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GOP Turns Focus To Balanced Budget Amendment

August 8, 2011 by  

Republicans are pushing for a balanced budget amendment.House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) recently told fellow Republicans that they should utilize Congress’ August recess to sell their constituents on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

The amendment would require the government to spend only as much money as it collects, and would need to be approved by two-thirds of both the House and Senate and ratified by three-quarters of the states. The New York Times reports that Republican leaders have been pointing to the fact that a similar measure passed through the House and fell just one vote short in the Senate in 1995.

“I think it is definitely achievable,” Representative Robert W. Goodlatte (R-Va.) told the newspaper. “I have been talking to dozens of Democrats in the House about this, and there is a tremendous amount of interest in the issue.”

The Times reports that under the recently approved debt ceiling deal, either debt reduction recommendations by the Congressional “super committee” will have to be implemented or the balanced budget amendment would need to pass Congress for the debt ceiling to be raised an additional $1.5 trillion.

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  • Alex

    It’s an interesting idea. Unfortunately, when does anyone in Washington pay attention to the constitution without a special interest group like the NRA pestering them and keeping them in check?

    I’ll support such an amendment, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • JimRed

      Proceed with caution; there may be a built in tax trap if the wording isn’t precisely correct. If a future Congress approves overspending, taxes might have to increase to bring it in balance. That possibility has to be eliminated.

      • Fred Marrs

        I agree.

      • Bob from Calif.

        That would be a dirty trick. All these politicians should be required to take a polygraph test while being sworn in, and while voting and making public statements.

      • simian pete

        Let’s say we get a “Balance Budget Ammendment” – just for argument sake. It passes – then Congress starts spending, spending, and spending ….

        So Congress either has to raise TAXES or their is no money to spend…

        And if the VOTERS want BIGGER GOVERNMENT then they are going to have to PAY for ALL of IT NOW !!!! HIGHER TAXES !! YEAH !!!

        Still better than borrowing. The money is taken out of your wallet sooner. You all have to learn your lesson ! Stop putting these spenders into office or just quit complaining and live with higher taxes !!!

    • Stealthwind

      Well Alex…’s obvious which side of the tracks YOU stand on! Without the NRA…we would’ve lost our right to bear arms ( recently UPHELD by the SUPREME COURT )…so if your anti-2nd amendment (NRA), your just another Obamanist sheep being led to the slaughter! Only problem is…those like you bring all around them down with yourselves!

      • JeffH

        Stealthwind, I do believe Alex comment was a compliment to the NRA and there vigilance in Washington.

      • Alex

        To the NRA and Wayne Lapierre, dead children mean ‘Freedom’.
        They all sleep better knowing that blood continues to flow in our gutters.

        • JeffH

          My apologies for giving you a little credit Alex…stealth was right!

          • simian pete


            Are you saying “Eddie Eagle” is a murderer ? COME ON ! Your joking, right ?

        • http://naver samurai

          Remember that people, not guns, kill people. The NRA has nothing to do with that and is not the subject moron. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Gerry Rosso

      Alex -

      Are you really interested in the importance of the US Constitution? If so, I strongly suggest that you go to , and find out exactly what the Constitution Party of the US is all about

      The Constitution Party backs the US Constitution 100%!
      The Constitution Party backs the Bill of Rights 100%
      The Constitution Party backs the Declaration of Independence 100%

      Other parts of the Constitution Party’s platform include the Right to Life (From conception to death) Limited Government, the 2nd Amendment, (Right to Bear Arms) Closed Borders, No Amnesty for illegals, just to name a few

      Please go to and find out more about the Constitution Party. We need your help. There is an old saying: If you keep on doing what you been doing, yo will keep on getting what you been getting. Or, to paraphrase, if we keep on electing Democrats and Republicans, we will keep on getting a messed up government that we have.

      Fell free to respond to me.


    • Jerry

      The balanced budget Amendment is a very good Idea and is one that can never be adopted in our lifetime or that of our children for that fact,
      There are too many pitfalls to be considered such as a real major conflict as was WW2 where it was required of us as a Nation to sell Liberty bonds and additional treasure notes not to mention the hullabaloo of raising taxes.
      We at present have a very dysfunctional Congress that needs to get its house in order on matters that are immediate. A balanced budget Amendment is not one of them and cannot be accomplished anyway by such a dysfunctional body.
      When Congress becomes functional, if ever, then a balanced budget amendment should be considered. A savings account is the only real answer. Every family tries to have a little tucked away for those rainy days if they can. The USA is no different and we have one, it is our people and their ability to produce but they must have the freedom to do so. Our present situation does not allow that.. There are so many restrictions that each has to follow that discouragement takes its portion. We are being nannied to destruction and lawyers that are given a free hand to help in such an environment. I give you a case in point. Doctors must maintain an expensive insurance and what about deep pocket libel and accident lawsuits that allows lawyers to run amuck.
      That might be a good thing for a functional Congress might consider. But only when they are functional.

  • CanCan

    Oh brother, this is after Boo Hoo Boehner caves in to raising the debt ceiling? Now he is talking about balancing the budget? Boo Hoo Boehner needs to wear a Joker’s cap, because that is exactly what he is-along with most of the members of Congress.

  • Marlin

    I fully support a balanced budget amendment. Will they get one? I don’t think so. At least not while the democrats are in charge of the senate.

    • simian pete


      I agree with you. It’s just “hype” so the Republicans get more conservative votes.

  • whtstnwo

    If the Politicians were following the Constitution as it is written,we would not be in this mess to begin with. Like the Super Committee,the BBA will alter our Con. to give more power to the corrupt Aminastration.

    • argoman

      The super committee is super UN-constitutional!!!

      • Bob from Calif.


    • bob wire

      I don’t much care for the idea either.

      Do you think the pressures offered by the Tea Party have anything to do with this super committee creation?

      I want to believe so.

  • Dr. smith
  • Doc Sarvis

    The idea has its appeal but with, at best, little chance to go through all the necessary steps to ammend the constitution, it is just a political circus. There are a lot of more meaningful things this congress can get going on that will help to pull the country together while this would just waste time, money, and further divide the country.

