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Governed By Decadence

June 21, 2012 by  

It is no secret that Americans have a bad habit of becoming enthralled by and making celebrities of many people who could be described as intellectually deficient, at best, and despicable, at worst.

Just take a look at the individuals that many young people throughout the Nation believe they should attempt to emulate.

There are “Teen Moms” on MTV who — with the help of a few thousand dollars per episode — make teen pregnancy look easy. They live in high-priced apartments and have fancy cars, minimum wage jobs and children; that sounds like reality. Also on that channel are the enterprising young hooligans who have misrepresented the New Jersey Italian-American community while binge drinking and “smushing” on “The Jersey Shore.” A few channels away, we find Kim Kardashian, who has managed to make a mockery of the institution of marriage in order to turn a hefty profit. Or, if music is your taste, you could simply flip through a few top 40 radio stations to hear music that encourages you to be an oversexed, uneducated thug. Or a bum. Or a pimp. Or a whatever.

But before you criticize the youths of the Nation for lapping up this filth and go on a self-righteous diatribe about the merits of watching C-SPAN, consider the filthy characters to whom you are turning for answers. Many of your policymakers could likely get their own hit shows on MTV.

Actually, a better idea: C-SPAN should simply change its programming lineup to better suit the decadent nature of a Nation in decline. This would likely be a great way to get more brain-dead Americans to tune in to the network, and it may even get more youngsters interested in how government works (or why it hasn’t for a long time). Besides, no one has time to sit and watch Congressional speeches, and they don’t give us a good look at who the people running and working for our Nation really are. So here are some suggestions a new C-SPAN programming lineup:

“Secrets of the Secret Service”

Don’t let the name of this hot new reality show fool you; we’re not interested in knowing about who really killed John F. Kennedy or where they keep the aliens. “Secrets of the Secret Service” will document the exploits of the men charged with protecting our country’s highest leader as they tend to the more important aspects of their jobs. Get ready to find out just how easy it really is to buy a prostitute in Columbia, if name-dropping and casually mentioning that you are a Secret Service agent makes it easier to pick up chicks in a bar, and what it feels like to wield a machine gun when you have a hangover. And stay tuned for the season finale episode in which celebrity guests Snookie, J-Wow, The Situation and the rest of “The Jersey Shore” cast face off with the agents to see who the harder partiers are.

“Sex In The Capitol City”

This tell-all show will be hosted by Rielle Hunter, disgraced former Senator John Edwards’ former mistress and the mother of his child. Hunter was chosen for the spot because of the shameless way in which she graphically describes how enjoyable having adulterous sex with the Senator was in her new memoir, What Really Happened. Expect candid interviews with other political figures who have had fidelity and decency problems while in public light including: former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford who abandoned his State unannounced for a week to vacation with his mistress; Representative Barney Frank (D-Mass.) who has a thing for male prostitutes; former New York “Luv Guv” Eliot Spitzer who has a thing for expensive prostitutes; and the aptly named former New York Representative Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) who likes to “sext” pictures of his genitals.

“To Tell The Truth, Or Not”

In this throwback to the classic television game show, a political figure will sit before a contestant — who must be a registered voter — and tell his story. The contestant will then have to decide whether the politician is outright lying, embellishing facts or being truthful. The first show will feature Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and the second episode President Barack Obama. Both have American success stories of overcoming underdog roots; both are complete with debatable facts.

“Who Wants To Be A $16 Trillionaire”

Hosted by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, this exciting show pits bank executives against one another to determine who can come up with the best way to rip off American citizens. The winner gets $16 trillion to use as they please as they work to enslave all Americans to debt and bankrupt the entire Nation.


If you thought “Cops” was an action-packed television show, you’ll love “Jackboots.” This documentary-style program will follow the plethora of enforcement agencies in the Nation as they use special training to injure and quiet anyone who stands in their way of complete dominance. You will get a firsthand look at how the Department of Homeland Security brands almost everyone a terrorist. You will learn how powerful it feels to Transportation Security Administration agents when they throw would-be passengers out of airports for refusing to be sexually molested. You will ride along with police officers who do not believe the Constitution restrains them in any way. And you will see the action as innocent farmers endure raids from armed bureaucrats. If you love the police state, you don’t want to miss this.

This proposed C-SPAN lineup likely seems a little absurd. What’s more absurd, however, is that programming like this would definitely cause the network’s ratings to skyrocket. And while many cringe at the antics of pop culture’s celebrities, those of the people running our Nation are in some ways worse. At least Snookie doesn’t have any legislative pull… yet.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • MAP

    This would all be funny, it it were not so very true! And I can find nothing to laugh about in that.

