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GOP abandons push to rename Democratic Party ‘Socialist’

May 22, 2009 by  

GOP abandons push to rename Democratic Party 'Socialist'After a short but intense campaign by some of its members, the Republican Party has abandoned its call for the Democratic Party to rename itself as the ‘Democrat Socialist Party.’

According to the Associated Press, the move spurred a fight within the GOP ranks that reflected the divide between those who want to take the party in a more centrist direction and those seeking to give it a more conservative tone.

The original resolution provoked criticism from the leadership of the GOP, with committee chairman Michael Steele suggesting the party should focus on criticizing the administration’s policies rather than engaging in "name-calling."

"I’ve been very clear that I don’t think that is an appropriate way to express our views on the issues of the day," he said on Meet the Press.

However, the resolutions supporters are not giving up their quest to draw the nation’s attention to Obama’s policies. Their new resolution urges Democrats to "stop pushing our country towards socialism and government control."

Since last year’s general elections, the Republican Party has been scrambling to find a leader and has been engaged in a debate over its identity at a time when the opposition Democratic Party, which controls both the legislature and the executive, has found an undisputed leader in President Obama.

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  • 13th Gen. American

    Wel finally. The dems/libs have been calling us names since the libs took over. All names were not. So it about time the reps got some back bone and said it like it is.

    • 14th Gen. American

      Get back to Kindergarden boy!

      • 13th Gen. American

        Thank you. You just proved my point. You cant argue facts so you resort to name calling. Were not calling libs a name. Were stating a fact on their views and agenda. PS. Very original name.

        • Bigvinu

          Well, this is really pretty bad. When you have a situation when one side of the aisle can justify name-calling with ‘he started it’, you know the country’s going somewhere foul.

          I really think this was a bad move from the start for Republicans electorally. People want Republicans to re-brand themselves, not the Democrats. We already said we liked what the Democrats were saying going into Nov 04.

          The sad things is that the Republicans could easily win with a message of Free Market Growth, National Defense (No not, “We’re going to make torture legal”), and Personal Freedom (Make the Republican Party the de-facto Libertarian Party). Too bad they’d rather resort to simply playing into the other side’s game.

          When will they learn? We think of Democrats name-calling Republicans as a minus-point, not a plus point, but the Democrats ran on a platform that made the name-calling a non-issue. The last thing we want is the Republican party go the way of the Whigs and let the Democrats rule with no opposition. The worst thing for this country is an un-checked majority on either side. The Best thing is a close split with a slight favor in one direction.

          • LocalYokel

            The most significant quality of a close split keeps patriots’ attention and provides an accurate accounting for second amendment application. Those who prefer to swim mid stream eventually drown with no effort for corpse recovery or burial offered from either shore.


        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Very true. But I dont know why the democrats, dont just drop the democrat off totally, and become the Socialist Party. Fact is fact. They do not represent the democratic form, as that would be to have the views of the majority, but they always take the side of the so called poor, which are those who dont want to work, at least 90 percent of them, they side with the gays, a minority, with the black, a minority, with the hispanics, a minority, with the illegal aliens, a minority, with the terrorists, a minority. But they socialistically have put these minority groups together, by giving them all free handouts from the sweat of our brow of those who work for a living, and pay their taxes. As long as these minority groups are content to take these little government handouts, they will all be kept down and in their place, which is what the democrats want, that way these groups are dependant on them and will always be beholden to the democrats, and the democrats will have their power as people become more and more dependant on government. I am a working man, and I, for one, am not dependant on the government, and for two, I want the government out of my life, and I dont want anything from them except to organized the police forces and things like that that the government should be taking care of. I know a lot of blacks who claim they are being kept down by the man, yet you continue to vote in mass for the man, the democrats, who havent done anything to help you, just words. They continually take your donations, and give you a little hand out, and oppress you and keep you down, then you reward them with your vote. Republicans freed you (Lincoln). Republicans appointed you to top government posts(Bush). What have the democrats done, besides throw nice words to you? Nothing. Now you have a black president, and you know what, you arent going to get anything from him either, but words and a little more hand out. Quit voting for these leeches, that feed off of your need for government to control your lives. You empower them, and they give you nothing in return, but a little hand out to keep you down. Fact.

          • LocalYokel

            True Mark, but that was already accomplished after the last failed communist party presidential candidate stated that the Democratic party had adopted his total platform almost fifty years back.


        • Rob

          Well they don’t drop off the name Democrat, because not all democrats are socialists. Just the far left branch of the democratic party. What we got with Obama was socialism by stealth. They would never run a left winger as a socialist, the voters would reject him. So they run him as a moderate, a populist, or a plain old democrat. But we don’t find out what we bought until we get home…. The American voting population is primarily conservative leaning. They will go democrat if they feel let down by republicans. But they will never knowingly vote socialist. Thus the deception.
          In times of tight budgets, and ballooning deficits, in times of financial crisis, its NOT time to play social engineer, and roll out the big government social program agenda. They waited for a window of opportunity to exploit, but it will blow up in their faces. The Obama socialist agenda was the wrong thing, at the wrong time.

          • LocalYokel

            Perhaps Democrats like terrorist gatherings could clean out their own dwellings before they tell others what to do.

        • Bigvinu


          I think that the national Democratic party will continue ticking back and forth between Far Left and Center Left. TO base what you’re going to call them on a few policies in such a short span is gravely mistaken.

          • LocalYokel

            What seems to be short is your memory span or total lack of what their leaders have brought about on your country over the last century.

      • RoBoTech

        Who let you leave the child’s table, bubba?
        Get back to your seat before you get spanked AGAIN! Th Adults in the room are having a conversation.
        Didn’t your mommy’s new boyfriend, “Unca Kevin”, treat you right last night?
        Ah, poor Libtotty. Take two and call 1-800-CRY-BABY in the morning.

    • Fark Knocker

      People who believe that politicians who have corporate interest ties are good for the United States are gravely mistaken. Obviously, look around you at the state of economics in the US. So….those who call themselves Republicans….quite frankly….align themselves with the majority corporate interest politicians….this you cannot argue….the Republican party is not shy about their close relationship to the interests of corporate America over social America….(by the way…social America is the private citizens of the United States….)

      • Rob

        Fark, if I may call you that insidious name….
        you are absolutely right.
        Our representatives are SUPPOSED to represent the TAX PAYER. by aligning themselves with corporate America, they are showing us all that they are corrupt.

        And thats what I have been saying all along. BOTH parties are corrupt. Neither party is gonna save you…

        Realize this:

        No party represents the American citizen. So no party deserves your loyalty.
        Nothing that comes out of a politician’s mouth is to be believed. They will say anything to get elected. But you knew that…
        Give them 1 term and 1 term only. Even the good ones. For the longer they are in Washington, the more connections to special interest they make. Good for them, bad for us. 1 term, they their out. No need for term limits. Let them think theres a snowball’s chance, they can get reelected, it will keep them on their best behavior.
        Mix it up at the voting booth. Vote Democrat, Republican, Green Party, Libertarian, and Wacko, straight down the line. Put them all at odds with one another. If they cannot get along, then they cannot agree. If they cannot agree, then they cannot get anything done. Because its when Washington starts to get things done, that you have to start worrying. Gridlock will stave off, and slow down Washington’s destruction. And perhaps over time, those with an agenda will be so far removed from the loop, they will give up trying to accomplish anything. Gridlock is the answer to arrest the problem right now.

        I am open to hearing any suggestions for a nonviolent, VIABLE long term strategy to reclaim America from special interest. Use the system to save the system.

        • Dennis


          My Texas Congressman tells me that his constituents are contacting him 200 to one in opposition to ZerObama’s spending policies.

          We will get people educated with the grassroots Tea Parties. It is working. Find your local Tea Party and get involved.

          July 4th will be the most Patriotic in a long time.


        • 13th Gen. American

          Rob your right, They were hijacked but long before Obama, In my youth I thought I was a dem like most naive kids. Then when I saw their values I moved to the middle. Then when I saw the clinton years I moved more right as they were moving more left. Now with maturity and wisdom I run as far away from the libs as I can get. The reps are moving more left so soon they will both be so far left and far from American values we will have to get binoculars to see them.

      • 13th Gen. American

        Mr knocker, Didnt the dems just give a gazillion dollars to the banks and car dealers and insurance and…….The dems SAY their for the little guy BUT their actions speak louder than words. They only give a pittance to the little guy to get them dependent on them to vote for them but big bucks to the corporations.

