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GOP Representative Sends Letter To DOJ Requesting Kagan Information

July 12, 2011 by  

Some lawmakers want more information regarding Justice Kagan and the healthcare law.A House Republican recently called on the Justice Department to turn over all documentation related to Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan’s role in the defense of the healthcare overhaul while acting as the solicitor general.

Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas) — who chairs the House Judiciary Committee — wrote to United States Attorney General Eric Holder requesting that any documents that might reveal Kagan’s role in the defense of the Affordable Care Act be turned over by July 29, according to The Washington Times.

According to Smith’s letter, which The Hill posted, during her Senate confirmation hearing Kagan answered “no” when asked about whether her opinion or views on issues relating to the healthcare law had been solicited while working for the President Barack Obama Administration.

“In recent weeks, questions have been raised about whether Justice Kagan’s prior work on what became the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) while serving as solicitor general should disqualify her from hearing challenges to its (Constitutionality),” the letter read.

Obama named Kagan to the high court in May of last year.

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  • James

    We are not surprised. Obumber wishes he could fill the supreme court with Constitution hating people just like her.
    While your at it ask him about the fast and furious debacle. I am quite sure he will give you an honest response, NOT! He is a big a liar as she is.

    It’s not the size of the Stalin, but the motion of the Marx…

  • Bob

    Kagan should never have beed allowed on the (not) supreme court to begin with. The Repubs should have fillibustered until scumbama gave up on this malignant, lieberal toad. If they can make a case here, then there should also be an investigation into how she even came to be nominated.

    • eddie47d

      Clarence Thomas should never have been allowed on the Supreme Court. When will he be investigated for intimately rubbing elbows with the corporates of America. Is he being bought and sold by the Chamber of Commerce? Is he just being informed on their doings like Kagan is being informed on certain issues? Are neither deserving or are we both choosing sides. Since Republicans bend over back for their nominations it looks as if you are making political hay as per usual.

      • s c

        Go back to grade skool, e. Thomas not issue here. Stik to topic, e. Progressive pee up tree. Confuse issue. Now, blame issue on GB. Get paid by Obummer for being horse butt. E horse butt, too. Get life.
        What u problem, horse butt?

        • Kate 8

          Thomas and Scalia have been two of the very few who have actually considered the Constitution when rendering decisions.

          I’ll believe that the Rs will go after Kagan when I see them do it. This was brought up before they let her through, and they ignored it. After all, with the overwhelming evidence…no, PROOF…that Obama is a fraud and a usurper, and they all sit like the three monkeys. If they’d get off their treasonous b*tts and gid rid of THIS problem, we’d get rid of Kagan and a whole bunch of other problems, as well.

      • Jay

        eddie, how can you compare Clarence Thomas with Kagan. Unless off course, it is to provide contrast. Kagan couldn’t hold a candle to Clarence Thomas, she’s not in the same class, nor does she posses the same level of class. She’s a bottom feeder. I mean look who recommended her, oscumba, nothing more needs to be said!

        • eddie47d

          Like I said.The usual political hay and the lead carpetbagger for the right is SC. I love the “my side is better than your side swill”in defending your guy or gal. You notice that I didn’t defend Kagan but only made a comparison to the lop sided viciousness. Yes the Supreme Court is an issue here SC and all issues surrounding this Court are valid. SC only wants a Supreme Court that validates her opinion not the law of the land. Someone elses opinion might upset her as she proves in all her comments.

  • http://charter howe

    Why is it not a surprise to find out that Kagan was an OBAMA schill that was being repaid by the deceiver-in-chief for being his personal lawyer as solicitor General early in his Presidency. The Repubs know that Kagan will support every supreme court decision in favor of Obama especially on the Obamacare issue, therefore since Kagan probably lied during her supreme court nomination screening by Congress, the Republican committee chairman is trying to get the Kagan records from the DOJ, good luck with that. Kagan cannot recuse herself without admitting she lied to the nominating committee. This DOJ and the Whitehouse Chicago mobsters are up to their navels in corruption and if WE THE PEOPLE can ever get our country back on 2 Nov 2012 it will take years to clean out the filth and grafitti from this bunch of marxist radical slimes. What the hell is Harvard and Princeton teaching anymore these days. Anyone ever heard of the Constitution–HELLOOO.

    • Kate 8

      howe – Judge Roll was O’s example of what happens to judges who rule against him.

  • http://AOL BOB Robbins

    3 posts here and all 3 are right on.

  • TIME

    One could say this is a tad on the LATE side. But perhaps there is a spark of Hope.
    Get behind this and contact your congress and senate people. Do it now.

    • Kate 8

      TIME – Like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it.

      If this actually proceeds, I’ll be shocked. In fact, I’ll be suspicious.

      I think TURMOIL is the name of the game being played at this stage.

      • Dan az

        I think that might be a plan to move her to a better position being obumers right hand shrill.Who knows he dosen’t have many around that hasn’t jumped ship.

        • Christin

          Dan az,

          No I don’t think they want to move her… she is valuable to the NWO thugs where she is at to MAKE SURE the corrupt progressive (PORKgressive) policies pass and Freedoms and Finances are lost by the American people.

          If for some reason… the truth surfaces… about the military hating, pro-homosexual anti-family, Pro-obama-care, ultra liberal Kagan, then they would put her on staff elsewhere… “Can’t let a good communist go to waste.”

          I say good for Rep.Lamar Smith in TX… keep up the good work.

