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GOP 'truth Squad' Plans To Greet Obama At U.N. Climate Conference

December 16, 2009 by  

GOP 'truth squad' plans to greet Obama at UN climate conferenceWhen Barack Obama arrives in Copenhagen, Denmark this week to take part in the United Nations (U.N.) conference on climate change, his political adversaries will be there waiting for him.

A GOP counter-delegation labeled the "truth squad" by Matt Dempsey, spokesman for Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) will consist of approximately a half-dozen Republican House and Senate members, according to

The purpose of the group’s trip is to remind other international delegations that the United States Congress needs to sign off on any binding global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"I will not be one of the sycophants that say climate change is the biggest problem facing the world and we need to do all these draconian things that cost jobs," said Representative Joe Barton (R-Texas) quoted by the Environmental News Service.

"The truth is the truth. The facts are the facts," he said. "This whole theory of man-made global warming is just that. It is a theory."

A climate bill passed the House earlier this year, but is currently stuck in the Senate and won’t be discussed until 2010.

Last Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officially declared carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases a threat to public health and safety, granting itself the authority to mandate carbon emissions policy without the approval of Congress.

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  • Robin from Indiana

    The reference of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is totally on! Our world is spinning out of control and we are unable to stop it. America used to be the top super power of the world. But now our commander and chief asks everyone to forgive us and bows to our enemies. Meanwhile the middle class in on a slippery slope to lower class because the government will demand higher taxes that we can’t afford!

    • Jean

      So what happens when we don’t have enough money to pay these taxes? Can’t write a check. Can’t make our own money? We’re not the government, just the people that try to pay off their stupidity and overspending.

  • http://Don'thaveone Sally

    All of the above is great. You people have hit it right on. Only thing we can do to change anything is come November 2010 vote out all incumbants of Congress (all 435 are up for re-election) even if your Congressman did a good job, and vote out all incumbants in the Senate (1/3 of the Senate is up for re-election). Then with that done, put in term limits (a total of 8 years) on both Houses, also that they have to live under the laws that they pass and are not exempt (ie, under our health care plan, not their own, under a normal retirement system, not what they are getting now, and cannot vote raises for themselves – only the public can vote that. If everyone does this the message will get thru loud and clear – we are the people – and you will do what the majority of your constituants want – not what outside groups are paying you to uphold. Just think about he scurry of the lobbists and outsiders will be doing for the first year with all new people to have to impress and pay – Whew!!!!

  • Victor L Barney

    S C Thank you; I hear you! However, do you realize that I heard Senator Orin Hatch on Glen Beck recently say that everything going on in the House, Senate, and Presidential Department is unconstitutional and acts of treason! Do you really think that there can be another election, if that were true? Remember, we’re actually talking about provable ACTS OF TREASON!

    • s c

      Victor, this is the result of willing treason, powers and principalities, elected politicians who make prostitutes look respectable, long-term geopolitical/georeligious scheming, cenral banking infamy and wholesale soul-selling for money, power and privilege around the world.
      The ENTIRE WORLD (via America’s downfall) is the prize. Soon, people will have to decide if freedom or slavery is more important to them. False masks will be ripped away, and everyone will see who their friends and enemies really are. Americans will learn the hard way that we have very FEW friends in Washington (and FEWER in religious circles).

  • Jerry

    When all the incumbents are gone the new members can pass legislation outlawing lobbyists and influence peddling. Also, when a limit of one six year term, (called for by the Constitution) is adhered to there would be no point to lobbying and influence. The next election the job would change hands. As far as experience in office is concerned the new members each session could complete a course regarding their new position and duties prior to their inauguration during the period immediately following election.
    All the hoopla over global warming is more than slightly reminiscent of the story of Chicken Little which was still widely told during my youth. Chicken Little was struck in the head by a falling acorn and ran all over town telling everyone she met, “The sky is falling, The sky is falling!” while on her way to tell the king. Of course the more citizens she told the more of an emergency developed in all their minds. Finally the players; Chicken Little, Henny Penny, Duckey Luckey, Goosey Loosey, and Turkey Lurky ran across Foxey Loxey who promised to take them to the king if they would only follow him. He led them to his lair and of course they never saw the king and were never heard from again. If we follow Al ‘Foxey Loxey’ Gore into his lair we will never be heard from again either as we will be deservedly bereft of any influence as a result of our collective stupidity.
    To Mr. Barney, I am in agreement with your stand on the Masonics somewhat. Most Masons never go beyond the 3rd Degree and are unaware, I believe of what their dues and influence affect beyond that level. I even know of a Baptist preacher that holds the 33rd Degree and is a national apologist for the Masonic order. How one can undergo the rituals and blood oaths required to accept the higher degrees in masonry and Scottish Rite ceremonies and function as a Christian minister I am unable to fathom. I too believe the society operates partially to fund the New World Order and ultimately the Illuminati. It can be shown the Illuminati likely used these monies and influences in the past to establish the Bolsheviks in power by fomenting the Russian revolution. However, to say that the masons of old were secretly so prior to 1790 flies in the face of the fact that George Washington laid the foundation of the Capitol dressed in full Masonic regalia. Washington, D. C. is also laid out on a masonic grid, although the Masons deny it is so. It was also geographically positioned according to Masonic lore and it was necessary to drain a swamp to place it there. The locations of buildings and monuments were also placed according to Masonic influences. In more recent times a NASA engineer stated on a nationally syndicated radio program, (Art Bell Show) that the moon landing occurred at The Sea of Tranquility not because it was necessarily the safest, best place to land. But, because it was on that day, at 19 degrees in relation to Osiris the Dog Star in reverence to ancient Egyptian and therefore, Masonic ritual.

