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Government Defends Scathing Expose Of Intelligence Community Failure

July 26, 2010 by  

Government Defends Scathing Expose Of Intelligence Community FailureThe Obama administration is still reeling from a report published last week in The Washington Post that appears to show the government’s failure to control and manage the intelligence community that expanded substantially since 9/11.

The newspaper’s investigation has revealed that the field of intelligence gathering has grown so extensively it is impossible to gauge its effectiveness any more. In fact, there are apparently more than 1,200 government agencies and 1,900 private companies that work in counter-terrorism, homeland security and intelligence.

This growth, combined with an increase in secrecy and loss of transparency, is making it impossible for experts to ascertain how much the effort costs United States taxpayers and whether the nation is safer at all as a result of this expansion, the news source further reported.

In response to these revelations, government officials affirmed that the system may have its inefficiencies, but overall it is "achieving untold successes every day,” according to acting Director of National Intelligence David Gompert.

He added that the Post report does not represent “the intelligence community we know.”ADNFCR-1961-ID-19902129-ADNFCR

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  • fatmansplicer


  • kemp

    The field agents geather the information and forward it to thier supiors and that is where the breakdown is.
    NO action is taken.
    Someone with NO sense or experance in the field makes the decisson weather it is important or not,or decides to cover it up,for some reason.

  • Ted Crawford

    Perhaps I’m late to the game, but this seems to me to be an application of the Cloward-Piven technic of overloading everything! It comes to mind that this is, and has been, the democrats way of governing by committee!
    I understand that a certain amount of redundency is good. The degree to which the progressives have taken it, however, is clearly inefficient and very, very costly and wasteful!! It is also very counter productive!! It does, however, allow them to avoid taking responsibility!!!

    • Dave

      Let’s not forget that this system was devised by republicans not Democrats. This is Bush’s creation. It’s funny how it’s all Obama’s fault now like everything else in the world to you people. Please educate yourselves and TURN OFF FOX!

      • Gorba

        You’re drinking the Cool aid. Our Republic is in grave danger under this communist/socialist administration. Wake up before it is too late.

      • marvin

        Dave, bush done it, bush done it,chicken little saz the bush done it,give obama a break,like hell he has only been in office 19 months took 12 vacations,been stunping for fellow liberals 20 times, gave george soros 2 billion to dril for oil off the coast of africa,gave his union buddys free access to the white house,let there manager of gm go on tv and flat out lie about paying back all the tarp fund,call cops stuped for arresting his friend,wants to ex order 20 million illegals to citizen ship,sueing arizona for a laws they will not and do not enforce,do i need to say more it all bush,s fault,like obama said a change we need and boy are we getting it,a liberal an,t never broke tell us rich republican are out of money,you know i think i will become a liberal,so i can blame bush

      • alpha-lemming

        Please get it right!! This is the product of PROGRESSIVE Republicans…. yes… Bush 43 and his Congress are PROGRESSIVES (Not moonbat, Kumbaya one-worlder progressives… but they sure as h*ll ain’t interested in shrinking government!!). NO patriot (read.. Constitutionalist) I associate with was enthusiastic, supportive, or optimistic in expectations upon the announcement of the creation of “The Department of Home-boy Security”. Government is grossly bloated (part of the reason 9-11 was successful… not the conversation here today) and one more layer of bureaucracy was the LAST thing needed. But.. hey.. it did get them an extra turn at the trough and isn’t that really the only important thing when your a hack.

        • Karacek

          I agree, the Repuklicans have their own agenda, but PROGRESSIVES HAVE INFILTRATED THE DEMORATS – as Hillary stated, “I am a PROGRESSIVE”, along with the fascist muslim and commies! As an ole “Granny”, I do not recognize either party these days!

          ENCUMBANTS & CAREER POLITICIANS NEED TO BE OUSTED FROM CONGRESS, HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR TREASONOUS DEEDS AND LEGISLATION, HAVE ALL PERKS STRIPPED FROM THEM (Lifetime HC & Pensions) and TERM LIMITS PUT INTO LAW. End Career Politicians. Put them back into society so they can live by the legislation they pass as the rest of us do!

