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GOP Leaders Weigh In On Obama’s Handling Of Egyptian Protests

February 16, 2011 by  

GOP leaders weigh in on Obama's handling of Egyptian protestsProtests in Egypt prompted a historical transfer of power last week that resonated throughout the world. In the days following the resignation of former President Hosni Mubarak, politicians in the United States graded their leader on his handling of the unrest in Egypt.

According to media reports, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) have praised President Barack Obama for his diplomacy in the past several weeks. The GOP lawmakers said that Obama managed the situation well considering the conflict was between Mubarak, a longtime ally of the U.S., and democracy-driven protesters demanding accountability from their government.

However, both Boehner and McCain questioned why the Federal government did not see these protests coming months ago. On CBS’ Face the Nation, McCain added that Obama’s administration should have spoken up for the protesters in Iran — who revolted against the presidential elections in 2009 — in much the same way it stuck up for the Egyptian opposition.

Several potential GOP candidates for the 2012 Presidential election have slammed Obama for his cautious approach to the protests. On ABC’s This Week, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty said that the President was “nearly incoherent” in his public statements regarding the events in Egypt. He added that Obama should have taken a stronger public stand against a possible government takeover by the influential Muslim Brotherhood.

On the same television program, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich criticized Obama for his lack of diplomacy, claiming that other foreign leaders may be apprehensive to trust U.S. leadership if “they see you publicly abandon somebody who’s been with you for 30 years.”

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  • TIME

    I will note only one thing; The term used by every SOB since TIME began, “THE YOUTH MOVMENT.”

    Our own special leaders used the YOUTH in the the War of 1812, the CW, The SAW, WWI WWII, Korea, Nam, and the now long running 10 year war that will still be going on when I am dead and gone.

    The Middle East the war of 1984, now don’t you dare question or ROOM 101 is in you’re very near future. Can I serve you a plate of Patriot Act? Keep in mind it was the ALL NEW SPECIAL GOP that just gave you a large mound of this COW PIE again.
    Would you also like a WIRE Tap with that? How about a side or Population Control?
    Or would you rather have the Daily Special?

    Can anyone find the BOOGIE MAN?
    TOYS of war and the control of the Mass nothing spells control quite like “The WAR of the MOMENT.” How about a cup of FEAR with that side war?

    Saddly this time, we now face World War Three, thats WW III,
    How about a nice blob of United Nations with that Phat sammie, can YOU say “New World Order?”
    Can you grasp why all this is now in the works?

    Grab you’re chains the Slave train is ready to go.

    Will you all please WAKE UP…….

    • bob wire

      What? ~ I know that your great fear is founded in something Time. Dark clouds gather and build. The wind blows, lighting dances in the sky and it rains horizontal and crops are washed away, large trees too old to bend, break and become half of what they once were and then skies clear and the sun comes out and we start anew.

      It’s wise to be respectful of things being beyond our control but the fear is self-defeating. We are all in it together my friend, the few who sleep are not the enemy.

    • Norm


      I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
      Albert Einstein

    • Jovianus

      Ummm…let’s see. This whole schebang came about in days. Unexpected by everyone…including the Egyptian people. When this occurred during Reagan’s tenure, he let Marcos stamp on the protesting people with force…and then took three years to mainpulate his ouster. The diplomatic repurcaussions were significant and limited our movement i the diplomatic arena in the Pacific for years (some say this behavior gave the opening for China’s entry into that arena).

      Clinton took over a year to manuever Suharto’s removal..again, after Suharto stamped out the protesting people.

      Obama dealt with the issue in one week. Resulting in good relations with the interim powers of Egypt, a clear consensus of the futre options, ample room to manuever for a sectarian, non-religious government, and the US stands for what it once was pre-Bush … a beacon for democracy.

      Of course there may be some who would support a dictatorship with increasingly violent methods for control. And these are who would support the continued US involvement in maintaining dictatorships throughout the Middle East (worked well so far eh? I mean, we all love the control the ME dictatorships have on our oil lifeline, and their support for extremist terrorists)

      But most rational thinking people see a sectarian popular government to be a good thing.

      • Wim Vonk

        Well written. It is not sure yet that the Muslim Brotherhood will be part of a new government, so the fear mongering in the US should keep their powder dry. And it is not eh US that should decide what the government in Egypt should look like. Leave them alone and leave Iran alone the protest there are starting too without any American interference. this is all good news.

        • Dan

          I’ve seen news reports that the MB will be the major participant and leader for re-writing their constitution. They also have formed the dominant political party. All this has been in the news.

