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GOP Unable To Pass Law To Keep Cheaper Light Bulb Choices For Consumers

July 14, 2011 by  

Some light bulbs will no longer be available to consumers next year.Republicans were unable to pass a law that would have allowed consumers to continue purchasing old-style incandescent light bulbs.

In 2007, a law was passed that imposed energy efficiency standards that will force the older light bulbs out of the market starting in 2012, reports The Washington Times. Consumers will now be forced to buy from a variety of more expensive bulbs.

Representative Michael C. Burgess (R-Texas) said that the legislation is taking away choices from consumers.

“Whatever happened to government with consent of the governed?” he told the newspaper. “They should not be constrained to all of the romance of a Soviet stairwell when they go home in the evening.”

Republicans had said that they would try to repeal the measure but were unable to come up with the two-thirds majority they required under the expedited rules of debate.

The New York Times reports that General Electric is designing a light-emitting diode (LED) light bulb that will cost between $20 and $50 each, which will be among the products consumers will have to choose from in the near future.

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  • Travis Taylor

    Republicans are in the majority in the House, why they could not get passed I will never understand. I don’t think they know how to leade.

    • Rich P.

      The dems held an even greater majority and I will not go into a litany of the failures. Republicans do not have a 2/3 majority, at least not until 2012. I have to wonder why the unpopular healthcare bill onlt requires 60 votes in the Senate and a simple majority in the house to completely screw America but a light bulb requires a 2/3 majority.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Rich P. regardless, Democrats and Republicans practice the same motto, ” Lean forward Bend over” will light up the Bulb.

    • William Douglas

      The reason the Republicans couldn’t pass the bill was because it required a 2/3 majority. All but 10 Republicans voted to save the blub, but the Democrats voted as a block to make us buy the Chinese made, mercury filled bulbs that cost three times more. The vote was 233-193 in favor of keeping the incandescent light blub alive, but Republicans needed 288 votes which would require a few Democrats to put country ahead of party, and we know that seldom happens.

      • Kinetic1

        Putting the politics aside, let’s remember that this law was voted on years ago and has caused lighting technology to take off since then. We have the capability to design and produce all sorts of high efficiency lights right here in America, and with the right lobbying our companies could convince Congress to help American companies stay competitive during this process, as other nations commonly do. GE’s tax attorneys are so good that they are often cited as the number one tax firm in the nation, so why aren’t they lobbying against these Chinese imports? And as to the price, let’s remember that Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) use 1/4 the energy and last, on average 10 times longer than incandescent. And now that they have improved the colour they are much warmer than the old “cool blue” bulbs. And how nice of PLN to point out the price of the new GE LEDs without mentioning that they use 1/30th the energy of an incandescent and will last for decades. They may be expensive up front, but over the life of the bulb they’ll save plenty.

        It’s time to stop kicking and fighting against the future and take advantage of the possibilities. Instead of offering tax incentives for our companies to move off shore we should be offering assistance in retooling and R&D. These new bulbs will, over time reduce waste and may forestall the need for new power plants. And they’re especially exciting to those who are going with personal alternative energy systems. Anything that cuts down on your energy needs is great because there’s nothing like watching that electric meter spin backwards!

        • Kate 8

          Kinetic1 – So, it doesn’t bother you that these fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and require HAZMAT if broken, that they emit what is called “dirty” electricity (because it is incompatible with biological frequencies and encourages the growth of pathogens), that they don’t hold up well when turned on and off frequently, and that they simply take away our right to choose what we want in our homes? Not to mention that they cost a lot more, and soon only the wealthy will be able to afford them.

          You just can’t bring yourself to see any problem with anything the democrats do, can you?

          • Robert Smith

            Hey Kate, how the heck are you? You posted: “So, it doesn’t bother you that these fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and require HAZMAT if broken,”

            Sounds to me like you have bought into the line of the loony echofrieks from the left!

            It doesn’t require a HAZMAT team. Simply clean up the broken glass and let the room air out for an hour or two. You will be fine. The other stuff is just left wing panic, and you fell for it.


        • Robert FG

          One of the problems with your analysis of this is that GE is the one who lobbyed for this regulation and they are the ones who will manufacture the new type bulbs in China. This is the way GE makes more money and we as consumers are screwed again. Also this operation kills jobs here in the US. It seems to be part of the damocraticplans to make us a third world countr. Imagine the price impact on the consumer and the loss of jobs here. Some day maybe we will get politicians who care for the USA and not their party and being elected and getting lobbyists money.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          Kinetic 1, Name for us readers an Honest lobbyist?

        • independant thinker

          ” And how nice of PLN to point out the price of the new GE LEDs without mentioning that they use 1/30th the energy of an incandescent and will last for decades. They may be expensive up front, but over the life of the bulb they’ll save plenty.”

          All the savings in the world mean NOTHING if the bulb is so expensive you cannot afford it to begin with.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          your assertion that the CFL lasts longer is BS! I have a bathroom light that has used three in the last year. Incadesants used to last a year in it! the CFLs can’t take the moisture in the bath at all! Also there are many fixtures that are enclosed that you CAN’T use them in! Also, they don’t make any for a chandelier! I have to use two of the 23 watt to give me the same light of one 75 watt light when they tell you the 23 watt has the same light output of a 100 watt bulb? BULL$HIT!!!

        • lonetrader

          And you forgot to mention one thing. Those comanies in China are owned by GE. These new bulbs are hazmat. They are deadly if broken. One good earth quake and you could possibly wipe out millions of people from the mercury in the light bulbs. Didn’t think of that one did you.