  • s c

    The Republican Party, in its half-@%%&* wisdom, prefers to waste time forcing libs to admit the obvious. This is akin to being in a whizzing contest with a skunk. After a while, you can’t tell the difference between the two. Give us credible candidates who aren’t afraid to stand for something positive. Wasn’t the last election enough to make the situation clear? Those democrats/fascists/socialists/communists can call
    themselves whatever sounds good. For people who should know better than play this game makes it clear they have no chance to furnish candidates who can reverse Washington’s insanity. Grow up. Grow a spine. Get rid of those in-house useful idiots who would rather play childish games than keep America free and a wonderful place to live – period.

    • http://HAHa Bob

      Wow — that was the funniest rant I’ve read in years.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Thats right. How did they expect to win running an old man who has been half liberal in his time, which has been too long. Vote out the incumbants, get rid of these career politicians who are owned by the business’s and special interest groups that line their pockets. Theyve been there so long, all they care about is their next payout and making the other guy look bad, instead of making the country look good. Thats a problem.

      • Lisa

        AMEN TO THAT!!!!

      • Rob

        Mark, I couldn’t agree more.

    • Rob

      SC you are right on track. Funny too. But you are right…
      With one exception….”Give us credible candidates who aren’t afraid to stand for something positive.”

      I say give us nothing. You run for office SC. I’ll vote for you.

      You wanna reclaim America? Run for office. Any of you. I can’t, they’d shoot me…


    • http://naver Brady

      Hello, everyone. I just want to say that I agree that some measures need to be taken to get our country back on track, but I know that this will make some people PO’d and I don’t care. Why don’t we get back to doing things the way we were supposed to be doing them according to our founding fathers? I know that some people wouldn’t like doing things the “Conservative Christian” way, but if we did, our country would be a lot better off than it is now. Think about it for a moment. No oppressive tax rate, no high national debt, etc.. I also believe in a strong military, smaller government, lower taxes, etc.. like most people I know do. I don’t believe in socialism. I don’t believe in the government running health care, this president spending money like there is no end to it, and I firmly believe in strong supervision of these “social programs” that have become more expensive to the government than the military. If you have any comments, please give them in good taste.

      Brady “Samurai” Bowe
      U. S. Army retired

      • 13th Gen. American

        Its hard to give a comment about the libs in good taste when they leave you with such a bad one. But I try.

      • Lisa

        Thank you for your service Brady! I too believe in limited government. I think that the government has forgetten that they work for us, we do not work for them. A strong military and lower taxes are an essential element for a strong America. I have heard people say that if the UK can live with higher tax and be fine, then so can we. Little do most of them know that many of the Citizens in the UK go to work outside of their own counrty. Many go to Saudi Arabia to work in the oil fields. Why do they do this? Because if they work in the UK, they are taxed at almost 60%!!!!!! Some of you may be asking how I know this, well, I have family members who live this nightmare! If you want to see where our country will be in 10 years if we go with all the social programs Obama wants to put in place just look at the UK. Oh, by the way, their system is on the verge of going bankrupt.

      • bigdad493

        Why would any one disagree with you Brady, except maybe you know who !!

  • 13th Gen. American

    The libs have been calling the reps things like haters, bigots and the such. None of which we are. Stating the obvious to let the people who just vote for reasons such as, my family have been a dem for years or Im in the union, or just stupid people know what their voting for. Its not the dems its the libs who hijacked the party. I dont think alot of the people, especially young voters, know what their party stands for. Yes we need to get our own shit in a pile but at the same time let the people know what the dems now stand for and that is the progressive movements socialist agenda. Its not name calling. Its a fact and one the libs would rather people stayed stupid about.

    • Bigvinu

      This is why I’m an Independent. You stand for what you believe in, not what some corrupt party boss tells you.

      • 13th Gen. American

        My heart doesnt belong to the republican party but my mind knows its a 2 party system, so we have to make the best of what it is.

        • Robin from Indiana

          Well said… I feel the same way. I would love to see a third party emerge that could actually win. It’s not that far-fetched. NOW is the time for a strong leader to come forth, whether it be for the Republicans or a third party. I couldn’t bring myself to vote Libertarian or Independent, knowing that it’s a two party system. We need a party that stands for morals, rights, and values. The Republican party has gotten away from the things that made it the Republican party to begin with…

        • LocalYokel

          Get real 13th. How long does it take for voters to select “none of the above”. When you select the least of two evils that’s exactly what you’ll get.
          Why do you think the unregistered young voter potential is courted by Dem supported acorn voter registration teams and both parties have avoided offending an illegal immigration block vote? Could it be that the numbers attract them? There was enough potential there before immigration got into the picture.


    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Exactly. Most of these young people that are voting democrat, havent a clue about what or who they are voting for. I see these large democratic rallys on TV, and the street reports would approach these young people and ask them why they were out there, and allmost all of them gave the reply that it was something to do, something worthwhile. When pressed and asked why it was worthwhile, they would say, “well with all these people here, its got to be”. They havent a clue. But their mentors dont either. Anyone who can sit there and say that water boarding is torture, doesnt have a clue. I know, I had it volutarily done to me, and I could take it over and over and over if I had to. Its all a mind game. Ill bet if half of these people went through boot camp like I did in the military, they would call that torture. I mean we started with 86 guys, and only 39 made it through, because they play these mind games on you that are meant to ween out the weak of mind, which a lot of the time was the biggest baddest dudes there, who never had anyone tell them what to do and push them around, and belittle and demean them, and they couldnt take it and broke down. They were sent home. You dont want the enemy getting the weak minded, as they will give up information that could be disastrous to the rest of their guys that are out there. Thats was waterboarding is, a mind game, and the strong ones wont divulge a thing, but the weak minded would spill their beans big time. Its not torture at all, that was just something brought up for the political agenda at smearing the Bush administration, and now that Pelosi and the dems are caught up in it, as they knew from the start, it will surely soon disappear and you wont hear about it. They all knew, and they all know its not torture, but they used it to their own advantage as political agenda. Dont fool yourselves. You all know its true. And you all know Pelosi and all of them knew from the start. They should not have been Anti-American and opened their mouths and made an issue out of it, just for political points. Thats all it was, stir up the public against the Republicans. Now they are sleeping in the bed, and they are making the decisions, and you know what, they dont have a clue what to do, because they are so damn polically correct they dont want to “Offend” anyone. Clueless shits. Vote them out of office.

      • http://none Carl

        Mark, if water boarding isn’t torture, try it sometimes. There have been people
        voluntarily try it. They said after 2 minutes they would admit any thing. that is how
        false information is obtained.
        I’m glad you made it through boot camp so well. You probably volunteered for that, and was ether Navy seals or Marines. Do you know why the Marines are
        called Jarheads?
        You are so compassionate and understanding of other people I could tell
        instantly you are a Republican.
        As far as stirring up the people against the other party, you evidently haven’t
        read Ann Colter or Cal Thomas, or listened to Rush Limbaugh, Hannity,
        O’Reilly or Fox and Friends.
        By the way, did you know, Scrooge was a typical Republican?
        When we go out to dinner with some of my Republican friends, they may order
        a $40+ dinner and leave a $2 tip, saying “the waiters get paid.”

        • Lisa

          Hey Carl, how about a little respect for our service men and women.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          I happen to be very compassionate towards other people. I also am realistic to know, that when at war, you dont comfort, aid and abet the enemy, and embolden them by being anti-American and making anti-American sentiments national news. Something you dont do my friend. You dont catch people trying to kill you, and give them lawyers. You dont set them free, just to catch them trying to kill you again somewhere else, as has been documented allready. Especially in a war like this, which is much different that all others you have to admit. Here you have an enemy which prefers death, which has publicly avowed to kill us, or to die trying to kill us. There is no peace with them. There is no diplomacy with them, and they laugh that we would suggest to sit down and talk with them. They would sit there and talk, all the while planning out our demise. That is all they are interested in, and time and time again they have said that is all they are interested in, the destruction of Israel and the destruction of the United States. So why you want to baby them, and be nice to them, well it totally avoids me. I am compassionate to the less fortunate. I am compassionate to the poor, and I give to the rescue mission here every month, along with donating my time. I go on a mission trip once a year for a week and help out those less fortunated with the God given talents I have. I feel for people when I see them without, and in pain. I feel for these middle eastern terrorists for the mere fact that they walk around in the darkness not knowing Jesus Christ. And though I pray for them, I also am not to be a doormat for them, and let them walk all over me and destroy me. I am God’s temple, and I will take care of it as charged. Part of that is not being a doormat to those who seek to destroy me because of who I am, which is a Christian. That is what this is all about my friend. It isnt so much that we are American, as it is that we represent Christianity, and they represent Islam. Dont you be fooled for one second. This is about importing their views upon all the world, where here in America, the land of the free, the nation that supposedly represents Christ and all the freedoms he gives us, we push Him to the side and kick Him out of everywhere, and soon we will fall, as His hand slowly gets removed from us. But while Im on this earth, sorry, Im not letting these guys fool me and walk all over me and my country, like you and the democrats seem to be willing to do. You use Gitmo for political gain, thats it, plain and simple. I know it, you know it, and God knows it. Now its your problem what to do with these guys, and I for one want to know what your party plans to do, other than go on the news each day and yell from the mountain that you are cleaning up Bush’s mess. Really? So say Obama was in charge this whole time, just what do you guys do with these prisoners of war? Set the free? Not catch them at all? Send them to Disneyland? You know they have information to save many of our lives, so what do you do? Nothing? I mean, come on man, lets hear it. I have yet to hear one democrat leader stand up with an idea of what to do, other than cut and run and set these guys free somewhere. That will solve a lot of problems. Peace is obtained by force, always has been, always will be, until Jesus Christ re-appears, and my friend, there will definately be a lot of force used that time also. I guarantee it. So you can live your lie, that Bush did everything, and that everything is Bush’s fault, or you can be a man and help with a solution, and stop pointing fingers and being part of the problem. That is all.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          An after further review Carl, anyone who willingly as you do, associates themselves with Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Shummer, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Barney Frank, Gavin Newsome, Tom Daschle, Dirty Harry Reid, John Kerry, John Edwards, and all these other persons of questionable character, then I really dont care to have any kind of discussion with you. But sir, I will pray for you, thats all I can do.