          • Rusticus

            The US MSM is more interested in fear mongering for their corporate owners than they are in reporting “News”. The best news source for this is Al Jazeera.

          • Jovianus

            Dan…can you source that please? It runs directly opposite from what I’ve read (including Al Jazeera)

          • http://?? Joe H.

            And then today we get reports that Iran is going to send two warships up the suez without notice!!! How much do you think Isreal will take???

          • Granny Mae


            You have it right and I’m with you but I’m afraid that we stand alone. There is no convincing the left that Obama has his hand in all of this and it was not a spontaneous thing on the spur of the moment. This has been in the planning for over a year and that info came from those doing the planning. Groups controled by Soros and Obama ! They are now doing the same thing in Wisconsin ! What kind of a president do we have that will step into individual states business? First Arizona now Wisconsin and how many more states. He needs to concern himself with the affairs of the country and leave the affairs of the states to the Governors of the states ! This president and his friends and policies make me sick and I will campaign against him till I take my last breath. Obama is so concerned with getting his way that he is neglecting his duty to keep this country safe and secure by avoiding doing anything about the Mexican boarder and we are loosing ICE agents and citizens right and left ! Obama is not a careing or concerned president of this country he is concerned only with forcing this country into compliance with the NWO. Time we are wasting our breath on these idiots out here ! They are a big part of the cause and not the cure !

        • Eric Bischoff

          I consumed massive amounts of media for those 2 weeks, from French news to African news to A Jazeera, to the BBC, Free Speech TV, Link TV and all of the Alphabet networks and finally Fox.

          I can tell you that the most unfair, unbalanced, close minded, fear mongering, untruths and propaganda was put out by Fox. They are an embarrasment

          The scary part is not the people who only watch and believe Fox, it is the thousands of affiliates that pick up their message without ever questioning it and put it out as real news.

          We only have ourselves to blame for our own ignorance. It takes work to find the truth these days but it is not impossible.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Gee Eric, I find a lot of news that echos Fox. Perhaps you don’t listen too close or compare apples to apples!!

          • Eric Bischoff

            Maybe you are not paying attention so I’ll repeat one section

            The scary part is not the people who only watch and believe Fox, it is the thousands of affiliates that pick up their message without ever questioning it and put it out as real news.

          • Bruce D.

            And the real news is that Obama is a great president Eric?????

          • http://?? Joe H.

            You listed BBC and I listen to it quite a lot and it also echoes a lot of Fox. Actually, Fox usually shows video to back up most of what it reports!!!

          • Granny Mae


            I find that Fox news always says don’t believe me but research this news for yourself. If they scare you, maybe it is because they should. The major news media has been bought off by Obama and Soros and are under their control so you aren’t getting the true news. When you do get it from someone else you think they are spreading lies, but how then do you explain all these things that Fox is saying is going to happen next because of this or that , and sure enough within days it happens. Last week they said that the demonstrations would be coming to the US next and sure enough take a good look at Wisconsin. Guess what? All these demonstraters are not from Wis. They are being trucked in by the unions! How wonderful to have a president that is willing to turn citizens against citizens in this country to suit his needs! This creep should be IMPEACHED right now !

          • Granny Mae


            Guess what ? I’m questioning your opinion as to what is or isn’t real news. You seem to believe every news agency that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling and dismiss anyone that say’s wake up America and read the hand writting on the wall. Sorry your opinion carries no weight in this household !

    • Teresa
    • Rusticus


      Great letter. If you aren’t a writer, maybe you should be,

    • Ajfrench

      I have been preaching this since 2006 and I have been labeled insane. I recognized this first back in 1988 and spoke about it with a very good friend who was feeling very much the same. Now we have a wh full of dems & repubs. Doing nothing. And mc Cain and boener siding with o on Egypt should curde everyones innards. Both the dems and the rhinos should be put out to pasture and replaced with true federalists and patriots.

      And for anyone who doesn’t get it the US is the next MB target.

      • Jovianus stated ‘true federalists’. What exactly is a “true federalist” and what is a “patriot”?

        Just so everyone knows what they are or are not … (and if you refer to a “true federalist’ being one in sync with the Founding Fathers… please specify if you refer to Founding Fathers as those writing the Dec of Independece, those who sat in the First Continental Congress, the Second Continental Congress or the Confederation Congress (pre Constitution)?


      • Granny Mae

        Organizing for America is the group of Obamas people that do his election work and Obama has turned them loose on this problem in Wisconsin. This means that the DNC is interfereing with the affairs of individual states ! I’m telling you people, he needs to be impeached !

