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Gov. Chris Christie Rips “Poster Boy” Of Greedy Public Sector

November 19, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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    • gary sturrock

      you think he has balls…you should meet my wife!!

    • SiliconDoc

      Boy I don’t know. If that’s all we’ve got, is him talking about someone and naming a name ?
      Admittedly it’s a big, big change, and actually gives some hope…

      I think they’ll just do it, and get re-elected.
      I agree if all the pols were like this guy we’d have a heckuva lot less problems… thing is, one guy against the entire state bureaucratic system ?
      I’d sure like to see the successes kept track of and reported here.
      Be nice to have some confirmation there is hope.



    • Paulette

      Are you kidding? He won’t leave his state. If he does, he needs to come to California and help us first!!!!!

      • Fed Up Gal in NM

        Paulette – I agree….he needs to go to California FIRST…but please send him to New Mexico NEXT, as I’m sure the new Governor Elect Martinez could use him in her corner (or vice versa).

        You wouldn’t be in Bakersfield….would you?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      He already asked on the news, what do I have to do, short of suicide, to convince you guys I won’t run in 2012?? I’m not ready to be president yet, said Christie!
      I can’t take so much honesty from one politician at once, it hurts!!!!

      • Tom H.

        Joe H,

        I can take a whole lot more of this kind of pain and I know you can too !

  • Duende

    Hallelujah…. now if stands up to political crnieism and corporate greed with as much gusto I might be impressed. However I’m afraid he may be hacking away at the teachers salaries (a favorite target of fat republican blow hards) (and the as well the favorite group the democrats like to pander to) I know too many good teachers… teachers who reach in their own pockets to buy supplies for their class rooms and I’d hate to see them swept up in this witch hunt.

    • Grov Beckham

      You’re making about as much sense as a rubber crutch. This is not a “hunt” as you say. The witch has been found. Greed and “witchism” go together. As far as the teachers reaching into their own pockets to supplement supplies for teaching–in our community parents are asked to volunteer time and money to supplement their own children s’ education as it should be. Not only at school but at home as well. We also like to know what these union members are “teaching” our kids. I don’t know if you noticed lately but truth is in short supply and is the main ingredient for good citizenry. I hope our good teachers put truth before supplies in educating our children.

      • Duende

        It IS a witch hunt my rubber legged friend (since that’s all you have to stand on would you like to borrow my rubber crutch?). there’s a definite effort to privatize the education system and the corporate interests behind that effort are working through the media (specially right wing.. as I said, the left wing panders) have no intention of educatiing anyone other than to just be good little citizens and engineers etc who will make an elite minority of the population wealthy beyond the dreams of Pharaohs. Hmmmmm well.. the public education system’s doing that now but I’d rather see the public education system fixed and run correctly than have corporate predator$ taking control of it.

        • Paulette

          If you think Corporate America wants to take over the school system, then you should cheer them on. They have a huge incentive to make sure the next generation, and every generation after that has a good education. They were complaining because they had to teach college kids how to write. They invest in charter schools because they want an educated work pool to choose from. The Orcutt school system in Calif. has a very tight budget with very few bells and wistles with the exception of monies raised by the community and parents. They have some of the best schools in Calif. I know…. big deal. A monkey could reach that level. They have some of the best public schools in the country.

          • CJM

            I am totallly against privitizing our public school systems; we don’t need another corporation intruding into our lives any more than we need big government. The problem with our school system is the fact that they no longer screen teachers like they did in the past. Now, anyone who has a degree in education and passes a certification exam can teach in our schools. The administrators do NOT check on their ability to teach and refuse to get rid of those who fail to teach. As a tutor in public schools, I found that there were so many inept teachers it was sickening. The philosopy that grew from the 1980s where “If the child doesn’t learn to read by 4th grade, we don’t teach them anymore. Why should we?” remains prevalent today. That’s pretty disgusting and certainly not a part of ethics or professionalism. It’s the money that draws them to the profession, not the desire to educate our young–for years we have been told techers do not earn a decent salary; forget that garbage. Entry level at $30,000 is a tidy sum; there are regular increases on an annual basis and some earn over $65,000 and aren’t worth the paper the check is written on. Screen the teachers for their ability and dedication to teach, get rid of the tenure system, and when a teacher has broken a law strip them of their teaching credentials.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Good! Maybe if they privatize it it will work!!! It sure as hell isn’t in public mode!!! Their answer to everything when it doesn’t work is to throw more money at the problem. the Cleveland PUBLIC school system spends more per student than any other school in northern Ohio and they have a paltry 53% graduation percentage!!! This year they asked for an increase in taxes!!! I’ll say one thing for them, they got GUTS!! to come to the people with that kind of record is nothing short of sinful!!!!