    • Bob from Calif.

      I don’t think that Evil Knievil could jump the divide that is in this country already.

  • Joyce from Loris

    There is ALREADY a law on the books that states that the Federal government can not spend more than it takes in. This law was adopted in 1981, Public Law 95-435, Section 7. It’s still valid, so why does our elected officials in Congress not abide by that law? We yelled loud and strong to those jokes in D.C. to not raise the debt ceiling, yet they ignored us. Even every day folk understand that if you can’t pay back $14 trillion, you certainly can’t pay back $16 trillion. Yet they ignored us, went against our wishes, and did what they wanted to. And now, Boehner wants to CONSIDER a Balance Budget Amendment??? Why now, why didn’t he do this when it would have COUNTED, before the debt ceiling was raised and before the S&P down graded our status? It’s a little to late to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

    • JimRed

      Joyce, is there a penalty clause for violations of the law? Can every politician who voted in favor of violating the law be punished? Is a violation a misdemeanor or a felony? Who would be in charge of prosecuting the offenders?

      I ask these questions in only half-sarcasm. Someone has to have the guts to stand up and file the charges. Good luck with that!

      • Joyce from Loris

        LOL, I know what you mean. It’s just like our other laws that are ignored, such as our illegal aliens laws, or our laws that state that marriage is between one man and one woman. I fully expect to see people being allowed to marry their dog or horse within the next year. It’s all madness, and getting worse.

    • Graeme B

      Joyce, why didn’t Boehner consider this when GWB was spending like a drunken sailor and giving tax breaks to the top 5%. You have to realise that under GWB, the deficit went up by over $6 trillion. Reagan was the president who brought balance by cutting spending but also increasing taxes. You cannot bring a balanced budget amendment unless you are prepared to increase taxes, by repealing the tax breaks to the top 5%. They are not doing anything with the money except hoarding it along with the corporate balance sheets having $2trillion in cash.
      This whole mess is just a sad joke. The nutbars are in control of the nuthouse and the sheeple are buying into the pantomime by letting these idiots away with it. What we witnessed the past 2 months was political roulette using the debt ceiling as the reason to score political points. In the meantime, S&P has downgraded to AA and soon it will be A. It’s only just begun.!

      • Joyce from Loris

        Graeme B, I do realize all of this. I was outraged when GWB decided to start spending $1 million of AMERICAN tax payer’s money A DAY to buy HIV/AIDS medication for the people in AFRICA. I was also outraged that he took our military to Irag. Alas, GWB is NOT the president ANYMORE. Obama IS. So let’s focus on what can BE done instead of hashing out past once again. You also have to remember that the “rich” already pay more taxes than most of us do. As far as the corporations, they should at least pay their allotted share. GM, which got a bail out, has not paid taxes for years! Yet, GM’s CEO has been appointed as one of Obama’s “czars” over job creation. AND GM has just laid off 30,000 of it’s employees. We, the working class tax paying Americans, must ALL agree that it is the GOVERNMENT, period! They have us all fighting among ourselves between Conservatives and Liberals. I believe that we have to end the hand outs in this country. People can’t live on welfare all their lives anymore. We have to stop sending BILLIONS of dollars a year, that we borrow by the way, to countries that HATE us. We have to join together as AMERICANS to get our freedoms and nation back. We can’t do this divided, and the government wants just that…. a division amongst us.

        • Joyce from Loris

          Sorry, meant to say GE, not GM. Haven’t had but two cups of coffee, LOL

      • dozerboy

        Graeme maybe you need to review your facts about Reagan. He actually led the cause and achieved a LOWER marginal tax rate, which in turn DOUBLED gross revenue by the end of his term. The reason for the “Reagan Deficits”, as they are called, was due to the Democratically controlled congress who TRIPLED spending. Raising taxes has never helped raise revenue. The progressive income tax is evil at is very core, and unnecessary. They don’t need the money. It’s only a mechanism to control consumer spending and redistribute wealth. To balance a budget, spending must be cut.

        • simian pete


          This time it’s different. The Rich men/corporations of Wall Street were BAILED OUT with all that TARP MONEY….

          WE SHOULD RAISE TAXES ON EVERYONE WHO WAS BAILED OUT ! Damn rich parasites!!!!!!

          • bob wire

            Thank you Pete, ~ good return volley. Wise to ignore some of his claims and get mired knee deep in creek mud. It’s 30 year old history they keep trying to rewrite and validate.

            I didn’t get a bail-out, I got the bill.

            No one guarantees me profits while the IRS makes me prove I did or I didn’t and that I should pay them anyway, just in case. They’d like for me to pay it “before” I made it. They tell me it “could” make my life easier.

            I need only to step out back and pick a mess of $100.00′s from my money tree.

      • Don

        commrad piglosi was in charge in those days , Graeme

    • bob wire

      That’s what I was thinking Joyce. It should be a “no brainer”, you’ve got to “have” a rabbit before you can pull it out of a hat.

      “Jim”, in the preceding post speaks of penalties and perhaps that is where the difficulty arises. You can craft all the laws to your hearts desire but without vigorous enforcement and penalty, we are left with a watch dog with no teeth, left to only make noise or gum someone’s ankles and tug on the cuff of their trousers leg.

      We’ve got more laws on the books now then we can enforce, we have enough laws to make “anyone” a criminal at the whines of government and “selected” enforcement.

      So my first thoughts on this proposed amendment is that the speaker of the house is doing what politicians do best, offer an appearance of addressing a problem and “appearing” to work and keep their jobs and the money rolling into their personal accounts so they too can continue to buy things and pay their bills.

      Am I cynical? perhaps, but understandable so.

      • Joyce from Loris

        Cynical, is an understatement of what I feel today, Bob Wire. Outraged is also a good word. I have emailed, made phone calls and sent snail mail to everyone in Congress, and it’s done NO GOOD. I keep reading the emails on blogs, “we have to do something to take our country back”. Well, no one has a suggestion on what to do. We voted last November to put conservatives in place, but what good did that do us in this debt ceiling increase debacle? NONE. One Tea Party group sent me a request to fax our elected officials with demands, and I told them not to send me any more emails until they said “meet us in D.C. We are going to drag them all out into the streets.” I will respond to that!