          Obummer is another story. A firing squad is too good for him. He should rot in prison in an isolation cell. Maybe not, he may enjoy his own company since he has such a high opinion of himself! Give him to Sheriff Arpio of AZ. I think Obummer would like being decked-out in PINK!

      • ChuckL

        Gee, Dave, It seems to me that this system has been growing since at least Clinton, and possible even before Carter.

        Or perhaps I was part of it way back in the 1960′s.

        It is a clear display of the fallacies of the Congress, in that they seem to think that only MORE LEGISLATION is MOVING FORWARD, regardless of the quality or readability of the legislation, and refuse to consider REMOVAL OF BAD LAWS AS MOVING FORWARD.

        Congress does way too much PATCHING and unfortunately no REMOVAL.

      • rhurt

        How long is it going to be until you Liberal-Progressive-Fascists start taking some responsibility for the many mistakes that have occured in the last one and half years. Also, how many of you are going to realize that you are accomplices in the destruction of this country for the sake of Islam and its main director-Obama. Read what these anti-Americans are saying and whats being reported about them. Alos, read concerning the process of Islamic governing-Obam fits it to a T-on every item. Wake up and stop apoligizing for this admitted Muslim; who has been ostructing justice most every time an unlawful activity occurs. Its not just afew times of Muslim perference by Obama, but many. He is not your president, unless you are a Muslim.

      • Jean

        Hey, Dave, you say “Turn off Fox.” That’s a rather hopeless plea. FNC is the only network with the truth and the only news network I watch. You aren’t against truth and free speech, now are you? or is it the fear of progressives being exposed? Glenn Beck is tops with exposing the truth about the liberalheaded progressives and the dunderheaded sheeple in Congress. Perhaps someday, when it is too late, you will regret having all of your private property confiscated and are forced to live under a communist regime. No gas for the weary. Such irony!

      • http://None Sam

        You seem to forget that it has been a democratic controlled congress that got us into all this mess in the first place. There is vast room for much improvement in both parties! However, the deomcrats are so far out in left field that they have lost touch with reality.

      • JimJ

        Lets not forget that that the democrats were in chage during the last half of Bush’s administration, and aside from executive order its the congress and senate that must approve what the president does.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Ruby

        Every day I find it hard to believe there is anyone in this country who will condone what is happening to our country. Why can’t we just look at what is happening to our liberties and our freedom, and forget the politics. This is hurting everyone in this country, it has no choice of color, politics or age. We are all going to suffer from this regime. We definitely must pray.

  • Rush Housel


    • Kinetic1

      I won’t defend the administrations willingness to stand by the current system, but I will point out that the massive increases came during the last administration.

      You know, many on the right blamed 9/11 on Clinton and the claim that he drastically reduced our intelligence departments. That’s why Bush instituted all these new departments, to beef things up. That’s why he pushed through the “Patriot Act” with it’s expanded use of wire taping and e-mail invasion. That’s why we gave up more liberty than we can imagine. Think about how much more information there is to evaluate now that they are watching us like never before. Now you want to blame Obama for these overly bloated intelligence departments. Which is it? If Obama reduces Bush’s numbers will he be doing what’s best for our safety, or will you claim that it’s just one more attempt by “the Muslim” to weaken our defenses?

      • BrotherPatriot

        Don’t forget Kenetic1 (or perhaps your not aware) that Bush & Obummer are and have always been…on the same team. Not the team of America, but the team of the Bilderberg Virus & their hidden Agenda. Everything they strive for is for that Agenda. The Elites Agenda.

        Yes, indeed, the Patriot Act needs to be ripped out by the roots. Yes, indeed, the Obummer Health Care also needs to go away as well.
        Yes, indeed, we need to clean out the encumbants who have connections to the Virus that infects the Body of Humanity.

        Enough is enough. Now that we as a nation are becoming aware of what the real equation is…that which has been kept secret for so long…change indeed is what we’ll be seeing in the future. A change that will cause the Bilderbergs to nash their teeth in frustration as we legally rip apart all they have struggled to impose upon us. We know who the Rothschilds are and what they and their various organizations have been up to. They will NOT succeed.

