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GOP Names Leaders For House Committees

December 10, 2010 by  

GOP names leaders for House committeesA month after their resounding victory in the midterm elections, House Republicans have selected their committee chairs for the next congressional session.

According to media reports, Representative Fred Upton (R-Mich.) has been selected to lead the Energy and Commerce Committee over Joe Barton (R-Texas), who is the current ranking member of the group that handles healthcare legislation. Barton sought a return to his post despite sharp criticism he received from his own party this past summer, when he expressed sympathy for BP during a committee hearing on the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) has been pegged as the next Appropriations Committee chairman, and he will replace ranking member Jerry Lewis (R-Calif.). This committee is responsible for setting the levels of spending by the Federal government.

"I look forward to working with leadership and my Republican colleagues in fighting for serious reforms of the committee, bringing fiscal sanity back to our budgeting process, performing vigorous oversight of the failed job-creation policies of the Obama administration and moving our nation forward," Rogers said, quoted by FOX News.

Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), who is backed by the Tea Party, was selected to serve on the Appropriations Committee. Flake is considered one of the most fiscally conservative Republicans in the House, according to He made a bid to lead the committee in 2008, but was turned down because GOP leaders were still supporting earmarks.

The House committee chairs were recommended by the Steering Committee, which is led by the incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio).

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  • Stan

    I beleive that the republicans in congress better take a lesson from the people who vote and the good guys in the Tea Party movement or they will also be kicked out in 2012. It seems they are too damn stupid to see the facts before them. We won a repreive in 1994 when the followers of Newt Gingrich made the world take notice, then the RINOs decided the hit and run driveby media knows best and we saw what that led to. Now I hope the Boehners and McConnels have learned a lesson that we the prople will only tolerate so much pandering.

    God Bless America and our Troops and Veterans

    • EddieW

      Agreed!!! The Republican’s had better wake up…it is no longer business as usual…we don’t like RINO’s!!! I would not contribute to them this last election, I donated to those who were trying to beat someone, who was as corrupt, evil and godless as Reid!!! So I wasted some money there…but it’s probably not possible to vote him out….like Mayor Daly in Chicago….if everyone in the state voted against him, he would still win!!

      • http://none ralph herman

        you are correct a weak and cowardly person

    • Anthony

      And, OHIO had better be watching John Boehner, LIKE A HAWK

      Anyone that would block RON PAUL from heading the Banking Committee “bcause this person is WILLING to demand” THE FED be audited without recourse or avoidance, once and for all ….. deserves to be impeached, in my book.

      Folks – John Boehner is wearing false colors! Book ‘em Dan-O

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I just sent him an Email message to that very effect, have you??? Has anyone else here??

        • cookie

          I will be calling Monday & writing to him too. I already chided him about the crying, even I am happy for him & “understaaaaand”…I don’t want my Congress to be seen weeping as freaking terrorists are watching!!!! Ron Paul should “LET IT RIP” on the Fed and jerk bernacke. i am SICK of these socialists: INCLUDING BUSH, even tho he protested to bailing out the banks…HE WIMPED OUT. WHERE IS HANK PAULSEN? Where is Christopher Cox from the SEC? I want to see some fur fly. He will also have to RE-DO the fraudulent PREJUDICED “Dodd-Frank” Bank Legislation because it is going to limit jobs for White Males…Everyone is forgetting about this- I think it is going to favor Wall Street as they take their huge bonuses after we bailed them out. Some thing should be limited when a bail out happens…AND IT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN NO MATTER WHAAAAAAT TIMMY GEITNER SAYS…When under the Senate’s eye this past week, he says, “…WHEN THIS ever happens again…” LIKE 3 FREAKING TIMES!!!!! GEITHNER MUST GO. BERNACKE MUST GO. OBAMA MUST GO. HE will nver be anything but a marxist like his loser father and an anti-colonialist the same. IMPEACH.

  • Richard

    I am very disappointed that there are not more Tea Party members on these posts. Michelle Bachman should have been speaker for example.

    • Harold Olsen

      It’s clear that the GOP “good ol’ boys” are ignoring any TEA Party backed Republicans because, hopefully, they will not go along with “business as usual” once they take office. I agree that Bachman should have been made Speaker. I doubt very much that much will change with the new Republican majority. I hope the TEA Party Republicans exert themselves and let the “good ol’ boys” know that they will think for themselves and, hopefully, listen to the people as they promised they would.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Instead of talking about it we need to flood his box with Emails and send him snail mail as well. a few well placed phone calls won’t hurt the cause either. We need to do it NOW, though!!!