    • Bob from Calif.

      The truth is that the world and the U.S. are already in so much debt because of the fraudulent fiat system and the theft of the elitest bankers that it can never be paid back. The amount is in the quadrillions. The only answer is to shut down the Federal Reserve, tell them sorry about all that debt but were taking our game and leaving. In other words make them eat their false debt and start over. Otherwise they will own us and our grandchildrens grandchildren.

      • simian pete

        Uh, they already do own your grandchildren, etc … Are you living under a rock ? HA HA !

      • Joyce from Loris

        Damn Bob,I just got use to the word trillion, and now you are throwing quadrillions at me! My mind can’t comprehend the numbers! I long for the good old days, when the word thousand conjured up images of middle class, and the word million was what we all aspired to. Sign….. those were the days.

    • Allan

      Boehner tried with Cut Cap and Balance. It’s still a worthwhile goal.

      The new Progressive talking point about a balanced budget amendment is is that it “would just waste time, money, and further divide the country”, as Doc Sarvis said above. He says there are “a lot more meaningful things”. Funny, I can’t think of anything threatening America more than our spending problem. Progressives would rather focus on growing government and new regulations on the private sector. All hail the Church of Government.

      • bob wire

        Progressives would rather address kitchen table issues and jobs Sir.

        Government grown large under “all” administrations over the last 30 years. 43 seen as a clear winner that few can hold the light high enough to run by. In that last 30 years we have enjoyed only 10 years from a DNC administration.

        And where have you been, out of town?

        • Allan

          If you want to see jobs “created”, you have to stop the runaway government spending, which devalues our currency, makes investors shy away, makes lenders stop lending, and consumers stop spending, and you have to turn undo some of the suffocating regulation of the last three years. How many years of this policy will it take for progressives to recognize it isn’t working? But then, I don’t think progressives really want to see the private sector succeed right now. This is their big opportunity to bring the country to its knees to beg for socialism. So much of what we are talking about is a sign of the underlying battle between capitalism and socialism.

    • eddie47d

      I was enjoying your comments until you brought up the horse and dog act.I’m not sure if you should drink more coffee or less.LOL. That balanced budget act(law) of 1981 was under President Reagan and he had 8 years to correct the problem but it only got worse. The deficit became much worse during those years. Few noticed because it was stretched out over many years. Obama inherited most of his mess and the deficit soared in a short period of time. The mess the Stock Market has been in today and the past week doesn’t bode well for Obama or the country. That in it self makes Personnel Liberties column even more timely.

      • simian pete

        “Mess” ?

        Them Wall Street businesses that received TARP / bailout money, they just are funneling the money back into Obama’s re-election campaign. Doesn’t sound “messy” to them. They are still drinking their cognac in their expensive homes, laughing at the stupid Voters …..

        I’m just mad because I didn’t benefit ! HA HA HA !!

        • bob wire

          Hmm? what I’m hearing today is that Wall Street wouldn’t pee on Obama to put him out if he caught fire. That said, Wall Street will contribute to his reelection, it’s commonly refereed to as hedging your bet but it will be small in comparison to what they offer the GOP.

  • Papa

    A balanced budget amendment is worthless unless properly worded to include a cap on federal funds at a certain percentage of GDP. All that would be necessary to avoid such a requirement is for the President to declare a “State of Emergency” (as in another “war” which he could easily initiate) and deficit spending could continue, unabated.

    The problem is that ALL politicians (with very few exceptions) are LIARS, even when it’s obvious to the majority of people that they’re lying. People WANT to believe, and that’s a bad habit we all need to break…

  • TIME

    Let me say this Google, if your here you have a computer, you can use Google is you can figure out how to do a simple serch so look up – {Balanced budget 1997,} that was how long ago now? Has anyone in DC ever held to this?

    How about all the Social Security funds being in that { LOCK BOX.}
    Is there anyone who recalls that Media contrived moment?

    Will you all please stop with the “non intel” you get from the Media Prostitutes, there is little to NO value in any of it.

    Just as there is no real differance between DemO – RebO, most all of them are the same. Its no differant than a coin is a single unit with a head on one side and a tail on the other, that equals – Mouth spits out crap, so to will the tail. Is the crap any differant?

    Wake Up.

    • JimRed

      Google is a huge contribtor to leftist causes. I use BING.

      • TIME

        Who owns BING? Can you say MSN? Can you say Bill Gates? HELLO..

        OMG dude.

        • bob wire

          ?~and that information is tainted and to be ignored completely by virtue of ownership?

          I see? Is this “perceived bias” employed only one way or two? Can we not think for ourselves and consider the source.

          Is Bill Gates seen as a questionable source? I have always considered him as a practical, well grounded person with vision and commitment to his ideas.

          • JeffH

            “Is Bill Gates seen as a questionable source? I have always considered him as a practical, well grounded person with vision and commitment to his ideas.”

            When I recall his stance and commitment to vaccines and “eugenics” as a way to reduce the worlds population I have a hard time envisioning Gates as a “grounded person” but most certainly can see his “commintment” to his ideas on eugenics…as has Warren Buffet, Ted Turner and the infamous George Soros…

          • bob wire


            noun ( used with a singular verb )
            the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics) or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics).

            Sounds grounded in basic principles to me. We’ve employed this for centuries in both man and beast alike. Nature itself works to this end.

            Some girls don’t like guys like me but some girls do. (while the reason not always clear, it is clear that it is so)

            It would be the “methods uses” to encourage or discourage that would be subject to judgment. I heard that Nixon and Kissinger wrestled with this topic as I understand it via sterilizing laced wheat given to starving nation in the form of American Aid.

            I believe Bill Gates was still a student nerd with a pencil pocket protector working in his garage about that time. I can’t speak for the others.

            nice word Jeff.

