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GOP Says Obama’s Deficit Plans Fall Short

January 28, 2011 by  

GOP says Obama's deficit plans fall shortPresident Barack Obama proposed a five-year spending freeze on Federal discretionary spending during his State of the Union (SOTU) address, which he said will save the government approximately $400 billion over a decade.

Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who delivered the GOP response to the President's speech, and other Republicans claim that Obama's ideas are not nearly enough to slash the national deficit.

"The days of business as usual must come to an end. We hold to a couple of simple convictions: Endless borrowing is not a strategy; spending cuts have to come first," Ryan said during the televised speech, quoted by FOX News.

Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, is known as one of the most fiscally conservative members of his chamber. For example, his "Roadmap for America" proposal — which includes turning Medicare into a voucher program, revamping Social Security benefits and significantly slashing most areas of Federal spending — is so drastic that some GOP lawmakers have shied away from publicly supporting it.

Regardless, most Republicans agree that Obama's proposals won't be enough to reduce the deficit. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, said that the President's plans were examples of "deficit preservation," according to FOX News. He added that the SOTU speech was littered with denial and timidity instead of leadership and a clear vision. 

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  • J.M.R.

    400. billion what a joke 14 trillion would be more like it, the dick-tater is just another unfunny joke.

    • EddieW

      Anf frozen can be quickly unfrozen…who is to say no?? See this Video!!!!
      Now…on the Darker side…this guy’s 38+ minute video, where he shows proof that the government
      intends to create a very major national disaster, where it’s going to happen..the preparations now being made…the sad thing, from the evidence…he’s probably right!! It gets wearisome for a bit…but endure!! At least you can escape the fear mongering!! and,…be prepared..hopefully!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    It is a huge problem and it won’t go away overnight. We will see how many bills are signed with earmarks attached. And we need to audit the fed. Get rid of the IRS, which is so complicated that even those who in this department don’t know what is right and what is wrong. Enact the Fair Tax. It’s not that there isn’t solutions to the problems America has, it’s that Congress isn’t listening.

  • ciniowa

    What is truly a joke is that Republicans continue to think that they have all of the answers.. they do not.

    • LES

      Republicans may not know all the answers, but those states run by Democrats like CA, IL, NY are by far the most deeply in debt. Even NC, run by Democrats since 1898, is over 3 Billion in debt.
      I would rather have consertatives run the finances than Democrats that fund every feel good program that buys them some votes.
      At sometime the taxpayers are going to run out of money to tax.

      • bob wire

        California has enjoyed a GOP governor as has Texas.

        and your point is?

        • http://aol Todd

          Bob, when a true Republican (Pete Wilson ran California there were surpluses and refunds from the State Treasury. Texas has a large deficit but with their growing economy (due to conservative ideas)will be able to pay down their debt. So your point is?????

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      ciniowa… Were you trying to make a point with your post? If so, what? Both parties are corrupt, but not everyone in each party is corrupt. There are a few that have managed to keep their value system regardless of what happens around them. They are few between, but we must stand behind the ‘good guys’.

      • ciniowa

        I agree there are good and bad on both sides..but I get a little weary that alot of Republicans think they are the only “real” Americans. Which is so untrue. I am a Democrat and I happen to feel that President Obama is doing better than anyone would or could.

        • Ruth B, Concerned Patriot

          Wow! How long have you been paying attention, if ever? What in the world do you read? Who do you listen to? Sorry, but how can anyone know anything about our country’s history, or world history for that matter, and actually believe that Obama is doing anything right for our country. If some people want to live under a dictatorship, or Muslim sharia law eventually, guess that is their “right,” but wish they wouldn’t help drag the rest of us down with them. We need to back off from past mistakes, get rid of the anti-American, avowed Muslim we allowed in the White House, and also get rid of the dozens of Socialist Party members we have allowed to gain footholds there over the years – (mistakes of general lack of knowledge and caring, not of one political party). Wake up, everyone, before it is too late!!!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          What do you do for a living??