    • Anthony

      I count myself as a Constitutional-ist.

      In “some” Tea Party’s across the Country – THEY cannot make this claim. I’ve seen several Articles now, outing specific Tea Party Leaders as having Fascist Party ties. I am still working to validate one of those Articles. Still, the fact that said Tea Party(s) do not think they have a responsibility to make a definitive public rebuttal to the Article … shows they may have something to hide(?) … be worried about ….

      • http://?? Joe H.

        there is no such animal as a Tea Party “leader”!! If it has a leader it isn’t a tea party!!

        • barbm

          well, we have a tea party leader in san antonio. he was elected to lead us. he’s hispanic which was sorely needed here if we’re to get the 75% hispanic population in our city involved. when i was at the polls trying to get debra medina, the tea party candidate for governor, elected, they’d ask is she hispanic and say no when i said she’s anglo with a hispanic husband. by race is a heck of a way to choose your representatives.

    • http://none ralph herman

      sorry but the good ole boys are still there and we are hurting IT IS THE ECONOMY STUPID with no jobs no tax base no pay the national debt and the once proud USA

  • eddie47d

    Most Americans want a balanced Congress and one that will work together.Will the new recruits be that force or will we see more obstructionism and political wrangling.

    • Anthony

      MOST PEOPLE, eddie … have no real concept of HOW Congress actually works. And, neither are they going to invest the energy in researching the issue. They would rather make excuses and point out how someone else should be providing that data, FOR THEM … so they can remain lazy slaves, living life on their knees. When you do not investigate an issue on your own, this is the end result of what your life becomes … living it on your knees for the status quo. Most of these same people also live the HATE BUSH life. Not saying they support Barry … they just HATE BUSH, because that’s what the TV “told them” they should do. Puppet people.

      THIS, is the real truth of it.

  • Jack

    Congress will never work together until the radicals who have taken over the Democratic Party are removed from office.

    • Warrior

      That point is absolutely correct. Progressives will become the caucus of NO.

    • barbm

      the united states does not have a “democratic” party. there are a bunch of democrats though. please don’t confuse the 2 terms. republicans can be democratic, but only democrats can be democrats!!

    • Anthony

      LET’s Be Real here…. BOTH PARTIES ARE TO BLAME.

      THE DEMS would “not” be so well entrenched, if the Republican Party wasn’t so in the bag for the marching orders of THE FED.

      THE DEMS just happen to be the first of the political parties to agree that Communism is good for America. After all, have they rid us of the Central Bank? Do they support private retirement accounts? Are they for “competitive” health care, provided by independent non-Governmental private sectors companies who MUST compete for a citizen’s favor?

      The answer is a resounding NO, to all of the above.

      No matter what Party anyone was a part of back in 1913, those who followed along like good sheeple all deserve to have their names sapt upon and placed on a PUBLIC ROLL, for national scrutiny.

      People – there ARE ways to respond to those that would block a return to Jefferson’s truest intent of the Country as defined by our Constitution. Hamilton can squirm in his grave all he likes.

  • Yorkslass

    Upton was the wrong choice for Energy & Commerce Committee and I am afraid that the ” who’s next in line” mentality is still in place. Upton now says he will reverse the Bill calling for the death of incandesent lightbulbs but since the last factory producing these in the USA recently closed isn’t it a bit late for him to have seen “the light” pun intended!
    We will need to stay on top of these new Congressmen & women to make sure they are able to avoid been sucked into the system. I feel the strength of their numbers maybe their strongest asset.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      how long do you think it would take those factories to retool a section of their line to start making them again? There is definately a market for them!

  • Elaine

    I am disgusted with the Republican leadership who have chosen the worst possible candidates for committee leadership positions. Looks like it is business as usual. Vote them all out in 2012!!

    • Anthony

      Ealine – How many of your friends can actually respond (and repudiate) your position?

      I’m just curious. Can they prove their stance has more merit?

    • http://naver samurai

      Yes, starting with Obama bin Laden! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Frank D. Harrisson

    Well folks this all could change once the new folks are sworn in. By the numbers they could rule out the national committee. To trump the situation any bill brought forth is still subject to the new guys accepting it or not. It is a wait and see right now.