    • kantstanja

      Total Oxymoron… DOWN WITH ALL “SCRIPTED” REALITY T.V. SHOWS!!! ‘Cops’ is the only true reality show and their popular only because the scumbags they toss behind bars wants to see themselves on the ‘tank’ tube

  • Karolyn

    In pondering the people who watch the reality shows, I tend to think of them as undereducated ignorant cretins. However, I work with a couple of women who watch the “Housewives of…” shows, and they are very intelligent and aware individuals; so you really can’t throw everybody under the bus. “Different strokes…” Unfortunately, it is so true that a large segment of the population are enamored of those mentioned shows. Personally, being born and raised in NJ, “Jersey Shore” makes me want to puke. Although I did know a couple of people similar to those depicted when I was a kid, even they were nowhere near as assinine as the Jersey Shore crew.

    The shows suggested by Sam Rolley would probably garner a lot of viewers.

  • nc

    Sam, this country, even before it became a nation and since , had saloons,bars speakeasies and homes with alcohol in them, where people got drunk and did ”
    drunk things”! That part of mankind has survived all attempts to eradicate it! It ill survive us! Education, to save as many as we can from the evils of decadence, is the only answer to this element of human nature!! IT CAN NOT BE LEGISLATED AND PREACHIN’ EVERY SUNDAY HAS NOT ENDED IT IN MY SMALL TOWN ON TE BUCKLE OF THE BIBLE BELT!!
    With the conservative view that government has a right to tell us what we can do and not do with our bodies, WHEN will they offer a law that rquiires all Secret Service agents that guard the President be CASTRATED! Problem solved? Yeah, right!

  • Bob M

    I hate reality shows

    • Steve E

      And most reality shows are really not that real.

      • kantstanja

        THAT’S because their scripted.. How can anything that has a director and a writer be “Real”..? How can they audition contestants according to their screen appearance be real? How can they draw in advertisers if they don’t control the action? They ALL need to go the way of the pet rock, mood ring and the clapper..!!

  • Jaesun

    If youngsters want to learn the true nature and inner workings of government, they need to turn off the TV and tune in to reality forums on the internet.

    Government is the only group claiming the right to force obeyance of its opinions on people at the point of a gun. Government rules through the use violence or the threat of the use of violence on anyone who chooses to disobey its commands.

    Understanding the immoral nature of government is the first step in developing a cure for every societal problem.

    Most people speak out against violence and yet some continue to vote in political elections which gives their tacit approval to government threats, injustices, and actual violence against innocent people. If you are against violence, don’t vote or support any politician or bureaucrat.

  • Orren Winjum

    And now it is obvious that intergration was a bad idea. Good character and moral
    behavior can not be acquired by legal edics. Coercive behavior only begets
    more coercive behavior until the whole society is at each others’ throat.

    Of coarse, this is the hope of those wishing to step in and save us from ourselves
    and accept their socialist solutions in exchange for liberty.

    • mark

      You’re right Orren, Not only was intergration (is dat how they spell it down there?) a bad idea but so was abolishing slavery! It was dat damn socialist Lincoln dat stirred up dat whole mess. We gotta let people keep their freedom! Even if it means their freedom to own other people or keep de wrong type from coming into our restaurants and schools and sitting down with decent folk. Why in the hell should we let them to vote either! There was a whole buncha coercion involved in dat dere Voting Rights Act, too, I do tell. I agree with you Orren, you’re a real American!

      • Steve E

        dat’s right Mark.

      • Jay

        As usual, the Progressives offer a mixture of sound and original ideas. Unfortunately, none of the sound ideas are original, and none of the original ideas are sound.

  • mark

    It’s called freedom, freedom, we need to have our freedoms, dadgumit! Dat’s why the good ol’ bible-thumpin’ U.S. of A. is also the world’s leadin’ producer of pornography, guns, and crystal meth! Freedom! I wahnt my freedom, you damn socialists!

    • MAP

      You are a prejudiced, ignaramus, fool.

    • nc

      Ouch, Mark! That will definately leave a mark! Sissy if you rub it, orren

    • Jay

      mark, on a good day you’re a half-wit. You remind me of drool. You are deficient in all that lends character.

      • eddie47d

        What part did you miss Jay. You saying that Porno,Guns and Drugs aren’t important in America and each don’t have their rabid defenders. Remember Americans have the freedom to do many dumb things including drinking Big Gulps or watching stupid “reality” shows. .

  • Eddie G.

