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GOP Chairman Calls For Representative Weiner To Resign Amid Racy Photo Scandal

June 9, 2011 by  

Weiner said he would not resign from Congress despite admitting that he lied.The chairman of the Republican National Committee called for Representative Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) to resign following the lawmaker’s admission that he lied about lewd photos he sent to young women.

In a press conference, Weiner admitted that he had “inappropriate conversations” with six women online over the past three years. The legislator also admitted to lying in an attempt to cover up the scandal; he had said that his account was hacked after a racy photo of himself that he sent to a woman emerged on the Internet.

Despite the admission, Weiner said that he would remain in office, something that has raised the ire of a number of powerful figures.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said Weiner’s “actions and deception are unacceptable” and that “either (House Minority) Leader (Nancy) Pelosi and DNC Chair (Debbie) Wasserman Schultz believe members of Congress are held to a different set of standards or they believe these actions demand his resignation.”

New York State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox also called on Weiner to resign, reports Bloomberg.

“His inappropriate behavior has irreparably damaged his ability to serve,” Cox said in a statement. “His actions are at best despicable and at worst illegal.”

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  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    I just can’t get past how appropriate Anthony Weiner’s last name is! Weiner is truly a weiner! If I was his wife, I would kick him to the curb. If he isn’t forced to resign our government is condoning this type of behavior. It will be just be something else Barry will have to apologize all over the world for!

    • Kinetic1

      It’s clear that you don’t pay much attention to the news from around the world. Outside of the puritanical USA this sort of thing would have been little more than cause for some giggles and a political jab or two. In fact, if Americans weren’t so busy sticking their noses in other peoples business Representative Weiner might not have felt the need to lie. To the best of my knowledge all the women involved were consenting adults, and if two consenting adults want to share pictures and talk “dirty” to each other they have every legal right to do so, no matter how much it offends you.

      I’m sorry he lied. I’m embarrassed for him. I feel that this was a terrible thing to do to his wife. This whole thing is one ridiculous, distracting event, but it pales when compared to the illegal actions of other politicians who have not been asked to resign. The real story here is the fact that representative Weiner was investigating Judge Thomas for failing to report his wife’s income and his failure to recuse himself from cases involving organizations that paid his wife. They’re just lucky he gave them some ammunition before it was too late for the judge.

      The Republicans have suffered a large number of embarrassing and even illegal sex scandals over the past few years. Not good for the “family values” party. And while the messages and photos that Weiner Tweeted had little effect on anyone outside of Weiner’s family, what he was investigating is a case of national importance and another embarrassment to the Conservatives. Is it any wonder that they want to make an example of Representative Weiner?

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Kinetic1… No matter how many other politicians have done worse, or gotten away with more, this does not take away from the fact that Weiner is a lier and weasel. What goes on in other countries is their business. What goes on in the country I live in makes it my business.

        • Kinetic1

          Does he represent your district? In the end it’s up to his constituents to decide.

          • Bob from Calif.

            He may not represent my district, but he is a representative of this country and should act accordingly. There is a Biblical principal that states “you reap what you sew”. All that is happening to him now is strictly a result of his own actions. That doesn’t mean that we can’t feel bad for the guy or pray for him.

          • Jana

            You may be sorry he lied, but I am sorry that he shows such poor judgement. I’m sorry he shows his lack of morality, I’m also sorry he shows such a lack of good common sense.
            Someone that has all of these pathetic skills is supposed to make laws and influence how I live?

            It wouldn’t matter if he were a Republican (who would have quit by now as most do) or a DemocRAT.

          • eddie47d

            Jana, R-Vetter Louisiana didn’t resign but got re-elected. Hmmm!

          • Kinetic1

            Grab your lantern and start searching, but I’m afraid that your unlikely to find the righteous men you want to lead this country. Oh, they may claim to be, but we’ll never know for certain and maybe that’s the point. Would we be talking about this now if people like Andrew Breitbart weren’t out there looking for dirt to dig up? Partisanship aside, has Representative Weiner ever shown poor judgement while doing his job?

          • Jana

            So we are all supposed to be like you and just give up? I DON’T THINK SO!!