  • s c

    What gall these progressive dolts have. Anyone in Egypt listening to what Obama says is akin to a pimp having a tantrum with a hooker over “ethics.” Ye gods, people, what do we have to do to get leaders in this nation?

    • Dan az

      possibly hold a lottery we would have a better chance of finding someone with common sense,maybe a plumber at least he knows sh-t goes down hill.

      • 45caliber

        I think you are right on this. A lottery sounds good to me – as long as I don’t have to have my name in it.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Dan az,
        Hell, pick a name out of a hat, we couldn’t do much worse than what we have NOW!!! Or better yet, do like they do with jury duty and pick a name from the voting lists, random from a computer!!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Dan az,
        To all these people that say the muslims are not a threat to the US, I suggest they type january imprimus into their search engine and check out the speech and the speakers credentials!!! Check it out!!!

        • Dan az

          Only you Joe I liked the!

    • James

      Sc, We have to stop voting in the presidential and vice-presidential elections. There is no constitutional provision for their popular election, let the Electoral College do it, alone.

    • Norm

      s c
      Why should anyone in Egypt listen to what Obama or any other American has to say?

      • Another Voice

        Exactly! Where have we gotten the idea that it’s America’s job to decide who governs Egypt?

      • coal miner


        You are right.Here is what a famous president said:

        “The true theory of our Constitution is surely the wisest and best, that the States are independent as to everything within themselves, and united as to everything respecting foreign affairs. Let the General Government be reduced to foreign concerns only, and let our affairs be disentangled from those of all other nations, except as to commerce, which the merchants will manage the better, the more they are left free to manage for themselves, and our General Government may be reduced to a very simple organization, and a very inexpensive one; a few plain duties to be performed by a few servants”
        Thomas Jefferson

      • coal miner


    • Eric Bischoff

      “What do we have to do to get good candidates?”

      Let’s begin by impeaching Thomas and Scalia and reversing these two corrupt judges Citizens United decision that made corporation into people and gave them free speech therefore making them and their money more powerful than god in deciding who will win our elections. Until you change that one the game is up.

      In order to get good leaders, we need to educate the electorate instead of selling them a bag of goods.
      We need real investigative news and journalism instead of corporate propaganda.

      We have all of the tools to make that happen. All we need is a little courage and will power.

      Instead of destroying NPR and PBS as has been done since the Bush years maybe we should put them to work for us . We need to take the corporate money out of the process.

      Term limits
      Campaign finance reform
      Public financed campaigns
      Free prime time air time on our own PBS network
      Lots of debates open to all candidates
      Restrict campaign time to just a few months prior to elections
      Make buying political advertising time illegal on corporate networks

      Do these things and watch how fast things would change for the better.

      • Vicki

        Eric Bischoff writes:
        “In order to get good leaders, we need to educate the electorate instead of selling them a bag of goods.
        We need real investigative news and journalism instead of corporate propaganda.”

        Agreed. We even have such things. All over the Internet. Of course not everyone will agree that or have investigative news and journalism. And of course there is Daily Kos and Huffington post.

        Eric Bischoff: “We have all of the tools to make that happen. All we need is a little courage and will power.”

        You might need it. We don’t. We are here daily educating the readers.

        Eric Bischoff: “Instead of destroying NPR and PBS as has been done since the Bush years maybe we should put them to work for us . We need to take the corporate money out of the process.”

        Since NPR and PBS is PUBLIC Tax money the only way to take corporate money out of the process is to stop taxing corporations. Good idea actually.

        Eric Bischoff: “Term limits”

        Already in place. Vote them out and their term is limited.

        Eric Bischoff: “Campaign finance reform”

        Agreed The reform is to remove all the limitations on how much people CHOOSE to spend on the campaign of their choice. Its THEIR money. Not only is it their money but it is their money that is most at risk when Congress is in session.

        Eric Bischoff: “Public financed campaigns”

        Forcing people to spend their money on those who do not share their beliefs is still theft.

        Eric Bischoff: “Free prime time air time on our own PBS network”

        Since PBS is supposed to be free (well not but paid by public funds) why do you need to make it free? How about we defund it and let the free market decide what to put in prime time.

        Eric Bischoff: “Lots of debates open to all candidates”

        Absolutely. And Eric is going to organize them cause he wants to do everything for free. Actually it would be easy enough. Eric just has to start up and maintain a simple website and invite all the candidates to contribute. Kinda like we do here. It can be a forum. We can use social networking. Cool idea Eric. Let us know when you have it set up.