  • http://none Mary Durkan

    A friend of mine broke one of the new light bulbs. She and her husband immediately got headaches and had bad tastes in their mouths. They printed out the EPA rules for clean up and were shocked at what they had to do. They immediately opened windows, shut off the air conditioning and left the house for an hour. While they were out they purchased heavy duty cleaning gloves and a nose & mouth covering. Upon their return, my friend put on long legged pj’s, got together the recommended supplies, i.e. heavy duty sealable storage bags to put the remnants of the bulb in along with all the used cleaning material, heavy duty clear tape to pick up the finest pieces, moist cleaning cloths, paper towels, etc. etc. and began to clean. Since you are not allowed to sweep up the debris, you have to use two pieces of stiff cardboard to gather together the small pieces and you must be sure to clean up the white powder. What!!! How about the old bulbs that cost a heck of a lot less where you accidently broke one you just swept up the pieces being careful not to cut yourself. idiots, they are all idiots, to allow Big Brother to dictate that we purchase expensive bulbs, manufactured in China by G.E. In the reverse of Mrs. Obama, I have always been proud of my country before but not the governing powers any longer.

    • Doc Sarvis

      First, I am pretty sure there are two types of new efficient long lasting light bulbs; Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and compact florescents. I think only the compact florescents are the ones with potentially harmful residue if broken.

      Second, since when do conservatives care what the EPA recommends?

      Lastly, I never knew that one trait of a conservative is constantly breaking light bulbs! I can’t remember the last time I broke one.

      • libertytrain

        What a foolish thing to say. Have any little ones around the house? No grandchildren? Perhaps pets? No arthritic hands to bother you? Of course the left is totally perfect, basically inhuman – no accidents, never a mistake.

      • Mike S

        Ever hear of earthquakes? Kids? Dogs?

      • independant thinker

        “First, I am pretty sure there are two types of new efficient long lasting light bulbs; Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and compact florescents.”

        Yes oh brainiac but the LED bulbs cost 5 times what a CFL bulb cost and the CFL cost 3-5 times an incandescent. The working poor who are barely scraping by cannot afford to pay $25+ for an LED bulb much less for several at one time.

        Don’t get me wrong I am not opposed to using more efficent lightbulbs and in fact I replace mine with the more efficent ones as they burn out.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Doc, show us, Bend over insert your choice of light Bulb and turn on the switch.

      • lonetrader

        Doc. What planet did you come from? These bulbs are deadly, and they are in just about every home in the country. I am so glad you are such a great person that you never broke a light bulb. You must be super coordinated person. How about the elderly with arthritus? Or some one that does not have the SUPERIOR coordination that only you posses. Do you know why the flourescant bulbs aren’t made here. EPA. The factories would be shut down by regulations. I wish I was a great as you to never have broken a light bulb. You are an ASS.

    • eddie47d

      These new bulbs are actually a good idea. They last longer,give off more light but less heat.The big problem is the mercury so the manufacture should have gone back to the drawing board for health reasons.Incandescent bulbs should not be banned because of this mercury issue.

      • libertytrain

        yep when your grandbaby knocks over a lamp and you begin to freak out, call a democrat to help solve that problem.

        • rick

          Careful there…’re giving the Dems a reason to further regulate our lives, impose upon our liberties, and validate that we are not intelligent enough to be responsible for ourselves. After reading your post I can only guess that some dim-witted (no pun intended) progressive liberal jack… Democrat will introduce a bill mandating the installation of child-proof fencing around any object within your house or place of business that could be used as a location for a lamp. And if you don’t comply, the “Child Protective Services” arm of the United Nations under the auspices of Hillary Clinton will be authorized to swoop down and into your home to take your child off to some government-run indoctrination camp while you are charged, found guilty, and then jailed for negligence and failure to adequately provide a safe, wholesome environment (within accepted government guidelines describing that environment) for your child.

          • libertytrain

            Didn’t China execute the folks “in charge” of the company that put the poisoned formula? I wonder what would be done to Congress and the Senate for mandating we have these poisons in every room of our house waiting to kill our children?

        • Kinetic1

          Eddie suggested that the incandescent bulbs be allowed to stay on the market until they figure out the mercury issue, so you respond with an attack on Dems? What is wrong with you? Are you really so partisan that it disrupts your ability to read or did you assume that Eddie’s suggestion must have been a typo?

          • Kate 8

            Kinetic – “Allowed” to stay on the market?

            How about the government get out of the business arena and, especially, out of our lives.

            How about if we stop “allowing” them to control everything we do.

          • libertytrain

            I apparently can’t read or perhaps you misconstrue. I didn’t attack the democrats, I simply said he can seek their help. They weren’t around to solve the problem during the vote, perhaps he’ll have more pull with them.

          • eddie47d

            I wasn’t surprised Kinetic,as if I’d want to injure my grandson. Now they do manufacture light bulbs in Lenexa,Ks and HomerGlen,Il. Also in South Carolina and they actually could pull off what Texas wants to do. At the turn of the century(1900) folks were scared to death of electricity and some didn’t want it in their homes because of the dangers. Now we can’t live without it. They didn’t care much for the electric car either (too noisy and scared the horses and took jobs away from horse sellers)The car put too many horse breeders out of business. When it comes to this new bill it was G Bush(Tx) who signed it into law (2007?)so why all the Obama bashing folks. I know, he is your favorite guy to beat up,right. You never want to go to the source for that would take away your Obama joy stick.

          • libertytrain

            I am no fan of GW and think whomever voted this in Democrats Repubs were on some kind of take – :) I don’t want anyone’s kids hurt by these things and was terrified when the grand kids came to stay for the year their parents were deployed so I removed them from any lamps – this was not about being green it was about being green with greed.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        eddie69d, the mercury seems to have gotten into your head and burned your brain, don’t be ridiculous
        (offensive words removed) insert Bulb, turn on the switch and see if the mercury gives you a thrill.

      • http://?? Joe H.


        • http://?? Joe H.

          Only the part about leaving Incadesent bulbs on the market! The rest is BS!!!

      • Dan az

        I use these bulbs because of one thing and its not for their light.They suck as for lighting.The reason that I use them is because of their amount of power that the other ones use compared to these.A 100 watts verses 20 watts is why they are good not for the amount of light they produce.I have been using them for about 17 yrs now and I blame the lighting for my poor vision now.They do last for about 10yrs and are cooler but the need for real lighting is to expensive to buy which is led lights.They take even less power and provide much brighter lighting.Its the cost that will keep them on the shelves.