          The rest of you should put calls or e-mails into your Congressional folks in your state and urge them to join him in this fact finding quest… whether it happens or not, your non-representing Representatives will know where their constituents stand… and if they are representing you the way they should.

          The stupids should NEVER have let Kagan and Sotameyor in …period.

          • independant thinker

            I have heard rumors that Biden will not be on the 2012 ticket. If true perhaps she will replace him as the VP candidate. Consider this. Obama has a sucessor to her picked out she resigns “to avoid any appearance of controversy in the SC decisions” and is then chosen as the VP candidate. Not saying it will happen but posing one possible scenerio.

          • Christin

            Interesting senerio… thanks for being the ‘thinker’

  • David in MA

    AND, you expect an honest and complete answer?
    Your dealing with communist mindset people here, they lie!
    In my opinion.


    “house boy” obama says here, i’ve got someone for the supreme court.
    turns out she is tainted with “house boy” ideas. duuuuuh.

  • jopa

    eddie: I must agree that Clarence Thomas is an insult to the SC and the American public.However the scumbag is above the law and knows it.He would make a terrible constable much less a judge.

  • Dons621

    Did she not head up the Personal life history of the bummer? Every part of his life was sealed by Kragan an a team of Lawyers (lairs). If you are honest then your life is an open book, need any more DUH.

  • chuckb

    asking holder to turn over papers on kagan is like asking hillary for the white water papers. these republicans have short memories, in fact hillary probably has the papers in her possession, lol. we have more of a problem in this administration than most people realize and the bad part there is nothing to stop them, the republicans talk alot, however, they don’t seem to have that finishing touch. “wimps”

  • Raggs

    Even IF ( big if ) there is a way to get rid of this bloodsucker during a hearing America has NO chance of ridding ourselves of this BS so-called law unless we set in a real president with a pair.

  • Raggs

    kagan / soto same branch same tree.

    Both are completely un-fit to “serve” as a “representative” of the consititution.

  • Carl B.

    It appears that once documentation is provided there will be grounds for impeachment of Kagan for lying under oath. If the DOJ fails to provide the documentation then Holder can be indicted for obstruction of congressional investigation proceedings. Finally, another BIG problem for the insitu Obama administration.

  • Jay

    Kagan, a former Harvard Law School dean who most recently was solicitor general, (was President Barack Obama’s choice) to succeed retired Justice John Paul Stevens.

    Well well, obama’s choice was she, and placed in the defense of the healthcare overhaul while acting as the solicitor general. No conflict of interest here, right? If she was obama’s choice she should then be held under strict scrutiny! What a pair the two are, the “Cobra and Hyena”

  • chuckb

    my patience with the republicans went four years ago. they don’t have the courage or the desire to impeach anyone for any offense. they hide when anyone mentions an investigation of barrys fraudulent bc, and you expect them to follow through on this investigation of kagan, do you hear any of them seriously calling for an investigation of holder dropping the case against the black panthers, his willingness to protect the muslims and convict the conservative. take a good look at boehner and mcconnell during the present budget hearings, if it wasn’t for some in the congress not giving in, they would have sold us out, the media (abc) have already repeated barrys lie about the ss checks and you know boehner and mcconnell probably are having their diapers changed. we need to change the personnel in our congress and senate, we need to clean the supreme court of the marxist jurist.

    • Verus Langham

      I think that your statement was inaccurate in that the credits you give to the Republicans should have been “Democrats”, for it is they who barricade this President’s opponents who’ve come forward with the proposals and have gone on to formulate official concerns in writing to begin the move toward impeachment…. to declare his health care bill illegal, thereby repeal it…. ; it is the left-wing controlled Superior Court (they really are as supreme as our founders would judge them.. but superior nonetheless) which continually rejects any and all writs on the matter of bringing this man to justice. So, seriously RETHINK your findings and repeal your errors like a good little conservative who has just been apprised of the facts of the matter.

  • Verus Langham

    After spending several of my very precious minutes remaining me writing a fine comment and then posting it, instead of posting it among the other fine comments found herein a return message crossed my desktop stating I’d submitted an error in reporting an invalid email address. Seeking to resolve the matter I used my curser to push the back button and make amends and lo and behold there was no message – my painstakingly written message had disappeared. I don’t know what kind of cruel joke this site has just exploited my patience with, but I am of the mind to erase the site and all its affiliates from my memory – and my computer’s memory….. This is particularly heinous in my eyes due to the short time I have left remaining and I truly believe I had some fine talking points on this matter of Kagan and Obama’s complicity in sealing the deal of OBAMACARE with her pre-planned and well-executed grooming for the very purpose of being seated so that she would give that one extra vote FOR the bill and probably be the instrument through which we the people will become enslaved to its precepts and its regulatory tenets.

    • Marianne

      Just in case check your DRAFT IN UPPER LEFT COLUMN. See if it’s there. Otherwise your out of luck.

      This has happened to me also on many other sites after spending up to 2 hours on a response. VERY FRUSTRATING.



      Sometimes if I know I’m making a long response, I copy & paste it into word in sections that I’ve completed, so at least part of my hard work is not all lost.

      Hope this is helpful to all who have experienced “DISAPPEARING RESPONSES.”

  • chuckb

    marianne, do you know of any way to eradicate a posting. i have sent a few and after reading them would prefer to erase them. good idea about making a copy, thank you.

  • always right

    I have the idea that she should be jailed and prosecuted for felony perjury under title 18 USC 1001, but since all the rich and powerful are in bed together, that isn’t going to happen.


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