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GOP Leaders Say Obama’s Budget Proposal Threatens Economy

February 16, 2011 by  

GOP leaders say Obama's budget proposal threatens economyPresident Barack Obama unveiled his $3.7 trillion budget for fiscal year 2012 earlier this week, and GOP leaders have called the proposal weak and inadequate in tackling the national deficit.

According to NPR, Obama's budget includes a five-year freeze on non-security discretionary spending that is projected to save approximately $400 billion over the next decade. The freeze applies to about 12 percent of the total Federal budget and does not impact entitlements like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

The President has called for an indefinite extension of tax breaks for middle-class Americans and an end to tax cuts for wealthier individuals starting in 2014. In addition, Obama has requested that 12 tax breaks for oil and gas companies should be eliminated.

Most Republicans have slammed Obama's plan, claiming that it spends, taxes and borrows too much.

“By continuing the spending binge and imposing massive tax hikes on families and small businesses, it will fuel more economic uncertainty and make it harder to create new jobs,” Boehner said in a statement on Feb. 14.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said that the budget's length, which he said was almost 1,000 pages, symbolizes the President's indulgence in a time when he should be limiting government overreach.

According to media reports, McConnell spoke out against Obama's proposal on the Senate floor on Feb. 14, saying that "this President clearly does not get it yet." 

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  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest uggugg

    The world problems are America’s problems, we must include them in our planning’s or go belly up. We are the gateway to Democracy.
    Most young people entering politics today need more whiskers. A Debt be-gone idea?
    The budget, the budget, everyone has the answers. Here is a basic thought the experts should use as they boast of their knowledge as to which way to go with the budget to guarantee a sure fix. There was a time in history when few people on earth owned a Model T Ford, and most roads were dirt based with a few hard surfaced roads of one shared lane for either direction in many places, and then came hard surface roads with one lane in each direction. All this was costly and boggled the mind in that era gone by. That was only 100 years ago. During the early 1900’s our politicians would have laughed at the internet, television and 5 lane highways going in each direction, a car in every driveway, flying to all parts of the world in hours. Now they are trying to put the brakes on progress throughout the Planet Earth because they are scared of the future, (our future or their future?), I beg them to either lead with confidence and intelligence or get out of the road and don’t impede progress for all humanity trying to corner the good life for themselves by preaching scare scenarios of financial disaster ahead to slow progress while they mope around enjoying life with a steady income and the rest of the world waits and watches. This is a scenario for world disaster. It cannot be allowed to happen. If we don’t find a better life for the knowledgeable people of today’s world, they will find a better live for themselves and I don’t think the Global Rich will be happy with the results. You can’t suppress a Volcano and our world population is now a Volcano; accept this truth and the world will be a better place for all. “In honesty”, If money is the only problem, I have the answer. If you are a person of sound mind and principals you will probably agree, if you feel superior and intoxicated with wealth, you will probably disagree. Here is the shocker and it will work as well as anything anyone will come up with to compare. I would take the Federal Reserve, use them to pay off all the debt, of our Government taxpayers, when everyone who is owed money by our Government tax payers is paid in full, and is happy they didn’t lose any money they have loaned, I would look into my Bible and note the passage of debt forgiveness and at this time I would forgive the Tax payers from repaying the debt to the Federal Reserve. This Debt forgiveness could be implemented every 70 to 100 years as an amendment to Our Constitutions and should pertain to Government tax payer debt only. Don’t knock this if you don’t have a better idea. Inflation is a natural byproduct Keynesian Economics. Debt forgiveness is a Biblical idea that can be implemented by man, but how it is implemented will determine its success or failure. Think before you speak and you may come up with a better idea.

    • lkar

      I think you mean debt forgiveness in the year of Jubilee. It sure does not feel like the year of Jubilee.
      I find it very arrogant to double federal spending and then freeze it. Like that will save any money! WTF is wrong with politicians?

      • Dan Burke

        Is it the politicians or the American people?

        Yes, there is a problem with politicians. However, unless we have totally rigged elections like certain democratic dictatorships, then the problem actually lies with the American people. Some of us see that this path will destroy America.