  • Doc Sarvis

    This article SHOULD have mentioned how much more efficient and long lasting the new lightbulbs are.

    • BKWsr

      I am in a country that has been using Floresent type bulbs now for years, Though they also have plenty of the old type. The Floresents do not last longer, and they also have mercury in them. Look at the new batterys, and some other items we sell now that contain lithium, and mercury. So far 75% of products manufactured in China is toxic.

      • libertytrain

        And unless something has changed recently with the quality; they take forever to get bright and according to what I’ve read and experienced not cheaper – like if you just turn on a basement light to walk down the stairs etc – it never gets bright for that moment you need it and loses all efficiency if you are turning them off and on as most of us do.

        • ValDM

          It has been stated (even by GE) that the CFL bulbs MUST burn more than 15 minutes to achieve the brightness of an incandescent bulb. Also, there are NO cost savings from running CFL bulbs less than the stated 15 minutes.

          • libertytrain

            when I turn the light on over the stairs to the basement, the dim lit bulb casting dim shadows as I guide myself slowly down the dark steps….who can wait for 15 minutes to see – perhaps I just need a flashlight :)

          • http://?? Joe H.

            AH but Libertytrain, that is an incandescent bulb as well!! Soon they will outlaw them as well!!!

          • libertytrain

            joeh :) oh lamentable day —-

    • Texan

      when the USA turns into a Marxist state, i wonder how many of you
      are going to wish – if only we had not lost all our freedom;
      i wish everyone would read the constitution, and read about Stalin, Hitler, & Mao, while you are at it.

    • wandamurline

      The flourescent light bulbs approved by the Demorats contain Mercury…get a box and look at the warnings…you must meet certain standards for disposal…does haxmat ring a bell? Now, GE, Obama’s best bud will make you purchase a $20 or $50 dollar bulb instead of a $2.00 bulb. Well, that is great, but Texas just passed and signed into a law that any incadescent light bulb manufacturer in Texas can continue to make incadescent light bulbs to be purchased by Texans and the feds can’t do a damned thing about it as long as we don’t sell them across state lines. If the rest of the country started bucking the establishment with their own laws, you can override these @ssholes. I invite you to move to Texas…you don’t have to be in a union to get a job, we have created 37% of the new jobs during this recession and it is a great state in which to live…Glenn Beck is even moving here.

      • spepper

        Cool! I did not know TX had done that– I foresee another version of “Cannoball Runs” taking place starting in ’12– the previous one occurred when folks east of the Mississippi River wanted Coors beer, but Coors once used to limit the distribution to western states (west of MS river) only– there were huge convoys of Trans Am’s, Camaro’s etc. that folks used to “smuggle” Coors to the east– so now, huge convoys of 18 wheelers will be making their way to, and from, the great state of TX to bring (name deleted for legal purposes) to the rest of US!

        • libertytrain

          yepper, used to be like that in Wisconsin; ma and pa types running cases of margarine/oleo in from the Illinois border since it was not allowed in Wisconsin.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I got a lot of space in my attic and am considering buying about 30 to 50 cases of the old ones to use in my own home. could start a black market as well?

      • eddie47d

        The thing is Texas doesn’t have any light bulb manufacturers and none plan on moving there in the near future.Those “made in Texas”bulbs don’t exist so that is all feel good smoke and mirrors. Now is your chance to do what you have told me to do in other comments. Move to Texas and build your own light bulb factory. (Create your own business if you don’t like it).

        • eddie47d

          Hey all you Texans! I’ve got a suggestion for you. When Texas succeeds from the USA they can then put the old light bulb on their new flag as an act of defiance.

          • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

            eddie69d, and you can be polite(offensive words removed)turn on the switch as an act of compliance.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            He already does both so why don’t you come up with NEW instructions???

      • lonetrader

        That is great but, is there a light bulb manufacturer there? I thought the last one was closed down last year owned by GE. I hope there is one there. Now you need to make a new law. No LIBERALS allowed. All liberals need to move to California and New York. GO TEXAS

    • Yifinguy

      Have you tried these with a dimmer switch. Hello, they only flash on and off over and over. Somebody has stock in these higher up and plans to make a killing financially.

      • independant thinker

        They do make dimable flourescents now but they cost up to double what a standard CFL costs. I do not know if LED bulbs are dimable or not.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Yifinguy, sound like some thing eddie and kinetic would enjoy doing, the flickering.

    • Trainman

      The new bulbs cost more, they are not made in America and as for Mercury that’s not good. When you slam conservatives in general for not being EPA lovers that’s probably true…because they couldn’t find their collective butts with a search warrant. Fact of the matter is many conservatives are conservationists, hunters, fishermen and responsible owners of land often used by the public. I hope you weren’t even mildly suggesting that all liberals are conservationists….I live in an area now largely populated by liberals and my grandson and I are constantly picking up trash along the roadway. To generalize like that is an example of how not to be an American. I have friends that once lived in East Germany under the kind of central big government that socialist by another name liberals are trying to form in America…you don’t want to go there.

    • Dee in Pa

      …and how much more they cost ! Oh joy..not.

    • Vic

      Efficient – maybe, albeit those of maximum efficiency have a bluish light that is completely unnatural and irritates the eyes. Those with a better spectrum have a secondary luminophore that’s being incited by the original light and emitting a secondary light with a spectrum that i8s more adequate for a human sight, but! The efficiency is substantially reduced.

      Long lasting – total joke. Those things are long lasting only when lit once they are never turned off. With a regular usage pattern, i.e. when bulb is turned on and off many times a day, they last less than a year. My own experience with many different brands of those efficient bulbs over last 5 years.

  • DavidL

    I installed these energy saving bulbs in my entire house. My electric bill went down over 30%, and the bulbs last a lot longer than the “cheaper” old type bulbs.