          • simian pete

            bob wire,

            Bill Gates sure is alot smarter than you and me, and everyone else on this blog !!!! We are just a bunch of dumbasses to him ..

          • eddie47d

            I try to avoid vaccines but they have helped millions and only hindered a few. The world’s population is troublesome and Gates has never advocated annihilation to solve the problem. I’m not sure if Jeff comprehends the seriousness of what is going on. Too many countries don’t have the resources to fend for themselves. So their populations encroach upon other nations putting a burden on them and the rest of the world. Bill Gates is saving lives and teaching birth control at the same time to avoid future calamities. A helping hand and wise planning to avoid wars and futher poverty.

          • JeffH

            bob wire continues with his jabberwocky analysis and eddie says “I’m not sure if Jeff comprehends the seriousness of what is going on.”

            Excuse me while I laugh out loud…ROFLMAO!

          • JeffH

            Everybody now knows how evil Nazi eugenics were: How all sorts of people were exterminated not because of anything they had done but simply because of the way they had been born. And we have all heard how disastrous were the Nazi efforts to build up the “master race” through selective breeding of SS men with the best of German women — the “Lebensborn” project. Good Leftists today recoil in horror from all that of course and use their “Hitler was a Rightist” mantra to load those evils onto conservatives. But Hitler was a socialist. As he himself said:

            “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” (Speech of May 1, 1927. Quoted by Toland, 1976, p. 306)

            In the 1920′s, the eugenics movement was … popular. So popular in fact, that mandatory sterilization laws were passed in 34 states from the mid-1920′s to mid 30′s. Basically, these laws stated that sterilization was mandatory for socially undesirable persons. “The socially inadequate classes, regardless of etiology or prognosis, are the following: (1) Feeble-minded; (2) Insane, (including psychopathic); (3) Criminalistic (including the delinquent and wayward); (4) Epileptic; (5) Inebriate (including drug habitues)…” [etc]. So basically, if you were hyperactive, promiscuous, an alcoholic or drug addict, had cerebral palsy or Down’s syndrome, were epileptic, (etc., ad nauseum), or exhibited ANY socially undesirable behavior at all, you were eligible for mandatory sterilization. And not you, nor your parents (if you were a minor) had any right to say “No”.

            In the mid 1920′s, Carrie Buck, at the ripe old age of 17, fought the state of Virginia’s mandatory sterilization statute. She was classified as a socially inferior woman, having born a child out of wedlock and her foster parents stated that she was “a handful”. Carrie’s mother had also been incarcerated in a state institution as a ‘promiscuous woman’. And at the age of 7 months, Carrie’s child, Vivian, was ‘certified’ as being ‘deficient’, based on the ‘history’ of Carrie and her mother.

            Carrie lost her case at the state court level, and it wound up in front of the Supreme Court in 1927. The prominent Supreme Court jurist, Oliver Wendel Holmes, wrote the opinion in Buck v. Bell. The decision was 8-1, Justice Butler dissenting. Here’s what the majority opinion boiled down to:

            “In order to prevent our being swamped with incompetents… society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes.” …

            “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind.Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” – Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., (Buck v. Bell, 1927)

            Five months after this decision, Carrie was forcibly sterilized. It later came out that her promiscuity was nothing of the sort. She’d been raped by the nephew of her foster parents, himself a violent (unsterilized) little scumbag. And her daughter’s school records show that Vivian was a B student, receiving an A in deportment (behavior), and she was on the honor roll. Genetic tests later showed that neither Carrie nor her daughter had any genetic defects.

          • bob wire

            Well okay Jeffy, but let us not allow the word to be synonyms with “evil” for one mans methodology.

            Hitler could make a child’s birthday Party an evil event.
            Women reject potential suitors for many reason and one being smell. ~ While she might not know why, her body knows this man does not have what she needs to make a healthy baby. It’s a hard wired thang. It’s nature at word. Women make babies, we know that ~ but learning as most as you can know about the process is still unfolding and exciting. ( I like to help)

            It’s been man way to observe nature and attempt to embellish and work with nature. It’s not evil as you seem to suggest or think ~ while I’ll agree that some methods are up for judgment.

            Back when men wore body armor and rode horseback it became necessary to bred a sturdy horse that had a gentle gait, offering mounted armor a softer ride. ~ Have you ever considered the pain and suffering 65 pounds of body armor could inflict in a short 3 mile trot on a rough riding hammer head?

            Just the thought of it makes me hurt.

            And yes Jeff, I analyze things ~ that’s a big part of my profession, ~ asking, “why did that do that?” ~ and I love my job.

            and Bill Gates is not a bad guy ~ with an evil plan, ~okay?

          • bob wire

            I hope you can find it in you to overlook my many typo’s (transgression) ~I’m running a three ring circus here this afternoon.

          • eddie47d

            Laugh all you want Jeff you sly old fox!

  • Janice Fortin

    A balanced budget! Watch out for your travel? expense account, dear parachuter from San Fran. Right now, folks a round the world trip costs less. Pretty nifty having a “travel” expense a la friends and family Party Style, huh? What in the world is the first black female complainer fussing about? 26 aides to the white lady’s ONE?! Talk about racist! We can’t afford these females and we cannot afford HOLDER

    • Joyce from Loris

      Actually, Michele Obama has 26 attendants, to the tune of $1.7 million a year, not counting hair dressers and make up artists. Laura Bush had 22 attendants, to the tune of $1 million a year. Hillary Clinton has much fewer attendants. Barbara Bush had THREE attendants.

  • JimRed


    No edit function available.