        • John C

          “Corperate Predators” are the ones who have a vested interest in a Product and when put on/in the market will stand or fall on it’s own merits. Where is the public school system now? RUSHING to shore up it’s own higherarchy through the teachers unions due’s thus thier only option for is to support the administration, that only supports the students less than the teachers. NOW tell me how you plan to FIX a system where the product is on the bottom of it’s priorty list? Show me a Lee Iacoaca in the NEA!!!!

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Paulette, Joe H, and John C,

            Kudos! I could not agree more. I am so sick of those who wish to keep doing the same old thing and expect new and improved results. As far as I’m concerned, they can keep doing it…with their own money…not everyone else’s.

            I was taught in the public school system and never once attended a private school, let alone a charter school…so I am not against public schools…just public schools run badly…and without a resulting turnover of staff or school board officials.

            One can only hope that eventually…children that become products of “most” of today’s public school systems…will at least be able to recognize where the blame belongs…first with the teachers’ unions…and secondly, but no less liable…with their own parents for expecting more, while accepting less (from those referenced above and in many cases, from their own children).

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Here’s an article that in my opinion and at least in part…confirms the brilliance (hmmmmmmmmm….well…you be the judge) bestowed upon most of our public school students today. It’s an address to a student / school assembly and pretty much nails it home (for everyone, not just those still in HS).


  • BrotherPatriot

    Accountability and transparency by our elected…it’s a must. We all get to play by the same rules…if they are not followed…then the offenders can go work for someone else.

  • knights templer

    Bravo Mr. Christie. An American in true form for Americans. I believe this slime ball sites will be taken care of in short order.

  • Joseph Kokernak

    Can I get Mr. Christie to run in New York? Our state government could use a no nonsense gut like him. Bravo Gov Christie.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Have you looked at Thune of South Dakota? Not quite as good as Christie, but good looking politically, none the less!!! Check him out!!

  • jopa

    If he became president we would not be able to pay for the fuel it would take for Air Force One to get him off the ground.Our imported oil volume is high enough already.

    • mustang

      You my ignorant friend are a prime example why charter schools are far more educational then public schooling. All you clowns learn in public school is to be a punk and bully and pick fights with those that don’t measure up to your standards which I am sure are not what I would want my children to measure up to. You are showing your Stupidity by your statement and I’m sure you would not be considered the example of having a perfect build by your peers

      • http://?? Joe H.

        he’s just afraid his heroes will have to step down and a guy like Christy will step up and cut his welfare!!!!

  • who cares

    I agree salaries are far too high.Most administrators earn up to $275,000a year and higher. What’s Christie’s real motive? While he’s accusing, and attacking superintendents high salaries is the person he’s talking about a democrat? Teachers earn $30,000 to 45,000 a year. Anytime a right wing republican starts accusing anything ,tax payers need to read between the lines. Is Christie being paid by special interest (corp) to get you on the band wagon to help him to close schools, and direct billions of dollars for private schools(charter schools). Definition of a charter: A document issued by a governmental authority, creating a corporation defining its rights and privileges. Remeber Bush’s leave no child behind ? How’s that work for you? Billions of tax payer dollars that were spent for the program. I read some where Neil Bush had something to do with program poviding text books software to schools. Schools did’nt start to fail till funding was cut by republicans. Remeber Catrina, Bush cut fema funding. You know the rest. Now they are attacking the TSA why because they want to get unions out. That’s why they are attacking schools. Rightwingers want YOU to work for nothing. Now republicans want to end the minimum wage act. Do you honestly believe a company would pay anyone an honest living wage? Best get on your knees. What’s happening is by design.A perfect example is when Clinton was president a gal of fuel was $1.45 when Bush was appointed ,fuel went up in under six months to over $2.20 a gal. Look at the price of fuel now. Republicans work for corporations or whoever giving the most money. Republicans want to cut social security, medicare, medicaid,and GI benefits. Republicans are against anything a democrat wants to do for the people including YOU.(republicans will steal FROM you, democrat will steal FOR you) What’s wrong with a little socialized medicine for tax payers? You don’t see republicans turning it down A matter of fact, newly elected congressman Andy Harris from MD. was complaining bacause his family had to wait 28 days before they could start receiving socialized medicine. (How long do we have wait for benefits? Six months) Harrison was running against Obama’s medicare. What a hypocrite. he’s a person that some of you voted for they say one thing in public and do an other behide closed doors. (like most republicas) The schools would be okay only if we fund them properly Eliminate the middle man like Neil Bush and/ or greedy administrator’s. We all need to force all politicians to start taking a 75% pay cut. They’ll still getting medical benefits for rest of their lives, a healthy retirement check, and cost of living increases every year. Do you get a pay increase or a cost of living raise every few years? Need turn limits force them to do only for good of country and forAmericann people only. Hold their feet to the fire. Fire those polititan who give corparations who give companies money. Republicans are always crying about the free market and yet they’re the first to give tax breaks.They’ve been telling us that millionaires need tax breaks because they create jobs. For the last ten years that gotten their tax breaks but where are the jobs? they have moved over seas . Bill Oreilly, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity how many jobs have they created ? Why do they need a tax break? What they don’t pay in taxes YOU pick up, theirs and the corporation tabs. Let the free market take care itself. Weneed fix our schools. Republicans are only slaving us to work for the corporation for free. What’s with Glenn Beck dressing up as a Nazi officer, their was even senator or a congressman dressing up a Nazi officer. what did any us get for stealing Iraq oil?? Some of you want to elect Christie for president because he has balls? Give me a break.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Who cares,
      Republicans cut the funding to schools?? We are spending more per student now than any period in history and the drop out rate has never been higher!!
      I don’t know about the rest of them, but Beck and Rush both employ quite a few people! Rush HAS for quite awhile!!! How many do YOU employ??? you never fail to condemn these people but you do even less than the least of them!! Don’t be a hypocritical JERK!!!

