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GOP Legislators Support Work-Site Raids On Undocumented Immigrants

January 31, 2011 by  

GOP legislators support work-site raids on undocumented immigrantsRepublican lawmakers are calling for more aggressive measures in an attempt to preserve American jobs.

The Immigration Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee (HJC) held its first hearing under GOP leadership on Jan. 26. Republican members called on President Barack Obama's administration to reinforce workplace raids on undocumented employees, which was an aggressive approach adopted by George W. Bush in the final years of his presidency.

According to the Los Angeles Times, work-site raids for immigration-related offenses have decreased by about 70 percent since Obama took office. Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas), the chairman of the HJC, said that this practice should not be ignored with the national unemployment rate exceeding 9 percent.

"It is hard to imagine a worse time to cut work-site enforcement efforts by more than half," said Smith, quoted by the news provider. "Citizens and legal immigrants should not be forced to compete with illegal workers for jobs."

According to United States Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE), it costs taxpayers about $12,500 to deport each illegal immigrant. Frank Sharry, executive director of the America's Voice Education Fund, said that lawmakers should focus their efforts on getting these undocumented workers to register with the government and pay taxes, as opposed to charging Americans millions of dollars for mass deportations.

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  • Bill

    Those businesses that are guilty of violating the law by hiring illegals need to be closed down.America can no longer afford the revolving door deportation program currently in effect. Illegals have no rights in this country,no welfare, political, medical, educational rights etc. It is time we stop providing them.If they desire to be in this country, then do it the right way. wake up America before it is to late!

    • Peter

      I support the deportation of illegal immigrants, however it’s pretty rich to have the GOP supporting this move, when they have been principally responsible for supporting the ‘right’ of businesses to export American jobs to China and India. Don’t get me wrong, the lib’s have been at fault there to, but it has been principally the GOP who are in the pockets of big business, and have supported the exportation of American manufacturing and IT jobs in particular. Hypocrites.

      • Allan Halbert

        You seem to be overlooking the cost of illegal immigration.

        • eddie47d

          Then fine these businesses that hire undocumented workers that $12,000 to cover the cost of deportation. They will be checking papers alot closer before hiring then.

          • Bruce D.

            I am happy to say I agree with you on that Eddie47d.

          • JLC

            Eddie47d — Eddie, I seldom ever agree with you, but I’m with you on this one. I wonder why the idea hasn’t accurred to our money-hungry lords and masters up on the Potomac!

          • Bud Tugly

            Good plan. Here in California they are bleeding us dry.

            Someone living with an illegal here once complained that his girlfriend, illegal, could go to the emergency room and pay nothing while he had to pay when he went. What is wrong with this picture?

            They were not invited here. They must go home.

      • taxpayer

        “GOP supporting this move, when they have been principally responsible for supporting the ‘right’ of businesses to export American jobs to China and India.”
        So Clinton was a republican? NAFTA! Obama also a republican because he is making it harder for business to hire by making laws and increasing costs to do business in this country.

        • Adair

          Some of us have been urging our “Representatives” to make the govt’s E-Verify program mandatory. If someone is illegal, and has a phony or stolen Social Security card, E-Verify lets you know that SS has “no match” for that potential employee.

          If you go on and hire him/her, you’re subject to the $12,500 fine (thanks, Eddie 47D at around 10 a.m.) which would pay for his/her deportation. I’ve always wondered what happens to fines collected by the government for transactions between two other entities: this would be a good use.

      • Bruce D.

        I disagree with that Peter as Corporations like G.E. have a very cozy relationship with Obama. Wall Street donated more to Obama than to McCain in the last election. Obama is supporting open borders by not giving the States on the southern borders the help they are asking for and working directly against them in some cases. Harry Reed was in part reelected by huge corporate donations from Las Vegas and is actively promoting the Dream Act. Normally any given Corporation will give to the party most likely to win. If it looks like it could go either way they will give to both parties for fear they will pass legislation detrimental to their business. It is being called access time.

        • GWF222

          If McCain had won his immigration enforcement would have been just as lax as Obama. He can now talk like he really cares about American jobs going to illegals hoping people will forget it was him and Kennedy who supported amnesty. McCain is nothing but a RINO who speaks out of both sides of his face. It’s a shame he was able to fool the majority of Arizonians into re-electing his RINO A&&!!

        • Peter

          Not so Bruce, you are overlooking the fact that the corporate world ONLY supports the right to maximize profits. One way they can do that is by employing the cheapest employees, legal or not, they don’t give a damn! The GOP has always supported the right of corporations to ship jobs overseas as well, it started with Ronny Rayguns. Last Presidential election, Wall St saw the writing on the wall and lobbied hard for the winner, who they then lobbied to do their bidding, after all, they bought him fair and square, just like every other President in recent history.

          • Bruce D.

            Sorry it was Clinton who lobbied for NAFTA that sent our jobs overseas. Much of Obama’s stimulus package went to China to create jobs with the windmills when we have those businesses here. That is one reason it did little to create jobs here. Obama is only a friend to those who wants to expand government. He is no friend of the working person or he would create a business friendly environment to create jobs in America. Truth is Obama is the enemy of the middle class and it is reflected in the democrats recent election lost and Obama’s recent cosmetic move to center.

          • Bruce D.

            Also it is Obama, Pelosi, and Reid who is trying to keep cheap illegal workers in this country at the expense of working Americans. Most on the right do not want them here as reflected on this site. Obama is fighting AZ to help to keep illegal workers in this country while refusing to give them the support they need to protect the border.

          • Bruce D.

            One more thing Peter. Obama is the enemy of working people. Anyone in either party who wants to expand government is. The burden of payment for this fast becoming privileged class always falls on the working people. Obama will tell you he will take all the money from the rich so this is not so. That is a story for fools who believe in fairy tales. If you took 100% of the income of the rich it would not solve the problem. The numbers don’t work out. There are not enough rich. You will also force productive businesses and individuals out of the country with an oppressive tax system. Something the left refuses to admit and take responsibility for choosing to force blame onto others for their mistakes.

      • barbm

        you’re talking about the old gop. we are NOT rinos. i think it would be wise to wait just a couple of months and see what OUR reps do. so far, they seem to be standing by their promises.

      • Stan Smith

        Peter The problem is both Party never really want to enforce Immigration Laws! The so called business can be both Dem and Rep supporters They will donate and vote for either party that will not enforce immigration laws! Add this to the mix for 2nd offense increase the fines and pay higher business taxes state and fed level for 5 year period! Even if they move overseas Tax them even more!

        • Peter

          Stan, that’s exactly what I said. America has been for sale to the highest bidder for years. Sides don’t matter anymore. The ONLY thing that matters is the power of donors and lobbyists to buy successive Presidents and governments to do their bidding, and if anyone can’t see that, they should go find the nearest rock, crawl under it and pray for a sweet, merciful demise.

