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GOP Calls For Harry Reid's Resignation After Report Of Racially Insensitive Comments

January 13, 2010 by  

GOP calls for Harry Reid's resignation after report of racially insensitive comments Republican leaders have asked that House Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) resign after a new book reported that during the 2008 presidential campaign the senator described Barack Obama as a "light-skinned" African-American "with no Negro dialect unless he wanted one."

Reid has since apologized to the president and other black political leaders for the remarks, stating that he deeply regretted the poor choice of words. Obama has accepted Reid’s request for forgiveness, calling his comments "unfortunate."

Meanwhile, certain members of the GOP have identified a double-standard in the way that Republicans and Democrats are treated following racially insensitive remarks. Some conservatives believe that Reid should step down, just as Trent Lott did after the racially charged comments he made in 2002.

"There is this standard where the Democrats feel that they can say these things and they can apologize when it comes from the mouths of their own," said Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele on Sunday. "But if it comes from anyone else, it’s racism."

"It’s difficult to see this situation as anything other than a clear double standard on the part of Senate Democrats and others," added Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas).

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  • Bill Gordon L. Stafford, USA

    I dislike Harry Reid and would swerve to soak him with muddy water, and pray that all his grand-babies are born naked. However He is an American and has the freedom to call a light colored Negro a Negro if he wishes.

    • coal miner

      Bill Gordon,

      Remember Jimmy the Greek.He made a reverences that was no where near derogatory.Even Jessie Jackson did’t get it.Jimmy was fired from CBS. I am against political correctness.I thinks it sucks.

    • Harold Olsen

      But remember, blacks consider the term “Negro” to be a racist term these days. A white person using that term, as well as “colored” in referring to blacks is automatically considered a racist. And since those terms are considered racist for whites to use then as far as I’m concerned they are racist for black people to use. Either the terms are racist for everyone or no one. And if they are considered to be racist terms by black then any organization who uses them in their name I consider to be racist organizations. Such as: The United NEGRO College Fund, and the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People.

  • C. Smith

    Harry Reid’s only wrong appears to be that he stated the obvious, and am not too sure why everyone is so sensitive about that? – unless of course the case is that it would be okay if his words had been written by a Negro African-American of much darker skin and an Ebonic speech pattern?

    Is it a crime to take note of the obvious? Or should we just leave it unsaid when we are all thinking the same? Where is the offense?

    I am from the Caribbean and have no problem with the fact that the US President is of mixed race but there are many so-called African Americans who do not look or speak typical of what African-American stands for. BTW what does it stand for? All Negroes (world-wide) supposedly came out of Africa, so why is that obvious fact stated at all times simply to be politically correct, when it is not even technically correct?

    • jim

      Not everyone in Africa is black. How presumptius for one race to take the who continant for their identity.

    • Harold Olsen

      Most Haitians who come to this country, from what I understand, resent being called African Americans. They are Haitian Americans and were up in arms when the un-Reverend Jesse Jackson stated that when Haitians move to this country they automatically become African Americans whether they like it or not. Most black Americans that I have known over the years don’t like the term either. They prefer the term “black.” It seems that the only time such politically correct terms, such as African American, Native American, or whatever, are used are when people are on TV or when they want to accuse someone of being a racist.

  • realbigal

    The Media are hypocritically selective when it comes to reporting about verbal racial slips by “Liberal” (not really liberal as in favoring liberty, but Socialist) politicians. While Dan Quayle was pilloried and ridiculed repeatedly for putting an extra “e” on “potato”, Bill Clinton was almost never called to task for his response to the question about whether “black” and “white” Americans watch different television programs. He said, “Black Americans watch the same TV programs as ordinary people.”

    Let’s face it — racism is stupid. But who is the grossest racist of all?? Government!!! The best example is coming up in the next several months. When those temporary workers come around to take the Census, their paperwork will ask you what race you are. How un-American!!!!!! Government is the biggest racist of all. Don’t answer any questions about race. Tell the feceral government to put it where the sun don’t shine. I had no control over the color of my skin when I was born, and neither did you or anyone else. Officially classifying by race is abominable. And any classifying by government is by practical definition communistic.

    • papopy

      Dan Quail was an idiot.


      • Dale

        What . . . Sen Byrd was a repub?????

      • Harold Olsen

        I agree that Dan Quayle was an idiot. But, compared to Joe Biden, Quayle is a genius.

    • coal miner


      Potato can be spelled be both ways(potatoe correctly)Dan Quayle was right.

      • Harold Olsen

        Yeah, it reminds me of the time when I spelled “employee” with only one “E” at the end. My supervisor spent several minutes ridiculing me. I let him go on and on and then I took out the dictionary and showed him that the way I spelled it was correct. Man, did his face turn red when he realize what a fool he had made of himself, something he was very good at.

