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Government ADMITS secretly SPRAYING POISON on us!!! Also admit secret tests hundreds of times!

February 3, 2012 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • celeste

    These chemtrails have been going on for a long time in Washington state.
    I wonder if Montsano is involved as they are,as I have heard, forcing farmers to use only their seed and sending people out to make sure they do.

    • Mary

      I believe they know something that we don’t. Monsanto is one of the donators for the Doomsday seed vault in Norway. Ohter donators are Bill Gates the rockefeller foundation etc. Population control is in the food.

      • FreedomFighter

        Dangers of GM Food – YOU’RE EATING POISON

        much much more on this

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Mary

          Thanks. I’m looking for a good land to get out of here. I’m going to grow my own food as soon as posible. I think I’m late but I’m going to try anyway.

  • s c

    If Uncle Scam is now willing to part with info that would have caused riots 20 years ago, it means he isn’t concerned about creating riots now. And, it’s right to conclude that ANYONE who agrees with spraying is no better than any back-stabbing dictator in the world’s history [recent or in the distant past].
    You folks who pooh-pooh history, common sense and prefer to let your pointy heads remain rammed up your collective rumps have a most interesting history lesson coming down the train track. It takes a cold, calculating, worthless ‘useful idiot’ SOB to inflict that lesson on your kids and every man, woman and every senior citizen in America.
    So, are you _______s PROUD? Contrary to what your icons and your false elected gods told you, you’ve made a lot of enemies. Enjoy the living history lesson, losers.

  • Donna Hammond

    Why does our government have the right to play God over us,we the people. They dont, but they are. They will have to answer to the one and only God, and how will they explain what they are doing. They cant, they are sealing their own doom.

  • RichardS

    Barium levels can be checked in human blood. Look there first.

    • Vigilant

      Excellent point. Unless and until that is done, the theories are purely speculative bunk.

  • Vigilant

    The admissions of secret tests and spraying have been around for decades and are old news. No proof that it’s still going on.

    When I see the “perpetrators” going to and from work in hazmat suits, then I’ll believe it. Until then, it’s another urban legend with no conclusive proof. And the videoclip provides no conclusive proof, only speculation.

  • DGT

    Yes, Gov troops & citizens exposed to testing for decades. Why did the news agency not go to several other spots under the contrails path and test the soil and water. Hack journalism as taught in our universities. If it is left as a question, as it was in video, for the viewing public just how many people have the time or resources to investigate.

    Since Hoffa vs USA government, yes that Hoffa, employees have a right to lie to anyone. So the next time a police officer tells you anything… rely on this, he has taken a course in lying and practices it daily in dealing with the public, on reports and in the courts along with lawyers and judges. Oh, and by the way they also take a course in creative writing. Why would one need to create, embellish, when a report is to be a simple replay of events?

    IF one were to cover sh!% with ice cream one does not notice the sh!% under it. But the spoon to find it would cost you everything you have and the spoons are under the control of those that make a living in depriving you of the spoon.

  • alwaysright

    THE HEADLINE ON THIS IS DECEIVING! When a “news” post starts out with a lie and then distorts other facts, like the mention of “chemtrails” in that one bill decades ago, the rest of the article doesn’t carry much credibility.
    Here are the 3 biggest problems (besides the foregoing) with this whole “chemtrial” thing. There are hundreds of thousands of airplanes up there making these con…errr…”chemtrails” yet of those hundreds of thousands of pilots and ground crewmen, nobody ever steps forward and says “I am——and this is what we’ve done nad I’m going public”. (The job must pay REAL well!) Next, the comments on “chemtrails linger while contrails dissapate” is factually incorrect. Do the research. The research goes clear back to WWII and is readily available. Lastly, if “the government” (no agency ever named, of course) employees are over your house spraying chemicals on you, there’s another government employee over their house spraying chemicals on them/their families yet they’re not complaining. How likely is that? Or will you now allude that they somehow miraculously spray around each other’s houses?