          • Bruce D.

            And Obama is one president that is bought and paid for. Certainly only a fool cannot see that.

      • always right

        yeah sure. There are a LOT of poor, undernourished demoncrapic senators and congressmen, huh? And there are a LOT of people among the eco-nazi’s who are in favor of commercial growth and industry start ups in the US, huh? And there are a LOT of people on the left who are in favor of domestic oil production too! In fact, I’ll bet that there are a LOT of people in the unions who’d love to take a pay cut to keep auto manufacturing, etc., here in the US? [Sarcasm/off] The death of the US was largely engineering, orchestrated and celebrated by the left, trying to create their egalitarian utopia.

    • barbm

      if you shut them down, a lot of innocents will lose their jobs. we must fine heck out of them instead. make it bad enough that they don’t want to hire illegals any more. the reason it costs so much to send them home is – are you ready? – they fly them. they decided it’s too uncomfortable for them to go on a bus.

      • Christin

        They may fly them, but NO one-way airline ticket I ever bought cost me or anybody else $12,500… what’s up with that?

        • barbm

          probably counts every pen and paper clip used from the 1st second they’re apprehended. costs a fortune to keep them housed and fed until deportation.

          • Christin

            Maybe they should put them in tent prisons like AZ… Sure would save us American citizen Tax Payers a LOT of money to use cots instead of expensive beds, natural air instead of air-conditioning, and not expensive cable TV, yoga & drama classes… (hint, hint CA)

            Maybe they could even have the captured illegals clean up the land that they trashed out on the way up the dry river beds in AZ while awaitng deportation… CA, TX and NV probably all have that same problem … and it would help pay their debt of illegally crossing into a sovereign country and to work off the cost of the $12,500. Seems to me that punishment fits their crimes.

      • always right

        how about cattle trucks, regardless of the weather. The reason it costs is we have to supply them all with immigration lawyers. Send the immigration lawyers with them in the cattle trucks and let them fight the case from south of the border. If we seize their US assets, ALL of which are forfeit as “fruits of the crime”, the cost of getting rid of these leechs should zero out.

    • Ellet

      They should also be going after the companies that are closing up and getting tax breaks for firing Americans and shipping their jobs to other countries.

      • Peter

        How about a 50% import tax on all goods made overseas that used to be made in America? These businesses put Americans out of work to maximize their profits through cheap labor overseas, but they still want to bring their cheap goods into the US to sell to the same folks they put out of work! I personally boycott the goods and services of every company I know who did just that.

      • Bud Tugly

        If you shop at places like Walmart you are helping to ship jobs overseas to keep the process low. Walmart sets a price they want to sell an item for and the only way that can be accomplished is cheap foreign. Do your homework and spend an extra buck or two for that hammer made here in the US. If we put our wallets where our patriotism is we might save some American jobs.

  • James

    Excellent! Now where’s that spinach I wanted for my salad?–oh that’s right …

    • http://Yahoo Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

      EAT GRASS, but get rid of the illegals. There are many legal immigrants, why don’t they pick your spinach. O, I forgot, now that they are legal, they are too good to go to the fields. What a bunch of sorry young folk this country has.

      • Bruce D.

        Don’t need to pick spinish if you can live off the social services and are not looking for much out of life.

    • always right

      fewer that 10% of the illegals work in agriculture and 100% of those could be replaced by prison labor, braceros or even hungry Americans. If you believe you’re own lie you’re as dumb as the dirt the spinach is coming from.

  • Karla

    I would like to know why it costs $12,500 to deport an illegal. Put them on a bus and ship them home. Any kids they have, go with them. They wanted a family, let the whole family go home. And meanwhile, let’s stop the ‘anchor babies’! Being born of illegal parents does not make you a citizen.

    • GregS

      Well said, Karla! I’d definitely like to know what goes into that high cost of deportation. I have the feeling that the high-spending liberals have something to do with it. It’s either that, or they (the liberals) are lying to the American people, so that they can get more support to keep the illegals here.

      • Jim

        Republicans hire them. Republicans should fine the people hiring illegals. Quit blaming the problem on liberals just because liberals have feelings for suffering.

        • ValDM

          Feelings for the people who suffer????? I have feelings for them, too. I FEEL they should SUFFER in their own countries and work toward fixing the problems in their own countries, rather than bring their problems here. Let me tll you where you can find sympathy: in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

          • Christin

            I agree that the illegals should have stayed and FIXED the problems with their own countries, instead of coming here and bringing their dictatorship or communist governmental mentality… that is why they are not voting for FREEDOM with the Conservatives, because they don’t understand our Constitution and weren’t taught it coming in the back door.

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Jim… Republicans hire them? Really?? Where did you get that data?

        • barbm

          republicans and independents have feelings for suffering too. when no legal american citizen is homeless and no legal american citizen goes to bed hungry, we can worry about foreigners. charity begins at home. it’s just a matter of getting your priorities straight.

        • JC

          Jim says:
          January 31, 2011 at 10:40 am
          Republicans hire them. Republicans should fine the people hiring illegals. Quit blaming the problem on liberals just because liberals have feelings for suffering.

          And there it is…
          The Liberals see themselves as the great saviours of all things weak and underpriveleged. And in order for them to keep seeing things that way, there must continue to be weak and underpriveleged people…the more the merrier. Heaven forbid that people should ever learn to be responsible for their own actions, it would leave so many liberals and race baiters and politicians completely jobless.

          I can’t remember who said it…
          Liberals are people who feel a great debt to their fellow man, which they intend to pay with someone else’s money.

          Parasites one and all.

          • Adair

            Republicans are for the rich. Democrats are for the poor. So to keep being re-elected, it stands to reason each party has to create more of the voters they’re “for.”

            And they do.

        • always right

          Jim, if you think that you’ve got feelings for suffering, why don’t you sponsor some of these miscreats at your own expense and move them in with you? How many have you sponsored so far, Jim? How about your “feeling” friends? Any of them supporting several “immigrant” families in their homes? Then why are you demanding that the rest of us foot the bill?

    • Ellen

      Yeah, isn’t that rich? $12,500? Sounds like colossal BS to me. Another smokescreen as to why we can’t get rid of these invaders, NOW!!

      • eddie47d

        They factor in the cost of ICE,courts,jail guards and facilities and that is probably more than $12,000.

        • ValDM

          Since they are illegal, they should have no expectation of due process. If they don’t have the papers, out they go.

    • Bruce D.

      They are sending them to Mexico City by plane because it is farther away from the border and harder to get back. If they drop them off at the border they will be back in a day or two as there is little to stop them from crossing the border back into this country.

  • Robert Trusty

    They should make the companies pay to have these folks deported since they hire them let them pay to send them back.

    • saw dust

      Right on. They should pay for deportation and their fine should be double what they would have paid a legal worker. If we make it more expensive to hire illigals they will stop!