    • Harold Olsen

      The media also has a tendency to take political correctness to extremes. Years ago, shortly after Jesse Jackson decided that black were to be called African American, Tom Brokaw was doing a story on his news program abut black British subjects. He referred to these black citizens of Great Britain as British African Americans.

  • Norm

    If his statement didn’t bother Obama and most, if not all of the black leaders, it sure doesn’t bother me. What he said may not be politically correct but it is factual.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      I do agree that it is factual. I think the only problem here is, if it had been a Republican that said the exact same thing, he or she would have been chastised unforgiveable by the media and would have had to step down for such a racial slur. That is our only problem. I forget now the exact words but look what happend to Newt Gingrich a few years ago. My my how we soon forget – what is fair for the goose is also fair for the gander.

      • Harold Olsen

        Are you referring to the incident when Gingrich said that some Democrat or Democrats Welshed on a promise? I remember how the left went up in arms over that one. Personally, I always thought the term was Welched. What’s next, scream racism for saying to someone, “Don’t get you Irish up?”

    • David

      Sure it bothered him but he and his party are sucking it up so people will move on and hopefully forget about it. I say leave him in office. It’s the best thing that could happen for the Nov. elections….he doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Robert

    Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, like Murray the cop on the Odd Couple would say. The only thing wrong with what Reid said is the double standard we are seeing today. And by the way, most black skinned people I know first call themselves Americans not Black-Americans. It’s time for all of us to remember this, if you were born in this country you are an American first. If you wish to refer to your ancestral heritage, then put it after the word American. I’m of Irish decent and sometimes refer to myself as American-Irish. Meaning, I was born in the United States of America and am of Irish decent. A wise Latvian-American taught me this at a St. Patricks Day parade when I was a teenager. When he asked what nationality I was, I replied “Irish-American”. He then asked where in Ireland I was born. I said I was born in New York. He then said, then why are you ashamed to call yourself American first. I said I was not ashamed and he explained why I should refer to myself as American-Irish.He added that he calls himself Latvian-American because he was born in Latvia, emigrated to the US and became a citizen of the US. He added I am proud to have been born in Latvia and equally as proud to be a US citizen. Now that was a real lesson learned early in life.

    • Alton Robinson

      Robert: I have to agree with you I do not will never agree with the word african-American. If your not and American then get the blank out and go back to your own country. I have a lot of friends that are American and have black-brown skin and they all know how I feel. It is not my fault people are born with different colored skin. Its not the skin color but whats inside that counts. If you were then you should be an American as long as the parents were here legally. People better wake up this PC crap is going to help ruin America. No way what Reid said is racist. I detest Reid and what he stands for, but I always call a spade a spade.

    • Harold Olsen

      I think the use of hyphenated terms are wrong. My paternal grandparents came from Norway and my maternal grandparents came from Italy. I do not think of myself as Norwegian-American, Italian-American or Norwegian-Italian-American. I am an American of Norwegian and Italian descent. When I hear someone using a hyphenated term such as Norwegian-American what that says to me is that they consider themselves to be Norwegian and just happen to live in America but their allegiance is to Norway. You’re either an American or you’re not.

  • Robert

    Someone should pass this onto Harry Reid.
    Extracts from: The name “negro” its origin and evil use: Richard B. Moore

    The name that you respond to determines the amount of your self worth. Similarly, the way a group of people collectively respond to a name can have devastating effects on their lives, particularly if they did not choose the name.
    Asians come from Asia and have pride in the Asian race’ Europeans come from Europe and have pride in Europe accomplishments. Negroes, I am to assume, come from negroland-a mythical country with an uncertain past and an even more uncertain future. Since negroland is a myth, where did the myth of the negro originate? The key to understanding what a negro is, is to understand the definition of that word and its origin.

    The word negro is Spanish for black. The Spanish language comes from Latin, which has its origins in Classical Greek. The word negro, in Greek, is derived from the root word necro, meaning dead. What was once referred to as a physical condition is now regarded as an appropriate state of mind for millions of Africans.

    Historically when the Greeks first traveled to Africa 2,500 years ago, the Egyptian civilization was already ancient. The Great Pyramid was over 3,000 years old and the sphinx was even older. Writing, science, medicine and religion were already a part of the civilization and had reached their zenith. The Greeks came to Africa as students to sit at the feet of the masters, and to discover what Africans already knew. In any student / teacher relationship the teacher can only teach as much as the student is capable of understanding.