    • skippy

      Did u read what Mary said David?? She is right you know. Well, good luck if any/all of them break. You could have quite a disaster on your hands buddy. It might be a good idea to stock up NOW on YOUR cleaning supplies!!! I heard from another person that power outages/surges can also cause them to break.

    • TIME

      Thats a 100% total line of BS these do not save energy nor do they last longer. We have been useing these long before it was even required or even in vogue our Electric bills have never gone down, (not even a single .0001%.)
      BTW – we have replaced them all no less than 3 times now in the last 6 years in our homes. Let alone in the Studios and offices.

      When you also take into account the crony Capitalism with GE who BTW moved their plants to China, who JFTR in turn have unskilled labor making these very bulbs.

      Then we have to also look at the Rare Earth they are using making them as well the land that they are destorying getting that Rare Earth material.
      The Chinese are making a total mess of their country look into it. This is also going on in Africia.
      Also take into account the effects of the broken bulb’s. Note they are a “BIO HAZARD.”

    • wandamurline

      I put them in my house also, but it didn’t save me a dime…but my new electric provider saved me some money. The warnings also list that maybe you should not read toooo close to the energy saving mercury filled light bulbs…it could be hazardous to your health. I know everyone who breaks one will call a professional to clean it up…yeah right! The landfills will soon be full of mercury, but don’t worry they might save you 10 cents on your light bill.

      • libertytrain

        they don’t want kids around 2nd hand smoke, they don’t want them near a McDonalds, a vast array of agencies are out in cities to ensure that kids don’t live in or get contaminated by lead-based paints in their homes or toys yet it’s now mandated by these same geniuses that the children are exposed to amounts of mercury that can kill them in their homes any time.

        • 45caliber

          The kids are only exposed to mercury if you break a bulb. If you do that, you are SUPPOSED to call a professional who will remove all the mercury – for a minimum price of a few thousand dollars.

          • libertytrain

            Of course I understand that, however you had kids – kids knock over lamps, etc. I don’t understand in any way, shape or form, that it is ok by the government to force this product into homes. Yes, there were always fluorescent lights with some danger to them as well, but they were in bathrooms or basements usually in some hard to get to fixture. A table lamp, or just dropping a bulb as you reach in the cabinet for something else. They did this to our kids and in the same breath now are thinking about removing the kids if they are “too” fat. Odd. Poison them but don’t feed them.

          • independant thinker

            ” I don’t understand in any way, shape or form, that it is ok by the government to force this product into homes.”

            Oh, but the government isn’t forcing this into your homes They did not order you to purchase the new bulbs they just made it impossible to manufacture the old ones. You can always use coal oil lamps for light. And yes I am being sarcastic.

          • libertytrain

            And when one of the kids becomes ill or dies because someone accidentally broke the bulb, they will be taken away from us because we are then unfit parents for letting the accident occur….

          • 45caliber


            “Poison them but don’t feed them.”

            The results are the same that way.

          • libertytrain

            it seems they do want to get rid of us after all….

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      DavidL, your brain must be full of mercury/crap. I’ll stay with the “old cheap ones” you must be related to eddie and kinetic.

  • John Steyer

    Time to “see the light” about incumbents….how many does it take to change a light bulb?

    • Dee in Pa

      A 2/3 majority !

  • cat lover

    Those new bulbs did not last longer than the old. I tried my own test. New bulb went out after 2 months and old bulb went for a year!

    Disposal for the new bulbs is time consuming and expensive. You aren’t supposed to put the burnt out or broken bulbs in the trash. You are supposed to find a recycle or a store where you can take them to dispose of them OR make the trip to your local landfill where they have a hazardous waste disposal area.

    What a bunch of crap.

  • mickey

    My utility coop gives these to us (3 each month) and I have had to replace several of them over the last year. Can’t say that my electric bill went down at all. I haven’t changed “light” habits as I have motion detectors and the lights go off when I leave the room. They don’t work too well in ceiling fans nor in chandelier sockets.

    They don’t give the same light either, making it harder to read much of anything after dark.

    I do like LED’s. They are bright and give off a lot of light.

    Most of my solar lights went out within months so that isn’t such a good buy either.

    I can’t believe the government controls what light we use. What if we all went back to candles? Would they use their warrantless search to take those away too?

    I have one big security light which I used to pay $6 a month for and is now $7.50 a month. This light has cost over $1000 over a period of 13 years. Anyone know of an alternative for it?

    I maybe mistaken but I thought some congressman had a stake in this new bulb (same as the TSA xrays).

    And yep, good luck trying to get the remnants out of the socket.

    • 45caliber


      If you are paying only $7.50 a month for a security light, you are getting by cheaply! Down here in Texas it can cost over $20 a month.

      I found that the cheapest way to have a security light is to buy a fixture and wire it in to the house wiring. I have motion lights around my house but they are also wires so I can turn them on from inside. They use standard incadescent bulbs since they are cheaper to operate due to being turned on and off all the time. The only time I turn on the lights to keep them on is when I’m out in the yard at night and want to see or when I’m coming home after dark. Fluorescent bulbs do not work well for outside lights – they don’t put out as much light and cost more to operate if they don’t stay on all night.

    • independant thinker

      “Most of my solar lights went out within months so that isn’t such a good buy either.”

      Did you check the rechargeable batteries in them? Just like almost anything else that comes with batteries the ones that are provided are the cheapest available. At least some if not most solar lights use replaceable batteries.

  • Shawn Frost

    I’d like to know the brand name of these long lasting bulbs others are using. Last I heard there was still a working incandescent bulb in a fire station somewhere that Eidson, himself, made. I put the new “curly Q” bulbs throughout my house, along with some other measures like insulated garage doors and so on, in an effort to reduce our overall energy costs. The good news is my electric bill did not go up appreciably when the recent rate increases were added. But I have had to replace SEVERAL of these new bulbs already this past year. My experience is they don’t last very long considering the MUCH higher cost per bulb. I’m not totally convinced the savings are offsetting the increased cost of these new bulbs. Maybe LED would prove more reliable…although I read in GE was developing an LED bulb that would sell for an estimated cost of $30-$50 each. How are the Chinese making those cheap LED flashlights selling for $3 at every checkout counter in America…including batteries? Where’s that technology in home lighting?

