. Bryan by an Electoral Margin of 292 to 155.

        >>>>In the first census of the 20th century, the population of the United States rose to 76,212,168, a 21% increase since 1890. <<<<<<>>>>The United States will enter 2012 with a population of roughly 312.8 million people (or exactly 312,780,968 people, if you want to be pedantic), according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s end-of-2011 estimate.<<<<<

        America today has 41 times more people then it did in 1900 DavidH. , I'm not attempting to defeat your argument but offer some perspective.

        The whole world has changed since 1900, most of the world nations including the US was still employing draft animals in the early 1900's. The industrial AGE COMING,was coming full bloom.

        For the first time, all fifty entities that would become the fifty states are included after Hawaii had officially become a territory of the United States on February 22. The center of the United States population, geographically, is now six miles southeast of Columbus, Indiana.
        January 10, 1901 – The first major oil discovery in Texas occurs near Spindletop in Beaumont.

        March 2, 1901 – The Platt amendment is passed by the United States Congress, which limited the autonomy of Cuba as a condition for American troop withdrawal. Cuba would become a U.S. protectorate on June 12.

        May 1, 1901 – The Pan-American Exposition opens in Buffalo, New York with nineteen international participants. on 342 acres. It would close November 2, 1901 with a disappointing attendance of just over 5 million paid visitors, harmed by the tragedy of September 6.

        September 6, 1901 – President William H. McKinley is shot at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York while shaking hands with fair visitors, following his speech at the event on President's Day the day before. Anarchist Leon Czolgosz, an avowed anarchist, is arrested for the crime. September 14, 1901 – Vice President Theodore Roosevelt is inaugurated as President upon the death of William McKinley from gunshot wounds sustained the week earlier.

        Czolgosz, a Polish immigrant, grew up in Detroit and had worked as a child laborer in a steel mill. As a young adult, he gravitated toward socialist and anarchist ideology. He claimed to have killed McKinley because he was the head of what Czolgosz thought was a corrupt government. Czolgosz was convicted and executed in an electric chair on October 29, 1901. The unrepentant killer's last words were "I killed the president because he was the enemy of the good people—the working people." His electrocution was allegedly filmed by Thomas Edison.

        On September 16, after receiving a funeral befitting a president in Washington, D.C., McKinley's coffin was transported by train to his hometown of Canton, Ohio, for burial.

  • J.D. Schumacher

    Govt. Employee’s the real 1% ??? What a load of Horse Pucky!! I am a Postal Mechanic – and to earn the wonderful and fabulous sum of $58,000.00 per year I have had to go to 67 Schools so that I am proficient in repairing the machinery that processes your mail – OH and yes I am a Union Guy – as well as a HAWK CONSERVITIVE. When are you DOLTs going to pull your Heads out and realize that BOTH Parties are actively Screwing We The People – Republicans make a big show of “HELPING AMERICAN BUSINESSES” after all they hire “We The People” and Democrats make a big deal of Kissing Union Buttochs – and then THEY get together and Vote to AVOID CONSTITUTIONAL TAX LAW and allow Multi-National Corporations to move overseas – (taking the Jobs and Taxes with them) – use Slave Labor to make their DOOHICKYS and then ship them into the USA free of IMPORT TAX – NO American Company paying a decent salery, paying insurance & Taxes, etc. can compete with a Multi-National Company, paying $8 per day or week, paying almost no taxes, being allowed to Pollute to their hearts content, and then being able to ship into the USA for FREE – this is why we are losing our Jobs and Factories – by the way NO UNION WANTS TO BANKRUPT THE GOLDEN GOOSE – We want OUR Company to be fabulously wealthy – Stock-holders dripping in Jewels – so WE can squeeze out a decent wage and benefits for ourselves – Yea Yea some Unions are Corrupt – well holy heck do you think Corporations are saint-like beings, whose only goal is to Slather their Workers in Wealth and Benefits??? Apply proper and CONSTITUTIONAL Tax Law to the Multi-Nationals and watch the Factories re-open and the Jobless rate Drop – we are a nation of consumers and we shouldn’t have to be buying from Korea and China – WE the USA are the most Desireable Market on the Planet Earth – Lets bring the Jobs Home and perhaps we can brush the Moochers off the Public Tit – I’ve Heard that the Public Tit is Empty and Sore – SIGH it’s 5:41 AM time for Sleep – Lets quit blaming each other and look at Washington DC – after all it took 535 elected people to get us right where they want us – Broke and Dependant on the Govt. aka MY TAXES

    • Terry

      Dear J.D.:
      Well said. You have made more sense than most on this site. It is probably over the head of the average whiner represented here. I am an engineer working for the US Navy and even with 28 years of sound, technical experience, two engineering degrees and a state issued professional engineer lisence, I do not earn more than my private industry counterparts in this region. The article that we are responding to is very misleading and for the most part (when applied to the vast majority of us Government workers) WRONG. We engineers are sure are not getting rich and we pay a lot of taxes too boot.

      • Ted Crawford

        ” We pay a lot of taxes too”, the difference here is that 100% of your income comes straight out of the Public Treasury and you pay back a much smaller amount, A net LOSS Those of us in the private sector also pay ” A lot of taxes”, however ’0′% of our income is derived from the Public Treasury, a net GAIN

      • John

        Ted, not quite, many corporations. private companies and contractors work for the government and on government contracts, ALL of them are paid with tax money and pay taxes back. Those people are paid by our taxes every single one of them from the CEO to the shipping clerk and they only pay a small amount back…. there are millions upon millions of private industry workers out there that fall under the same category then government employees. Next, look at the military, same deal. Yes they have opted to put their life’s on the line for us, but that does not change the point that they just as the rest of the government employees live of our taxes. To point your fingers at one and not consider the other his either ignorant or hypocrisy. I lol at the people that want to privatize government services…. how delusional, do they really believe anyone would do them for less? Why would they, the private industry currently pays a lot more for the same services and that is what will determine the prices.

      • kkflash

        John: “private industry pays a lot more for the same services.”

        You must be joking! Ever hear of the $600 hammer? It didn’t happen in the private sector.

        • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

          Sir, I had to belong to the military for over 30 years. It you would take time and look up the monthly pay of an E-6 (Staff Sergeant/Technical Sergeant) at the hightest pay he could recieve for that rank, you would see that he is not paid enough for what he has to put up with: being away from his family for long periods of time, the stress of being in combat (being shot at), the responsiblity of the welfare of those that you have been put in charge of (Training, etc.).

          Sir, those of us that have been, or are in the military did not do it for the pay we did it for our family (to keep them free). Oh, yeah, when we were in we did not fight to defend the idiots back here in the States: WE DID IT FOR THE PERSON STANDING IN THE FOXHOLE NEXT TO US!

          • rodentsnest

            The $600 hammer was by a government contract approved by our dearly beloved Political Appointees, not one lonely GS7 grunt.

      • eddie47d

        Besides it was Private Contractors who negotiated the price of those expensive hammers. They held the government hostage if they didn’t pay that handsome ransom for overpriced equipment. The government got snockered and the Contractors got rich. I’d like to see a few articles on this site on how these contractors keep getting away with exploiting the taxpayer?

    • DaveH

      We need to privatize the Postal Service, so the Free Market can determine, through voluntary choices of employers and employees, which level of compensation is truly Fair. Without the coercion of Government, pay scales would reach their natural Fair levels based upon the true difficulty of various jobs as determined by those who are voluntarily accepting their compensation packages, or creating their own companies outside of the various coercive methods (licensing, etc.) that Government uses to exclude competitors to the benefit of their Crony Capitalists.

      • kkflash

        We already have effectively privatized the Postal Service. It’s called UPS, or FedEx, and they are kicking the Postal Service’s uncompetitive a$$. If not for the taxpayers’ subsidy, the Postal Service would have been out of business long ago. They are losing billions and will be closed eventually.

      • eddie47d

        Laws set up by Congress doesn’t allow the Post Office to compete on a level playing field. They get chopped off at the knees whenever they come up with a revenue producer and as I have said before UPS workers make $4 an hour more than postal employees. That is also a prime example of a Private worker making more than a government worker.

      • DaveH

        Level Playing Field? What did the USPS do to you, Eddie, that you want to bust their monopoly?

  • Mark Berube

    When I was young I remember hearing that government workers earned less than those in the private sector but were rewarded with better benefits and retirement. I’m not sure that is still the case. We can ill afford to pay the kinds of retirement benefits suggested here. If IRA’s are good enough for the private sector then they are good enough for government workers as well. It is straightforward reporting like this that leaves us all questioning the integrity of those sent to represent us. Wake up and smell the coffee big government! Your constituents aren’t smiling!!!

    • Ted Crawford

      The base wges are really a secondary issue, although some are clearly outlandish. The real problems are with the Pension Plans! As a private sector worker, our Pension Plan was mandated by Federal Law to be 90% funded, for which I’m very grateful! Public Sector Pension Plans are, in a great many cases funded at or often even below 50%! There is the real hit to the various economies involved!

  • Jim

    I really wish this guy would get his facts straight. A US Governement employee gets 1% for each year worked, the same that I got when I worked for AT&T. Fact – I’m retired AT&T after 21 years. Using his example, the government employee he sited would have to work 100 years to get 100% of his average largest three years wages. I’m now a government employee and I’m having to work until I’m 70 to get something to live on – including social secuity and my small AT&T pension. One more thing, I’m making less as a government employee than when I was with AT&T. And AT&T paid wages that was similar to Sprint, Verizon, IBM, GE, all the big ones.

    • kkflash

      Jim, you understate your benefits. The 1% of pay you mention is of your highest 3 yr average, and is in addition to Social Security benefits, and a Thrift Savings Plan with generous employer contributions. If you work at least 20 yrs, and take benefits at age 62, the benefit is increased to 1.1% for each year of service.

      The mandated employer contribution to the Federal Employees’ Retirement System (FERS) is 11% of pay annually (5% higher for Senators). The employee contributes a whopping .8% of pay.
      Example: You work in a basic clerical job for 17 years starting at age 42, making $30K/yr. By then you have seniority in your department and you get promoted to supervisor making $80K/year for 3 more years. You retire…
      Your contribution: [(30,000 x 17) + (80,000 x 3)] x .008= $6,000
      Taxpayers contribution: [(30,000 x 17) + (80,000 x 3)] x .11= $82,500
      Your benefit: [80,000 x .011 x 20 yrs] = $17,600/yr. for life.

      Not bad for only putting in $6K out of your own pay over 20 years. But there’s more. You also get Social Security benefits, and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) benefits. The TSP is a defined contribution plan in which the taxpayers contribute the first 1% of your pay, with no obligation on your part to contribute anything. If you do agree to contribute, the taxpayers will match dollar for dollar up to 5% of your pay. So if you contribute 5%, taxpayers contribute 6%. In the example above:
      Your contribution: [(30,000 x 17) + (80,000 x 3)] x .05= $37,500
      Taxpayers contribution: [(30,000 x 17) + (80,000 x 3)] x .11= $45,000
      Your benefit: Assuming 4% compounded annual return = $120,054 account value

      Only 20 yrs. of work, a low-paying job for 85% of the time, and a low 4% return on your TSP, and you can still draw $22,400/yr PLUS Social Security benefits for the rest of your life, and never touch the principle of your TSP. If you retire at 62, and live to 82, you’ll draw $448,000 after putting in only $43,500 of your own money, and leave $120,000 for your kids in the end. Still think the FERS is not a great deal for employees?

  • css

    It’s funny that you mention this, Wayne, because a few weeks ago I wrote an article to my local paper in regards to how everyone who’s employed as a public servant becomes wealthy off the taxpayer and retires at an early age. It’s unconscionable that our treasonous elected officials allow this to happen, but yet if you contact your representatives they give you one excuse after another. It’s as if they’re telling us that they’re more important than the private sector, but in reality they’re mentally impotent. Our government should be downsized – cut in half – because when a private corporation loses assets they downsize the company. It should be no different with a public ‘corporation’ because the current situation is unstructured and unsustainable. Who needs a gluttony government that does nothing but force others into slavery by the threat of a gun, i.e., taxes while those same employees “thieves” live like kings? Something’s very wrong with that picture.

  • Kenneth

    Like I said, including Social Security which is more than half of it.

  • Fearfull Ralph

    Oh how I wish this story was the truth. I am a retired Federal Government Employee who was forced to retire 10 years sooner than expected due to health reasons (My military plus Federal service amounted to 28 years). I was a supervisor of a crew of from 30 to 65, depending upon the day, and earned from $35 to $45 K with OT, premium pay, and COLA but my retirement was based on my base pay which was $25K. My retirement pay started at $13K a year in 1983 and has slowly increased to my current $25K due to COLA increases over the last 29 years. It took me nearly 20 years just to get back the money I had paid into the retirement system. If I had died before my wife she would have gotten survivor benefits for the rest of her life or until she remarried but that was from the Federal insurance that I had been paying into from 1963 through 2001. Admittedly, I do have about a million dollars but that is from some excellent investments that I made and because I did not buy a new car every year or a new house every five years. Yeah, I know, that was very Un-American of me.

  • johnparry

    hey guys, this has been happening in new yourk state for a long long time i.e. decades … where you been ??? the gov’t employees and the unions own the state ……..

    • Patriot

      Same story in Illinois! I am seriously thinking of moving.

      • Warrior

        Don’t worry. The fraud n chief will be back in January and Illinois problems will all go away. Prosperity for all Illinoians is only 10 months away! Yippee.

  • Joe watusi

    you should not lie, a small amount of FEDS namely management and Congress get the big bucks, average worker gets 50k at the top

    • DaveH

      What is he lying about, Joe? Could you be specific?

    • eddie47d

      What isn’t this article lying about?

      • DaveH

        Won’t be long now, Eddie. We will miss you. NOT.

  • http://comcast Lee Bird -Veteran USMC

    The first issue that must be addressed is the spending habits of Obama and the first lady.the amount of money spent for their vacations, twenty-two aides for the fist lady(over 1.5 million) is crazy and uncalled for. Pelosi spends money like changing socks of your hard earned dollars and thinks nothing of it. People are starving throughout the United States and Obama Whitehouse are living fat off the hog. This is just another unjust Obama has done to the American people and we are paying for it with our tax dollars. WAKE UP AMERICA ———- CLEAN HOUSE IN WASHINGTON !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://IE Aster George

    You cannot be correct in your percentages, but you do have a good point. The government, federal, state and local, all pay fair salaries. Most of these empoyees will tell you that they are underpaid and they would be correct when inflation is taken into account. The problem is not the employees themselves. They only take advantage of what is tere for them and would be dumb to do otherwise. The problem is with the complete system. One big problem is allowing foreign items to be imported. Any item not made in America should not be allowed to be sold here and I tell you right now my house is full of these foreign made items such as Hushpuppy shoes (made in China).

    • Capitalist at Birth

      You obviously have not studied history. The Smoot Hawley Tariff Act crashed the entire world into the Great Depression. Starting a trade war will lead to a worse depression now. There are hundreds of books written by many economists that, if you were to take the time to read, you might make more intelligent comments the next time you stroke your keyboard.

  • Len

    I work for the FAA, my salary is okay I am not complaining…However my retirement after 40 years, which I will do will be 40% of my annual pay, the rest comes from Social Security and my retirement investment which I pay into. As far as medical insurance I pay around $500 a month for my family. In my job as a technician I have to be an electronic technician, an electrician, a diesel engine mechanic for our engine generators, I also have to repair and maintain HVAC Air Conditioning and heating systems, maintain my own administrative work and budget my account so I am an administrator as well, not to mention having to paint, build, repair roofs, and even telephone lines. So my friends in the private industry that only have one of those disiciplines to manage make about twice what I do an hour, around $60 to $70 an hour and usually if they are union they do not pay for a full medical insurance plan….So where do you get your information that we are overpaid and lazy…I have to leave my family during the year to always attent training just to keep up with technology…You do not know what you are talking about!!!…Most Federal employees, and I have worked for the govt 25 years, 10 of those in the military, are good hard workers who do care about their jobs and what they do for the country…You are an idiot sir!!!!

    • DaveH
    • Karen

      THANK YOU! I resent how so many ppl THINK gov’t employees are the “problem!” My husband’s responsibilities were many and his private sector counter parts made a helluva lot more $ with less experiance! He has ALWAYS given 100% to his job and couldn’t be bought by the contractors he audited! Over the 46 yrs of civilian service; he retrieved MILLIONS of dollars of tax payer $! What did he receive in return? A federal gov’t that is 18 mths BEHIND in processing retirement paper work, 1/2 of his 40% pension that’s owed to him, and a letter that says he will be CHARGED for gov’t having to process it!

      I guess as long as our elect and media contributors continue to BLAME federal employees for our country’s sorry state of affairs…it keeps uninformed American’s eyes OFF of the REAL problem…them!

  • Albert Bryson

    These outrageous pensions must go. It is time to make them 100% taxable. Thereby they will not be able to live like millionaires. We need to abolish the pensions that all government employees get. They are not entitled to them. The taxpayers can’t afford to pay these pensions any more. We need to also abolish the unions in any government entity. The unions are outrageous and will keep demanding more and more.

  • L.T. Wilson

    I spent 30 years of my life as a Government Employee. We were always behind the private sector salaries for positions doing the same type of work. And, throughout my 30 years I paid into my retirement fund. The benefits of vacation and sick leave were nice but only after serving many years. It was a progressive thing that only increased with time served. Our income taxes helped to pay for our own salaries…how many private sector employees have to pay themselves? The Congress and Senate vote for their own pay increases and benefits. They have raised themselves WAY ABOVE the level of the typical Federal Employee. Along with most other comments, I believe Mr Root needs to get his facts straight.

    • K. Phillips

      Sir, I disagree with you when you say the senate and house vote for their payraises. Several years ago, because they were getting a disturbing amount of attention from the public everytime the issue raised it’s ugly head, they made payraises automatic EVERY YEAR. About the same time the little provisos;, that if you served even a single term, you got a pension for life, removal from medicare and other little perks were added making THEM the true “getover on the taxpayers” class…..With all of this, why wouldn’t they spend several million dollars (donated of course) to get elected. Add in all the lobby perks and it’s not hard to see where and how the demise of the American Dream has occured. The structure and conduct of our government’s congress and executive branch could not stand the light of day. They know this, and the latest of a long list of outrages was tied to the defense bill. Now an American citizen can be detained without charges and more. This is the runup to an anticipated taxpayer’s/citizens revolt. A movement to modify the constitution regarding our representation is long overdue, making them responsible for their actions. Sadly, voting is not enough, Changing parties or individuals will not change the system creating our present circumstances. Also sadly, I believe this year will bring this situation to a head. Ya ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!

    • DaveH

      If you felt you were underpaid, LT, why didn’t you get a private sector job?

  • Greg B

    Live in NYS?
    The good ol’ “Triborough Amendment” is the engine of the big Gravy Train for state and muniicipal workers. Google it.
    Basically it states that if the union (eg: teachers’ union like NYSUT) cannot come to terms with the employer (like a school board) then the terms of the last contract will continue unabated.

    In other words, if they had a previous contract which included, say, 5% annual raises, aka “Step Increases”, then they continue to get them if their union doesn’t sign a new contract.

    So why would a teachers’ union come to the bargaining table? Answer: they don’t. They are always “in negotiation.”

  • JokesonUS

    Mr. Root – I am a federal employee and I consider myself a free market thinker. I tend to think more on the conservative side of politics but I left the republican party many years ago and switch my affiliation to the independents mainly because the republicans lost what I believed was the true intent of the party. But your blantent ridiculous statement indicating federal employees are on the huge retirement gravy train is not only false but it is obscenely misleading and a bold face lie…You sir, are nothing more than a bag of hot air just spouting nonsense and drible. Basically, you are nothing more than the same hot air full of BS politicans you criticize…Instead of trying to unite these great United States you just want to smear and belittle much like our current President….you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • DaveH

      You should be ashamed of yourself for making personal attacks on Wayne without presenting any proof to refute anything that Wayne has said.

  • Chuck

    I am a retired Marine MGySgt (27yrs service). I fought in two wars (VietNam/Gulf I ). I receive 67% of my base pay at time of retirement and they(fed/st) tax the xxxx out of it. I guess we’re not considered ‘ public service ‘ just scum they scrape off thier shoes after they have used us up. My 67% equates to $39k. I just started socsec. Retirement/socsec conflict with eachother requireing me to pay $7k+ in taxes. I should have run for congress.

  • Charles

    As a retired military veteran and now federal employee who takes home only $2000 a month give or take depending on over time or working a holiday or two, I find this article seriously inaccurate! I pay into my retirement and a 401k type plan. After paying for health care, dental, and vision plus taxes and retirement and 401k I loose almost $1000 each month! $800 of which are taxes of some type or another. Where are these so called million dollar jobs?

  • Deerinwater

    Well Sir. ~ There is a lot of people that fall under the title of Government Employee’s.

    They are not “ALL” 1%’ers.

    But it’s true that some are.

    I wished that your focus had a finer point so the discussion could be viewed as something besides just a Lynch Mob, acting out in anger and frustration.

    There is few problems when plenty of money can be throw around. These ‘problems’ come front and center when money is in short supply.

    That our nation engaged in frivolousness and spent money poorly there no reason to begrudge ‘all’ government employees.

    While we tend to attack the bottom tier employees as they are an easier target to kick around. It’s the top and upper middle we should be attacking, the one’s that can defend themselves and give us a black eye.

    So far, you’ve attacked teachers, fireman lower civil servants. Why not go after the Rick Perry(s) of Government?

    I read; Monday, February, 27th 2012
    Star Telegram Fort Worth Texas

    by Jay Root

    An obscure 1991 provision with state benefits was only a few paragraphs long and escaped public notice at the time. Even the lawmakers who passed it said they did not know what the fine print accomplished until it became law. But 20 years later Gov. Rick Perry, and an elite group of other veteran politicians , ~ can thank Government Code 813.503 for the lucrative pension benefits they are allowed to collect without leaving office.

    Politician’s pension records are private , so it is unknown just how many are taking advantage of the provision.

    NICE, hmm? ~ drawing a pension and a payroll check all at the same time!

    I want a job like that!

    • FreedomFighter

      Politicians are the altimate government parasite. They feed and feed and feed, then spread excrement all over the place.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Rick

    First of all, I am a retired postal worker. I started at $4.25 per hour in 1974. Over the years, the unions continued to push for higher an higher wages (and benefits). When I retired at 55, I was making $60K. My pension was about $3K per month. That included over 2200 hours of sick leave saved. Not a lot of money really. But what people who work for the government don’t understand is that to have a pension at all is a luxury. Most people in the private sector don’t have one and must work until they are in they are 65, plus save their own money to get by after retirement. Government employees used to make less money along the way but had the comfort of a small pension. Now, they make more money while working, retire early, AND get a nice pension at retirement. That is unsustainable, and that is the problem.

  • Patriot

    There are many groups within the Federal & State Governments that enjoy this scam of retiring early and making obscene amounts of money. I have family members that are teachers and others that have worked hard and retired at 55 or younger. Many did not have to save for their retirements and do not pay into the SS system, why? Are they better than the rest of us? I run a small business and for me to retire when I am 55, I would have to save in the $5 to 8 million range prior to retiring, do you think these folks would be able to retire if they had to do the same?

    Many of these people that I know, not only retire on the public dime, they change positions within the bureaucracy and then make even more and build a 2nd pension, what a crock of crap! I often wonder who is the biggest fool, is it me that have built my own business, hired many, paid into my employees retirement, paid for their health insurance and risked everything; my money, time, energy, etc. or some of these folks who I have seen are the laziest folks on the planet feeding off the public trough!

    • Saq

      what have you been smoking? Teachers are probably one of the most under paid pulic employees. Here where I live they make about $40,000.00 annually and will work 30 years with a 1.5% per year worked pension. Thats 45% of their salary per year. Please tell me how you can live like a King on less than $20,000.00 per year?

  • Mort

    I am a retired FEDERAL employee. Please send me a few of those millions that you claim that I get.

    I am degreed electrical engineer, with a Masters degree as well, and I worked 40 years, reaching the very top of the pay scale. During that time, I was often hit with the maximum overtime rule, in other words, that extra 10 or 20 hours exceeds the maximum, and you will get neither pay or compensatory time for it. Thank you very much for your service.

    Yes, I have a nice pension, but nowhere near what he is talking about, and I contributed, off the top, for it. And that pension is enhanced with my IRA,which I paid for. And, of course, I have a good medical plan, for which I pay over $500 a month.

    Please do not lump me in with State or Municipal union workers. Or those quasi-government entities with their golden parachutes, perks and bonuses.

  • FreedomFighter

    All government is a giant parasite colony invading the body of the host (we the people) in the beginning it was a parasite that provided some benifit from feeding on the host, as the parasites multiplied and weakened the host the benifet becomes lost.

    Reduce the number of government parasites and put them on a diet.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Tony

    WOW, as a federal employee, maybe I need to talk to this guy to see how I can increase my retirement via his utterly absurd and false claims. You don’t just randomly decide to work a bunch of overtime before you retire. I only get overtime on emergency travel, which happens at most twice per year, maybe an extra 15-20 hours per trip. All other extra time is given to us in the form of comp time in lieu of pay. Take it out on Congress and the political elite, not the every day middle class worker.