    Egyptians, like other Africans, understood that life existed beyond the grave. Ancestral worship is a way of acknowledging the lives of the people who have come before you, and their ability to offer guidance and direction to the living. Temples were designed as places where the ancestors could be honored and holidays (Holy Days) where the ancestors could be honored, and holidays (Holy Days) were the days designated to do so.

    The Egyptians had hundreds of temples and hundreds of Holy Days to worship their ancestors. The Greeks thought the Africans had a preoccupation with death. The act of ancestral worship became known as necromancy or communication with the dead. The root word necro means dead. Another word for necromancy is magic – that Old Black Magic which was practiced in Ancient Africa. When the Greeks returned to Europe, they took their distorted beliefs with them and the word negro evolved out of this great misunderstanding.

    Less than 300 years after the first Greeks came to Egypt as students, their descendants returned as conquerors. They destroyed the cities, temples and libraries of the Egyptians and claimed African knowledge as their own.

    Not only was the African legacy stolen, but also the wholesale theft of African people soon followed. With the birth of the slave trade, it became necessary to dehumanize Africans and devalue their historical worth as a people in order to ensure their value as slaves.

    So there you have it, the negro – a race of dead people with a dead history and no hope for resurrection as long as they remained ignorant of their past. This was a triple death – the death of the mind, body, and spirit of the African people.

    It was strictly forbidden for negro slaves to learn to read and write. Such knowledge was the key to liberation and was placed firmly out of reach. As negroes became educated, however, they sought to redefine themselves.

    The evolution of the word negro from colored, to black, to African represents a progression of self-awareness. As a free people, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves and rediscover our Identities. Knowledge of self is the key to unlocking the door to the future.

    • RadicalRepublican

      Great Post! Very Informative!

      There is no doubt that words like Negro are remnence of an old, unidentified and dark history of African peoples. But, at the same time, until very recently in America “negro” was actually the ‘polite’ way of refering to black people. It was offensive to call them black and of course ‘n*gg*r’ was most offensive, but people such as MLK and his supporters saw negro as a term of endearment and self-awareness. It was actually MALCOM X el Hajj Malik Sh’bazz who coined the term ‘Afro-American’ or African-American which I find amazing, because he is still demonized by most of the American main-stream.

    • chuck b



  • Gideon Jones

    ” Politically Correct” is a form of slavery and a silencing of free speech , a conscious avoiding of fact , a tool of a few subverted in order to control and cover up what should be said.
    So if it is true and needs be said THEN SAY IT an make No apologies.

  • c lee

    I have but one question, is obamma an American or an african. I dont get the whole african american thing.

    • Robert

      He’s a Hawaiian, or so he says. And I think that would make him an American. If he was born in Kenya, then he would be an African and not eligible to be President. That’s why he calls himself a Hawaiian. You know he’s a lawyer and we all know that lawyers are honest and truthfull. So yeah, he’s Hawaiian with Kenyan roots and a hard on for every patriotic American born on the mainland because he was raised on coconut milk.

  • Robert

    What the hell is Negro dialect? Is Harry referring to Rap and Hip Hop music? I hope not. If he is, then does that mean Rap and Hip Hop can only be performed by those who are referred to by that racist word negro?

  • Virgil Whaley

    What Harry Reid said is not the real issue. It is how the media and others deal with it. If Harry Reid were a Republican, the media would bombard the public with his awful conduct. The Democratic Party with a unified voice would demand his resignation. There would be no let up.
    I personally think it is stupid to require everyone to be so politically correct that it stifles freedom of speech, but the double standard has to go!

  • DiverDan

    Harry Reid should step down for pushing the agenda of the health care bill as hard as he can down our throats, and lying about what it actually contains.
    He can call a spade a spade if he wishes under the first amendment ….remember the freedom of speach thing …Amazing a polititican not being politically correct!

  • Pat R

    Reid does not have the decency to step down. Obama will do everything to keep him there—his best hench-man!
    I see no difference in what he said as to what Trent Lott said a few years back. The context is the same: Racial remarks made by leaders
    of the Senate. HE SHOULD BE FORCED, as Trent Lott was, TO REMOVE HIMSELF WAS THE LEADERSHIP POSITION HE HOLDS!! He does not deserve
    the Honour that goes with that position. He is a hard-core criminal
    to save the least! Just look what crooked deals he has made over the years!!