    • 45caliber


      The fluorescent bulbs are cheaper to run ONLY if you run them all day. When they first are turned on, they use a LOT of power to get bright. If you turn them off and on, the start-up energy will more than offset the energy an incadescent bulb uses when it runs for hours. It is quite likely that your energy bill can go UP instead of down if you convert everything to them. I have several outside lights that are motion activated. They stay on about four minutes. A fluorescent bulb can’t even get to full light before it is turned off again. Incadescent bulbs are a lot cheaper on energy. Particularly if you have a dog that likes to have the light on like mine does.

      And they also don’t provide as much light for the power used.

      • Dee in Pa

        We vacationed this year at a place that had installed these so-called energy saver bulbs and not only are they slow to light up but are really not bright enough to read by.

      • independant thinker

        “The fluorescent bulbs are cheaper to run ONLY if you run them all day.’

        Disproven on mythbusters. That was true of the flourescents of 40-50 years ago though.

        • 45caliber

          Mythbusters and Snopes are similar. They both “prove” it the way they want it to go.

      • lonetrader

        Actually, that is not true. It takes about 3 seconds of power to get the flourescant tube going. After that, it just take time for the tube to warm and light. If you are leaving the romm for mare than 5 minutes, turn off your lights, TV, stereo, etc. That myth was busted.

  • Altaica

    Yet another case of them taking away our first ammendment rights. Those curly fry lights cause me to have headaches to the point of migraines…if one breaks now my asthma is triggered…and I rent, why the hell would I cut out a piece of carpet and crap. I’m not doing anything special to throw out a damn light bulb. It breaks or goes out it goes in the trash. My apartment doesn’t provide a special place for these things and I have neither the time or money to go through an entire rigamoroll. I think I’ll buy myself a couple of very large tubs and fill them up with a stockpile of light bulbs. I can’t help but think our government’s debt to China has something to do with this. This is such utter crap, I should not be forced to use a light that costs more and is a clear hazard to my and my pet’s health. And just how am I supposed to evacuate my caged animals, that are also very sensitive to things like this. Mercury is a clear health hazard, why the hell are we being mandated to choose something so dangerous. If it wasn’t such a clear hazard then there wouldn’t be ridiculous clean up instructions. This policy is completely asinine. Far as I am concerned candles are safer then these light bulbs.

  • Arlee

    I am an artist and I hate the quality of the light from “curly bulbs”. I do not think they produce enough light so I have often used more bulbs turned on to get adequate lighting.
    Follow the $………. GE!

    • Bob

      Bingo !! This is about $$$$. Directing business to Bo’s buds at GE, and others. Since when do Obama or Pelosi and their friends care a lick about saving energy ?? Just observe them flying big jets all around the country and the world for rediculous, self-serving reasons. Even the EPA is just a political tool.
      It is clear as the light from an incandescent bulb.

      • eddie47d

        Just for your benefit Bob it was George Bush who signed this bill into law. I know that hurts your feelings that you can’t directly link it to Obama but you do have selective learning disabilities. To make it clear I don’t think the old bulbs should be banned and the new ones should be made in America.

    • libertytrain

      Yes, it has nothing to do with “being green” or they wouldn’t be made out of biohazardous materials. Amazing what they have done to get “lead” out of houses but now they are putting this right into our children’s faces without any regard for their safety. Money is the only logical answer.

    • 45caliber

      They say that the fluorescent bulbs use less power. Well, they do … if you leave your lights on all the time. But if you tend to shut them off when you leave a room to save energy, they do NOT save energy.

      Fluorescent bulbs require a strong burst of power when first turned on to light them. That burst will require more power than an incadescent bulb will if it burns half a day.

      For stores and office buildings that have their lights on for at least 8 hours a day fluorescent is cheaper to run. But for houses, in most cases the incadescent bulbs are cheaper to operate as well as buy.

    • Dee in Pa

      I agree. Someone is getting rich off us again while taking away our right to choose.

  • http://aol Mike

    If the Republicans could not deliver on a “no brainer” like this, can we expect leadership on the more substantive issues ahead. Spineless wimps is an apt description of the the RINO herd.

    • Bob

      2/3 majority needed.

    • Dee in Pa

      No we need to have a 2/3 majority to pass so lets get more conservative constitution following people in office.

  • Richard

    I’m glad I still have my oil lamps because it looks like I’ll be using them. That should save a lot of electricty although a bit inconvenient washing the chimneys and filling each morning.

    • 45caliber


      You are going to pollute the air? And use up expensive oil products??

      How could you! Don’t you feel anything at all for Mother Earth? We need to take care of her!

      And the best way you could do that would be to commit suicide! Then what you would have used can be set aside so the progressives can feel good about themselves while they burn your share to heat and light their own homes.

      • eddie47d

        45; Now you are being ridiculous!

        • 45caliber

          Are you certain? I seem to remember hearing some of them state that …

          • http://?? Joe H.

            AH! The good ole days of Soylent Green!!!