        • http://naver samurai

          You must be a little punch drunk on the kool aid. If you think things are bad now for Obama bin Laden, let’s see what happens by 2012. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • smilee

            Most likely he will win in a Landslide

          • http://naver samurai

            Hades will freeze over first. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • shogun

          Yeah… Palin / Bachmann 2012. hahahahaha Obama wins by a landslide!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Palin? I don’t know. Bachman? I don’t know? I don’t think anyone knows who is going to run now, but if you want Obama bin Laden in office another term, then you are a moron! Why would you want this fool in office another term? Proves you don’t care about this country. Possibles are Daniels, Spence, Thune, and many others. Maybe things will clear up more in the next few months. Let’s kick out the traitor Obama bin Laden. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Another is Duncan Hunter!!! Check him out!!

          • http://naver samurai

            JoeH., thank you for that person’s name. I’ll try finding him on the web. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • BobbyB

        That’s true although a can’t name a single republican that falls in to that category. There are very few dems and 1 ind. Until people face the fact that there’s not a single R that cares about anyone that doesn’t earn (or steal) 7 digits and donate at least 5, were doomed

    • Don

      ciniowa, and in your narrow view who do you think does ?????

    • Dale on the left coast

      The Repugs may not have all the answers . . . but the Dimmicraps haven’t even figured out the “Question” yet!!!

      • Bus

        The socialist demo’s are still convinced that socialism is the way to go. Haven’t they glanced at a history book or even read the papers? The only way socialism works is if you have enough capitalism alive to fund the pipedream. Socialism necessarily leads to a loss of freedoms because if the government is going to control the economy it discovers it has to control more and more of people’s choices.
        But they don’t seem to get a clue, I propose that all hardened left wing ding democrats spend a year in one of the socialist mecca’s such as North Korea or Cuba. You can’t pick China because it is figuring out that capitalism is actually the system that works.

  • joe appalucci

    400 billion over 10 years comes to $40 billion per year. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but that is next to nothing compared to what he wants to spend. Freeze the spending at present levels? Who is he kidding? I know there are a great number who swallow this but there is also a great number who were absent when they taught arithmetic in school.

  • FlaJim

    We need to cut more than $400 billion this year alone. A good place to start would be completely defunding the health ‘reform’ act and going on to defund all the czars and departments of energy and education.

    That would mean those extra 16,000 IRS employees would go. In fact, credible sources say we could slash government payroll by 40% to 50% with no appreciable loss of services if the remaining employees simply put in a full day’s work.

    • Don

      Amen to that !!

      • Charlie

        lets the EPA in there

  • sean murrey

    he is always lieing he is full of it.

  • http://com i41

    Since most of the dumbocrap run states are olanning on opening the prisons to cut costs, every person had better think about safety and shoot first and let ST Pater to sort it out. What do these dumb azzes think these criminals are locked up for, spitting sun flower hulls. Put the scum to work cleaning up road ways, shoveling garbage, snow and repairing road bed the old fashioned way, by hand, all in gang gangs with hand tools. If ACLU buts in put them in the line for trying to cause violence and unrest. No work, no food, no problem! Think ofthe savings in electricity and fuel costs on highway maintance. Look at Roman hand made roads still around today or the Great Wall, prisoner built.

  • Teresa
  • Michael J.

    STOP!!!!! calling him president. In fact stop everything until the question of eligibility has been answered. Forget about illegal aliens crossing our borders illegaly, we can’t even prevent them from crossing The White House lawn apparently. Heathcare reform is insignificant, alternative fuels mean nothing compared to the fact that we know not who is actually planted in The Oval Office. This is INSANE!!!! Without legitimate birth documents, how can we know where his allegiances spring from? If he has lied about something as basic and fundamental as his place of birth, how can anything else he has said or claimed, be believed?

    It’s not just about Obama anymore, but all others who have sworn off on his ligitimacy, too many heads would roll. This unprecedented event has reached new heights in political deceit that will turn this country inside out if ever owned up to. We are traversing unmapped territory here with the thought of our most intimate national security secrets having been entrusted to an illegal alien. What will Nancy Pelosi’s excuse be? How will the Supreme Court explain? If ever the truth is unfurled it will make by comparison, Watergate look like a fibb told by an eight year old child.