    • Tony

      Also, let me clarify that my overtime is straight time, not time and a half. I’m a civil engineer and have worked hard both in the private and public sector. But they’ll use my salary to compare it to a gas station attendant to skew statistics in their favor, saying federal employees make significantly more than private sector workers. Sorry if I come across as arrogant, but I worked SLIGHTLY harder than a drug addicted gas station servant. I’m a conservative, and believe in a fiscally responsible gov’t, but constantly hearing the non-stop anarchy and complete ignorance makes me think twice about whose side I’m on.

    • DaveH

      “as a federal employee”.
      Thanks for your honesty, Tony, it explains a lot.

  • copakeman

    to everyone who complains about their current job: QUIT, find another better job. no one is forcing you to remain in horrible job. if you complain so much and your treatment is so bad, why are you staying there ? i guess a few thousand dollars would change your mind for a little while, but your horrible job will not have changed at all.

  • Myra

    I don’t mean to confuse anyone with facts, but I do want to remind everyone,especially Mr. Root-of-all-nonsense, that no, repeat no, civil servant, blue collar or white collar (Gs 1 thru 15) is able to earn more than a Congress person. Therefore, no one gets relly big bucks whether they are handling big world situations or your average citizen’s social security files or security at Federal banks. Can’t speak much for the current civil servant (white colalr) employment process as I have been a federal employer for over 40 years. I an working, year after year, for the opportunity to retire like everyone else. I have been contributing to my retirement funds for all these same number of years. My big mistake was actually believeing the BS that the Govt gave me that if I worked hard and provided a needed service for the general public that I would be able to retire at a reasonable income so that my last 10 or 20 years would be okay. I guess that was the same BS that the general public got from their retirement investors: Both of us got suckered and now we all are paying the piper. Govt employees work, pay taxes, and live in the same communities as everyone else. We did not make this situation and yet millions of blind sheep are acting the hungry wolf ready to make us the problem. How about those mega buck bail outs to your financial institutions that killed your retirement chances? That sorta-kinda happened to us when our bosses robbed our piggy banks. So now you want the right to earn a living but not federal employees? Thanks brother. Why not cut back to pre-Obama government size…that would save a few billion, or more, a year. Do we really need thirty-something new CZARs and their staffs to do less than we were doing without them? Mr. Root is you can stand up and quote your “reliable” sources, sit down and be quiet. Don’t tell me what life I am entitled to unless you have lived my life as well. I concur with cleaning the Congressional house…but when you try to clean out the any joe fed…ask yourself who is going to clena your streets and handle your sewage system if we all get fired. Now I truly know how the Vietnam Vets felt when they came home.

    • Tony

      Thanks for injecting some common sense into the discussion of anarchists. I work just as hard, if not harder, than when I was in the private sector. Our benefits are completely taken out of context. These anarchists think even the standard middle class gov’t employee lives in an elite section of society banned to outsiders and pay no taxes. The ignorance is hilarious.

      • Mark Are

        WE DON’T NEED YOU AND YOUR GLORIFIED WELFARE RECIPIENT JOB! The private sector could do it better and for a lot less cost.

      • Tony

        Mark, what do you do for a living? You have no idea who I am, or what I do. I’m in agreement that government is bloated and a lot of agencies are a useless waste of tax dollars. But you sound like an ignorant moron.

      • DaveH
    • Mark Are

      So that I won’t be repeating myself over and over… WE DON’T NEED YOU AND YOUR GLORIFIED WELFARE RECIPIENT JOB! The private sector could do it better and for a lot less cost. Government OFFERS NOTHING that the private sector cannot offer better. PERIOD. NOTHING. And most of what you people do is so useless that it wouldn’t even exist in the private sector. I see the local office head of Social Security department living in a lavish house with a fancy new Lexus…makes me want to PUKE! YOU PEOPLE MAKE THE AVERAGING WORKING PERSON SICK. We are TIRED of being stolen from at gunpoint so that you can drive new cars while we drive 20 year old ones and live in houses built in the 70′s. MANY OF US ARE SICK AND TIRED OF IT! I for one want to VOMIT when I see you and your useless fat asses getting the pay you do and the benefits you do for doing basically NOTHING that benefits mankind.

      • Tony

        Sounds to me like you need a new job if you’re living in a house built in the 70′s and driving a 20-year-old car LOLOLOL. Maybe you should have done more with your life….are you even in the 53%, you know, those that pay federal taxes?

      • Karolyn

        How dare you denigrate people who are just working stiffs like everybody else. Who do you think you are that you are better than others? Of course, there are discrepancies, and there always will be. That doesn’t preclude the notion that all government employees are parasites.

      • Tony

        Karolyn, it sounds to me like he hasn’t had much success in his own life, so he’s trying to take it out on others.

      • DaveH

        Government employees are Parasites, Karolyn, if they vote to continue Big Government so they can keep their jobs. Government is Force. As Mark says, most of what they do can be done better in the Private Sector. And if given a choice, most people not feeding at the trough, like Tony, would not voluntarily choose Government as their Service Provider.
        While Mark was getting a little vehement, I certainly understand his frustration.
        We have become a Society of Criminals:

      • eddie47d

        Now Dave is calling Tony a parasite when earlier he praised his honesty. Boy Dave you just love to argue .

      • DaveH

        Read the whole sentence, Troll.

  • J Cole

    This guy elevator has crashed. He is not playing with a full deck. Get the facts straight. What government employees are you talking about. Not the average. You must be kidding about us bankrupting the country. I must have missed something as I have not retired with millions of dollars. Maybe CEO’s of banks and insruance companies or maybe even Wall Street retire with that kind of money, but not government employees. I would have to speak to the person who is making that kind of money in retirement getting millions to find out how or what they are involved in. This entire bit of information is bogus.

    • Mark Are

      WE DON’T NEED YOU AND YOUR GLORIFIED WELFARE RECIPIENT JOB! The private sector could do it better and for a lot less cost.

      • Myra

        Sorry Mark, but a welfare job would be paying more than what I earn…maybe you have the inside track on how to get one…since all you have shown so far is how to berate and not improve a bad situation.

      • DaveH

        I suspect that Mark is too Principled to either accept Welfare or to work for Government. I know I was when I was of working age.

    • FreedomFighter

      What do you produce?

      Are you a destructive parasite or benificial parasite? or if they eliminated your job would anyone acutally miss you? Police, Fireman and EMs would be missed…DOT worker not so much…Dept of ED could be eliminated with nobody even missing them.

      All government workers are parasites, to many parasites are bad and kill the host – the real producers.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Tony

        You’re completely contradictory in your statement. You say that police, fireman and EMS would not be missed, but then say that ALL gov’t employees are parasites. Hmmm, what do you think cops, fireman and EMS are? They receive tax payer dollars for their salaries, therefore they are government employees. I’m confused.

      • Tony

        *would be missed

      • DaveH

        Actually Police and Firemen would also be more efficiently replaced by private services.
        And the police would be a lot more polite to the citizens if they were held to the same accountability standards as their private sector counterparts are.

      • DaveH

        For a rigorous defense of my statement, read this FREE online book courtesy of the wonderful Mises Institute which provides hundreds of free online books on the subject of Freedom:

    • L. D.

      Yes! Indeed, his elevator has crashed.His article will cause me to be increasingly skeptical of anything posted on this site in the future.

      • Tony

        very true. Anything I hear now I’m skeptical of. I see how far the statistics are skewed when the anarchists try to belittle federal employees. If I wasn’t a federal employee, I would probably believe it, but since I am and actually know the facts, I can see through the smoke and realize it’s utter nonsense and hate driven. What else could they be feeding us that isn’t actually true?

      • DaveH

        As usual the Liberals go for the personal attacks in lieu of providing any facts.

      • eddie47d

        There Dave goes again attacking Liberals just for the fun of it! Can’t have a day without it!

      • JeffH

        …and DaveH, the bzzzzzz is back in town…

      • eddie47d

        Do you ever have a backbone and challange the dishonesty that gets presented on this site. Why do you always accept what the author says as fact when it is embarrassing nonfactual such as Wayne’s . How far down the toilet will you take yourself in believing everything you hear especially around here. You side with whatever is presented without question.

      • DaveH

        It won’t be long now, Eddie. Did you pack?

  • Mark Are Explains it well for a good portion of Government.

  • Myra

    I don’t mean to confuse anyone with facts, but I do want to remind everyone,especially Mr. Root-of-all-nonsense, that no, repeat no, civil servant, blue collar or white collar (Gs 1 thru 15) is able to earn more than a Congress person. Therefore, no one gets realy big bucks whether they are handling big world situations or your average citizen’s social security files or security at Federal banks. Can’t speak much for the current civil servant (white colalr) employment process as I have been a federal employee for over 40 years. I am working, year after year, for the opportunity to retire like everyone else. I have been contributing to my retirement funds for all these same number of years. My big mistake was actually believeing the BS that the Govt gave me that if I worked hard and provided a needed service for the general public that I would be able to retire at a reasonable income so that my last 10 or 20 years would be okay. I guess that was the same BS that the general public got from their retirement investors: Both of us got suckered and now we all are paying the piper. Govt employees work, pay taxes, and live in the same communities as everyone else. We did not make this situation and yet millions of blind sheep are acting like the hungry wolf ready to make us the problem. How about those mega buck bail outs to your financial institutions that killed your retirement chances? That sorta-kinda happened to us when our bosses robbed our piggy banks. So now you want the right to earn a living but it’s not okay federal employees? Thanks brother. Why not cut back to pre-Obama government size…that would save a few billion, or more, a year. Do we really need thirty-something new CZARs and their staffs to do less than we were doing without them? Mr. Root if you can’t stand up and quote your “reliable” sources, sit down and be quiet. Don’t tell me what life I am entitled to unless you have lived my life as well. I concur with cleaning the Congressional house…but when you try to clean out the average joe fed…ask yourself who is going to clean your streets and handle your sewage system if we all get fired. Now I truly know how the Vietnam Vets felt when they came home.

    • FreedomFighter

      I am totally positive some private workers could do you job and every job you quoted, for less.

      Government workers are parasites, fewer the better.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Karolyn

        What is the difference between private and public employees? Bottom line is they’re all just employees. It’s not their fault they get what they do. Don’t shoot the messenger.

      • John

        They tried that in our town and the cost went actually UP. Moreover, what is the difference of a government employee being paid to do a job with our taxes and a “private” employee being paid to do the same job with our taxes? NONE, both are being paid by the same taxes and thus according to you produce NOTHING….

      • DaveH

        The difference, Karolyn, is that the citizens are forced to accept Government services, they aren’t forced to accept Private Sector services. And I don’t think anybody here would fault Government workers for taking what was offered to them. But I would fault them for voting to continue the Force of Government for their own self-serving reasons.

        John says “what is the difference of a government employee being paid to do a job with our taxes and a “private” employee being paid to do the same job with our taxes?”
        Who said anything about the Government providing those services at taxpayer expense, public or private?
        But even if Government did control the services, the private sector would almost surely do it more efficiently. Why do you suppose Teacher Unions do everything they can to stop educational choice?
        But it’s very easy to refute John’s claim in general, because the Government could simply hire their own employees if indeed it proved that private sector companies couldn’t offer a cheaper alternative. Then there would be Choice, something Liberals claim they champion.

      • kkflash

        John, your statement above reveals the inherent fault in your thinking. It’s apparent you think that all the functions of government are appropriate and that we’re talking about government sub-contracting to the private sector all those functions vs. hiring their own employees. Nothing could be more wrong. What we’re really talking about is government getting the hell out of the private sector’s proper domain completely. We’re talking about government being restrained to activities and powers specifically granted to it by the Constitution, instead of using the “general welfare” clause to stick its bureacratic nose in a thousand places it doesn’t belong. We’re talking about really, really SMALL government.

      • eddie47d

        John got it right and some private contractors charge more for doing the same job. Depends on the situation. Once private contractors get the job they always seem to hike up the fee and the government is left paying out. It is still the taxpayer money no matter what it costs.

      • JeffH

        eddie says, “…some private contractors charge more for doing the same job. Depends on the situation. Once private contractors get the job they always seem to hike up the fee and the government is left paying out.”

        Typical eddie conjecture, based on nothing but his own opinion. You know this how? Proof please or cite your source…your conjecture and opinion is not a quality source.

      • eddie47d

        I keep up with what goes on in our community and it happens with private contractors on highways and sports stadiums all the time. To bad you don’t stay up on things in your area or would that take to much potty training. It’s easier for you to be a smartazz than thinking for yourself!

      • JeffH

        eddie, read my post above yours then read yours again. Nuff said!

      • eddie47d

        Do you wear a Wonderbra Jeff because sometime I wonder which pair you have.

      • DaveH

        Yuck it up, Eddie, because you don’t have long if Bob Livingston spots your comments calling Wayne a liar.

  • Karen Jordy

    I was a Veterans Affairs employee that retired. I get nowhere NEAR what you talk about and they do NOT pay for my medical care, I DO!!!!! That’s the way it is with ALL of us AVERAGE government employees. You’re going on and on about the (possibly out there) high, upper mucky muck administrative personnel, in high US government.

    I don’t know if I even believe your diatribe exists for any government employees EXCEPT for those like the House, the Senate and the President, whom everyone knows gets outrageous lifetime benefits and paychecks..

  • Ella

    This article is way over exaggerated. Most government retirees retire below $50,000 a year and they are not rich. I agree that there are too many of them like we could get rid of the Department of Education and let the states control their own school. However, it is not right to exaggerate their pay.

    • Karen Jordy

      STATES rules their own schools? Are you KIDDING?! Where would the balance be then, that ALL children get the SAME education? I know that it’s difficult now, that they do; however, it would completely end if there was no federal coverage on education SATS, etc.

      • Ella

        They don’t get the same level of education now. When I was growing up the states did control their own schools and they were a lot better than they are now. The federal government cannot run everything and it has been proven that parental involvement is the most important thing- not the government!!

  • Eric Bischoff

    Disingenuous Mr Root.

    Let’s be honest for a change the only government workers that can be compared to the 1% are the wealthy members congress.

    Personally I have no problem paying people good wages, giving them great benefits and retirement. That is what makes the American middle class great. We should support strong healthy Unions to insure that Americans do even better.

    What is bankrupting America is corrupt business practices and everyone cheating to get more and more. It’s the lobbyists for the wealthy corporations trying to get more subsidies and laws to favor their businesses. It’s companies not paying their fair share of taxes while they enjoy the American infrastructure paid for by American tax payers. It’s companies not paying their fair share as they polute and let us, the American tax payers, pay to clean up the mess for them. It’s companies that move offshore and still expect no tariffs to sell us the goods we used to make. It’s companies and the wealthy that hide their profits off shore so as not to pay taxes. What’s bankrupting America is unending unfunded wars and empire building while lowering taxes on the wealthy.

    What’s destroyed the economy worldwide is the Banksters and the Speculators. Are you working for them?

    You should be ashamed of yourself for working for the 1% and spewing this crap making it look like the Middle Class which is responsible for this mess. All Americans including government workers deserve higher wages, good benefits and retirement. That is the American dream and it is entirely possible once we get rid of the thieves and the greedy bastards.

    • Edward

      I would not have said it better.. AMEN to your post …You have the best factual post of them all ..I think you are right….. Mr Root is working for the 1% trying to brainwash the 99.%

    • DaveH

      Eric says “Personally I have no problem paying people good wages, giving them great benefits and retirement”.
      Then be our guest, Eric, do that — with your own money. Stay out of our pocketbooks.

      Eric says “It’s companies that move offshore and still expect no tariffs to sell us the goods we used to make. It’s companies and the wealthy that hide their profits off shore so as not to pay taxes”.
      The companies are moving offshore because our Big Government is driving them offshore. Government now devours 42% of our GDP. Imagine having a family of five where 2 of them get a free ride on the shoulders of the other 3. And that’s not even counting the negative productivity which is being forced on businesses in the form of regulations.
      If you did half the reading that you have claimed, Eric, you would know that Free Trade (not NAFTA which is in no way Free Trade) benefits everybody due to the efficiency of Division of Labor. If Free Trade was a bad thing, why do country’s Leaders use Embargoes as their first weapon of choice? Why did the Constitution allow the Federal Government to stop states from protecting their own industries? Educated people know that Free Trade benefits all but the Politicians and their Crony Capitalists who the Politicians protect with regulations, subsidies, quotas, tariffs, and other such devices.
      Study the Great Depression through the eyes of one of our greatest modern day thinkers to learn what our Country shouldn’t be doing:

      And speaking of “greedy bastards”, Eric, why do you so lustfully long to take other peoples’ money? You consider yourself noble, Eric, but I consider you to be just a common thief.

      • Mike

        Let’s not forget about congress being high jacked with Tarp and more to come from them repealing Glass Steagal.More people should be listening to RON PAUL

      • Eric Bischoff

        DaveH you are plain rude and always assuming you know what others are thinking or what they believe or how they behave in life.

        Too bad you are full of crap. Mises crap!

      • eddie47d

        Dave H is a smart man but has learned how to manipulate the issue to his way of thinking. Which isn’t always right.

      • JeffH

        eddie says “DaveH is a smart man but has learned how to manipulate the issue to his way of thinking. Which isn’t always right.”

        Until you prove otherwise, which you have never done, it’s best to keep the flys from entering your trap.

      • eddie47d

        My reply to you was deleted so we will leave it at that smartazz!

      • DaveH

        How ignorant can you Progressives be, Eric? Anybody can see who drew first blood. Unlike when you have a casual conversation and can lie your way out of it later to others, when you comment on this board the record is permanent for all to see.

    • http://comcast Reggie3

      It is the inventors,investors,and CEO’s who create jobs,products,and a better standard of living.Yet you LIB clowns villify the so-called “Rich” for making these things possible.Except National Defense and Internal Security,the Federal Gov’t has no real function.We should scrap all foreign aid,the UN,and every other bureau that sucks the lifeblood out of our best producers.And welfare and medicade should be shipped back to the states where the voters can decide whether they want prosperity or a nanny state.

  • Karolyn

    So glad so many former and current gov’t employees were able to post in response to Mr. Root’s blog and put him in his place.

    • FreedomFighter

      Parasites in rebellion, oh my.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Michael O’Brien

        And how much of our freedom did you fight for. I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps, 12 months of that in beautiful South VietNam. I will retire from the US Postal Service shortly with 20 years of service and the exceptional retirement amount of 740.00 a month from which they will take out a good chunk for my health care. I am required to be a Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, HVAC technician and about a dozen other things just to fill the requirements of the job.
        Self rightous pious jerks like you make me sick.

      • FreedomFighter

        You missunderstand what I am trying to point out.

        Goverment is a parasite colony, symbiotic in nature, until there are TO MANY parasites in the colony or they the parasites consume an unreasonable amount of production from the host.

        Some government to a point is good, big government parasite colony — bad.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Tony

        “Freedom” Fighter again contradicting himself. Earlier, ALL government employees were bad. Now, some government employees are good, lol. You’re a disgrace to the United States of America.

    • DaveH

      Wayne was only “put in his place”, Karolyn, in the minds of Ignorant people.

  • Tag

    I don’t know, but I think the reference here is towards the ‘government’ employees that ‘serve’ in the House, the Senante, the Congress, governors, Board of Alderman, Councilmen, and others in that level of government. I know that Illinois is probably the worst of the lot – I know of one female in the unemployment office, not top management by any stretch, is making $73,000 a year! PLUS benefits! Compare that to the governors pay, etc. and you can see where the tax payers money goes – certainly not to the improvement of the state – and this is why Illinois is totally BROKE and bankrupt. It is a program for failure! Then, because Ill. is the most corrupt state in the USA , for example, in the last 9 governors of the state of Illinois 6, Six, are in federal prison! That is unbelievable – but being corrupt is the only thing they know all the way from mom&pop shops to big business – you can’t get your car repaired with out getting ripped off, you can’t go to a doctor’s office without their committing insurance and medicare fraud! The only thing I buy in Illinois is grocery items – nothing else. I go to Missouri to shop! My chances are better there in dealing with an honest person…pathetic! Worst mistake I ever made was moving here – can’t wait to get OUT!!!

  • Humpty Dumpty

    You just may be on to something! But where did govt. employees get their ‘ripoff’ ideas? Probably from the REAL 1% who, as I assess it, invents and works the system to its/their best interests. Is the hundred monkey principle playing out with govt. employees? Or, is it the ‘greed factor’ setting into as many segments of society as possible? Everything done in the name of ‘the kids’ needs to be revisited since, in my opinion, kids are shortchanged so dramatically–and often abused by the system, it ought to be considered criminal, especially when they are shuttled into a healthcare system where they are pumped full of psychotropic drugs that profit the ‘ruling elite’–Big Pharma–members of the REAL 1%, I feel. But then, could that be a ‘design flaw’ in the plan to bring the USA to its knees economically, socially, fiscally, and morally?
    May I suggest you pursue your hypothesis further and obtain a grant from government to finance such a study. I can hear readers chuckling at that last remark. I enjoyed your comments, which I truly believe need to be considered seriously IF we are to make it in more ways than one.

  • Stephan F.

    FINALLY, someone has the guts & temerity to come out & tell it like it is about govt employees. Ahhh, my favorite subject.

    Federal Government Employees (let alone state & local) are the ‘root’ (sorry, no pun intended) of all evil. This one group of individuals alone has the potential to CRUSH this fragile economy — and they probably will. It’s only about 95% that are lazy, incompetent, stupid, uncaring, boring, immoral, arrogant, & selfish. And to think they give a bad name to the whole lot. Wayne’s comments about these parasites are right on and must be aired out for all to see. If the idiots in this country don’t do something to stop their cancer-like proliferation and seriously cut back on these deadbeats before long, you can kiss our freedoms goodbye – forever.

    Wayne, I hope you continue to stand up and confront those politicians & scoundrels who would enslave us by pandering to these people by buying their votes with their promises of free goodies from the taxpayers.

    Take 3 minutes and watch this must see video:

    To get an insight into the thinking of cops & firefighters:

    • FreedomFighter

      Excellent Video Stephan, shows it right up front and gives the facts.

      All should take a peek at this one.

      You got to love YouTube, if you look you can find all the material needed to rip the balls off the lefty and there false dogma.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Karolyn

    It’s not the government employees’ fault; it ‘s the government’s fault. There needs to be oversight and less beauracracy.

    • DaveH

      There needs to be MUCH LESS Government.

      • Mike

        Ahh another phoney conservative for big government like Obomber “Newt and Romney”
        Ahh preemptive non congressional wars billed to the tax payer
        End the madness, more people should be listen to Ron Paul
        Suggestion; starting looking at the FED Reserve and Keynesian economics
        Paul is the only candidate talking Fed CUT BACKS of any substantial size .Will America ever get its testicles back?

      • Eric Bischoff

        I disagree with the greedy bastard mentality. There needs to be less corruption amongst all of us and then we’ll have a more efficient government. There is nothing wrong with organizing and choosing to have non-profit services for the collective. Not everything needs to be done for the profit and the almighty dollar.

      • DaveH

        But you are a “Greedy Bastard”, Eric. In your jealousy for other peoples’ wealth, you are willing to Forcibly make other peoples’ choices.
        Eric says “There is nothing wrong with organizing and choosing to have non-profit services for the collective”.
        Sure there is, Eric, it’s called Choice, something you Progressives give lip-service to but do the opposite. People have different desires, talents, efforts, and needs. We don’t all fit in the same shoe like controlling Progressives want us to. With Free Markets people make their own choices to please themselves, unlike the Progressive Socialist Markets where elitist pigs Force their choices on the “collective” whether they like it or not.

  • David Platter

    Maybe what this country really needs is to go bankrupt and reorganize everything. Looking forward to Sheriff Joe and his report on Obama birth issues today at the 1:00 PM here in Arizona press conference.

  • Stephan F.

    FINALLY, someone has the guts & temerity to come out & tell it like it is about govt employees. Ahhh, my favorite subject.

    Federal Government Employees (let alone state & local) are the ‘root’ (sorry, no pun intended) of all evil. This one group of individuals alone has the potential to CRUSH this fragile economy (and the probably will). It’s only about 95% that are lazy, incompetent, stupid, uncaring, boring, immoral, arrogant, & selfish. And to think they give a bad name to the whole lot. Wayne’s comments about these p@rasites are right on and need to be aired out in the open for all to see, and if the idiots in this country don’t do something to stop their cancer-like proliferation and seriously cut back on these deadbeats before long, kiss your freedoms goodbye – forever.

    Wayne, I hope you continue to stand up and confront those politicians & scoundrels who would enslave us by pandering to these people by buying their votes with their promises of free goodies from the taxpayers.

    Take 3 minutes and watch this must see video:

    To get an insight into the mindset of cops & firefighters:

  • James

    Nice try. But it wasn’t government employees who reduced the value of my home by 35 percent and who created massive unemployment through overseas outsourcing. Greed, thy name is the upper one percent!