  • C130 Gunship

    This article from the American Thinker website a month or so ago sums it up quite nicely, IMO:

    The Dangers of CFLs Even Greater Than Previously Known

    New evidence of CFLs causing fires — even exploding — as well as new environmental concerns have come to light since my article The CFL Fraud published. Here are some of the additional fires:

    “I had one of these CFL’s in my garage socket, and it blew a component (not the glass corkscrew) and caught fire. Fortunately, I was standing four feet away at the time. I turned off the power and smothered the bulb with a towel.” LINK

    “I heard a sizzling sound like bacon, looked in the direction of the sound and watch the CFL burst into flame with flames licking up onto the ceiling of my house.” LINK

    “I’ve had two burn through their base, leaving a hole large enough to stick my little finger in, and scorching the fixture. They are a fire hazard.” LINK

    “I’ve had TWO catch fire. I don’t trust them. Plus they look silly.” LINK

    “I’ve had two CFLs explode on me. One in our bedroom overhead light…. I took a long time cleaning the bedspread and carpeting, because of fears of the mercury residue. Had another one explode in the family room.” LINK

    How was that bedspread cleaned? Was the person aware it must not be put in a washing machine, according to EPA, “because mercury may contaminate the machine and/or pollute sewage”? Was that person aware EPA also says never to use a vacuum cleaner to clean up a broken CFL on a carpet? Vacuuming will disperse mercury into the air and contaminate the vacuum cleaner, which for all practical purposes is impossible to decontaminate. LINK

    In recognition of the problems of fires and exploding CFLs, Armorlite is marketing a product with a package labeled “A Safer CFL.” It is a CFL inside what looks like the shell of an incandescent bulb made with some special coating. Notice that is says a “safer CFL” — not that it is “safe,” just “safer.” In other words, less dangerous. The package states: “We do not make any claims or provisions that mercury or glass cannot escape coating.”

    Armorlite claims a lifetime of 10,000 hours, or nine years, based on 3 hours of use per day, but the warranty is for only two years. So much for all the B.S. about how CFLs last so many thousands of hours longer than incandescents.

    If the bulb fails in two years, you can get a replacement from the company. The package states: “This replacement is the sole remedy available and LIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQENTIAL DAMAGES IS HEREBY EXCLUDED,” except for some states which do not allow such exclusion. So if your house burns down, all you are likely to get is a new bulb. And to get it you have to have saved your proof of purchase and your register receipt for two years and mail them together with the broken bulb to the company’s Florida address. The warranty explicitly states: “Do not return to the store.”

    Of course, as I pointed out previously, state and federal environmental laws have effectively eliminated the mail-back programs of CFL manufacturers. Researchers found the only legally acceptable shipping container is “a double box with a zip closure foil-plastic laminate bag between the cardboard layers” if CFLs are to be shipped by U.S. Postal Service or common carrier. To ignore this requirement would subject violators to the penalties of the law, which would surely exceed the value of a replacement bulb. The cost of the acceptable container and the postage/shipping charge must also be paid by the consumer returning the product. The result is that probably nobody is ever going to return a broken CFL to Armorlite. It’s not worth it. And I would wager that many disappointed customers will not consider it worth their time and gas to deliver a failed bulb to a recycling collection point either. Even if the government inspected everyone’s trash — think of the cost of that! — to prevent people from “smuggling” CFLs into their discards, I suspect we would see an increase of CFLs in other people’s trash or strewn along roads.

    Rick Delair of the Edison Tech Center writes:

    “CFL bulbs contain many nasty toxic substances. You likely know of the mercury they contain already, but they also have things like lead (stabilizer in the plastic ballast housings), arsenic in the electronic parts, phenol in circuit boards, cyanide to process metals for parts, toxic phosphors, and the list goes on and on! They can’t be tossed in the trash can, and have to be saved and recycled (expensive!) when they burn out. Incandescents are not only easily recycled, but can be discarded in the trash — the glass and metals used are inert.”

    Though Armorlite claims its product contains lesser amounts of mercury and lead than some CFLs, it contains additional hazardous substances Delair doesn’t mention: cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and polybromated biphenyls. Why not let people buy incandescents, which don’t have any of these?

    The new Armorlite product has not solved other CFL problems either. Its package states:

    “Do not use in luminaries controlled by a dimmer, electronic timers, 3-way socket or photocells, illuminated switches, totally enclosed luminaries, or where directly exposed to weather. Do not use with emergency fixtures or emergency lights. This CFL may interfere with other products like radios, cordless phones and others.”

    Incandescents have none of these problems.

    LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are frequently cited as the next generation of lighting technology, supplanting CFLs. Many people believe their very high cost will come down, and many recommend them even at today’s prices because of CFL shortcomings and the belief LEDs have no environmental problems. However, recent LED research at the University of California at Irvine found the lead content was over 8 times the regulatory limit, and the nickel content was over two and one-half times. Under California’s environmental law, most LEDs would qualify as hazardous waste, though California does not currently classify them as toxic and disposes of them in landfills. The study was based on LED multicolored Christmas lights, traffic lights, and automobile headlights and brake lights.

    A recent news release from the university about this study states:

    “Those light-emitting diodes marketed as safe, environmentally preferable alternatives to traditional lightbulbs actually contain lead, arsenic and a dozen other potentially hazardous substances, according to newly published research.

    “‘We find the low-intensity red LEDs exhibit significant cancer and noncancer potentials due to the high content of arsenic and lead,’ the team wrote in the January 2011 issue of Environmental Science & Technology….Results from the larger lighting products will be published later, but according to Ogunseitan [who headed the study] ‘it’s more of the same.’

    “Lead, arsenic and many additional metals discovered in the bulbs or their related parts have been linked in hundreds of studies to different cancers, neurological damage, kidney disease, hypertension, skin rashes and other illnesses. The copper used in some LEDs also poses an ecological threat to fish, rivers and lakes.”

    “Risks are present in all parts of the lights and at every stage during production, use and disposal, the study found. Consumers, manufacturers and first responders to accident scenes ought to be aware of this, Ogunseitan said….Crews dispatched to clean up car crashes or broken traffic fixtures should don protective gear and handle the material as hazardous waste.”

    Statists believe government can determine people’s economic interactions better than the people themselves. In short, they believe government economic planning is superior to the free market. Politicians are always looking for ways to demonstrate this to justify the statist ideological conviction and retain the political power to force it on the public. From low-flow toilets to ethanol subsidies and mandates, to creating the housing bubble that collapsed (taking the rest of the economy with it), and everything in between, they have a consistent record of failure. Now it’s CFLs. People are being forced to switch from a reliable, economical, environmentally safe product to one which is none of these — and a health and safety hazard to boot.