          • LocalYokel

            Don’t think any on that list knows where they’re headed but OBH’s unelected csars know very well and are busy getting there while proud party members quibble about their party qualities while the real enemy progresses. Those on the list just make it all “legal”.
            Nothing new except their agenda. They’ve been making businesses legislated monopolies for decades for their guaranteed incumbencies.

        • Lisa

          Hey Carl, When Obama named Sotomayor as the candidate for Supreme Court Justice and her story was told, not once did I hear that she got where she was from government handouts! She worked her rear off as did her parents. I do not agree with her views but I do admire her hard work and tenacity. The problem with this administration is that they want to keep people down by giving them handouts. This way they will have no incentive to ever improve themselves. That is exactly what Obama and his cronies want that way they can have power over the people. PATHETIC!

        • 13th Gen. American

          By your ignorant reply for our service men I can tell YOUR a lib! And your friends are cheap bastards because they are cheap bastards and you have them in both partys. Im a consertive and on the low end of the economic scale and I ALLWAYS leave a 20 % tip and if Im with someone who doesnt leave a nice tip I sneak more money on the table. AND we know what the libs say because we listen to them, well as long as we can stomach it. We read and listen and yes listen to those who do the listening for a reason but you cannot help but to hear the libs point of view coz the media just spews that point out and nothing less.

      • Lisa

        I whole heartedly agree. I have many Marines in my family. They all say the same thing. Water boarding is not torture. They have all been put through it and survived with no emotional scars. They to say it is a mind game. Carl, obviously you are speaking out of your @#$%. As far as Pelosi is concerned, she should be kicked to the curb. Of course she knew what was going on. You must be a fool if you think otherwise. Their all a bunch of liars and need to go.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Hey Lisa, I think poor Carl walks around in the darkness with blinders on. Forgive him, because he doesnt know of which he talks about.

        • http://none Carl

          If you people are going to reply, respond to what I actually said. Not what you
          perceive. That’s what’s so interesting about this site. So many bitter people
          with the same unwavering attitude that put the GOP where it is today.
          By the way, I was at one time a Conservative and see nothing wrong with
          traditional Conservative values. But many true Conservatives have backed
          away from what the party has become. I have not seen Conservative values
          in use in a long long time. But if any one believes Cheney and Limbaugh
          are the way out, they may be right. Way way out. Have at it.

        • http://none Carl

          So many compassionate Conservatives and so little time.
          I do have respect for our military. I has there a long time ago, probably
          before most of you were born. But I fail to see why we must always be at
          war with some one killing off our young people.
          War with Afghanistan after 911? Yes
          Iraq for oil? not hardly.

      • Lisa

        Thank you Mark for your eloquent remarks. These are things I think about all the time. I hear people blame God for all the ills in the world and even for their own bad behavior. They want to know where God is? Well, when you ban Him from our schools, our public buildings, forbid children to talk to each other about Him at school, try to push His name off the pledge because some faiths don’t like it, then I think He is gentlemanly enough to oblige. When God takes His hand off our Country (which appears to be now) we should be very worried. As far as offending people with the name of God, I say get over it. This country was founded in the name of God and He has blessed it beyond our wildest dreams. If you don’t like it there are plenty of other places you can go where men rule and God is mocked. So go live there. Where is the thankfulness to our men and women who serve to keep us free. Oh yeah, the Democrats use them for political gain as well. Open your eyes because you are about to lose all your freedom!!!!!!!

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          And even now Lisa, there are people who say it seems like God is so far away. My question to them is, “Who Moved?”. God hasnt moved. He is still the same God he has always been, and always will be. It is us that move away, and push Him away. There are those who say they cant understand how a loving God could sentence people to hell in the end. Its like this. You spend your whole life, telling God you dont need Him, you push Him away, tell Him dont bother you and live your life. Then you die. You go before Him for judgement day. God just looks at you and says, “You never wanted me to bother you, so Im going to send you to a place where you will never be bothered by me again. It is as you wished for.” Thats how it is. God doesnt force Himself on us. He is standing there with open arms reaching out for us. By the way, Jesus is the only God that does that. All the other religions have it where you have to do this and do that, but in Christianity, when Jesus took the nails for you and I, it was done. Its all be done for us. All we have to do is accept. You cant work your way in to heaven, you cant pray your way into heaven and you cant buy your way into heaven. It is nothing that we can obtain by what we do, it is a gift of the Grace of God, not something to be obtained by doing something. Jesus allready did it for us. It is so sad to watch our country’s leaders lead the way into pushing God away, when He is the only thing that can hold us together. Once we remove Him totally as the Gays and the Illegals and the Commies and the Islamics want, we are doomed. Sorry folks, thats the truth.

      • Bill

        Mark, I think you hit the nail on the head…
        The CIA needs to waterboard Pelosi. That’ll get the truth out of her. Playing mind games with her would be too easy. It would get the truth out of Barney Frank and Christofer Dodd about Fannie and Freddie too. I think that all of the so called “financial crisis” was manufactured by the Crat Rats in order to demonize the conservatives and the Bush Administration solely for the purpose of electing a sleezy liberal marxist communist. I think it backfired on them and sent the whole house of cards down the crapper and now they don’t know whether shit or go blind. All they know how to do is blame Bush. Blame Bush. Blame Bush. These idiots think the sun rises and sets in Osamabama’s anal orifice.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Of course its all the lefties fault. These guys, under Bill Clinton, decided everyone should have the American dream of owning a house. So they set up Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and told the banks to make loans to people that they knew didnt have a snowballs chance in hell of paying it back. They told the banks the government would back the loans, so now the banks didnt care, they knew they were getting their money. So they made all these loans to people without the means to pay it back, only it got so big that there wasnt enough money in the fund to back all these bad loans. Of course you have to figure in that Franklin Raines and Jamie Gorelick, both top Clinton aides, were running this thing and sucked some 10 million dollars each out of it somehow without going to jail – what a crock. Bush admin noticed the figures looked suspicious, and ordered an investigation two years before it crumbled. But gayboy democrat Barney Frank was in charge of the oversight committee, and he said everything was fine and no investigation was needed, and stopped it. Evidently, his lefty buddies werent done fleecing it yet. So then all these banks start collapsing, mysteriously right around election time, and somehow all the major news channels and major newspapers, start somehow blaming the Bush administration for this economic failure, when they not only had nothing to do with it, they tried to intevene two years prior, and were shut down by the democrat in charge of overseeing this stuff. Just goes to show you what damn liars ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, LA Times, NY Times, and all these other left wing liberal lying agencies are. Yes, the economy under Bush was going real good, until his last year when the dems made the banks collapse, and when business’s decided not to keep growing, because of the fear of the democrat tax monsters getting elected. Fears confirmed. Obamination elected. Now business’s are losing the Bush tax cuts, and are laying off thousands of workers, with more to follow to have the cash to pay the new tax increases the democrats will levy on business, because that is what they do. Tax Monsters. With the Bush tax cuts, we were able to hire 35 new guys at my company. Now 25 have been laid off, and more real soon. These left wing suckers sit back with the power of their media which they own, point the finger at Bush and lie lie lie to the American public about this, when it is all their fault. Obama and his boys do not, I repeat do not have a plan, they have no course of action, and they never presented any to get elected. They just cried change change change with their left wing media propaganda system, and somehow uneducated American’s fell for it. All they ever presented was a finger pointing at Bush, and thats it. No plan, no solution, just finger pointing. Ive always seen it, that if you dont present a solution, your part of the problem. In this case, its real life, the democrats are the problem. They caused the bank collapse, they are causing unemployment to rise, they are ballooning the welfare and handout systems, cost us all more tax dollars. It wont stop until 2012 when American wakes up and gets rid of these guys. Hopefully by then, the Republicans will decide not to try to run a 200 year old guy, and will unite for the betterment of the country. I would like to see a third party arise, but it seems most the liberatarians are in the mold of the smoke more pot party, and they need to get reformed and organized. Either way, the democrats have always been the party of making bigger government, with more and more social agencies, that cost millions and millions of dollars, then they up taxes more to pay for these, which burdens business’s so much they lay off people instead of being able to hire them, and it is a mess for the economy. People are so blinded by the glitter the press made about the Clinton economy. So many lies. More people were working during the Bush admin than during Clinton, but you didnt hear mass coverage of that. Unemployment was lower under Bush that Clinton, but you didnt hear of that either. Then like I said before, in Bush’s last year business’s were smart and knew the dem tax monster was coming, and stopped building and expanding, saving cash for the upcoming taxes, and the banks collapsed solely because of Clinton’s set up of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, all ran into the ground by democrats. Look into the truth of things, and you will find the answers. It just seems so many on the left are fooled by all that glitters is gold and whatever the national press tells them. They are filled with Bush hate, from what the national press tells them. Reality is far from them.

