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GOP Says Congressional Democrats’ New Budget Would Jack Federal Spending 62 Percent In 10 Years

March 15, 2013 by  

Senate Republicans have wasted no time in dismantling the budget proposed Wednesday by the Democrat-led Senate Budget Committee. The Republican arm of the same committee released a series of graphics on its website showing what the Democrats’ proposal would do to Federal spending if projected across a 10-year span.

Of particular interest are three charts, the first of which demonstrates how the proposal would more than double Federal spending from where it stood only six years ago, from $2.7 trillion in 2007 to a projected $5.7 trillion in 2023:

10 year increase

More interesting is where the Democrats’ budget allocates the additional spending: entitlements. Under the plan, annual welfare entitlements would grow from their present mark of just under $800 billion to roughly $1.4 trillion in 2022, crossing the trillion-dollar threshold in a matter of only three years:

welfare spending

Finally, the Democrats’ proposed budget nullifies any perceived “deficit reductions” achieved through “sequestration” by means of $1.6 trillion in new taxes, just in 2013, setting a pace that would bloat entitlement-driven Federal spending by $8.6 trillion over the course of the next decade.

spending increase

As of this moment, that’s more than half the standing U.S. National debt — in its entirety.

Fair play, if you can call it that: For their part, the Democrats claim their plan “only” raises $975 billion over the next decade. Whether you buy the GOP’s interpretation or the Democrats’ spin, under any scenario it means accelerated spending that, if left in place, would obliterate any hope of ever balancing the budget — to say nothing of reducing the National debt.

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Warrior

    So I’m watching the senate budget meeting on c-span and low and behold the question comes up regarding the comparison of the 2013 expenditures vs. projected 2014 budget. The 2014 budget raises gubmint spending by $116 BILLION. Of course, it doesn’t add 1 penny to the debt because GDP is projected to grow by, drum roll………………5% per year for the next ten years. We’re saved!

    • momo

      That 5 percent growth number is about as reliable as the inflation and unemployment numbers.

      • Pedro Piporro

        I believe the number is 5/2 % average growth for the next ten years

  • http://yahoo Don

    does anybody think tere will be any debt forgiveness like this stupid nation gives to other countries when this dountry goes belly uo. hell no there won’t. it will be pay up.

    • Alex

      It’s only right.

      We have exploited Third World counties for centuries. We should forgive their debts. We exploited the Chinese, so why should they forgive our debt?

      This American Experiment in Genocide, Theft, Forced Labor, and Ethnic Cleansing is old and stinky. Time to grow up as a nation, stop whining like babies, and mature into the new millenium.

      we have just been so wrong, for so many years….

      • alpha-lemming

        And the historical model of a successful “collectivist” (Stalin, Marx, Mao etal.) society is???

      • Pedro Piporro

        Yeah you’re absolutly correct. I came to this country for the freedom it offered and now I feel like I have a ball and chain attached to it. The US government and state governments have taxed and regulated me to death. They have turned me into a virtual slave. Why should I work my coullo off so that a bunch of lazy bastardos can sit on their coullos all day? Why should I have to contribute to obama’s daughter going to my home country on spring break? Why would a government that is in the dire financial condition that ours is in spend more on a 1 week spring break for a 13 year old girl than what most Americans make in a life time? No wonder we are going to go broke. Its not just 1 party either, it’s both. We need to stop voting for incumbants and we need to start telling the lazy American people and the lazy immigrants and especially the lazy politicians that the taxpayer doesn’t owe you a dam thing. If you can’t pay your own bills in this country go the hell back to where you came from I don’t care how many generations ago your ancesters came here,and that includes you indians too. And these dam politicians all they do is sqabble about how much they are going to steal from us who are willing to work. A lot of posters even on this site are siding with one of these parties or the other. What a joke! Can’t you all see that it’s one system and that they are just putting on a show for you? It wasn’t long ago that we had no income tax. Now even if it were 100% percent there wouldn’t be enough money coming in to balance the budget. That is a fact. Check it out for yourselves if you don’t believe me. We need to change our whole way of thinking and stop shifting our bills into the future or we will leave our kids with nothing. We will revert back to turd world status just like so many great societies before us have done.