        We are addicts, and thus we are “useful idiots.” Addicted to something we get out of this. Why is it that social security, medicare, and medicaid are the “sacred cows” of government spending, never to be cut. Why do the politicians lack the back bone to cut and reform these things? Because the American people WILL punish them for doing it. So we take away their back bone and then wonder why they cannot make the hard choices.

        • Steve


      • EddieW

        Obaba is intentionally destroying the economy, as CFR wants him to do, to bring about New World Order, A Fascist regime, and NO Rights!!!
        It will be far worse than even Germany or Stalin!! Please pray that we can keep our Family Values, and our Constitution…both are slated for destruction, to destroy our foundation!!! Obaba is a Muslim and does not hold to any of our American ideals…it’s quite possible that he is not even a citizen of this country…Congress knows it, the “supreme” Court knows it, so they refuse to hear any case!!!

    • Steve

      I don’t think that China, Japan and all the other countries that hold our debt are going to forgive us………. So much for your idea. And there is a better idea floating around, it’s called a constitutional government. Stop spending money and doing things that are not allowed by the US constitution. I don’t think we’ll ever get back to it though because the majority of polititions are YELLOW BELLIED COWARDS THAT ARE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT STAYING IN OFFICE THAN THEY ARE ABOUT DOING WHAT’S RIGHT!

      • sandra

        Steve, I agree. This past year, I had t crazy idea of running for public office—even though, I don’t have the money to financce a campaign. So many things need to be fixed and politicians need to grow a pair and fix them. When I was asked about some of my ideas—drastic welfare reform was one of them, I was told that I would be assassinated before I was elected.

  • TIME

    Well a rocket scientest is not needed on this one.

    Even If you have an IQ of 100, its easy enough to grasp that if you make $100 a week, yet spend $100,000.00 there is going to be a problem ahead.

    Better ideas, its called “LIVE WITHIN YOU’RE MEANS!”

    WOW ~ what an idea!

    • Harold Olsen

      Living within our means is a concept that politicians of either party seem to be way too stupid to grasp.

      • TIME

        Saddly the vast amount of people drinking from the bottle of Stupid in DC is starting to grow in numbers.

        You all know the ones that were the real Math wiz’z like this example;
        2+2= 1 trillion dollars. and they know far better as they got a PHD from “HarvERD.”
        {You know that old rock building that edumcates smarts popeels.}

        Dem’s that gota lots Dains, its Ota’ Dem’s be ree smarts popeels.

      • 45caliber

        Harold: I agree with you. I think it is mainly because so few of them have ever had to balance their own budget at home. Most are rich on Daddy’s money.

  • s c

    Let’s keep this short and to-the-point, people. Screw the idea of Obama’s ‘budget proposal threatens economy.’ The fact that he’s in the White House is what truly threatens the economy.
    Early ‘retirement’ or resignation is the quickest solution to the problem. As the progressive kooks say so often, “Move on.”

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      sc… He is not legally holding office. He is a Kenyan. Why is this debate not ended? He will not produce a birth certificate, and if he does, I will not believe it to be true.

      • Steve

        I predict that he will produce a birth certificate before the next election, expecially if he thinks he’s behind. He will make all the people that focus on this look stupid and it will help him. I’m not saying the birth certificate will be legit though. His policy is enough to criticize him on. It makes people look stupid when we focus on conspiracy theories we can’t even prove.

  • Harold Olsen

    The Republicans who are criticizing Obama’s budget (and it deserves all the criticism it can get) are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. They will aid and abet him in ruining our economy when they vote to raise the debt ceiling. There is no doubt in my mind that this will happen. I won’t vote Democrat, because I consider the Democrat party and liberals to be one of the worst, if not the worst, hate groups in America and I don’t vote for members of hate groups, but, if Republicans continue to help destroy this country by raising the debt ceiling I won’t be voting for them either. As has been said numerous times: Democrat or Republican. Two sides of the same coin. They are interchangeable. Since the November election, little, if anything, has been done to convince me that this is not true. They are virtually ignoring the TEA Party Republicans, some of whom are showing themselves to be liars (Rand Paul, for instance)and are going back on their pledges. Politicians of either party just can not be trusted.

