GOP Will Die Unless It Embraces Liberty


Young Americans overwhelmingly support small government, privacy rights and the Constitution. Unfortunately for young people in America seeking a political party that is in line with their values, there’s nowhere to turn.

Young adults aged 18 to 29 have an increased distrust in every political institution except the military, according to a biannual Institute of Politics poll conducted in May. Furthermore, people in that age group are more likely than older age groups to prioritize protecting personal privacy over terrorism investigations, according to Pew.

In a recent opinion piece for the Daily Caller, Young Americans for Liberty’s Alyssa Farah points out that by embracing more libertarian ideals, the GOP could capture the youth vote.

She writes: “Despite the common narrative, the 18-29-year-olds in America aren’t predisposed to lean radically left. In fact, a GOP that returns to the principles of the Constitution will actually reflect the desires of young people better.

“Young people want to identify with a political party that they don’t feel like they constantly have to apologize for.” Farah continued. “Millenials want a party whose values and principles they can identify with, not one that gets just enough things right.”

The GOP’s biggest hope to get youths involved in the liberty movement to join forces with the Party would be to highlight Senators like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Justin Amash as the Party standard-bearers and focus on a platform that emboldens individual liberty, personal responsibility, small government and free enterprise.

Farah also notes that young Americans concerned about liberty-related issues care less about Party and more about principle.

While some are thinking of ways for the GOP to bring new voters into the Party, other people are abandoning the GOP as the difference between Republicans and Democrats becomes less clear each day.

Matt Drudge, founder of the popular news aggregator, said via Twitter Wednesday that the only two real political parties left in America are Authoritarians and Libertarians.

“It’s now Authoritarian vs Libertarian,” Drudge tweeted. “Since Democrats vs. Republicans has been obliterated, no real difference between parties…”

He also tweeted, “Why would anyone vote Republican? Please give reason. Raised taxes; marching us off to war again; approves more NSA snooping. WHO ARE THEY?!”

Personal Liberty

Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Harold Olsen

    The GOP is not going to embrace liberty unless their masters in the Democrat party tell them to. They will do whatever the Democrats order them to do, as well as their god and messiah Obama.

  • Devasahayam

    GOP is now a bit worse than Canadian PC’s as of 1993 — different from Democruds in name-only and needing a shroud!

  • sath

    They have no spokesman.

  • KG

    I have talked to many young people, and it’s amazing to see the excitement in their eyes when I tell them about Labor Unions. And then to see their faces turn into disappointment when you tell them all the things that Republicans have done to destroy the best institution that allows people to make a decent living to raise a family. The Republican Party is nothing more than a Mafia of money tyrants who want to be kings, but pretend to be Patriots.


    • Robert S Redfern

      Unionism like corporatism ends up in fascism.

      • Bill

        Good comments, Robert,
        You obviously have your eyes open. “You don’t need a weather vane to know which way the wind blows”

    • Don 2

      Young people getting excited about labor unions… really expect us to swallow that nonsense? Even labor unions (Longshore Union) aren’t excited about labor unions(AFL-CIO). 40,000 Longshore union members parted ways with the AFL-CIO on Labor Day.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        The diehards may still love the unions if they are the ones who get to pick the pockets of the union members.

    • Anonymous

      BS.. That is all you have. I am a public school teacher & can tell you that NO students in my district have been favorable to labor unions.

    • Ron

      you must have just pulled your head out of your A$$ and woke up to say these things because it is all BS

    • Michael Shreve

      Republicans did NOTING to destroy unions. Union GREED is ENTIRELY responsible, and I am NOT referring to wages and benefits.

    • Robert Messmer

      Has to be BS. Or did you fail to tell them that in order to join the Union they a) had to get a job and then b) pay part of their wages to the union? Did you bother to mention, that whatever was left the benevolent mobsters known as Democrats would extract protection money as long as they worked. If they were lucky enough to have any money to save that also would be confiscated as taxes and if extremely lucky enough to have money to leave to their children, why then the Democrats wish to swoop in and again tax this same money with their death taxes.

  • Robert S Redfern

    There is only Fascism or Libertarianism. You can call yourself anything
    you like to fool the people but you will practice one or the other.

  • Vigilant

    Mr. Rolley says, “Furthermore, people in that age group [18-29] are more likely than older age groups to prioritize protecting personal privacy over terrorism investigations, according to Pew.”