        • Lisa

          Hey, what a novel idea. She would sing like a canary!!!!!

        • Lisa

          Mark, your post on the Democrats being un-American is exactly right! The Libs love to point fingers at Bush. I would like to know when Obama will be held accountable for his actions? I would be willing to bet that after he is done throughly ruining America he will be hailed a hero by the left wing media and the communist liberal party. It is amazing to me that Dodd, Frank, and the like aren’t in jail! Then for Barney Frank to sit there and say that he never said things were fine with Freddie Mac and Fanne Mae! What? Why is he still in office? Why is Dodd still in office? They are a bunch of liars and need to be put out to pasture.

    • Rob

      13 Gen, are you a Republican? Or are you a conservative? You need to distinguish. Its important.
      I am a conservative, but NOBODY had better call me a Republican.

      I will not align myself with that party of non representing representatives.

      The spirit of America lives within the hearts and minds of Americans, not within our non representing representatives.

      Understand that difference.

      As a patriot, no party deserves your loyalty.

      • 13th Gen. American

        I shall repeate myself again. “My heart doesnt belong to the republican party but my mind knows its a 2 party system, so we have to make the best of what it is.”
        I have had family fight for this country way back to the beginning. My loyalty is to God, family, and country. I know just how blessed we are here and Id like to keep it that way. No party deserves anyones loyalty but in this world its not how we would like it to be. It is how it is and right now it is a 2 party so we have to get people voted in that best represents our original values.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          I agree with you, and though I am finding the Republican party, with whom my ideals are more closely aligned at this time, to be lacking. But I also find the other party, the Democrats, to be so un-American, to use things like Abu Garab for political gain, which damages the country just to get at the republicans. I for one have no problem with what they do there. Its war. Let themilitary do what they do, and keep it out of the political arena. You left wing liberals would crap your drawers if you had any idea of what your hero FDR did during war times concerning the enemy. Only thing is, you didnt read about it in the paper back then, because America was America, we didnt damn our own country to make our political party look better than the other one. Shame on all of you democrats for this. It would not have been an issue if it wasnt for trying to make yourselfs look good and the other party look bad, and you shame our country to do it. Like I said, shame on you left wing liberals. You create more and more social services and up and up taxes, tax business’s which cause them to lay off people so they can have enough cash to pay the government. Shame on you left wing liberals. This is why today, I vote Republican. Not to say in 10 years it could switch around, to where the republicans become evil like todays democrats, then I would look to change. But for now, I cant vote for baby killers. I cant vote for pacifist appeasers. I cant vote for gay supporters. I cant vote for illegal alien supporters. I cant vote for a bunch of liars that throw my country under the bus for their own political gain. Nope, cant vote democrat. You guys need to under go a reformation.

      • Lisa


  • boh bafet

    Republicans sound like a bunch of children these days.
    I think they need a ‘time out’.

    • Peter Melville

      Fair enough, but if they were bereft of all decency, they would be democrats.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Yeah, just a little less that these other guys have been the last 8 years, pointing fingers and telling the public everything for political agenda based gain, thus damaging the country in front of the world. I agree, while the republicans are crying about the damage these idiots are doing, hurting no one but the dems, the dems cried to the world for 8 years with politcally based agenda that damaged the country to the world, for nothing but politcally gain on their part. Now that they have the power, they have to face these problems, mostly of what they have created by labeling Gitmo as bad, when it wasnt, now they are stuck with it, and continue to point the finger at Bush rather than figuring out a solution, when one didnt need figured out, if theyd kept their mouths shut and not tried to make an issue out of where there really wasnt one, only in the sensationalized left wing media circus you jerks created. Way to go. Squirm out of the mess you are in now, with no real leadership, no real plan, and no real men to do what needs to be done. Your guys are all worried about what everyone thinks of them, instead of what the country needs done to protect it. Thank God for President Bush and the guts it took to do the right thing. Shame on you lefties.

      • Rob

        Mark, the problem with Gitmo, is that it denies Due Process. You simply cannot hold people with out charging them for an indefinate period of time. If you have evidence that these are in fact bad people, then you can charge them with a crime. If you don’t have the evidence, then how can you be sure you are holding the right people.

        They have stated that many of those held in Gitmo were caught on the battlefield. True. But when the village you happen to live in turns into a battlefield, and you find yourself hauled off by US troops, that alone is not proof of association with terrorist groups. Its simply not enough, by US standards. The US has the best standards in the world, when it comes to fairness in criminal court. Now thats in question.

        I’ll say it again! It does no one any good what so ever to imprison an innocent person. Thats lazy.

        Try those in Gitmo in either Military Court, or US court, then execute those found guilty. Execute them!

        They are afraid to try them, because they don’t have enough evidence on a lot of them. These are human beings. At least the innocent ones are.

        I thought what made America great was our high standards. When we sink to Soviet and Arab style justice, we are lost. At that point, the terrorist have won, because they have succeeded in changing our way of life.

        Do not trade liberty for safety…

        • 13th Gen. American

          The soviets and Arabs would cut the guys head off and then ask him questions later. Im sure there are a few innocent guys in there just as there are a few innocent ones in american jails but better off safe than sorry. Some of those guys are just little peons with not much on them, but if we just let them go the peons are the ones that blow themselves up. The big guys dont. They are so selfless that they let everyone kill themselves for ALLAH and get the 7?40?250? virgins. Im just hoping those virgins are like the ones in Deliverance.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Read the thread below Rob. 13th Gen. American is right. The Soviets and especially the Arabs, would go on TV and cut their heads off while yelling Allah at the top of their lungs. If someone their is innocent, sure I feel for them. But Im a realist, and when at war, everyone is guilty until proven innocent. Its not the freedom system we have here in American. That is what we are fighting for. These people over there do not want us to have freedom. They want to rule with Islams iron fist, where the rulers dictate everything and do what they want to whom they want. If a few innocents get caught up and get jailed, sorry, thats how it works. I will say this though, those so called innocents you refer to being in Gitmo. If you handed them a gun, who you think they are gonna shoot, the Arab guy next to them, or you? Tell them your a Christian, and see how long you live with these innocent guys. I dont think it would be long. The point is Rob, is I think it sucks, that the stinking democrats used this whole situation to make the republicans look bad right at election time, for political gain. They dont care so much about these guys, and dont think for a second they do. Its all for political gain. And it makes me sick Rob, to think that those who want to have the power to rule in this country, would throw this country under the bus in order to make themselves look good. That is what they did Rob. This should never have been brought to the public sector, it should have stayed in the military sector and not even have been reported. But you and I both know the democrats did this to attempt to shame the Bush administration to gain political leverage. It is an abomination in my eyes, to shame the country to make the other guy look bad. Whatever happened to someone doing good to make themselves look good, instead of making the other guy look bad to make themselves look better? Sad commentary on politics, that one party would throw the country under a bus for their own political gain. Thats the bottom line about what this whole thing was for. FACT.

    • Rob

      I agree.

      • Rob

        No no no, I agree with boh bafet

        • Rob

          Mark, I hear what you are saying. Its not an easy call.
          I am not defending the democrat’s position.

          What I am saying is, I just think we can do better.