    Politician = Liar/Crook.

    • Al Sieber

      Right Harold, thats why I think political choice is a illusion we’re made to believe, they can barely keep up with their lies and when we don’t believe them, they make up new ones.

    • Steve

      The republicans in the house should just say that they are not going to raise the debt celing and Obama will have to cut spending. How the hell can you raise the celing and cut spending??? It’s an OXY MORON like Obama and most of our polititions.

  • J.M.R.


  • 2WarAbnVet

    There’s something very wrong with this picture. When someone tells falsehoods, while being fully aware that they’re lying, and being aware that their audience knows they’re lying you have real problems. Obama constantly lies without fear that anyone in the American public will call him out (with exception of a single instance by a single congressman). It is truly disturbing that a constant stream of falsehoods come to him so easily.

    • lkar

      It is not “false or lying” if the person saying it actually believes it is true. Critical thinking is lost upon this group. They simply want to push ideology and ask us to “trust” them on the projected results. Just because you say so does not make it so.

    • 45caliber

      To the progressives, anything is fair if it will advance their agenda.

    • Lastmanstanding

      In the real world we call someone like that “insane.”

  • Tunaman

    How’s that HOPE AND CHANGE work’in for YOU ALL that VOTED for this CLOWN!!! Oh I forgot, this will not be seen or read by the 50% of this country who are TOTAL MORONS!!! I’m still convinced that this imposter is an illegel citizen!! Why spend all the CASH that SOROS is providing to hide the putz’s backround; PUTZ=BHO?

  • MAC10



    • 45caliber

      You are not wrong.

  • eddie47d

    Uggugg asked for a better plan if you can come up with one. Saying Obama is a bad President solves nothing. Saying we must reduce the debt is obvious but solves nothing. I agree that more cuts need to be made and agencies downsized. That includes NASA, Dept of Education,Armed Forces and right on down the line. People are living longer so they should work longer. That means the Social Security age should be raised. Who thought folks would be living into their late 90-100′s so changes must be made. Up the sentencing for Medicare fraud and any fraud against any government agency. Stop people who are stealing from the taxpayer from within and from those on the outside. Why does a project cost $10 million but ends up being $20 million? I think we have all seen that and for decades. Set limits on welfare and unemployment;help them when the crises hits but reduce the amounts after a certain time limit. Take away the incentive to stay on those benefits. The wealthy may create jobs but how much is enough? They make millions and in many cases billions yet still cry uncle. They are sickening whiners who need to pull a much greater share of the load. They blackmail our nation with threats of leaving and not paying taxes. I know they can get away with it but is it fair? How about those mortgage deductions? Isn’t it time for them to go (I still have 10 yrs on mine). If that is the only incentive someone has to buy a home then they probably shouldn’t be buying one. I’m not against government spending but they also have to do their part and just say No. We can do our part but they must also do theirs and stop printing money when there is nothing to back it up.

  • jimster

    Maybe they should work on the 2011 budget that was never passed.

    • bob wire

      Capital idea Sir! ~ These politicians, all of them ~ needs to feel as if their head is on the chopping block and it’s a real chance it might be cut off.

  • barbm

    i’m so damn sick of hearing that social security is an entitlement i could freakin’ scream. i’ve worked since age 16 and paid into the ss system for 46 years. there were several years back in the 80s when i maxed out of ss payments by the end of summer or early fall. a lot of those years, interest rates on savings (cds) were in the double digits. you cannot convince me that i wouldn’t have enough to sustain my retirement if i had been putting all that money into long-term certificates of deposit all those years. it’s not my fault the feds decided to use that money for something else. that “something else” needs to pay it back now so that i can survive my old age. they should be looking at medicare and medicaid waste, but they don’t have the slightest idea of the kind or amount of fraud that’s out there. people are using emergency rooms instead of going to the doctor, taking ambulances to the hospital for non-life threatening issues so they can be seen first, dentists putting $2000 worth of caps in the mouths of 4-year-olds who will be losing all those teeth soon. leave me alone about the ss i receive and the few meds i need. i pay monthly premiums for medicare, i pay a deductible every year, and i pay 20% of the doctor visits and lab work that i need including my annual mamogram. medicare is NOT free.