        Eric Bischoff: “Restrict campaign time to just a few months prior to elections”

        Violation of First Amendment.

        Eric Bischoff: “Make buying political advertising time illegal on corporate networks”

        Violation of First Amendment. Well so are some of the other ideas Eric proposed :) This one is interesting as the most narrow argument for what the first amendment protects is of all things political advertising.

        • Dan az

          The go to girl, excellent work!I’m Glad your on our!

        • Granny Mae


          Excellant post ! Thank You !

      • John Woodbury

        Jesus F. H. Christ Eric, WTF are you from? You are a deranged punk a$$ Liberal excuse for Gaga. And this is the clean version. Gee, I hope you and your liberal good buddies can get a life. Where is the O now that Gadfly is slaughtering his own people? NOOOOO, can not say anything, he is the O’s special friend. WTF up people. This $tuff is coming to a place near you….martial law is coming next.

    • Granny Mae

      s c ,

      Very good question ! First we need to amke examples of the ones we already have and that means start with the top down and Impeach that sorry excuse of a person in the white house !

  • Joseph

    It is interesting that the US policy probably started the whole problem. We decided to use food to make fuel for our cars etc. As a result, the cost of corn etc. went up in price. It’s called supply and demand. Economics, not Government controls that. With the increased cost of food, etc. borrowing was necessary to supply the US citizens with their desires. New money had to be printed to supply the US demand. Unfortunately, foreigners buy our products with US Dollars. This is true for now! This made the cost of food, a necessity that is not even included in US Government cost of living estimates, rise. A poor young man immolated himself in despair. Obviously he wasn’t the only one suffering. Now you can see the result!

    • s c

      Joseph, what happened with Mubarak is a typical, predictable result of the spread of American-made, septic tank democracy. It is ALWAYS expensive, the stench is incredible and someone else gets stuck with having to clean up the mess when the ‘product’ overflows.
      Some people want to call it leadership. It’s more like generational stupidity on steroids.

      • Rusticus

        What happened had nothing to do with American democracy just as his being in power for thirty years had nothing to do with democracy: American or otherwise.

        American democracy is an oxymoron. Has been for some time.

        • Vicki

          America (USA) is not now and never has been a democracy. Our founders did not want a democracy and went out of their way to make sure we didn’t have one.

          With all the poor changes since its inception we are at risk of becoming a democracy. We will then waste, exhaust and murder ourselves as predicted in the above video.

  • eddie47d

    We all know our intelligence community is an oxymoron.They seldom know anything until after it happens and they get $80 billion a year. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a great a threat as was previously stated. Yesterday I stated they represented 30% of population. Today on the news they said it was 20%. So maybe it is somewhere in between.This organization stated they will not run a candidate for the Egyptian Presidential elections supposedly in September. That is more good news since it shows they don’t have a viable candidate.The bad news is that they will be allowed to run openly in the future(they had been banned). At least the Egyptians will now see what they are really made of and they won’t be able to hide their secrecy. Term limits for Presidents are now being considered and maybe a ban on the military trying civilians in a military court. The also want to change their emergency laws( their patriot act) and to Take Out a provision in their Constitution that Islam is the National religion.

    • James

      Eddie47d, Our intelligence community usually knows about these things before they happen (9-11 is a good example). They pretend ignorance because they don’t want to be blamed. When people find out through other sources, they then acknowledge it.

    • Dan az

      Thats not what i read.
      Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya is suspected of involvement in the 1981 assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat and it took credit for the 1995 attempted killing of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. It has carried out scores of deadly terrorist attacks, some targeting foreign tourists.

      The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to spread Islam around the world. Hamas and al-Qaida are violent Brotherhood offshoots.

      While the Brotherhood claimed it abandoned violence to push for a peaceful takeover of Egypt, the group’s new spiritual leader, Muhammad Badi, recently has publicly called for violent jihad, including against the U.S.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Eddie. Our intel ccommunity has been handcuffed by politicians (more left than right) since after WW2. “A swift sword saves money and eliminates future problems.” Anonomyus

      My dad sat at the yellow river in his tank (1950) He stated that in 6-12 months North Korea would have been a non issue today. (and possibly china) Intervene the politicians. We know how that one worked out.