    Interesting suggestions for C-SPAN. I often turn it on to see what the boobs in D.C. are up to in finding new ways to screw the people. It’s obvious the work is not hard. They all get up and make either great speeches or insult everyone’s intelligence the way Babs Boxer does. They never look into the camera and deliver to the people because they know it’s mostly B.S. so they always address the person sitting up on the throne of the house or senate. Then there’s the endless quorum calls where C-SPAN could fill with Road Runner cartoons while Harry Reid goes to the toilet. The RR is marvelously funny,would have your kids watching as well and when Dirty Harry gets back from his “quorum” the kids get to learn about government and not grow up brain dead like their parents were voting for Obama or putting long termers back in office so they could remain corrupt. C-SPAN should definitely engage in new programming especially when congress is not in session and give on air U.S. History lessons to viewers to educate them. This should be done non partisan just the way I learned History in school which was mandatory by the way. History was taught just how it occurred not some goofy diatribe about how Columbus beat up native tribes. His ships were too dinky anyway to carry a whole Spanish Armada capable of enslaving thousands. With his incredible knowledge of History and Government,Newt Gingrich would be a marvelous narrator in weaving programming that the whole country just might find interesting, let alone the youth.

    • Carl Manning

      Maybe Newt can be so kind as to tell us why he made backroom deals with Clinton during a lame-duck session of Congress right before he took the Speakership in 1994 to spring WTO on the American People costing us over 23,000,000 jobs and the death of the middle class and our country’s prosperity. This is how devious these bastards are. The GOP has their REPUBLICAN REVOLUTION taking the House and Senate for the first time in over 40 years, and immediately before Gingrich is even seated as Speaker he cuts a deal to screw the American People with Bill Clinton and Democrat Speaker, Tom Foley. Gingrich is one fine political whore…

      Phyllis Schlafly writes in 2011 in the Eagle Forum regarding Gingrich…

      “…How did we get in this fix where foreigners presume to override the U.S. Constitution, our laws, and our sovereignty? It was a cozy political deal between the New World Order and free-trade activists in both political parties.

      First, the 14-page WTO agreement was surreptitiously added to the 22,000-page revision of the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) legislation. No publicity was given to the WTO’s Article XVI which obligates the United States to change our laws, regulations and administrative procedures to conform to WTO.

      Second, Clinton and Congress bypassed the Treaty Clause in the U.S. Constitution (that requires a two-thirds vote in the Senate). They declared WTO passed as an executive agreement, which calls for only a simple majority in both Houses of Congress.

      WTO was scheduled for a vote on October 5, 1994, but after a flood of phone calls from constituents urging a No vote, President Bill Clinton, House Speaker Tom Foley, and Republican leader Newt Gingrich cooked up a deal to pass WTO in the December 1994 Lame Duck session. That session included the votes of more than 80 Members who had been defeated in the Republican landslide of November 8, or were retiring.

      Anybody who says the WTO means “free trade” insults the common sense of Americans. The WTO is not free trade at all, but is a supra-national body that sets, manages and enforces WTO-made rules to dictate global trade.

      It’s time to pull out of the World Trade Outrage.”

      Gingrich also presided over the betrayal of the American People with NAFTA – again, by BOTH political parties just as Ross Perot warned they would do in 1992 with his famous quote about the “giant sucking sound” of lost American jobs going overseas. NAFTA became official law in effect on January 1st, 1994. To listen to Gingrich and indeed the entire GOP talk about how he/they would bring back prosperity and jobs to America makes me fall out of my chair. They really are counting on our ignorance to continue their criminal enterprise in the District of Criminals. We Conservatives must vote Third Party because the GOP hasn’t represented us for YEARS!!!

      • Chuck Miller

        Carl, Its good to know there are more who kept track of the Scams played against the American People—–NAFTA was the Start of a “Fast-Forward ” to take away money Resources from American Citizan—It has not been completed yet–Dis-arm Citizans in Mix somewhere—-I hope Fellow Citizans Wake Up.

  • Steve E

    They should have a reality show that has a raid on the restaurant that Mayor Bloomberg eats in and shuts the restaurant because the caviar is to rich and salty. And is also served in too big of a portion.

    • eddie47d

      I can’t afford fancy restaurants but the few times I have there was never a large portion. LOL! You pay 4 times the price and get 1/4 the food.