    The differences are not as stark as Mr. Rolley would have you believe. As the linked article mentions, “Younger Americans are as divided as the nation overall about whether the government should or should not monitor email and online activities in the interest of preventing terrorism.”

    He must have been looking at a different Pew survey than I did. The poll to which he refers says that by 51-45%, that age group believes it is “more important for the federal government…to investigate possible terrorist threats, even if that intrudes on personal privacy.” By an even greater margin, that group believes, by 55% to 45%, that the “NSA getting secret court orders to track phone call records of millions of Americans in an effort to investigate terrorism” is acceptable.

    It was only on the question of e-mail tracking that the group (51-46%) favored the government staying out of the loop.

    A little journalistic accuracy goes a long way, Mr. Rolley.

    • Robert Messmer

      Benghazi was just a spontaneous demonstration, by ordinary Muslims upset by a nasty movie, that got out of hand. Is that the kind of accuracy you are looking for?

      • Vigilant

        No it isn’t, and I don’t know why you would make such a comment.

        Rolley and a few other authors on this site have made it clear that they don’t mind fiddling with the truth. Brian Nash was another one.

        I have long said that, as much as the left is comfortable with distorting the truth, that’s no excuse by Conservatives to do the same thing. The truth of Conservatism is a strong and clear one; we don’t need to resort to a diminution of journalistic integrity to get our message across. Doing so just gives the opposition the ammunition they are looking for.

  • bygeorge

    Political Leadership

    As a twice elected county chairman for the GOP here in Georgia, I absolutely hate to find it necessary to attack my party and its leaders for their apparent political inactions in regard to doing what’s right for America and not what’s best for themselves.

    Georgia GOP State Chairman, John Padgett issued a lovely message recently encouraging county GOP chairmen to work tirelessly to expand the base and bring voters into the fold. We did that for Romney here in the 9th District! But these people, the base, are not going to be fooled anymore when all that is offered is another moderate candidate espousing the same failed moderate creed, “we need to be all inclusive” and doing so by imitating democrats. If we really want more hispanic and black voters in our rolls then we need to convince them that the term “GOP” really means the Great Opportunities Party and show them we stand on our own conservative principles not simply rehashing what the democrats have laid out before us. We need to offer our own plans, not rework the greasy drippings of the progressives socialist dogma wrapped in tinsel.

    I ask you, how can someone be a leader if no one else wants to follow? When I was in the army I heard a saying that seemed, at the time, applicable: “Oh, there they go. I must hurry and catch up for I am their leader!” John Boehner, House Speaker, and Mitch McConnell, Senate minority leader (read Republican), hold roles of leadership simply because they have been there the longest and like Harry Reid, they are classic examples of leaders by fiat. In negotiating the rocks and shoals of protecting our constitution, both have demonstrated that they lack the common sense required when faced with leftist challenges to conservative principles. Cognitive reasoning and decision making are apparently not to be found in either mans basket of legislative tools.

    And, of course, Democrat Harry Reid stands as the best example of a pitiful example of leadership that has ever been paraded before the public or a camera. A total idiot! But that’s okay, he’s a democrat! Let me amend that, he stands very close to Nancy Pelosi in holding that singular distinction.

    Obama is lawless! He is also ruthless and I now admit that he is a skilled political operative. But, surely it must be a practical joke to call him an adjunct professor of the Constitution because he clearly knows nothing about it. That he has used his political skills to ignore, subvert and misuse the Constitution is obvious to everyone, except the commentariate (MSM). He used to be indecisive, but now he’s not sure. To watch him vacillate on, then deny his “Red Line” threat of one year ago, proves it. He’s determined to debase America’s military forces by replacing Christ with queers. To hear him make claims for America’s economic progress and job creation that simply defies the test of truth, marks him as a complete antithesis of what makes an American president a leader. But that’s apparently okay because he’s a democrat!

    I see the democrat party in decline. They are old, have few if any charismatic young people in their ranks, and they cannot sustain their lies or re-write history as they would like it. Their policies are destructive so why are we not challenging their lies? Answer: lack of leadership. This is their last hurrah. Hillary Clinton believes she will be the democrat candidate in 2016, but she’s had her run and the democrat party has never, ever run the same candidate twice. It’s not in their blood to do it. The jackals will be at her heels. She is going to be forced to defend the indefensible, her record. They all know it too.