    Not only will every document signed by the imposter be null and void, but the consequences there of will be forever questioned and foister upon us a nation wide paralysis which in the interim will leave our country vulnerable to outside attack during the anarchy that ensues.

  • http://com i41

    Onumnutts deficit plan is what, he doesn’t understand word. The Krossbred Kenyan want to “invest” spend some more. We all seen how the stimulas program worked for shovel ready projects and how the new budget that was approved for this year. I see o; purple lips didn’t convince his fellow muslim in Egypt when he got together with him. What a blathering eloqualent blithering book traained idoit in Cheif. This imposter will just fade away like Whorehounds drug dealing and rapes, or Rangel and other elit dems, fraud and tax cheating and questional things done by these dem party leaders, is just normal behavior and business.

  • Aix Sponsa

    If Americans were taxed at 100%, gov still couldn’t pay the bills. Does that make any sense to anyone? Save $100 billion a year average, EASY. Illegals cost us 130 Billion a year (depends on source). Install guard towers every 1/4 mile the entire Mexico border, manned 24/7= Cost 10 bill 1st year, 3 bill year thereafter. Deport all illegals. There is 100 Billion saved PER YEAR. That’s a TRILLION saved in a decade…. and I haven’t even mentioned that it will stop the border drug trade.
    Look up the new luxury Cook County Jail (Chicago) that was $$$ by Obama.

  • http://com i41

    AIX, with what illegals cost the tax payers, put a $1500 a hd bounty on adults, and the rest goes to the Treasury. It would create lots of honest jobs, help all states and since beltway slubs cann’t seem to find illegals, bet they would appear like a smashed finger. There is plenty of empty livestock pots going south in a few months. send the trailers down load with illegals, and when they return north with summer cattle, paying loads both ways. Should be ableto haul 400 hd of illegals a trip in 20 hour trip. Save on high dollar air plane rides.

  • chuckb

    we have populations out of control, people are breeding themselves away from the table. some races are producing children without the ability to feed them. africa has been a problem for centuries and getting worse each year. we are allowing illegals to flood this country and they have left their own because of the inability to feed their families. this is producing a debt on our backs, our welfare system is over loaded and the result is our tax must be raised to furnish these people a living. we are now at a point our country is headed for the same kind of condition the illegals have fled from. the whole world is or will be facing this situation unless these populations are controlled. first off the countries producing the migration should be forced to sink or swim, it’s like a lifeboat how many are too many before the boat sinks. we either stop this immigration or we are finished, barry will have to find votes somewhere else. our economy will never come back under these circumstances. barry at this moment is allowing migration from somalia africa, haiti and some muslim nations. these are not skilled educated people and we certainly don’t need any muslims.

    • Raggs

      You have to understand that the king of sin allows those who follow him a promise of riches…

  • Raggs

    He said…?
    the basturd of satan said so everyone bows?
    I’m not that kind of fool to think for a minute he has any notion of doing anything other than playing the roll of king….

  • Raggs

    Think about this… A king of the “world”…
    His path is chosen..

  • Christopher

    I try to be honest with myself when it comes to politics.The GOP plans to let the middle class pay for the debt and deficit.They are easy targets and have no recourse.Corporate taxes are to high,yet they still believe in trickle down,It doesn’t work and never will.The dems have to many government programs as it is,we need to eliminate them one by one.In these difficult times(or any other for that matter)spending $100.00 to save $10.00 seems to be whats happening.As for bipartisanship,forget it.GOP says no to anything put forth by dems.Dems when in a majority,ram it down no matter what public opinion was.The you have Talk radio trying to divide us even more.What a great country,what a shame.

    • Vigilant

      “As for bipartisanship,forget it.GOP says no to anything put forth by dems.”

      As they well should! When a woman is being raped, does she just want her rapist to slow down, or does she want it to stop completely?