    • Victor L Barney

      Thanks Jerry. I see that you are quite aware of the Masons and the Illuminati! I’m sure that you know that Ben Franklin was an Illuminati member and also a 3rd Degree Mason. History indicates that America without Ben Franklin would have never got past go! Plus, can you imagine “why” such Preachers are the way that they are? “Another will come in his own name and he you will believe!” I’m telling you it is all about following the first Messiah, Lucifer! It’s that simple! Remember, the Vatican had Petrus Galvinus in 1520 invent the word “Jesus” to pay honor to the highest Greek deity (breaks commandment), while also inventing the name Jehovah! Know that the only inspired scripture was “Hebrew” and we are to prove all things by it! We also know from all transcriptions that the creator spoke “only” in Hebrew to man both in the old and New Covenants! Plus, there are no J’s or V’s in Hebrew! Lastly, the world spoke Hebrew until Babel, and will again after the return of “Yahshua,” son of Yahweh returns! The Bible actually says so! PS: I’m not Jewish!

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      So calypso Louie has a point? He too seems enthralled with the number 19 as well.

    • Joe H.

      My father was a mason for over 50 years and was a 25 degree mason. If you think this deacon who believed in God and Jesus took Lucifer as his savior you are even more demented than the illuminati you speak of!!! You are so ignorant I am surprised you can even type a sentence!!!! go kiss Kevin Trudeau!!!

  • Rod

    The G.O.P. has made some mistakes, like the G.O.P. Senators who put
    Ear Marks in the health care bill. I’ll bet obama and palosi are still
    laughing about that one!

  • Rod

    Gore can’t think past his nose. He knows there is no such thing as
    Global Warming. He won’t debate, runs from reporters. He and his family use more energy than any other person in the World. His
    planes use more fuel than the military. That is what the left Radical
    do the best. They also lie everytime they open their mouth! The American people are on to them. It’s over for them!

    • Joe H.

      here’s one they never pondered!! If global warming is man made then why did the first 787 jet liner make its maiden flight today??? I know it probably carries more people, but if it’s man made wouldn’t they restrict travel to non-pleasure????

  • Theressa Bouck

    This internet site is actually quite good, but for some reason it does not display properly when trying to view on my Nintendo Wii. If it helps, the console uses the Opera browser and am impelled to using the console for accessing the Internet whilst my PC is away being fixed.

  • Richard Gladstone

    This guy thinks he is Lenin,leading a revolution.
    He represents blacks,who refuse to work.
    They get free rent,free food,free money,
    and now he wants to give them free medical!
    If his people refuse to work let them starve,
    if they want medical insurance they should go
    to work and earn it.
    We need to vote this entire crowd out of office!!!

  • hunter

    I will be glad when this year from hell is over. I know how Alice of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ must have felt encountering all the wierds. One there was baloon boy, then the white house state party crashers Tiger Woods, the healthcare hootenannie, bringing outside vermin into the home for examination (the 9-11 animals)etc.etc…..Now we have to endure this, something that is highly questionable and suspect to say the least. Everyone of Chicken Little’s flock has vested interest in finding for global warming. Only thirty years or so ago we were warned about the coming ice age, by reputable scientists and climate experts well I guess that didn’t pan out too good for them, soooo… The only good thing that could come out of Copenhagen would be if by some chance Obombas plane had to land at one of the US international airports and they required proof of ID by birth certificate to reenter the US.

  • kempton

    All acording to the socialist master plan,all acordding to plan.

  • J C

    Good observations hunter. I’m really looking forward to a return of a credibility in the Media and the White House that has been missing a little too long. So while I’m waiting I’ll amuse myself by tightening my groups at 800 yards. This whole Global Warming hoax has people lining up to line their pockets all the while destroying the American middle class (which is the real goal).