  • BigIron

    I’ve no use for Harry Reid, or any of his kind, but, as has been correctly observed, … “Two wrongs do not make a right”! That liberals, across the aisle, choose to behave in a despicable manner does not mean that conservatives should emulate them; quite the contrary, conservatives should rise above such pettiness to become examples of proper conduct (take the “hig-road”, so to speak).
    Harry Reid’s comment was not the most politic but it was properly descriptive of his observations. Both sides need to get away from this PC “claptrap (“claptrap” is PC for the words I would have preferred to use)”. Harry Reid deserves to “walk” on this one and his detractors (on this one issue) on both sides of the aisle should “grow up”.
    I, too, want to see Harry Reid depart our government, post haste, but this is not the way to do it. The liberals have taken the “low-road” as befits them … why would we want to follow? Give Harry a walk (and hope that it’s a long one on a short pier).

  • Matty

    There has been a double standard for quite sometime. But I think it shows how weak the Republicans are, they step down (Trent Lott) without a fight for truth. And with Harry Reid, the Republicans will say a few words and then he’ll be allowed to continue on his path of pissing on us.

  • John

    Harry should step down, and be aressted for treason and sent to jail as a traitor.

  • Dorothy

    The difference in Trent Lott and what Reid said was that the Republicans joined the demo. and forced Trent out.

    • DDC

      Trent Lott still has ball$, and Harry Reid has to squat to pee. That’s the difference between the two. Lott was a man, and Reid does not know which he is, MAIL or FEMALE in a suit and tie

  • James

    Technically, President Obama is a ‘mulatto’ which Webster’s Distionary defines as: “The first-generation offspring of a Negro and a white.” His father was a black Kenyan and his mother was white.
    After the Civil War, the U.S. created Nigeria in Africa and encouraged the freed slaves to return there, and some did. The U.S. paid for their travel and other expenses. Niger, Africa is where some of the slaves were kidnapped from, which could well-be where the term ‘nigger’ came from.

    • chuck b

      your history is a little mixed up. liberia not nigeria was the country in mention it was formed long before the civil war. at one time a group of our citizens felt threatened by the birth increase of the blacks imported from africa and created an organization called the “society of friends” it included presidents and politicians up to and including abe lincoln. they donated money and set up the country of liberia, in order to send all the blacks back to africa, they gave up after finding the population was growing faster than they could build ships, “like dipping salt water out of the sea” and the deported people to liberia were being wiped out by the resident natives and animals. this info came from a(berkeley ca. high school history book) (1919)

  • ed fouts

    this white house is so corrupt,i think we need a war here to clean
    out this trash thats destorying our country right now,these are the
    worst of the worst takem all out,OBAMA,REID,PELOSI,THEY ALL HAVE

    • Harold Olsen

      I don’t think America will EVER wake up. I’m convinced they’ve taken a potent sleeping powder in the hope that if they ignore the corruption in Washington, DC, it will be gone by the time the sleeping powder wears off.

  • Fr33dom

    Whatever happened to the word “HUMAN”? Instead we are where we are from? African-American? Then, when we move from America, we become African-American-Conggolian? Sheesh, get it straight my friends, WE ARE HUMAN..

  • ed fouts


  • ed fouts

    OBAMA is illeaglealien where is the brith certificat, obama
    he is paying attorneys our tax money to hide his real one, thats where it is, hidding it from american, he needs to go back to kenya,
    thats where he was born,maybe he can help the monkeys over there,
    and tax them on there bananas,
    thats good business for obama,because he has no clue about running
    the business in our country, he is a complate idiot and a muslin
    pushing his radical agenda here, GO NOW GET THE F OUT U POS,

    • RadicalRepublican

      WOW, you are a waste of oxygen. Try opening a book, maybe learning how to spell could help too..
      By assuming that any Kenyan can just hide his/her identity and become THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.A. is the most RETARDED thing I have EVER heard! You are doing a disservice to this great country! And it is extremely offensive to just toss the entire political establishment to the wind in this way.

      His mother was most definately an AMERICAN, who has NEVER BEEN TO KENYA, so how is it that he could be born there??? Sooooooooo stupid!!

      And he’s not a Muslim either, you ignoramous.
      People like you are going to be the death of present-day Republicanism
      I can hardly wait for the TRUE REPUBLICANS (of Lincoln & and the Reconstructionists) to return and bring back some order to the polarized and ignorant landscape that is today’s politics

      • Dennis

        (Words removed for offensive content)

      • cr747

        OBAMA has admitted to being a Muslim. You are wrong on that. He admitted that on public a public speech that he gave!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dale

    RadRepub . . . why don’t you just present the evidence to prove all the statements you made??? Bet you can’t . . . no one has seen the college records, or anything else pertaining to the pres.
    He did say “My muzzlim faith” . . . I heard it . . . There are many unanswered questions . . . the media was a complete joke, sent dozens of investigators to Alaska to check out the VP candidate, but checking out the pres was not even an option.
    We all saw Bush’s records, even the fact he had better SAT scores than his two opponents, Gore and ketchup Kerry . . . the media said Geo was dumb . . . what does that make the folks that could not beat him?