  • Platypusrex

    We have yet to meet our enemy face to face, but he is there and we can not see the whites of their eyes yet. This day will come when the people take back what Government continues to Rob its people. People in this once great Country are not blind, and deaf. They see and hear its leaders ripping off deals left and right for the sake of their political gain. That day is coming sooner than they know that their will be no one to support their silly games, these back door deals, nor will there be anyone who can pay them off. That day is coming fast and furious, and one day we will all be on the same level. Cancel your newspaper subscriptions, cancel your Cable and satellite TV, they do not cater to your watching pleasures. Rather they are enabling our children and ourselves the wool over the eye coverings that they try to hide what the plain and simple truths are. The media format has gone to the wolves for the past several decades, worse than any greed mongers could have dreamed of.
    I dream of a country which has integrity, loyal and faithful leaders, and a basic Common Sense for prosperity and Freedom of and for its people, not their political crooks. They days when policeman were trustworthy, and schools taught Americanism and its History, rather than putting condoms on fruits and vegetables, and teaching the Koran, and that America is an evil terrorist nation.
    English is my first and only language, The stars and stripes are the color I bleed, and in God we do trust.
    When did we begin to give in to the few that did not want prayer in schools, I am not even sure they know the pledge of allegiance. This saddens me so. I am not a special advocate, or special interest person, I am an American born and raised and still love this country and see the potential of its greatness, because I have seen its greatness. I will not let go of the American dream, nor can it be pried from my cold hands. I will trust in God through out my eternity, and he will see me through. Amen

  • http://GOOGLE SUNBUM

    The only way to have a balanced; Get rid of all Democrats!



  • Bernie

    Beware politicians with guilded tongues! Ballancing a budget does not necessarily mean a cap/cut in spending. It can also mean the raising of taxes (the real word for revenues) to meet their increased spending. No more “trust me” weasle words…..we already have a valid law (95-435) on the books regarding this requirement. The new congressional Republicans were voted in through a Tea Party majority ground swell to bring fiscal responsibilty to Washington. If these elected politicians don’t have the guts to represent their constituents on the platforms for which they they got elected…they need to hand over their seats to those who do represent the will of the American electorate. The Boehner compromise is an affront to the vast majortity who demanded that the debt ceiling not be raised. I am begining to feel that the best way to break up this “get along” mentality is to break up Washington, have the representatives work from home (close to their constituents) and communicate/vote electronically. (Buisness operates this way, they can too.) I would guess the savings on such a move would in itself save billions of dollars in unnecessary “cluster mentality” overhead!

  • Jerry

    The balanced budget Amendment is a very good Idea and is one that can never be adopted in our lifetime or that of our children for that fact,
    There are too many pitfalls to be considered such as a real major conflict as was WW2 where it was required of us as a Nation to sell Liberty bonds and additional treasure notes not to mention the hullabaloo of raising taxes.
    We at present have a very dysfunctional Congress that needs to get its house in order on maters that are immediate. A balanced budget Amendment is not one of them and cannot be accomplished anyway by such a dysfunctional body.
    When Congress becomes functional, if ever, then a balanced budget amendment should be considered. A savings account is the only real answer. Every family tries to have a little tucked away for those rainy days if they can. The USA is no different and we have one, it is our people and their ability to produce but they must have the freedom to do so. Our present situation does not allow that.. There are so many restrictions that each has to follow that discouragement takes its portion we are being nannied to destruction and lawyers are given a free hand to help in such an environment. I give you a case in point. Doctors must maintain an expensive insurance and what about deep pocket libel and accident lawsuits that allows lawyers to run amuck.
    That might be a good thing for a functional Congress might consider.

  • Raggs

    oblama and his marry band of communist will never agree to ANY budget!

    This is nothing more than political grandstanding…
    If I were in the house as a GOP I would let oblama fail!
    I think that is what the GOP really needs to concentrate on…

  • BigBadJohn

    Looks like 1994 all over again – NOTHING will happen. Just ploy to appease the angry brain dead and regain power…..

    • eddie47d

      Raggs hasn’t figured out that the GOP has been sabotaging Obama even before the election and now they are in full throttle. Can’t have a workable country if the GOP isn’t working to make it so.

      • American Citizen

        Balderdash, it’s the Democrats in the Senate who are the obstructionists.

        • bob wire

          Well? yea! I guess so, but obstructing what?

          Refusing to allow all the bumbling and poorly fought 10 years of war to be paid for by working people that gained little from them while the war profiteers, big oil, and big business gained the most from them and today have more then enough money to make Jesus Christ out the devil ?

          Yep, they are Senate obstructionist alright.

          • http://naver samurai

            Iraq, baaaaa! Oil, baaaaa! Afghanistan, baaaaa! Big business, baaaaa! Bush, baaaaa! For not being a follower of Obama bin Laden you sure sound like one at times. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Steve Coy

    If Boner had done his job correctly on the Budget and reduced spending by a Trillion Dollars we wouldn’t have needed an increase of $2.2 Trillion. A balanced budget by Boner means increase the Boner and the idiot RepubliRATS who followed this Traitor. Oil up your guns and lets take back our Country since

    • bob wire

      okay ! you lead out and I’ll cover you. ~ on three! LOL ! make that four or five ~

  • Capitalist at Birth

    We do not need to amend the Constitution to balance the budget. We need to elect people who will control spending. Deficit spending leads to the devaluation of our currency, which leads to a declining standard of living for most Americans. It will never pass anyway, so why keep talking about it. During the crash 1920 Calvin Coolidge lowered taxes and cut Government spending in half. Within nine months the mini depression was over. Herbert Hoover and FDR raised taxes, piled up huge deficits, and instituted more Government Control of the Economy. What did that bring us, except more unemployment and misery. We are repeating the same mistake again. We are spending over 25% of GDP which is greater than the level of spending of the last year of WWII. Does anyone wonder why we need to spend so much now?

  • American Citizen

    The problem with laws that Congress passes is that each Congress doesn’t have to abide by the ones passed by the previous Congress. That’s why that law already on the books about a balanced budget is being ignored. I believe we need a carefully worded Constitutional Amendment. I didn’t used to think so, but recent events proved it is necessary.

  • Stunned at sunset

    Hmmmm…we’ll finally have a “balanced budget” that restricts Congress to spending ONLY what it collects in revenue. I imagine that they’ll also pass new tax codes that increase the tax burden on the lower and middle class either through progressive personal income taxes or through tax-associated mechanisms that wind up being paid for by some kind of sales tax where the poor can wind up suffering their fair share of the poverty. As always, cash rich corporations and, of course, our landed aristocracy and plutocracy will pay nothing as they do all the “collecting.”