      • Steve

        Can we hire Illegals to build the border fence?

        • James

          How about we tell them “if they build it they can stay” :)

          • Christin

            How about we tell them they have to stay and help build an American border fence until they pay/work off the $12,500 and their crime of crossing into a sovereign country, but send the women and children back to their own country so he will want to go home to be with them.

            I think America should SECURE the Border FIRST,
            punish the ILLEGAL SECOND,
            and the American Companies knowingly hiring illegals THIRD.

            I think the illegal is the CRIMINAL crossing into a sovereign Country.
            It is only recently that it is a crime to hire, because the government WON’T secure the Border or Find and Prosecute Illlegals!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Robert Trusty… What an excellent idea! You need to write your Congress man and tell them your idea.

  • Marty

    The best place to start is at the state health clinics. They come in all the time getting free help and the STATE pays fo all this. We definitely need new government in the state of Georgia. This is BS.

    • http://Yahoo Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

      I think your new Governor will do the job. Already the “latino” radicals are calling him nazi and drawing pictures of him as being one. Demanding that he does more for the latino community, if you will. In other woods they must be recognized before the true Americans. These are the most arrogant group of people in my time to ever come here, making demands. They do so because some idiot Americans are backing them. This has got to be stopped. Let them take what is left or go back where they came from.

      • Ted Crawford

        I believe that any legal citizen of this country has equal rights with any other, without regard to their national orgin, gender, or religious preference!
        I also believe that any found to be illegal have no rights except to life. They should be swiftly deported. Any found to have employed or aided them should be heavely fined and if appropiate jailed!

        • 45caliber

          Right on!

        • Lynn

          Please tell me something I’ve never heard explained. WHY are we, as legal, American Citizens having to pay for their jail time? Yes, they’ve broken the law but putting them into our jails with food, medical, and a warm and dry place to sleep, ISN’T PUNISHING THEM. It’s no wonder why they’re not fighting to get away. They are being taken to a “motel” to stay for absolutely nothing. It’s an incentive to them. And making them build the fence for us is a waste of time, considering the tunnels they have to transport their drugs and illegal “All I want is to find a job” leaches. I bet if we instead of flying them back (are they being groped by the TSA?) first class, we should use a helicopter with parachutes, taking them to the southern border of THEIR crooked country. (Only give them parachutes filled with bricks). Happy landing…..

          • Lynn

            Besides that, we’ve got the King of NOTHING HERE THAT IS AS ILLEGAL AS ANYONE OF THEM. And his living quarters are better than any living quarters that any of us have, and WE’RE LEGAL!!! He has NO GREEN CARD, NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE, NO HISTORY, NO PAPERS, NO NOTHING, and he’s living like a PIG IN A MUD HOLE. I’d pitch in for a helicopter with “special parachutes” for he and his family with a one way ticket to Kenya anytime. But the TSA would have to avoid him. I’m sure he carries something from the Gentelmen’s Club he belongs to. Life time membership. Yep, time to rev up the copter, it’s going to be a long and bumpy ride.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Let’s not forget his auntie who has been ordered by the court to leave THREE TIMES!!! Tell her once and deport her to the nearest country that will take her!! Then she stands there in an interview and says the government OWES HER!! The only thing this country owes her is a swift kick in the butt and a one way ticket to the country of her choice, unless it’s the USA!!

  • Cat

    I agree with all of you above…put them on a bus and drive them across the border at the expense of the employers that hired them.

  • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo

    Good! Maybe sanity is returning to our country!

  • Moses Sanft

    Let me tell you all, America as a big country is almost over unless we can reverse all the bad things that all the politicians have done so they can state for life in their positions, the illegal population keeps on grown ing and the legal population is going down and what I mean we keep having less kids. Go back and read your history books

    • 45caliber

      Nearly every civilized and progressive country of the world has a shrinking population among their legal citizens. It required close to 3 children per family to just maintain the numbers since some don’t have children or die before they do. But the progressive countries have such a tax rate that the legal residents can’t afford more than one or two children. Take birth in a hospital, for instance. It costs a legal citizen about $12,000 just for the hospital bill. But it costs an illegal or anyone on Welfare ZERO. Further, those on welfare are not allowed to have their tubes tied to prevent pregnancy until they have had at least three kids. That’s one reason they pay Welfare mothers more for each kid – they want to increase the population.

      One myth is that more kids means more taxes paid. At one time, when everyone worked, it did. But since Welfare was started in the ’60′s that has changed as families now on welfare are staying on welfare all their lives – and encouraging their kids to do the same thing. And that is exactly why they are encouraging all the legal and illegal people to come in that they can. They are more willing to work than our own welfare people are and therefore pay some taxes.

  • Cat


    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Cat… Great post… You just need to add Mr. Trusty’s idea of illegals caught at American companies working are shipped out, with their ‘employer’ paying for their trip ‘home’. What a message that would send!

      • 45caliber

        I’d like to see the employer lose his business and bank account and then be sent with them!

        • Christin

          No 45, I think that is too drastic. The illegals are the criminals.

          It has only been recently that the Employers are being held accountable for hiring, because the federal government for decades has not secured the border, punished and deported ALL the illegals who cross into our sovereign state (even with miles of footage recorded of illegals crossing the border and making the trek further north). American Companies (not talking about big Corporations or those gov owned) have to deal with GOV OVER REGULATIONS, HIGH TAXES, UNIONS, EPA, Health Care costs…

          How about the American Government CUT OFF the “feed trough” and the illegals will not flood our country to get FREE food, housing, education, citizenship, voting rights, driver’s licenses, social security checks, street signs in their language, phone calls in their native language, Holidays (May5) from their country… without paying into our system or loving our Country and its FREEDOMS.

    • dgknj

      Long term welfare-The single most destructive invention in the history of the world. For every person that truly needs a hand up in case of a bad break in life, which could happen to anyone, there are many more looking to game the system for a free ride through life. The liberal idea of helping everybody at a cost to nobody, except of course the rich, is a fantasy. Wish it were possible, but reality gets in the way. Look at the stats. How
      many broken families, dropouts, drugs, criminals are produced from the welfare system? How much misery from this dependency/enslavement? Look
      where most of the money went/goes. How much stolen by crooked politicians,
      how much wasted, what living conditions are there?

  • sean murrey

    i go along with them so many people out of work it makes sense to run these iilegals out of here and give the jobs to americans.

  • cowboyherb

    How would we be treated if we were an illegal in the country the illegal’s come from to America. ? ICE raid at Del Monte Fresh a while back. Over 150 illegals were fired and deported. Within 2 days, the plant was fully staffed with LEGAL Americans. If we can deport all of these leaches, I’ll bet the unemployment rate will drop significantly. Show me where I’m incorrect!!!