    • bob wire

      I believe many of us holds these same views.

      Just return to me what I put in and I’d be happy. Would you call returning “taken money” an entitlement?

    • 45caliber


      I agree. It was always touted as a retirement fund that you were “contributing” too – not an entitlement. I once determined that if you put the same amount in a bank at 5% interest, you would have almost $1.5 million at retirement. Further, at 5% interest, you would have a yearly income of almost $75,000 without touching the principal so it could be passed along to your grandchildren. Instead – the government has spent it all and now wants to cancel anyone from drawing from it – but if you notice they are not talking about stopping payment of the tax!

    • sandra

      barbm, I completely agree. I have said this about a million times. In the area where I live, parents allow their children to suck their bottle until school age and eat sweets any time they choose. None of them will make use of a toothbrush. And yet, they all get those silver caps on their teeth when they will be losing them shortly anyway. It is such a waste. But I haven’t heard of any dentists turning the money down.

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    Personal responsibility is lacking in our country – So believing the Government is somehow isolated from this belief is unrealistic – After listening to Mr Obama talk about his budget I came to the conclusion that Obama and his followers are living in a fairy tale — Congress needs to be held accountable for this debt and the only way to do this is get rid of them every two years until they get the message– I also know Social Security would have been solvent if Congress didn’t emptied it and filled it with useless promissory notes. They also handled out SS entitlements like candy to people who never paid into it. If you paid into the Social Security plan its not an entitlement, it was an investment.

  • chuckb

    just think, social security would be well funded if it had not been for the johnson administration adding it to the general fund and allowing these funds to be used for people who never paid a dime into it.

    our economy is based on energy, barry has seen to it we are not going to be allowed to become energy independent by allowing us to open our huge deposits of crude.
    i smell a rat with the gulf oil rig explosion, that was too much of a coincident, barry was too slow to react on purpose, then immediately shut down the gulf rigs.

    • 45caliber


      On the Gulf Oil explosion: one of the foremost experts in closing leaking well-heads was asked to go down and take charge about close to $1000 an hour. He refused. He said he had enough trouble stopping real leaks; he wasn’t interested in one that was man-made.

  • Ted Crawford

    I agree with those who state that Social Security is not an entitlement! I find it discouraging that many of the young people are angry with those of us that are now, or soon will be, using the fund that we’ve paid into for our entire working lives, against my will I might add!
    That being said and all the arguements that it is unfair and never should have happened, which I of course agree with, are irrelevent! We can not deal with what should be. We must deal with what is the case. If we do nothing the system will, without a doubt, fail! We must, much like a personnel manager with a struggling company, change the way the plan pays out, or soon it will pay out nothing!

  • Charles

    If the greedy politicans, would have keept their sticky hands out of the pot, their would be plenty of money for Social Security.Even if, they would have put back what they took or stole. This has been going on for many, many years and is still going on.The number of IOU`s they have, they could paper half the rooms in the White House.

  • Charles

    Once again, I have to agree with you 100%.

  • Charles

    Isn`t it funny how much people really know about how Washington works.Just how corrupt, stupid,they really are. They think we are the stupid ones and don`t know what they are up to. Wahington at its best,
    is broken and I`m not sure it can be fixed.I do know for the first time the people are really watching and paying attention to what
    they are doing. They better start realizing, they work for us and not to see how much wealth and power they can gain. We are watching and to many mistakes, you won`t be working for us anymore.Also, while you
    are working for us you better keep your pants on and keep that thing at low mass. Quit parting with the interns and ladies of the night.
    We are watching and know who you are and you will be revealed,so be smart and do the work you were sent there to do.


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