    The Republicans are pushing nothing more than a lot of bull. The real problem is the Federal Reserve Bank which is neither “Federal” nor “a Reserve.” It is a privately held bank managed by the American Plutocracy and they do all the “collecting” just like they did under TARP and the Savings & Loan Debacle under No. 41′s administration.

    If we can get the control of the money supply back into the hands of the people through the re-introduction of “inherent value” coinage (that is coinage that actually carries its own market value [i.e., like a 20 dollar gold piece]) then replace the thieves working for the aristocracy in Congress so that we have politicians who have a stake in the success of the country instead of a reward in its failure, we might be able to come out of it in a decade or so.

    People like Ron Paul are trying to examine this question through Congressional Hearings but the yellow press isn’t allowing us to hear anything about those hearings–only about the band aids that the politicians are attempting to prop up so that we’ll elect them to another term of subterfuge and treasonous activity.

    Go figure. I’ve been voting for people like Ralph Nader who may not represent my entire life’s point of view but at least he doesn’t represent the point of view of the gangsters running Western Civilization at this time. If Ron Paul gets the Republican Nomination it will show that the Republicans are serious about doing something productive and constructive…I’ll vote for them then. Otherwise, I’d rather see someone from the “Green” party running the country with total professional naivety.

  • crystal

    It’a a shame we have to add amendments to get Washington, DC to do their job.

    • bob wire

      Even that won’t do it Crystal, ~ this is for appearances.

      Like when you see the boss coming you pour a bucket of nuts, bolts and screws out and start sorting offering an appearance of doing something.

      Politicians make laws so they throw out a bucket full of ideas and appear busy sorting.

  • northbrook

    We are in a fine mess now and need the leadership from congress and the WH to come up with positive ideas of a way to grow the economy. We do not need to play the blame game, there is plenty of blame to go around.
    The main objective for the GOP and Tea PArty should be to get a balanced budget amendment underway and to reform the TAX code so that everyone has an interest in the economy. The Super Committee should propose lower tax rates and broaden the tax base as this would achieve the ends that both the GOP and democrats need to get the economy moving. As painful as it may be some real proposals on SS and Medicare programs need to be mmade ie raising age eligibility for people below 50. This would help salvage these programs for the future generations.
    We certainly do not need to have higher taxes imposed on the American public at this time. Do not forget taxing corporations has a way of passing that cost to the buying public.

    • Stunned at sunset

      I agree with everything that you say, however, I have a reservation: that “Super Committee” (AKA Super Congress, whatever…) gives me the willies. We (that is, our elected representatives) are putting absolute power into the hands of a group of politicians who have participated in voting for financial legislation that wound up spending 40% more than we take in. Then, they voted to raise a debt ceiling to allow us to “borrow” the money to make up the 40%. Now, we’re giving these same stupid people the absolute power to over-ride a majority ruling. Yes, yes, I know that they’re SAYING that they won’t have the power but, just as they lied to us about the Banking Scandals, you can bet that they’re not telling the truth about the powers of the Super Committee either.

      Another point that I want to make is that, originally, Allan Greenspan (when he resolved the social security crisis under his administration of the Federal Reserve Bank) said that Congress would have to set the Social Security Tax ceiling at $180,000. Instead, they fixed it at $110,000. So, now they want to CUT social security instead of doing what was originally proposed nearly two decades ago. Had they set the ceiling at $180,000, we wouldn’t have a future problem brewing for social security.

      This is another example of why I don’t like this “Super Committee.” I also have a funny feeling that the entire notion of a super committee is going to be challenged in the courts someday anyway. I don’t think that it sets will with Constitutional Law. You can have committees going into a debate. But, once the majority has ruled, you can’t have a “committee” over-rule that decision.

      I’m sure that this will be a topic of much discussion eventually.

  • Fred Marrs

    The compound interest effect is devastating to any reasonable attempt to get a handle on spending, and needs to go forthwith. The House should put through a bill to do away with the Base Line Budget fraud, and send it to the Senate to require the Senate to approve it, or otherwise vote to continue the fraudulent process, and ware it for the next election. To see just what effect the compound Base Line Budget fraudulent process has on spending, take a look at the following from Burington “Handbook of Mathematical Tables and Formulas”, 3rd Edition, p. 6, “Interest, Annuities, Sinking Funds”, 18. “Amount. A principle P placed at a rate of interest r for n years accumulates to an amount An, as follows: At interest compound annually:

    An = P(1 + r)n . This current year Obama is deficit spending, i.e., spending more than revenue, $1.65 Trillion dollars. The politicians have been assuming a “normal” 7 percent increase annually in the base line budget. The following table presents the numbers for compound interest factors, in column 1 years, column 2 compound percentage, $1.65 Trillion dollars deficit spending in year one only in column 3, and $1.65 Trillion dollars deficit spending in each year in column 4; all for the years 1,2,3,4,5, & 10, thus:

    Year 7 percent $1.65 Trillion deficit spending $1.65 Trillion/year deficit spending

    compound in year one only, starting in year one and continuing

    Amount at the end of the year yearly, Amount at year end

    1 1.07
    1.7655 1.7655

    2 1.1449 1.8891 3.6546

    3 1.2250 2.0213 5.6759

    4 1.3108 2.1628 7.8387

    5 1.4026 2.3143 10.1529

    10 1.9672
    3.2459 Trillion 24.3929 Trillion
    [Note: The table disjuncted in the posting process, but the bottom line two numbers are correct.]