  • c.lynn

    This is the worst situation that has happened in my life time of 60 years and maybe the worst in the history of the world. I can’t believe we turned our back on a world leader who help keep the peace for Israel. If this doesn’t tell your who the USA is supporting now you are blind and stupid. It is obvious that the Muslim Brotherhood will soon be in power da! these people are Muslim. The Muslim finger will be on the annihilation trigger. We must vote any and all Republican or Democrat out that supported this coo. Just look what happened since the Shaw of Iran was ousted and we can see the handwriting on the wall. Time is running out to turn this disaster around, maybe it is too late.

    • Jovianus

      Gee…and I had it ranked below Iran, Lebenon, Phillipines, Iraq, and N. Korea getting nukes.

      Acutally, I don’t have it ranked as a “bad” thing as yet. It’s turned out fairly well so far given the circumstances and our delicate international relations in that part of the world.

    • Rusticus

      Breath. Make yourself a stiff drink and try and pull yourself together.

  • bob wire

    I was wondering when these thread would appear on Livingston’s forums.

    It was very dicey for several days there and I felt he played the cards that was drawn from his hand.

    Bearing in mind, we are not privileged to everything that went on behind the scene.

    Keeping the free press active and offering an accounting in real time was crucial, what part our government might have played in making that possible, I’m not sure.

    As I understand it, this was many years in the making and grew with the aid of communication tools like “Face Book” ,only to reach a flash point and triggered by a common policeman dishing out some “rough treatment” to one citizen (the wrong citizen in this case)

    In all honesty, who could foretell such a ground swelling social event?

    We have witnessed there “trigger events” before. The Civil War between the states, was triggered by a “BOOK”. I know, it’s hard to believe but it was book that created a predisposition for there to even be a trigger point.

    • John Woodbury

      BW I am really sorry to brake your cute little marxist education, but ”Uncle Tom’s Cabin” did not start the Civil War. Money in the North did. The South was getting very rich and the North wanted most of the money, but was not getting it, so the war happened.

  • jopa

    There is no way the US could have seen this coming if Israel didn’t even have a clue to this event about to take place.Their next door neighbor, and they have the best intelligence agency in the world when it comes to monitoring the Arab world.When Newt, McCain and the others that criticize the Obama administrations handling of this affair it shows their lack of leadership skills.Thanks again Mr. President

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      jopa… Barry has already stated that he would ‘stand with the Muslims’. If that isn’t enough to make you a little nervous, than what would it take?

      • Norm

        Robin from Arcadia, IN

        “Of all religions, the Christian should of course inspire the most tolerance, but until now Christians have been the most intolerant of all men.”
        — Voltaire

        • bob wire

          Good observation from a clever man. ~ This observation is sadly , an accurate one. As we see, so many Christian only seem to practicing a part of the “message” Jesus offered mankind.

          “humility” is so simple it is overlooked and confused ~ few know it’s true meaning. They fail to understand how “powerful” one must be to be “humble” to be “not proud”.

          They don’t connect “strong and powerful in faith” with being humble (not proud) ~ it seems they can’t, it elude them completely.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            bob wire,
            you say that, but what about the FACT that the muslim religeon will murder a homosexual, stone a woman for adultry whether proven or not, will cut off a mans hand for stealing, all kinds of barbaric things in the PRESENT DAY!!!!

        • s c

          N, it’s less than logical to hold up Voltaire as THE expert on religion. Christianity takes the rap for every cult and quasi-related branch that dares to speak for God.
          What most people call Christianity today is a perverted mass of cults and apostate, power-mad paranoids. People in the business world envy what some have done in the name of Christianity. FYI, when you can’t tell the difference between a ‘religion’ and a business or a paramilitary herd of space cadets, don’t call it “religion.”

          • Norm

            s c

            “May God defend me from my friends: I can defend myself from my enemies. ”
            — Voltaire

      • Jovianus

        Robin…care to share the source of that statement? And the exact verbiage for that quote?

      • Another Voice

        When he said that he would stand with the Muslims, he was saying that he would support their constitutional right to freedom of religion in the event that they were being persecuted for their beliefs in America. Unfortunately, the right-wingers are saying that Obama vows to help the Muslims ‘take over America’, and too many ignorant people believe this.

        • Teresa

          Have you ever heard him say he would stand with Americans? Stand with Christians?…just an observation

        • coal miner

          Another Voice Says

          When he said that he would stand with the Muslims, he was saying that he would support their constitutional right to freedom of religion in the event that they were being persecuted for their beliefs in America. Unfortunately, the right-wingers are saying that Obama vows to help the Muslims ‘take over America’, and too many ignorant people believe this.

          A very good quote.I am with you all the way.