  • Rod

    Great Guns! Hunter, you are on the right track. This guy needs to return to Kenya where he was born and take Palosi and Reid with him
    ( not to mention all of his czars)

  • Joel

    Unfortunately there will be at least three more Years from Hell unless Obama leaves office earlier. Barack Obama, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of the Global Warming Crowd are dishonest liars who don’t really care what they DO to the United States. I wouldn’t be surprised if Al Gore’s money making scheme (Cap & Trade)was, in part, a way to get back at the American voters for not electing him president (Boy, I’ll show you!)

    What is even more disturbing is that Obama and his cohorts are prepared to sign up for a treaty or agreement that would bind us to U.N. regulations and override our Constitution. We can’t let that happen. If they even try to do this they should be removed from office.

    As for the EPA getting into this fray, we need to SHUT THEM DOWN! Only idiots can believe that carbon dioxide is a health hazard to the planet. Plants can’t live without it. This is high level thuggery that must not be permitted!

    Thanks for listening to my rant.

    Joel from Idaho

  • Carrie

    Global warming or a promise. Al Gore is making a fortune touting global warming and people start jumping on his band wagon while he is laughing all the way to the bank.
    One the other hand, God promised never to flood the earth again.
    So…who put the rainbow in the sky to remind us of that promise, Al Gore or God? I don’t know about you, but I put my money on God.
    Next thing you know, Gore will be saying he put the rainbow there…remember, he invented the internet?
    I’m all for cleaner air but this frantic, costly, climate change, global warming stuff is for fiction.

  • Victor L Barney

    Great comments above, but “We the people” really met ONLY the GOVERNMENT, NOT US common folk! It had to be a “secret” because the rest of the public would have killed all of our “Mason” fore-fathers at this time because of what they had just escaped from in Europe! In fact, if it had not been for a Mason scandal in New York State(of all places!) in 1790, which got the 3-rd degree Mason murdered in Canada, who acknowledged that the Masons were a “secret” society that worshiped “Lucifer” (also check out the history channel about the Masons -i.e., Ben Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, etc., etc., this would never had become public information, if one were to look for it! They all were part of the “New World Order” movement under “Lucifer,” as is with government today!

  • s c

    First, whatever it takes to put ALL power-crazy global warming liars and schizoids in their place, LET IT BE DONE. Second, maybe Santa will get gore his much-needed, long-delayed brain transplant. Third, the lamestream media will make sense and have 79 cents worth of credibility when hell is a winter ski resort.
    Victor L B, your comments are more relevant than most people realize. Keep digging, then put your findings into perspective when you discover who/what makes the lodge boys ‘tick.’ That
    topic alone is a many-layered onion. What we see is what we’re supposed to see – not what we need to see. Pursue the truth, and shun everything else.
    Last, anybody who doesn’t yet realize that the global warming crowd worship MONEY, POWER and KNEE-JERK PRAISE needs professional, long-term therapy.

  • s c

    Carrie, all we need to know about Al ‘I deserve to be the richest weasel in the world’ Gore is his utter dishonesty. ANYONE who gets rich via an unscientific, doctored SCAM is NOBODY’S savior. He should be on Wall Street, where he can act like the ‘hot stock’ artist he is. ANY wannabe con artist who uses NON-SCIENCE to get filthy RICH is someone who relies on moonbats and career, political hookers to get that way.
    Ponzi is Gore’s role model. Add a dash of Wall Street insider [ala Hillary], and that’s Big Al in a nutshell.

  • Rod

    Gee Carrie, how right you are!

  • Victor L Barney

    The SEIU out of Chicago is going worldwide “to control” the “workers” of the world! The two guys in the 60′s that started this movement (The Weathermen)are now in the process of making it a world-wide union. It started here because we want to have it’s headquarters here!

    PS: I do not believe that our government will allow this open talk to continue much longer, either!

  • Pete

    I think were way past going for socialism were headed straight for commie-nism they need a contest for the biggest liars you know Obama Gore pelosiki and Reid would be the top contenders.Bush was bad but at least he had more intergity in his little finger than all of those losers.

  • Victor L Barney

    Pete, I think that you may be wrong? I think that we are fascist, but only want to be the “New World Order” leader of the world! They will just file Bankruptcy, which is what it was really met for in the first place.

    PS: Hope that you are right because I get Comcast TV, which are the biggest crooks that I’ve ever come across in my nearly 62 years! Not only do they steal big, they steal more than enough to be Obama’s official carrier of communication! Perhaps, even his “eye!”

  • J C

    Pete, the agenda is absolutely a one world government. Keep yer powder dry, you’re going to need it.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    Dear Sir,
    While I may not agree with everything you say, or believe, I must agree with your post scriptum on this one. As I’ve put it in the past: ” When this speech becomes illegal, I’ll become a criminal: ‘I may become an enemy of the state, but never of the people’.”

  • Joe H.