    • RadicalRepublican

      When and where did you hear him say “my muzzlim faith” ?!?!
      And there is full historic proof of his college degrees and his time spent at Harvard as head of the Harvard Law Review. So, I don’t know WTF you are talking about

      Again, his MOTHER HAS NEVER BEEN TO KENYA, so explain to me how he was born there. Or are you assuming that she was also not his real mother, despite the DNA tests that have been done. We all heard about how he his distant cousins to Cheney, I remember Obama even joking about it… Also, show me PROOF HE WAS BORN IN KENYA. you have NONE, all you have is the word of this crazy Zionist birther woman who’s got all these rednex riled up.

      WHY DON’T YOU FOCUS ON FACTS?! THERE IS PLENTY TO CRITICIZE OBAMA’S ADMINISTRATION ABOUT, THERE IS NO NEED FOR IDIOCY — He has shown proof of his citizenship when he announced his candidacy and his proof was approved by the election committee, so let it rest

      • Joe H.

        Hey Radical Lib,
        Show me a site that shows his college records!!! Show me one that shows how he applied for college. As an American or as a resident Alien asking for government grants as said alien???? If he applied for said grants as an American, he has committed a felony and is not eligible to be POTUS!!!!

      • cr747

        RadicalRepublican!!!!! Hoss, the man in the White House that is using it as a squatter does, is a Muslim. He has said it more than once, Matter of fact he has admitted it quite a few times. Have heard it with my on ears. Makes me sick to my stomach each and every time I see him trying to make a speech that someone else has written for him. He is useless to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • James

        RadicalRep., I have a copy of President Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate, it was obtained by Lucas Daniel Smith, his affidavit states: “On February 19, 2009 I visited the Coast General hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. I visited the hospital accompanied by one more person, a natural born citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo…I traveled to Kenya and Mombasa in particular with the intent to obtain the original birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama, as I was told previously that it was on file in the hospital and under seal, due to the fact that the prime minister of Kenya Raela Odinga is Barack Hussein Obama’s cousin. I had to pay a cash “consideration” to a Kenyan military officer on duty to look the other way, while obtained the copy of the birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama. The copy was signed by the hospital administrator. The coy contained the embossed seal. The true and correct photocopy of the Birth certificate obtained, is attached to this affidavit,as Exhibit A.”
        This afffidavit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Santa Ana (Southern) Division, Civil Action: SACV09-00082-DOC (Anx).
        The Certificate itself is entitled: “Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya”; It is Certificate No. 32018; It reads: “Child bearing the name: BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II, sex M; over the “full name of Mother, Maiden Surname and Date of Birth it reads: STANLEY ANN OBAMA…DUNHAM…11/29/1942; over Full Name of Father…Date of Birth it reads: “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA…1936″; then “on this 4th day of AUGUST, 1961 at 7:24 PM; then over “Weight of child at Birth” it reads: “7 pounds 1 ounce, length “18 inches”, width between shoulders “6 inches”; then over Residence and Birth Place of Mother it reads: “HONOLULU, HAWAII, UNITED STATES [AND] WICHITA, KANSAS, UNITED STATES”; over Birth Place of Father; Occupation of Father; and Occupation of Mother it reads: “KANYAIHIANG VILLAGE, EYANZA…STUDENT…STUDENT; over Name of Attending Doctor it reads: “JAMES O.W. ANG’AWA” followed by his signature which is dated 8/8/1961; the Supervisor of Obstetrics was: “JOHN KWAME ODONGO” followed by his signature and dated: “8-7-1961.”
        In the lower left-hand corner of the certificate is the baby’s right footprint, and to the right is the stamped Seal of Kenya.

      • Joe H.

        Hey Radical Lib,
        check out his first book. It says it in there and yes, he did say if the wind blows uncertain(or to that effect) I will side with the Muslims!!!! The last six words are certain!!

  • mary inabinette

    democrate double standed lott step down and reid dont. republican should always stand by there own should learn their lesson

  • Joey Clark

    This is hardly an issue—much to do about nothing.
    Look at Harry Reid’s records over his yrs in the Senate. His voting doesn’t support a racist attitude.
    Let’s stop the foolishness & get on with things that are really important to All Americans

    • cr747

      Joey Clark, this is the first time that we have had a RACIST for a president. Reid knew what he was saying, and he said it. He also meant it!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Claire

        cr 747—Rev. Jesse Jackson got caught speaking “bad things” about Obama when Jackson thought the mike was turned off. Jackson said something about cutting off or pinching, Obama’s b—-, I can’t remember all of it now. Jackson is guilty of the same thing. Referring to an earlier post of mine–double-standard. No getting away from it. For example, at work, some people can come in late and others get crucified for doing the same thing. Some people get paid more for doing hardly anything and others get less pay and they work like a dog. It goes on and on.