          • coal miner

            Aquote from 1984:


        • Gwen

          For “Another Voice”: What rock are you living under? Obama has told us time and time again what his plans are. People like you aren’t listening! He is still hiding his Birth certificate, and all other proofs of his past for a definate reason. He is keeping out Borders open for a definate reason. He is bankrupting America for a definate reason. We are being overthrown from within.

      • eddie47d

        Robin; “Standing with the Muslim people” doesn’t have to have an ugly connotation.Obama will stand with them as people or he will stand with the Indian people or Hindus and not necessarily with their government. Although with India he does stand with their government. In the Middle East some governments aren’t worth supporting yet the people yearn for change. Some can be helped and some can’t.I don’t agree we should be in Iraq and some of their people are worse off than under Saddam. Obama is still standing by them and yes some lives have been improved. In Afghanistan the Muslim women have benefited greatly with our presence but the country as a whole seems to be going nowhere. Obama is also standing with those people but most of us know we must leave there someday. Obama is also standing with the American people although not everyone will agree with that.

        • Dan az

          Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Presses Government for Nuclear Weapons

          In the summer of 2006…the Muslim Brotherhood…escalated its nuclear goals and openly called for Egypt to develop nuclear weapons as a counter to Israel’s nuclear capabilities…Dr. Hamdi Hassan, spokesperson of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary caucus, made clear that his organization was interested…in creating an Egyptian nuclear deterrent: “We [Egyptians] are ready to starve in order to own a nuclear weapon that will represent a real deterrent and will be decisive in the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

      • karolyn

        I have heard this said before. Could you give me a reference for this quote?

        • Jovianus

          I have my doubts you’ll be given a reference cite. That is taken so out of context it has warped what was being stated. No one will admit they’re making things up …

        • http://?? Joe H.

          There ya go!!!

        • Vicki

          Karolyn. Here is a ref with quote and ref to the book showing the quote is incomplete without the full context of the paragraph in the book.

    • bob wire

      Hells Bells, McCain couldn’t even run his own campaign, finding it difficult to do two things at once. His answer to the women’s vote was a prettier woman! Newt, and his new wife are still sidelined by the GOP, while he still enjoys media coverage on slow days. ~ Why not ask Chaney’s daughter what she thinks? Liz, will always have something spicy to say.

  • 45caliber

    We should just stay the h**l out of it. Period.

  • Bert Cundle

    O’B. Should have keept his MOUTH SHUT! He was put in a cross, anything he said would be held against him in a public forem!

    • bob wire

      It’s safe to say “O” knows this, ~ more then anyone else.

  • jopa

    I am an American and will always declare myself to be.We were attacked on 911 by 19 Muslim Saudi Arabians.Now it seems the Muslim religion is the representative of terrorism because of the actions of the hijackers.Now if I were an Iraqi and when I was attacked by tens of thousands of supposedly Christians I would have to say the terrorists of the world are truly the Christians.Still no clear answer why the attack on Iraq but it is perhaps one of the most shameful events and a black mark on American history.We need war criminals brought to justice now.

    • Carlucci

      We were TOLD by the lame stream media that we were attacked by Muslims from Saudi Arabia on 9-11. That’s the “official” story. I think the jury is still out on that. I don’t believe it and know many Americans who don’t believe it either.

    • 45caliber

      What do you identify as a “war criminal”? I don’t believe it is the same as what is used in the Hauge.

  • jopa

    Robin; The president said he would stand with the people of Egypt and if some are Muslim so be it.Takes a lot to make me nervous and it sure isn’t Egypt or the boogie man under the bed.I can even go to a political event without a gun.How do you like them apples?

  • Esnes Nomoc

    The demolishing crew now running the White House are sitting on their hands so terrorists can take over Egypt, just like they are letting terrorists take over Mexico. Threats to murder all of your family give terrorists advantages hard to combat with logical discorse, which makes voting in Egypt as worthless as it is in Iran. The twisting of history done by the NEA over the last 40 years has replaced wisdon with lust which if not checked, will replace Christian Civilization that has been developing slowly over the past 2000 years, with 12 century savagery. If you let it happen, then you deserve the slaughter that will follow. This is not a game folks. This is your fate.

    • eddie47d

      The NEA may be an overbearing monolith but they weren’t around during the Spanish American War or WWI. Who was educating our children then? Those wars involved Christians against Christians and neither one showed much wisdom. Apparently you are suggesting we invade Egypt and/or Mexico like the good ol’ days. Then What? You seem to want to live by the sword so the rest of us have to die by the sword. Where did you say you got your education?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Are Y)OU saying we should just forget about our two ICE agents that were ambushed while working WITH the Mexican government??? The WORTHLESS Mexican government, I might add!!! Oh, and BTW one of those agents is dead leaving a family behind!!!