    Keep in mind, column 3 assumes Obama has no more deficit spending, which is hardly a rational assumption. Column 4 assumes a constant deficit spending of $1.65 trillion per year. Neither column 3 or column 4 takes into consideration the base budget, but just the amount of deficit spending effect at a compounded 7 percent increase annually. In reality, the entire budget will compound at the congressional assumed 7 percent increase annually. So, the alleged $2.1 Trillion cut in spending, is a cut from a compound interest base budget increase of some $9 to $10 Trillion. It is no cut in spending at all, but rather we are left with a $7 to $8 Trillion increase in the debt in 10 years. That is a 50 percent increase in our percent national debt. What is obvious from these compound numbers, is that we have to vote all democrats and all go along rino republicans out of the House and Senate to obtain conservative control of both houses of Congress, and throw Obama’s sorry arse out of office in November of 2012, in order to have a chance to save our country. May God help us.

  • chuckb

    fred marrs, thank you for the facts, maybe you should remind some of our so called conservative rino congresssmen. the balanced budget amendment is nothing more than a cover up, i doubt for a minute this would control the spending. control the way these people get elected, then you could control the budget.

  • Jim

    My state, California, has a “balanced budget” requirement. Somehow they “balance” it, but use every trick in the book and then invent new ones to do it. For example, if we pass a 30 year water bond, they will borrow from it and say they will pay it back in 25 years. If CA was a Corporation all the politicians would (and should) be in prison!

  • 45caliber

    Actually, I think a “Balanced Budget Amendment” is a waste of time and a way to stall.

    If they want to balance a budget, there is nothing to stop them from doing it right now.

    If they do pass a BBA, it will have clauses in it to allow for deficiet spending in emergencies like a war. And if it does, how do you stop the borrowing? We are officially at war with terrorists now. Does that mean we can borrow whatever we need for whatever we want? Does that mean that we should borrow ALL the costs of the war while spending all the tax money that comes in on other things? Does that mean that someone (like Clinton) can redefine what “war” means? What does an “emergency” mean? To my kids, it meant they couldn’t talk me into buying them candy!

  • chuckb

    45caliber, i agree, all these budget proposals are nothing but smoke and mirrors, like jim says, check out california and see how well the balanced budget works for them.
    all these proposals, for example the ryan bill, this is all smoke and mirrors, this is the best the republicans can do. the only thing that would have produced results was shutting the government down period.
    taking barrys campaign bus (air force one) and park it. stop the millions dollar+ vacations. send barry back to kenya and then we could start cleaning up the mess.
    revamp the senate and congress and their salaries and perks, shut down most federal agencies, the epa being the first followed by the education and energy.
    next vote in ‘my dream act’, remove all illegals, mexican, carribean and african, shut the immigration down, bring our troops home and let them guard the border.
    remove the head of nasa, restart our space exploration and technology.
    we have an africa mentality at present, look around the continent of africa and see how many stable governments are in place, the reason is they eat their seed instead of planting, isn’t that what we are doing by borrowing when we are so far in debt.
    our present politicians are not interested in solving the problem, they have one interest, next election. let’s make sure they have no more worries after nov. 2012

    • bob wire

      The racial overtones and demonizing excluded, I believe both you and 45 are on the button chucky.

      This proposal is simply something to chew on and run out the clock until the next major crisis or election , which ever comes first.

      John B’s bosses have him marking time march, holding position until something moves or they can hatch a plan.

      Summer vacations in the mountains are nice this time of years.

      They are in no hurry to do anything at the moment. Congress can’t do want it wants to do, to attempt would make them look weak and disjointed.

      It’s all about posturing and listening for when the next shoes to hit the floor.

  • The Blue Collar Man

    Again today, Poison obummler talks about SS and Medicare, sounding like “adjusting”. I really think they (Demorats)need to be set down in a room, and have someone explain basic math to them. If you take in $1, you can’t spend $2. Sounds pretty sinple to me, but then I’ve never been bankrupt, like we are now. Idiots.
    “The Markets go up and down” Poison obummler said that today, trying to cover his ass, a real genius, eh?
    All the BS they put out, and they can’t figure out the whole world knows we are stupid, as well as a credit risk. (That means Deadbeat)
    How “smart” are you, if all your spending is adding to the deficit? How smart are you, if you borrow $0.40 of every dollar you spend, and then give that money away to other countries? Those countries that get our borrowed money, don’t give a crap if we would die, so why give them any. How smart are you, if you don’t have a Budget in the last 2 years?
    Bush did this, Bush did that, and Poison obummler ‘Inherited a bad economy”. Whoopie! So what? What has he done about it, except party, party, and his wife blows money like water, doing vacations with tons of other people, all at out cost! Poison obummler has done NOTHING to lead the country, except to turn us down the path to be a third rate backwater Nation.
    Not to leave out the Republican RINOs, who share the blame for the downgrade that Poison obummler steered us into. Thanks for smoothering the conservative movement, you clowns!
    Having a very impressive High School education, which was a 4 1/2 struggle to get out, due to changing schools, not 3 years like the rest of you, I have no doubt I could see things we don’t need to spend money on. This is not brain surgery, just ordinary math, with lots and lots of MINUS signs being used.
    Solutions, solutions, committes on top of committes, a huge cluster F of inaction, stalling, feet dragging. This all points to overly educated people, who have all action bred out of their brains.
    ANY leader (we don’t have any) in one years time, could solve this whole problem.

    • bob wire

      I believe many in the GOP needs to attend that same meeting. Especially since the train left the tracks during their watch.

      • Don

        You are right Bob W, but while your slinging your sheit, don’t forget the dems had control of Congress the last two years of bush, i get so sick of you azz wholes who claim it’s all Bushes fault, when YOU have a wanna be prez. in office, for now anyway !!!

        • bob wire

          Well Don, your illness will be long lasting I fear. Because the last two years of 43′s tenure is not where the train left the tracks. And until the day I breath my last breath, I’ll be reminding you of that fact.

          I figure on the outside, that will be 20 years so you might take a power.

          • http://naver samurai

            Actually it started under Clinton where he set up our housing industry and markets for failure. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • jibbs

        Take off the blinders and remove the ears plugs, then do some research on your own.

  • simian pete

    Eventually the “problem” will fix itself. The Taxpayers will run out of money – then the Voters will want to borrow more. But with the fed Govt. credit rating getting worse – pretty soon Congress won’t even be able to borrow from a loan shark !!!