    The politicians who passed the law phasing out incandescents wanted a trophy they could hold up to the voting public and say, “See, we gave you something better than what a free market could give you. We advanced society.” Instead of a trophy of success, they have a monument to the failure of their ideology and their ignorance of economics. Politics is no substitute for economics. It can only produce an uneconomic result: if the result were economic, it wouldn’t require government coercion. I write these articles and my books to demonstrate this.

    The Big Government advocates are as ignorant of history as they are of economics. How did Edison’s carbon-filament bulb lead to the worldwide popularity of incandescent lights for well over a century? Was it because government shoveled subsidies of taxpayer money to Edison to develop it and make it economic? Or because government passed laws requiring people to buy those bulbs? No, Edison developed the bulb on his own, and it had to prove itself to consumers. It had to be better for them — in their judgment, not that of politicians — than the competition from kerosene lamps or Welsbach gas burners.

    And how did kerosene lamps achieve their popularity over the coal oil and whale oil lamps which had been in use long before kerosene came on the market? It was because buyers — not government — found kerosene an excellent product, and John D. Rockefeller’s business efficiency and revolutionizing of the petroleum industry enabled him to sell it for less than competing oils. (Rockefeller became the richest man in America by selling kerosene, not gasoline, which came later.)

    Now we are being forced to buy CFLs — judged inferior by many people, whose choices are overridden by the “superior” wisdom of arrogant, ignorant politicians — and costing far more than incandescents. We’re going in the wrong direction, led by people who don’t know what they are doing, who have no understanding of the nature of human progress — that it results from the exercise of individual rights, not government obliteration of them. Free markets allow for the exercise of those rights. CFLs are a metaphor for America gone wrong.

    Late note: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on May 12, 2011 issued a recall order for sixteen models of Telstar and Electra brand CFLs in twelve different wattages. “Hazard: The light bulbs can overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers.” LINK

    • eddie47d

      c-130; Thanks for the USEFUL information. I’m neutral on the usage of these new bulbs( my wife doesn’t like their brightness so I only have two in our house)Anything that contains mercury should be a worry also.

  • Texan

    when one of your best buddies is the head of a large corp.,
    you make sure he has plenty of business.

  • Rich P.

    I believe this was only a show for the electorate and not a real vote. They knew before they started that it would not pass. This vote was to politics what professional wrestling is to sports, just political theater.

  • Raggs

    Look no further than GE.

    A $50-$60 dollar light bulb each with half of that going in oblamas pocket…. I don’t know about everyone else but prior to 2012 I will buy as many cases of the incondesant bulbs as possible.

    Someone forgot to mention that the $50-$60 dollar each light bulbs will have to be subsidized by the government for the people who cannot afford to buy them so we all know who will get stuck with that bill…. Hey this kinda reminds me of oblama-care…

  • Norm Davis

    Freddom to choose is ok when it comes to abortion but not ok when it comes to how we light our homes. Freedom is a disappearing animnal in this ex-republic. As one of the founders once said to questioners about the type of government they had established, “you have a republic, if you can hold on to it.” We must face the fact we have failed to hold on to it!

  • Dan

    If Obama gets another four years we won’t be able to afford electricity so what bulbs we used in the past will be a historical argument. So will the debate on global warming. No, that won’t go away because they will then create regulations on burning oil lamps.

    • Raggs

      Lamps and candles will be classified as a fire hazard, I wonder how flashlights will be addressed? For that matter any battery operated light?

      • Dan

        I am buying rechargeable batteries and spare bulbs as well as a mini solar charger to recharge the batteries. (Part of our long term survival schedule)

    • 45caliber


      Don’t you know that burning oil lamps or candles results in air pollution? How can you expect them to ever consider that! And both require oil production. That’s even worse, isn’t it? And just wait until those people in the North try to light a wood or coal fire in winter to keep from freezing to death! Boy, talk about pollution!!

      • Dan

        This will really make a liberal mad. Let’s go back to whale oil lamps.

        • 45caliber

          Now you will get the Japanese mad. All whales belong to them, you know.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Nah, just put a big bowl-type collector over DC!! The methane produced from all the BULL$HIT in that town will burn and light the whole country for the next 100 years!!!

  • Al Sieber

    So does this mean the light bulb police will be checking up on us? how much longer are we gonna let them push us around?

    • Trainman

      For starters let’s vote Obama and the elite over-educated, non-commonsense utopian new age gurus out of office. In short the Progressives. Next it is time to estimate the cost and dangers of recycling the new car batteries, mercury filled light bulbs and the absolute stupidity of why we have not developed afterburner systems to allow the burning of coal. Since Obama sent 2 Billion bucks of USA Taxpayer funds to Petrobas in Brazil for his buddy George Sorros to drill off shore why can’t we drill off shore? How dumb does Obama think we are? Why aren’t we drilling for oil on Alaska’s north slope? Even the animals don’t like living there! It’s time to send Al Gore and his 90 million bucks of speaking money (he’s an expert ya know on global warming or cooling or climate or something) packing. Doesn’t anybody see the snake oil salesman? Wake-up America!

      • Al Sieber

        Voting Obama out won’t help, he’ll just be replaced by another puppet, voting isn’t working that’s been proven, as far as light bulbs go buy up all the regular bulbs before they’re illegal and sell them on the new black market.

  • 45caliber

    This ban was set up by the GREEN people in Washington to get Green votes. You certainly don’t expect them to allow it to be repealed, do you! They might lose a vote or two! That would be horrible!

  • jopa

    One would think there are more important things for the GOP to do than sit there and argue about light bulbs.It would be nice if one were to light up above there heads and come up with some good ideas.Oh yes I forgot, they just solved the debt crisis by having everyone donate to the fund now they can talk light bulbs.

  • Lost in Paradise

    Why are we allowing this useless government to intrude in our lives so bad, that they now tell us what light bulbs we can or cannot use? It is for damn sure, that the ‘VOTE FAIREY” is not going to help us. I guess maybe none of you can see how bad they are “sticking it” to you.

  • northbrook

    Congress again disappoints. They are keeping the new CFL bulbs which haven’t proven any more efficient and represent an environmental hazard with the mercury they contain. At least they should give the people a choice and not outlaw the incadesent bulbs.