          • Jana

            He isn’t from my state, but from what you and Kinectic say if he were from your party and your state, you would re-elect him, so what is your point? You all don’t have higher standards than Louisianna, is that your point?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            The fact that he shows very poor judgement in his personal life IS, in my opinion a good indicator he MAY show poor judgement in his representation. Therefore, I would suggest that if he can’t control his own life why should he control the lives of those he represents??? While he may not completely control those peoples lives, he certainly makes decisions that affect their lives!! BTW, I don’t care what party the scuzz buckets are frrom, either!! Take Clintoon. I was against him before he got elected. He went to a foreign country and protested against this country, and to me that is a good example of treason! Had he done it here like the most, I wouldn’t have been so judgemental of him!

          • Ron

            Enough with the he represents my country crap. If his district and his wife don’t mind then what the heck. If he thinks he can be effective after this then so be it. Who cares but conservatives who preach family values and hardly ever live by them. You know , do as I say not as I do.


      I thought Princess Pelosi was going to drain the swamp, but it looks like she is up to her rear end in liberal alligators and pirhanas.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        She heard that swamp baths are good for the complexion!!! Problem is, it would take a miracle with her!!!

    • http://N/A John

      Wait a minute now….the democrats have a gay agenda. I think we may have to wait to see when the boys he emailed pics to report in. Then it will all be ok be he did because he descriminate. And they can make itall part of what the heck they are sticking down the throat of our military. Cultural diversity garbage. Actually, the weiner should have turned around and taken a picture of his backside with cheeks spread to we could all see what a perfect one he is! What a politician and probably a lawyer too!

  • Bitter Libertarian

    I dont care what politics he is under..what he did was unbecoming and wrong. He should be fired, and sent away, just like any other public official.
    What his wife does is his & her business..but if I were in her place Divorce would be top of the list for options.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I’m just glad for her that her first name is Uma and not Ima!! Could you imagine being Ima Weiner???

  • TIME

    Look, he should step down as its the right thing to do, there is nothing else that needs to be said.
    Just do the right thing; stop making excuses for outright stupid mindless reckless behavior that is such standard fair for the DC beltway crew.

    Hell thats part of whats wrong with our nation, we give people a pass based on their stupid mindless behavior.
    Let me ask any of you;
    Would you keep buying any product you acquired if it were a crap product and failed to do what it was touted to do?

    Let’s be real NO is the only answer. You don’t buy crappy products and keep paying to get them over and over again so Weiner is lime a crappy product get rid of it.
    To not get rid of it is allowing this type of behavior to keep growing, do I really need I say more about the DC Belt Way CULTURE?

    • Kinetic1

      Let’s take a look at your analogy.

      “Would you keep buying any product you acquired if it were a crap product and failed to do what it was touted to do?

      Let’s be real NO is the only answer. You don’t buy crappy products and keep paying to get them over and over again”

      If I bought a toaster oven and it did a great job of making toast and cooking pizzas I’d be happy. If one day I got a letter telling me that it would make an embarrassing smell if I tried to fire clay in it I’d say “whatever, that’s not what I bought it for.”

      Anthony Weiner has, by all accounts been doing a great job for his constituents for many years. When the voters chose him, they didn’t ask if he had phone sex with his women friends. Why would they, it’s not part of his job. Until it is shown that he is not doing the job he was elected for, or that he broke the law you have nothing.

      • Bob from Calif.

        It sounds to me kinetic one as if you are morally bankrupt. Do you look up to this man and his actions? If you can’t see the error in what Weiner is doing then you need to go back to Sunday School my friend and get a little dose of truth.

        • Kinetic1

          I have never and would never do what this man has done to his wife, and I have as much as condemned his actions on this site. The point here is that he was not chosen as a spiritual leader, but as a politician. For that matter, many is the religious man who has done worse than Representative Weiner and still remained in the pulpit. He has asked for forgiveness and has done his job well. It is not for me to judge his actions outside of his work, nor is it that of the Republican party. This is just a hypocritical and opportunistic attempt by the conservatives to remove a strong member of the Democratic party.

          • libertytrain

            religion aside, is it still not an ethical issue; a study on the mores of today and we keep giving these scum sucking trolls the green light – say your sorry and you are free to go back and do it again and it’s ok, whatever goes. We no longer have scruples or morals or anything to pass on to our kids. These are the new role models. Feel free to do whatever you feel like doing, wrong or not. It’s ok…. The hell with the pregnant wife…no biggy, after all he didn’t commit murder, or is that ok now as well?

          • Jana

            I don’t want someone as lacking in judgement as Weiner making such important decisions that has to be made in our Government.
            He is more interested in his anatomy than he is in what is right for this country.
            Weiner is wrong for this country.