    • FreedomFighter

      Actually it was:

      When Bill Clinton got rid of the Glass Seagal act, you home became doomed. Bill was a government employee.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • DaveH

      Sure it was, James. It was the CRA, and the Federal Reserve, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other Government interventionism that created the bubble and its resulting collapse.
      There are many books and articles explaining how we got to the bust.
      Read “The Housing Boom and Bust” by Thomas Sowell, for instance.
      Read this:

      There are many other sources out there for those who want to learn the real reasons behind the Housing Bust.


    I’ve been a fan of personal liberty for quite a while…until I watched this BS. I am a federal employee and team leader. I’d like to know where those jobs are Wayne. Hearsay is BS. The press is BS. Demonstrate your claims with facts please.

    • Tony

      Yeah, I just unsubscribed. Any site that would put a vlog up that is based on zero facts but stated as fact loses all its credibility in my book.

      • FreedomFighter

        So you have an OPINION also?

        God love America – we can still give an opinion – free speech an all…

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Another kneejerk reaction without substance. You also don’t appear to have kept up with reading the newspapers or business magazines.

        • Mort

          That $600 hammer might be cheap at twice the price. If it was a unique hammer for a specific application, and especially had to bear the burden of a union (required by law) mechanic, supported by a nion procurement staff required by law), union shipping department (required by law), all operating under union shop stewards. And then add in the company’s overhead for their management, rent, etc., and a little profit.

          Very often, in the high tech world we live in, there are requirements for special tools. Often it is a lot cheaper to build those tools than to change the device to use standard tools. Take a look at the special tool needed to cange a gasline filter on your car, just as an example.

    • DaveH

      Good. No more propaganda from Tony.
      And USMC, here’s something you should read:

      • Mike

        Ahh another phoney conservative for big government like Obomber “Newt and Romney”
        Ahh preemptive non congressional wars billed to the tax payer
        End the madness, more people should be listen to Ron Paul
        Suggestion; starting looking at the FED Reserve and Keynesian economics
        Paul is the only candidate talking Fed CUT BACKS of any substantial size .Will America ever get its testicles back?Dont be a slave for the FED robber class !!

      • Tony

        Propaganda? The only propaganda here lies within the posted video and all of the anarchists that are providing fact-less babble. It’s a shame that you’re representing conservatives. Your statistics are ridiculous. I’m a civil engineer…my salary gets compared to a McDonalds employee in the private industry. Makes sense, haha.

      • kkflash

        Tony, for someone who professes to be educated, you certainly talk in circles. You accuse others of presenting “factless” statements, but I haven’t seen you post a single corroborating link for any of your claims. Maybe you have some facts to explain why there are tens of thousands of registered nurses employed by the federal government making an average of $10,000 more per year than private sector registered nurses? Have you read any of the links posted here that provide factual support for the statements? Do you realize that the USA today study posted above used the government’s own data to show how they pay federal workers more for the same jobs?

      • DaveH

        I thought you were leaving, Tony?
        Dummy me, expecting a Liberal to keep his word.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      When was the last time you read any newspapers or magazines or watched business news? From your post it aludes that you don’t read.

  • JR

    This is true. I have a sister who worked with the US govt. and freaking retired at 49 years old!!!!! This is the same sister who has left me to take care of an elderly mother and mentally handicapped brother so she can live on her freaking 5,000 square foot home and live in luxury. Just filth

    • DaveH

      Yep, that’s the “compassionate” Liberal class for you — mostly talk and little action.

      • MK

        After reading your recent post I understand your position. Your anger shows. I am sorry you have difficulties but you do not need to lump all govt employees in one basket because of your sister. She is selfish. There are many of us who use our retirements to volunteer helping the disadvantaged and give to charities so many people can have better lives. I left the government so a younger person could have a job. After so many years I knew that I didn’t need to keep others from working because of selfish needs. So please don’t make everyone look like a bad guy because of your personal experience.

      • Karolyn

        Dave – You question people making assumtions. How do you know she’s a liberal? She just sounds like a selfish person to me, and there are those on all sides.

      • DaveH

        I don’t, Karolyn. I’m making an educated guess. Government Employee, probably a Liberal. That’s where I’d place my bet.

      • DaveH

        What percentage of Government Employees, Karolyn, do you suppose advocate shrinking the Government back to its Constitutional size?

    • kkflash

      There are lots of examples like that… My sister’s husband is a very smart guy, a mechanical engineer. He’s 46 and almost retired last year on his federal pension after 20 yrs. working for the federal government. He decided to do another 3 yrs. after he got a nice promotion, because after only 3 yrs in the new job, his defined benefit pension will jump up by 30%. This is because his pension is based on the HIGHEST paid 3 yrs, so all the time he was working his way up at much lower paying jobs, and paying practically nothing into the pension plan will still be counted as if he was getting paid a 6 figure salary the whole time. He’ll retire at 49 with a nice guaranteed income for life, after working for the government 23 yrs.

  • MK

    I agree with part of your article but you do not need to roll everyone into one group. First of all I did not see where you offered a real solution. Like make sure that the contracts for these people have hire/fire clauses. Very simple. Do you know how hard it is to get rid of a government employee? You like other commentators only like to stir the pot. It is pathetic to see you spewing your thoughts and at the same time get paid for them. What is it that you are actually producing? What is it now, that as a commentator that you do is actually benefiting society as a whole? I realize now that there are people like yourself, whom I call talking heads, are out there just to stir up anger and hatred. I agree that the unions have to be called to task but I do not believe you have not portrayed the whole picture. Many of us who are retired sacrificed our family lives to assure that the soldier in the field was provided support. We were honored to serve. Yes I say serve because many people in the private sector were getting paid a hell of a lot more than we were. But we also knew that we would be provided a pension that was the tradeoff for the lower salary, bonuses and benefits. Friends of mine who had similar jobs were getting 20K to 30K a year in bonuses. They also had great health coverage and benefits. You never heard me whine and cry about it because I knew that my contract with the government would provide for me in retirement. Just ask the retirees who worked for the federal government they do not live high off the hog like others who made so much more than them in retirement. Of course today, that is a different story ,but most federal employees are putting their retirements into IRA’s and will not be recipients of what the private sector employes get. So please don’t lump myself or anyone else in the federal govt into that pot. We always paid into our health insurance, retirement and other benefits. If you care why don’t you take a look at the fact it is costing the government much more money when they contract these jobs out. Right now the federal government is paying through the nose for contractors. Look at the private sector companies who have made billions off the government and are living their lives in luxury. I never in my life saw the money you were talking about yet you are ready to use these people as an example and throw retired federal employees under the bus. It just makes me laugh when people that made 200K while I was making 50K are now saying they are paying for my retirement. Get a life. I paid for their salaries one way or the other when they were working. I pay for their retirements now through 401K and stock options. But I am glad that I am seeing the light. Hey my subscription and many others who pay for this type of hype need to start thinking. What is it that we are really paying for? We really do know what is going on. In reality we don’t need someone who choose to work in private industry, didn’t commute for hours to their job, have a boss that was intolerable and could make their own schedule to continually belabor on the problems of the world and tell us what to think. I for one am checking out of the continuing blather which really doesn’t benefit myself or my family. Perhaps more and more people will become smart enough to realize that the only people who give you insight are the ones who petition the government to change.

    • Terry

      Well said. As for me, ditto. I am a 28 year FERS gov’t employee with two years to go!
      Mr. W.A. Root lost a lot of credibility today. He didn’t need to lie to make a point (about state worker unions).

  • Edward

    I think that W Allyn Root is either missinformed or he is a LIAR .He is probably one of those usefull idiots that belong to the 99 % but are for the 1% ..I don’t know how much money he has got .,, but it looks like he is trying to confuse the public out there ..Only people that are not well informed will believe what he is saying ..Only a very small percentage of government employees make more than 100 K. year,, and he is saying that there are only about 21 million in total government employees .. I WANT YOU TO GO AND DO THE MATH ,, DO YOU THINK THESE PEOPLE EVEN IF IT WAS TRUE THEY WERE TO MAKE 50 MILLON DOLLARS IN THEIR LIFE TIME . DO, YOU THINK THAT IS THE REASON WHY THE GOV IS IN SO MUCH DEBT ???????? ..You must be either stupid or naive to believe that — Do you think that if I were to be a fire fihgter or a police officer and you tell me you are going to pay me 9.bucks an hour risking my life out there ..Do you really think I will do it , Come on wake up and see reality..Allyn Root in the video sounds like the blind tryiing to lead the blind …I only hope that there are people with vision out there ,and don’t be misguided..

    • DaveH

      Please be more specific, Edward. Exactly what did Wayne say (a quote please), that is not true or a lie?

  • HomeDoc

    I always wonder why people who make comments about government employees earning too much, having too many benefits, and very generous pensions don’t get a job with the federal government. If the truth is known, it is probably because they don’t have the qualifications, education, can’t pass an extensive background check or the mandatory drug testing (for some positions).

    • DaveH

      Some of us have Principles, Doc.

      • Karolyn

        Come on, Dave. If you had a choice between not eating and a gov’t job, you would choose not eating?

      • DaveH

        You’re making me nauseous just thinking of such a thing, Karolyn.
        As a matter of fact, I walked away from a job just a few years ago because they were stepping on my personal rights.

  • Mike

    Simple math,vote RP Romney makes not cuts

  • Dave Miller

    What the government should do is copy the business world. I worked for a manufacturing company that had to cut costs. They hired an efficientcy “expert” and gave him an office to work out of. He took his own lunch to work and associated with no one (prevents him from being influenced). He was given the work responsibilities of each office woker and would evaluate their work load. Many were laid off because these types of jobs over a period of years fill up eight hours with only 4 hours of meaningful work are needed.a Truism-If you give a person 4 hours of office work he will expand it to eight hours.
    As for production, they have time studies that follow a person for several work shifts and see how much time is need to do a job. I doubt that any government jobs are evaluated by and “outsider’.
    When you obtain your money at the point of a gun like our gov,you are not going to spend wisely. Only if you work for it.
    I doubt there are any government employees in the unemployment lines!!!
    Dave Miller

    any government jobs are evaluated by an outsider

  • Joseph Robinson

    I am a retired Federal Civil Service person and I get just $257 per month. How can that be a rich SOB. I put in about 20 years of service. Justify your rant against government employees.

    • Mike

      Is this a tea party cry baby session that wont vote Ron Paul ? RP will cut a trillion the first year…Don’t vote in the phoney conservatives …END THE ROBBER CLASS!! END THE FED and Keynesian ..You cant have it all folks

  • Alex West Virginia

    My wife is a federal employee, I also know a lot of them, (I am between jobs) and I tell you not to generalize. They are not the 1 percent at all. These other federal employees are paying about 50% in taxes only from their salary. (Not like Romney that pays 12% and wants to be our president)

    Most of them cannot afford a home close to their office, so like us, they have a commute of at least 1 hour.
    In our particular case, we purchased a townhouse in West Virginia despite her job is in Virginia, because we could not buy anything there.
    Make the numbers, after 50% taxes, the home loan, the car payment, gas prices and food… (we don’t go restaurants, the theater or go shopping). Our savings account is ZERO. We are living month to month like her coworkers.
    It is suppose they should be making big money because most of them are Engineers and Architects.

    Also you should know about the supposedly federal benefits are ZERO, they are a myth. No help to buy a home ( no money grants, no special discounts, no tax returns, nothing), the same with “health insurance”.

    Most federal employees live exactly like you and the other 99 %. I think the real 1% are some people in congress the White House and specially to blame, the “Lawmakers”. They make the laws according to the orders from their friends the owners from many big corporations that made you slave to pay big taxes and ever increasing prices in gas.

    This country is no longer the America all we knew where the dream was real, where honest people could live a decent life, I am praying for Ron Paul to be President.

  • “Dallas”

    I know first hand of a case in which a “Federal Government Employee” paid nothing into the Social Security System, from 18 years of age to 65, paying only into an “Annuity Program”. Upon retiring, that person worked in the private sector for a year and a half to two years to get the required number of qualifying quarters needed to begin receiving Social Security and Medicare Benefits.
    Upon doing so, that person went on to collect Social Security and Medicare benefits for an additional 30 years. There are perhaps millions of “Public Service Employees” at every level of government that are paying nothing into Social Security throughout their working career, then work in the private sector, paying into Social Security for the minimum number of quarters, and from that point on, go on to collect Social Security checks and Medicare Benefits for the rest of their lives.
    If Congress would simply require every person having a Social Security Number and working in the U. S. pay into the “System” from day one, it would have the immediate positive effect upon the “ratio of workers “paying in” to retirees “collecting benefits”. That would be a significant “first step” to solving the Social Security cash problem, as it would be an enormous infusion of money into the Social Security System immediately.
    “Public Service Employees” in the eyes of the general public, would then appear ethical in having both their “Annuity Program”, as well as collecting Social Security Benefits

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  • Carl Babcock

    What about the 10 million dollars a day that we have given Israel since 1948 (with no end in sight). Is that helping us go broke?

    • Mike

      Ahh another phoney conservative for big government like Obomber “Newt and Romney”
      Ahh preemptive non congressional wars billed to the tax payer
      End the madness, more people should be listen to Ron Paul
      Suggestion; starting looking at the FED Reserve and Keynesian economics
      Paul is the only candidate talking Fed CUT BACKS of any substantial size .Will America ever get its testicles back?Dont be a slave for the FED robber class !! Dont buy Israel bull shit either !!

      • http://comcast Reggie3

        Most of what you say is true.But what you say about Israel is despicable.We give 100 times as much foreign aid to our REAL enemies,the Arabs.Keynesian solutions have been proven wrong many times.The “New Deal”.The “Great Society”.Hoover and FDR tried big Gov’t solutions.Result?The Great Depression lasted 7 years longer than it should have.It ended Dec. 7th,1941.

  • Terry

    Sirs: I am somewhat disappointed in your deciding to air this video. It makes sweeping generalizations based upon a few cases. For arguments sake, I will agree that every statistic provided is true and current. However, the assertion made that ‘all are like the example few’ is ridiculous and this is where I take exception. It is why I believe that a detailed correction and partial retraction of the stated and / or implied condemnation of all government employees is warranted. If your (very reasonable) exception taken is with the example over paid janitors, ticket collectors, conductors, firefighters and law enforcement officers, then simply say as much. Damning the lot of us government workers due to the abuses of a few is not fair or accurate and I suspect that it does not meet the ethical standards that you say your organization upholds.
    Maybe the following will help you to understand my position. I am 58 years old, have been working since I was 15, earned a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and later, a Masters degree in Engineering, passed a State (Va.) exam and am a licensed Professional Engineer. The Bar exam is no more difficult than this, I assure you. I have worked for the US Navy for over 28 years, as an engineer at the GS-12 working level. According to the Engineering News Record, I have been paid less than my private sector peers every year since I started here in 1984. My FERS pension will be just 1% of my average highest 5 years of employment times the number of years worked, once I am old enough to qualify (60). This is very nearly; 30 x 1% x $92,000 which is about $27,600/yr. This is comparable with many large American corporations, or at least it was 30 years ago when the system was re-engineered from the prior CSRS system that preceded this one. I have always paid into Social Security and I hope to receive it once I qualify (62-1/2, min). I have had a pay freeze for three years now. My retirement COLAs have been and may well continue to be the exact same as those for Social Security annuitants. Everyone I know working here is in the same boat as I am and none of us bears any resemblance to those described in your video. How about you speak to specifics, identified by City, State, Union, School district, etc and not damn all of us for something we didn’t do and don’t even know anything about? Can and will you answer that?

    • MK

      Terry thank you for clarifying this for the writer. He obviously has not written a piece that provides correct information across the board. Thank you also for providing your service to the country. Many people fail to realize that people who work for the Department of Defense and take an oath when they accept the position. Keeping the military supplied, housed, and so much more at lower wages is not something many people would sign up for. Best of luck to you in your career.

    • Wayne Allyn Root


      I’ve heard he argument hundreds of times before. It’s not valid. It’s a false argument. It’s exactly how government employees have managed to fool the taxpayers, damage our economy, and pile up the debt.

      Whether their pension is $25,000 per year or $150,000 per year is immaterial. It still adds up to trillions for NOT working for decades. Over a 30 to 50 year period of retirement, it bankrupts a country.

      I never said every government employee gets a $100,000 annual pension. But a heck of a lot do. I stated facts in the news on a daily basis.

      In Wisconsin it was recently reported that a substitute teacher worked for only 5 years, then quit, and began a new career as a teacher in another state. Now she’s 50 years old. She qualifies for the Wisconsin teachers retirement plan. She’ll get $300 per month for life.

      How can anyone like me begrudge $300 per month, right? How can anyone complain over a measly $3600 per year, right?

      Wrong. This is precisely how America is being bankrupted. $300 at a time! Add it up.

      This substitute teacher made $5,000 per year for 5 years- a total salary of $25,000 for her working career in Wisconsin. Now she gets $3600 per year plus cost of living increases for life.

      If she lives to 80 (which is average) she’ll collect $120,000 to $150,000 (depending on her cost of living increases) for NOT working, even though she only made a total of $25,000 during her entire working career.

      Is this country insane? This is economically unsustainable. Yet we’re only talking about $300 per month.

      So $3600 per year adds up to perhaps $150,000 in total pension if she lives an average lifespan.

      But if she lives to 100 years of age… Wisconsin taxpayers will pay out $200,000 to $250,000 for NOT working for 50 years. While they are also paying a new working teacher to replace her. And that teacher will get a pension and free healthcare for life too!

      Again perhaps $250,000 over 50 hers of retirement doesn’t sound like much…except it’s TEN TIMES more than that teacher earned while working.

      Now let’s apply this same system to the private sector.

      Can you even imagine a diner, restaurant, bar, bodega, gas station, music store, butcher store, or 7-11 store paying out pensions for employees or waitresses or cooks for 50 years of NOT working? Impossible. Insane. Not even imaginable. I’ve owned small businesses my whole life. Can you imagine me paying for 10 current salaries…plus 10 ex-employees retired for a decade…plus 10 more retired for 20 years…plus 10 more retired for 40 years? Unaffordable. Impossible. A sandwich at my diner would go from $6 to $26 to afford all these pensions for ex-employees. Which would bankrupt consumers.

      Every small business in America would go under. And inflation would be at Weimar Republic levels. Anyone want to pay $26 for a sandwich so that the cook who retired in 1971 can enjoy a nice retirement? I didn’t think so.

      So why can government afford what no small business in the private sector can afford? The answer they can’t. Which is why we have a $15 trillion national debt…and $115 trillion if you add in unfunded liabilities.

      So the argument that not all government employees get $5 to $10 million in retirement is a ridiculous one. Whether they get a total of $100,000 or $250,000 or $1 MM or $5 to $10 MM…it’s all relative…it’s still usually 5 to 10 times more than they got while working…it’s bankrupting our economy…and our children and grandchildren are going to be saddled with that debt (plus massive interest).

      Your grandchildren will work their whole lives with 80% tax rates to pay these bills. We’re ruining the lives of future generations not even born yet. We’re enslaving them to high tax rates that will destroy their quality of life. No wonder babies scream at the moment of birth!

      You can’t pay people for NOT working for 30 to 50 years after they’ve retired. No society can afford this. The economics make no sense. And it’s a stealth tax on all of us. This is how government employees get away with this outrageous compensation- by misleading us.

      They love to say, “I only make $60K. Is that rich?” Well they actually make $120,000 per year…you need to add $60K in present salary…plus pension set-asides… plus health care for life. The entire package is actually $120K per year. They just don’t get it all now. So $60K is actually $120K.

      Which is why it has been proven recently that the AVERAGE federal government employee makes the equivalent of over $100K per year. Yes, the average compensation is now 6-figures.

      So to quote $50K or $60K salary for government employees is misleading. Does the average American earn $100K per year in total compensation package? Of course not.

      Studies prove that government employees are FAR overpaid compared to Americans with the same jobs in the private sector. It’s not the salary that is out of whack. It is in every case the benefits- pension and free healthcare for life. Government employees are a privileged class that is milking the system and bankrupting us all–even though we (the taxpayers) are the ones who pay for their outrageous bloated compensation.

      On a separate note: I love Policemen and firemen. I call them heroes. And I pointed out in my book “The Conscience of a Libertarian” that I’d give government employees who risk their lives special compensation that might be called “combat pay.” So that is a different situation. Police, fire, and law enforcement personnel deserve extra pay for the risks they take.

      But all government employees, even the heroes, should be paid for their talents or risks they take in present day salary, not in pension.

      There are 2 ways to solve the problem that will return America’s economy to health.

      #1) All government employees should be put on a defined contribution plan, to replace their present unaffordable defined benefits plan. This is the same plan we all have in the private sector. That way, you pay for your own retirement. The taxpayers are off the hook. Then I don’t care how early you retire, nor do I care how much of a pension you retire with. You pay your own way, just like the rest of us. This must be the new system for all government employees hired from this day forward.

      #2) Or at the very least, demand government employees cannot collect any pension until age 65- just like the rest of us. Can you imagine if America allowed everyone to retire at age 45 and collect Social Security and Medicare? The USA would be bankrupt within months. A government employee should be free to retire at any age they want. They can retire at 45, 50, or 55. But they should not start collecting a penny of their pension until age 65. It is unsustainable and unaffordable to allow any employee to collect a pension for the 20 years from age 45 to age 65. If they want to retire young, great! I’m all for it. But they’ll have to get another job for 20 years, or live on the money they’ve saved. But government employees can’t choose to retire young and expect taxpayers to pay for their life of leisure for decades to come. That’s called personal responsibility. You pay for your own choices in a free market capitalist society.

      • MK

        You failed to read his post to say that federal government employees should not be lumped into this category. They pay into a plan and their retirements if they try to retire at 45 their pensions are reduced. Anyone can retire at any age but they do not receive a full pension. That is a misnomer and you are making the feds look as bad as the private sector. This is where you failing to disclose the difference. You need to make things right because many federal government employees do not receive any near what you are describing. Overtime that is is a laugh, take a look back over the years and see how long it took the federal government to even try and catch up to the private sector and then you can come back and state the facts on that group. Until then you are wrong period and have caused a great deal of misinformation about those employees.

      • FreedomFighter

        Mr Root you will never convince a parasite it is eating to much.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

  • chester

    For 31 years, I worked long hours, most away from my family, stayed in less than desirable accommadations, always traveled in coach class, and paid a large percentage of my income into the government pension plan (the pension plan is not free). Now I’m retired with a decent income and benefits. By no means am I bankrupting the government. There are many others just like me so don’t go blaming all government employees just so you can promote yourself for taking a stance that is popular with the nongovernment populace. It’s so easy to give exceptional examples and blame “government workers” for everything. Also, you did not mention the ones that pay into the plan but receive nothing due to an untimely death before retirement. Many, many government workers are dedicated, hard-working individuals who deserve respect instead of your degrading ranting. Why did you ignore all the government handouts to so many that have contributed little or nothing? Is it because that would not be politically correct or popular with about 50% of the people? Also, some small businesses get all sorts of tax breaks, take cash payments under the table, and expense many personal items that most of us are taxed on. There’s room for criticism in all areas of our society. You just chose one that sounds good to the milions who do or (did) not work for the government. Shame on you.

    • MK

      Chester all great points. But it would seem when one finds a big target they are the first to have arrows shot at them. People have no clue whatsoever as to the reality of being a government employee vs private sector. But remember all those people could have been one but most of my friends said they wanted more money and better benefits. Now they are crying like banshees.

  • Harold Olsen

    This 1% and 99% crap is just that. It’s what the so-called “Occupy” movement was supposed to be about. In fact, it had absolutely nothing to do with wealth or lack thereof. It was totally political. If you identified yourself as a Republican or a conservative, you were automatically considered part of the 1%, even if you made less than $25,000 a year as I do. If you identified yourself as a Democrat or liberal, you were considered part of the 99%, even if you were a gaziliionaire. How else do you explain why the “Occupied” movement embraced idiots like George Soros and the Hollywood elite.

  • James

    Who is this Root moron? Blaming the victims instead of the criminal bankers. We don’t want to hear his bull crap propaganda deflecting the crimes onto the victims. This guy is a real clown. Let’s hear about jailing the real criminals the bankers that have destroyed the country and the real 1% not this propaganda about the victims being the criminals. I would rather never see any of this clowns commentary again.

    • MK

      I totally agree. If this is what Liberty News is leaning to then I need to seriously consider my subscription.

      • Mort

        For those who would speak of ‘privatizing’ all aspects of government, I will point out out that one of the largest items in the Federal Budget is the Department of Defense. How far would you go? Private pilots, sailors, infantry? Or just those government civilians that support our armed forces with the development of their tools.

        I will agree that there are entire Federal departments that should be abolished, including Energy, Education, NEA, HEW, etc. and their staffs be left to fend for themselves. But be careful what you wish for, for there are many services that the population has foisted on the Federal government, services that were properly left to their private, municipal and state. For the Federal government to provide those services requires Federal employees,who should not be considered to be ‘charitable’ donors.

  • Ron Zacc

    WHAT???????????? I am employee of the State of Colorado. My pension is well below that of Social Security!!! Compare Govt. retirement with Social Security, which all legal employees of the private sector are getting. Your argument could be applied to Social security! If Goverment Employees are breaking the bank, the SO ARE ALL RETIRED PERSONS!! I am working for less than the comparable private sector employee in similar fields. And now, it is ME, and the other ‘Govt. Employees’ that are responsible for the Govt. Bankrupcy???? NOT THE IDIOT in the Whitehouse who is spending more, and causing more debt, than all other American Presidents COMBINED??? What a misugided, skewed view!!!!!!!! GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!