  • cowboyherb

    Obama Quietly Erasing our Borders without congressional approval, Obama administration is implementing a key policy objective of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, or SPP, to erase the border with Mexico and Canada.
    The administration is acting under a State Department-declared policy initiative described in a March 23 fact sheet titled “United States-Mexico Partnership.
    CTV News in Canada has obtained a draft copy of a declaration between the U.S. and Canada entitled “Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Competitiveness,” to be implemented by a newly created Canadian-U.S. “Beyond t…he Border Working Group.” The two documents strongly suggest the Obama administration is pursuing a stealth bureaucratic methodology to establish a common North American border around the continent, encompassing the U.S., Canada and Mexico, while simultaneously moving to erase the borders between the U.S. and Mexico as well as between the U.S. and Canada.

    • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo

      Bush tried to do this but enough people found out about it and the plan was put on hold. We are to become The American Union and our currency will become the Amero. I hope the congress wakes up fast!

    • JC

      It started before Bush and has never gone away…
      it just lays low when it gets too much attention.
      But yes, Obama is for sure the latest White House Meat Puppet to try and erase the borders…and that explains his stance towards Arizona’s border policy.

  • Milissa Benson

    Start charging Mexico and the country of origin for the $12500 it costs to ship them back. When another country gets an aid check of $16.35 because that is all that is left from sending their citizens back, they will see that it is their problem, too.

    • s c

      Milissa, send them all packing, and send the bill to Carlos Slim. He is, by the way, the richest man in the world. How he got that way I’ll never understand.
      If Senor Slim isn’t willing to correct the problem, then treat him the same way Obummer wants to treat “rich” folks in America [MAKE HIM PAY!]. He can afford it.

    • marvin

      Milissa Benson
      it cost just about 12000 dollars to have a baby[just hospital bill]i would say we have thousands of goverment planes and busses ,but the 12500 is to make you thank it cost to much to deport illegals you can fly around the world for a hell of a lot less the cost is way over rated to make you think it would be to much expence la country california spent $600 million in 11 month in 2010 for welfare for illegals,thats would be a lot of deported illegals

    • 45caliber

      I don’t think we should send them aid in the first place. All it does is go into some foreign politician’s (dictator’s) private bank account anyway.

  • cowboyherb

    Democrats could have cut America’s unemployment by half and have chosen not to. You deserve to know why and how this can be achieved today. There are six main reasons for America’s unemployment numbers:
    1.The Democrat Party doesn’t want to c…ut unemployment in America.
    2.Monthly legal immigration numbers and programs increase America’s economic/jobless problems and states’ financial obligations for education, emergency medical care, law enforcement/incarceration and entitlement assistance programs.
    3.Unemployment furthers global environmentalist objectives.
    4.De-industrialization, Free trade agreements (GAAT, NAFTA, CAFTA) which increase the price of U.S. goods (compared to China’s imports, for example), the exporting of our jobs to foreign countries by U.S. firms to keep production costs and taxes lower, thereby increasing profit margins.
    5.Employers’ uncertainty about: impending expiration of the Bush tax cuts, impacts of ObamaCare and increasing government regulations, the bleak economic future, is stagnating hiring and expansion.
    6.Most Americans aren’t aware of this agenda or the demographics and thus aren’t pushing the Administration for these simple, logical solutions.

    • Jean

      Do what Japan did a few years ago. They shipped back ALL the green cards – which included a few generations of their families. most came from South and Central America. just because they were born in Japan – did not make them or their decendants natural born citizens.

      • 45caliber

        Sounds good to me.

  • cowboyherb

    Reclaim American Jobs Caucus.
    In March 2009, key Republicans including U.S. Reps. Sue Myrick (R- N.C.), Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Gary Miller (R-Calif.) established the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus. Its aim is to enforce currently existing …immigration laws. This effort has gone unnoticed and absolutely no action has been taken other than being reported by The Daily Caller. If the immigration laws were enforced, the 8 million illegal aliens currently withholding jobs from Americans and legal immigrants looking for work, could cut the current unemployment rate by 50 percent! According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, California has 2.2 million unemployed Americans and legal immigrants who compete with 1.8 illegal aliens in the workforce; in North Carolina, 500,000 unemployed Americans compete with 250,000 illegals in the workforce; in Texas, 1 million unemployed Americans compete with 950,000 illegals in the workforce; and in Florida more than 1 million unemployed Americans compete with 750,000 illegal aliens in the workforce. Forty-one Republican congressmen have joined the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus. If your congressman is not a member of the Caucus, call his or her office and ask them to become a member. You can find the members here.—
    Minority unemployment is even worse
    A recent Pew Hispanic Center Study (Oct. 29, 2010) points out that Hispanic Americans are losing out on jobs to non-native (illegal) Hispanic workers. Hispanic immigrants gained nearly 100,000 construction jobs from 2009 to 2010, but native-born Hispanic Americans lost 133,000 of those very same jobs.—
    It found that from June 2009 to June 2010, the unemployment rate for foreign-born workers dropped 0.6 percent, while rising 0.5 percent for native-born workers. Interestingly, the unemployment rate for foreign-born Hispanics decreased from 11.0 percent in the second quarter of 2009 to 10.1 percent in the second quarter of 2010. At the same time, the unemployment rate for native-born Hispanics increased from 12.9 percent to 14.0 percent.
    The situation is grimmer for African-Americans
    With national unemployment hovering around 10 percent and black male unemployment at a staggering 17.6 percent, it’s just not true that undocumented workers are doing the jobs that we won’t do, wrote Cord Jefferson in his article, “How Illegal Immigration Hurts Black America” for “[Illegal immigration] hurts low-skilled, low-wage workers of all races, but blacks are harmed the most because they’re disproportionately low-skilled,” Professor Swain said. After an ICE raid eliminated 300 illegal aliens at a Columbia Farms processing plant in Columbia, S.C., House of Raeford began replacing immigrants at its plants, converting from an 80 percent Latino (illegal) to a 70 percent African-American workforce, the Charlotte Observer reported.
    The Federation for Immigration Reform identifies indirect costs resulting from unemployment payments to Americans who lost their jobs to illegal aliens willing to work for lower wages and lost tax collections from those American workers who became unemployed at an additional $4.3 billion annually. This results in an annual cost of illegal alien services to states of $24.44 billion.—

    • Rusticus

      “Sue Myrick (R- N.C.), Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Gary Miller (R-Calif.) established the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus.”

      That is about like Al Capone establishing the clean up Chicago Caucus. After the corporations that own these congressmen have shipped all the decent high paying jobs overseas,(and are still shipping them)these congressional hypocrites want us to believe they care about American workers.

      The only reason they are “reclaiming” jobs is that they haven’t figured out a way to outsource them.

  • M.L.