        • Claire

          I will reply to myself. This is still much ado about nothing!

        • Joe H.

          the unions are famous for keeping the chaff and getting rid of the real workers. That’s why we can’t keep up with the foreign auto makers!!!

        • cr747

          Claire, you are right about Jesse Jackson making that remark. He didn’t know his microphone was on. The expression on his face looked like he had been slapped away from the table for farting. I can’t stand to listen to him or Al Sharpton on T V. I have to change the channel when they come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Claire

            You know, I don’t pay any attention to them either. As far as I am concerned, they made their beds, let them lie in them. I do not waste my time watching them. I only watched when the campaigns were in full swing. America certainly more important things to be concerned about, not that petty crap.
            AS far as unions go, personally I think they contributed a lot of good things in the early early years. However, they became too controlling and greedy, just like the politicians.
            I don’t like the idea of the future for my kids and grandkids either. I just hope and pray things work out, but it will take decades, if ever.

          • libertytrain

            I recall – several months before Obama chose to run for pres, Sharpton, Jackson, and several other prominent black leaders being interviewed and each said Obama wasn’t really a black man so they would not, nor would the black people back him. They made him out to be a joke of a wannabe black man – it was interesting watching them change their tune when it looked like he was going to really run and had possibilities of winning.

  • Warrior

    This Country is absolutely respresented by some of the biggest dopes on the planet! How anyone employed in the private sector would even consider voting for a democrat is beyond logical comprehension.

  • Joey Clark

    to Mary
    Lott believed that this country would have been better off segragated forever. That’s what forced him out. He was forced out by his own hard line belief in SEGRAGATION.
    The Civil Rights movement in this country in the 1960 & the following laws that backed it up made those assurtions from Lott totally unacceptable.
    Reid, as I mentioned check out his record on Civil Rights—he has a large following because of it. Besides if his language affended the President then Obama’s accepting Reid’s appology is enough. Oh by the way, I have many black friends whose old relatives, ages late 70,80 & 90s consider themselves negros & are very proud of their negro heritage. They find Afro-American as silly as many other folks do but consider black to me the new fangled word for negro—which means black in many languages.

  • Rod

    Joey Clark, You were absent when God gave out the brains!
    Reid has to go! He will be beat in the elections anyway.
    The radical left are going down. The American people have had enough of the lies they are so full of! They are so afraid they have to hide behind closed doors to conduct their criminal activities.

  • sean murrey

    lets try him for treason and corrpution if thinks he getting a award this is the only award he will get.

  • Claire

    There is the United Negro College Fund and the NAACP. So what is the big deal? If these organizations found the wording offensive, why didn’t they change their names? There is much ado about nothing.
    And as far as politicians go, they are all corrupt. Show me a politician and I’ll show you a life of deceit.

    • jim

      So one weasle said something un-PC about another weasle. So what? It’s when someone who isn’t a weasle that says it everybody gets crazy. Does anybody else but me see the irony of Trent Lott going on BET to apologize for segregation?

    • Joe H.

      that falls under the same heading as hearing them call each other the N word!!! If they do it it doesn’t matter to them, but if you or I do it is is very offensive and it still carries the sting of the whip!!!

      • Claire

        Hi JoeH—So true. Good old double standard. It has always been around, and it will never go away. If I were ever called a “honkie” it wouldn’t bother me. I know what I am–an American first and foremost and happy to be alive. The old saying— Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. And look at all the politicians who have evaded income taxes, spent $85,0000 on golf outings, spent the taxpayers money for their trysts with women other than their wives and they no doubt did this during “working hours” and no doubt we paid them for this time, and on and on. There is no politician alive that is totally honest, ethical, forthright, and squeaky clean. We cannot expect perfection from either party. It will never happen.

        • American Citizen

          The whole thing is about the double standard the Democrats work under. Look at the number of Republicans who resigned for one reason or another because the Democrats demanded it. How many Democrats have had the integrity to resign after being caught under the double standard?

    • cr747

      Claire, your Jan. thirteenth at five thirty PM statements should be enlighteng to a lot of people committing on this sight. But evidently it is going over some of their heads!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • libertytrain

        You’re right – I wonder why all are “quiet” on that one.

        • Joe H.

          can’t fight the truth!!!


    Hairy Reed doesn’t necessarily need to resign because of his potty mouth about black folks, he could readily resign because he is a biggass crook and needs to be put in a jail for theft, complicity, collusion and fraud. Believe me he really does need to spend a lot of time meditating in the cell of a fed prison… fact he has a lot of congressional friends that have need to be prosecuted along with him.