  • Jean Michel LeTennier

    What makes me laugh out LOUD here is the complete dismissal of the COST of WAR in 8 countries for 11 Years – 6 trillion+ Dollars and counting.. 2 million dead civilians, 8,000 + american soldiers, 70,000+ wounded.. and you are blaming GOVERNMENT EMPOLYEES? who’s total salary in 11 years is less than 400 billion dollars.. ? TALK about PROPAGANDA !!! HIMLER would be proud..

    • Michael

      High Jean what color is the SKY where you are right now ??

    • Libertarians_need_an_education


      • Karen Jordy

        Thank you for that response!!! Someone with an education, who researched what they wanted to say, and had the guts to say it. I’ll bet you don’t vote no on better education for your children….

  • Dad

    It is this simple… the private sector cannot afford the government unions… cop, firefighter, teacher, clerk, post office… period.

    We need a “decent” salary to pay for all for the government welfare & waste. 54K is well over the national yearly average salary… and remember, we have to actually produce value. We generally do not have fat pensions… and we are stuck with Obamacare, while you get a free ride and Obama pays off his union cronies.
    Incidentally, our local firemen do quite well on a volunteer basis. FedEx and UPS do better in the private sector than the government jobs-for-life parasites. The cops are becoming more aggressive and belligerent and loosing the public sentiment. Heck, my friends and I could do a better job on the border… without arming the drug cartels. You aren’t going to get any sympathy for your greed… article is appropriate.

    The union mentality is strictly communist in philosophy… where their roots are.

    • Karen

      FIFTY-FOUR THOUSAND AVERAGE?!?!?!?! I made just under $28,000 at the highest earning year just before my retirement from the VA. I now get $554.00 a month, plus my medical insurance which costs $469. BUT, keep in mind that I was paying into this the entire time I worked, putting 20% of my income into a savings account through the VA. So, the VA is actually paying very little for my retirement/insurance if I live long.

      • Mort

        Too much apples and oranges in this entire thread.

        There are very few Federal emplyees thar are union members, in fact most have rejected unions.

        There are very few Federal police and firemen, and trash collectors. Those jobs are almost all municpal employees, and they do belong to unions.

        The union contracts for retirement, and perks, health care, etc., are often radically different from the Federal employees. Some of those contracts are, to put it mildly, unconscionable.

  • Mort

    Another point on ‘playing the system’.

    I, too, receive both a Federal pension and social security payments. Social security as a result of outside employment. But there is a ‘double dipper’ law, and as a result my social security benefit is approximately $100 a month which does pay for my Medicare Part B, and leaves me with the grand sum of $34 a month. And I do pay taxes on that $100. Not a complaint, just a fact of life.

  • Libertarians_need_an_education

    I have seen a lot of ridiculous feeds before but the people here are some of the worst. Views like the ones espoused here are chiefly responsible for dragging the U.S. out of prosperity. It makes me sick.

  • Silence Dogood

    Your numbers are so far off that it sickens me. You sensationalize the pensions of firefighters and police. Those numbers that you were quoting are either wrong or an isolated case of bad city contracts. I love the Personal Liberty page but it looks to me like youre simply trying to make the only people who put themselves second behind the general public, the villans. I dont believe you.

  • Eric Bischoff

    The pretend to be christians crowd is so quick to throw their brothers, sisters, mothers, grandfathers and neighbors in the unemployment line so that they can serve the 1% master to make him wealthier. Blame everything on the government. Privatize the entire world and let the free market have it’s way.

    God knows that corporations always do the right thing. Like the Banksters just did to the world economy or Union Carbide did to Bhopal or BP in the Gulf or Exxon with the Valdez. Should I go on…This could take forever. Yes let’s play football without rules!

    After all who needs child labor protection or clean air and clean water. All we need is profits and more profits.

    Yes I am speaking to the greedy bastards. You know who you are.

    • Eric Bischoff

      You people are clueless and you have reading and comprehension problems. I don’t work for the government. I make 200K a year pay a lot of taxes and I disagree with most of you that’s all. I don’t have a problem with people working for the government and making good money and benefits. We should all have that. That would make for a better country.

      Don’t you know that the reason the conservatives want to privatize the post office is to shut down the largest union in the country. It’s political and disingenuous. There’s nothing wrong with the post office. It has always paid for itself.

      There’s nothing wrong with Social Security either. And yes there’s an argument that it will have a short fall in 30 or 40 years for the first time ever but that could easily be fixed right now by removing the $107K cap on social security taxes. That’s right anything you make more than $107k pays no social security tax. Fair isn’t it? If anything we should increase the payments so the elderly who depend on it to stay alive live a little better.

      • Ken

        I think the post office is on its way to becoming obsolete. They are already being squeezed by parcel delivery companies like DHL, UPS, and FedEx, and by the advent of e-mail. The post office’s solution, is to raise rates. A small P.O. box was up 27% over last year (went from $44 to $58 a year), and there is talk of the cost of first class jumping from 44 cents, to 47 cents. That will be an increase of nearly 600% in 40 years. (8c in 1972). Has inflation risen that much?

        The PO has a hard time effectively competing with the aforementioned companies, as they seem to be able to deliver parcels with greater speed and greater efficiency, and at a cost competitive with the PO. And it doesn’t help when the Postal Workers Union is demanding higher pay, greater benefits, and less work, every time contract negotiations come around. Eventually, union demands and competition will drive the PO into bankruptcy, or completely out of business.

  • erin

    I’m a Federal employee, a nurse that works for the Army taking care of veterans & their families. I work hard and contribute to my own retirement (TSP, which is like a 401-K). The additional pension I will get after 20 years (I’ll be 72, think I’ll make it that long?) will not be that great, that is why they have the TSP plan. I don’t make any more than a nurse working in the private sector, and if they privitized all us nurses, they would have to pay them a lot more per hour. My husband is also a government employee and only makes $14 an hour. People need to quit lumping all of us in one boat. You are responsible for your own job/profession; quit whining about your own lack of money & benefits and get educated to get something else. I agree there is some waste in government but not all of us employees are responsible for it. I have also seen what privitizing jobs can do (such as in correctional facilities) where the officers & staff lose out on their benefits for their own families, it puts a hardship on them. My sister is a state employee, has to take 10 “furlough” days a year (non-paid), has to do more work w/less staff, and gets any salary increase rolled back by the state legislature for the past several years. I subscribe to a Republican/Independent philosophy but don’t try to take away what us average hardworking people have earned, we’re certainly not getting rich off your nickel.

    • katrael59ganaiden

      erin, you’re right, not all gov employees get paid the same. I know you work hard but I take issue with the idea that you contribute to your retirement program. It only seems like that. Your wages are paid by people who generate the money that pays your wage and the money that goes into your account. In reality you’re just not receiving as much now so that you can have it later. That money was owed to you for services rendered but it wasn’t produced by you. There is nothing wrong with what you’re doing I just don’t agree with you.
      It is just like a government employee to point their finger at the real producers and to criticize them when they have to foot the bill for those who only consume. Where would you get your money from if it weren’t for the people who actually pay in? You don’t pay taxes. You only return to the system what was already paid in taxes by somebody who actually produced something. Are you suggesting that everybody should be a government employee? Let’s see, isn’t that the same things as perpetual motion? Nobody’s trying to say that you as a nurse don’t perform a needed service? We have too many though who’s services we could do without and they can go out and get a private sector job or start a business and then they’d be a real contributor instead of a leech.

      • Mort

        Different strokes for different people.
        Government Labor laws dictate overtime pay at 150 and 200 percent. That does not apply to Federal government workers. In Federal employment you are capped at a maximum rate, which depending on your base can be much less. In addition, your gross weekly, with overtme, will also be capped, resulting in a ‘donation’ by you, to the government. It will never be factored into your retirement.

        And to those who decry government ‘leeches’. I wonder how many of you work in private firms that depend on government contracts for their very existence. Take note that every major government contract has a list of subcontractors that includes nearly every one of Obama’s 57 states.And the employees of those sub’s support their local McDonalds.

      • Karolyn

        Although we don’t agree much, I do agree with your assertion that there is dead wood in the gov’t system. Speaking about veterans’ hospitals made me think of something. I had a friend whose elderly husband was in a VA hospital with alzheimers. She told me horror stories of the immigrants who work there and do nothing. She felt the need to travel 50 miles one way at least 2x per week to insure that her husband wasn’t sitting in his own crap too long. As I previously stated, there needs to be more oversight to get rid of the dead wood.

        Don’t federal employees pay income tax? They also pay property taxes and sales taxes like everybody else.

    • kkflash

      Erin, your employer, the US taxpayers, contribute 11% of your pay annually to the FERS defined benefit pensions plan, in addition to the generous $6/$5 matching contribution to the federal TSP. That’s a lot better than my registered nurse daughter, who works for Mayo Clinic. Also, the USA Today study cited above shows that people in your occupation have salaries that are, on average, $10,000 higher/ yr than the private sector. This study used the government’s own Bureau of Labor statistics to demonstrate how the government is screwing the taxpayers. I’m not saying you don’t work hard, but you’re getting more pay and benefits than you would in the private sector doing the same work.

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  • jopa

    I heard they had another big extravaganza of a party at the White House last night and it was beautiful

    • Karolyn

      Yeah. It was for Iraq War veterans. I’m sure a lot of people here will have something bad to say about it.

  • Paul Daniggelis

    Please, people, do not buy into that phony 99/1 dichotomy. There is no such animal. It is an invention of the Occupy idiots who don’t know mathematics or demographics and have their hands out for whatever government agency that will studiply give them what they want – womb to tomb care. It’s the same philosophy that is driving my heritage (Greece) into the ground. We rant and rave about getting Obama out of office. It won’t be enough. Significant change will only come about by changing the President AND Congress; then we have to get rid of lawyers and judges who have relegated the US Constitution to the trash heap. These people don’t even pretend that they will amend the Constitution – they simply ignore it.
    ABO – 2012!!!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I wholeheartedly agree with you.
      But who creates this cradle to the grave desire for paternalism? Would you not think that people would want to be Free to make their own mistakes as well as choices?

      • mac

        No, Nadzieja, those who vote Democrat are most definitely NOT wanting to be free to make their own mistakes. They want someone else – taxpayers – to cover for them when they make mistakes. The problem is that they have been getting the government handout for so long they just don’t associate the handout with their neighbors who are paying for their existence.

        • Mort

          Are there Federal government employees making more than their equivalents in industry? Yes. Are there Federal government employees making less? Again, YES. But I daubt if you will see the same discrepancy at entry level, where, in general, the government salary will be far less. A discrepancy that is, in part, compensated by a promise of job security and a retrement plan, promises that are held at the whim of the government.

          I will present an instance of government/private. When I worked for the US Army, the Congress requested that the Army reduce the usage of contractor support. In opposition to the general of our command, I said the following: “General, you have, in your command, many highly qualified servicemen. When they are not supported, their morale suffers, and they leave as soon as possible, and return as now ;highly qualified civilians, at a much higher pay.”..

  • SFC Ken Brenneman

    And what about the enlisted military person. I retired after 20 years. While in the service my top pay (last pay rate) was just under $2000 a month. Putting my life on the line and moving the family (if I was allowed) every 2-3 years for that amount vs those in the civilian community earning a lot more per month. True I draw a pension and if lucky (on stand by) medical care vs those in civilian sector earning a nice retirement (and bonus). No, not all working for government are earning what he states in video; I wonder what he earns in salary (and retirement)?

  • Ralph

    Dear Karolyn,
    I wasn’t talking about interferon that is very bad for you. Just read a book “One minute cure” and do what it says for 1 cent per day in a privacy of your own home and you will not need blood works any-more.

    • Karolyn

      Thank you so much, Ralph. I just got done reading just a few reviews of the book, and I am most certainly going to buy it. If it is half as good as the reviewers stated, I will be sharing that info with everybody!

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  • http://PersolalLibertyDigest Gray P

    I am a mid level government retiree and believe me I do not have a million dollars or even close to it. I worked for the Us for 39 years. I don’t know anyone that retired with that kind of money. I am sure there are people out there with a million dollars but the sure did not make it on Uncle Sams pay.

  • Debbie

    I would like to ask anyone who likes to bash government employees a question. If you found yourself out of work, with a family to support, and the best job, or maybe the only job, available to you was a government job, would you take it? According to some people here, that would automatically make you a member of the evil one percent.

    Our problems are not caused by government employees, but rather those who make the policies in Washington and at the state levels, that continually increase the size and scope of our government. The “average” government employee is not necessary the “typical” government employee. Government agencies are top-heavy, as are private corporations. I agree that we need to cut the government down to a reasonable size and keep its employees’ salaries and benefits in line with those of the private sector, starting at the top, with our three branches in Washington. Vilifying all government employees as a homogeneous group and blaming them for the mess we are in is not the way to go.

    • Karolyn


  • Tyler

    It’s not just the “unions”, and/ or “organized labor” in the Gov’t. machine that is causing this. Every Senator and Congressperson get FULL PAY and BENEFITS from the time they leave office until they die and then the surviving spouse gets 1/2 of that “package” until they die… The people of this great country need to: 1, vote for term limits, and 2, demand that the pay and benifits of Senators and Congresspersons be stopped AS SOON AS THEY ARE OUT OF OFFICE!!! No elected politician should be paid after leaving office..
    TERM LIMITS AND PAY & BENEFIT STOPPAGE would save the U.S. taxpayers countless $$$$….

  • SKI

    I listened to this load of bull. I’m a retired vet, I put in 25 years to let this person tell me that I make to much on my retirement. Tell me if you served , I feel that ydid not serve. Try to tell me about ALL the money & benefits that I get. When I joined I was told that I will get free medical for life IF I retired. I dodged bullets & now I have to pay for my medical. I bet you have not worked a day in you life.

  • Gene

    I did not know firefighters were Federal Civil Servants. I am a retired Civil Servant and my yearly income was not based on may last year of working and neither is any other Federal Employee. Do not lump your apples and oranges together. I was making almost $50,000.00 a year when I retired after over 30 years. I now get lest than $34,000. I have to pay my own medical bills. And so far I have received a pay cut because of higher insurance rates. I salary was frozen several years ago. So Instead I reading just the Las Vegas what ever. You should work and find out the truth. You do know what that is. We have alot of people living on a gravy train but it not the Federal Civil Servant. Most of our work went to contractors years ago. If you are unable to know the difference maybe you should shut up or talk about true facts.

    • mac

      I’m retired Civil Service, in 1993. I pay my own insurance premiums under the Fed Employees group plan, which increased 15% each of the last three years, but no COLA increase. Gas prices more than doubled in that period, no COLA increase. If I make it another year (to 20 years retired) I will not be anywhere near $1M total pay since retirement. Oh, I also paid into Social Sec. my last 10 years of working.

  • burton wong

    The speaker is focusing on a few egregious samples but does not address the universe of workers. The majority of average government employees in no way do even begin to approach the levels he expounds upon. Their pensions are near the averages or slightly above for the common worker. Yes, there are some government workers who get ridiculous & monster pensions but these are certain big shots, privileged/favored workers in some/certain jurisdictions. (Some politically connected.) It makes me angry too. To imply that they represent the vast majority of government employees is a gross distortion of the reality of the universe of such workers. I was a professional CA state worker for 35 years. I was making less than the average white college graduate at the time. And I have a Master’s degree. The speaker creates the rationale and slogan for the time when the have-nots attack the perceived “haves” during the time of extreme financial crisis when (local) governments are bankrupt. EXTREMELY IRRESPONSIBLE! Could cause many “haves” deaths & destruction of property. They are much more accessible than the banksters in DC and NYC and politicians. And maybe the pensioners he mentions.

    • Debbie

      I think that is sometimes referred to as “divide and conquer.” The object is to get those of us having financial difficulty angry at those we think have a little more, and start the regular, average people fighting among themselves. Then we are all distracted, and won’t notice those who are really taking us for a ride, so they can carry on as usual at our expense.

  • jerry

    Nancy Pelosi let the cat out of the bag. ITS the FEDERAL FAMILY against the American citizen who are considered serfs to support them in islamic style.

    • Karen

      Not true Jerry. I’m the wife of a federal employee and trust me…they are NOT the 1%’ers (or the problem!). My husband had to work “2″ jobs for MANY yrs in order for us to survive (we had 5 children…3 were special needs). Although he PAID INTO social security for “2nd” job (non-gov’t job)… he is not allowed to collect it (he is 69). So essentially, the gov’t stole his money.

      He paid into his pension and healthcare ins and will continue to pay healthcare ins. Since the gov’t is 18 mths BEHIND in processing retirement paperwork…the gov’t is only giving him 1/2 of what will be his mthy pension. They will also make him pay for processing his retirement papers. CAREER Politicians and their LOBBYIST friends are the REAL PROBLEM.

  • Larry A. Singleton

    “Of all the Orwellian phrases most Americans have grown comfortable with, “family law” may be most pernicious — and what it represents may well be the most invasive and intrusive tyranny now operating in our country.” Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D.

    I advise everybody to read “Taken Into Custody” by Stephen Baskerville. You only THINK you know how out of control government is. I promise you. You don’t. I consider myself very, very well informed. I’ve been an activist and a patriot and a victim of the government. I’ve been threatened and jailed for speaking out. However even I was shocked when I read this book. Go online, and just read the Introduction. If you have the guts, buy the book. I say this because it will be one of the most difficult books you have ever read. It is literally gut wrenching. You think you hate the government now. Believe me when I tell you this-you will go ballistic after reading this book. Just like “The War Against Boys”, “One Nation Under Arrest” “Mean Justice” or even “Muslim Mafia”. This book strips away the lie that is the so-called dead beat dad and exposes the truth to what is the economic genocide being inflicted on dads. Please believe me when I tell you you will not be able to comprehend what your eyes will reveal to you. You Will Weep. I’m not exaggerating. I’m not being “shrill”. Our government and it’s employees are no more out of control then in the family law and child support racket. The Constitution DOES NOT EXIST in Americas courtrooms. You probably think you know all there is to know about this unpopular subject. You Do Not.

    Introduction: The Crisis of Fatherhood and Marriage

  • Larry

    I am sixty-three years old. I went to the police academy to become a Chicago police force in the sixties. I had no desire to have anything to do with Vietnam and this a way of avoiding the draft. I did not like what I observed and was expected to be a part of as such. Therefore, I became a mailman instead. Eventually, I wound up having to go into the military after being given the choice of doing so or going to prison. Back in 1990 I was imprisoned anyway until 2014. A problem that I have here is that the police were in my house illegally, they claimed to had taken $500 from my place when the actual amount was $50,000. The search warrant that I found in my place upon release on bond was so ridiculous, in that, it clearly stated that it was asked for and received exactly one week after I found these thugs in my apartment. They even had the audacity to have the thing time and date stamped to corroborate this fact. The judge in my case was the same one whose signature was on this warrant. He refused to do his job and dismiss the case as was the remedy for showing that they lied when this fact was demonstrated. My name nor apartment number were never uttered during the more than an hour that several people rode all over town, as well as, entered and left numerous places while one guy was wearing a recorder and taping all that was said during the course of the night. No attorney involved with this case either mine or the county’s did the right thing. After my supposed appeal was concluded, my lawyers had the gaul to ask for more money to appeal the case further. I told the guy that ripped me off that they were fired and that I will do it myself. I returned to school and learned to do law so as to represent myself. I made them eventually reluctantly return me to court, release me, return my bond money, and clean off my record. This episode took ten and a half years of my life away and I lost out on over a million dollars during this episode, none of which, were regained. The problem is that some a$$#@!%$ are allowed to be above and get away with anything. You do not think about these things until you become the victim. Then it is too late. Most police are corrupt in my experiences of life, as are, lawyers and judges. This kind of thing is everywhere in government. They are all overpaid, have no problem with stealing, and lie profusely. Just look at what goes on in congress, the supreme court, and with the executive branch. Regular people do not stand a chance in this world regardless of the name that the government is called by. There is only one type of government in this world. There are a few that makes the rules and the rest that gets trampled by them. It always has been and will be. Get used to it and hope that you do not get misused and abused.

  • markt11c

    Government jobs used to be paid less than the private sector and that was accepted as it was known that the compensation for that was job security. Now with that job security they also get equal to better pay, it is better to be a government employee than their employers (tax payer) of equal status. How to remedy that obvious unethical inequality is something to debate, but that is a fact.

  • Thinking About

    A true huckster, one who makes his sale to 1% 99% of the time. Try another trick from your sleeve I did not fall for this story.

  • Ramon

    Only an idiot like the writer of this article would be irresponsible enough to make these assertions. I am a retired federal employee with 29 years of service. If you can prove that I have 5 or 10 million dollars as a result of my retirement benefits; let me know where are them. I would like to know, so I don’t have to worry whether I’ll be able to make my next mortgage payment or, how am I going to pay for my , and my family’s, living expenses .
    Your asinine attitude con only be from a stupid super liberal mind such as yours. Go and educate yourself first before opening your trap to talk bad about the loyal federal employees, which , many of them have served our Country in war time and in peace time, taking all the crap politicians and derelicts like you constantly dish out. The federal peons are not the ones making all that money. It is the Congressmen, the office of the president, and agency directors, as well as the czars Obama has put in place the ones making all the monies. Spare the federal workers who in general are dedicated people, who serve all Americans, including clowns just like you, Mr. Wayne Allen Root.

    • Brian

      I agree, I’m nowhere near that, and I’ve been a Federal Government Employee since Dec of 2000. so I think that it is a little unfair to spolight ALL Federal Employees, but there are those that are abusing the Federal system there is no doubt about that.

    • Larry A. Singleton

      Hey Mister public employee. Read “Taken Into Custody” by Baskerville and then tell me I should bow down to you people. Really, get back to me. Also, how long have you been retired? Generally he’s talking about the things that have started to kick in in the last few years. What’s happening if you’re f-ing paying attention is unsustainable. Do you get that? And leave the military out of it. They’re getting screwed and aren’t even part of this conversation.

  • Brian

    I’ve been a Federal Government employee for the past 12 years and I have to take Offense to this statement. However, I agree that the unions are THE MOST to blame of ANY organization, regardless of it being Federal, State, or Private sector, I am not a member of the union at work by the way. But I should point out that it is unfair to put the spotlight on ALL Government employees, as benefits are being abused across the board at ALL levels from Federal right down to the Private Sector, and since this current administration (Obama’s) has dipped into the retirement funds of BOTH the CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System, the old retirement system) and TSP (Thrift Savings Program, newer retirement system) in May of 2011 and more recently in January (2012) to pay for THEIR indiscretions, we are also well on our way of losing any benefits we may have as we try to put money aside for retirement; and our retirement pay is based on the last 3 YEARS of our pay, I can’t speak for other Government, State or Private Sector departments and their retirement systems and how they are run but that’s how ours is determined so it’s an unfair blanket statement. I definitely don’t make THAT kind of money, and I certainly don’t have those kinds of benefits nor do I abuse leave, but there are those that do (I know, I’ve seen it happen on a regular basis both @ the Federal and State level). I must admit that I make a fairly decent living not having graduated w/a degree from college in my field of work (medical), but it is a step up from working at a State level hospital (believe me I HAVE worked at a State run hospital for 2 1/2 years, which was my first REAL job and not a minimum wage type job). As far as pay goes, the only consistant pay increase was cost of living was being factored in (which has been frozen for the past 2 years so that is now irrelevent, not that it was in any way significant when it WAS available, but factor in how many Federal Employees x that small % and yes it can be pretty sizable in the end, but your taxes and benefits increase with it so there really isn’t an INCREASE to speak of). So while some of what he says is true and can be backed up by statistics and documentation, I think there should be more awareness to the fact that to broad stroke the entire “Government employee system” is unfair and should require more investigation before making such a statement. The Unions look to be the biggest culprit in this situation. Not to mention Government officials that make 100k plus lobbyist “donations” and backdoor secret deals that screw over the average worker in favor of the fatcats.

  • Nevada

    Ron Paul will reduce the Federal Budget by $1 trillion in his first year of office. Ron Paul in 2012? Yes!!!

    • Rob

      Can’t help but think that even if Ron Paul pulled a miracle and got elected, that the Senate and Congress wouldn’t let him accomplish anything that he says he would do.

  • Ken

    I can tell you that one group of government employees that get screwed over by the government they served – Military retirees.

    They have done more for their country for longer periods of time, and for their trouble, time, service, patriotism, and sacrifice, they have had promised benefits stolen by an ungrateful and uncaring DoD secretary (Perry) and president (Clinton), and have been disparaged by idiots in congress who never spent a day in uniform.

    You want to talk about how government employees are getting over, make sure you are not including the brave men and women, past and present, of our armed forces.

    • Rob

      This author obviously has a narrow view of federal government employees. There is a large blue collar workforce that makes less than 50K.