          • http://deleted Claire

            libertytrain– Good post and I agree.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Has anyone seen Weiner’s picture on the internet? I haven’t. I did not want to get physically ill.

          • libertytrain

            Why is it that so many men have their brain located in their pants? And why do they think we would be impressed with pictures of their little brains? Guess what, we’re not, never were and never will be.

          • Kinetic1

            I can say from watching the man’s carrier that when he is on the job he is 100% committed to what he believes is right for this country. As many of his constituents have said, Weiner is one of the few in office who do what they said they would. To assume that what he has done in his personal time diminishes what he has done on the job is unfair.

            In the past our children looked up to sports heroes, movie stars and our nation’s leaders, but back then the press helped to hide all but the most obvious flaws. I doubt that most of your childhood heroes were as noble as you once believed. I mean who new Rock Hudson was gay?

            I have see it, and as Brietbart showed it it’s not much worse than a close up from a Sears catalog. Nothing is showing, though you’d think it was full frontal nudity to listen to the press. I’ve also seen the un-cropped and unaltered original and it’s clear that he has his arm in his shorts as a joke. Juvenile, but not all that disgusting.

          • libertytrain

            Kinetic, what was wrong about not knowing all their flaws? Now the “badder” they are, the more they are glorified – and the good ones don’t get the press – I didn’t care who was a homosexual and who wasn’t back when I was a kid, and gay meant happy — still doesn’t change the fact that we now give approval to being lawbreakers, morally inept, no biggy. Murder is next.

          • Jana



            As far as doing this on his own personal time ha.sure, we will see about that. They are doing an investigation right now on whether he used Govt. equipment or not,( our taxpayer dollars). Also, he has already been outed that he has done some of this at least during a work day. So that knocks your assuming he did this on his own personal time right out the window. Unfair? Doing something that could get him or his wife blackmailed? That is what is unfair. He could have jeapordized more than just his lousy career. He could have jeapordized our country!


            **********In the past our children looked up to sports heroes, movie stars ******** Our kids and even probably you , look up to and call men in sports heroes. Well, you just did didn’t you? Call them heroes I mean. How are they heroes? Sports pros get paid big bucks, and party hard and even commit rape and get away with it. They sure aren’t heroes to me! How have they risked their lives to have that privilege of calling them heroes?

            Actors and actresses are just pretenders. Also get paid big bucks and most can’t even handle their own lives, let alone be examples to anyone else.


            Yeah, I am sure those girls who received it thought it was his arm, and that it was a big joke. Sure.
            I don’t want to see it either.
            Kinectic I think if it was a DemocRAT and he was caught murdering someone you would defend him.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            If he would do this to the most important person in his life at a time that she is carrying his child, then what would he do to US????

          • Kinetic1

            What are you going on about?
            “Our kids and even probably you , look up to and call men in sports heroes. Well, you just did didn’t you? Call them heroes I mean. How are they heroes? Sports pros get paid big bucks, and party hard and even commit rape and get away with it. They sure aren’t heroes to me! How have they risked their lives to have that privilege of calling them heroes?”

            As a matter of fact, no I don’t have any sports heroes. I look at the pay and lifestyles of most athletes and wonder why anyone cares to watch them. Football players, NASCAR drivers, I refer to them as “sports heroes” because that is how most Americans see them.

            But that’s neither here nor there. The point that you seem to have missed is that “great men” have been flawed since the time of the bible, but most of their indiscretions were unknown to us. Their private lives were just that, private. Now with 24 hour cable news, tabloid magazines and internet blogs everyone who’s name is in the public eye is exposed. I’m not saying that everything they do is right, but if it’s legal what business is it of yours? And as to their being exposed to blackmail, if it were not for self-righteous, judgmental people like those on this site there would be no blackmail! Try and get it into your head, our laws are not based on your religious beliefs. Just because you consider something a sin does not make it reason to unseat an otherwise well respected representative.

      • TIME

        What I posted I stand by, politicians are not above the law so when they commit to slander of others to CYA, thats when any value they had is gone. Thus the right thing to do is remove himself from his job ASAP.

        As well as his behavior opened the door to anyone who wanted to commit extortion, thus his value is ZERO.

  • Warrior

    Stop with the politics and get the hook. This sicko has to go now!