  • patrick

    I am an energy expert. Since the early 1970′s I have given training sessions to the public and students about smart energy use. The problem with light bulbs began when idiots like Al Gore and all the lying green people jumped on the band wagon to become energy efficent and push their solar, renewable energy sorces for use in homes and businesses. Also, most people become aware of light bulbs because they are a visibale sorce of energy use. See, look at that light buring up all that energy! What a waste, we have been brainwashed for years now that this id a humungous sorce of waste. Wait, listen to my explanation. You or your household could burn, or turn on every light in your house and leave it burn for an entire month and it will have small addition on your electric bill. Now, even though you can’t see it, put an energy meter to measure to electric use of your frost-free refrigerator for 1 week. Oops, did you see a huge increase in your electric bill? YES. But in can’t see it or it’s energy use. So when will the people and the politicans get real, light bulbs are NOT the problem.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. I live in Texas near the coast. A couple of years ago a hurricane came by and I lost power for several days. I have a small generator so I hooked it up. I wanted to run my lights, my refrig and my freezer. A small window AC would be nice.

      When I hooked up the refrig after turning on the lights, my generator almost cut out. I could barely run the refrig and the freezer. I could keep on ONE light. Forget the AC. I’ve since gotten a better refrig but I still would be cautious when the next hurricane comes through.

      • Al Sieber

        45, you needed a bigger generator, maybe 6500 watts, I run on solar and wind power and use about 2000 watts, but still have to run a generator 4 hours a day.

        • 45caliber

          It IS 6500 watts! It gives up an idea of the power the refrigerator pulled. It pulled 13 Amps – and I think it only puts out about 18.

          • Al Sieber

            Wow, my frig. only pulls 4.5 amps., it’s probably your frig., freezer, and air conditioner combined. at the mine I have a 30KW diesel and I have it hooked up single phase and 3 phase to run my rock crushers, etc. it’s over kill for the house. at the other mine I use a 5600 watt to run the conveyor and screening plant. stay away from those damn Chinese generators, I’ve been through 5 of those pieces of crap. don’t buy their pumps either.

  • spepper

    Let me guess: General Electric is the ONLY manufacturer that’s been approved by the federal government (EPA?) to manufacture these “spaghetti” bulbs– is this correct?

    If so, I lay this debacle and outrage at the feet of George W Bush– he’s the one that signed this huge turd into law, correct?

    • independant thinker

      Sylvania also manufactures them.

  • Raggs

    Well now what could be next?…. Taking your kids away if the government feels as if they are over weight?

    • Al Sieber

      Yes Raggs, it’s the new “Fat Kids Bill”.

    • 45caliber

      Well, they are taking them away for other frivolous reasons already.

  • robert boorom

    the problem with the new lights is they must be destroyed as hadzard waste material and this warning is not listed on the package. the regular bulbs that we use now do not require special instructions

  • James

    The federal law that ended incandescent bulb production is unconstitutional. The federal power to “regulate interstate commerce” does not mean they can decide what may be manufactured.

  • Montie R

    That’s all well and good. I just be sitting around in the dark.
    I live on a very limited income. I a damn lucky to have any thing left
    after bills. This draconian action by ANY congress is TOTALLY against
    the entire idea of freedom, the sole purpose of this law was to take a little more of our liberty away, keep chipping and sooner or later there will be NO liberty left.

    Personally if one of my kids takes a mercury thermometer to school and breaks it they are required to have a hazmat team clean it up.
    Now congress in it’s infinite wisdom has declared I have to have mercury in my home protected by some very thin glass.

  • Granny Franny

    We need less government> Check out Ron Paul

  • CJM

    There is nothing wrong with the incadescent light bulb except the fact that it is affordable by any American consumer. I purchased one of those EXPENSIVE bulbs that is supposed to replace the standard light bulb and it lasted LESS THAN 3 DAYS—how’s that for something that cost $15.00???? GE go to the hot place, dance with the devil so he can devour you at the end of the day.

  • jeanette

    This is supposed to be America. Where is our choice? Send all thosestupid mercury good for nothing light bulbs back to China and cut down on the budget deficit.

  • Blueshoes

    We have a “Federal Government” that is NOT representive of “WE THE PEOPLE”. This “Agency” continues to create, make, pass laws that increase the imposition on “WE THE PEOPLE”, (their bosses). HOW did this country survive over 230 years withOUT all these laws? How were we, the voters, the workers, tax payers, the people of the United States, THEIR BOSSES who they are suppose to represent, be so successful that we have become the greatest country on earth?

    We now have a “Federal Government” that has become so invasive, so powerful as to tell us what we, “Their Bosses”, are allowed to do. We have this “Agency” that is SUPPOSE to represent us but believes IT is in control and we are their minions to do to us as they please. We have this “Important Group” deciding what money’s we can earn, keep and save, what taxes we must pay, what motor vehicles we must buy and drive, what fuel we are to use, what food we are to eat and how much, WHAT LIGHT BULBS WE MUST BUY AND USE. They are already pushing to decide how may pieces of TOILET PAPER we need to use. Will they come out with a law on picking your nose and that if you do that in public, you can be arrested and thrown in jail?!?!?!

    Instead of worrying about what Bruce and Wayne, two grown and consenting adults are doing in private, maybe they should be more concern with how this country is being sold down the river by the Muslim-In-Chief and our position in the world. I believe these politician have WAY TOO MUCH TIME on their hands. AT WHAT POINT will the people wake up and say enough is enough? Maybe they need to be retired and we start all over again.

  • jopa

    This is the most important legislation the GOP has worked on in the last two years.I sure do hope they get Louie Goobers bill passed to make the frog the national reptile.Hmm so much to do!

  • BILL

    These bulbs are a JOKE….I have had a number of them burn out in less than a year or so and the light it puts out is worthless…I will continue to get the incan’s any way I can….smoke that in your pipe GREEN PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  • guess chaussures

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