      • Pauline Jones

        It seems they only ones who are worried about the econamy it the people not many in congress. If they really cared they would be trying to reduce the debt, by cutting spending in Washington and giving away money we don’t have. Instead they are preparing for war against the people. Lord help us. and our relatives.

      • clyde

        we the people do not own the U S any more the democrat and republican parties now
        own us lock stock and barell, quit grumbling

      • Louis

        Some or most of the politicians have a contest going on to see who can take the most money home

      • Russ

        Alex, you are almost completely correct in your observations, except for a couple of things. You are right that is all parties, including the independents and all the shag parties too. The thing you are wrong about is that MOST people want to work for their keep. However, the system of government workers, say for instance the food stamp employees who get a welfare check from the same entitlement system and the people who receive the stamps, but the difference is that they get a cushy job with good pay and benefits so they can look down their nose at those who have no option. It’s the same with law enforcement and crooked judges, they all get their taxpayer financed check and their inflated wages and benefits, then don’t do their job. The power goes to their heads and the rest of us suffer. What we need to do is get rid of all government paid salaries and jobs except for military and make these people get in the same lines as the other 90 percent who have to struggle with greedy employers to have work that pays slave wages. If that was done, I promise there would be an uprising and then a REAL change. Look at New York for example and Mayor Bloomberg, he is a nut case and a control freak, but the people will just re-elect him back into office again and again. As long as people are stupid and greedy, nothing is going to change. But to say that people on some form of benefit like food stamps are just lazy, is wrong. Our country has given us no other choice because they would rather send our money overseas in foreign aid or to make some more un-needed wars for their global new world order. American politics is rotten to the core and they are setting us up to fail. The culture of a nation determines what the country is and as we have seen over and over throughout history, multiculturalism never works. Unfortunately it is mostly Jewish interests and Jewish money that has brought America to this sad state of affairs. They have set this country up as their bitch and their bank and most Americans are too damn stupid to see the plain and simple truth. In 20 years this will be part of greater Latin America, only because the Jewish money wants it that way, thus that is why the republicans are shifting gears to do the master chosen peoples bidding, so that the original peoples will no longer have any voice. It’s that simple, just trace the money and the share holders of most major corporations, the money behind all movements that are liberal and there you will find your real answer. Meanwhile they have us all at each others throat and they throw money at some to keep their workers thinking they are part of the GOOD WORKING types and the rest are all bums.

      • Melvin2344

        You are GOOD at complaining – but WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION ??? I’ll tell you what MINE is : since this BLOOD-SUCKING Government is using YOU and your INCOME as a weapon against ALL WORKING AMERICANS —– it is OBVIOUS that the Dictator-In-Chief is EXPECTING all good wage earners to work even harder to fund his Obamah-Knows-Best programs ; and what EVERYONE needs to do is —- STOP WORKING SO DAMNED HARD FOR THE DICTATOR —— and spend a LOT more time working just for ourselves ! With taxation so damned high, and going HIGHER REAL SOON — everyone needs to get the BLUE-FLUE , and cut their HOURS , cut their income , and spend a lot more time learning how to BARTER and Do-It-Yourself , instead of working for wages that you have some pittance left over after Taxes to pay someone else to do what you COULD have done for yourself – TRUE LIBERTY – but have CHOSEN to put the YOKE OF SLAVERY upon yourself ! Your problem is YOUR OWN GREED ! This country needs a real lesson in TAXPAYERS REVOLT – by JUST QUIT WORKING SO DAMNED HARD ! Once you figure it out – you’d be really surprised just how soon we can topple this POS Government – BY JUST SITTING ON OUR OWN ASSES AND DOING NEXT TO NOTHING ! The VAPMIRE will die in a very short time – once you quit sending your BLOOD to the OVAL-OFFICE !