  • Doc Sarvis

    I think he should step down. He shows a lack of moral character (from the inappropriate conversations, to “the picture”, to lieing about it all). This fault is not unique among any group of men, including both Democratic and Republican legislators, but still – not something you would want in our country’s leadship.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Doc… I don’t usually agree with you, but you comment is right on. It does happen often, and not only to politicians. However, politicians should be held to a higher standard as they are supposed to be the creme of the crop and our representatives to the world.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      My Lord, help me!!! I agree with Doc!!!!!!!!

  • http://charter howe

    WE THE PEOPLE already know what kind of morally bankrupt human being Anthony Weiner is, but what is most interesting is the silence by Senator Boxer Democrat Calif on the ethics committee who excoriated and destroyed Senator Ensign (R) of Nevada because he had an extramarrital affair. Senator ensign resigned. I also want to know why the DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultze hasn’t made a peep since she is the new mouthpiece for the Democrats who supposedly represents social justice and fair treatment of all citizens or is that just so much hot air and the ideology is to protect only democrats. The DNC chair so far has lived up to her billing as a puppet to the Prevaricator-in-chief. When she last spoke she was able to spread 5 minutes worth of lies and champion socialism all in one breath. What was amazing is, She did it without a teleprompter.

    • Kinetic1

      You are kidding, right? Ensign had an affair with a staffer who was the wife of another staffer, convinced his parents to help him pay off the couple in return for their silence, destroyed evidence and involved Republicans Tom Coburn and Rick Santorum. Weiner sent some questionable photos and made some lewd remarks on the phone and in e-mails. Are you trying to condemn Weiner’s actions or point out how ludicrous this whole thing is?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I suppose if he DID send the pictures to a 17 year old as stated in the news today, it will still be ok as far as YOU are concerned???

        • libertytrain

          Joe, come on, thing about it is – they say he was good politician, and while a 17 year old doesn’t fall under any religious belief, what the heck, it’s only a little illegal… doesn’t matter if she was 2 or 12 or 15, he’s a good politician. :)

  • element man

    He is just following in the footsteps of fellow Dmeocrats like Gerry Studds and Barney Frank. The were guilty of much more egregious activities, yet , not only did they not resign, but they had the arrogance to run for reelection. And so many gushing idiot voters in Massachusetts still voted for them that they each won reelection. Perhaps people who are “different” get a special pass. Perhaps the prostitute press has more influence than it should. But the independent press (internet) can take charge here and force these scum out of pubic office.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      Completely agree….the presstitutes have no morals….and no integrity.

  • http://charter howe

    My mother was able to make me understand the importance of moral turpitude and its relaionship with character. Although it was a rough road to follow because of peer pressure in the ghetto, it was worth the obligation to buy into a moral ideology that basically demands a great deal of respect for others unless they mean to do harm. My point is, that Weiner is spoiled goods and anyone who thinks he can represent the good people of NYC or the USA are sadly mistaken. There is such a thing as a line that you cross, I.E. a cop that uses his authority to abuse citizens, a priest who uses his office to sexually assault children, a military person who kills unarmed citizens without cause. Weiner has crossed that line and removal from office of trust should be the first and most important step to take. By supporting the notion that this kind of behavior is not so bad is what corrupts a society into a nightmare that will be passed down to your children or somebody else’s children and it is another devisive way of causing civil disorder. Start caring about what’s going on.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      howe… I appreciate your comment and believe it was well said. Your mother is a wise woman. You were lucky she was such a good mom and cared how you were raised.

    • Ellen

      I agree completely about his lack of morality. I also find his immaturity very disturbing. This is a well-educated, grown man in a public office acting like a college frat boy. He should’ve outgrown this behavior 20 years ago. We can’t rely on voters to root out the losers as evidenced by the re-election of Rangel, Franks, Dodd, etc.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        Allow me to take this one step further…
        How about every PARENT in AMERICA calls for this guy to get the Boot!
        How about EVERY Politician call for His removal.
        The GOP Leadership calling for his removal….lame IMHO. Should be the DNC…anything less is deisgraceful and derelict in duty.

    • Kinetic1

      What is it with you folks and your analogies?

      “I.E. a cop that uses his authority to abuse citizens, a priest who uses his office to sexually assault children, a military person who kills unarmed citizens without cause. ”

      Fine, if Representative Weiner accepted bribes in exchange for support on a bill he would fit right into this list, but what he did has nothing to do with his office or our nation. In fact, it has nothing to do with anyone except those directly involved. If the “press” (and I use that term loosely when talking about Breitbart) were not so busy looking for personal ammunition to do political battle this would never have been a story.