          See, these are not soldiers, they wear no uniform, and fight under no real nation’s flag. That places them in the realm of criminals. Not POW’S. Its more like a massive criminal organization, not a war. Wars are fought between nations.

          I am not saying bring them into the US for trial. Let the military handle them. But charge them, and try them. Then execute them.

          I don’t think shutting down Gitmo is a good idea, but I just think we can do better than holding people without being charged for an indefinate period of time.

          Listen, there was an arab man living in Canada. He was suspected of having terrorist ties. He was arrested, handed over to the US military. Taken to one of our Gitmo style holding camps overseas, and tortured. His poor wife had no idea what ever happened to him. No phone call. For her, he just dropped off the face of the earth. For 6 to 8 months, he was held, and tortured.
          He was finally let go because he was so obviously innocent, that even the military realized they had nothing on him.
          Is this what we have sunk to? If this man was not a terrorist to start out, then who could blame him for harboring hatred for the US and Canada now?

          Yes, the democrats exploitation of the situation is a new low for them. I agree.
          But lets not abandon our standards. If we are a nation under God, we had better act like it….

          Charge them, try them, execute them. Thats what I am saying.


        • 13th Gen. American

          Rob , They dont wear a uniform and its not under one flag BECAUSE. They arnt fighting for a reason or a country. They are fighting for Alaha who said kill the infidel who just happens to be anyone who isnt them. They are from several different countrys and they want to blend in . Just like the 9-11 killers came here and blended into society and learned the system and just walked right on the plane. They also were from several different countries. How far do you think they would get if they wore a big red uniform while they walked up to someone or on a bus or where ever to blow themselves up? I feel so sad for the guy in canada but I think the good muslims should be kicking some towelhead ass coz they are the ones that put him in that position to begin with.

        • Rob

          Again my point is that these terrorists are not soldiers, and their treatment does not fall under the rules of warfare. They are part of a massive criminal organization. They are criminals. You don’t charge POWs with crimes, you hold them till the war is over, or trade them back.
          Criminals must be charged.
          Charge them, try them, execute them.

          Holding them in limbo without ever giving them the chance to prove guilt or innocence, in my opinion is just so unAmerican.

          Again, we can do better than that.

  • William Booth

    The Republicans can call themselves the Supply-side Jesus Party and the Democrats can call themselves the Rainbow Coalition of the Future. How about that?

    • Rob

      That sounds very nice William Booth.

      But if Jesus were to come back on election day, he would vote not for either party.

      Republicans need to remember, Jesus is not a Republican.

      Jesus is not a Catholic, dispite Catholic humanity.

      I don’t even believe Jesus, if he were to come back today, would preach Judaism.

      Jesus would not participate in human government. He may urge you to, in his absence, but I really don’t think he is partial to any one party.

      Its the human heart he is partial to.

      • William Booth


        You missed the point entirely, as you didn’t look up what “supply-side” means. The “Supply-Side Jesus” remark is about the contradiction between the principles of Jesus (obviously some sort of hyperegalitarian; even if unpolitically so) and the extreme egoism espoused by Republican economics.

        “What party would Jesus vote for?” is a question which neither interests me, nor makes any sense to begin with.

        I feared people would think my description of the Democrats as anything but an insult, but never thought anyone would misunderstand my insult of Republicans.

        • Rob

          Ok, fair enough William.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        I do know that He would definately from upon those whom take a vacuum and suck a baby out of its mothers womb. He would not be pleased with those that support this murderous behavior. That I am most certain of.

        • Rob

          Mark, me too.

        • 13th Gen. American

          I tell all my dem friends it doesnt matter what the other issues are they like. To pull that lever for any dem means your saying yes to murder and gay rights and on and on. I do believe in freedom of choice. Ive made alot of bad ones myself. I got alot to answer to God for anyway. There is no way I can face God and say I think money or free choice or save the sand rat is more important than not killing babies. AND for all you libs we all dont say save the baby and kill the mother or your father raped you so you have to have the baby. There are definatly some choices I thank God I dont have to make but why kill a baby when you can just give it away anyway. I dont get it. I know someone who has had about 5 abortions coz shes to lazy to take birth control. I feel so sorry for her.

  • ATC333

    Actually, there is a third party out there, the Independents, who are not organized but who do outnumber the Democrats as well as the Republicans. These people appear to be centrists, the moderates who will in fact determine where this country is really going, not the Flaming Liberals, or the hard line GOP who have hijacked the party, and who have finally made the general public recognize that the GOP is not what it claims to be. The GOP has become a one note band, which claims fiscal responsibility, yet acts just the opposite. It claims family values, yet its policies seem to do nothing more than tear families apart though its business as usual, reward our friends approach to government. The Internet has changed it all. Fact check is the tool which undoes the half truths which powered the GOP’s failed drive to the presidency. The GOP can either continue on its trek to the far right, continue to claim black is white, up is down, continue to deny the abject failures of certain treasured right wing policies which have caused the meltdown of our economy, and continue to foam at the mouth at everyone who does not religiously follow the hard right party line. Should it not change, and once again become relevant to the issues now facing this country, the GOP will continue its downward slide becoming less and less relevant in the real issues facing this country.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      I kind of agree with you, believe it or not. As long as the best they can come up with is John McCain, a 150 year old guy running for president, it doesnt bade well. Career politicians need to go, on both sides, but the republicans hurt themselves real bad by not controlling spending, and by sending McCain to run. Not good judgement. I think they took for granted that the democrats had nobody serious to offer, and thought they would win easily no matter what. They didnt see the power of the words change-change-change and what they could do, and they lost. Unfortunately for all of us, they lost to words only, as there is nothing here brought to the table to back these words, other than change my money into theirs and into somebody else’s.

      • Rob

        Mark, again you hit the nail on the head….

  • Dave

    After a short but intense campaign by some of its members, the Republican Party has abandoned its call for the Democratic Party to rename itself as the ‘Democrat Socialist Party.’
    This is the beginning of the article above.

    What campaign. I watch a lot of news, mainly Fox. I listen to a lot of talk radio. I can tell you all that I literally never even heard this mentioned, never, not once.
    What a bunch of nonsense. No one wants to keep us from going into the next depression, or to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Name calling…puhleeze. I am entirely sick of ALL of them. The only people screaming about the horrible condition of this country and where it is heading is Rush and Sean. Bill O sticks up for Obama as much as he can.
    CNBC is daily telling us “the recession is over”.
    And M Savage being banned from the UK. No one, nobody is saying a word about that are they. They all make their millions either way.

    The independent party is going to be the new party. Some intelligent people are going to rise up, some who have not already been bought and bribed. That is what we have to look forward to.
    That, and our prayers. We must pray sincerely not only for this country but also for the world. A weak U.S. is a very dangerous thing for this world.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Yes it is. A weak US is very, very dangerous to the world. And those who use things like Gitmo for their political gain, thank you for weakening us in our enemies eyes and in the eyes of the world. So sad,

    • Rob

      Dave, I couldn’t agree more. I have been an independent my whole life.

      Unfortunately, I think it will have to get a whole lot worse, before it gets better.


    Name calling is very effective for the left, they term the Republicans the “Party of No!”, I kind of like it, the Republican party as it is now is a party of to many RINO’s and they are “weenies”, these are the folks who cannot seem to remember the party platform and are identified by barb wire crotch rash, Real Republicans are now in the process of putting these fence crossers out to pasture. It’s a cure worth doing.

    As for calling democrats names, big deal, there are so many aspects to that party that any one of it’s parts fits a name and when the communist party likes you…..uhhhh Huston you has a problem.

  • jim

    dont stoop to name calling? and your headline laments the gop not continuing to name call the socialist democratic party? you guys are gems. fools gold.

  • Dennis

    I think the Democrats should really call themselves the Communist party.

    They do not want people to have freedoms and they want all to be dependent on the Government from cradle to grave!

    The Democrats hate America and Americans!

    • http://none Carl

      Dennis, have you looked at the freedoms lost in the last 8 years or do you just
      depend on Rush to tell you what to think?
      Here is a clue, in spite of what Rush may say, Democrats do not hate America.
      They just hate the perception the rest of the world has of us, created by the last
      administration. We would like credibility and respect for America. Even Bush has said he regrets some of the harsh language he used.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        What the hell Carl, you mean like the perception we torture people, because the democrats, for political gain in this country, presented Gitmo as a torture base to the world, so they could get votes in the upcoming election? Yes Carl, actions like that say you hate America, that you would damage it to get what you want. If you cant see that, then no one can help you, because like most dems, you are blinded by Bush hate. I have lost no freedoms in the last 8 years, not one. But since Obama has been elected, Ive lost the freedom to train about 20 guys that got laid off, since we are losing the Bush tax cuts which allowed us to hire them, and since we have to sit aside money to pay the upcoming tax rates we are about to get levied on us by the democratic tax monsters. So say what you want Carl, but your lying to yourself if you believe it. Pacifism and appeasing never got us anywhere Carl. It is the sign of a loser.