  • Dan az

    There was a time when a billion dollars sounded like a lot of money.But today it just sounds like pocket change.So to freeze spending to save your change just sounds to me like business as usual,we wont expand if you leave us alone.
    I read this site that Richard had left and it really disturbed me or for a better word shook me to my core.I think you all need to read this about china and the euro and what the feds are doing and leave behind what this monkey is doing in the white house. Sweat dreams!

  • Norm

    Ryan’s plan is called the “Roadmap for America’s Future.” To his credit, Ryan does manage to balance the budget in the future with his plan. What is very controversial, and likely the reason Ryan has so few co-sponsors for his bill, is how Ryan goes about balancing the budget. Ryan makes very deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare. The Social Security age would be raised under Ryan’s plan, forcing people to either work longer or find some other way to pay the bills later in life. Ryan would completely do away with Medicare and replace with a voucher seniors would use to purchase private insurance. If an 80-year-old man’s voucher was not sufficient to pay for a policy he would either have to make up the difference or simply go without insurance.
    Ryan also proposes to greatly change the tax code.

    The effect of Ryan’s plan on income groups are dramatic as illustrated below:
    · The top 10% of income earners would pay less while the other 90% of Americans would pay more in taxes.
    · The top 1% would pay 15% less in taxes, an average of $211,314 less.
    · The bottom 80% of taxpayers would end up paying $1,700 more on average.
    · The bottom 20% (the poorest Americans with the least money to spare) would end up paying 12.3% more under Ryan’s plan.
    With facts like these, it is easy to see why Ryan avoided the specifics of his plan to balance the budget

  • jopa

    141; So you claim to be a farmer or in agriculture.You should quit smoking your crop and go sit out on the centerline of your nearest Interstate and check out the bumper crop General Motors has put out.Awesome machines.Thank you Mr. President for keeping America together.

    • bob wire

      If you will remember, Lincoln had similar problems and wasn’t very popular among many as he struggled to keep the union together while they fought among themselves.

      Lincoln was called every name under the sun by much the same kind of crowd we see assembled here today.

      Many people are born unhappy and pissed off, ~ they are offended from birth, they didn’t asked to be born. ~ They are small and the world is large and full of scary things, bright lights and cold alien hands moving them about while they have no control but only to whine, cry and soil themselves.

      They don’t really grow and mature like the rest of us. The rest of us is seen as the source of their discomfort,~ at a very deep level, this never changes while they “appear” to be whole. You might even marry such a person as these deep resentful feeling lie hidden from view with the development of ones “social self” and coping skills.

      But when the climate is right, this inner self will rise up and expose itself and shock you.

      So,~ don’t be taken back by all this rhetorical canker. They have always been with mankind, in much the same way as homosexuality. It’s not anything new, but something as old a man himself.

      These people insist that they share “their pain” in anyway that’s afforded them.

      Today they blame Obama and all progressive. Tomorrow it will be something else.

      Just understand you are visiting a 21 century electronic gathering place for like minds,where their numbers are as they have always been, small but loud and crass.

      I enjoy this humor as I would enjoy watching children play. Attempt to stay above it as they attempt make you sick and feel as they do, “miserable” and confused.

      • Vigilant

        Sorry Bob, the attempt at philosophical pontificating fails the smell test. It’s a half-baked concoction that has been left out too long at room temperature.

        The weak attempt to draw a parallel between Lincoln and Obama is disingenuous at best, and doublespeak as well. Lincoln’s primary mission was to preserve the Union, not to Balkanize the US through class warfare and divisiveness, as is the aim of the progressives.

        And the armchair pseudopsychiatry is ludicrous. It has always been that maturation and life experience have brought about conservative leanings, not the opposite as you claim. As is so often paraphrased, if the young are conservative they have no heart, and if the old (matured) are liberal they have no brain.

        “These people insist that they share “their pain” in anyway that’s afforded them.” I think you’re referring to Bill Clinton and his ilk.