  • CJM

    Sure wish we had 100 Senators and at least 300 Representatives who would stand up like Christie; I’ve listened to him on other issues and he tells it like it is. A President with Christie’s gumption would be terrific; imagine the reaction of some of the ‘gimmie’ countries and Mexico when told something they don’t want to hear: “I said NO.” And imagine telling the UN “NO, and I mean that”…music to our ears, by golly. Here’s hoping we get a better Congress instead of the flipflops we currently have. I have reservations about some of the newly-elected congressional members; remember Scott from Massachusetts? Well, he has capitulated on some of the very issues he claimed he would not suppport and has offerred lame excuses (when provided) as to why he voted as he did. And Rangel only gets a slap on the wrist; bet Waters gets even less at her hearing. Such is the swamp–it seems to consume any intelligence the elected ones had during their campaign and they become the very fools they fought so hard to replace. Congress needs a backbone and a mouth to go with it.

  • Jennifer

    Someone said how many jobs have O”Reilly, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and others created.

    Quite a few. Mercury Arts, owned by Beck employees at least 40 people and is growing all the time.

    O’Reilly, Limbaugh and others have large staffs for all the things they are involved in.

    PRIVATE SECTOR is the one creating jobs. Government jobs need taxpayers to pay for it all and most gov’t employees are parasites.

  • Fed Up Gal in NM


    While I agree with much of your comment, I’m a government employee and also a huge fan of Beck, O’Reilly and somewhat of Limbaugh. I’m wondering if you might be more specific about the parasites; i.e., all government employees…or just certain ones?

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      Here’s an after thought. I think we all need to try to really look at what works in the government and what doesn’t, what we [legal] citizens expect our government to do with the money we pay and where the line should be drawn.

      I’m thinking it may be more productive to hold the government accountable for the times it does act as a parasite, yet recognize when it does something right.

      I’m not a fan of Obama…by any stretch…but I think he did the right thing by freezing federal workers’ pay (2 yrs)…and no I’m not in that 6-figure income bracket like most people think just about all federal employees are in…I have 26+ years (accumulated) service…not counting my military service…so it’s taken a long time and hard work to get where I am now…and I’m very grateful for the job and for the military members and families I get to help daily.

      Okay…I’ll try to get off my soapbox now. I’ve included a link here that does give support to your argument about parasites in the government…well more like how a political power left unchecked can run amuck…though it does look like municipalities and counties around the country are raising some heck over this one (and they should). It is a complete waste of money, especially in this market…and it is the federal government acting as “extortioner”. This is what I meant when I asked…”all government employees…or just certain ones?”.

      We need to find out which sections of government are acting as extortionists and/or financial parasites with our tax money and voice our concerns over the parts that are not working…not just a generic…stone ‘em all attitude.

  • Lynnda

    some of you should check the news he just cost his state of NJ a lot of money by canceling the tunnel between NJ and NY

    • Joseph C. Moore, USN Ret.

      Cost the State of NJ Federal Funds? Where do you think Federal Funds come from? They originate from the States and are doled back at a loss with a large portion going to the Federal Bureacracy. Wake up Lynnda!


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