      • eddie47d

        Breitbart is a stooge and a goon who’s own scruples are lacking.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          But Deepthroat was a hero???? both are doing the very same thing, investigative reporting, but because it is against a dem, you are furious!!

          • Kinetic1

            You folks a really grasping at straws. Deep throat was an FBI agent who helped to expose the illegal break in of the Democratic headquarters. We’re talking criminal activities here that lead to the arrests of over a dozen men and forced Nixon to step down. Woodward and Bernstein wee real reporters exposing a real threat to our nation, not yellow journalists trying to dig up personal dirt to embarrass people.

        • JeffH

          Breitbart is pretty siccessful stooge and a briarpatch in the side of the leftwing MSM which translates to “he exposes the lies and hypocrisy” of the liberal left much the way that Brent Bozell and the Media Research Center do. He was 100% right with the Weiner situation and I can see where some of you find him irritating.
          Yah, I can clearly see how that would irritate you.

          A stooge he’s not!

          • JeffH


  • Bert Cundle

    Well All of you SELF Proclaimed Victorious, Moral judges… “Where do you FIT in sociaty?” You may be seeking Moral high ground by responding as to what you think the Majoritys ( as Sactionary.) response is to anothers act, or lack. Or Just a MORE-ON, Being above, as the judge! Actualy… it looks like an invasion of their privacy! So, Lying to a REPORTER, can be Self Defense… (A CIVIL RIGHT.)

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Bert… Obviously you don’t believe that politicians should have standards? These guys are not your average joe. They should be commanding respect by their actions, rather than allowing themselves to be crucified in the media for what they have done.

      • Bert Cundle

        I Am Going to treat them, according to how they treat me! Put him in the geliatine if he voted for the DREAM ACT!!! His E-Mails to Others about his body, is NONE of my Concern… ( REMEMBER They are LEGISTLATERS of LAWS AFFECTING US!) Not Idols!

  • BigBen

    Hey you all,

    Someone I know said, “Why should Weiner resign? He should not resign until Vitter resigns first”!

    Remember Vitter (R).

    I reminded that dumb guy who said that, remember Mark Foley (R)? He did resign.

    Weiner will resign before the summer break or at the latest by Labor day weekend.


    • http://?? Joe H.

      Maybe sooner, as the Dems are calling for a ethics comittee investigation!! Bout time they got off their collective A$$E$!!!!

  • Kilgore Trout

    As a resident of New York, I will have to admit that I’m not overly impressed by the puerile actions of Rep. Weiner. However, after perusing many of the comments on this story I think it’s necessary to throw a stone back at those who seem to reside in glass houses. The litany of Republican representatives – on both Federal level and the State level who are still serving is growing day by day. One would think that for a group who espouses such “Righteous” values their own house would be the first to adhere to such traditions. Apparently it is nothing more than a illusion to get votes.

    While Mr. Weiner did lust in his heart and lie about his actions, he did not do so in a manner that affected his oath of office – as so many others have indeed done. Prostitution is only somewhat legal in one state, yet Sen. Vitters is still serving and adultery is still a crime in most states – Mark Sanford remains in office, Newt Gingrich who is running for president of this country – stands as the epitome of salacious behavior!

    I agree in concept that our elected officials should be held to a higher standard, but, when you take this standard to a partisan level it becomes nothing more than hypocrisy. Start demanding all be held to this criteria.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      Fine with me, the house of cards would collapse…

  • http://ByGeorge By George

    We’re Screwed!

    Our news is daily filled with one Obama (peace be upon him) disaster after another yet it’s this Weiner fellow and his problems that have captured the headlines. It’s a Media distraction like American idol and Dancing with the Stars. I don’t care about him or his problem. Leave him there. he stands as a pitiful example. Its up to the electorate in NYC to deal with it, not me. Weiner, by the way is the German word for Wagon Builder, not a native of Vienna, (Austria).

    There is so much happening, coming so fast, that I find it difficult to latch upon any one subject for examination and still stay within my one page formula. I suppose that’s why we are best served when we stick to our principles. America’s principles were recorded in a short document called the Constitution accompanied by a Bill of Rights and supported by learned writings of the founding fathers, only to be trashed by elites wrapped in the cloaks of invisibility, eliminating our rights by nullifying our basic beliefs in God, our Country, our families and just doing what’s right, slowly exchanging these principles for the joy’s of homosexuality, free health care, free food stamps, free education, free sex, job’s without production, regulation, regulation and more regulation.