    • Vigilant

      “…yet of those hundreds of thousands of pilots and ground crewmen, nobody ever steps forward and says “I am——and this is what we’ve done and I’m going public”.”

      I agree. In this day and age Operation Overlord (D Day) would never have gotten off the ground, because “leaks” are voluminous and unbiquitous. Much of my resistance to the 9/11 conspiracy is based on this fact.

      As with the chemtrails theory, the 9/11 tragedy would have required the complicity of hundreds, if not thousands of conspirators to accomplish their nefarious end. I find it virtually impossible that, with all those people allegedly involved, not one has come forward to “fess up.” Even Julian Assange and Co. could not come up with any damaging Wikileaks evidence on this score.

      But this simple logic and inductive thinking will never sway the true believers of either of these theories. By definition, the true believer is never convinced by logic and fact.

    • Vigilant

      Just out of curiosity, I suffered through over ten minutes of YouTube video entitled, “Secretly Recorded CHEMTRAILS Pilot Speaks Video.”

      Now, you would expect from a title like that that it was some expose of the evil chemtrails conspiracy. What a disappointment (to the theorists).

      This guy pulls into the Weather Modification, Inc. parking lot in Fargo, ND and proceeds to openly film trailors and tanks that supposedly contain the evil substances used to make chemtrails. He then proceeds into the facility and engages in a long conversation with one of the pilots, who is very open and frank about their contracts to sow silver iodide into thunderstorm clouds (to reduce hail size) or to make it rain.

      Couple of points here: first, silver iodide has been used for over half a century to make rain, and the pilot indicated no reluctance or suspicion with the interviewer whatsoever.

      Second, if their actions were so secret and malicious, don’t you just possibly think that there might have been a security contingent to prevent such easy access to trailors, tanks and the building itself, let alone to even enter the property?

      So, just two videos are enough for me to decide not to waste any more of my time on this blind alley. People who throw themaselves into these crackpot, unproven theories simply have too much time on their hands.

    • Michael J.

      So if chemtrails were real, the truth would get out?

      Ya right, and Obama’s an American born Christian too.

  • Jackie Lee Nunn

    We obviously have a misunderstanding here and I would very much like to drop this little bit of information in order to get us all on the same page . The ” Law ” as we are taught to understand it is for the ” Poor “. The rich and elite among us don’t have to adhere to this same set of social values or ” rules ” . Their ” Law “is decided by how much they are capable of paying those High Priced lawyers . I’ll give you an example . If you go crazy and murder your entire family with an axe , with enough money you can the charges dropped to disorderly conduct and you walk away and are even allowed to keep the millions of dollars from the insurance you had on them ,because you were ” Abused ” as a child , along with the ever so humble ” Ambien ” defense .

    • Vigilant

      Jackie, please be so kind as to relate what your comment has to do with anything thus far discussed.

  • Tom W.

    Isn’t it just reassuring to know that the government is using you for a gunnie pig, and there’s not a thing you can do about it?!!

  • greg

    Dredge up old unable to prove spam facts from 40 years ago. dont need to be misinformed again. What are you selling,I dont want to know its just spam DELETE

  • vicki

    I notice a focus on barium. Unfortunately barium is rather common in the environment (Including from all those broken florescent bulbs you see by garbage cans) and is not a good indicator of any “intent” on the part of airplanes.

  • Edward Frye

    The Romans salted the ground in and around Carthage. This prevented anything from growing in the soil because it wasn’t fertile. The people counldn’t sustain themselves with all the crop failure and starved. Rome won the people submitted. I think that is what is happening now. They are killing the soil purposely to make us dependent on Corporate food and Monsanto seed that is immune to the salts they are spraying. We need to put a stop to this, NOW. They are poisoning our food and our earth. Eugenics at it’s worst.