  • Otto

    Republican Leadership, during entire election period demonstrated a lack of understanding of “Peoples Candidates” by backing their own choice—casting asperions on peoples candidates——did anyone really think “Leadership” understood the message.

    What all the leaders have forgotten—-”can only lead—if someone follows”—these people are part-time hire.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Flood them people!!! Let them know!! Pull a bush amnesty action on them!!! We stopped that, we can stop this!

  • chuckb

    boehner and mcconnell should have stepped aside, we will get no where with rino’s back in charge, just another two years of appeasing the demos then getting voted out of office. these two are a joke especially mcconnell, boehner will sell out trying to get in barrys graces, so where are we.

    • Claire

      chuckb– Thank you for your common sense. I agree with you 100%.

    • http://personalliberty Carol

      My sentiments…exactly!

  • http://com i41

    When idoit of the democrap persusion get beat, their alligator mouths start going on about the people wanting a balanced Congress. The National Marxist Communist Denocrat Union Socialist Party pukes just keep doing what ever Nazi Traitor Soros tells them to do. Soros sure doesn’t stop trying to destroy America, especially the puke dems rats as Soros sings the socialist songs to them like the Pied Piper. People want some principals and backbones. The defination of compromise is a just giving in to socialists behavior. Democrats have never given up anything or compromised, republicans cann’t seem to learn making nice only screws the country!

    • Anthony

      Partner -

      This is WHY vigilance never sleeps.

      Back when THE PEOPLE got Ronald Reagan elected, everyone let their guard down and went back to sleep – that’s when the Cheney’s and the Volcker’s all went back to work on their NWO agenda.

      You know it. I know it.

      Vigilance is not a part time thing. Wait, did Lombardi say that, too?

  • billybaa

    i hope the Tea Party newly elected wake up the get along crowd
    we do not have 2 more years

  • stephen russell

    Id add some Tea Party types into Mix to make Real Intersting.

  • Patriot1776

    I warned you all the election would change nothing! this is the game!!!! THERE IS NO ELECTORAL SOlUTION TO OUR PROBLEMS! At least not at the Federal level. The answer is at the State level. We must remember that the power is in the States. The States created this Federal monster and they can dismantle it. Until we start hearing talk of dismantling the beast then the game is still on and you are still being lied to and decieved! Your liberties are in danger as long as the Federal government keeps assuming undelegated powers. The answer is in the STATES!!!!!! Elect people at the State level with a desire to re-assert your States soverignty and we will have a leg to stand on.

    • Vigilant

      To be frank, I find it quite odd that so many are willing to “throw the bums out” before they even take their seats in Congress. Change takes time, and I think we need to give the new guys a chance to show their mettle before we relegate them to the junk pile.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        They have one year and if things don’t change then I’m gonna be pushing everyone I know to kick them out on their assetts!!! You will know positively if I’m anywhere near happy with them!! We have got to STAY on these azz’s azz’s!!!!

  • chuckb

    patriot 1776

    if you are depending on states such as california, good luck. this election should be an eye opener for u.s. citizens, the largest state in the union goes communist, that is under the guise of liberal demo’s, they have broken the back of the state with their liberalism yet the people only make it worse with their vote. i question whether we have enough conservative people in either party to bring our country back to a republic. california is lost, they have allowed the world to rush in and live on their welfare system, they have driven manufacturing and small business out of the state with their demanding environmental laws and will be nothing but a dependent on the u.s. tax payers. when you see the people still approving of a president after everything this man has done to destroy the economy and decimate our nation’s security, embarrass our country before the world and still give an approval rating over 40% then i say we have lost the fight. the only thing barry has accomplished is set a record for expensive vacations.i’m afraid the republicans are still to weak to make any difference, they have no real leadership and it looks like when they take charge of the congress they will be more interested in compromising than leading the country. the price of gasoline is headed toward 4.00 pg and maybe more, yet barry still refuses to lift the ban on offshore drilling and he makes no effort to allow drilling where we have huge deposits of crude oil. the politicians are playing politics with the tax table while the u.s. burns.
    gasoline is headed towards 4.00 pg and up, i believe that’s where the liberals want it, they are going to try and force the wind turbines and solar panels on us and they have started the same old excuse by blaming high demand for crude as the cause for this, that’s baloney, they have a surplus of fuel on the market and have had for a number of years. we loaned the brazilian govt. billions of dollars that we borrowed from china to invest in their offshore deep water drilling, “george soros has investment in this same venture” and all the oil brasil recovers will go to china so figure that one out, (another good move by barry). these high rates at the pump is nothing more than hiway robbery not only by the oil companies, middlemen and dealers, but, by the greed of the big investors on the futures.
    when it comes to the dollar these people have no compunction for anyone. they will let the country crash at their feet if the dollar arrives in their pocket.