  • ranger hall

    The big problem is Fed Govt, State, and City workers are paid to much Based on the Average citizen. 50-60 thousand a year [offensive word removed] nice, NOW some of the biggest rips Come from our Heros the Fire depts and the Police depts.
    EXAMPLE an average City in california, few years ago, This one year ea and every fireman had overtime, included Capts,and Battlion chief, the smallest amount of overtime was 25 thousand up to a whopping 70 thousand.The station was fully staffed, NOW the biggest problem was they only had TWO small fires this hole year.Sheriff and police use the same Methods. Yes folks these are our Heros
    Have you noticed that THEY all say the same thing, WE put our lives on the line to Protect you folks. Based on stats, these people 90% of them have never pulled their weapon againest a life threating Problem, Most spend their 8-10 hrs driving around writting tickets,and filling out reports after the incidents. Most do not even realize a Policemans Duty is to Protect The People and Their Property, How offten do you see a Policeman Patrol your Street, And i could really tell you stories about Policemen and how they do there jobs.Murder,Protecting drug runners,stealing,drugs,alcohol,assault on citizens,drunks,prostitutes,Mental cases. etc..Most of this has happened in the Larger Cities, But has been known to happen in a lot of smaller cities and Counties. AZ and New mexico is popular for Escorting drug runners thru the cities and counties, Some commit murder on other Honest Policemen, and most get away with it.
    OK there is a lot of Good Policemen out there Ive been around City, County and Feds Most of my life and I do Know A FEW. Oh we had crooked cops when i was young,Mostly large cities, But it also was common in smaller cities and some Counties across the Country. But now it seems Like the Brother Hood spends more time protecting ea other than they do the Citizens. I have been at this for 53 years, and it just keeps getting worst.
    Good Nite, getting to old for all this Phoney Hero [offensive word removed].
    OH When was the last time a Military man or Woman Fought for our Freedoms, How about the 1700s. WW2 is still being decided.

    • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

      Fella, I take it from your comment you don’t like the Police, Fireman. Oh, I agree with you on your statement about that town in CA, but you didn’t go far enough: that city fired all those idiots (City fathers and any one at fault) and started over.

      Now as to your question about the military on fighting for our freedoms, just ask any soldier, sailor, Airman, or Marine if he’s not fighting for the freedoms that you and all Americans charish and he’ll tell you: “Damned right I am!” or would you like someone to knowck at your door some night and take you away without telling you what you are being charged with (Oh, yeah, your family will never see you again.)

      I for one am proud of my fellow veterans and would join them again in a heart beat if asked.

      Oh, yeah, I’ve been around this world for over 65 years.

  • ranger hall

    OH Most all Govt employees are paid to much, retirement, ins. etc to much, If you base the wages and Extras compared to the ave working american.
    This includes the military, The Military was not ever designed for Big pay, it was designed for the average person to serve his or her 2-3-4 years, His or her DUTY to the Country, Leave and continue a life in Productive work. Some would stay in not for the money but for the Military Life, Some of you old Boys know what i mean.
    For most in my day you and your family just managed to live, Lower than most people, But the Heads were helt high, and you wore the uniform Proudly, Heck to day we dont even like our military to wear the uniform in public, wonder why.
    Anyway our military have it pretty good these days.

  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    NO, Government Employees are NOT the “True 1%”…YES they are a major part of the problem BUT they are what I call the “Front Men” ( “persons” to be PC).They ARE only part of the 10 % and will “take the the “heat” and suffer the consequences when the “S..t hits the fan” like Madoff did…. to DISTRACT us from the REAL criminals …the Establishment

    The Establishment is the REAL 1 % which partially and mainly consists of the shareholders ( owners) of the Federal Reserve, the Royal Families( especially British), the Rothschilds of Israel, the Masons and the Vatican Bank.

    My Concern, Wayne is are you just not aware OR are you deliberately part of those trying to confuse and distract the 99% ???

  • sesame

    The “average” government employee does not make anything near that. This is pure hokum.

  • http://comcast Reggie3

    It is the inventors,investors,business owners and CEO’s who create ALL of this nations wealth.Yet LIB clowns villify the so-called “Rich” who make this the greatest country in all of history.The Federal Gov’t has only two valid functions.National Defense and Internal Security.All bureaus should be wiped out.All foreign aid should stop.We should drop the UN.All welfare and medicade should be shipped back to the States so the VOTERS can decide whether they want to be prosperous or become nanny states like California.

  • TomC

    Well I guess I am th TRUE 1%. YUUHUUU I am part of the Elite… Why? Cause I am a Federal Employee ;)

  • chaslie

    It never ceases to amaze me that the working class always start pointing fingers at each other and blaming each other during economic hardtimes. I guess it is just human nature. What is sad is instead of supporting each other we would rather tear each other apart and create a situation where it is a race to the bottom. The people in power (the wealthy) know this and they are playing us for fools. First, attention was directed at the unions (sadly, we have forgotten why unions were created in the first place) and now it is government employees with retirement plans. The private sector employees were duped long ago when companies persuaded them to switch from retirement plans to 401Ks. How’s that 401K looking now? Unfortunately, it just goes to show that history is repeating itself once again.

    • http://comcast Reggie3

      Chaslie-The term “working class” is offensive.It was the so-called “Class struggle” that created the USSR.And this “Working class” is an oxymoron.Anyone who has a frappin’ job is working.So a CEO is just as much in the “Working class” as a plumber.In our country,we HAVE no “Classes”.We do have Income levels,however.ANYONE has the RIGHT to become “Rich” in the USA.The ways and means are up to the individual.

      • chaslie

        Perhaps the term “working class” was not a good term to use but I was trying to distinguish those who work for a living from entities like global corporations, investment banks, etc., who have an inordinate amount of power and influence over societies because of their wealth. Anyone has the right to become “rich” but you are fooling yourself if you think anyone gets “rich” by working for a living. The system is rigged to favor these wealthy entities and to keep the rest of society down. One way that is done is through manipulation of the economy in order to create strife among those who work for a living; i.e. outsourcing, importing cheap labor, making sure there are more people than jobs, etc. Meanwhile, the rich fat cats are rubbing their hands in glee that the latest outcry is against unions and government employees making too much money and not against them. It is like throwing out chum and watching the sharks attack each other.

    • http://comcast Reggie3

      PS-The Unions are owned,lock,stock,and barrel by the Cosa Nostra.RFK proved that back in the 1960′s.I am not knocking the original labor movement in the 1930′s.It corrected a lot of wrongs.But todays unions are corrupt parasites,part responsible for driving our manufacturing jobs overseas.What do you suggest?More GOV’T jobs?Who is going to PAY for ‘em?

  • Rodhea

    @Dave H…now you did it. Can’t sit here and read the dribble coming out of your mouth about the post office being a failure. Actually, the post office is the most revered of all the govt. agencies. Independent surveys show the citizens view the post office with a 95 per cent favorable rating for several years now. The post office’s current fiscal problems were caused by Congress and our Presidents interfering in the operations of the post office by making unsustainable and unreasonable demands from the post office to help offset the debt problem that Congress and the Presidents have had over the years. Currently the post office is required by law to pay a 5.5 billion dollar a year payment for future health benefits of their retirees…on top of what it pays yearly for current retirees. The post office claims to have lost $22 billion dollars over the last four years…well, guess what 5.5 billion x 4 years = $22 billion dollars. Add on to that the fact that the post office has overpaid into the Civil Service Retirement System(CSRS) another estimated $60 billion dollars over the years due to the use of the wrong accounting formula by another government agency collecting that money and you begin to see the problems facing the post office. But, I am not done yet. Add another $7-10 billion dollars in overpayments to the Federal Employees Retirement System (the system that replaced the CSRS) since 1984. Btw, the $5.5 billion a year payments are to pay for 75 years of future retiree health benefits, but have to be paid over a 10 year period starting in 2007. No other government agency or private enterprise is saddled with this requirement by law (NONE). In fact, this requirement funds health benefits for retirees who haven’t even been born yet. Getting the idea now. Congress and the Presidents (now and past) have been using the post office as a cash cow to try to offset their ever increasing deficits and debt. The post office is funded solely by the products and services it sells and provides and not through any tax dollars. The post office has cut 200,000 employees and will be cutting another 200,000 over the next 3-4 years. It has saved $12 billion dollars the last 4 years through increased productivity and not hiring new employees as the older ones retire. Much streamlining has been done and as volume has fallen due to the recession…much more consolidation and streamlining is in effect. The post office actually MADE between $500-600 million dollars the last four years just doing its’ job of processing and delivering mail, but as you can see the fiscal problems are solely due to Congressional and Presidential interference and improper accounting procedures by other government agencies. So next time before you open your mouth and spew out diatribes about something you know nothing about…try doing some homework first. You seem to like to say things you’ve heard but never investigated yourself.

    • Thinking About

      Don’t know if DaveH really knows, if it is found on youtube or mises he does not believe it.

  • Rodhea

    @kkflash…your comments about the postal service being given subsidies by the government (i.e.- tax money) are way off base. It goes to show everyone just how uninformed you are on a wide variety of subjects. Your mouth runs before your brain engages, and your brain doesn’t warn you to get the facts before you open your mouth. The postal service gets no subsidies from the government. It runs on the sales of the products and services it provides. It labors under rules that make it difficult to adjust quickly to market place changes, rules mandated by Congress and the President who signs the laws containing those rules. But, it does run under a semi-autonomous model as a government agency. The only agency mentioned and required in the Constitution by-the-way. And I explained in my previous post @DaveH why the postal service has fiscal problems. Read it and learn something. It is Congress and the Presidents (all of them) that have created the fiscal mess for the post office. But, no money is given to the post office other than enough to partially cover the free mailings made by the blind per law.

    • perry

      the area i live in we’ve got about 8000 people and there is 4 post offices they want close 1 of them because the workers go all to hell when they bring up the subject. plus they tried to get them to work 5 days aweek and they raise hell about that to so what do you do ?

      • Rodhea

        @perry…reducing the mail delivery week from 6 days to 5 days has always been a subject of discussion over the years as a way to reduce costs for the post office. Problem is…the mail affects a trillion dollars of our 15 trillion dollar GDP every year and businesses rely on a stable 6 day a week delivery system to bring in their revenue and promote their products. And the more post offices and mail processing facilities that are closed means increased costs to businesses and consumers who rely on nearby access. The more that are eliminated also means decreasing delivery standards so it takes longer to get the mail and all the revenue and services associated with that mail. The post office needs more flexibility from Congress (the laws affecting the post office) to adjust rates quicker and offer many more products and services and to truly let the post office run more like a business without so many constraints. A single rate change can take months to get approved through the cumbersome system Congress and the Presidency have deemed to dump on the post office. Postal employees know the value and the potential that the post office can have to a community and the loss of more jobs in a community only degrades that community. Being able to adjust the postal network is a necessary part of running the business, but unnecessary downgrading of the system is counter-productive to the communities and the country overall. More flexibility in the revenue stream (i.e.-products and services that can be offered) will help to pay for those local access points to the postal system. Tell your Congressman and Senators (and the President) that. As well as how important 6 days a week of delivery is to business and consumers. And… I don’t know about you, but I love getting my b’day and Christmas cards, packages and letters in the mail… instead of through an email, website, etc. I can’t hold an email or a webpage in my hand or next to my heart and know the love that went into sending and receiving something that personal ♥.

  • jopa

    People like to knock the cops and firemen.I have witnessed with my own eyes on a hot summer day a Pa.State Trooper stopped and helping an elderly couple with a flat.That is just one instance of the kindness most have to offer but those are not stories that make it in the news.It has to be bad news with doom and gloom or it’s not newsworthy today.Turn off the news for a few weeks and learn the joy of laughter and how to smile again.It is like a vacation without leaving the farm.Then when you turn your TV set back on it will still be the same news. just a different day.

    • Libertytrain

      jopa, agree, however why have you posted so many mean-spirited ugly posts today about people if you are so filled with joy about life. Or are you one of those typical do as I say NOT AS I DO kind of folks; at least that what your posts seem to prove about you. No – you have zippo credibility.

  • Tracker

    Wayne Allyn Root: In the words of Congressman Joe Wilson, R-SC – “You lie”.

    If government employment is such a good deal, why isn’t everyone signing up to be a government employee? When I ask that question, I’m told “The pay is too low”.

  • Ri

    Apparently, you do not realize that many a returning veterans, people with disabilities, women and so forth work for the government. I worked for the USDA National Finance Center and we processed the payrolls for many government agencies including the secret service, and the DOD in finance and payroll and NPS employment. During my tenure I worked hard, long hours including weekends. I receive a small pension. I am tired of people like you scapegoating government workers. We paid into our health and life insurance, retirement. Next to me sits my friend Mike, retired Airforce. He also served his country by working with Health and Human Services.

  • http://comcast Reggie3

    Chaslie-How about Ronald Reagan?He came from a poor family.But he became one of the so-called “Rich” on his own.On the other hand,Ted Kennedy inherited great wealth.He also inherited a Senate seat when his brother became President.That is the kind of “Rich” person I despise.I came from a low income family.Yet I am now semi-retired.In the last 10 years of full time work,I was earning over 100K per year.Without a college education.To many folks expect something for nothing.With ability,drive,and common sense,anyone can become well off.

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  • Larry

    I have been reading all these comments. There is one thing that is missing. As a government employee and proud American and proud of who I serve, the military. In my job the private sector can not even come close to doing it at cost like the agency I work for. The private sector supervisors make 25 to 30% more in salaries then my agency pays. It is my job to use the tax payers money the best I can. My health care cost me. I pay 39% tax on my wages. I pay into my own retirement. When I retire I will retire with what I have saved up and this is only a small pentence to what is being said about the 1%. I pay my taxes and all the other taxes also. Since Obama has been in I haven’t received a 2% cost of living raise each year. Obama has spent more in his first 1 1/2 years as president then all the other presidents combined. This is a proven fact. All the bail-outs etc. haven’t done anything except bring on more debt. Why are we upset at each other we are all Americans and as Americans we need to ban together for the public good. We shouldn’t have had NAFDA which was one big mistake. Obama wants to simply socialize us and it seems the ones that put him in still see things with blinders. When a person is doing bad it has nothing to do with the color of a person’s skin. They are just doing a bad job. I don’t care if you are purple if you are doing a bad job it is simply that a bad job. My dad is a disabled WW2 veteran and he gets his salary he was making a whopping $21.00 a month. This is alot to be paid for spending time in a concentration camp, being shot and wounded. Oh did I say taking out a pill box to save his platoon. He still has bullet fagments in his leg. I am very proud of him. Remember you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything.

    Our men and woman, police, fire-fighters etc. are a special breed of American. They will be the first person to give you the shirt off there back. Without these couragous, brave people what would we do . Think about that the next time somebody gets shot or a house burns down or having no military to keep us safe. I am a Viet Nam area veteran and know how it fills to be a proud American. Before you jump the gun and start pointing the finger at others. Consider this When was the last time you protected, defended, stood your ground and watched your back at the same time. This is something these freedom fighters have to do everyday. Only in America can you talk like some of you talk on this page and other. You need to understand that in alot of countries you would be shot for expressing your views this is what makes America so special. God Bless America.

    • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

      Thanks for your service, Larry and I whole-heartedly agree with you. We should thank all of the special breed of people: Police officers, Firemen, and most of all our fighting men and women in uniform. Because without the police our streets would run ramped with crime, without the firefighters our homes and businesses would burn down, and without our military those jerks would not have the freedom to say what they want.

      I served during Vietnam (’68-’69), however I was in country with A Co. 228th Avn Bn, 1st Cav (AM)), and then again during Desert Storm this time with the USAF.

      • Larry

        Be proud of what you have done and who you have served. Beleive me when I say I am not the only one that fills this way. People that have never put there life on the line or people that have only played war games on a game console have no idea in real life it is if you die it is for good. A person that fears nothing will get you killed on a battle field because mostly only thining of themself and not that safety of other team members you depend on to stay alive. Both parties need to share in the spending spree that has happened since we received our dictator. How can a person worth millions of dollars even relate to the average american citizen, simply they can’t. They forget like myself they serve the american people not the other way around. We need our freedos back that are being stripped day by day untill one day they will be gone and we will be a third world country wondering what happen ? Please voice your feelings at the polls. Get involved and bring back America to the American people. It is we the people not we the dictator.

    • http://comcast Reggie3

      Larry-That is entirely different.Our military is one of the only valid jobs the Federal Gov’t has.I did my hitch in the USAF.The “Parasites” most of us are talking about are bureaucrats.Especially those “Czars” and their staffs.What in Hell does our Prez need with these mini-dictators?ALL of our previous presidents have gotten along nicely with a Cabinet,a National Security Advisor,and a Press Secretary.Fire and Police are local are Sanitation workers.Schools SHOULD be financed locally.Maybe a little Fed help,but NO INTERFERENCE!The Federal Gov’t should be run like a business.Can you see a business staying IN business with annual 1.3 trillion dollar defecits?

      • Larry

        I agree with you. the main reason the prez. does this so that he will not be held accountable and he is a socialist. A russian leader at the end of WW2 said that the US would be taken over without bloodshed or guns. And this is proving to be right. President Bush used Czars a little bit to do certain things. But the Chicago crook in office could care less and is ruining this country. When he was running he talked about change and at that time I said we are in for a wild ride. If he gets back in he will finish ruining our country. If you remember when he got elected he went to other countrys and appologized for America. Why did he do this we have nothing to appologize for. If he doesn’t like this country he needs to leave and become a dictator some place else.

        • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

          That’s right, Larry , send him back to Kenya along with Traitoress he calls a wife.

          The reason I call her a Traitoress is last FLAG DAY and a celebration he attended along with her (Check Y-Tube), she leaned over to him and whispered: “All this for a Damn old rag!”.

          I spent most of my adult life defending this Country and its flagl I enlisted in ’63 and retired in ’92, and I am damned proud to have served.

          THEY NEED TO GO!

          • Greatscott

            When yo8u defend the flag, you are defending a Unconstitutional Government. how about defending the Constitution and refuse to fight these undeclared wars. I have zero respect for brainwashed soldiers who follow Illegal and un-Constitutional orders. The Nazi’s used this excuse during Nuremberg trials after WW2. “But I was just following orders” as they executed prisoners of war and killed innocent civilians. Just like our drones are killing innocent civilians in the Middle East.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Greatscott, sure there are some civilians killed in the Middle East but more often then not those so-called civilians were carrying a weapon just a few minutes before when our soldiers were attacked. Then when their buddies realized that they had run up against a superior force they ran off like the cowards that they are; however when they did they took any weapon that was laying about and what do you see now: A poor civilian.

            So, Greatscott, before you start critizing our military: Walk in their boots for a while.

      • Karen

        “What in Hell does our Prez need with these mini-dictators?”

        Are you kidding me? Our “Campaigner and Singer n’Chief” NEEDS his “czars of plenty!” He needs them to make SURE his lobbyist friends are happy campers (campaign $$$…cha ching)!!!

        WAKE up Americans…this bozo isn’t “working” FOR America, he’s working AGAINST America. Actually…he’s NOT working but his CRONIES sure are!

  • moronpolitics

    My dad worked for the FAA for.. well forever… Until, actually, they put him in a little office down in the basement where there was only storage and him. Yes, they finally pissed him off enough that he quit his job at 80 years old. They can’t FORCE you out if you can still do the job and after more than 40 years he pretty much had it down I suppose. He did a great job actually, very dedicated and loved finding people screwing up and when screwing up means a very large jet making a very big mess in the middle of a residential area… that’s a good thing. Catching people, not making messes. However, it doesn’t matter whether your job is important or not, the rules make it very likely that you will go up and up and up with only minimal effort. As in coming to work most of the time and least most of the day. Go read the rules sometime, just google civil service GS scale or something. It’s incredible. Teaching Government for a private Jewish High School I printed it all out and we went over it one day. (This stuff is NOT in the text. I was a special teacher, you know?) EVERY KID IN THE CLASS DECIDED ON THEIR CAREER PATH THAT DAY, EVEN THOSE WHO HAD PLANNED TO BE A RABBI.

  • Mike H.

    Wow, that guy is an infomercial salesman. I’m not sure what type of math Mr. Root is doing, but government employees will not retire with 5 million. Your retirement is based upon the last three year’s salary. The retiree’s annual pension will be approximately 25% of the last three years average salary. So if someone retires with the final three years averaging 150k, that person’s annual pension would be 37,500. Multiply that by 30 years and you would get $1,125,000. Yes, that is a very nice way to retire. But hardly the $5-10m Mr. Root’s ‘fuzzy’ math was referring to.

  • http://comcast Reggie3

    John Wilch is right.If this Arab loving commie is re-elected,WE will be the NEW USSR.If you can’t decide who to vote for,just remember the last four years.Ask yourself “Am I better off now than I was four years ago?”Then at least you will have someone to vote against!

  • Jakartaman

    This post is typical across America.
    Our socialist leader is the big divider – also a racist.
    Folks the enemy of the State is sitting in OUR white House
    He is pitting blacks against whites
    Rich against poor
    Unions against non unions
    environmentalist against business
    Stop and think – we are all Americans – we need to remove the cancer this Novemeber

    • Greatscott

      And replace the Cancer in the WH with who? Another Tumor like Romney, Gingrich or Santorum? If you have removed the shackles from the Corporate Controlled News Media, there is only one candidate worthy of our vote, and that Candidate is Congressman Ron Paul. The other 3 are Liberal Globalists pretending to be a Conservative in Name Only.

  • Karen

    I RESENT your bogus 1% “claim”. My husband retired after 46 yrs as a Federal gov’t employee and he paid a large mthly sum into his pension and healthcare. WHAT UNION?! He was an Aero Space Engineer and his salary was way below his private sector counter parts. Cost of living increases for gov’t employees is nothing short of a joke and they are the FIRST to receive cuts by our corrupt politicians!

    FYI – Newly retired Federal Employees are losing their homes because our government is 18 mths BEHIND in getting paper work done. We are living on 1/2 of the 1/2 of his pension right now….that’s all we get. Thank God we aren’t losing our home but have had to make drastic changes in order to survive. Relocating to Ecuador is looking better and better…what a shame.

  • http://NOWEBSITE EDWARD Brown

    ED says that Acording to what happened since the assiniation of JFK and RFK this country has gone to hell litterally, the two Kennedys are the only two politicians that along with a few of the honest politics could have made this country great again. Many of you hated Kennedys, But there has NEVER BEEN a PRESIDENT SINCE 1963 that has been more truthful to all america and the world than Kennedys and almost all of the presidents,since and including FIRST Johnson,every one after him, either partisipated in the death of Kennedys and the others up to and including Obama have CARRIED ON the CONSPIRACY and THE MEDIA, TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES any means of news cast reports should be put out of business because of lying to the people along with every politician, Its time for america to get off there asses and VOTE DON”T LET THESE CRONIES KEEP HOLDING OFFICE in OUR GOVERNMENT. IF MADOFF is in prision WHY AREN”T ALMOST ALL CONGRESS and PRESIDENTS, THERE WITH MADOFF, TREASON, TYRANNY, FRAUD, ABUSE of CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS, LYING UNDER OATH, MAKING LAWS WITHOUT PROPER LEGISLATION, occuring every day by politicians and Obama. The media along with politicians, KEEP OUR MINDS AND THOUGHTS of EVERY PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY,by news of sports, who’s getting married or divorced, movie stars awards,best Ballplayer in football, baseball, socker, golf,stupid movies made in ???? who knows where anything to keep our MINDS OUT of OUR GOVERNMENT BUSINESS so THESE CORRUPT OFFICIALS CAN KEEP ROBBING US BLIND, DID THIS WAKE ANYONE OF YOU UP YET, VOTE RON PAUL SO WE CAN WORK UNDER THE CONSTITUTION AGAIN, NO OTHER CANIDATE EVEN MENTIONED CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS of THE LAND. THEY SAYTHERE GOING TO DECREASE THE DEFICIT, WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS DECREASING AMERICA and OUR WAY OF LIFE. CHECK IT OUT

  • Karen

    Eric Bischoff’s comment is ridiculous! Obama is in bed with GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt and owner of MSNBC (talk about “propaganda”…ha!), pays ZERO taxes (that’s right…ZILCH, NADA, NONE); he’s GIVEN a White House JOB as “JOB CREATOR” and promptly CLOSES GE’s US plants; spends BILLIONS to open manufacturing plants in CHINA and CREATES 34,000 JOBS…for CHINA! Now there’s a real PATRIOT for ya!

    Check out ALL the jobs Immelt is creating in INDIA and the MILLIONS he’s spending to do it!

    Talk about bs! While Immelt sits on the left side of the “annointed one”, George Soros sits on his right! Our “Campaigner and Chief” is a happy little camper.

    Only in America…

  • Calhoun

    As a retired fed government employee, I refute your numbers and also the retiree you spoke to about his retirement. Fed employees do not retire at age 50 even trying to use their sick leave. It is not something you can add to your years of work. You can take the leave money. Also, you do not get retirement based on your overtime, it is on your base salary. You could argue the salaries of our representatives is too much and retirement too much, In addition, your wife does not get the full retirement you receive, only a portion you select up to 50%. Your commentary is full of holes and you are full of other stuff.