  • isk of stupid sh t

    Egyptisnt are problem & we as a country have many problems 1 might say that are goverment should keep thier nose it its own business Fix this country than go an play the good samaritin w/ every country BUT GET ours fixxed first !@! but thats an americans way of thinking, not our goverments

  • frank

    First of all I sadly have to say what many pundits said before last Nov. elections.Sen. John Mcain went from being a maverick to being fiercely conservative especially about the border.this in complete repudiation of his thoughts when he previously pushed for amnesty along with Linsey Gramnesty of S.CThe talking heads indeed said he would revert back to his very very moderate ways.I respect his military service as i to am a veteran BUT there are many vietnam era vets who went through what he did and nobody knows about them .Soto complete my thought from here on as soon as his name comes up i view his ideas as that of being the quintessential republican RHINO!!!!!!!.

  • chuckb

    the best way to handle the islamic movement is to cancel their residence here. stop the immigration to this country, stop the multiculturalism in our schools, if people want to migrate to this country, they have the choice to become americans or don’t come here.
    freedom of religion is a misnomer, the founding fathers wanted us to have freedom from religion, they did not want us ruled by it. the islamic religion is an invading force with total suppression by sharia law. eventually we will have to make a decision either fight them or join. the islams give no choice, either join or off goes your head.
    i don’t know if barry is a muslim or not, he appears to be very sympathetic to their cause and in my heart i want to believe he is,.
    the man lies without conscience.
    we cannot stop the egyptians from accepting the mb rule, that is almost a given and most likely they will take over the middle east.
    in the end we will have to defend israel. that will be our future.
    barry is causing this country great harm by not allowing us to open up our oil fields in the u.s. so do you think he is doing this on purpose? we cannot stand against the high cost of energy our economy will collapse, is this what he wants? it sure seems like it.
    for americas survival i think this government needs to be revamped, the old politicians should be removed, anyone who has been there longer than two years should be removed. the politicians talk about change, however, it’s always down the road and we never quite get to it. we don’t need anymore government than what the constitution calls for. the illegal’s should be removed and restrictions put on people who are allowed to vote. there should be a competence test for every voter, we are allowing people to vote that can’t even speak english or read and write. of course the democrats love this, that’s there bread and butter.
    the first step we should take is by abolishing the epa, the dept of energy, education, the post office and many other of these liberal agencies. reduce our budget by a 10% reduction and no additional spending until we get our finances in order.
    hold new elections and replace the president and his cronies, all senators and congressmen with more than two years of service should go.

    • Jovianus

      the first step we should take is by abolishing the epa, the dept of energy, education, the post office and many other of these liberal agencies. reduce our budget by a 10% reduction and no additional spending until we get our finances in order. <—- Chuckb

      OK..and all the legislated programs currently being implemented and the oversight of the areas of concern would be delegated where? Irrational and unrealistic …
      hold new elections and replace the president and his cronies, all senators and congressmen with more than two years of service should go. <— Chuckb

      OK…and we then have unelected bureaucrats and aides running the show. Again…not in touch with reality.

      Nice pipedreams. I often dream of winning the lottery…but at least my dream isn't one to destroy our nation …

    • Gwen

      I like your suggestions. They make a lot of sense.
      You are closer to the truth than you know, and much more so than many others commenting here. Follow the dots, it will all become clear. Think of it as a Mystery Novel. Then just follow the plot to it’s conclusion. Why do you think Acorn is still in business, under a different name, being funded by us? The ballot boxes were stuffed in the last election by busloads of people being “helped” with their ballots. Obama was the instigator behind Acorn from it’s inception. He will use them again. A good “organizer” is his greatest accomplishment, his knack at reading a teleprompter was the next. Overthrowing the USA is his dream. Egyot is just an unexpected windfall, it will soon be under Sharia Law. One more step in their march to world domination.

      • Eric Bischoff

        Sorry Gwen you don’t know what you are talking about.

        The misogynist racist, bigots in this country created false videos which Fox and the MSM ran forever until you all bought the Kool Aid. “Repeat the lie often…” The people who did this actually got arrested for other crimes. Acorn was not the problem. They were a good organization doing good christian work. This was a tactic to distract all of you from the facts that the Republican party was really up to no good and stole the last 2 elections for Bush and to make things worsde they even got help from the corrupt Supreme Court.