    • Patriot1776

      Thats why I left the Socialist republic of California! I can no longer find common cause with the people of that State. I believe it is long past due that the people of liberty minded persuasions come together and re-assert our power at the State level. We can and MUST put TRUE Statesman in local and State office. Where we can then join together and re-declare independence from the tyrannical Federal monster that was created in 1789. This is the right of a free people, as spelled out by Jefferson in the Declaration! This is the only logical conclusion to a sane, rational person who can see what has happened to our republic! We no longer have one! We live under an oligarchy with the few exerting their desires over the many. The constitution is ignored and perverted when it is inconvenient to those in power, and upheld only when it helps their cause. How ironic. How convenient.
      I dont believe that the Republican party will EVER come back to the TRUE fight for our liberty, and we know the Democrats are too far gone to even understand the concept. What we have is a situation not unlike the colonial days of America. A people who want to be free, and a government who thinks we can’t be trusted to do so. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to pay for California’s socialism! I have a hard enough time paying for North Carolina’s! States who can find common cause should again declare independence from their Federal masters and live free once again!

      • Vigilant

        Secession will never happen. Virtually all states have drunk at the public trough for so long that they would not want to cut off their means of support. On the contrary, states will continue to go to D.C. with hats in hand to beg for continuance of federal matching funds, grants and goodies.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        you think 4.00 a gallon for gas is high?? Just let the middle eastern countries walk away from the dollar like China and Russia!! You will pray for 4.00 gas again!!!!

      • Tim

        As long as the Republicans & Democrats are able to block those who don’t want to run as either,there will never be any real change.It’s sickining when one is forced to have alligence to a party instead of the people that voted them in. I hate both parties ! Let people run on ideas that can insure a better & free nation.

  • chuckb


    secession by the states would never be allowed, the south tried that. can’t you imagine the politicians in wash. waving goodbye to all those tax dollars. barry would have to cancel half of his vacations, no more overseas shopping for michelle. china would be in a dither trying to figure out who owed whom. what would california and new york do if they lost all that welfare assistance. at the same time the illegals would have a hard time deciding which state to invade, the secessionist state or the marxist controlled. i can see all kinds of difficulties in your suggestion, all liberals staying in the seceding states would have to be fingerprinted with photo id. with a large bond and not allowed in teaching or politics. i suppose we could work out all those problems, so count me in.

    • Patriot1776

      I love it!!! Only, I was hoping all the lib-tards would flee the liberty loving States and we could all be free from their stupidity….. if only for a while. :)

  • chuckb

    the problemn is the liberals couldn’t survive on their own and then the war would start. you only have to look as far as calif. if the government doesn’t bail this state out, what are they going to do.
    it won’t be long before the mexicans start migrating south of the border, no more free tortillas, it will be interesting to see. this is what causes revolution and these illegals are practiced at it. so we may see how much fire power they have before long. ms jerry brown will probably go in exile to cuba and nancy to venezuela.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      What firepower they have depends on whether the cartels are supplying them or not!!! If not, I predict about 48 hours of REAL firepower would chase them BACK accross the border!!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        BTW, if they DO supply them, I predict 36 hours as they would over estimate their power all to hell and back. Well maybe not back!!!

  • chuckb

    joe h

    it looks like quite a problem to me and in the end we will have race wars in the cities, it’s coming. just cut the welfare off and that will be the first shot.