      • 13th Gen. American

        Oh give me a friggen brake! What planet have you been living on.? 9-11 happened in the beginning of Bushes term. It was PLANNED during CLINTONS!
        And what about the JAPS??Were they on their way to bomb Greenland and got lost?!!!! AND what ……..Oh WTF ! They Hate us because of everything we stand for. The muslims hate anything that isnt them to the point of killing themselves to destroy us and that goes back in time thousands of years to two brothers. Who gives a flying F&^%$ who doesnt like us! Really now. America has shed lives all over the world for other people. They give more from private citizens than any other country and the goverment gives more than any others and if people dont like us tough shit. Look who Obama was kissing ass to. AND all those countries that “dont like us” Their citizens are doing their best to come live here. How many people do you know here are just packing their bags and sneaking into Russia and the middle east and dirtbagastan? Regular dems dont hate America. The libs do and that is why they are trying to change us into those countrys their so worried they dont like us. I wish they would go pack and go. Id be first in line to donate to the “Send them the hell outs here” fund.”

  • Brenda

    I agree with Mark’s comment, “democrats control you by handouts “and as long as anyone excepts these handouts, they control you and keep you down in the poverty they cater too. You are dependant on what they give you and they get your vote. You will never get yourself out of that hole and that is what they are depending on. You would do less work if you were out getting and education and getting a good paying job than you will carrying the politicians on your backs. How many of them do you see needing the handouts they give you. They are rich and it’s from the uneducted decisions you make.
    It is a form of brainwashing, as I see it. You better wake up, get the information you need to make a good decision, no matter who you vote for dems or reps, don’t let these people get rich and your family goes without descent housing, clothing or food.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Thank you Brenda. I also dont understand, that how in the minds of the people that vote for the Democrats, that it is understood somehow, that the Republicans are rich and are for the rich people, and the Democrats are poor and for the poor people, yet the Democrats are the richest bastards in the world. They own all the major TV networks, the major news papers, thus the left wing liberal spin on everything you read, and they own a whole lot of big business in the United States and overseas. I was born and raised a Democrat, though Im not anymore, but my parents still are, and they still to this day think the Republicans are the rich guys and the Democrats are the poor guys. My question is, how did this come about, when it couldnt be farther from the truth?

      • bigdad493

        Couldn’t agree with you more mark, (True story) I had an uncle ( God rest his soul) die hard liberal and raised his family the same way. Anyway when I returned from a tour in viet-nam I was invited over for dinner. The discussion at the dinner table wasn’t welcome home or any similar kind of conversation. The only talk at the table was how many Anti War demonstrations all my cousins attended that past week. Now here’s a family one’s a lawyer, doctor, and two are teachers. The family has more money then sin. When my uncle pasted away his retirement check was $4,700.00 plus social security. I don’t want to hear how poor liberals are, I’m an independent I don’t align with anyone. I vote the best for the job, and the American people got the short end of the stick with the one we got now.

  • Paul G Allen

    Isn’t this the most pitiful thing you’ve ever heard. I’m sure the GOP has nothing better to do with their time so they waist more tax payers (us) money and continue to throw it into a deeper and deeper hole. The conservatives are the only people with any money and of course their not spending any to help this economy. Hell no, they want it all. At least until the middle class has disappeared. Then they’ll fight amongst themselves. I consider myself an American so don’t think for one minute I’m going to stick up for the Democrats. They all sleep in the same bed. You have a boat load of morons trying to convince everyone that their idea is the only way. I still think Jessy Ventura would have straightened this up a bit. He wouldn’t care about his reelection the first day after his election. He would take NO crap from anyone. He’s a team player and would make both houses do what they said they would do instead of the lies we hear every time their mouth opens. Get ready and hang on tight fellow Americans. We are in for a long, bad ride. Good luck to you all.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      So then, my question to you, as I really dont know, is what happened to Jesse Ventura. I mean, one minute its national news that he is elected the Governor of Minnesota, and then nothing. I mean after he got elected, here in Indiana, I never ever heard another thing about him. Question is, what did he do? He obviously didnt get re-elected. Was he screwed because the other government positions were all democrat and republican and they wouldnt work with him, or what? I dont know, but would like to. Like I said, around here you heard he got elected, and that was it, no further news.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Also, I forgot on my previous thread, that I really dont hold much hope though for the people that elected Jesse Ventura in Minnesota, because the dummies went and elected Al Franken. The guy sucked as a comedian. Al Franken in public office? Youve got to be kidding me? What it this a Saturday Night Live skit? Al Fricking Franken? Come on people.

  • Dennis

    I listen to Rush, Hannity, Mark Levin, Mike Savage, Bill O’Reilly, and I listen to speeches by idots like Barack Obama, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, etc.

    I have a very open mind.

    But Democrats do hate America and Americans.

    Otherwise we would be developing our own natural resources & keeping our Corporations in this Country.
    nstead we give away our technology and tax our Corporations and people to death

    Instead our Politicans are busy lining their pockets with bribes from the Middle East and China to keep buying their oil and their cheap labor products.

    Our politicans have destroyed this Country and will continue to do so unless they are stopped.

    We also have the Communist Obama who now wants to give away our Nuclear technology to the United Arab Emirates.

    We should be developing our own Nuclear power in this Country and not be giving any of our technology away.

    Our politicians are succeeding in destroying this Great Nation!

    So my comments stand that Democrats hate the Country and its people.

    You my friend are misguided and cannot think out of the box!

    I look to the future and see there will not be a future if the Democrats continue on their destructive path!

    Liberal Democrats have a mental disorder and they will never be happy.

    You will never get the World to always like the US.

    Obama isn’t even elgible to be President. He hides behind his lawyers.

  • Fark Knocker

    People who believe that politicians who have corporate interest ties are good for the United States are gravely mistaken. Obviously, look around you at the state of economics in the US. So….those who call themselves Republicans….quite frankly….align themselves with the majority corporate interest politicians….this you cannot argue….the Republican party is not shy about their close relationship to the interests of corporate America over social America….(by the way…social America is the private citizens of the United States….)

  • Bob

    I think that it is a good idea to call them the Socialist Party. That IS who they really are. Why is it name calling to call a duck a duck?

  • john w

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck! I think fit’s quite well here. It should not bother liberal Democrats to be called socialists, when you believe the government should provide you with many of the amenities that we used to buy ourselves such as health care you have socialism either in whole or in part.

  • Dickie

    I, Have been a Republican all of my 60 yrs, Because, Republican”s are known to be strong,morial, & care about America & it”s people,We are a prould party, But I can”t understand what is going on with party now,We don”t have to stoop as low as some people to stand up for what is right,Or name calling everybody knows that SOCIALIST PARTY, Is a pretty word for COMMUNISM, And what the real sad part is that some of the American people just don”t see it, Don”t laugh, just read history, Pelosi,& Read,Murtha,& others wanted to hang the Bush lawyers,For war games,Until she got up & lied to the American people & on the CIA.They sure are not pushing that issue any more, We the American deserve,To know WHO is lieing, This is a serious matter,But are the Republican Leaders, Cowarding down from this Administration,I am ashamed of our leaders, It”s like they don”t care, About what is right & wrong.We see what”s on & it look”s like,We the people will find someone to take all their place”s in ALL party”s.They think they are all locked in their ,But they are not, We will Elect & NOT REElect.The leaders we have now don”t seem to strong.

  • Melody

    In regards to naming the democrat party the socialist party, what difference does it make to the agenda of the Republican party and what it values? They Dems. know what they stand for…. why do we need to keep pointing it out to them again and again? The point is, what are we going to do to get the Republican party back into the decision making process of our country? I don’t care if there is one leader or many leaders in the Rep. party as long as their values are conservative. I DON’T WANT A SELL OUT. To me, someone who straddles the fence can’t get anything done because they become immobolized, trying to balance, but never accomplishing a thing.

    The Republican party needs to state their grievances against the Dems., then say why the feel that way, then state clearly and concisely their views, and most importantly STATE WHAT THEY WOULD LIKE TO DO INSTEAD. Most of the time is spent talking about the dems when they should be showing leadership and ideas of their own on what is a better option.

    I would like more Republicans who are great debators and passionate about the country and what is good about us…. there is so much negative press about each other and the problems of the country… the republicans need to show that our party is what is going to hold our country together in the long run… and is what will endure in the end.