        • Gerald Anderson

          Did you know,right now there are six applications for drilling leases laying on Obama desk. All he has to do is sign them and in two years this country would be energy independent. In five years we could pay off the national debt. The cost of gasoline would drop back to the $2 level. These leases aren’t for oil,they are for NLG (Natural Liquified Gas). He will not sign them because he wants more power and money in his pocket. Obama wants be President for another eight years or to be a Dictator. If the people in this country do not stand up and scream bloody murder for him to sign them that is exactally what will happen..

      • Joyce from Loris

        You are so right, I could not agree with you more, but how in the world do we get our government to listen to us? I email them ALL, write them letters, and it does no good. I am amazed at the lack of interest these elected politicians have in what we, the taxpayers, say to them. They think they know what is best for us. So frustrating.

  • Thomas

    Forget a wall on the Mexican border…we need to build a wall around Washington DC! Let them all “govern” each other into oblivion, while the rest of us get on with our peaceful, free, and prosperous lives…

    • momo

      That’s not a bad idea, a better one is a tall tree and a short rope.

    • alpha-lemming

      Secession…..!!!!!! Long Live Freedonia !!!!!!

  • STEVE E.

    I am curious to know what the debt amount has to be for the economy to crash and render this country inoperable. I know it will happen, but I’m just curious to know what that amount of debt will be.

    • David169

      Steve E.,
      I am the CFO of a small international business. Although comparing a business to a country is trying to compare apples and oranges the cash flow and debt burdon ratios remain appropriate.
      The US takes in about $2.1 trillion each year. The US spends about $3.9 trillion each year. This means we are presently borrowing 45% of the budget annually and this is increasing annually. We owe in hard money over $16 trillion or over 7 years of our total income and have liabilities we have committed to of an estimated $120 trillion or over 50 years total income. These will all be due withing an average of 31 years.
      This country is bankrupt beyond any private enterprise’s worst nightmare. There are a few items however that keep us going. The first is financial inertia, we have produced so much for so long the magnatude of the debt is ignored by almost everyone. The second is we owe the Federal Reserve Bank so much money they can’t let us fail because they will be wiped out so they continue to print money to prop up our failed government. Thirdly the rest of the world will buy our debt for two reasons; the first is they realized if we go down the rest of the world goes down and second their ecomonies are in worse shape than ours.
      The whole world is living on printed money with no backing or worth called Fiat money and as long as people accept this worthless money the economy will continue. All the governments have bought into the idea of printing money to placate their citizens with entitlements. We are far beyond what would trigger a crash of the economy. Someday in the future there will be a glich and the entire Fiat currency economy of the world will collapse withing two days.

      • Peter

        What you’re saying is that we are the best looking horse in the glue factory?

    • Peter

      We won’t know what the amount is until the collapse. It depends on confidence. When the collective confidence stops the collapse will happen. We will probably have high inflation before it happens.

      • David169

        You are absolutely right. Take a look at the graphs of the inflation that went to hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. Then find where the present (actual inflation with food and pertoleum products included) inflation lies and you will see we are at the point where a hyperinflation could start anytime. I believe the only reason hyperinflation has not started is the tremendous actual unemployment which has reduced the total demand for consumer goods. If employment went to an actual 5% again (won’t happen) we would go into a hyperinflation because all the Fiat money would be chasing the limited supply of consumer goods caused by the reduction in manufacturing output caused by failure of so many businesses in this recession(depression).

  • Patriotmom99

    When China calls our debt they will demand not our worthless dollar, but our oil (our land and mineral rights).
    May God keep his faithful.

    • Alex

      China seems at least willing to pay for “our land” and “our oil”, something we never did.

      Karmic bankruptcy is a pain—-exactly what we’ve earned for over two centuries of theft, forced labor, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.

      The keys to our squatter’s flat are now in the hands of the Chinese–keys that are really just our chickens coming home to roost….

  • Alex

    You really want intelligent people to trust Reich Wing numbers?

    The GOP has seen the little crumb of credibility to which they may have once laid claim (a hundred years ago, maybe) disappear like a wisp of smoke—they consistently fabricate numbers to fit their Cavalcade of Clowns Economy and the American electorate has seen straight through the years of obfuscation and the layer upon layer of lies.