        “I enjoy this humor as I would enjoy watching children play. Attempt to stay above it as they attempt make you sick and feel as they do, “miserable” and confused.”

        What a crock full of smugness! You place the majority of Americans in your basket of the immature and mentally challenged. Don’t look now, but that’s the typical tactic of the Alinski minions who want to destroy our form of government.

        “Sick,” “miserable” and “confused” is how you describe well-intentioned people who see the seeds of destruction in the secular and progressive moves to eradicate our Constitution. Might want to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror before you decide who is sick, miserable and confused.

    • Dan az

      Do you mean the ones in canada or mexico Im not sure which ones your talking about!

      • Dan az

        Im pretty sure its not the one in china that they are building.

  • Charles

    Norm… IT`s going to take deep cuts to get us right again. We will all be effected.Isn` it better to have something for a little while,
    than nothing at all.As for working longer, aren`t people living longer? I would take that trade off anytime.The chickens have come
    home to roost. I think in the future, people will start paying attention to what goes on in Washington,I hope it never happens again.It`s going a lot harder for the Politions , no more free ride.
    No more is BIG BROTHER only looking at us, we are looking at HIM.

    • Norm

      Eliminating the “Bush” tax cuts seems to be a sacred cow.
      If we need to use Draconian, painful methods to balance the books, surely paying taxes at Clinton era rates would be relativly painless.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Again we have to consider that BHO is undoubtedly beginning his campaign for re-election, hoping to deceive drones and other uninformed naive liberal morons. In a way, BHO may resemble a child. That is – some kids I’ve heard of aspiring to be firefighters when they grow up. They may set fires in their yards so they can extinguish them and say they put them out. Likewise, it seems strange that BHO talks about creating jobs. In his first 2 years in office, his policies have destroyed some 4 million jobs and given us the longest period of above 9% unemployment since the Great Depression!! BHO also talks about deficits and cutting spending. LOL!! In his first 2 years as POTUS, BHO (along with his democraps in Congress) has added more to national debt than all past presidents and Congresses combined!! Of course, there are differences. 1st, most kids don’t intend to burn their family’s property to the ground. But BHO does what he does deliberately in hopes of destroying America and its economy, and transforming this nation into his idea of a socialist Utopia. 2nd, a child will put out the fire. As we know, BHO doesn’t. Instead, he adds fuel to fires, and turns bad situations into disasters!! 3rd, most kids cannot, and/or will not, blame the kid who used to live in the house for any property damage. But like a child, BHO will whine and blame everything on his predecessor GW Bush. And it’s pathetic that so many drones and naïve liberal morons still believe BHO’s ‘Blame Bush’ drivel!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  • http://com i41

    just a pinheaded azz, jopa, wtf, are you doing with your pinhead these days, planting weed seeds in dog dung. A few years back since the government wouldn’t gather illegals and some counties would clean out illegals, locals help and gathered stray illegals like fall fence crawling livestock. 1700 wet backs were gathered and sent south, it can be done. I realize most pusified liberials get woozy at the though of stopping illegal behavior with low cost methods, or beltway meddling. chuchb, look at any welfare housing unit and see the breeding and not producing anything to provide for the offspring’s care. Easiest way to cure the problem is to cut off all affending appendages on the sires, more than to illegiamate spawn, end the repeating offenses. Same goes for the dam’s breeding program also.Satistics will show the factsof the minorities breeding programs and lettng society taking care of their social behavior problems. When the AIM leaders thought about returning to the old ways of multi wifes, a few nut cutting sessions, and things quieted down and civility returned to the reservations. About time to start resuming reality issues again in the breeding programs in local neighbor hoods.

  • jopa

    i41; By any chance were you George W Bush’s speech writer?

  • jopa

    Dan in AZ.The two greatest generals this country has ever seen are General Eisenhower that built the interstate road system and General Motors that put the automobile on those interstates.Sure they have plants in Canada and Mexico but there home address is still Detroit not like Haliburton with a PO box on a Carribean island and not paying taxes in America.Even though there are plants in other countries the spin off jobs run into the millions within our borders.Just think how many parts are on one car the employees involved and their salaries generated by this corporation.Thank you Mr. President.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      you like IKE???? The president that deported over a million illegals??? The one that disagreed with you libbies idea of just let them stay as it will cost too much to deport them all and it would be impossible?!?!?!?? That IKE?!?!?