    The Republicans do not need to change anything about our views or values, what we need to change is the out or control liberlism in the media and that means empowering every one of the republicans to write, talk, and use our money wisely in areas that would neuter many of the media outlets. Including, removing advertisement, not going to movies with liberal messages, not doing business with obvious liberal businesses, cancel subscriptions to magazines, and newspapers with liberal bias, buy only USA made products, encourage the churches to mobilize their congregations and youth to write and speak out against the liberal agenda, and demand that colleges offer a more balance view on the politcal views of the day.

    It is important to stay strong in our beliefs, there is nothing wrong with us. The democrats are the immoral party and there should be no compromise when it comes to morals. By the way…..republicans should ask themselves…. What would Jesus do?
    Do you think Jesus would compromise to the sinner, or would he say repent, come back to me, and sin no more? Democrats use to be a very strong religious base… not anymore. They have turned their back on God. Rep. have God on our side, we shouldn’t forget that… it is going to be alright, as long as we stand strong.

  • s c

    Obama’s Supreme Court nominee is ‘perfect.’ Perfect that is, if a social engineering history and a pre-focused social agenda are needed. I appreciate knowing that CBS did not hesitate to list Norman Thomas as someone Obama’s candidate sees as a quotable source. OK, class. Who was Norman Thomas? [a gold star for anyone who remembers Norman "I'll save the US" Thomas]. His claim to fame was in being the perennial Socialist candidate for the Presidency. He and Gus Hall (Communist candidate) quit running for office after concluding that our major parties were doing their jobs for them. Sleep well, America. If this nomination doesn’t prove that we’re in capable hands, I just don’t know what it will take.

  • Dickie

    Hitler, Was a great speaker to,The part about the catholic”s I don”t understand is how fast they, Covered JESUS to apeas a man that is supose to be a chistrian,And this was the first man in the White house that refused to go to the Natonial Prayer Day, And they DID NOT protest the covering of JESUS, But a stupid bill,You people have put a man in office that will prove,That he is an AMERICAN,Have you forgotten, That acorn-fannie mae, Was the pride & joy of bill clinton And their best lawyer was obama,President Bush, tried so hard to stop the dill,But your great dems refushed to stop it,You people are about to see just how Hitler realy was,It is a real shame for all of us, His goverment own eveything to,Don’t believe,go back and look it up, But you won”t because,You don”t want to take a chance to find out the truth.

    • 13th Gen. American

      OOOOHHHHHHHHMAN. Some Catholic heads are gona roll in heaven over that one. Cover up Jesus to not offend Obama!! I saw that and said out loud.”OK now God” When that lightning strikes remember Im not a catholic anymore!” In the end times alot of religious people will be bowing to the antichrist. Ill only bow when they go to cut my head off.

      • Dickie

        I am afraided that day is commeing, I’ll will be kneeling beside you my friend, The other people that don”t belive better pray they are right,

        • 13th Gen. American

          I repeat myself alot but I feel the need to stress a point. God did say in revelations(Cant remember off top of my head where) God will allow their minds to be deceived. So their is a reason that alot of people seem brain dead. I use to study revelations and think how can people be so fooled when its all right there in the bible? It could never happen in America. OH BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I feel sad about it all because no matter how hard it gets Im enjoying the ride on this beautiful rock. I hope to make the best of it what we have left but since no one knows exactly when Jesus will come back Ill do what I can, even if its just chatting with like minded strangers, to keep America the home of the FREE and the Brave.Hopefully it wont come to us going through the worst and we can keep the libs(which have an anti Christ agenda) at bay. There is like 75% 80% people in America that say they believe in God so I can only assume God is allowing them to be deceived because how else is it the goverment can take away God from anywhere and have these people voted in. I feel a storm coming and the only way we will make it through is if we are smart and frugal and cling to our guns and bibles. Oh ya, and our friends in Christ.

  • Dickie

    I am sorry ,I made a terrible mistake, Obama, WILL NOT PROVE HIS NATIONALITY, That is why I won”t reckconize him as the president OF AMERICA, HE or one else is so important or so big, That they have the right not to show prove,The dems have had eoungh time to have had one made up or goin to LA. And buy one.

    • TexasT

      Oh and “Dickie”! You’re right. I called Fox News months ago, before Obama was elected? is that the right word for it? I told them that Obama was not an American citizen and it was therefore unconstitutional for him to even be running. But, you see what became of that. Fox News is only about 30-40% into truth telling themselves. He is also not a Christian. He is in fact, Muslim. So, we have a Muslim, non-citizen as President of the United States.


    The term Democratic Socialist Party does not do enough to describe the truth of the matter.

    A more accurate title would be “Commucrat”.


  • TexasT

    I have been torn about Micheal Steele as the Republican Party’s new leader. Now, in view of his bowing out of holding the Socialist Democrat Party to telling the truth about themselves, I know he was indeed the wrong choice. Mr. Steele, you need to get out of the race. I have been calling for a very long time on radio talk shows, TV emails, my representatives in my state and Washington to call the Democrats what they really are, but no takers. Stop it! They are the Socialist Democrat Party. Call it like it is. That’s not name calling. I am a woman. There, does that mean I just called myself a name? Good Gosh! There simply is no more common sense left in America. None! WE NEED A THIRD PARTY!

  • Kris

    If we went into Iraq for oil then where is it Carl? Back-up your point with evidence instead of Lib talking points that don’t mean Sh–.

  • Rick Shea

    I believe that the Democrats need to bill themselves as: THE PARTY THAT APPEALS TO THE DUMB MASSES. Why not give them as much grief as Ted Kennedy gave Robert Bork, when Teddy could not pull himself out of the muck of Chappaquidick.

  • Dickie

    What, I think is so funny is the same smart people that has voted obama,pelosi,reid, & mathur, In office is takeing their job”s The old politicans, have takeing our SS, Now they have takeing our children,their children,& our grandchildren,life, While their retirement has been growing, Pluse they vote their selfs a raise every year,peosi, said,[ our leaders should not have to stand on the street corner & sell pencil"s to live.] She,cost the American people, About $130,000. a wk to fly her,family,staff,& some close friends,But the good people in Calif.are giveing up their homes,jobs,bussiness,& love higher taxes so she can ride in stile,Keep putting her back in people,You deserve her not us.Thanks to reid,pelosiobamb,& marthur,The unions lose a lot of money,now .All reid does is complain about what everybody else does,He has never tried to help anybody,but help his self, He loves to raise taxes on his own people, Now he is bringing terriost to his own state,so they can pay to baby them,Last wk he said NO we ARE NOT bringing them toAMERICA, But now he,is saying that these murder”ers are not that bad, They are just a little bit terriost, thats nice,I love it when these people can change their little minds, Where is pelosi,she is always got to be in the lime light, I guess she is getting the files to convict the lieing CIA, Now obama is going to run a automobile factory, & all of those big boys that voted all these nice dems in are takeing their jobs, & fat checks & bonus”es, That has got to hurt,Keep voteing the same old people in time after time & this is what we get. Now obama is putting in a real racest sup judge, He has just about got his ponds in place, At least he got them to pay their back taxes,thats good. Real good America you have giveing us away to the mulsums free and clear with not a shot fired. Calif. How much more have you got to give good old nancy, & NV keep old howard their, Because you are going to be with Calif, Did he ask you what you wanted or like he always does, Votes on what HE thanks not you, I thought you voted for him to represent you NOT what he thanks is good for you.Real good job unions.

  • Eyeball

    By not referring to the Democrats as the Socialist Party I once again am reminded that the Republican Party are a bunch of whimps. The DemocRats have been calling Republicans right wing extremists, and the GOP doesn’t even have the gonads to call them what they are. Socialists. And I am sick and tired of hearing Republicans say, “We are about that.” BS. All is fair is love, war, and…….politics. The Republican Party needs to grow some backbone, and then maybe…..maybe I will again support them. Maybe, but I doubt it.

    • 13th Gen. American

      EXACTLY what I said 27x ago. Its not about calling childish names, which would be so easy and I hate to admit I enjoy at times. Its about calling a spade a spade. They need to grow some backbone…… and some balls.

  • Dickie

    Well, We all have to admit,We have screwed ourselves, By voteing the same,old people in time after time,For years, Look how old these clowns are,I have heard the same old crap over & over, And every term we keep putting the same old liers back in,Now they have drug American down,They said we are stupid,&we don”t know what we want, So they make decisions for us,Like we are children.Now thanks the stu–d people that has voted this anti-christ in, The honest people WILL LOSE our rights to mbear arms, Don”t say they wont just wait & see, When you got a mulsum leader, & people like the kennedys,pelosi,reid,marthur, And don”t forget specter,Who jumps from one side to the other,depends on who is at the top,I the people in PA. Calif. & NV. Is not sick of paying taxes, And loseing there jobs, & homes, To illegals,You see the more the dems get illegals legal the more votes they get Then you got the COMMUIST Party,In full, Thank about it people, First takeing over banks,Now an automobile factory, You have to be read stupid of complety blind not to see, Whats going on, I BEG OF YOU, IF there was to show you I would get down on my knees & BEG the people of AMERICA, To PLEASE get ALL these OLD people OUT of office, I am 60-yrs old. Please DON”T listen to these lies anymore, Reguardless of your party commuist or republican, Lets VOTE ALL NEW PEOPLE in, We sure don”t have ANYTHING TO LOSE. I realy do believe there is someone out there with morals,BACKBONE, And does care about AMERICA & It”s PEOPLE.