  • Huey Mitchell

    I’m not sure where you pulled your numbers on salaries and retirement out of , but I’ll bet you had to wipe them off with toilet paper before you could use them. I’m a retired Federal Employee from the upper eschelon (Air Traffic Control). I worked 32years, 3 months and 8 days, retired at age 67 and collect a net annuity of $3879 a month. Annuity means I paid for it: it wasn”t given to me. I’m glad I heard your presentation. Now I know what kind of information to expect.

  • george

    I am a federal employee at this time. My salary is right at 70K a year, 60K of it is considered my base salary. When I retire I in three years my base salary will probably have not changed at all do to the indefinite frozen federal pay. The retirement that the federal government will be giving me is 12k, or 20% of my BASE salary. It will take me 416.6 years at that retirement rate to reach $5,000,000. I have to invest in a retirement account just like everyone else to have any possible means to live at retirement. I took a beating in 2008/09 just like everyone else did. My thrift savings was decimated. Sick leave carries no cash value and it cannot be used towards extending your service time at retirement. You use or lose it. When I retire- there is NO FREE MEDICAL for the rest of my life, I will be paying premiums to health care companies. So yes I am very blessed to have landed a decent paying job, but I also spent 21 years in the armed forces getting the experience that allowed me to be qualified for the postion I hold. I don’t know where the author of this article got his information, (by the way a federal employee in a toll booth-making a cool 150K a year. SHOW ME- that is the same pay scale as the Assisant Director of the FBI, or CIA, or Customs. Get your info right Mr. Root, and do not lump all government employees in the same gene pool. Some of use bust our tales for this country to keep it running.
    Oh yeah, I am a non-union employee- BY CHOICE!

  • http://w Roy

    This is a bunch of hogwash. Why are you demonizing union and government employees. They are not the problem. Our issue is with corporate welfare and those who make 80% of the wealth and pay less tax percentage wise than those who make only 20%,of income. Fix that and eliminate special interest and we will start to address our problem, Yes we need to address bloated pension.

    • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

      The problem is not the people that are forced to join a union inorder to keep their jobs. Then after they have joined they are forced to pay outlandish fees in to coffers of the Union Bosses. The problem is with the Union Bosses and their Goons (Thugs), get rid of them and you’ll see things change for the better. Oh, yeah, make those Goons and their Bosses pay for their crimes.

      • Chisna

        In the 50 years that I worked, the only time I was paid a fair ( and reasonable ) wage, and didn’t have to worry wether or not I was going to have healthcare benefits was when I did belong to a union. I was better off as a flipping union cashier or receiving clerk than I was working in non – union management. You can say what you want about unions. But without them, the majority of Americans would be the working poor.

  • Mike H.

    Thank you fellow Federal employees for chiming in. Mr. Root sounds like one of those guys you see on TV at 3 in the morning selling real estate ‘systems’. Anyway…another thing he said that ticked me off was that we make more than the private sector. This is yet ANOTHER misconception about government employees. I make 57k a year. My position in the private sector would be 75-125k, with a take-home company car as well.

    He has NO clue about this topic.

  • Bob Rice

    Hi All,i retired from the US Army,as a SFC E-7,on November of 1975,with 21 years 9 months and 17 days,i served my country in Japan,france,Okinawa,(2 times)Thailand Vietnam,and Korea (2 times) i had my wife and children with me only in Okinawa.the rest of the time they were un-accompanied first retirement check was $421.00,after 35 years my check now is $1860 per month or $22,320 a year.i guess i am one of those overpaid federal employees too???????but,all you people that complain about our retirement money,WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE BULLETS WERE FLYING??????????

    • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

      Bob, I too am one of those Federal Employees (Retired in 1992 for the USAF as an Tech Sergeant) and I receive and grand total of $550 per month after they deduct my service-connect disability (20% – Vietnam and Desert Storm) and taxes for my 30+ years of honorable service. So Sarge, Mr(?) Root can blow it out of his *&* with his crap. As you say Sarge: “WHERE WAS HE WHEN THE BULLETS WERE A FLYIN’”

  • Chisna

    What a load of B.S. The vast majority of government employees make no more than the average middle class American. The only other benefit they may have is that the average middle class American might not have health care benefits.

    Don’t like the fact that there are so many government jobs ? Ok, then blame the private industry for not stepping up to fill the demand for those jobs.

    I hear complaint’s about a government worker who may or may not make a decent income, who may or may not have a pension. And may or may not have healthcare benefits. Yet I hear you say nothing about the fact that many of these employees have taken pay freezes, have had their hours cut, or have lost their jobs.

    And still I hear nothing from Personal Liberty Alerts about the fact that corporations have been posting historic after tax profits every single quarter since Oct. 2009, and that they have done little in the way of hiring back the employees they laid off during the recession. They simply have demanded more from the workers they’ve kept and don’t give them raises for the increased production, and at the same time they give their executives huge pay increases and bonuses.

    I guess it’s ok for a CEO to earn in 1 year what it would take their average employee 200 years to earn. But it’s not ok for a government employee to make a living wage with benefits and even the possibility of a small pension.

    Are there some overpaid government workers ? Sure there are. Maybe 1% of them.
    So rather than demonize all government workers. Why not focus your frustration on the 1% ? Or is all of that too hard for people like Bob Livingston to wrap their heads around ?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Chisna,

      You write: “The vast majority of government employees make no more than the average middle class American. The only other benefit they may have is that the average middle class American might not have health care benefits.” Wayne Root’s statements are accurate.

      You write: “Ok, then blame the private industry for not stepping up to fill the demand for those jobs.” You demonstrate you have no concept of the way business works. It is not the role of business to employ people.

      You write: “I hear complaint’s (sic) about a government worker who may or may not make a decent income, who may or may not have a pension. And may or may not have healthcare benefits. Yet I hear you say nothing about the fact that many of these employees have taken pay freezes, have had their hours cut, or have lost their jobs.” The Federal workforce has continued to expand. Pay freezes, reduced hours and job cuts are common ways for a business to reduce costs. Why should government be different?

      You write: “And still I hear nothing from Personal Liberty Alerts about the fact that corporations have been posting historic after tax profits every single quarter since Oct. 2009.” You should research the site before making blanket statements.

      You write: “I guess it’s ok for a CEO to earn in 1 year what it would take their average employee 200 years to earn. But it’s not ok for a government employee to make a living wage with benefits and even the possibility of a small pension.” If a business wants to pay its CEO a bazillion dollars and its employees pennies an hour, that is a decision left up to CEO of the business, its board of directors and its shareholders and no one else. A business has one function: Return a profit for its shareholders. When it ceases to provide that function it will eventually die. Anything else that stems from this function is gravy. Employees enter into a contract with their employer (business) that provides for wages in exchange for labor. I don’t read of cases in the U.S. in which a person is forced to work for any particular wage. I notice you make no mention of the fact that Congress members make $174,000 per year plus a very lucrative retirement and equally lucrative health insurance that far exceeds that of the private sector (and the average government employee).

      The proper role of government and business is a concept you apparently have been unable to wrap your head around.

      Best wishes,

  • Mark-Edward

    Every government paycheck is WELFARE. All government employees are leeches who exist off of the efforts and income of American people. What government employee produces anything, or provides a meaningful and quality service that an average person would pay for voluntarily? They don’t produce, they don’t contribute to society, they don’t innovate. They just suck. Resource drain. And they have to use force of arms to compel people to participate in their “services”.

    As Ron Paul so eloquently put it: “The Constitution is not a list of what the federal government cannot do. It is not a list of prohibitions on the federal government. The Constitution is a list of what the federal government is authorized to do, with all else being denied to it by default. The absence of specific constitutional authorization for anything means that the government is denied authorization by default.”

    Show me where the Constitution authorizes the government to hire and pay “employees”. And how is it that these mere “employees”, who were NOT elected, and who are part of the “4th Branch” (i.e. Administrative), are able to wield the full power of government (against the people, not for the people)? And where does the government get authorization to stockpile millions (billions?) of tax payer dollars for “retirement funds”!?? This whole scheme is nothing buy a huge welfare fraud. Violently take from taxpayers, and give to welfare recipients under the guise of “government employees”. (Violent? Just stop paying taxes, and see how quick the guns show up.) All of this with NO Authorization in Law (Constitution is the Law of the Land. Statues and legislative acts are just mere policy.)

    Oh, and spare me the sickening rhetoric of “police risk their lives every day to protect people”. B.S.! Police NEVER protect anybody, nor is it in their job description, nor is it their duty. The supreme court has ruled that “police have no duty to protect”. Government’s duty is to “protect people’s RIGHTS”, NOT to “protect people”. Police are nothing more than revenue agents responsible for enFORCING statutory policy illegally against the People, even though they occasionally have to act out their pretend claimed role and look into real crimes now and then. Statutes are NOT “law”. Police arrest millions of Americans every year without the proper legal warrant and the required grand jury indictment, and most arrests are for “victimless crimes” (an oxymoron – it’s not a “crime” if there is no victim). We are at a point in America where MOST so-called “criminal proceedings” are initiated by the STATE against one of the People. If individual cops haven’t figured that out yet, then they are plain stupid and deserve all the frustrations they face. Those who do figure out the twisted lies that defines our government, quickly resign and get a real job. I have no respect for Police because they have absolutely ZERO authorization in law to even exist. And to make it worse, they are not employed by government (that would be illegal), they are employed by a municipal corporation that exists not to serve the People, but to make profit for their share holders.

    • GreatScott

      My thoughts exactly.

    • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

      Hey, Dingbat, you just insulted a whole bunch of people: like the Military who protect your sorry butt and let you say those insultes without worrying about some Goon knocking at your door and taking you somewhere and never letting you free, the Doctors and the Nurses at the VA Hospitals who take care of those who have given so much, the people that work behind the scenes at those hospitals, the police and fire departments who keep you and yours safe at home.

      Sir, I do believe you owe all them an apology.

      Oh, yeah, I was one of those so-called welfare people: I served in the military for over thirty years.

      • Greatscott

        And what did you defend us from? Some, big, bad boogeyman from a cave? You sure did not defend the Constitution because every war we have fought since WW2 has been undeclared by Congress, making it Unconstitutional. And then how many orders did you follow that violate the Constitution?

        I suppose you support the Patriot Act, and the Enemy Belligerent Act and NDAA amendments 1031 AND 1032.

        • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

          You, Sir(?), are a fool. I suppose you are for O and his socialist programs.

          When I elisted in 1963 I swore an oath to defend THE CONSTITUTION from all enemies foreign and domestic and to obey all those that were appointed over me and Sir(?) I did my best to uphold my oath. Oh, there were times that I questioned those orders but after they were explained or revised I obeyed them to the best of my ability.

          Sir(?), if you look at your history (if you can read) you’ll find that it was the soldier that gave you the right to speak freely without some Goon taking you off to prison without a trial. So, Sir(?) next time you see a Service member (Military, Police, Fireman) thank them for their service.


      • Mark-Edward

        Hey dingbat? lol. Wow. Hey John, where does the Constitution authorize America to keep a “standing army”?? The military (except for the Navy) is illegal, therefore, it’s not my problem if all those people feel “insulted” because I spoke the truth.

        On the subject of “protecting us”, it is laughable that you say that right now, when the subject of our government assasinating Americans is a main subject everywhere I look. Protecting me?? I feel more in danger now than ever. If they read my comments here, I just might be targeted for assasination by those who “protect me”! The “goons” you speak of are wearing Police uniforms, and they are the one’s who are actively dragging Americans out of their homes every day right now (they call it the “war on drugs”, another unconstitutional department, subject, issue, and implementation). And, btw, they don’t even bother to knock.

        Hospitals should be private. I’ve never heard of a fire department being able to STOP a house from burning… Police? What a joke. Everybody I’ve ever known in my whole life subconsciously looks in the rearview mirror every time they take their automobile somewhere, watching for cops. People fear cops. People don’t feel safer with more cops around.

        You owe me an apology for such a canned unthinking propaganda-induced response. You are the type who would immediately give the “what about the roads” propaganda speech if I mentioned the illegality of income and property taxes. Try thinking for yourself, and think before you speak.

      • GreatScott

        You are the dingbat. Hell would freeze over before I would vote for Obama or some Liberal Republorat like McCain or Romney. I support Ron Paul. Hell will freeze over before I fall for the Republorats tricks again. Every election cycle it’s the same old bull—-,”Ah come on, give us another chance. If you elect us, we promise to balance the budget.” Trillions of dollars later in debt, we are on the brink of collapse.

        Both parties are corrupts as hell, the only person i support is Congressman Paul, the rest of them can go to hell.

  • alwaysright

    Nads & Bob, I am a government employee and I am conservative to the core. I am a medically separated firefighter who shows on paper as 80% disabled. I get nothing for those disabilities. I live in pain every day for my having served people like you. For 15 years before losing my lungs due to toxic smoke inhalation.
    I currently work for the DoD as a Controller on a military base. 6 of us are responsible for 308,000 acres (big enough to put the city of Los Angeles inside our fence line with room to spare) 19 runways, over 3,000 buildings, wells, tank farms, water, electrical and gas distribution systems, 2 lakebeds (used as landing fields) a rocket test site, lakes, a medical center, schools, libraries, gyms, pools, 2 chapels, a dump, recycling centers, rock plants, roads, pole lines, fencing gates and sensitive habitat. We clean up plane crashes not only on our base but as far away as 400 miles away if it occurs in one of our controlled airpsaces. Without these few ‘average government employees’ some of whom have up to 35 years of service and none of whom make over about $60k a year, this base would cease to operate. The 6 of us generate over 25,000 work orders a year to keep this place going 24/7/365. When the base systems start to fail, the mission fails. We routinely take, triage and dispatch on calls in which assets up to $2.2B are at stake. We stand up a unit control center on 24 hour days working 12 hour shifts as needed to handle emergencies. Is there anybody else out there taking that sort of responsibility for this kind of money?

    Bob, I’m sick to DEATH of people like you pumping out this manure. As Mark Twain said, “there are lies, damnable lies & statistics”. How about you back up your article with facts? As an “average government employee” I’ll show you my hand and call.
    Please show the rest of us which of these “average” (GS-1 to GS-9) employees are making $5-10 million a year.
    I thank you in advance for your apology.
    It has also been my experience that “privatized” federal jobs cost more and deliver less to the public than if htey’d remainded government positions. I offer up Haliburton as an example of what can go wrong.
    You may call me “An aspiring millionaire retiree at age 74″ (14 years from now, if I live that long)

  • alwaysright

    Oh, and an “ADD NOTES”: We’re currently subject to a 2 year pay freeze (think “minus 10% per year due to inflation or a 19% pay cut) with a threat of a 5 year freeze (41% pay cut), along with an increased “contribution” to our own purchased medical coverage. Our pension plan is currently being plundered by the obamaniacs to keep funding “unemployment” (READ: “democrapic vote-buying for those not looking for jobs until this runs out”) and welfare programs. I guess that will cut me to a paltry $2.5-$5 million, huh Bob?

    • GreatScott

      Always right_ I was out of work for 21 months and am making 40% less money than before I was laid off in 2009. Stop your whining and be thankful you have a job.

    • Mark-Edward

      alwaysright, Every penny that you DO get is stolen from productive Americans through a violent tax scheme. So I ask again, where does the “government” get authorization to hire you? And where does the “government” get the audacity to stockpile the money it steals from Americans so it can pay “pensions”? That tax money is allegedly taken from Americans for “services” it allegedly provides, so what “service” is this so-called government providing to the People when it stockpiles billions of dollars that collect interest for decades in “pension funds”?

      Who gets the profit from the interest gained on that money? What companies did the government unduly influence with these billions of dollars of invested money? And how much of those company’s profits are therefore recipricated back to politicians’ campaign funds? Have you ever looked at how much influence “government” has on Wallstreet due to investment of all of these “employee pension funds” (which is money stolen from Americans, and no longer circulating in our economy)? Hint: “government” practically owns outright every single major corporation in America, and most of the smaller corporations, through investment of this stolen money in pension funds for government employee welfare takers! It was all purchased with tax payer money. Hence my abhorance for “government employees”. You are just a pawn taking an easy paycheck, being used to strip America of its wealth, not producing anything, just leaching off of our economy.

      If you are so “conservative to the core”, why do you go on and on complaining about how you feel “entitled” to all this money that your government is not giving you? If you hate how you are being treated, and are not getting all the money you feel entitled to, go get a real job. That’s what Americans do. And remember that every penny you process and deal with, and every penny that is wastefully burned on that base, is a penny stolen from a working American.

      • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

        Well, Sir(?), where do you get your facts that you try to so nicely to state as facts. I was one of those Government employees (Military for 30+ years) and when I retired I received a pension of just around $550 per month after they deduct my Service Disability, I was hurt while on Active Duty: First Vietnam (’68-’69) then again during Desert Storm, and income Taxes. Oh, now that I’m 65 I get Social Security which isn’t much because I pay taxes on thast also.
        So, Sir(?), why don’t you get a real job where you can contribute to society and stop poluting the air that real American’s breath with your hot air.

        • GreatScott

          The Grace Commission, that was put together during the Reagan Administration to find waste, abuse and fraud in the Federal Government found out that every penny collected from the Federal Income Tax goes to the Corrupt and Unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

          Shortly after the Grace Commission Report came out Reagan was shot. What a coincidence. what happens if you don not pay your income taxes and or property taxes? You either pay up or go to jail or loose your property. So tell me what your actions have saved us from? Do we really live in a free country? We live in a police state, we have random check points, The TSA who force you to go through a naked body scanner or be groped. The Dept of Homeland Security is conducting random searches on the highways and, bus stations, and railroads. When the hell are people going to realize we are not the home of the free and the land of the brave and we have a government who is out of control committing fraud and lying to the people they supposedly serve. The only brave people in this country are those who stand up to the IRS and have the balls to say, you cannot steal my money.

          Please note the sources listed at the bottom of the article, this is not some whacky Internet article.

        • Mark-Edward

          John, Real Americans fight to preserve our Liberty. When “government” oversteps its authority, that is a direct assault against Real Americans. So, I find it interesting that you keep insulting me, but refuse to answer my question about where the “government” gets its authorization for the employees it hires and pays with taxpayer money, and the retirement funds that it stockpiles and uses to unduly influence the private sector businesses (I think that is called “subversion”, or in their new speak, “terrorism”.)

          I think what is really going on, John, is that you are stuck in the late 50′s or early 60′s during your foundational years, when you remember the government actually functioning mostly how we are taught in school. You never noticed that our great country was overthrown and supplanted in the late 60′s when all the states incorporated and became “The State Of ____”. The Viet Nam war was a diversion to keep our attention elsewhere while the “government” reorganized under the Administrative Reorganization Act, and the Administrative Branch became our (illegal) 4th Brach of government. You need to wake up, and realize that the Enemy is now fully seated in the pretend offices of “government” that use the names we are taught about in school – Senators, Representatives, President, etc.

          I’m not your enemy. You spend too much time watching TV and sucking up the propaganda on “The News”. You missed the Coup d’état, the Revolution, the Quiet War, where our country was overthrown.

          Oh, and “real jobs” are not Real. They are pretend artifices in the corporate world, designed to create wage slaves, and to provide a means for the IRS to steal money. The IRS can kiss my white backside. I don’t deal with them. They are not allowed to steal my money because I do not use their banks or work (slave) for their corporations. But I am productive, and work hard every day to contribute to society to make the world a better place for my children. And my lifestyle is FAR less “polluting” than yours, I guarantee that.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Fella, when I grow up in the ’50s I was taught that no one owed me a living, I had to earn my way by getting a job.

            As to the ’60s, I grew up doing my duty by enlisting (1963) in the US Army and going wherever duty called: Places like Korea, Germany, Vietnam.

            As to your question about who gave the Government the right to hire and pay their employees: THE PEOPLE DID. How else do you think you can sit at your computer and make like you are an intelligent person.

            Oh, who do you think gave you the freedoms that you and all Americans enjoy? It damn sure wasn’t some idiot sitting on his a$$ writing on a piece of paper. IT WAS THE AMERICAN FIGHTING MAN! He is the one that fought and died for those rights. Oh, yeah, after he did the fighting and dying, then that idiot sat down and wrote up those freedoms that up til that time was only a dream.

          • Mark-Edward

            John, I rest my case. You are either too stupid, or too ignorant, to carry on a discussion with. I think your only reason for joining the military was because you couldn’t work a real job, and you wanted to kill people.

            The ONLY threat to America’s liberty is this fraud called “government”. Those who wear uniforms right now are it’s “security force” that will be used to crush the American People. There is no honor amoung your so-called “fighting men” anymore. The real battle will rest with civilian American’s holding onto their guns, and going to war when our “government” takes up arms in our streets to oppress us. You will be one of the idiots fighting to destroy our country because your brain shut off 60 years ago… probably too many drugs.

            You can’t point to the authorizing document that I’m asking about, and you are refusing to reveal. So you say something stupid like “The people did”. And then you go back to your memorized propaganda with no substance. Wake up. I think I was exactly right, you are stuck in the 50′s, and never noticed the overthrow of our government, so you keep defending the imposters in place right now. I laugh that your precious social security and government retirement plan has failed you. You sold out our country, and you sold out your grandchildren, in your selfish quest for free money through socialist security. You are a traitor for not defending the constitution when you had the chance, and stopping the usurpers in the 60′s. Your grandchildren will curse you because YOU let things get this bad. We all suffer because your generation was too high and too selfish to stop the overthrow of our country, and now you are too arogant to realize what you’ve done, so you keep supporting those who hand out your welfare check.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            I don’t claim to be a genus but I am damn proud to call myself an AMERICAN.

            Sir(?), I never or will never use drugs (Grass, H, Coke), From your writing I take it you grew up in the 60′s and your kind were the one’s that were yelling “Make Love, Not War!” and spitting or throwing human crap on us when we came back from Vietnam. Oh, those of your kind are now running the Government.

            READ THE CONSTITUTION, that is where you will find the authority to raise monies to do the job of providing for the welfare of the nation.

            As to too the fact of too many people not earning their way and just sticking their hand out and wanting the Government to provide for them; there are quite a few of those and you can see them just by watching the news or reading the newspaper: they’re called the Occupy Wallstreet or Occupy (you’re capital city)!

            Well, Sir(?) I am not one of them, I earned everything that I have and well get. Furthermore, I still pay taxes on my Retirement (Both Mil and SS).

            As to my Grandchildren hating me, they don’t.

            So, Sir(?), why don’t you and your kind stop complaining and get a job, or better yet run for Government job where you can change things.


          • Larry

            I agree with John to the point it isn’t us as americans to fight and bicker. In WW2 we were drawn completly into the war when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Something you didn’t know President Obama along with 60 others in the congress and senate proclaim themselves Socialist. This is were we should place our anger not on one another. Obama is a puppet for the banks and big business and total control of the american citizen just like socialist Russia was that is why they fell. Socialist control doesn’t work. My dad is a WW2 veteran and a proud American like John and Mark but the views are different. You forget Mark that John would do what is right. If something came down in this country wouldn’t we need leaders with military training to lead us. You forget Mark there are alot of retired military, mercaneries, markmans and now just regular US Citizens like you and me that would stand up for America and not a Dictator Socialist Government.

            Our military are to protect the constitution as our fore-fathers meant it to be not a Socialist society. The American people are the militia and not the military. Remember that John as will as Mark is part of this militia. Sure if we were to go under socialist rule there would be plenty of soldiers that will flow into order but not the true American Souldiers. They are there to represent freedom and being under socialist rule is not free. Remember the saying “Freedom isn’t Free” or “You have to stand for something or you fall for anything”.

            It is sad to know Americans down other Americans for giving there lifes so that we can walk free. Is this the way to express our graditude by fighting each other instead of banding together to fight the problem that is causeing it. It is the governments that don’t get along, not the people so love your familys and before putting somebody down think about this the person you are disagreeing with could be the one that watches your back and saves you and your family. Unless you have been on the battle ground and have been faced with death many times do not judge those that have.

            Washington has spent us into where we are now. Since when does a civil servent to the people beleives he needs to control everything and because of the name of terrorism eliminate our God Given American Rights. Don’t forget if George Washington and the fore fathers had not takens arms where would we be today. This was the reason for war to fight for freedom and protect the American citiaen. This is proof of why war.

            Be a proud American and support your fellow Americans because in the times ahead we will have to unite. Did once did either one of you ask how the other feels about the way things are instead of poining fingers at each other. God Bless all Americans that want to take action at the polls.

          • Jim in Reno

            AMEN to that – these TARD-MONKEYS in BOTH Parties have let the Govt. Divide and Conquer them – I remember when they Taught Proper care of Guns in School and Schools competed for MarksmanShip Trophies – Welfare belonged in the Hands of the Churches and Community Centers who DID NOT Let Moochers stay on the Public Tit For Free – but had Work Programs for them – ALL Moochers should be doing something for the Freebies they get – even if it’s envelope stuffing for the Govt. I’m sick of seeing the moochers party with my money, while I can’t get anything but talk of more of my money being given to them – - – OH and a Fast PS: YOU CANNOT TAX THE RICH, STUPID!!! – WHY? – Because the rich pass the cost to “we the people” by simply raising the price of what they got rich off of – YOU KNOW – GAS – FOOD – AUTOS – TV’s – ETC. SIGH I HAVE TO GO TO WORK SO I CAN SUPPORT THE MOOCHERS – Bleegh.