    You will not be getting the Senate back, not anytime soon.

    Your gerrymandered House advantage (despite the Democrats’ aggregate House electorate margin of FIVE MILLION votes) won’t last. You guys are all dried up….

    I have marginally more support for the Democratic Party than the GOP. While they both are mainstream Crapitalist uber-parties, bent on continuing to visit the ravages of the Free Market upon the Earth and its creatures, the Democrats at least show much more of an understanding of Science and an interest in Humanity, and they do so in a much more coherent voice than the fractured, angry, and whining Repubs…

    • visitor from another planet

      Interesting readers’ comments from the NY Times:

      Since Reagan, the press corps in Washington has maintained radio silence on the Republican debilitation of our government as if it were a state secret. From the tax cuts that weakened the government’s ability to pay its bills to the military adventures that culminated in two wars, one that continued long after anyone outside Rumsfeld’s Defense Department could have imagined and one sold to a fearful public like so much patent medicine, both enriching cronies from weapons manufacturers to the odious Blackwater (now renamed something else hoping that we don’t have the attention span to remember), to the agreement not to let Medicare negotiate prices with drug manufacturers, our dear friends on the other side of the aisle have bled our government of funds that many of us who paid those taxes imagined were going to fix bridges, tunnels, and roads, build schools in impoverished neighborhoods, and provide healthcare for victims of disaster and children in need. And don’t get me started on the shredding of regulations that protect our food, water, and financial system.

      Now that they have bled the country dry, they come back with their “who, me Ma?” innocent faces and try to convince us that the only way to save our nation’s finances is to take money from the social insurance system into which we have all paid for most of our lives. Yes, I didn’t call it an “entitlement,” and you won’t either if you ever want to win this argument.

      I’m glad my fellow Progressives have had enough.


      Calling Mr. Ryan a flimflam artist minimizes the corrosive and dangerous nature of his proposals. He really does not care about the revenue side because government, except for defense, is an impediment to those who are brilliant like him. Ayn Rand is his mentor. Selfishness is good. Every man and woman should use their full potential and too bad for bad luck. This is a man who has never been ill and needed good health insurance. If he does get sick he has the best policy in the land–Congressional health insurance. This is a man who has never served. The military is an abstraction full of those not intelligent enough to use the system to become millionaires and avoid serving. This is a man who has a fantasy America of 1880 where unfettered capitalism generated wealth for the very few. For me I’d rather an America of the 1950s and 1960s–an economic powerhouse that generated good jobs despite regulation and put millions into the middle class. Where vision of what the government can do to assist the country was not a dirty word. Where the interstate highway system and the NIH were conceived and started. Where we were a generous people who knew that investing in poor children made sense for the future.


      I find the notion of our children having to pay off the debt we build up as a terrible thing odd. Many of those people presenting this have been around for a long time. I know my parents were of a generation that was “paying off” the debt from WWII. As their lives only got better and better under that huge debt I still wonder at the fear of government debt. That is the biggest flim flam the Republicas throw out into the world. Under that crushing debt my average family had their own home, bought a new car every other year and went on vacations every other year. I went to good neighborhood public schools. We had nice parks to play in with free afterschool programs. My father only finished high school. My mother did not even finish high school. I just don’t see how that crushing debt from WWII was so horrible.On the other hand as Reagan pulled into office my husband and I, both with college educations, struggled to pay high rents, had an old beater car and only went on vacation when we could stay with relatives. I had to fight to get my sons in decent schools and the parks where they played were not kept up very well. There was a fee for afterschool programs. So who had it better? The folks paying off the huge debt or the folks under the “Trickle Down” guys?


      How did Ryan become such a serious budget person in the eyes of the media and the Washington crowd? Let’s be clear about the facts:

      Phony deficit hawk Paul Ryan voted for:
      - two large Bush tax cut packages
      - two wars
      - a Medicare drug program that was a giveaway to Big Pharma
      - a bailout for the crooks on Wall Street who caused this recession

      All unpaid for!