    Everyone is always talking about the money that it will cost to deport them (12, 500) O.K. Lets have a go at it. Billions of dollars are spent per year per state for these illegals, plus health care plus schooling plus huge amounts for many programs. 16,000 per student will be used for their higher education under the instate tuition program. Special identification, drivers license etc, etc. California alone has one county dishing out in the billions for them. We can not sustain this much longer. THEREFORE I SAY DEPORT!!!

  • http://Yahoo Rob

    Sounds like a good start, but only when I start hearing about more frequent raids or accually see it happen, will I believe it. Also, something to add to this conversation, Cut ALL FREEBIES given to ILLEGALS and I believe they would start to leave on their own. Feeding stray cats only means they will stick around.

    • 45caliber


  • momplayer


    • 45caliber

      They say it costs $12,000 to send one home – and some liberals insist that is too high so we should keep them. However, Welfare and all the other goodies costs us FAR more than $12,000 a year. Paying that amount to get them out of here is cheap if we could keep them out.

    • Lynn

      Yes it is momplayer. If I hear that “Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Spanish, Press…..” anymore, I’m going to puke. And I can NOT find one food item that is ONLY WRITTEN IN ENGLISH. Check out the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. It has one colum to tell you how to bake, and one colum to tell you how to “Horney”. What the hell is this all about? Ballots written in Spanish is defeating the purpose and is incouraging the “Wet Backs” to vote when they are not elligable to vote IN OUR COUNTRY. Why isn’t the voting registriars allowing Illegals to vote in OUR ELECTIONS? Could it be the plan of the Illegal Imposter at work?
      I’m not sure if you have noticed this or not, but next time you’re out and about, if you can afford the gas, drive by your nearest gun shop. They are overrun by AMERICAN CITIZENS purchasing guns and rifles not to mention cases of ammo. After seeing this myself, I’m convinced that American Citizens are NOT going to be quiet much longer. And tell Hillary Clinton and her NATO allies, if they want to take away any guns, machine guns, high power assault rifles, etc., try going into Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and so on and take them away from the street gangs. How many of the gangs are illegal aliens also? How many of them are deported? Yeah right, take away OUR PROTECTION and let the ILLEGAL GANGS lead our country.
      One other thing that doesn’t help matters any also is our televsion stations speaking only Spanish, or Mexican, relly. Remove the Telemundo and the others.

      Forget it, I’ve been sick of them for years and years. Everyone is a “Lets you and him do something about it”.

      If you want to see reality as it is and if you can watch the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL, look up BORDER WARS. And watch the cockroaches bringing in their drugs and their $2000.00 per person paid illegal aliens with their coyotes doing their best to destroy our country on their way to their Safe Houses.

      Have a nice day everyone.

      • M.L.


        • libertytrain

          ML – my aunts were legal and born here – his wasn’t legal and wasn’t born here. Perhaps you may wish to study American history a little more.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          As were mine back a lot of generations!!! The biggest majority of the men fought for this country as did quite a few of the women!!

  • Restless_Native

    GOP Legislators Support Work-Site Raids On Undocumented Immigrants…

    I aboslutely support work-site raids, not because I’m a Rebuplican, I’m not, but because I’m a natural born American and this is what is right!

    I wish everyone would quit calling those who enter this country illegally, Undocumented Immigrants. It conveys that they’ve gone legally through the process of Immigration, but somehow we lost their documentation.

    When you enter this country illegally, that makes you illegal not undocumented. When you enter this country and you are not a citizen, that makes you Alien or Foreign.

    Please help restore the term Illegal Alien, it is the true description of who each of these invidiuals are.

    Undocumented Immigrant, is a psyops tool to change the popular opinion of these people from criminal, what they are because of the laws they broke; into humane, folks just like you and me who need our help and support.

    You cannot break into someone’s house and not be a burglar, and likewise you cannot break into our country and not be an Illegal Alien.

    It makes no difference if after you arrived, you cut the grass, washed the windows, cleaned the house, or maintained the pool. That would just make you a criminal, albiet a working one, not paying taxes… but that is another topic.

    I actually like this term even more Illegal Invader. Either way we need to resist the marketing plan of Undocumented Immigrant, and restore the truth of this matter.

    • GregS

      Well said, Restless! Illegal aliens is what they truly are! No two ways about it!

    • lkar

      Well put! The terminology of this debate must not be stolen by the liberal media and illegal alien supporters. Control the language of the debate so the consequences of inaction are clearly understood. ILLEGAL ALIENS are taking jobs from LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and AMERICAN CITIZENS!

    • Bud Tugly

      I agree. We must stop using the euphemism “undocumented”. It is misleading and makes it sound like they are supposed to be here, but just lost some slip of paper. They are ILLEGAL. What is not to understand? I am tired of wasting money printing ballots and other documents in English and Spanish. No other ethnic group gets this privilege. I am tired of parades declaring California “occupied Mexico”. True, our state was once part of Mexico, but then Mexico was once the Aztec Empire. Both were a long time ago.

      Mexico is blessed with bountiful resources, but their corrupt government can’t seem to get it together and the people remain in poverty. Let their citizens fix their problems at home, or come here legally.

  • Joyce from Loris

    And remember this, during the worse economic time we have experienced, more than 1 MILLION illegal aliens got jobs last year. Did you? I didn’t. It’s because of the scheme these illegals will do. First, they have a baby here, at the expense of the tax payers. Then, they take the child’s birth certificate and social security number and use it illegally to obtain welfare checks, food stamps, HUD housing, all the freebies this nation has to offer. Third, they go to work, will work for LESS MONEY and cash. Fourth, they wired that money back to MEXICO, to the tune of $20 BILLION in 2010 alone. That money will guarantee them a life of luxury when they return to Mexico. They DO NOT WANT TO BE AMERICAN CITIZENS! I keep telling everyone that, but they won’t listen. If they wanted to be Americans, they would not be wiring money back HOME. They just want our MONEY! They just want to take advantage of AMERICA! So all those bleeding hearts, when your children are living in absolute poverty because our nation is BROKE, maybe your children can go to Mexico, and be a maid to some of those RICH Mexicans. How would like that???? DEPORT THEM ALL.

    • 45caliber


      You are quite correct. They do not want to become Americans; all they want is the money. Back when they first gave an amnesty, they expected less than a million would ask for a green card. They got over 3 million. But as soon as the cards expired, only 300,000 wanted to renew them. The rest prefered to be illegal or had gone back to where they came from.

      I don’t know about illegals from other countries but I do know that the illegal Mexicans here want $100,000 saved up to retire. One told me that the interest on that would allow them to retire and even hire a full time maid/cook and guardener. If they work an additional year, they can buy a nice villa for about $12,000. I suspect those from other countries can do the same thing.

      • Joyce from Loris

        Exactly. They laugh at us, talking about amnesty for them. They don’t care, they just want the money and the freebies. They don’t have enough interest in the nation to ever learn the LANGUAGE. They don’t want to assimilate. They just want the money, let them do the crimes they want to do, and they will leave us alone as soon as they have enough saved up. They hate us.