          • Larry

            I agree, and further more why don’t we put the so called free loaders and moochers that just keep having childen to get more welfare money fixing the infastructure for there pay. But not everybody that is on state assistence or welfare are free loaders and moochers. Some have come on hard times and just need a helping hand to get training to get out of the whole they are in. Yes there are abusers in the system and plenty of them but we can not lump them altogether as one. I beleive most familys are within two paychecks of being homeless. When you are homeless it takes on a different light and you want to survive. Being bitter is our way of dealing with the way things are but we don’t have to be part of the problem.

            My grand father had a little Mom and Pop grocery store in a little town in New Mexico during the great depression. My grandfather bartered with neighbors when time were hard and people helped each other out. The government didn’t do it the American people did it. You worked to live and was greatful for what you had. My grandfather died in 1973 and when I went to the grave yard it was packed with people my garndfather and grandmother did business with for 60 years. It didn’t matter what color you were or what religion you beleived in they were family to my grandparents and not just a number. I had familys tell me if it wasn’t for my grandparents they wouldn’t have survived but I remember my grandfather telling me if it wasn’t for them he wouldn’t have survived either. This is how a person lives forever through the minds of others.

            We need to get back to helping each other and limit government power and put America back to work. A good start would be to rebuild the infrastructure and the work force is already there put the able bodied people to work doing this and maybe instead on living off the tax payer they will think, heck if I have to work this hard I might as will find a job. This is the only incintive they should be given. Both parties are in Washington so both parties are to blame. But the person in the office now has spent more of mine and your tax payer dollars then all the preidents combined. The big banks pull his strings this is why he gave them a bail out, along with the others. When the election gets under way mark my words he will have the money to run a smear compain. He will have supporters that are blind to the fact that evidence is all around them that everything he has attemped has pushed us further down the whole to no-where. I never though after 9-11 we would ever elect a person with a Muslim sur-name that is a proclaimed anti-american by apologizing to other countries that hate us for being America. This in itself is wrong, I have been waiting for him to do something but he has been campaining since he took office and has done nothing but run us in the ground. I will agree Washington / both parties are living in glass houses and oblivious to what is really going on or they just don’t care.

            We need to stop sending money to countris that want to kill us or arming them to kill us with our own weapons. I am sorry this is a little long but I love this country and will defend her at all costs.

          • GreatScott

            The anger (or frustration) stems for the fact that Republicans are doing the same thing as the Dems and the rank and file of the party either cannot cannot see it or too stupid to understand the lying and hypocrisy that goes on everyday to keep the citizens of this country hood winked.

          • Mark-Edward

            John, it seems that everything I say goes right over your head. So, watch this video, and then tell me that the guy is lying, and the victims he speaks to are frauds. Refute him with some form of intelligent and responsive rebuttal, if you can.

            John Stossel’s “Illegal Everything”

            If you support the “government” that is doing this to Americans, I will retract my statement about you missing the quite overthrow of America due to ignorance, and will have to declare you to be a rotten traitor acting willfully to destroy America.

          • Mark-Edward

            Hey John, here is YOUR so-called “government” hard at work “protecting my freedom”…

            “Grope and Pillage: The TSA Mantra”

            John, maybe you should go to work for TSA? They have almost 4,000 employees (!!) just in the Washington D.C. headquarters, pushing paper and doing “government stuff”! And their average salary is over $100k. You could “protect us” up close and personal. And get the salary you think you deserve too.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Jerk, I’m too honest and upstanding to work as a TSA pervert. furthermore I’ve paid my dues and now I’m reaping the the benefits of my long and faithful service to the Constitution and the American People.

            Oh, by the way jerk, were you ever in the Military; or were you one of those jerks that stood around shouting Anti-American slogan (You know the ones that the Socialist(Communist) Party handed out along with your daily rations of wacky-weed? It sure sound like it from all the crap you’re sprouting.


          • Mark-Edward

            John, you keep amazing me. Call me stupid names, and then present me with a falacious “either-or” argument. And accuse me of using drugs. blah blah. You seem to be only capable of seeing the options you are told are viable by the propaganda department of your government masters. You certainly haven’t yet exhibited the capability of thinking for yourself.

            You admit the TSA is bad, but it is created by your government. I say it is unconstitutional. So, where is your military buddies? Why aren’t YOU organizing a military protest? You are NOT protecting the constitution, you are sitting around fat and lazy, living off welfare stolen from the People, and waving a false flag of patriotism, while you watch your government burn and desecrate the flag and the constitution. You won’t ever resist tyranny, because that would put your precious social security at risk. How can you be “proud to serve” a government that allows an organization as sick as TSA?

            How many illegal activities, agencies, and actions will you sit there and watch your government commit before you wake up. You don’t even read what I write. The U.S. Government, Inc. IS NOT AMERICA. The government has long ago declared its independance from the People. So, are you admitting you are a traitor, and would gladly serve the usurpers that are destroying America? You sure aren’t, and haven’t, served to defend the American People from the tyrany posing as government. You haven’t defended the Consitution against domestic enemies. You probably haven’t even read the constitution.

            I’m a Christian, have fought America’s true enemies (and paid the price), I probably have more legitimate children than you have grandchildren, I’ve never experimented with or tried any “drugs”, don’t drink alcohol, and am a happy husband and father. Stop being childish and trying to pin some “liberal hippie” label on me. I haven’t served in the military because there has not been a legitimate military in America since I was born.

            You are so emotionally invested in your welfare check that you would probably shoot good Americans like myself just for daring to tell you the truth like I am trying to do. You need to recheck your values and morals, “Sir(?)”. Doesn’t the constitution prohibit America from keeping a standing army? hmm. You must have missed that page…

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Sir(?) and I use that term loosely, you would not be free to sit back and say the things you say if it wasn’t for a strong Military and its brave and honorable members. So, Sir(?) the next time you see a Veteran or an Active Duty Member thank him or her for your freedoms.

            Oh, I forgot to ask are you one of those Cowards that let someone else fight and die for your rights and while they’re at it run off and hide; and when its all over come back and complain that the poor bad guy was only doing his thing? If so, Sir(?), I and my fellow Vets don’t want you or your kind anywhaere near us because you just might shoot one of in the back.

            PROUD AMERICAN COMBAT VETERAN (1st Cav Div (AM)) (’68-’69: Vietnam)!

          • Mark-Edward

            John, you truly are dumb as a rock. Obama has already done that, and worse, and so has every president for the last several decades. You are the traitor that let this insidious anti-constituional “government” seat itself, right under YOUR nose, while YOU were in the military sworn to protect the constitution from these “domestic enemies”. You prance around pretending to be a tough soldier, but you don’t have the backbone to resist the tyranny that is already upon us. Put your training where your mouth is, and join us Americans in our attempt to stop this out-of-control “government”. You are all bark, with nothing to back it up. You and your type are the ones who will take up arms and start shooting Americans here on American soil when the “government” (who signs your welfare check) tells you to do it. You will label me (as you already have) as “anti-government” and a “terrorist” because I oppose lawlessness and the plundering of America by this thing called “government” that you worship. Obama is your boss, he authorizes your welfare checks, how dare you insult him John. What fence are you straddling, and which side will you fall over onto?

            Larry is exactly right, and you John don’t even pay attention enough to see what is happening day-to-day right under your nose, just like you have done your whole life. You are the coward type who will sit back and pretend to be a flag-waving patriotic American, barking like you are a serious soldier, and then doing absolutely nothing claiming that there is nothing to do until the bullets start flying. Prevent the violence by waking up NOW. Stop hiding and stop pretending everything is alright and on-course.

            Why am I even wasting time responding to you?? You never even read what I write. You are probably some flunky troll hired by Obama’s brown-coats to stir up trouble, and oppose the Truth.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            I’ve come to the conclusion that you are one of those idiots that were hatched (born) with a silver spoon so don’t care what the so-called unwashed masses are doing as long as you don’t get your lily-white hands dirty. Why don’t you step down from your Ivory-tower and walk among them for awhile. Then you might learn something other than the Socialist/Communist crap you are spreading.


          • Mark-Edward

            John, your “conclusions” are about as valid as your knowledge of the American system of government.

            I just now came inside to stop my knuckle from bleeding. I cut it while trying to remove the injector return line on my old diesel suburban. I have two pairs of jeans and a jacket that have rips in them from the chainsaw I was using this winter to trim trees in the pasture. My dad worked 3 jobs at a time when I was growing up, just to pay rent on our tiny house. Silver spoon? lol. Give me a break. My hands are far from “lily white”. Maybe I’ll take a picture of my hands later this week while I’m butchering some chickens for dinner? Would you like that?

            If you came to my house, even after all your insults, I wouldn’t hesitate to offer you a meal of real food, with meat (your choice of domestic pork, beef, goat, sheep, turkey or chicken – all grown right here on site, free range, organic pasture – or maybe some pheasant or deer or any one of 5 different species of fish, all shot or hooked very nearby), and vegetables, potatoes, fruit, and real milk with the cream still on it, and some fresh eggs too. Then there is the bread and butter… grain grown right here and ground in my wheat mill to make flour, and butter made from the fresh cow milk. Maybe some goat cheese? Yeah, you got me. In my “spare time” I’m out begging government to regulate my food, tax my land, tax my income, tell me what to grow, what to eat, and generally begging them to run my life because I’m a hard-core communist. I sure wish there were more government employees living off of their share of my labor so they could help me make my every day decisions… Oh, wait, I got confused. It’s YOU who wants more government employees, more taxes, more regulation, more government control. My mistake. It must be YOU who is spreading communist crap.

            John, I would like you to quote ONE sentence of mine that even slightly hints at socialistic thought. Please? Just one sentence. You are the one supporting an out-of-control government spending budget. You are the one who is defending “big government” and supporting a socialist welfare state. You are the one who seems to have no problem with a government that violently steals money from one group of people to pay another group of people. You seem to find it ok for those who steal our money to then use our money against us by putting troops on the American streets (i.e. federalized police with body armor and automatic assault rifles doing routine traffic stops, etc.)

            How is it “socialist/communist crap” when I call for smaller government, less government employees, less government control, and more personal private liberty? I’m confused how you are getting to your “conclusion”.

            Well John, I need to go move the cows now. The snow finally melted, and they need to get out to pasture. Either that or I have to waste fuel moving hay to the cows, and that doesn’t seem to make much sense. I sure hope the government takes over the farm soon, and puts me on a government subsidy so I can quit working so hard, because I’m a communist and I hate my freedom…. Well, my lily-white hand has stopped bleeding. Back to work before the sun sets.

          • Larry

            News Flash: Obama has Signed a bill (Bill HR347) that makes free speech a felony. He also signed a new executive order that seizes control over civilian activities on march 16, 2012

            Our Dictator and Cheif has already put the wheels in motion to control all aspects of our life. The executive order gives the president control over our homes and everything else. So be prepared for a battle because it is coming.

            While we are bikkering among ourselves just like our dictator wants us to do we are being taken over and being turned into a military state (country). I wouldn’t be surprized if Obama bans free elections before the election.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Larry, if El Bummer, does that he’ll wish he was never born because the American people will rise up (with the exception of a few, who will remain un-named) and throw him out of the country alone with the traitoress: I call her that because of her statement last year during a flag day celebration and I quote “All this for a damn old rag!” unquote.

            I hope you and your’s will be counted among those that do.


          • Larry

            John, this is true and a fact and it is public record and has been done. I respect you for your beliefs and wanting to stand up for americans and I understand what Mark Edward is saying. Both of you are right. You both love your familys, your country our american way of life. But that is being taken away from us each day by the the government civel servants that are elected to serve us the american people.

            Today scholars today rank President Washington as one of the greatest presidents; but, unlike many later presidents, he earned a great deal of respect and adulalion while he was still alive! It was well-deserved. A natural leader, he led our Army to success in the American Revolution. As President, He made sure his actions were in accordance with the Constitution. He realized the American experiment in self-government could servive only if the elected leaders agreed to limits on their power, and he set the example: his creation of the President’s cabinet was one way of sharing power and seeking advise. Later, it was said he was “First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.”

            I beleive both of you are proud Americans and do not want to see what we grew up with crumble beneath our feet and neither do I. The government today has lost what the real meaning it is to represent the American people, self serving, greed, ego, power, is what it is about now. Obama said there would be a change but the american people were blind that voted for him because he wants to become a one world power with him running the core. He will take control of our 401, Thrift savings, Roth’s what even in the name disguised asAmerican Freedom. He wants the government to control everything we do and wants his own personal army that I compare to the the SS under Hitler’s control. I respect both of your views but it isn’t the amreican soldier/american citizen that hasn’t served that is to blame because we are americans. It is the government, congress and senate that are allowing what I am stating go on. There are not 60 but 70 members of the congress and senate and our president that proudly claim to be Socialist. I guess I guess people have forgotten the Cold Wars of years past. We can not forget our past or we are doomed to repeat it and before our eyes it is unfolding. Please be kind to each other because the time will come that true Americans will banned together to make our own change. When something really bad happens americans will band together but just like a video game is goes away and we seem to forget that it is us as americans that are the USA not the government. We are being taken over within compared to a wolf in sheeps clothing and when the dust settles it will be too late for us as americans. We will be saying hail to our new world power. Not me I will fight like my fathers and fathers before them to defend America and Americans the home of the free and the brave. It was said out of Russia by a top official of the government during WW2 that the US would be taken over without bloodshed or guns

            Americans need to wake up and look around us it is happening as I speak. We need to ban together as never before and do it peacefully. Obama is doing alot of things to say look at what I have done just to get put back in weither he had . He does not want america to prosper if he gets elected again expect gas to go to $8 to $9.00 a gallon along with everything else going up. Keep printing money with nothing to back it up and the value keeps going down. We are on a downward spiral and it needs to be turned around. The only time the government will listen is when US all of us ban together to change things.

            As Washington and Lincoln wanted limited government so do we. But all we get is a liberal Socialist that wants to ruin our country and is doing it day by day. You thank it is bad now re-elect him and you will see how bad things can and will get.

            Thank you for reading this.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Larry, you sound like the kind of person I would want standing next to me on the front lines. I only hope that there are more of us out there that will put it all on the line for the sake of freedom and our fellow Americans that can’t or will not fight for whats right.


          • GreatScott

            The only way we will remain a truly free republic is if we stand our ground to the corrupt tyrants who work in Washington DC making their living accepting bribes while they sell out Americans and the Constitution like so many Republicans have done.

            It is now or never. I am ready to give up this phony way of life and go back to the way life was in the late 1800′s. Screw the Bankers who control everything and I mean everything. The election fraud that has been witnessed during the Primary’s to defraud Ron Paul from the nomination is disgusting.

            Watch this Republican caucus last Saturday in St Charles County, MO. The temporary chairman broke all of the rules that had been set forth before the Caucus and cancelled the delegate process because Ron Paul had the highest number of delegates and the temporary chairman knew it. He called the police in and had several Ron Paul organizers arrested for get this, Trespassing. We have fallen into a complete state of Fascism with both party’s.


          • Mark-Edward

            GreatScott, I’m right there with you. Interestingly, I just watched a video of Joel Salatin speaking to a group of Google employees about his new book “Folks, This Ain’t Normal”. He makes an astounding point: “this blip called modern America is extremely abnormal!”

            Our political fantasy land is something straight out of Alice in Wonderland. It’s all a joke. And people are dieing every day because it is allowed to run rampant. Soldiers with an oath to protect the constitution have a duty to stop it, but they don’t know anything other than to “obey orders”.

            Regarding the caucus in Missouri, follow-up updates and a clear description of the fiasco, from the victimized proper leader of the caucus himself, is posted here:


          • GreatScott

            St Charles County is my old stomping grounds, I grew up there. A friend of mine attended the caucus and told me every thing that happened. It was disgusting to say the least. I have many Republorat friends who have no clue they are being deceived and their mindset is anybody but Obama. How wrong they are.

            I now live in the Green Bay area and our Congressional Caucuses are in 3 weeks. I hope we do not suffer the same fate.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            GreatScott, we had our Republican Caucus (first one ever held in my life time) earlier this month and it was the largest Caucus ever held (over 8000 just here in Ada County) and it went smoothly. No one screaming insults and no fist fights.

            Oh, Romney won but not by much. Rich Santorum came in at a close second with Ron Paul a distant third and Newt Gingrich totally out of the running.

            Even after the votes were in nobody caused a fuss and everybody left with a go feeling and good fellowship among all.

  • Mark-Edward

    This issue reminds me of the Compact Florescent Light thing. Electricity consumption from people’s private home’s light bulbs is almost insignificant, even at the level of the individual house. Meaning, your lightbulbs are by far your absolute lowest concern when trying to cut your electric bill. In the big picture, compare all the lightbulbs in every home in any city to the power consumption of just one of the largest commercial buildings in the city, and you would see what I mean. For your private home, consider your air conditioner compared to all the lightbulbs in the house, or your furnace, or dishwasher, or water heater, etc. And to top it off, the CFLs create a toxic waste hazzard (they contain mercury), emit dangerous radiation, and their life-span is often less than the average incadecent bulb. But we are told to focus on CFLs because some corporation bought legislation to push their product…

    My analogy goes on this line: Consider all the government employee salaries to the cost of all the buildings, realestate, office equipment, cars, planes, trucks, and other “support equipment” that they use. Then, consider the private sector contractors who are getting paid for work they do for “government”. Then consider the manufacturing facilities in the private sector that build all the equipment and stuff that government uses. And on and on. The cost of government employee salaries is almost insignificant compared to how much the government leaches off of the country in all of its other billons of spending outlets. Without all this other useless spending, we could fix the employee salary problem too, by firing them all.

    Government, and all of its employees, and all private sector people who work for, contract with, make supplies for, or otherwise earn their paycheck from “government spending” are all leaches, and are sucking the life out of the American People. Government employees (and the private sector people who provide goods and services to them) cost the American People FAR more than all of the “lazy people” who live off of welfare.

    The U.S. Gov’t. Inc. has long long ago declared it’s independence from the American People, and we all need to wake up and stop making the false and dangerous assertion that “the government” is America. They do not serve us, they are working fiercly day and night to use our wealth to empower their take-over and enslavement of the American People. THEY are NOT us. Pointing out how dangerous and illegal and worthless this so-called “government” thing is does not in any way whatsoever hint at or suggest any form of degradation or desparagment toward America or the American People – except for the indirect suggestion that the American People are stupid spineless cowards for having let this monster grow up right in our midst. The “government” is a separate creature from America, a dangerous creature, and a creature that we must shut down if we hope to survive as a nation. The greatest enemy the American People have ever, or will ever, face is this thing falsely calling itself “government”.

    • Mark-Edward

      Yes, this is all OPINION. MY opinion. I have tried going the route of research, quoting from government’s own papers, quoting actual “laws”, showing factual documented connections between one thing and another, etc. Nobody wants facts or truth. Everybody just wants to ridicule and insult people like me who bear “bad news” regarding their ignorance, revealing how badly people have been deceived. So, screw it. Why waste my time digging up quotes, statistics, facts, documentation? Every so-called “rebuttal” to this opinion will be other people’s opinions anyway. Nobody will refute me with facts anyway. There will be anecdotes and individual “stories” (with no substantiation or credibility) and hypothetical nonsense. So, before you insult me, I’m admitting up front that I’m just merely “spouting off my opinions” and I’m not gonna do your homework for you.

  • Mort Winkendale

    This guy picks out the most extraordinary examples and applies that to all govt employees. He says, “do you know any small business owners retiring with 5 to 10 million dollars? They’re few and far between.” It is also safe to say that govt workers getting that kind of deal are few and far between. This guy has no credibility.

  • StayLiquid (@stayliquidstock)

    Give em hell W.A.R! Great Great Great! commentary!

    Thank you for spreading truth!

    The deficit is make believe. The money has been hidden in Public pensions. It’s all in the CAFRs
    California’s PENSION fund is one of the largest land owners in the world. They have more value than most sovereign nations!

  • Dave Mowers

    As of January 2012 the federal government employed 21,500,000 people whose average annual salary with benefits is $123,700.00 a year. Minimum wage or entry level wage in federal government is now $42,400.00 with persons earning an average of $52,000.00 a year after five years. We have over 100 czars, white house advisers, who each are earning between $70,000-$400,000.00 a year. The I.R.S. claims more than 2 billion in income taxes is owed by federal employees, they also claim there are now only 113 million persons filing taxes each year so the federal government accounts for 1 in 5 jobs while State employees account for 1 in 5 jobs so 1/3rd of ALL jobs are now taxpayer funded. Add in taxpayer funded loans, guarantees, credit lines etc and more than half of the U.S. domestic product is taxpayer allotment.

    151 million Americans are earning less than $500.00 a week.
    49 million Americans are on some form of government assistance.
    18 million are unemployed
    70 million are retired and receiving social security

    There is no middle class, if it exists it is only the top 10% and government employees everyone else is being strangled to death by the real entitlement class; the rich and federal employees. My small business can no longer afford to employ anyone and my income has dropped fifty percent while Wall Street is paying record bonuses and I work more hours now than I have ever in 45 years just make ends meet…but they want more of money to pay for bigger retirements and more programs and higher pay?

    • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

      Dave, you were complaining about people who have retired receiving free benefits. Well, Sir, their not I pay taxes on my Military retirement (30+ years) after the deduct my Service-connected disability (20% combat related: legs) and my Social Security after they deduct $100 dollars for Medicaid part B. Oh, also out of my retirement I make payments on my house, buy food, pay other bills. so Sir, I have paid my dues and I keep on paying and paying.

      US Combat Vet and damn proud to have served.

      • Mark-Edward

        John, why do you consistently insist on missing the point?? The point is there are TOO MANY EMPLOYEES working for “government”. And each one of those “too many” are getting paid too much. And every dollar spent on “government employees” is money that has to be taken (by force, or threat of force) from a working productive American.

        Dave underestimates the problem. He says 1/3 of all jobs are taxpayer funded. I believe it is over 1/2 now. And then you have to consider the government contractor jobs and other companies that do government functions under contract from government agencies, and corporations that exist solely off of government purchased products they produce (which creates quite a paradox, if you stop to think about it), etc.

        John, you compain about all the taxes you pay (from money that came to you from other taxpayers, by the way) and you complain about socialist democrats, and policy you disagree with. Yet at every turn you defend the obsene number of employees sucking off the taxpayer teats. If your precious government weren’t robbing you and stripping you of your wealth, and using it to pay so many employees, you wouldn’t be paying so much taxes, and you would likely not have house payments because you could have paid for your house long ago.

        I don’t get why you claim to be “damn proud to have served”, yet your “service” did nothing to serve the people of America. Instead, government ran out of control and wiped out our country while you were prancing around pretended to “defend the constitution”. Why didn’t you defend America while you were in the service? Why didn’t you stop the “domestic enemies” who created the unconstitutional “Administrative Branch” that is now wiping us out and milking our country of its wealth by transferring it into government salaries and government stockpiles of unimaginable wealth hidden in “pension funds”, and with those stockpiles now they control all american coroprations through investment in the stock market? You should be royally pissed off that these tyrants used your efforts to fortify their overthrow of your country. Stop hating me for pointing out the truth and trying to educate you. Start directing your anger at those who used you and abused you and converted your efforts into a machine they use against you.

        • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

          Sir, you keep complaining about the Government workers taking money from the TRUE AMERICANS; will Sir, I have been wondering where your ancesters came from. Did they migrate for Europe or someplace else. If they came from Europe or some place else they stole from the only TRUE AMERICAN: the people that the European called the Red Indians (Native Americans), people like the Souix, Apaches, Navaho, Black Foot, Comanche, or any other people that was here before the whiteman showed up and started stealing from them or even murdering them.

          • Mark-Edward

            John, at least you are consistent. You miss everyone’s point on purpose when you don’t like what they say, then you dodge any direct inquiry into your intent with a random and irrelevant attack of the ad-hominem variety. Regurgitated propaganda sound-bites and ad-hominem attacks seem to be the extent of your intellectual arsenal.

            Regarding “native Americans”, I am getting the sense that if you were one of them back in the day when Eurpoeans were invading, you would have helped the Europeans overthrow your people then, like you are doing now. Every time you respond, I get more confidence in my suspicion that you are of the weasle-variety with a wet finger in the air, trying to take sides with the aggressors and the violent types. I think you care more about being on the “winning team” than you care about right and wrong or standing with your people to defend against injustice.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            M-E, I would be shooting at them because the whiteman would be attempting to steal from me or even attempting to rape my wife or worse.

            The same group whitemen loved to say “The only good injin is a dead injin.” Oh, I forgot to say that there were some People (Indians) the were not very nice, also.

            Well, Sir, my people where the ones that helped kill that Bastard “Yellow-hair”, to you Lt. Col. Custer. Oh, we were sorry that so many good brave men (may they rest in peace) had to die along with him.

            So, Sir, tell me where your people came from!

          • Mark-Edward

            So, your people are “native american”? And yet, you are “damn proud to serve” in the U.S. Military… the same military that wiped out your people, and continues to this day to oppress, insult, rob, steal, and violate treaties against your people? I guess I was right about you.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Sir, you have your facts wrong its not the Military that continues to mistreat my people it the people that has been elected by people like you.