  • hoffhack

    I am a conservative, and a Tea Party member, and also a Life Member of the NRA. I am delighted that we gave the Dems a good “Whoopin!!” But I hate to say it folks! It is too late! B.O. and his cronies have buried this nation under debt to the tune of $14 trillion and climbing. In other words, it nearly doubled on his watch. The only reason that we have been able to do that is, the U. S. Dollar has been the worlds “Reserve Currency” Up until now, if say Japan or Germany want to buy oil, they must convert their currency into Dollars. Note I said “UP TO NOW” And because our treasury can just print money, with nothing to back it, that is exactly what we did, & did, & did…..and did somemore!!! Well it is all going to come home to roost! China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Egypt, Iran, and a host of others are selling off dollars like crazy (and having to discount them big time) the plan is already in place to remove the dollar as the Worlds reserve currency, it is not a question of “if” it is only a question of “When”. Recently, the head of the Treasury came out and assured the world that the U. S. is not going to “De-value” the dollar! That type of move has preceeded every major currency de-valuation in the past 300 years! This can and will get uglier and uglier. People who keep there money in Dollar investments (banks, stocks, ect.) could be wiped out over night. The things we take for granted will no longer be affordable. I personally am converting a substantial part of my money into Silver. When the crash comes, and it is closer than you think, gold will become the large scale currency, and silver will become the street currency. I am currently putting into place a contingecy plan for a six month period where even food and water could very well become a luxury. I intend to keep my family close, and my money and guns even closer! And the best part is, even if I am totally wrong, I will still make money! Don’t sit there and say: “It could never happen here” (it is already happening) Places all over the world are not accepting Dollars! But you can get goods or money for an ounce of Silver, anywhere! You owe it to yourself and your family to be “Pro-active” and not “Re-active” because by then, it will be too late. I pray to God to help us through this, but when we allow ourselves and our Government to continually turn their backs on God, I only pray that he does not decide to turn his back on Us!

  • Debbie R

    Cowards Of The Country. Republicans apparently haven’t learned a thing. The newly elected Republican Senators have hired Lobbyest for their staff and they blindly follow career politicians. They wrap themselves in the Tea Party cloak for “THEIR” political gain and nothing more. They introduce no new legislation, they won’t back Rand Paul’s budget cuts. They not only should be backing it, they should be demanding it. They campaigned on:”If we don’t do what we promise, FIRE US”. We need to remind them of their campaign promises, and then follow thru.

  • Marshall

    Any Republicans that cannot cut as deep as WE the People want,can
    leave office now!

  • Alex Balkcum

    What does it take to eliminate the Departments of Education and Energy? Both started under the Carter Administration and both as worthless. I see millions in savings (payrolls alone), improvements in education once back in states hands and less red tape in energy issues!

  • http://aol Raymond

    Thought we voted to replace congress???? Ummmm, just changed some names, it seems. The House speaker appears to be an OBama, Harry Reid buddy, i see nothing he has done different. Best they wake up, 2012 is yet to come; the more i see and hear Trump, does give me a new light to shine. Get with the programs WE REAL REPLUBICANS!!!! Time is wasting!!!!!!!!

  • http://com i41

    I’ll take Herman Kane or Donald Trump over any of the life long beltway slubs. Listened to T Booone Pickens talking about converting semi diesel trucks to natural gas, show anyother rich bastard that lives on the coast. The diesel engines need to have water injected in the engine at the same time to keep from melting the enigine in to a peice of crap. Some more dumb bastards that think matchbox vehicles are the answer to energy. Idoits that think freight all over the USA can be moved on rail is another moronic idea. How in the hell is product going to moved to stores and moved around. Trains are slow and it takes a week it get from the west to the east and even longer to go from est to the west. More over educated book trained dumb bastards talking s–t. Onumnuttds is prime example of a stupid book trained f–k up in office. Now it is time to vote for people who have created something with out a damned multi degreed pedigrees. PHD stands for Perfectly Happy and Dumb!

  • Carol

    Why shouldn’t be allowed to wear what you want to wear at a dance to me it is insane to have to ask for permission.

    When I went to school (in the year of the flood) you could wear what you wanted be you male of female.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Gisele Hinderer

      Your answer is in two words “DRESS CODE”….all schools have them…thank God…think about it !

  • bluqe

    We republicans have much work to do. We need the Tea Party to have any chance of beating “OBIE”. Yet we still are not able to come up with a really strong candidate with really powerful credentials. New York just lost a seat in a district that has been republican sincwe the creation. That f0lks is really a bad sign. Excuses will not work in the next presidential election. The Chi-town mobsters will be armed and ready to rumble, where the hell will we be.It w9ll be a street fight and I doubt the Republican Party has the guts for a real down and dirty street fight.


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