    • Claire

      Agreed, and these congressional friends are Democrats and Republicans alike.

      • cr747

        Yes Claire to name a few Charles Shumer,”would love to knock that S$$$Y smile off his face.” Diane Feinstein, another big crook, BUG EYED Nancy Pelosi, Rangel, crook for not paying taxes, Reid, racist, along with Obama, well, could go on and on. Not enough room to name them all. They are all laughing at,”WE THE PEOPLE.” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, AND I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Claire

          Hi cr747—I simply believe America needs a “total” housecleaning. And just look at what the incumbants have to look forward to! It will take years to get America on the correct path. Have fun in Hawaii!!!

          • cr747

            Claire, you couldn’t be more right. They are going to have one of the biggest messes that has ever been in the White House trying to get things back to normal

            What upsets me is that my Kids, and Grand kids are the ones that are going to have to suffer with the debt they will be leaving behind!!!!!!!!

  • http://n/a Mark

    Piss on harry reid then light him up.

  • Robert

    Today is Thursday, January 14,2010. Why is Harry Reid still around? I guess all the negro dialect speaking folks and light skinned blacks don’t feel he said anything wrong. So being a white conservative, I should be able to say the same thing without any critizism or outrage from the black community. Hey Don Imus, instead of using the term nappy-haired whores, next time say light skinned non negro dialect speaking whores. Reverand Al Sharton, All democrats and the NAACP wont have a problem with that.

    • Joe H.

      Sure they will!! He’s not a dem senator!!!!

    • chuck b


      you should be thankful he is still around, could you imagine chuckie schumer as the senate leader!!!and you know if reid wasn’t there he would be their boy. the democrats have a way of picking the most obnoxious people for their leaders.

      • Robert

        Your absolutely right. I just saw Obama’s 3,576,475,894th televised speech. Obnoxious is too kind of word for them. Criminal liars is more like it.

        • Joe H.

          You must have been out last week! there is one more than your total there!!!!

  • Harold Olsen

    I’ve been remembering an incident that happened years ago when George H. W. Bush was president. He was vacationing with his family in Kennebunkport. All his children and grandchildren were with him. The media was following him around and, like most proud grandfathers, he was pointing out each of his grandchildren to them. One of his sons happens to be married to a Mexican lady. Bush pointed out one of his half-Mexican grandsons by referring to him as a brown boy, saying something like “That little brown boy over there is one of mine, too.” The media jumped on it, as did the Democrats, calling it a racist comment. One Hispanic Congressman mustered up all the phony indignation he could and whined about how offended he was at Bush’s racist and insensitive remark. He then demanded, as did other Democrats, that Bush resign as president. Bush did not resign, nor did he apologize because he had nothing to apologize for. I happen to be half Italian and I have a number of relatives who are dark skinned and it would not be racist for me to refer to any of them as brown boys, men, women, whatever. But the Democrats will jump on anything and call it racist as long as it doesn’t come from another Democrat. Reid should resign!

  • harleyj

    I am certain this comment won’t come before the eyes of the readers of this blog because, for all of your screeching about free expression and strict construction of the Constitution, you right wingers really don’t believe in contrarian expressions being read..or heard…as Dick Armey proved with his Tea Party mobs at congressional town halls!!!

    Harry Reid has said nothing which approached the level of what Trent Lott said when he implied that had we elected that Old White Citizens Council & Thunderbolt Party Dixiecrat, Strom Thurmond, the USA would have been better off. The Dems wanted Thurmond’s birthday party revelry played over and over on every American TV, ad nauseum. The reality was that Senator Frist’s Republican cabal in the Senate–with the help of Cheney and his minions–forced Trent Lott out of his Majority Leadership, not the Senate Democrats–not any Democrats! We wanted Lott to stay right where he was as Senate Majority Leader for obvious reasons.

    Jimmy The Greek wasn’t forced out by the Democrats in the House or Senate–or the Democratic Party–just as Howard Cosell was not damned by the Democratic Party for calling a Black pro football player, Lynn Swan, a “monkey”… No, it was hyper-opportunists in the big money media who feared they would lose advertising dollars once the sensationalist media took off on the stories and turned them into the scandals of the century.

    Harry Reid told it the way it was in the real USA of today. He was actually talking about the covert racism among the right wing reactionary Republican Party and a significant hunk of the Independents. The truth always brings out the worst in the Right Wing Reactionary Republicans, their Fox Republican Propaganda Network mouthpieces Glenn “the sobbing lush” Beck, Hannity, O’REilly and the “Mega Ditto Nut-Heads” who wallow at the stinking feet of Rush “the doctor shopping, pill popping” Limbaugh.