        • 45caliber

          I won’t say they hate us but they certainly don’t consider us a friend. The crimes they commit is because they don’t believe they will have to serve any time (they get sent home instead if caught) and because it is another way to make more money.

          A friend was robbed. He was later asked to see if he could identify some of their jewelry in boxes about two feet square. The illegals were saving all the good stuff to take back to Mexico with them. None would serve any time beyond what it took to get the various burglaries solved and the INS to send them home. The police man told him that they would then take a month holiday to visit relatives and come back to do it again.

  • marvin

    people we don,t have a goverment for the people and by the people,we have a power hungry punish your ememy and reward your friends power grab for votes,as the old saying goes never mind the mule just load the wagon,well people the wagon is over full and the mule has bulked,time to start removeing the the load from the back of the mule,if your goverment won,t do their job kick them to the curb,if you are an american citizen call email write visit your reps tell them to stop the madness of 100,000 green cards per month over 1 million a year of just legal immigrants[best and brightest]gas station and motels owners, not couting the 15 or 20,000 illegals that cross are border a week,enuf is enuf

  • Earl Walton

    I live in North Carolina,there is VERY little work here but what work there is is being done by illegals.I go to the store to buy food for my family,barely affording what we need an stand in line watching while a immigrant has a buggy full,pays for it with a foodstamp card an never speaks a drop of english.We have went to job sites an ask for green cards an called immigration control an reported them and was told “sir its not that easy”.I did their job all they had to do was come pick them up.Still was not unuff.Hell what am I saying We have a “undocumented” president,WE have become sheep.GOD BLESS US.

  • electricmamabear

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the E-Verify program? When that was available and serviced, most employers voluntarily made use of it. While there are those who would find ways around it, it would at least allow honest businesses to verify that they are compliant with the current the law. Since this POTUS, that program has all but disappeared. As a former California resident, I can attest to the fact that our taxes and our health insurance costs increased incrementally with the invasion of ILLEGAL ALIENS. There are laws, programs and solutions to this problem, but neither the last administration, nor this one chooses to enforce the LAWS of this nation. Having traveled and lived abroad, I can’t list even one nation that would allow such ILLEGAL ALIENS to enter their country and then profit from the sevices provided for their citizens. Announce on all TV and Radio stations that at a certain time, say within 2 weeks time, that the existing laws of the USA on immigration will be enforced. Then, at that designated time, seal the borders and implement the laws that exist. Find, confine and deport the illegals and then FINE the businesses, school administrators, social workers, hospital administrators, churches clergy and any other “American” that helps or hides these illegal invaders! Sorry, I DO speak Spanish and I know exactly what they are saying about us and what they plan to do to us when they out number us! BTW What the heck are they here for when we have shipped so many of our jobs to Mexico and Central and South America? Bought clothes or choclate lately? HECHO EN MEXICO or HECHO EN EL SALVADOR….Just sayin….

    • http://?? Joe H.

      E-verify is still available. it is only extended a year or two at a time and it isn’t deemed manditory. There in lies the problem. Make it permanent and MANDITORY!!!! Then when you find an employer hiring an illegal, he/she has NO EXCUSE!!!

  • Deep River Rat

    Make E-Verafing the standard procedure for all employment just like drug testing is manatory

    • 45caliber

      I agree about E-verify but drug testing is not manditory for workers at all sites. In fact, the argument is that drug testing is only to be allowed if there is a danger issue. For instance chemical plants where a drugged operator could open the wrong valve or a truck driver who might plow into a family car. Things like Congressmen’s aids are never checked unless the boss – like Bush did – require it. Oblama and Clinton certainly didn’t. Many jobs don’t require it.

  • 45caliber

    I seeeeee!

    It is better to make all the illegals legal than it is to send them home and let good Americans take the jobs.

    I think the real reason is that the illgals will work for less than Americans because they depend upon Welfare to make a living. The money they work for goes back where they came from. So we Americans – without the jobs they hold – are paying them to take the jobs here.

    • lkar

      The other side of the working for less is that the few ILLEGAL ALIENS that I have come into contact with, live in terrible habitats by American standards. I have seen trailer courts filled with ILLEGAL ALIENS and all the trailers are falling apart, have at least 2 to 3 families per unit, and the vehicles barely seem drivable. If they wanted to stay in America and pursue a better life, why does it not start with their living standards? Instead of sending money back to Mexico, why not improve their life in America?
      As a previous poster has pointed out, calling ICE does no good. Most of the suggestions seem put forth seem reasonable and are probably already the current law. How about an American tip line to help ICE find the ILLEGAL ALIENS? I know it sounds a little Big Brother, but we have neighborhood watch programs why not ILLEGAL ALIEN watch program?

      • 45caliber

        My wife inherited a house in another state. Since we don’t need another house, we put it up for sale as a few thousand less than it was appraised for. And we couldn’t get a single bid on it.

        Then accidently the reality agent disclosed that there were about 20 illegal aliens there and the place was a mess. I asked to have them run off. She told me that if they did, the illegals would simply come back and finish wrecking the place. They didn’t even try to lock up empty houses because they would break in the door. They live like that because they could save all their money to send home – or put in a bank so they could retire and return home.

        They don’t live in shacks and broken trailers because they can’t live in something better. They live in the cheapest places they can find by choice – and then wreck them since they don’t own them. I finally dumped the house to someone for half its value so he could fix it up and sell it. I had no choice in the matter.

  • American Patriot

    The sign has already been put in place folks. it says, “WELCOME TO MEXAMERICA” it was The North American Union. Under the Bush administration. Our new money next year will be called the “Amero” sound familiar? Ok, how about “Euro” So, now maybe Americans can see why there is not too much help by OBAMA-LAMA-DING-DONG or his band of ass hats. Polosi. Reid. or, Mr. Janet Napolatano to name a few.

  • Airdaleusn

    Go after the Companies. The Ceo’s ten years mandatory and $5000.00 for each day an illegal has worked and the person that directly hired the individual 5 years mandatory and $15,000.00 fine. You can’t kill a Snake by cutting off it’s tail.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      you can kill a snake by cutting off the tail, sure you can! If you cut the tail off right behind the head!!!

  • Delores Smith

    The Drug Cartel wants illegals to be made legal to have drug pushers all over the United States. In Arizona the illegals who work for the Cartel are called coyotes. Make illegals legal…and those that want to work for the Cartel are free to come in and out of the country to push their product.
    As an American, I demand that all people show identification or get out! This is not about kindness. Our men are giving up their lives elsewhere while we have possible cells & terrorists among us. Obama, you want votes at our expense. IT’S THE ECONOMY…STUPID. Delores Smith

  • Charles

    The trouble in America, people who didn`t go to college or the uneducated,the dropouts, want to make as much money as someone who has prepared themselves for the job market.Instead,they will turn to crime or go on welfare.They will not try and work at low paying jobs and try to work themselves up to better paying jobs.A lot of people will stay on unemployment instead of taking a job paying less than
    what they were making when they got laid off.In most cases, if they are willing to take a job making less,they would find out by the time their unemployment runs out and they were willing to work hard, they would be back to making perty much the same money they maid when they
    got laid off. EDUCATION >> EDUCATION

  • George B

    Dose our policitans ever listen to us. [NO] The answers are here on this page. Put the employers out of business, transport Illegals across the border, and make it quick [like with a justice of the peace]. Our National Debt would soon go down and the deficit would go away.