        There is ample evidence but no one cares. It’s is easier to false flag and go after the defenseless poor non-profits.

        And now they will try the same thing against planned parenthood and you fools will believe it all.

        • Debra

          I’m sorry, Eric, but you seem to be the one to have drunk the kool-aid. If Acorn was a viable, honest organization, why do they have to change names so often? It is like a scam organization. They have been charged with voter fraud, and when they get caught, just start up under another name, so people won’t know who they are dealing with. Obama has lied in the past, saying he had only a small link to them, but in reality, it has been shown that he has been working with them for years, and they had a big part in getting him elected, that he didn’t admit to until someone in the media picked up on it. What we know is only most likely the tip of the iceberg, because the mainstream media certainly won’t bring it up.

    • Eric Bischoff

      As usual another well thought out idea from chuckb. Thank god a majority of the american people will not follow you in your foolish thoughts. The only thing we need to do is remove the infiltrated corporate corruption from these departments and re-empower them to do the job we asked them to do which is to protect our mother earth and our well being and safety for generations to come.

      • chuckb

        you have it all backwards as usual eric b. it’s not the corporate you have to fear, it’s the idiotic greenies such as al gore and the people that fall for the global warming fallacy. it seems our education system has turned out too many of these types and the country is starting to reap the harvest of this ignorance.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Usually I agree with you on most things, but I disagree with your statement on religeon. The founding fathers wrote freedom OF religeon, not freedom FROM religeon!! I think they knew very well what they meant and wrote it that way!!

      • Cloe

        Free the whole world of ALL religions and that might set us all free. We just need to believe in a Universal consciousness of which we are all a part. All the wars in the world had something to do with religion. The word God was invented by the Egyptian Pharoahs who started it all, heaven and the underworld (hell). Hey it’s thousands of years on and how much have we all progressed? Some rich people have started to share their wealth, not much, but it’s a start. The world should learn how to share with each other. I’m no politician, I hate politics in fact, and how much of it all can you really believe? It depends on the individual’s perception I think.

      • chuckb

        joe h

        what i meant, they didn’t want the country under the rule of religion such as the church of england. they should have put a paragraph in the constitution banning islam.

  • James

    I have lived long enough (and in enough foreign countries) to see that what has happened in Iran, with the Shaw, now happening in Egypt history is now repeating itself. The Muslim Brotherhood has been the driving factor behind both overthrows and they will not stop till they control all of the middle east.
    For the people who do not know, The Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to destroy two cultures, the Israelis and United States. They may say things that make people think different but they are taught fron birth to hate the western culture and the people in it!
    They are now one step closer to the goal.

    • Gwen

      You got it, James!

    • Eric Bischoff

      You obviously didn’t learn much from these experiences. Stop spreading fear and propaganda

  • chuckb


    i remember well when the shah was driven out of iran with the help of
    jimmy carter and the underhanded activities of ramsey clark and company.
    we are hearing today some of the same rhetoric coming from this administration. jimmy carter ran somoza out of nicaragua with the same tactics in order to turn the country to communism.

  • mark

    People of sovereign foreign countries have the right to elect their own leaders. The USA has no right to interfere with the government of any other country. The reason countries do not like us is because the USA is an arrogant country that bullies other countries and no=body likes an arrogant bully except other arrogant bullies. Just put your trust in Jesus Christ and do not worry about world events.

  • Charles

    You are right as usual,though I think James does make a point.

  • Charles

    Eric Bischoff,
    You must be one of those Left- Wing activist who go around promoting
    Al Gores Green Hornet or that green thing or what ever it`s called.
    As for you not liking Fox, I wonder why they have been the number one
    news show in America. It must be because they tell the truth, which
    your liberal news stations are prone not to from time to time. AS for
    chuckb, he has forgotten more, than you will ever learn in a lifetime.
    Mr Eric, please come back to earth, from wherever you are floting around in space.

  • jopa

    DanAZ The people attacking the reporters were the pro=Mubarack people and they didn’t want the story to get out.

  • jopa

    chuckb: Isn’t it wonderful how our president today(Barack Obama)didn’t follow the lead of Jimmy Carter with his handling of the Shah of Iran that looted the country before he left.Freedom and Democracy around the world, thank you Mr. President.

  • Charles

    jopa you must get your news from The Huffington Post,or Kost.or Move on .org,Or maybee Al-Ja Zire.When a Muslim califate of huge poportions ends up in the Middle East you can thank Obama.


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