    So, for all of you Right Wing Reactionary Republican screwballs, if the shoes fit, wear’em!! From where I stand, they fit just perfectly!

    • cr747

      Suzuki, or HARLEYJ, Your shoes must be about a size two maybe, or could be a three. Depends on how big your EARS are. You are supposed to wear shoes on your FEET not your EARS. You have not heard any of the NEWS lately??????????? YOU SHOULD, then you could write something that’s beneficial!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • harleyj

    Hey, Harold Olsen, if Reid said nothing wrong, why should he resign? You just spent a lot of time defending GHWBush and your Italian kin-folks and other people for saying things you don’t see as “racist” and then, because Reid said something that gives you opportunistic right wing-nuts somthing to jump on, you do the same thing you condemn in others. That is the right wing reactonary Republican way; “do as I say, not as I do!!” That makes you a hypocrite criticizing people you think are hypocrites. Talk about making my point! You just did!

    • Joe H.

      I can’t believe I have to call you HarleyJ and insult a good bike!! You just don’t get it do you? If McCain had said the very same thing, all of them would have called for his resignation. If any other republican had said the exact same thing the dems would have put up such a holler that they would have had to step down. IT’S CALLED A DOUBLE STANDARD!!

      • Norm

        Joe H.
        The right wing extremists, led by Rush, Sean, and Glenn, are the biggest bunch of cry babys in the world. They spew hatred, nonsense, and lies and attack anyone who disagrees with them. Drive-by media and government-controled media are my favorite expressions. The last time I heard the major networks, they had sponsers from the private sector not government. Another lie!
        As far as Reid goes, he probably won’t get elected next time around anyway. His remarks, while a little stupid for a politico, were in fact true, unfortunately.

        • Tinwarble

          Oh Norm,

          So I guess NBC having a office for Obama in their studios, selling Obama dolls & T-shirts in their gift shops and pushing Obama’s agenda on every show they have on is just a coincidence. Or maybe you think that when a news reporter says that gets a “tingle down his leg”, that means nothing at all. You poor diluted guy!

        • Joe H.

          Or Simon malls kicking out one of their kiosk owners for selling t-shirts with O-man in a circle with a diagonal line through it!!
          Or their getting an injunction against a TEA party in Atlanta so they couldn’t have their gathering next to them in a closed Mall. Never mind that they donated over a million or so bucks to O-mans campaign!!!

          • Norm

            i don’t know about Simon malls but it sounds like the private sector to me. Don’t people have a right to sell what they want in their stores?

  • Robert

    Obama doesn’t speak negro-dialect. He be more edumocated. He speak Ebonics. Before elected President his favorite word was yassir, comming right away all youse lobbyist and terrorists. I be running for President and then sees how whitey likes it.

    • Norm

      He speaks the English of a Harvard educated lawyer. He’s out of your league.

      • Joe H.

        Norm, for once I agree with you!!! Robert was way out of line!!!

        • chuck b


          please don’t say you agree with norm, just say. yeah, robert did speak a little un=mannerly, but he was only joking! can’t you liberals enjoy a little humor even tho it was a little bit off color. “no pun intended”.

    • Claire

      Robert– Surely to God you are a better person than this. The whole world is making fun of all of us right now. Don’t you realize how happy this makes our enemies? Our enemies are thrilled to pieces because we are so divided as a nation. Our enemies would love nothing more than to see America fail.

  • Susan

    That is not even funny ROBERT.

  • Claire

    libertytrain—Yes, they changed their tune in a hurry. But you know what, I don’t think they necessarily like Obama. Maybe they are jealous? I don’t know, but I notice something in the way they speak?? whenever they talk about Obama. I just have a feeling there is something there but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Gut feeling or something. I don’t know!! And I certainly remember Jackson saying what he did about Obama when he thought the microphone was turned off. And I will go one step further–I have been at the Mall and I have heard black kids call each other the “N” word. If a white kid had said it look out!!!

  • “JAVOPE”

    Reed’s comment had nothing to do with race.
    He was referring to him being a chameleon able to blend in and appear as someone to trust no matter your color or race.
    A Harvard educated lawyer what does that make you? Someone honest?
    Have you ever witnessed a lawyer prepping a client to take the stand, WOW what a fine line they have learned to talk!
    Reed as does many others, needs to go.
    The sad part is no matter which way Reed or the others may go
    (We The People)must continue to pay them their salaries as retirement, raised salaries I may add, while the retired working class received no cost of living raise on social security.

    This is change we can believe in!
    A little more like collusion I think.

    Happy arguing!


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