      The budget-busting Bush tax cuts, unnecessary wars, and the deregulation of Wall Street which led to the economic meltdown continue to drive the deficits in the coming years, NOT so-called entitlements. See the first graph:

      Deficits would turn deficits into surpluses if we:
      - end corporate welfare for the Department of War
      - make health care affordable through Medicare for all
      - return to a progressive tax code
      - end tax loopholes, subsidies and other corporate giveaways
      - enact a financial transaction tax
      - put America back to work by investing in infrastructure, research, education, energy efficiency and clean energy

      Not only are Republicans refusing to raise long overdue taxes on the wealthy and eliminate loopholes for corporations, they would receive more tax breaks under the Ryan plan despite the fact that tax rates are at an all-time low.

      This is what’s called a plutocracy.

      Last one:

      We tried deregulation and tax cuts. We got 2008. What is the classic definition of insanity?

      • Gerald Anderson

        So,what I understand is you want a Gov. that gives you everything and a people that is subservent to it’s wishes. Welcome to Germany 1932. You people that are so liberal,will never learn what it’s about untill you have to defend,physicaly,your beliefs. When you are down the mud ducking bullets from another person (that may or may not be from this country) That is where the rubber meats the road.

      • ? Chocopot

        The New York Times has been a left-wing propaganda rag for decades. Anyone who believes anything they say is a fool.


    There is no easy way for many to understand that WTP have allowed a criminal acts to take place and are incapable of rooting out those who made the problem occur. We were economically torpeoed by malicious intent from the left and also from the right by those who compromised their own sworn duty to protect and preserve. Then we stand by helplesly and let this marketed administration tear down the institutions, traditions, culture and heritage brick by brick because the rule of law is compromised and liars and thieves run the asylum. There is proof in abundance to make this claim, it is ongoing and yet we still allow this Fraud to stay in our vaunted WH and continue to damage all we hold dear while he yuks it up and lives like we are his personal ATM…..What is wrong with you America, did I and my brothers like those before us waste our time being the keepers of this nations laws, Constituion and freedoms, did we give away our childrens future and allow a delusional utopian with socialistic ideology to fill the void of our negligence?

    Time to repair and reoganize the way all of our elected leadership and appointees hold their office, the long term icumbency has lead to elitism, then to graft, coruption and disrespect for all this country cherishes. It is their own interest they follow, it is your repression they seek to keep that elitism in place so they may live above you and you to serve them. WTP need to restore our representation and our leadership needs to be told who they work for, not mollycoddled or overly compensated for being a civil servant, time to put the civil back into public service……

    • Michael Shreve

      We, the people, have NO ONE to blame for the fiasco we have created but ourselves. WE must take WHATEVER STEPS are necessary to clean up our mess while there is still some desperate hope left.

      • Deerinwater

        Oh no ! Michael. ~ We can never admit to our mistakes! People might mistakes us for being naive and dumb as a box of rocks, willing to lick any door knob if the “right person” has touched last!

  • GALT

    Wow Ben, pictures and CHARTS……

    Ole Brian must be so jealous…..

    • deerinwater

      My glass always half full, Look on the bright side Galt, Ben is actually offering support. ~ We;ve come a long way is just a few years.

      I was beginning to think, this ship would never heave too, ~ no rudder control ~ what soever!

      That the GOP is crystal balling the future and predicting the results ~ we already know their track record and the results are in on their most recent economic predictions ~

      “Tax cuts creates jobs and stimulates the economy ” ~ but to the GOP’s credit ~ they never did said “When!” .

      Like H Bush once said; ~ “Read my lips!” ~~ “No NEW TAXES” ~ (just some more old ones!)

      • Gerald Anderson

        When are you people going to realize that most of what you hear and read is a lie by the Liberals. I get all of the facts and make up my own mind,from all of the sources. By the way, lit it go Bush is not in office any more. When you spout off about Bush, it just tells me you don’t know what you are talking about.


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