    I am no longer interested in waving the flag for establishment GOP candidates who cannot or will not support the conservative principles espoused by the US Constitution. The GOP desperately needs to start cleaning out its own ranks and make room for the up and comers who do support conservative principles and demonstrate the leadership to prove it. For Georgia, Saxby’s gone, Johnny’s next and Westmorland is in his 70’s. All these guy’s, they’ve done their job. They have got to go. And, by the way, take McCain and Lindsay Graham with ‘em.

    • JLouisK

      Boy, you must be a politician… A lot of words for not much said! LOL

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Can the Republican Party explain that stupid phrase “that we need to be all inclusive”. Even stupid gym teachers knew that didn’t mean a thing when sides were picked in gym class.

  • Wellarmed

    As far as I am concerned, unless Dr. Paul or someone of his caliber and character runs for POTUS I see no reason to cast a vote for a Republican candidate. Former New Mexico Governor Johnson received my vote at the last election, and he will most likely receive my vote if we have another election.

    I have yet to see anyone at the federal, state or local level attempt to rectify the issues surrounding voter fraud, and therefore find that the outcome will be quite predictable. A candidate with D or R attached to it will continue to deliver the same ineffective result. It is the definition of insanity.

    And as far as the GOP and the MSM considering Libertarians to be some wing of the republican party, nothing could be further from the truth. It is not a rift, but a chasm that exists between the two. The level of fraud and disrespect aimed at Dr. Paul at the last Republican National Convention is not something that can be ignored or forgotten.

    The Republican party made its choice and positions very clear by its actions at the last RNC, and nothing has changed since then. If Rand Paul wishes me to consider him a potential candidate, then he should grow a pair and shed the R for an L on the name plate at his desk, and not look back. Anything less tells me that he remains subject to the whims of his handlers who control the republicans and democrats in the District of Criminals.

    America cannot tolerate another puppet in the White House. Senator Paul should take a stand rather than grandstand. Our country does not have time for the latter.

    • Mike S.

      I know the feeling about how Ron Paul was treated last year and really the last couple of decades. He was one of very few voices of truth, crying out in the wilderness, but few wanted to hear the truth. That is why the Republican party is dying or maybe is already dead, they will not listen to the truth. Too many party leaders wanting to keep their power, don’t want to rock the boat.

      Rand Paul needs to follow more closely in his father’s footsteps if he wants to keep the followers of his father and maybe, just maybe someday soon, lead this once great nation out of the wilderness back into the fertile plains of liberty and freedom!
      I too would have voted for Gary Johnson, had I had the opportunity. But here in Oklahoma, a solid red state, we had only a “R” and a “D” on the presidential ballot, so I voted for neither and left it blank.

  • Bill

    There are no republicans or democrats. There is only Authoritarians or Libertarians. The only hope for America to survive is with the Libertarian mindset

  • Michael Shreve

    It’s true, many CONSERVATIVES hold onto knee jerk opinions, like the war on drugs, that have failed MISERABLY, The does NOT condemn conservative PRINCIPLES. There is NO effort to CAPTURE the imaginations of younger voters OR to explain views that may be similar but not identical. The Republican party has been commandeered by the RINOS, a DIMINISHING population of people whose PRINCIPLES were ALWAYS malleable. The Republican Party is dying of an INCURABLE disease. Creeping liberal, progressive, communism.

  • Nadzieja Batki

    FB poster Evan Eberhardt, in spite of the subtle or overt indoctrination in schools of playing nice even with the most malevolent predators that pass the halls of schools, kids on their most basic level still want the crap beaten out of the predators that they get up with difficulty and pass their days in difficulty. Why else the superheroes or love of military? The “teachers” who teach the kids to be defenseless lambs for the wolves are in themselves wolves.

  • Rocketman

    Unless the Republican voters are willing to kick out all of the NEO-CONS from positions of leadership in the Republican party and become more libertarian then it will continue to loose elections. The Libertarian Party is the party for young voters to turn to and would draw voters not just from the republican side but also from the conservative democrats and independent voters. People are just plain tired of voting for either socialism (democrat) or socialism lite (republican).