  • M.L.

    Thank you Delores, you hit the nail right on the head. I just want to add that 9000 Americans have been raped and murdered on our soil while our Families are over seas fighting. And that is wiuthout the drug cartell. I’ll bet you never seen that on the liberal channels. And this government does not want us to hurt the poor little brown darlings feelings, by calling us racist.

  • M.L.

    One more notice: Janet Napolitano signed an agreement (secretly) at the end of November in Mexico city to extend “TRUSTED TRAVELER” to an estimated 84 million Mexicans. ARE WE SWTILL IN AMERICA?

  • http://com i41

    Charles, you are full of s–t a Christmas fowl. Education from college doesnt work, it just stuffs heads full of theories and feel good crap. Most professors have never had a real job, have lived off of taxpayers for decades, operate off of theories and more government controls and regulations. The parents of these lazy a–ed scum balls have given their idoit spawn, therapy sessions, airy fairy gatherings to feel like they are worthwhile, have never worked at any job, but screwed off on permant vacation. We are a nation of pusified wimps that will not work and blame society, all coming from schools and colleges and living off of taxpayers non stop. Best training program, give them a swift kick in the azz at a early age, have them work at producing something, even if it around the yard and house. Get out of school, get a damn job, if you want to go to college pay your own way or join the military. Do drugs and get caught, clean and care for roadways and pick up trash. Everyone is getting sick of the eternal life long students and living off of taxpayers and mommy and daddy. All 6 of my kids are productive adults and producing something useful for society. Some went to college and some didn’t, but all have worked with me and their mother since they were small children all the way thru school and college if they wanted to go. Too much taxpayer support and poor me crap is destroying America. My kids always had a job and never were not working more than a couple of days, they were trained in equipment operations, livestock, building trades, even welding and metal fabracation. Lazy azzed parents need to take responsible of teaching their children, not golfing and just f–king off, kids are parents rsponsiblity, not the taxpayers.

    • bhscpa

      Great post, couldn’t agree more. Congratulations on doing a good as a parent, it isn’t easy!

  • DeeAnna

    The illegals are taught from the time they go to school that we are the enemy and we stoled their country and they are to come here and multiply by popping out as many babies as they can and to take advantage of the welfare, healthcare, jobs all the freebies available so they can take over America or take back what was theirs. They also send money back to Mexico to there families so they will be able to get here as well, not so they can stay in Mexico, not all of them anyhow. They have infiltrated the system or system’s and slowly but surely they are gaining ground. They have even gone so far as having people in the child support departments finding out names of men and there information and using those unsuspected men’s last names and saying they are the fathers of these illegal womens children. They send letters in hopes the man doesn’t get it or doesn’t respond because they have so many days after receiving this letter and when they don’t, guess what, they are now the father of a baby who’s mother they never met in their life and they now have a baby who is legal citizen. I know this because it happened to my husband and we responded and they wrote back and said they had a number wrong on the social security , but yet the name was the same? I don’t think so. They also said the amount he would have to pay for this child was $11.00 a month. This way it would most likely go unnoticed because of the small amount. We were very astonished and could not believe the nerve of these people.

  • Antonio

    I am all for deportation. It needs to be done and it should always be done and really that is a relatively nice way to do it. Foriegn countries would lock them up and some countries would probably execute them. The one thing that i want to say is that this $12.500 per immigrant is just a donw right lie to get the people to say oh well just legalize them and save money. Thats my guess. I dont know ok. But look it like this. When i go to Colombia for a month or 6 weeks or so that trip does not even cost half of 12,500. Thats just plain bullsh……t.

  • Joe Ballenger

    I say lets make those who hire illegals pay for the cost of deporting bck to their country!!!!

    • Antonio

      How about holding the illegals in jail until their families pay for there 12.500 dollar ride back home. that way all the money that they have sent back home will come back here. And they will starte to think twice about coming here because what happens if they come here get caught go to jail and nobody has money for their 12,500 dollar ride??? Just an idea.

      • M.L.

        I think pleople should come to this country illegal,but when I ear someone like youself spanish name attaking pleople that came from other countrys,,,,Guest what your not even worth to comment on…………….

        • libertytrain

          Good grief – what a discriminatory comment -

        • Bud Tugly

          Only the Native Americans didn’t come from other countries. Antonio’s Spanish name doesn’t mean he must automatically sanction illegal immigration. My family came from Europe, but I would not welcome illegal Europeans either.

  • Richard Martin II

    Easy solution to immigration: No welfare benifits or healthcare benifits to illegals, no free public education,no drivers license, no hiring of illegals and huge penalties to employers who hire illegals. Set up a system and hold to it that one has to be a legal citizen (and show proof) of the USA for any of the above. If the illegals can’t get the freebies they will go home of their own accord and those not here will not come here.

  • Richard Martin II

    Easy solution to illegal immigration: No welfare benifits or healthcare benifits to illegals, no free public education,no drivers license, no hiring of illegals and huge penalties to employers who hire illegals. Set up a system and hold to it that one has to be a legal citizen (and show proof) of the USA for any of the above. If the illegals can’t get the freebies they will go home of their own accord and those not here will not come here.

    • 45caliber

      Demand a drivers’ license – but EVERY state MUST require a birth certificate or proof of legal residency to get it. And if legally here but not a citizen, the drivers’ license should show it.

      • james

        Then Obama wouldnt be able to drive :)

  • Daniel from TN

    ICE states it costs $12,500 to deport one illegal immigrant, making deportation cost prohibitive. First, I think that is a highly inflated number, but for this argument I will use it. The current cost to taxpayers for EACH illegal immigrant is $22,000; per year. Multiply this by the 12 million KNOWN illegal immigrants and the total cost is $264 billion; again, per year. (Some believe the number of illegals may be as high as 20 million, which would produce an annual cost of $440 billion.) Deportation of those same 12 million illegals would be a ONE-TIME cost of $150 billion. Should taxpayers pay a one-time cost of $150 billion or ANNUAL cost of $264 billion? The conclusion should be clear, even for Liberals: We cannot afford to NOT deport illegal immigrants.
    Here’s another reason to enforce immigration law. When you start a new job your employer usually wants you to have a simple health exam/check-up. This is probably the simplest medical exam you’ll ever have. According to the US Dept of Health one-third of illegal immigrants could not pass that simple an exam. Scarey, huh??
    I believe this could be one way of greatly reducing the federal budget. The difference between one-time cost and annual cost is $114 billion (264 – 150 = 114). Multiply this by ten, everyone’s favorite comparison, and you have you have minimum of $1.14 TRILLION, almosyt 10% of our current deficit. Again, we cannot afford to NOT deport illegal immigrants.