    The “wealth” or “money” will eventully just run out — OK everyone ?

  • bob wire

    I’d much prefer them address what they said was the three most important thing before the American people Job, Jobs, Jobs!

    I left to believe they somehow forgot us.

  • RightGunner

    The same people who were convinced to allow a few more trillion to be borrowed are now saying we ought to force ourselves to live within our income. If we had not raised the debt limit we would have forced ourselves to live within our income, so the long effort to change the Constitution is just a distraction to relieve themselves from the irresponsibility of what they already did.

    The other item not being addressed, except by a former Fedist, is inflation from printing money. That is the insidious way Governments steal money that they can’t get from raising taxes. Both China and Russia are calling us down on that, as another indication that soon no one will lend us anthing.

  • Ann

    One of the 10 commandments says we should not steal. We have had our hard earned money stolen from us and then lied to about what is happening with it. Our government thinks they know what is better for us than we do. I am tired of them wasting my hard earned money and being lied to. When are we going to stand up and tell them ENOUGH.

    Using scare tactics of no social security checks,Medicare and Medicaid cuts, and all the other smoke screens and mirrors they threw up trying to make us believe raising the debt ceiling was the only way they could save or credit rating. All lies!!!

    Do they think we do not read about all their high paid salaries, benefit packages, and retirement they have voted in for themselves? I didn’t get a cost of living raise this year but they sure did. Don’t forget they exempted themselves from Obamacare because they needed something better than we had. Are they the elite? Are they better than the rest of us? I certainly don’t think so.

    This is not about Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Tea Party, Black, White, or any other name you can put on it. It is about what has to be done. We all know spending more than they take in has to stop. Are we all going to agree on how to fix it or like what has to be cut? Obviously not. Our government has enough money coming in. We have to make them be accountable for how it is spent.

    • Gerry Rosso


      I hear and almost feel the frustration in your words. I only have one suggestion: We need some kind of change in our government! And I am not5 talking about the kind of change that Mr. Obama is trying to usher in. I am talking about COMPLETE CHANGE! The kind of change that can come about if you throw all the bums out on their ear. The kind of change that is possible with an entirely new way of thinking. I am talking about the possibility of a third party taking the reins in Washington.

      Back when Abraham Lincoln was elected, he was a member of a third party. And what was that party? THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! And what did Mr. Lincoln stand for? The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. And what does the Constitution Party stand for? The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

      The Principles of the Constitution Party are short and sweet:
      Limited Government
      No amnesty for Illegals
      A strong support of the 2nd Amendment (Right to bear arms)
      Right to life, (from conception to death)
      And many other things you can find if you go to

      All I am asking is that if you are as concerned about the future of our great country as I and many others are, investigate the Constitution Party

      Fell free to contact me at gsrosso


  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady


    Wiselady says:

    I must balance my checking account which includes living within my means to pay back what I have borrowed, to balance my domestic budget,and do, with whatever is left to run my personal and unexpected expenses.

    How in the world can we expect a liberal president to know about how to run the Nation’s Budget when he indebted us with additional trillions of dollars and wanted a higher debt limit, the sky!??

    We are indebted to China, helping the 3rd world countries, i.e.,currently, two wars, feeding the hungry in Somalia, Mexico, helping that country with its war against the Drug Cartels, the Justice Department, filing Law Suits against its own country, i.e.(states protecting themselves against illegals), countries joining the DOJ in those Law Suits. Do we know how much that is costing us? Plus other activities the U.N. wants us to support. An endless list.

    Cut our support in half to that organization! Or else, relocate it in another country; Darfur, Africa, or Canada are just beginners. And, perhaps….Finland, Norway or Sweden. Isn’t that the general area where it all started??? Imagine how much Europe’s economy would improve with all the big spenders,(delegates) from all over the world flying in and out, staff, housing for staff, interpreters and on and on…get the drift? It would be one less enormous expense for the US!

    Let’s cut 80% of the provisions made for the expenses to protect all former Presidents. They can afford to pay for their own protection. They became millionairs; wrote books, make high priced speeches,get a high paid retirement, have foundations in other countries, as the Clintons do,travel at our expense when asked to assist in tragedies as in devasted countries and etc. Let them get a tax deduction for their, “work” when asked to help in tragedies.. Think of all the money we would save. Time for some hard thinking on this issue. I would like to know how much it costs the tax payers annually. We need to cut, cut, cut where there is waste or duplication.

    Let’s ask Hollywood to go out to Somalia’s Children to feed and entertain them so that they can at least have a smile of hope on their faces.! They can donate food, shelter, help buid an infrastructure, build medical facilities, roads, water wells, and do all that they can to protect the innocent from the militants. After all, Hollywood is a peace loving, liberal thinking bunch and…Obama can have a joy time creating his own liberal thinking infrastructure with a title, “The Liberal General”, and give him a hat with a big red star or a gold trimmed, black pirate hat.

    Now America is broke, and not one country is coming to our aid to help us pay for the liberal spending politicians have done for decades; instead the liberal media blames a group of patriotic Americans, The Tea Party.!! Too much insanity prevails in the liberal mentality thinking in much of the, liberal media, liberal education and liberal politicians at every level of government, city, county, state and the Federal Government in Washington.

    Suggestion: The Tea Party should rename itself. Balanced Buidget, COMMON SENSE AMERICAN PATRIOTS; a more descriptive identity. This will avoid liberals from calling them unsavory and unfavorable names which become nondescript to the public and then it might bring a common sense understanding to the illinformed educated and illiterate population, of who and what they, (The Tea Party) represents.

  • James

    A balanced budget amendment is a two-edged sword. Unless it stipulates that Congress must live within its income, it could require Congress to borrow more money to balance its budget. I have never seen any proposed wording of it.

  • Joe

    John Boehner bows at the feet of his masters the Tea Party. House speaked is more like the deaf mute who does his masters bidding

    • http://naver sook young

      Nice rant Joe, but I’m sorry to say that we want this country to go back to the ways it was founded. We are a Christian nation. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai
      하나님과 국가 대 한!


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