  • Carl Manning

    The American People need now more than ever a non-Neocon, non-Socialist TRUE news network that is not owned by foreign billionaires (Faux Noise) or CFR globalists in bed with the District of Criminals (all the other alphabet networks). Sadly, the closest thing we’ve got to a legitimate news network is RT(Russia Today), which isn’t readily available without usually a premium cable or satellite subscription. There are Christian networks that have been able to survive financially from viewer contributions. I really believe with the right personalities and a well-coordinated initial funding drive to kick it off, it could revolutionize the American People with the unabashed TRUTH. The TRUTH has been for some time and continues to be under assault in this nation. If we do not take back the truth in a revolutionary way, the nation’s destruction is inevitable, and the evil powers that be know this. They have already jammed Mancow Muller’s show when he spoke about FEMA camps a day or so ago, and they have already pulled and “edited” many of Jesse Ventura’s episodes regarding FEMA camps off the TRU-tv network. IT HAS EVEN BEEN PROVEN THAT THE GOVERNMENT HAS REMOTELY ERASED DVR RECORDINGS OF Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy SHOWS ON OUR CABLE BOXES!!! Go to if you think I’m pulling your leg. Having a little local TEA Party in your city or town is nice for venting, but it hasn’t translated into getting the unabashed TRUTH far and wide. In fact, it hasn’t even translated into making any sort of difference politically in the District of Criminals because within 7 months of being elected only 22 out of 80 elected TEA Partiers in the House refused to betray the American People when they voted against the Debt Debacle on August 1st, 2011. The TEA Parties were all co-opted by the Neocon GOP when everybody just stood back and let the Neocon GOP’s surrogates run the show. The American People were force-fed lies about the government-mandated assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, JFK Jr., Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Jeanette Palfrey (the DC Madam), Donald Young, Larry Bland, “Lieutenant” Quarles Harris, Senator Paul Wellstone, former CIA Director William Colby, and many others. We were force-fed the insane government-sanctioned fairytale of 911 to hide the fact that the CIA and Mossad along with the MSM all orchestrated this fairytale to maim and kill young American military men and women for a LIE on behalf of the Zionist criminal network of thugs and terrorists in the Likud Party and B’nai Brith who run and fund the terrorist State of Israel. We need a hard-hitting network wiling to embrace the TRUTH at all costs even at the threat of having its license pulled. The other American networks have all been infiltrated by the CIA and Mossad at their higher levels. This has been known and divulged for years. Even a former CIA Director, William Casey, has said this back in 1981 and former CIA Director William Colby is alleged to have said this as far back as 1976. 911 was overwhelming evidence that the Mossad had not only infiltrated the upper echelons of the US government but also the upper echelons of the major networks. The Mossad lives by the creed of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Talmud. The un-biblical Talmud, which originated after the Babylonian captivity, includes the Halachah which specifically interprets the goyim(gentiles) as cattle to be used as servants by the Jews. Jews are not authorized to use usury in relations with Jews but are encouraged to do so with Gentiles by the Halachah. Even murder of Gentiles is excused in the Halachah, which is what is taught to Mossad agents and Israeli IDF. This is how they justified 911 and attacking the USS Liberty. The modern-day Zionist State is still practicing the ways of the Pharisees; they have even reinstated the Sanhedrin. After treating Palestinian Christians and Muslims like criminals and dogs by building 30-foot concrete walls around them, they are now kicking out and abusing Africans who have been doing their menial chores. Many TRUE Jews find the behavior of the Zionist State repulsive. These are the same TRUE Jews who are also oppressed and beaten in Israel like the Palestinians, that you never hear about in western media. So many Christians and Americans in general are so ignorant of this truth about the Zionists running Israel.

    • TIME

      Dear Carl,

      Now thats one really good post! Thank you my friend.

      This sickness noted as; “ZIONIST” is really one mega nasty thing.
      Its also rather strange how people just can’t get their heads around it, but then again they are all Programed that way by the very mass medai you made note of by the very sick “ZIONIST” like the Rothschilds, BTW for all of you – that meaning the “RED SHIELD.”

      Oddly their code of Arms / The RED SHEILD is on every single US Inc. one dollar bill. JFTR – for you that don’t know; just look at the upper right hand side, and there she be!
      But how many even know that? Its far more easy to claim its MASONS
      that are behind this whole mess. How sad that the TRUTH is not known but for a small % of Americans and even smaller amount of the world’s

      Peace and Love

  • deepizzaguy

    Sounds like the plot of the movie The Running Man.

  • Oldbutnotadumbbutt2012

    I Agree With you Carl!!!A very nice,and to the point Comment!!!I Couldn’t have said better!!!!God Bless Our Great Nation!!!!

  • Oldbutnotadumbbutt2012

    One other point i forgot to add.I didn’t like the way Newt Gingrich kept on Bring up Ronald Re agan’s name(It reminded me of John Mc.)


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