  • s c

    If the RNC wants to better itself, it must sift out every ‘non-leader’ who was never a conservative. This list will grow as these “special people” show their true colors. For those who keep track, the temporary list includes Specter, Powell and Schwarzenegger. Specter tries to do the impossible [how can he sit on a fence and still have his ears glued to the ground?]. Powell’s pockets must be deep if he can get
    media prosties to make him look like a conservative. As for Arnie, it was only a matter of time [stick to movies, Arnie]. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. I can only hope that this trio didn’t cost the RNC much money (it was a lousy investment).

  • WeeBleats

    Someone please tell me what is ‘Democratic’ about the Democrats?
    They are socialists, and should be labled as such – period.
    “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.” ~ Norman Mantoon Thomas
    The question is, when will Americans wake up and realize what Norman Thomas realized. That political liberalism is socialism.
    Right now we are witnessing the rapid transformation to that day and place. The place where ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and motivation is replaced by government bureaucracy. Where the food on the table is not earned by you or selected by you, but is placed there by a government that will increase in it’s size and power. A government that will increase its control upon us.

  • Don Rorschach

    “GOP abandons push to rename Democratic Party ‘Socialist’ “and for good reason. If the GOP renamed the Democratic Party “Socialist,” it would also have to rename the Republican Party “Socialist” because it also believes in huge bailouts for its frat-rat brothers on Wall Street, banking and car manufacturing, huge government spending, huge government deficits, granting amnesty to illegal aliens, and the government running schools.

    I am a Goldwater/Reagan conservative and I have to say for the GOP to rename the Democrat Party to the Socialist Party, it would be the same old game of the “pot calling the kettle black.”

  • s c

    Kindly add John ‘constitutional responsibilities’ Cornyn [R-TX] to the RNC’s master list of fence-sitting yahoos. Cornyn’s recent behavior seems to have been molded by Washington’s pc-Nazis. America deserves to see Obama’s S C nominee put under the same krieg light as Bork and Thomas and at least one other Hispanic S C nominee who was NOT proposed by the current in-power party.
    Fair is fair. PC is a mind-control weapon, designed to coerce and control via politics. Ethical scrutiny works for BOTH sides of in an issue, or it NEVER works.

  • Eric g

    The Gop should name themselves the republican socialist party , maybe they could win a election . I would trust republicans more that the money would be there when I need it . Its hard for me to believe these democrats . I’am afraid acorn will run off with all the money and leave me the bills .
    But the republicans choose to be called the stingy greedy party ,accept when they are spending on themselves . They spent more for Sarah cloths in one shoping trip than the Palen’s had spent in their entire lives for cloths . Most of the people that used to be republicans were not selfish , but the platform of the republican party sure sounded antisocial . Look at the republican govenor from california with his 24 billion dolar deficet . first thing He thought of { No MORE FOOD FOR THE POOR }.

  • Stan

    Well after a completely inept, sterile, and cowardly campaign you republicans have succeeded in topping even that.

    What a ridiculous waste of resources, time, and press. Was this for real or some prank perpetrated by the Democrat Party?

    Even a fish would not get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut.

    I am a staunch conservative, have abandoned the Republican Party, and am wandering in the wilderness for now. Until the Republican party gets itself reorganized, in tune with the modern world, shifts vast resources to the internet, demonstrates leadership, and somehow finds the courage of its [supposed] convictions, neither I nor many of my cohorts will dare to be seen near a republican outpost.

  • Peter Melville

    The republican party was damaged almost beyond recovery by Mr. Bush. How could he do such a good job on the war on terror while the democrats disappeared into the wood work for two years and do such a lousy job on the Mexican border, and allow the news media to bet him up over Katrina?
    The real story on the border was the Minutemen were heros and Bush was awol (absent without leave). The real story on Katrina was the democratic administration of Louisiana was a bunch of crooks who squandered the funds for levees. 60 years of democratic majority and New Orleans was listed as one of the least popular place in the US to live. Bush you may have been a christian but you should have been a better christian. You began to act more like Jimmy Carter that Ronald Reagan.

  • Keep The Change

    At a time when the obamination is going forward with plans for his version of the “Brown Shirts”, I apologize to NO ONE when I say he is a socialist and he is taking this country further away from it’s founding principles! The Republicans can take whatever stand they want, but when I see something that is definitely socialistic, that is what I WILL call it, whether online or in person!

    You’ve gotta stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything!

  • s c

    Probably, Michael Steele has much to do with the RNC/GOP being so incredibly D U H. Was he never told that he who acts like a lib IS one? He sounds like a classic fence-sitter [conservatives don't have enough?]. Fence-sitters have NO positive talents, and they tend to do an excellent job in abetting the boobs you’re – supposedly – trying to defeat.
    Steele needs to be doing something useful. He can help make America a better place by picking up road kill. There, he can fit in without having to make a decision, and we conservatives can know that we are minus yet another horse’s asset.

  • “the writing’s on the wall”

    “Make your case passionately, but civilly. Please don’t stoop to name calling. We use filters for spam protection. If your comment does not appear, it is likely because it violates the above policy or contains links or language typical of spam.”
    judging by this page, those filters are leaky ;-)

  • s c

    Palin has temporarily removed herself from the political circus (get over it). Let the GOP and RNC yank their heads out of the clouds. Let the pollsters continue to lie and confuse and mislead. Let the libs and neolibs salivate.
    Find someone who has NO ready-made ties to Washington. If needed, pick some names out of a phone book (how could we do any worse?).
    We have all the talent we need in our 50 states. Real American political talent NEVER did come from DC. It never will.

  • s c

    The Democrats, in their long history of deep love of country and patriotism and love of the American people, have given us a new way of looking at checks-and-balances. That is, we no longer have any. Not too long ago, Democrats wanted RMN to be seen as the prime example of happens when we have a rogue prez. If you accept the idea that RMN was beyond bad, then you must also accept the idea that the ‘new guy’ [b o] has already out-Nixoned RMN. The current White House resident has gone out of his way to saddle America with a string of ‘czars’ who are not elected, are not accountable to the American people, and who have the potential to shred the Constitution and do it for any reason. Let’s see, that means that Congress is no longer a valid institution. That also means that Woodward and Bernstein are no longer in the ‘integrity business.’ And, that also means that Democrats, in their deep love of country and high moral standards are also willingly devoid of integrity. Finally, anyone with a functional brain can now see that as bad as ‘Republicans’ can be, Democrats make pond scum seem extremely intelligent – and much more respectable. All those years of treachery have paid off. Now Democrats can call themselves whatever they choose. They have wreaked havoc upon America, and they did it by choice. There are many ways to describe this behavior. In an attempt to be to-the-point, I suggest the best way to look at this Washington pig sty and two-legged skunks – especially the Democrats – is subhuman. This is as pc as I can get. I don’t expect them to defend their actions. Power-mad slimers never do that. Such is the history of the world. I do have to wonder if they’re ready to reap what they have sown. After all, it’s not as though they were forced to do what they’ve done. Even an insanity defense won’t protect them. What can you say about people who make Hannibal Lecter look like a swell guy?
    Et tu, you septic tank dwellers!

  • RoBoTech

    Well, Mr Steele, it’s obvious you are AFRAID when a Socialist walks into the room.
    Call a Spade a Spade. It’s easy Mr Steeele, repeat after me.
    “Obama is a SOCIALIST Radical Liar, Obama is a SOCIALIST Radical Liar”. There that wasn’t so hard, was it?
    This PC crap has ruined America.

  • BonnieMW

    Frank, You have to realize that Corporate America is why we have the lifestyle we have. I am not supporting Corrupt Big Business but I do support free enterprise and of course there are many problems and they need to be dealt with. Look at countries that don’t have industries and Big Business. They have inferior Medical, Schools,
    housing. Americans from all walks of life down to the poorest have a better life than most in most countries. I know there is huge corruption in our banks, pharmaceutical industry, Insurance and we need to place restrictions but look at who supports what candidates
    Big business supports Democrate just as they do Republican Candidates.


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