            Oh, you still haven’t revealed where your people are from.

          • GreatScott

            The military combat personnel are killing innocent civilians almost on a daily basis. Is that what you are proud of? Personally, I think you guys suck and do not know right from wrong. Who in their right mind would voluntarily join the military knowing full well if you are seriously injured or maimed, you get sh– on (health benefits and health care) by the very people (government) you are protecting. Just who in the hell are you protecting? I do not want you protection. When the dollar collapses, your protection will turn into full scale tyranny and a police state by none other than brain washed police (former military vets) and active military personnel.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Sir, what civilians are you accussing the Military of killing, those so-call freedom fighters (Taliban) that are attacking our soldiers and when they realize that they have bitten off more than they can handle they run away (like the cowards they are) along with any weapons their fallen brothern had.

            So, now you have a corps that looks like a dead civilian. Oh, before you start calling people names like murder put on the uniform and walk in their boots for a while. You may learn something like if someone is shooting at you, you’ll start shooting back. I diffently did when I was in Vietnam and was getting shot at.

          • GreatScott

            I would shoot you if you had been occupying my country for decades. What would you do if the Chinese occupied the US for 11 years? I know I would shoot back.

            There have been hundreds of stories about civilians being killed in Afghan that state run news media will not cover that you can only find on the alternative news media. As far as I am concerend, the military can go to hell in a hand basket. You have not been protecting my freedom and liberty, that’s for damn sure.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Will, Sir, if there ever comes a time when you and your’s need assistance from an enemy (unknown) don’t call on me or my fellow veterans or even the Police, because we’ll might get there to late.


          • Mark-Edward

            John, that doesn’t even make sense.

            So, show me one single cop in America that will defend my inalienable right to travel. Just one cop, out of the tens of thousands of them. If I take off the permission slip granted by the masters in government (you call it a license plate), how is it that I suddenly lose the right to travel? Simply because I didn’t pay your socialist masters to subvert my Right into a priviledge? If I have a right, why do I need to apply for (and PAY for) a priviledge? (I can already hear your canned propaganda speech on this one! “Who will pay for the roads?” etc.) Why will no cop in America protect my right to travel? Why will every one of them punish me for not complying with the regulations imposed by their made-up priviledge? YOU said the cops will protect my RIGHT? Well? How do you answer this?

            So, John, you pretend you and the police and veterans will protect my rights. Answer me these tip-of-the-iceberg questions:

            Do I have the right to choose a wife? Then why do I need a marriage license?
            Do I have the right to own a dog? Then why do I need a dog license?
            Do I have the right to travel? Then why do I need a driver license?
            Do I have the right to own an automobile? Then why does my automobile need a license plate?
            Do I have the right to bear arms? Then why do I need a firearms permit?
            Do I have the right to feed my family? Then why do I need a license to hunt or fish?
            Do I have the right to earn a living? Then why do I need a business license?
            Do I have the right to drink milk straight from a cow? Then why are your cronies sending SWAT teams to raid farms that sell raw milk?
            Do I have the right to make medical choices for my family? Then why must I vacinate my children? Why must I fear CPS kidnapping my children if I don’t go to a doctor for things I know I can treat at home?
            Do I have the right to not be a slave? To keep what I earn from the work of my hands? Then why does the IRS try to steal over 30%? Why am I working to pay them?

            Where are you and your goons? Why aren’t you protecting my rights? Why are your knuckle draggers protecting the government’s usurped “right” to steal my money and infringe upon my rights and regulate me and restrict me? John, you are either an outright liar, or severly delusional and in need of mental health assistance. Are you telling me that military soldiers died on battlefields to protect my right to be robbed and abused and spied on and monitored and taxed to death by government? Did you fight in viet nam to protect my right to beg permission from government for who I marry or to keep a dog or cat? Did your friends die in viet nam so I could be molested at the airport?

            Get your story straight John. What the hell are you talking about? When is the last time you went outside? Tell me one specific RIGHT that the police in my city are protecting. Just one. And I will present to you evidence of 10 rights they are depriving me.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            M-E, all the things that you called a right aren’t rights pre-say. Take driving or owning a car is not a right that is a privilege, owning your own home that is a privilege not a right, as to drinking whole milk, I for one grew up drinking whole milk that was straight from the cow’s udder and no one stopped me; you said something about wondering why you had to vacinate your children, will here you don’t have to do that if it against your religion, however, the first time your children come in contact with another child that is sick say with measle or even Chicken Pox, they could either die or even become so sick that when they recover they would be mentally retarded. Furthermore, as for providing food for your family though hunting or fishing the reason for a hunting/fishing license is that the fees you pay are used to maintain and keep tracked of the fish and animal that you are going after is to maintain tham at a viable number so the they won’t go extinct.

            As to owning a dog, you can but if you check behind the reason you need to have them licensed is: one so if they get away from you they can be returned and two that is the way that your local government can see that your pet has had it shots against rabies, and other types of ailments. You could lose everthing you own if one of your animals happened to bite some one and they had to go through the series of anti-rabies shots because you hadn’t take the time to get them vacinated.

            Oh, you can travel anywhere you want across the US, except where you could get hurt or even killed. Like Military bases where there has been live fire. Oh, I forgot one other place you can not sit up (squat) your camp on someone else property without getting permission; the reason I say this is you could be shot if you tried this on someones mining claim. Oh, by the way, I can think of only one restriction to you travelling wherever you want and that is if you have been convicted of a crime and you are placed on probation.

          • Mark-Edward

            I looked up “privildege” for you, John. Here’s a summary:

            “A particular benefit, advantage, or Immunity enjoyed by a person or class of people that is not shared with others. A power of exemption against or beyond the law. It is not a right but, rather, exempts one from the performance of a duty, obligation, or liability.”
            – West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

            “privilege n. a special benefit, exemption from a duty, or immunity from penalty, given to a particular person, a group or a class of people.”

            “A privilege is a special entitlement to immunity granted by the state or another authority to a restricted group, either by birth or on a conditional basis. It can be revoked in certain circumstances. In modern democratic states, a privilege is conditional and granted only after birth. By contrast, a right is an inherent, irrevocable entitlement held by all citizens or all human beings from the moment of birth. Etymologically a privilege (privilegium) means a “private law”, or rule relating to a specific individual or institution. In a broader sense, “privilege” can refer to special powers or de facto immunities held as a consequence of political power or wealth. Privilege of this sort may be transmitted by birth into a privileged class, membership in a particular group, or achieved through individual actions.”

            So, you believe in America, a “free country”, one must have some special exemption bestowed upon him by the all-mighty State, (or be born to a special blood-line) before one can take one’s hard earned money and purchase a particular assemblage of steel and plastic and rubber, and use it for traveling. In other words, one can travel just about anywhere one wants in this “free country” as long as one has a special endowment of authority granted upon oneself by the State to use the mysterious “automobile”, which by nature has some magical properties that make it otherwise unobtainable by mere mortal human beings. Or else one must walk or ride a horse or pay some elite special class of humans who have received this beneficient “priviledge” of owning and using the magical “automobile”. So, what made the automobile off-limits to mortal man? How did government gain the authority over the People to make the automobile into a “priviledge”?

            Milk is no different that the automobile. Nobody stopped you when you were younger, but today they can and do. When did milk stop being a right, and how? The same with an automobile. How did the government at some point in time manage to alienate the inalienable right to own private property and travel by whatever means was available? You are saying that before automobiles were even invented, humans were not allowed to own and use one without State permission.

            It seems you have declared that people in America do not have the Right to: hunting, owning a dog, choosing medical treatment for one’s children, travelling, etc. I enjoyed your rambling attempt to justify your Masters for stripping away these Rights.

            Based on your logic, I now understand exactly why America has collapsed, and why we have lost our rights and freedom. Your generation was too busy doing whatever it is you do (probably watching TV, I’m guessing spcifically “The News”) to pay attention and be diligent about liberty. You have absolutely NO understanding of “Law”, and you are therefore dangerous to the principles of Liberty and Justice.

            Now I know why this conversation has been so painful. You embrace communist and socialist ideologies, and you don’t even know it. “The State” has become your religion, and you don’t even remember converting. You have feelings that oppose the idea of tyranny and domination over people, but you know it’s happening here more and more so you have convinced yourself that when it happens in America “it’s for our own good”.

            Cognitive dissonance is a discomfort caused by holding conflicting cognitions (e.g., ideas, beliefs, values, emotional reactions) simultaneously. In a state of dissonance, people may feel surprise, dread, guilt, anger, or embarrassment. The theory of cognitive dissonance in social psychology proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by altering existing cognitions or adding new ones to create a consistent belief system. An example of this would be the conflict between wanting to smoke and knowing that smoking is unhealthy; a person may try to change their feelings about the odds that they will actually suffer the consequences, or they might add the consonant element that the smoking is worth short term benefits.

            May I suggest you attempt to read the short book “The Law” by Frederick Bastiat? It’s free online: It might help you.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Sir, I give up you. You maybe intelligent but you don’t have the common sense to use what you were given. Some where in your formative years you must have been dropped on you head because you don’t get it, you may have certain rights but they end at the tip of someone elses nose.

            There are laws that help maintain order without them there would be only chaos (sorry about spelling). Oh, from your way of thinking you have the right to do anything you want as long as it makes you happy.


            Oh, I forgot to say when was the last time some Government agency raided a farm because that person was feeding his children or employees fresh whole milk?

          • Mark-Edward

            John. Wow. You are amazing. You just said I have no common sense because I agree with the Declaration of Independence!? Everything I have said about you is true. And I find it fascinating that I called you out every time, and then you come forward to show yourself to be what I predicted. (Personal Attack Deleted).

            For your edification, and to prove my point, I not quote the Declaration of Independance, and add my editorial comments to poke you in the eye with the Truth:

            We hold these truths to be self-evident [this means, it don't need no explaining], that all men are created equal [if we are all equal, how does "government" people get "priviledges"? And how can the bestow these sacred mysteries to others?], that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights [this means no dummy in a suit can take them away by merely writing legislation], that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. [Amazing! Just what you accused me of! Shocking, isn't it? How ignorant you are, John.] –That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men [did you get that? government exists to SECURE my RIGHTS, not to write "rules for maintaining order" and not to write rules to create imaginary fantasy "priviledges"], deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, [I do not consent to this mockery posign as our 'government', and their powers are UNJUST, usurped, stolen at gunpoint] –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, [which is what I, and others like me are claiming that your masters are] it is the Right of the People [not a privilidge] to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. [there's that "happiness" word again! lol. John, you finally got one fact right! I DO have the right to do any (expletive deleted) thing I want to make myself happy - except to violate someone else's rights. How does owning an automobile, or using it, violate ANYONE's rights??]

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Dip—t, you are the type of idiot that if you ever had to face an enemy that was out to kill you, you would probably throw down your weapon and run for the hills crying Momma or freeze the moment you heard a round go by the widdle head and the person standing next to you would end up paying the price for your cowardness. Or if you happened to be an officer with the Custer complex you could endup get people killed because of your stupidity. I dedicated most of my adult life defending the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. In my curreer I ran across people like you the one that though they were smarter than anybody else and when we found out, that person didn’t stay around long. The reason was we need someone we could trust and depend on; oh we also need a leader that was welling to get down in the mud with us and not lead from the rear like your glorious leader BHO.

          • GreatScott

            When you can’t beat them with acts, change the subject and use the name calling tactic.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            GreatScott, the reason I said what I said was the the Jerkoff called me a Socialist/Communist, I am neither and i hope and pray that the American people wake up this coming November and vote BHO and his traitoress wife out of office.

            Oh the reason I call her that is last year during a Flag Day Celibration that they attended, she bent over and whispered in his ear and I quot “All this for a damn old rag.” unquot.

            I believe you can find it on YouTube somewhere because you won’t find in the Government run Media.

          • GreatScott

            This is our problem right here. the Anybody but Obama strategy is seriously flawed. Romney, Santorum and Gingrich have all proven they are for sale to the highest bidder. The news media is selling everyone on Ron Paul is not electable which is complete BS.

            Romney, Santorum, Gingrich= Obama Lite. Death by a thousand stab wounds or decapitation is your choice, the lessor of 2 evils. This is how we got 15.3 Trillion in debt allowing the fraudulent Federal reserve to print money any time it feels like it.

            Ron Paul or bust. No more Lucy holds the ball for Charley Brown
            and then she pulls the ball away from him right whhn he gets reay to kick it and falls flat on his face. That’s what the Republican’s have done to us for the last 100 years. Enough of this sh–. it’s either Ron Paul or we get 4 more years of O’Commie occupying the White House.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            GreatScott, I like what Paul says about the Domestic Policies but, when it comes to his Foreign Policies they scare the hell out of me. For instance, the one about pulling all our troops back and closing all our overseas bases, that one is pure bull, if we did that we would lose any chance of getting the intel that we are now getting and who do you think will move in and take over. Take for instance, Korea and Japan, we are now holding the line on those two places against North Korea along with its puppetmaster China. Those two countries along with Japan would fall to the Communist in a matter of months.

            I haven’t made up my mind yet, but whoever gets the nomination I will back.

          • GreatScott

            The collapse of the Federal Reserve Note is more of a National Security Threat threat than the boogeyman from a Cave in Afghanistan. Again, turn the damn boob tube off and take the time to find out what the truth is. Hint- War is for profit, not security.

          • GreatScott

            And more importantly, why is our border as porous as a piece of swiss cheese? if Uncle Sam is so worried about our Security, then damn it, secure the f-ing border before we spend trillions of dollars and bankrupting our country to fight overseas. I’ve had it with these a-hole politicians sending our troops overseas, coming home in either body bags or scattered body parts to be sewn back together and then be treated like second class citizens after the initial trauma has been taken care of.

            The terrorists are already here because the border is wide open. Now tell me how Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy is flawed? The current Foreign Policy (for the last 60 years) which puts money in our enemy’s hand’s through Foreign Aid is even SCARIER. Hello, wake up and smell the coffee.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Oh, I agree on the foreign policy (Foreign Aid) stop sending money to countries that would stab us and our allies in the back in a heart beat.

            Close the boarders and round up as many as you can of the border jumpers (illigals) and send them home, do away with the anchor-baby policy. Oh, also if there is any illigals in our prisons round them up and put them in a special prison where they can serve out their time and then when they have transport them so far beyond the border that it will take them alone time to get back.

            People say we can’t put the military on the boarder because of the Posse como tautus (sorry about the spelling) rule: Well, duh, put them there on training excercises for say two months at a time

          • GreatScott

            The other three Republorats and O’Commie will not do anything about the border and continue to support foreign aid to our Enemies. So what are you afraid of? The Terrorists are already here. Shouldn’t we be taking care of business at home and then there would be no more 911′s and World Trade Center Bombings. Sheesh.

          • Mark-Edward

            BHO is YOUR leader, sitting on the throne of tyranny that YOU allowed to be built because YOU are a traitor and a coward, and an ignorant buffoon to boot.

            So, you dodged the issue. Again. And you responded with ad hominem attacks. Again. And you made presumptions about me in order to fortify your stupid logical fallacy. Again. BHO is a black arab islamic communist. He is not qualified to sit as President of U.S.A., but because of YOU and your ignorant communist leanings, he IS qualified to sit as President of the corporation called “US Govt, Inc” that YOU allowed to usurp the constitution.

            You are too busy trying to paint me a liberal to realize I’m telling you the truth. You would have to kill me first before I would associate with the Democrat communist party. You, on the other hand, are obviously entrenched in the Republican communist party.

            You insult and ridicule me for beliving in, and preaching, the principles of Liberty and Freedom. And then you pretend you “defend the constitution.” Lies. Damned lies. You are a traitor, un-american, anti-american, communist, kiss-ass government worshipper. Your religion is “The State”. Your gospel is pure propaganda that you don’t even understand but repeat gladly. And you are jealous of me because I am more intelligent than you. :P

            Tell me one more time how an automobile license plate and a drivers license function to secure my inalienable rights? Tell me more about your UN-Constitutional “privileges”. Tell me more about your ignorance of the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independance and the Constitution. I can’t wait to see the next bout of ignorance you shoot off.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Hey, dips–t, why don’t you go crawl back in the f–g hole that you slithered out off. I’ve had dealing with fools like you. futhermore, I’v earned every dime I gotten or received with the sweat of my brow. Oh, yeah, I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks and I am (expletive deleted) proud to have served a greater cause by being in the Military and defending people that can’t or will not fight for what’s right. As for those that won’t fight for something I feel sorry for them.

          • Mark-Edward

            John, you are killing me. How do you distinguish between the military, and the civil elected government that sets their policy and gives them orders? What makes you think I elected those who are bad? This somehow suggests that you know who I voted for, and that I voted different that you. It also suggests that I vote in the first place. Talk about getting facts wrong. You have zero intel to claim anything you said was “facts”.

            Oh, and you are also failing to distinguish between elected officials and “employees” who work for the unconstitutional agencies, which IS the topic of this whole thread in the first place. And it is the agencies and their “employees” who are the problem everywhere, including with the native americans. But you seem to support these agencies whole-heartedly, thereby betraying your own people, as I predicted you would before I even knew your ancestry.

            What difference does it make where my ancestors came from?? I had no control over them, and I wasn’t there to influence their actions or decisions. For what it’s worth, I’m a german/irish mix, and they (my direct ancestors) didn’t get here to North America until after WWI. So “my people” had nothing to do with anything involving native americans. Why are we discussing this anyway? Oh, because you are looking to make another ad hominem attack.

          • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

            Sir, if you didn’t vote you should keep quite about things that you think is wrong with the Government. So, until you vote for something keep quite or better yet throw your name in the ring and run for an elected office and just maybe you work from the inside and change the things that you think are wrong.

            Sir, you just proved my point some of your ancesters did invade what is now called the United States of America.

          • Mark-Edward

            John, I think you are deliberatley making an ass of yourself. Learn to read. I did not say that I do not vote. You alter facts in order to sling yet another ad hominem attack. I said you don’t know if I do or not. Now you are presuming once again. At least you got one fact right in all this; you refer to me as being male, but even then you are stabbing in the dark and hoping you are right, with no facts to support your allegation.

            And how did I prove that my ancestors invaded this continent by telling you that my ancestors did not arrive here until AFTER WWI?? And what in the world does that have to do with ANYTHING???

            YOU are the one who admitted to serving in the military that wiped out your people. And you support the foreign invaders that have overthrown this country. You always side with the violent aggressors. I hope nobody is ever in a position to rely upon your loyalty, because you probably can’t even spell that word.

            You are a twisted old man who is incapable of thinking. Regurgitate propaganda and fabricate rediculous ad hominem diversions.

  • George 68

    As a retired federal employee and an Air Force veteran, I found this video offensive and pure propaganda. He presents no facts to back up his ludricous statements. Again it appears to be the same old republican tactic to pick out a target group to demonize. They started with public education to demonize teachers and school systems in order (1) privatize it, (2) cap salaries to a Walmart standard, (3) breakup unions, and (4) eleminate public sector pensions. Obviously eliminating public sector pensions (city/county, state, and fedral) pensions is the objective of this rant. By implication he would get rid of social security and medicare and medicaid. And in fact, in many states, medicaid is dyting to states not funding it.

    As a former federal employee, I know there are not 21 million federal employees in the country even if you include the military. He didn’t say this included state and municipal employees ( again he should present real facts). His information on teacher, firefighter, police, and EMS pesonnel is patently false. Generally their retirement model is that they receive a pension in 25 years, usually the employee pays half of the cost and the employer pays half, Generally they will get 60-65% of their highest 5 years of pay. And if the pensioner dies, the spouse gets 40 – 60 % of the pensioner pension at date of death. This model can vary somewhat by employer plan and employer policy. The goal is to provide a living pension for a comfortable life stye, not the lifestyle of Mr. root has obvioulsy..

    For the average retiring federal employee there is no way they will collect 5M to 10M in pensions even if they lived to 150 years. This is a blatant lie for federal pensions and especially for state and municipal pensions. I also noted that he took the usual jab at the Nevada teachers union by alleging local union “fat cats” without any shred of factual evidence. But, as always, if propaganda is your aim, why let real facts get in the way.

    I am not a teapartier, nor will I be it their true agenda is to take the country back to 1930 or before. If you want to live as people did in 1930, or 1900, you should research how the average working person lived back then. I believe most of today’s teaparties or anyone wouldn’t want to live such a daily life of toil. But note, the rich back then, lived well as they do now as they had low paid servants to do the chores and the hard work.

    You should note that in 1930 or before, if you could afford a car, you could only drive it locally as their were no interstates, well, in fact, there were few paved roads in the country. We all can than President Eisenhower ( an unmentioned republican now) for having the vision to push for the intersate highway system and major upgrades to secondary roads in the 1950s – 1960′s. But hey, we can’t have these budget busting programs now, can we. . .

    • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

      George 68, it mor like th Socialist (Democrates) and their class warfare.

    • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

      George 68, I meant to say “It sounds more like class warfare to me.” that the Obama Administration is attempting to foster on the American. Oh, there are some idiots out there that will fall for his shenanigans and believe every word he says as gospel. However, I do believe that there are more people out there that are fed up with him, Reid, Palosi (sorry about the spelling) caball and want them gone.

      Here’s to a better America!

  • olrailbird

    I can’t believe how many people have responded positively to this idiocy.

    The 1% makes over $1 million by definition.

    While government power should be limited, there is no reason to limit government size. Instead, we should stop thieves from privatizing our social wealth. You have been fooled.

    Personal liberty does not mean sign over your soul to mufti-national corporations. Your liberty begins where mine ends. That is as far as it goes.

    Corporations do not have the right to privatize my water, electricity and sewage. They do not have the right to print money out of thin air and charge me interest on my own credit.

    However, because people have been led down the primrose path by usurious bastards such as Wayne Allyn Root, we have a very hard, uphill battle to get to actual liberty.

    Abandon this drivel. Government employees are not the problem. The fact that private bankers print money but never print the interest to pay your debt is the true problem. Deal with that. Don’t fall for greedy pig thinking. Real liberty means not cheating your neighbors.

    • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

      Where do you get your fact that private bankers are printing money? They can not print money thats against the law; only the Federal Government can (Look it up in the Admendments to the Constitution. Yes, they can charge interest on the money they lend to people like you and me. How else are they to earn the money that they can turn around and lend out more? Oh, they’re restricted on the amont of interest they can charge.

      • GreatScott

        John- Are you kidding me? Look on the top of a dollar bill and read the three words printed on the top. “Federal Reserve Note”. Why the hell do you think it is called a Note? A Note means a promise to pay. That my friend is called DEBT. It is printed IOU’s. The FED is a privately owned bank, the own our Government lock, stock and barrel. The Federal income Tax was instituted the same year the IRS was created.

        The Constitution states that only Congress has the authority to coin money and regulate the value there of. The Constitution was never revised, so offically, the Federal Reserve Act was Unconstitutional when they voted on it in Congress, On Christmas Eve no less when most Congress Critters were home for the Christmas Holiday. The Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express, and there are no Reserves. In 1933 President Roosevelt took us off the Gold Standard and the US was declared bankrupt.

        Look up the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and read the book “The Creature from Jekyl Island” by G Edward Griffin. You can most likely find it at your local library or you can order it from any bookstore if they do not have it in stock..

      • Mark-Edward

        John, you can’t be that utterly clueless. The “Federal Reserve System” is owned outright by the IMF. I.e. “The Federal Reserve” IS a “private foreign corporation”. And they print money for something like 4 cents per note, and then SELL them to the U.S. Government at FACE VALUE, and then charge interest also!

        As I keep trying to educate you, this thing you call “government” does NOT follow the law, and has abandoned the Constitution long ago. All this talk about “government employees” and unconstitutional “agencies” and my inquiry to you of where this nonsense is authorized in law, and you still have not answered. But suddenly, out of nowhwere, and with your facts all askew, you come out preaching about something that IS happening as though it were illegal and not authorized in the Constitution, and that it CAN’T happen. That’s what I’ve been telling you all along. If it’s not authorized, it’s illegal. Government hiring employees with pension funds in it’s administrative agencies is NOT AUTHORIZED, and, by your own admission finally, it is ILLEGAL.

      • Larry

        The Federal Reserve is a private owend entity. It isn’t Federal or Government. If you try to find the Federal reserve under the government pages you will not find it. And yes the federal Reserve does print our money whenever they want to. It is controlled by the banks. Take that to the bank.

        • GreatScott

          Search Google or YouTube for the documentary “Freedom to Fascism” (sp?) by Aaron Russo.

  • Anne

    Love this post. Agree 100%! It’s time to expose the true greedy who do not work for market value and are artificially protected.

  • Ken

    Well, I’m a “government worker,” or at least I was, I retired from the Army after 24 years, and the retirement benefits package I was promised, was stolen by SecDef William Perry and Prez Clinton i 1994, I also have $400 taken from my military pension as an offset of a $400 disability pension I get from the VA. And I found out that military retirees are the only class of federal retirees that are subject to such an offset,

    Don’t talk to me about government retirees being the “1%,” People that lump military retirees in with other government retirees, are full of crap,

  • Loyd

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