        As Gandolf said, “You shall NOT pass!” and indeed, they wont.

        Yol Bolsun.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Democrats…ummm, yeah. So this is the world we get from them having majority. Something tells me…this…this isnt’ what we want. This downward spiral into a socialist, communisim.

    Why on earth would we ever let this party get the majority again? Personally, I think our whole system needs an overhaul. It’s becoming common knowledge, even amongst foreign nations, that we may have 2 parties…but they are still following the same Agenda. An Agenda that the common vote shows that the American majority doesn’t want. Yet, they are cramming it all down our throats anyway.

    The Republic can be made healthy again but it’s going to take some serious investigations to fully clean out the Virus (Bilderbergs) that infects us. Michele Bachmann is one voice calling for a continuous supena prying into the gangster style government we now have in order to unravel the damage that has been done to America.

    I, for one, think that any representative that we have who is of this opinion…is right on target. Follow this continuous supena barrage and perhaps America will indeed begin to heal and recover from what the Elites have done to us.

    • MichelleO

      A BIG HUGE AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruce

    One question,
    Is it not strange that all these Intel people seemed to miss the fact that Barry Soetoro has never had his name legaly changed to what ever he calls himself now?

    I bet that was GWB’s fault, hey why stop there it must be the fault of Ben Dover.

  • WB

    With all the finger pointing, we tend to lose site of the fact that the common denominator in all of the above irresponsible plans is the representation we have in the House of Representatives and the Senate. If you will check it out, the vast majority of “our ” representatives have been in place, instigating, passing the bills and laws into effect regardless of the party in the White House. Maybe it is time we started laying the blame where it lies in truth and realize our part in continuing to elect these “representatives”. No President, regardless of agenda could accomplish a thing if “Our Duly Elected Representatives” put their foot down and acted in the best interests of the majority of American Citizens.

  • s c

    So, “GOD” has failed us once again. Apparently, it makes perfect that “GOD’S” poll ratings continue to PLUMMET. It seems that this “GOD” specializes in lies and nothing but lies.
    The solution to this problem is fairly simple. That is, ‘OUT with the FALSE “GOD,” and IN with mortals who know up from down and freedom from slavery. So long, “GOD.” I read your book [Rules for Radicals].
    Can’t wait to see the movie. Any truth to the rumor that George Soros will get the lead role?

  • Les

    I fail to see anywhere in this report about who, other than the Federal Government expanded the groups. This is not a Democrat/Republican proble its a problem that the elected representatives are destroying our constitution from all side by both parties. Wake up folks and start looking at what has been happening for the past 40 years. Expansion of Govt. Time for all the people to get involved and reverse this train wreck.

  • marvin

    to obama bigger is better,reguardless,if is vacation,handouts,bailout,take more from the has and give it to the handouts,bigger goverment, more illegals, future dembocrat voters you know,talk was 800.000 in the intel field no one will say or knows for sure,but barack jim carter obama an,t got time for small stuff,so we the poor rich unemployed have a choice in nov 2010 be lame for more of the same or vote,find out how your reps vote,if they voted agginst you and smaller goverment,vote no for them,not much we can do about obama tell nov 2012,but we can get vote out the spend and tax liberals

  • marvin

    a little off topic but,holder and obama said the arazona immigration law would take money and time from the real law enforcement of fighting drugs and criminal illegals,but the liberals in congress oked money to sue arizona but don,t have money to deport illegals,i find that strange, have money to enforce laws they want enforced and have money to fight laws they don,t want enforced,as obama said give me amnesty or give me open borders