  • http://com i41

    Yes just a pinhead azz, I sent in suggestions to GW speech writers, that was how he got 2 terms. I figured you definitely send crayon pictures to the marxist muslim moron, since he cann’t give grade schools a speech, with out a telepromter. Which has more um, ahs, and hums than a roll of loaded zig zags. His incessant lying makes everyone nausous with the airy fairy pipedream crap. You need to throw in more dis and dats,like his roping mare does when giving a talk. Government Motors made a lot of vehicles but the union smucks destroyed the company with poor workman ship and over priced junk. Eisenhower learned about the interstates from being in Germany in the military, not from some damn theory printed book. But the with the Davis-Bacon Act and between the unions and slub dems like you, have ruined the repairs of the interstates. Government Motors and the unions have destroyed Detroit and any manufacturing with non stop idoit regulattions.. Haliburton pays a lot of property, state, mineral, and equipment taxes in many different states. With all their plants and companies, they have operating all through this finacial mess of the dems creation, which employes alot of people and have been keeping on employing people all the time. With high pay and good benefits, after they s–t canned the unions. Nobody else is giving raises or production bonuses like they are. Onumnutts stimulas programs sure helped China, when Jeff Imelt and Government Electric went there to create jobs for the slants instead of citizens who paid the taxes. Now Jeff Imelt is the new jobs czar dreaming create jobs, where in Russia and N Korea? Thanking the jug eared muslim for what, seeral automoblie and light duty parts companies have closed permantly, and now Government Motors gets parts from acroos the pond or out of the Mexican drug land. All pick up truck boxes for GM come from Bean Belly land, electric motors and switches from China or Tiawan. Your head is to close to Onumnutts jock strap for you to think clearly. If door knobs like you would get off of the green fairy crap, and let our full crude oil tank farms and shut off oil wells put crude in a pipeline to be available for the open market, we would be out from under China. Between building windmill generators in China, instead of in the USA, the Soros Socialist bastards and Onumnutts are really not thinking too damn much. Oh I forgot demorats don’t and cannot think, they just do what ever Nazi Traitor George Soros tells them to do what he wants. T Boone Pickens almost a billion dollars of worthless windmills are sure collecting plenty of dust, when he found out there isn’t a power grid to move the electricity. Same goes for several other power generating sites. The total control of both houses and their approval of what ever purple lips wanted, kind of went to s–t in a paper sack for the socialists. Government Motors sre didn’t pay taxpayer back and never will, their fake scamming book keeping, just transfered the massive debt to another taxpayer’s credit card.

    • Denniso

      You are a racist…

  • http://com i41

    Denneso, spoken like a true Soros Socialist, all minorities can bad mouth whites and spew there hate s–t all the time, and it is OK. It goes for all you sorry socialist bastards in Congress, in the BH by Onumnutts and Big Mamee, all the way down to the streets. When you idoits quit living off of my tax dollars for affermative action, special passes on education, and all the other freebies that is collected from tax payers. Then it will be easier to look at you sub productive organisms as useful human beings. So cry me a puddle and make mud!

    • denniso

      You’re a racist and a bigot and it’s clear to anyone trying to read your crap that you haven’t had much education either…which is often how a person remains a bigot/racist for life.

  • jopa

    i41;I do like the interstate road system but I didn’t realize the republicans got so many of their ideas from the Nazi’s.Everyone knows the autobahn and volkswagens were Hitlers ideas.Little by little the republicans are being exposed of their true agenda to destroy this country.They should all be deported back to their fatherland.Shame shame shame.Have a good day

    • http://naver samurai

      Social security and other New Deal ideas by FDR were exact copies of the programs Hitler put into place before FDR did, so what’s your point? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!


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