    Do you honestly think China will allow the SEIU to “organize their workers???? What do you spike your grape nehi with???

  • charlie

    I think the comments are good, but! It is especially correct in that this has been the year from hell. It has been said that a good idea stands on its own merits. In this cas everything the liberals have tried to stuff down our throat have been BAD, BAD, BAD IDEAS.

    We must never let this happen again. in 2010 and 2012 we need to:
    1. establish an ethics agency for congress that is independent of congress. i suggest an association of states, perhaps the same people in the electoral college.
    2. DEFINE what a natural born citizen is in terms of presidental requirements. my feeling is that the presidental candidate should be born in the US and BOTH of his parents should be citizens. we need to define an agency (NOT a political party) to investigate all requirement for political office. i suggest the FBI after the winner is elected and before he takes office.
    3. congress needs to assure that states ratify major bills and amendments. especially on their benefits and perks. Pelosi in particular is in the habit of requiring a wide body air force jet for herself and 50 of her friends for commutes. Newt did commercial air when he was speaker. i dont believe anyone as speaker used a wide body jet. Suggest we send Pelosi a bill/invoice for this.
    4. need to assure higher percentage of vote requirements to stop this steamrolling process. currently i believe it is 51/60% for house/senate. i suggest we make it 60/75% and up the presidential override to 90%. let’s stop ONE party from dictating their agenda.
    5. A lot of the democrat maneuvering has been unethical including outright bribes and pressure on party members to ignore taxpayers.
    These folks should be tried for treason or something related to it.

  • Rod

    You are so right Charlie! 2010 is very important and we have to get the word around and convince people to VOTE! WE can and will neitralize the DUDE in the White House and all his criminals too!
    We went to sleep and let this SLIMEBALL get past us. Now we have
    to take America back and we are going to have to do it TOGETHER!

  • Palin12

    I have to laugh at the liberal lunatics who think Gore beat Bush. If Gore had carried his own state of Tennessee, he would have won the Presidency outright. Maybe his own constituents knew him better.

  • J C

    That’s called a Patriot.

  • Joe H.

    Hey Victor Barney,
    Why don’t you take that crap home to your hero Kevin Trudeau who claims to be seventy when his cover picture clearly shows a man thirty years old!!! He’s a snake oil salesman!!! Next thing, he’ll say he’s the second coming of Christ!!!

  • Joe H.

    You don’t need cable T.V., That vacuum in your skull should draw signals in like a black hole!!!!

  • Dale, Oklahoma

    Normally when I hear the term “mandate” coming from a federal
    government official…I think, “Oh oh. Hold on to your wallets”.
    Unless the government official is Barney ( not so ) Frank, then
    I assume that a mandate for him is something I’d rather NOT imagine.
    The definition of a mandate USED TO mean an instruction FROM the
    ELECTORATE, TO their representative, expressed by the result of an election. I thought these idiots in D.C. worked for US. Not the
    other way around. But now with the E.P.A. getting involved, not only
    are we going to have to hold on to our wallets. We’re going to have
    to dim the lights in our homes & adjust our thermostats to whatever
    the bureaucratic jack booted thugs of this administrations eco-Nazis
    tell us to adjust them to. Welcome to Amerika. Soon to be “Made in

  • Richard Stradler

    Fight Organized Crime: Vote NO incumbents and NO lawers

  • Al

    EPA… OSHA… FDA… can not make laws and should be challanged on that alone

  • cr747

    Richard, Not all Lawyers are liars. Some of us believe in the US Constitution, and the Bible. I happen to be one of them!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claire

    Not again. What kind of garbage is this about the Masons? I am tired of hearing that Masons worship Lucifer. Good Grief, as I have said before, my husband is a 32nd Degree Mason. I questioned him about this crap, and he says people are nuts if they believe Masons worship Lucifer. I believe my husband.

  • J C

    A fair and speedy trial followed by a first rate hanging on public TV might send the right message.

  • J C

    The most frightening words in history: “Hi we’re from the government and we’re here to help” have never been more true.

  • J C

    Then you would know that it was Hamilton and his disciple Justice Marshall who rail roaded the Constitution and States rights with their opinions and outright lies. One of the best things we can do these days is support Tenth Amendment Movements within our own states as well as get out to, or organize tea parties. Oh! and buy a whack of guns. That sends a message all its own. :)

  • cr747

    Claire, I have worked and worshiped with many God fearing, and true Christians that where Masons. Just lost a dear friend who was a Mason. Never was a better man. I am not one but I respect them. God Bless you and your husband!!!!!!!!!

  • James Corbin

    Omama, went to Copenhagen, preaching Global Warming!!! His city of D.C. Is crippled with the big snow fall. I think someody is trying to tell him something. He will have egg on hie face. WE have 14″ of snow
    here in my state and still snowing!!


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