  • Don T

    Antonio, the problem with that is then we have the cost of keeping them in jail, what part of DEPORT don’t you understand !!!

  • Earl Walton

    Did anyone know that social services pays a translater,I mean our taxes does.We the people are going to have to fix the problem.

  • Earl Walton

    Hell here in N.C. spanish is required subject.My grandchild is 4yrs. old and already being taught spanish in head start.

    • libertytrain

      That’s probably so he can understand the teacher and other kids in the class. :)

      • http://deleted Claire

        libertytrain—Clever. lol

  • Bryon K. H.

    Still sounds like a mass amnesty to me, people being rewarded for breaking our laws and showing no sovereignty to our great nation.

    Mr. Frank Sharry, although I understand his reasoning, still does not solve the problem or focuses on the issue at hand. Securing our border and providing strict Federal laws against illegal immigration would set the wheel in motion. Our government owes us the right to keep us safe from terrorists and other entities that can cause our nation harm. By leaving the border as a “revolving door”, even our worst enemies can and eventually will enter through this portal and pourous border.

    One thing I would like to add is to the deportation fees. I propose that upon deportation, that the offender pay his own way for deportation since he made money here being illegal, and if he cannot pay or afford to pay, then the company who hired him pay the rest of the fees. This way the taxpayers who work here legally and pay their taxes would be off the hook for the bill. Maybe a lesson would also be learned, both parties thinking twice before acting upon. Then again maybe not.

  • james

    Yeah why is it it costs 12500 to deport someone thats not legal to be here? (and months of incarceration often times) Hey I have a plan, lets take some of the bankers that forclose on homes of disabled solders (at lightening speed) And put them in charge of deporting them. (whats the new politically currect term now?) oh yeah “undocumented workers”, thats like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist. Well the truth is the government sucks at doing anything, they actually took over a “cat house” in nevada and it went broke, now how the hell does a place that sells booze and,,,,,,, ummmm, well you know what else go broke? someone enlighten me?

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Cleaning the illegal invaders out of the US would PAY for itself in about 3 years’ time between the opening of jobs for citizens and legal resident aliens; and in the costs of providing food, housing medical care, education and etc. for all these illegals here, scamming our welfare systems, aided and abetted by both our government and that of Mexico, if not others as well. They broke the laws coming in, and then by continuing to steal from every American citizen; why would making them “legal” incline them to start obeying our laws and paying taxes, etc, all of a sudden? That’s about as foolish as believing any other fairy tale; it’s NOT going to happen! All it does is protect the invaders from being deported and keeps the invasion coming!

  • JimH

    The most prominent illegal is working in the White House and not on the kitchen staff. It would be worth $1200 to deport him back to Kenya.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I’d donate a couple hundred to that fund but only if they took his auntie with him!!!

    • Earl Walton

      That would be a hell of a good start in putting out a message we ain’t sheep no more.How can it be if your poor you can’t run for president but you can if you don’t exist.Can’t find your birth certificate I mean.

  • Antonio

    DON T, thank you for your previous comment. I think you are the one who does not understand the word DEPORT. mmmm How do i explain this to you? First of all, the article said its cost 12,500 to deport “one” and you ok with that cool, me too. BUT, what you dont know is that millions of these illegals have been deported not once nor twice but several times. How does that 12,500 sound to you now??? Is that not the same as locking them up or what??? Just to let you know it is against the law to cross the border it is called “illegal entry” that is punishable by prision time. That would be better than to deport them over and over and over and over again. THINK MAN THINK!!! By the way, your are effectively a laughing stock, because while they are being deported they just laughing at you because they know that they will be back in a few days jajajaja So you better start enforcing the LAW and put them in jail rather than spend 12,500 over and over and over again

    • Earl Walton

      My suggestion proubly would’nt be printed,but for the record they are already laughing at us.I would have to have more proof that it cost that much,I don’t beleive it.regaurdless they must go we cut them any break and we will be a showing how weak we have become.Hell china hopes we do they are just waiting,ever want to learn chinesse.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wiselady says:

    E-Verify was put inplace to discourage illegals from obaining work but interest groups like the ACLU,La Raza, Chicano movement shouted, “descrimiation!”, and many employers quit using it for fear of retribution and just as MANY WERE HAPPY TO HIRE ILLEGALS FOR LESS. JUST IMAGINE WHERE WE WOULD NOW BE IF IT HAD BEEN ENFORCED! Most likely low unemployment. We are nuts to believe that Washington is eager to enforce such laws.


  • dol m.

    If you want to rid the country of the alien freeloaders, stop the free stuff, all of it. They will leave in droves, miraculously finding the money to do so when there are no more, and I mean NO MORE, food stamps, free clinics, free schooling, free ANYTHING. It never has the “jobs” that bring and keep them here. It’s always been about the free money, our welfare state and lenient attitude towards them when they break the law. Bring drugs in? Kill a policeman? No big deal.

  • Earl Walton

    As many Americans that are out of work right now it would be simple give us a big bus an just stop by your local social service building,mexican eatery,laundrymat,job sites,grocery store and mexican supply store load them up take them home.We would get a pay check an immigration officials could still sit on their asses.I could have 20 buses full in a day.

  • Daniel from TN

    I’ve read a lot about e-verify for employers and how the federal government will not mandate it. Here’s a question. Can individual states mandate e-verify within their state?

  • Earl Walton

    We don’t need the extra bodies taking jobs period.We ship so much of our work over seas there ain’t much here now.People need to get back to the basics.Americans are having less children now adays illegals are shiting them out by the dozens,ever want your child to compete for a job with someone that came here illegally.America needs to look out for America nobody else has without a price we always give never receive.Anyone that has children an grandchildren and beleives in god should be worried right now.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Kick the illegals out of the country and repeal welfare. The loafers will work or starve.

    • Earl Walton

      Thank you,well said.

  • Patriot11

    Illegal immigration in this country needs to stop now. I think everyone in this country knows someone who is probably illegal. They wait to be picked up in the cities and towns to be picked up by Contractors. Yet the police sit right near there and do nothing.

    Outsourcing of american jobs needs to stop. Half the stuff yo buy anymore is made somewhere else China, Vietnam, Malasia, Mexico and the products suck. What happened to american ingenuity. Products that lasted a lifetime.

    • Earl Walton

      We need our pride of country back.I try to buy american if I can even if it cost more.china and japan don’t ship jobs over here.


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