    • Realist

      Edward, you may be on to something. Eugenics would be useful to depopulate the non productive and the weak. Particularly those who have chosen to retire and are elderly or those who are disabled and are more susceptible to disease and a failing immune system. Then there are those who are just plain lazy and they are never going to produce and they are a burden to the wealthy by being consumers and not contributors to their purse strings. This will be really hard to localize at the source because it will always be a mystery to us as a less than elite society. A society that is fed only what their very own media allows us to learn by. There are those such as Alex Jones who has championed this subject for decades now but he has made himself a misnomer with all the emotional antics he pulls publicly with his bull horn and daily broadcasts. Let us hope that there are those who will see and recognize this phenomenon of active depopulation before it becomes too late in the game. If your are exposed long enough to poisons from above you and your crops may succumb and there may be HAZMAT suited folks to clean the area up of all our corpses. Maybe not, rotting flesh has a way of re-fertilizing the earth. eeeyewwwh!!!! Sounds sinister enough!

  • bernhart Bell

    I watched a so cald video that was to run for 6 min.they were to give the 41 important foods to store.after 15 turns out that they are not going to give the 41 foods & theire names.instead he is selling a book that will tell you the foods.Why do you allow these pich men selling theire wares on your web lied threw the whole thing and then wants to sell you a should remove this lier from your site.a real low life owp

  • FreedomFighter

    Dont know how many people have looked at me like I was from a distant galaxy when I told them of this years ago…

    now they just tell you… Oh yea we are poisoning you, suck it up, we the elite globalist want you to die, your children to die go steril, or be retarded so we can control them better

    Any of you out there starting to get really mad? If not, stop drinking the floride water an aspatame toxins, bpa plastics hormone poisons and deadly GMO foods

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • c.w.s.

      just curious FF, how many of these do you believe are ‘initiated’ by the government? I agree that certain events are indeed taking place, but have the gut feeling that they are driven by the commercial side, be it military weapons industry, pharmaceutical companies, medical “maintenance” industry or the like, and the government just ‘buys in’.

      I have a difficult time believing that anybody in the government is looking that far ahead without having somebody else guiding them…

  • c.w.s.

    Read the entire thread…have some observations..

    Those who poo-poo the article and correctly state that condensation trails have been there ever since high flying aircraft…let’s not be so narrow minded. Some contrails dissipate rapidly, while others stay and form long lasting ‘clouds’. Perhaps not every plane in the sky is responsible for spreading “chem-trails”. Perhaps not every chem-trail is the same.

    The reasons, if indeed this is true, are unknown. Weather modification seems plausible, pacification of a population, less so, but within the realm of ‘possibilities’, climate control? “terraforming” by an alien species…highly doubtful…I’d be more likely to believe that it is as simple as chemical companies dumping hazardous waste. One of the industries favorite sayings is “the solution to pollution, is dilution and dispersion”…what better way than to put aerosols in certain planes (cargo carriers) to dump what would cost billions to get rid of. The cumulative effects would never be considered when there is a profit to be made…(just an opinion)

    GMOs however, ARE real, and DO pose a true threat to life on earth as well as health.

  • lennart

    this is only on the subject of chemtrails only , i have no questions , only a theory , what if the heat from the jet engines exiting out of the aircrafts of wich there is hundreds if not thousands , what if the exiting heat and the invisible gases of wich there is known 7 gases is , causing a chemical reaction and burning these gases as they are tampered by this heat they in turn hard into visible matter , from them come down paticles of visible burnt gases of different sorts end theory . lp

    • lennart

      dont empty my pockets of the paulpirius , and tell me the tree is bare .LOL

  • Big Jim

    I would worry about the radiation from the Japan disaster going on much easer to prove huh…I am sure the non belivers with there heads stuck in the land of make belive will not belive that either…

  • Sandy Daniels

    I believe eugenics is not only a possibility but a high probability as well. Floride is a POISON, as are most of the elements used to ironically “purify drinking water” when you can smell the water at the sink I sure as hell won’t drink it. If our gov has done this with the agency’s in place to stop it,what else are they capable of doing to us???


    Semper Fi


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