  • hundabuxt

    The government screws virtually everything up, is grossly inefficient, spends our money like its free, elevate themselves to something like royality status like Peolsi’s personal B757 and Obama and wife eating Kobe beef, flying in special chefs to entertain and going out on dates at taxpayer expense just for starters, the legislative branch voting themselves salary increases in the face of all the suffering going on in the country and on and on ad nausium.
    We’ve spent at least one trillion dollars on the drug war and have gotten nowhere except to make a bigger bureacracy and make people in Columbia, Mexico and other South and Central American countries rich. Our troops in Afganistan pay millions in bribes to the very people who want to kill us in order to get the trucks through territory to supply the bases, so we’re paying off the people who kill us, the Iraquis claim they need Americans in country until at least 2020 because they’re too stupid, lazy or incompetent to secure their own country when all the time an apparently better motivated lightly equiped enemy keeps the pressure on effectively. We see the same BS going on in Afganistan, which equates in my opinion to a shakedown of uncle sugar to support the corruption of the indiginious people as well as the contractors from America and other countries making a bundle and string us out until we finally get it, which seems to take years and more debt for the heavly burdened American middle class who really pay most of the cost of government. We have millions of undocumented flooding across our borders, which amounts to an invasion, and an administration that would like to legalize them all under the rediculious auspisis of “immigration reform”. We have forign countries bending us over with inequitable trade, currency manipulation for advantage, and outright intimidation due to the amount of our gross debt they buy. We have so called representation in the legislature who takes millions from lobbists on the scale of Abramoff (and no he wans’t the only one) while shoving political double talk down constituants throats in an attempt to convince us they’re working on our behalf and I’m just getting started. Both the Democrats and Republicans are guilty. In fact the guilt goes all the way back to that SOB Johnson. Reagan was a breath of fresh air but he had his problems too and Clinton was corrupt, a pathological lier and quite possibly responsible for some mysterious deaths. He was no friend of the miltary and we’re suffering some large problems now due to his bungling, but in his defense he was a smooth SOB and we did prosper economically and had a surplus. I somehow doubt that was by design attributable to him but its a fact at any rate. Our government is waaay out of control. Its not a government of the people anymore and hasn’t been for quite a while, its a govenment of special interests and powerful people, not all from within this country and we need to get it back. Our problems start with our own government and the change we need is likely more radical than the American people have the courage for and it may even be too late given the technology and clandestine organizations available to truly control us.

  • paulc

    I remember that one goal of “homeland security” was to get the various intel groups working together. It seems to me that has not happened–the turf battles continue.

    It seems to me a wholesale shuffle at the top these agencies would help. FBI to CIA. NSA to FBI. etc. Retain the intel experience but shift their loyalties.

    I believe we were not successful in our goal to “Make the world safe for democracy.” We are trending AWAY!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      what do you expect when Nobama and P-lousy threaten all of our intelligence agents with criminal charges and call everything they say lies???

  • atlas reborn

    The problems had the seeds planted in 1859 when the north was broke and the south was rich and the north wanted higher tarriffs on southern exports.when lincoln was elected and the south left the union and President Buchanan made treaty with the sourh and giving them fort sumpter because it belonged to south carolina. when lincoln became president he wanted to go to war with the south to bring it back into the union. lincoln resupplied sumpter twice and the south said they would take it back by force it he tried to resupply it again. the rest is history. when you violate the constitution and take rights away from the people as did lincoln did then you set up the roads to loss of freedom. when you bresk one law then the next one becomes easier and the next even easier and so on. Jefferson even said it. he precicted that could and would happen. So you now think you can ignore the constitution and the laws without recourse. well we have been having it up to our ears with all this garbage and trash. We now want our counrty back and we will take it back and God will be with us. He gave us freedom and we screwed up he is going to give us another and we better not screw up again because there will not be another chance. Let us be smart and put God back in our lives and country. lets take back america.

    • AnhydrousBob

      Excellent point, atlas reborn.

      A lot of folks think President Wilson started this whole progressive movement, but it was actually Abraham Lincoln that got the ball rolling with a strong central government – created thru a great war.

      When you think about it, the right and legitimacy of secession was not decided with the defeat of the confederacy any more than thugs may coerce victims into no longer pursuing their legal rights.

  • Lyle

    Dave kind of people are allowed to multiply and vote. what a shame that only proves we Americans have to work harder to be shure we clean house come nov. get serious america, GETTER DONE. ;; LYLE


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