    Comes now the Department of Education with its own issued warrant (explain that one to me) dispatching their own SWAT Police team (think Gestapo), bashing down a door because someone defaulted on their student loan. This happened in Stockton, California and it is to the credit of the Stockton Police, I think, that their only participation in this tawdry scene was to provide a patrolman and a police car to be there. It was the Federal Dept. of Education Police that did the dirty. But, who actually loaned the money? The Dept. of Education?, No!, The Dept. of Justice? No! The City of Stockton? No!, The SWAT Team?, No! It was a bank! All of the above mention entities were working on behalf of a Bank. We have entered a police state dictatorship!

    It’s serious time now to refocus our attention to the apparent source of all our problems, international banking. This is turning into a big fraud scam to steal every dime that America can produce. Otherwise why is Obama (peace be upon him) pledging money to support the Euro? Why is he pledging two Billion to Egypt? We don’t have it to pledge. Did you know that not only did S&P downgrade us but Moody’s is in the act now and announced that if Congress did not raise the debt ceiling a further $2.4Trillion by mid July, they too would downgrade the US Debt to pauper status. Read this interesting quote: In Banker speak, Moody’s is saying to the American TaxPayer, “Give us your goddamn money or we will destroy the US. Within a week Americans will be eating the other white meat, babies, and your country will be burned to the f_____ ground.” Rothschild and Goldman Sacs control Moody’s.

    This stuff is moving so fast I can’t keep up. We talk and talk, hold meetings and write to our politicians and yet, it seems, we still get the shaft. Another one is coming very soon. The TEA Party’s demands for a dollar for dollar exchange in spending cuts, as part of a scheme to raise the debt ceiling, is a scam of epic proportions with cuts to be prorated over 10 to 25 years. So this Congress wants to tell a Congress 20 years down the road how they are going to legislate? I don’t think so. This deal can only be attractive to Democrats and RiNOS’ A $2.4 trillion debt can of worms, kicked down the road on the unlikely promise that further cuts in spending will be made, but nothing now, is BS! How stupid do they think we are?

    I endorse the Cut, Cap and Balance plan now making an appearance. I’ll not explain it here but the word is that the Senate is expected to take up these points and make a push for the plan. I don’t count on our two Senators to be of any help unless I see them actively pushing for an 18% or higher cap on spending and support for a balance budget amendment. Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      By George,
      I can’t help but remember back to when they were worried that the budjet might not pass. They said “All unesecary personel will be advised not to come in to work”. Now, if they aren’t needed, then GET RID OF THEM!!!!! CUT THE DAMN BUDGET BY AT LEAST 20%!!!!

  • Wayne Johnson

    Let the Weiner keep his job. He plays a good “Face of the Democrat Party.
    Send him out on the campaign trail with B H O.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    I don’t understand the problem. Weiner is a fine example of the Demoratic Party. He’s right there with Rangel, Clinton, Frank, and a multitude of other crooks and perverts that pretend to represent us. Besides, things are different when you’re a Demorat. The rules of Law and Ethics don’t apply. Weiner’s got nothing to worry about. After the dust settles from his pending divorce, unless Hillary convinces her to stand by her man, the skies the limit. He can work for Nathans, Ball Park, or Armour as their national spokesman. He might even be trusted to drive the Weiner Mobile. I’m sure there is a place for him in the porn industry. The new XXX movie; “Weiner’s weiner goes to campus.”

  • James

    I’m sure the time will come when some president will have sex with a young girl, not his wife, in the Oval Office, and when confronted about it will lie and get away with it.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady


    Wiselady says:

    The Republicans should demand that Weiner not return to Congress or the Senate. His disgraceful behavior is unacceptable in any elected position. He has no shame at all.

    On a different topic: Why are we giving Egypt recovery funds when they are killing Christians who now have no protection. No dollars should go for killing their own citizens simply because they refuse to be Muslims. I have not heard one word on that subject from any politician nor Obama. When silence prevails, it is as though we are paying them to do it because they don’t care about life. Nothing is said when they are tortured, their churches burned, women and little girls are raped.

    Worse, why aren’t the U.S. Muslims not speaking against such atrocities? We must demand that no U.S. dollars be given to Egypt.


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